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									                             Little Learners “May 2011”
              We thank you for entrusting your child to us this year.
                                                                          We have enjoyed
    working with all of the children in our care and have seen growth, development and
    skill acquisition in all of the boys and girls. We have also witnessed how the children
    have grown in the way they deal with frustration and the care and concern they
    express for one another. We are really impressed with the extended attention spans
    of these little ones. Hoorah for preschoolers!!!
              We thank you for your support throughout the year. We feel a close
    partnership with our parents and send you our best wishes.
              Please make note of the special events coming up. The end of the preschool
    year is special, whether it means coming to the end-of-year celebration or attending
              May, will be a very busy time as we want to celebrate our “Musical kids”
    concert, Graduation, and a special end of the year Spring Carnival celebration. With
    summer fast approaching, I will be preparing us for our Summer Program. We are all
    ready for some summer R&R. In the next couple weeks I will be bagging winter
    items & sending them home to make room for our summer items.

                    Preschool 2011-2012                                                        Calendar of Events List:
Our last day for our preschool students will be May 24th. As I am             May 8th Mother’s Day
planning ahead for next year, I am including an application for the
2011-2012 session with this newsletter. Please return the                     May 16th Musical Kids concert 7pm
completed Application along with the $40 enrollment fee to me no
                                                                              May 21st Spring Carnival 11-4pm
later than May 20th to reserve your child’s spot for next year.
Because of the high interest in our program there are limited                 May 17-18 Parent Teacher Conferences
spots for our fall preschool classes. Spots are not guaranteed
unless application & fee are submitted. We currently have a                   May 24th Graduation @ 7pm
waiting list for next year’s preschool classes, so if you are
                                                                              May 24th Last Day of Preschool
enrolled for next year and encounter any changes over the
summer, please call 459-4229 right away so someone else may                                           REMINDERS
have your place.
                                                                              Closed …..May 30th Memorial Day

                                                                              Closed….. June 3rd – 11th for our family vacation

                                                                              ***Contact Brianne Wright for backup daycare if needed***


                                                                              Enjoy your children and your summer - and we will see you for
                                                                              Preschool in September, and for some, when you come
  Preschool classes will resume again September 6th, 2011
                                                                              throughout the summer.
(tentatively) I will contact you should this date change. Our
summer program will start July 5th & run through August 25th.

Little Learners Torrie                                                              
Phone: 459-4229

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