Cure for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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					                        Cure for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
                                                                 Obsessive compulsive disorder
                                                                 manifests itself in repeated
                                                                 activities. For instance, avoiding
                                                                 walking next to tall buildings,
                                                                 repeatedly cleaning our seats in the
                                                                 workplace as well as confirming
                                                                 more than once that our gas is
                                                                 turned off. These habits are
                                                                 repeated compulsively because
                                                                 they are associated with some fear.
                                                                 This is common to a lot of people
                                                                 irrespective of gender, race or age

Since everybody is vulnerable to obsessive compulsive disorder, we must at all times be prepared to
deal with it when it comes. The causes of this condition are still unknown but researchers have
established that genetics is the main factor as some behavior observed in children have been
associated with their parents as well as their grandparents. This points out the fact that the traits
have been passed on along the lineage. Researchers have also established that serotonin, which
regulates anxiety by sending chemical messages from one neuron to another by binding the receptor
sites located on the neighboring nerve cells must be in sufficient levels as it is one of the brains
chemical messengers. In fact patients of obsessive compulsive disorder are advised to take drugs
that improve the action of serotonin. Those who take them regularly have shown fewer symptoms
of OCD.

Obsessive compulsive disorder patients suffer from under stimulation and this makes selected
antidepressants better for obsessive compulsive disorder cures as they allow availability of more
serotonin to other nerve cell. Availability of serotonin controls the behavior of people.

Though there is no known cure of OCD, there are methods that have been adopted to manage it.
Both therapies and medication have been found to be effective in controlling it.

There are available drugs which can be used to manage it among them are benzodiazepines,
fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, among others.

Because of the side effects of drugs which includes addiction and allergies, there is an alternative
approach which revolves around changing the behavior of the patient hence finally stopping it all
together. This method is known as behavioral therapy, which if well administered enables the
patient go round the desire to engage in obsessions and compulsions.

It is worth noting that obsessive compulsive disorder is not insanity neither is it a sign of
derangement. It is just a state where one finds himself repeating a particular action which he
believes will protect him from a perceived danger. We should therefore try to understand that this is
a problem which can afflict any one of us and therefore the best we can do is trying to assist those
with this problem cope with it.