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									                                               Little Learners                                                    Miss To rrie
                                                                                                                  Miss Lauren
                                                                                                                  Miss Haile y

        A pr il 2 011             Dear Parents                              http:/torrieslittlelearners@blogspot.com

                                  We had such a great time last month learning        then, there are still lots of fun and learning
                                  about our community helpers. We all enjoyed our     going on at school. With the warm weather,
                                  Field Trip to the pet shop to pick out our class    and more outside time, there will be fewer
                                  pet. We bought a pet hamster and came up with       colds & coughs.
                                  a name together….”Maisy Cupcakes”. We
                                                                                      As everyone already knows Miss Michelle is
                                  would like to offer the opportunity twice a month
                                                                                      no longer with us. We have had a subs these
                                  for families to take Maisy home for a weekend.
                                                                                      past 3 months until we could find a new
                                  If this is something you might be interested in
Upcoming Events                   please let me know. The first available weekends
                                                                                      teacher. We recently have hired Lauren
                                                                                      Newberry, she has over 10years experience
                                  will be April 15th and April 29th.
    April 2    Olivia
                                                                                      in the childcare field and is wonderful with
                                  For all those who were not able to attend our       the children. She will be our new teacher
    April 3    Keyten
                                  PTO Parent Workgroup I have attached a              aide from here on out. You will still see Miss
    April 12 Play Date           handout which explains what was discussed. If       Hailey and Miss Beth on occasion as fill in
    April 13 Spring Swap         you have further questions please let me know.      subs. I appreciate all of your patience with
    April 21 Easter party                                                            me while hiring new staff.
                                  One of the items discussed was bi-monthly play
    April 24 Belen               dates announced in monthly newsletter. Our first    We will be conducting a Summer Program for
    April 26 Grady,              play date will be held on Tuesday April 12th for    the 2011 Summer months running from July-
     Grayson, Jonathan            Half price Happy meals @ McDonalds in Caldwell      August. And Fall Preschool will resume in
                                  from 5-7pm. Remember each event attended you        September.
    April 28 FIELD Trip
                                  receive a PUNCH on your Parent Involvement
    April 30 Dax                 Punch Card.
                                                                                      Reminder: We have very few spots available
                                                                                      for schedule changes so try to get your
                                  Two more months……then the big transitions           schedule to me ASAP to ensure we have a
                                  begin. Summer vacations, summer camps, swim         spot for your child on the days needed.
                                  teams, & lots of fun and carefree days. Until
    At this time of the year,
    many families go through
                                  Preschool News
    their kids’ clothes, toys,
    and games and throw out       Our Preschool year is winding down & many of        THEME: Forest Animals
    or give away items that the
                                  our preschoolers will be off to kindergarten in
    children no longer play
    with. We would like to plan   the fall.
    a Spring - Summer Swap.
                                  Spring is a busy time in the Preschool. We have
    We will plan the swap,
    here at Little Learners, on   arranged an April field trip to Deer Flat
    Wednesday April 13th @        Reservoir for a Nature Science walk. We are
    7pm. We will also have a      also trying to arrange a School Bus for
    short meeting on Cheap        transportation to Deer Flat Reservoir. We are
    Entertainment for Summer
                                  asking everyone to pitch in $5 to help with the     LETTERS: N O P NUMBERS: 13 14 15
    time. Please start
    gathering & donate your       cost of the bus. Parents are encouraged to come     SHAPE: Oval Circle
    items ASAP. It will be a      along. Please keep in mind parent conferences       COLOR: Brown, Orange, Yellow, Blue
    blast!!!                      are coming up in May for all families. Then we
                                  have our end-of-the year Spring Carnival &          Volunteers & donations are always
                                  Graduation in May.. Wow! There is a lot coming      welcome!!!          Torrie 459-4229
                                  up.                                                                             941-1943
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