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					I can’t believe March is already upon us. It seems like the
months are flying by much too quickly. February was a
flash and I am sure summer will be here in the blink of an
eye. We are delighted with the progress of all our
children at this point of the school year. We are so
fortunate to have such delightful, bright, and beautiful
children. We also appreciate all of our parents’ efforts on
our behalf. Your participation and communication makes
our job so much easier.

March presents another fun filled and busy month in our                    Don’t FORGET March 4th @ 7pm
program. We will continue to fill the student’s days with a
combination of fun activities, educational games, and         We will be hosting our Parent Meeting. We will discuss
many other events. We will be learning about Community        ways to involve your kids in the kitchen: cooking,
Helpers and the jobs they do. One of our goals in early       planning, shopping, etc.. You will get to try a couple kid
childhood is to prepare children to become productive         friendly recipes. It will be a blast, so you won’t want to
members of society. We support this goal by providing         miss out.
play activities that respect the normal stages of
development while offering various other experiences
about people who help us. This theme is also a great
opportunity for parents to get involved. Parents are one
of a child’s first lessons on roles in the local community.
We are looking for any parents willing to visit our
classroom and share their job with us. We will be having
a “CAREER DAY” on March 24th. Please let me know if you
are able to come.                                                  We are organizing our “FIRST EVER” PTO (Parent-
                                                              Teacher Organization) or Parent Workgroup. We are
March 1st Building / Mechanic
                                                              hoping all will join us in this new addition to our program.
March 3rd Grocery / Restaurant                                All parents will meet together and discuss issues
                                                              concerning Little Learners. Parents and staff will share in
March 8th Pet Store / Vet                                     the decision making on items of interest. This will provide
                                                              an opportunity for parents to get involved in their child’s
March 10th Filed Trip (PETCO Pick out Classroom Pet)          education. We have several items on the agenda for our
March 15th Mail Carrier / Airplane Pilot                      first meet including fees, incentives, lending library,
                                                              improvements and more. Our meeting will be held Mach
March 17th Beauty Shop / Barber                               16th @ 7pm. Please let me know if you are planning on
                                                              attending. This is one meeting you will not want to miss
March 22nd Doctor / Nurse                                     out on.
March 24th CAREER DAY

                                                                              If you do not have your summer schedule
                                                              in already we may not have a spot for your child come

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