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									                                                            January 2011
          As we move into 2011 I want to say Thanks to all of you for your help, support, and generosity in 2010. We are so fortunate to have such
a great group of families here at Little Learners. All year end Tax statements will be in your child's mailbox no later than January 31st 2011.
          January is a good month at school. All the busy hectic activities are over, and this long quiet month gives everyone the opportunity to
stretch and catch their breath. The children are all now well adjusted to the daily routine and each other. They feel secure and are able to
express themselves in new ways. Now is the time to add new experiences and new expectations. We have rearranged our classroom to include
the new equipment and materials we received through our Grant. These new materials will challenge them with activities and projects that
require new skills and concentration in keeping with their development.
          We have been observing the children these past few months and are now ready to start conducting Parent Teacher Conferences. We
will have a Parent/Teacher conference sign up sheet with available times posted on the sign in desk.
          This month we will be reinforcing the fun and enjoyment of stories and the purpose of libraries. We will be reading stories daily and
talking about authors and illustrators. As a follow-up, for the next several weeks we will encourage the children to borrow one book at a time to
take home and read. Besides enjoying the story that you read to your child, talk to them about who the characters are in the story and see if
they can repeat some of the action of the story. Sometimes stories open up many emotions for a child. We will also be going to the Library to
attend a story time at the Caldwell Public Library on Tuesday January 18th @ 11:15. Our Music Class that week will be rescheduled to Thursday
January 20th @ 1pm.
           The winter weather seems so long right now and the weather changes daily. The children go outside daily so please make sure your
child has appropriate clothing. Also please make sure to check to see if your child needs a change of clothes in his/her cubby.

New Year, New Kids, New Changes!!!                                            I would like to Welcome and say I am sorry for not introducing 2
I will be updating and revising the parent Handbook throughout                new additions to Little Learners. Noah & Haylee joined Little
                                                                              Learners in November and come every Monday & Wednesday and
January & will get you a new copy in February. My annual Licensing
                                                                              sometimes join us for our special celebrations & field trips. Also
inspection is fast approaching & in preparation I have been                   January 19th we will be welcoming 2 more new kids Olivia (4) and
reviewing my files. I have found missing paperwork in some and need           Belen (2) who will attend every Monday Wednesday and Friday.
updated paperwork in others. Each year I am required to have all
contact info & immunizations updated So I will be handing out letters         In addition some of you may have noticed a new helper. Hailey is
with the attached forms needed. To avoid write-ups on my licensing            one of my younger helpers who comes 1-2 times a week to assist
report I cannot continue services for those who do not turn in the            me in the daily activities with the children.
necessary paperwork. Please check your child's mailbox for any
forms and return to me ASAP. I thank you for your continual support           January 25th...............Haylee (3)
and cooperation.                                                              January 25th...............Noah (3)
 December and March are the months when more cold and flu                     January 30th...............Miss Torrie (?)
viruses get spread around. We have had a lot of colds this last year
and in hopes of avoiding more; children who have the following                    New multi-child discount is 5% of your total bill.
symptoms should not be in attendance at daycare or preschool:                     Late payments will incur $5/day late fee no exceptions!!
Excessive coughing, colored discharge from nose, continual                        Payments through childcarepay.com need to be
crankiness, mattered/crusty eyes, rash, and/or fever.                               submitted no later than 7 days (5 business days) before
                                                                                    due date to ensure on time payments.
There will be a bottle of hand sanitizer at the sign in desk for                  Be sure to check out the new pictures on our blog
EVERYONE to use upon arrival. We are also doing our best to keep                    http://torrieslittlearners.blogspot.com
everything sanitized & disinfected to prevent the spread of germs.

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