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									PRESS RELEASE                                                                      January 2003

miniHiPerCam – intelligent camera thinks LINUX now

LINUX for ELTEC’s miniHiPerCam opens the world of Open Source software for this intelligent
camera. Applications in quality control, where objects are checked for presence and
completeness, or integrated motion detection can be programmed easily, using standard LINUX
development tools. Thus, LINUX is ready as an alternative for Windows CE 3.0, which is of
course also available for the miniHiPerCam.

ELTEC has packed years of imaging experience into a compact, sturdy aluminum case, resulting
in dimensions no larger than a standard industrial-grade camera.

The miniHiPerCam contains a complete digital camera module with a CMOS color sensor with a
640*480-pixel resolution, operating at either 15 or 30 frames per second.

The intelligence in this camera is present in the form of a PowerPC 823 controller, ”thinking” at a
rate of 50 MHz. 16 MB memory is available for images and run-time data, 8 MB flash memory
contains the operating system and a file system.

Since an intelligent camera should be communicating with the outside world, two serial RS232
I/O ports, as well as 10-Mbit Ethernet can be used to transfer processing results or images.

LINUX has to run on a very small platform in the case of the miniHiPerCam. Therefore an
Embedded LINUX has been selected: ELinOS has all tools ready for cross-development on a PC,
as well as for easy configuration. The integrated web server is ideal for remote configuration and
observation of applications.

Linux for the miniHiPerCam is available from stock.

Please find further information at

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