Easter Project Auction Booklet 2007 by wulinqing


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Silent Auction
The Easter Project
March 3, 2007

First Presbyterian Church
We hope you enjoy browsing through the wonder-
ful variety of baskets and items our team has put
together for you. Your support this evening will do
wonders -- helping our students build houses for
families in Tijuana while discovering new ways that
God can enrich their own lives.

So enjoy the food and a cup of punch, and let the
bidding begin!

Family Fun               [Blue]             1 - 62

Marketplace              [Red]            63 - 130

Around the House [Yellow]               131 - 186

Out and About            [Orange]       187 - 229

Addendum                 [see Green sheet]

Thank you
for your support!
                                             Page 1
Auction Rules
    The bidder is to write his/her bid number and name,
along with the amount of the bid, on the bid sheet. New bids
must be written on the first available line on the bid sheet.
Minimum bids and minimum bid increases will be indicated
on the bid sheets. Whole dollar amounts must be used for all
bids unless otherwise indicated.
    The Silent Auction will be incrementally closed beginning
at 6:45 pm. The highest bid at a closing time constitutes the
winning bid.
    Please do not remove any baskets or items from the
tables. Present your receipt to the table “runner” to receive
your item or basket. All items must be paid for and removed
from the building at the close of the event.
    Unless otherwise indicated, all auction items and services
must be used before March 2, 2008.
    All sales are final. Auction items have been donated or
solicited by members and friends of the church and may not
be exchanged or refunded. All items are sold “as is,” and
First Presbyterian Church makes no representation or war-
ranty of any kind with respect to these items or services.
    Payment is to be made by cash, Visa/MasterCard, or
check made payable to First Presbyterian Church.
    At the end of the auction the cashier tables will be
opened. Please proceed to the cashier table in the Recep-
tion Room displaying the first letter of your last name. The
cashier will have the names and numbers of all baskets and
items you have purchased and the total amount due. Your
patience is greatly appreciated.
    It is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact the
service provider to make arrangements for use of purchased
items or services.
    Any amount paid over the fair market value is tax
deductible. If you have questions please call the church at
747-1058 and speak to Judy Heid or Randy Brothers.
Page 2
Family Fun
1.     Teacher’s Basket                          $100 value
Schoolhouse-shaped birdhouse, note cards, lotions, an
inspirational book and Dove chocolates. Donated by the
Baker Family.

2.     Birthday Basket                             $80 value
Wild Walls birthday party, pizza coupons, gift certificate for
cake and candy. Donated by Wild Walls.

3.     Sweet Tooth                                 $40 value
Assorted See’s candies and gifts, dark chocolate, M&Ms,
skittles. Donated by the Ayars Family.

4.     Puppy Fun                                   $45 value
Large stuffed “Goffa” puppy with 3 “Biscuit” books, and dog-
house stickers. Donated by Cydney Brown.

5.     Sylvan Learning Tools                       $40 value
Cup, pencils, mazes, books and a Sylvan Learning diagnos-
tic certificate to help with student learning. Donated by Dale
and Marilyn Stedman.

6.     Pillow Talk                                 $52 value
Two striped denim pillows (14” x 16”), a red hand-knitted
throw (32” x 48”), and “For One More Day” book by Mitch
Albom. Donated by Cydney Brown.

7.     Decorative Wall Displays                    $40 value
2 rich mahogany wall displays, ideal for hanging books,
vases, plants and priceless family heirlooms. The perfect
addition to any house. Donated by Lisa Brown.

                                                       Page 3
8.    Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker              $50 value
Fully automatic, white Cuisinart ice cream maker that makes
1½ quarts. Delicious ice cream in as little as 2 minutes.
Donated by Eric and Lisa Brown.

9.    Babysitting                                $40 value
5 hours of babysitting, coloring books, children’s books and
snacks. Donated by Jessica Conrad and Claire Miller.

10.   Princess Basket                           $392 value
Everything your princess needs, from her own tiara and Su-
per Woman ring to beauty products, jewelry, and a $50 gift
certificate to Finders Keepers. Donated by Finders Keepers.

11.   Camp Reed                                 $305 value
Enjoy a week at Camp Reed, including bug spray and camp
essentials. Donated by Lisa Vogt.

12.   “Bundle of Joy” Basket                     $75 value
An assortment of things for baby, including Baby’s First
Handprint kid, Burt’s Bees All Natural baby products, Hand-
made baby quilt and cable knit crib blanket, teddy bear plush
toy and Comfi bottle filled with Jelly Belly beans for mom and
dad. Donated by Deborah Hollman Quilts with Love.

13.   Snuggle Up And Read                        $75 value
Children’s books, home-made snuggle blanket, stuffed
animal, cocoa mix and 4 hours baby sitting. Donated by
Children’s Corner and Sayra Engh.

14.   Mexican Cookie Toolbox                     $40 value
A basket of cookies with a Tijuana toolbox theme. Donated
by Cookies by Design.

15.   “Be a Star” Quilt                          $80 value
Children’s flannel quilt. Donated by Joyce Ranniger.
Page 4
16.   Crazy Cropping                              $50 value
Have fun scrapbooking with a Friendship mini scrapbook,
scrapbook shades color kit, page tab stickers, wooden word
“family”, foam squares, adhesive dots, metal glue, color
pens, ribbons, tokens and charms. Donated by Anonymous.

17.   Inspire the Artist in You!                $150 value
This basket includes 6 acrylic paints, a palette, sketch book,
how-to book, 27 brushes, and 17 canvasses of various sizes.
Donated by Mike and Rene Miller.

18.   Movie Night                                 $55 value
Cuddle up with a small lap blanket and watch family movies
(Cars and Ice Age 2) while munching popcorn and candy,
and sipping hot chocolate or apple cider. Donated by Cheryl
and Ron Doran.

19.   Polka Dot Pottery/Coffee Lovers $70 value
Four unglazed coffee mugs that come with a painting ses-
sion at Polka Dot Pottery and firing, plus 2 lbs. of coffee
(regular and decaf) and 2 coffee cards. Donated by Polka
Dot Pottery, Dave and Anne Nanni.

20.   Learn Spanish!                              $75 value
One Spanish/English Dictionary, 2 Spanish lessons from
Sarah Jess (LC Spanish Teacher). Donated by the Ayars
Family and Sarah Jess.

21.   Christ Kitchen “Chilly Night”               $33 value
Chariots of Chili mix, Corn Bread mix, Soulful Cider Spice
mix and Benevolent Brownies mix. Donated by Dale and
Marilyn Stedman.

22.   2 Great Clips Haircuts                      $40 value
Become beautiful with a gift card for 2 haircuts and hair care
products. Donated by Dianne Douthitt, Great Clips.
                                                      Page 5
23.   Card Making Kit                            $93 value
Flower, heart and word stamps and also borders. Donated
by Stampin Up! Karen Gregorian.

24.   Super Stamp Kit                            $90 value
Holiday stamps, flower stamps and word stamps. Donated
by Stampin Up! Karen Gregorian.

25.   Do Do Duty                                 $40 value
10 free Dog Poop clean ups. Donated by Jessica Hart.

26.   Spiritual Reading                         $103 value
3 hard back books, 5 paper back books, all spiritual books in
a Northcrest basket. Donated by Chris and Bill Horner.

27.   Exercise Basket                            $76 value
Yoga/Pilates Mat, Yoga book, pedometer, exercise ball,
pilates tape and basket. Donated by Chris and Bill Horner.

28.   Kid’s Movie Night                          $40 value
2 kids movies, popcorn bowl, microwave kettle corn, liter of
pop, $10 ColdStone gift certificate, four boxes of candies, 2
glo-stick packs. Donated by the Hughes Family.

29.   The Lemonader                              $30 value
Lemonade Maker. Donated by Michael Kay.

30.   Chocolate Sensations                       $75 value
The ultimate chocolate fix: Toasty Chocolate Bear, chocolate
scented candle, Knipprath Cellars Chocolate prot, gourmet
chocolate covered almonds and cherries, hot chocolate mix
and chocolate peanut butter sauce. Donated by Ellen Klohe.

31.   Homemade Cards                             $50 value
A variety of cards with envelopes. Donated by Natalie Miller.

Page 6
32.   Garden Party                               $70 value
4 garden ceramic plates uniquely designed, Basket includes
teas, $20 gift certificate from Take the Cake, Tea Party
cookies for guests, fabric napkins and tea pot. Donated by
Kohler Family and Take the Cake Caterers.

33.   Handcrafted Scarecrow                      $20 value
Handcrafted Scarecrow for your autumn/holiday table
– stores easily. Donated by Maureen Kohler.

34.   Handcrafted Snowman                        $20 value
Handcrafted Snowman for the snowy winter season – next
year! Donated by Maureen Kohler.

35.   “The Message”                            $125 value
Limited edition, signed, print of an angel by local artist
Carrie Vielle, framed by Pat Hampton. Donated by Carrie
Vielle and Pat Hampton.

36.   Christmas Tree Treasures                 $300 value
A spectacular selection of mouth blown and hand-painted
glass holiday ornaments. Transform your tree with these
sparkling glass treasures. Specially designed by a North-
west artist and produced in the Orient, these traditional
and collectible decorations will grace your Christmas tree
for many happy years to come. Donated by Tim and Beth
Merck, Merck Family’s Old World Christmas.

37.   Feelings of Comfort                        $90 value
Three seasonal fleece blankets, wild blueberry tea, cinna-
mon cider room fragrance spray, one Dutch Bros coffee
thermos, $20 coffee cash to Dutch Bros, matching handcraft-
ed necklace and earrings. Donated by The Brother’s Family,
Paper Garden, Dutch Bros, Kathleen Olson.

                                                    Page 7
38.    Father’s Day Basket                         $50 value
Three solid wood picture frames, one twenty-five dollar gift
card to Anderson & Emami Clothiers. Donated by the Broth-
er’s Family and Anderson & Emami Clothiers.

39.    4’ x 5’ Modern Painting                   $320 value
4’x5’ painting, with a gold framed, in acrylic on canvas in the
style of Georgia O’Keefe. Donated by Erin Mackay.

40.    Spanish Lessons                             $65 value
2 hours of Spanish tutoring with one of LC’s Spanish teach-
ers, Senora Koestner. Plus a Spanish-English dictionary to
help retain learned information! Donated by Phil Koestner.

41.    Dog Essentials                              $50 value
This “PawPrint” basket will delight any dog and its owner. It
includes a dog bowl, note cards, two picture frames, toys,
dog album, dog stickers, treats and matching dog pillow and
blanket. Donated by Kelsey Miller.

42.    Clay Activities                             $75 value
I will go to the recipient’s house for an afternoon of clay
lessons and activities. (25 pound bag of clay and free clay
bisque firing). Recommended for elementary aged kids and
older). Donated by Cynthia Moore.

43.    Hand-painted Gift Set                       $40 value
Picture frame, lidded box, pencil box. Donated by Zoe

44.    I Love Gymnastics!                          $60 value
Certificate for one month of gymnastics class at T3
Gymnastics. Included two gymnastics pins and hand-
painted gymnastics T-shirt, and personalized water bottle.
Donated by T3 Gymnastics.

Page 8
45.    Super Nanny!                                $45 value
5 hours of childcare by Kayla Norton includes a craft project
and a snack. Donated by Kayla and Teagan Norton.

46.    Got Chalk                                   $60 value
Certificate for 1 month gymnastics class at T3 Gymnastics.
Includes 3 gymnastics pins, a hand-painted gymnastics
T-shirt and a personalized water bottle. Donated by T3

47.    Braids and Bobbles Scarf Kit                $40 value
5 skeins of Plymouth Encore Worsted yarn, one 29” size 8
circular knitting needle, pattern for Trudy’s Garter, Braids and
Bobbles scarf. Donated by A Grand Yarn.

48.    Rocking Elephant                          $100 value
Wooden “rocking elephant” toy for children refurbished and
hand painted. Perfect for spoiling grandchildren of all ages.
Donated by Elise Otto.

49.    DIY Spud-Zooka                              $50 value
Every kid’s (big or small) dream! Includes all the parts to
assemble your own 4.5 ft. potato cannon, Backyard Ballistics
book (more project instructions inside) fuel, igniter and plenty
of ammo. SHOOT, this is gonna be fun! Donated by William

50.    Healthy Smile                             $100 value
“Elite Sonicare” toothpaste, hand tooth brushes, floss, sugar-
less gum, mints, etc. Donated by Southhill Family Dentistry
– Dr. Robert Parker & Dr. R.C. Richards.

51.    Childs Playhouse                          $300 value
Childs playhouse with golf club rack on the porch. Donated
by Mitch Swenson.

                                                       Page 9
52.    Ballet and Bubbly                          $90 value
$25 gift certificate (tuition to ballet arts academy), $25 gift
certificate (empire dance shop), Silver picture frame, Ballet
music, Ballerina calendar, Dance poster, Foaming bubble
bath, Toe shoe ribbons, and Dance ornaments. Donated by
Ballet Arts Academy & Empire Dance Shop.

53.    Bed Time Stories with Froggy              $110 value
A basket full of classic children’s books, with a snuggle
buddy. Many welll known authors including: Kevin Henkes,
Leo Lionni, Mo Willems, Audrey Penn, David Shannon and
many more. Donated by the Verble Family.

54.    Camp Reed                                 $305 value
Week at Camp Reed. Donated by Camp Director Lisa Vogt.

55.    Cabin Fever                                $65 value
A kids camping kit that includes tent, travel backpack, sleep-
ing bag and water bottle. Also includes a doll size tent and
sleeping bag. Blow up chair and fold out chair. Donated by
Ashley Woodruff.

56.    Cast Iron Barn & Maggie Moos! $140 value
Cast iron barn (rustic brown) with five barnyard animals
– horse, pig, lamb, rooster and cow. Plus 4 - $10 Maggie
Moo ice-cream gift certificates. Donated by Mike & Annie

57.    Soccer Training with LC Varsity            $40 value
Three sessions for 5-10 kids who are into soccer. Three LC
varsity boys soccer players will help develop great soccer
skills. Each session is 90 minutes. Donated by Mario Rock,
Galen Gorski & Michael Watling.

Page 10
58.   Soccer Training Camp                     $100 value
3 sessions of 90 minute soccer training with 3 members of
the LC Varsity boys soccer team designed to take your game
to the next level. Sessions can be for 5 – 12 young athletes.
Camp will include work on defense, attacking, finishing,
touch on the ball and other components of the game. Do-
nated by Galen Gorski, Michael Watling, Mario Rock.

59.   Downtown Fun                               $56 value
One free large pizza from Rocky Rococo’s, $25 gift certifi-
cate to Red Robin and 2 free games to Laser Quest. Donat-
ed by Rocky Rococo’s, Red Robin, and Laser Quest.

60.   Baby Monkey Collection                   $135 value
Beautiful handmade crib quilt featuring sock monkey fabrics.
Comes with a real sock monkey and a crocheted baby hat
with a monkey on the front! Donated by the Crowley Family.

61.   Pampered Pooch                             $50 value
Hand Knit dog sweater (size small) for that special compan-
ion in your life. Basket also includes a bag of homemade
doggy treats and one weekend of dog sitting to be done in
your home at mutually agreed upon time. Donated by Dani-
elle Crowley.

62.   One on One Tutoring                  $40-$50 value
5 sessions (1 hour each) from an 11th grade Advanced
Placement student in whatever you need to work on! Sub-
jects could be Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Span-
ish. A great way to bump up your grades. Donated by Galen

                                                   Page 11
63.    Great Harvest Goodies                      $25 value
$25 gift certificate, good for anything at Great Harvest Bak-
ery. Donated by Great Harvest Bakery.

64.    Priceless Writing                          $50 value
Hand-crafted olive wood pen with ink - $30, 2 journals - $20,
Your writings……Priceless. Donated by David Brown.

65.    Gourmet Delight                            $60 value
Brie Cheese, artichoke-tomato bruschetta, cheese spread,
Walla Walla sweet onion mustard, French bread and wine.
All the makings for a great gourmet snack! Donated by Eric

66.    Old Navy Gift Card                         $25 value
Gift card to Old Navy. Donated by Trevor Brown.

67.    Colorful Fuzzy Scarf                       $30 value
A fuzzy, hand-made multi-colored scarf for all occasions.
Donated by Elaine Carter.

68.    Black Fuzzy Scarf                          $30 value
A fuzzy, hand-made scarf that is black with color highlights.
Donated by Elaine Carter.

69.    LC Booster Basket                          $50 value
Basketball basket, sweats from LC, signed basketball from
LC Girls Varsity team and other LC decorations. Donated
by the Conrad family

70.    Rockwood Bakery                            $10 value
Gift Certificate. Donated by Rockwood Bakery

Page 12
71.   Felted Wool Handbag                        $40 value
Darling hand-made felted wool handbag. Great for everyday
use. One of a kind. Donated by Barb Richardson

72.   Triathlete’s Treat                         $50 value
TYR mesh bag/back-pack, Fuel belt airmesh running hat, Fit-
ness Fanatics water bottle, Cliff Bar Shot Bloks, 2 Hammer
Gel Energy Fuel, Pearl Izumi Attack Sock, 2 Cliff Bars, “Beat
the Heat” Endurolyte, Electrolyte Replenishment. Donated
by Fitness Fanatics

73.   Office Suite                               $225 value
Office Suite 2003 (Student version); 2 packages of Brochure
Making paper (pre-printed design); System Suite 6 (All in
one-virus protection, PC Maintenance); Xtra Drive (Turns
SD/MMC Memory cards into a Thumb Drive); Desk Organiz-
er set and Coffee Cup Desk Organizer. Donated by Michael
and Charlene Kay

74.   Jewelry                                    $50 value
Navy beaded necklace, matching navy drop jeweled earrings
and beaded bracelet with silver accents. Donated by Mau-
reen Kohler

75.   Jewelry Galore                             $48 value
Three hand crafted earring pairs and six handcrafted brace-
lets. Donated by Kathleen Olson

76.   BBQ 4 U                                    $75 value
Everything you need for the ultimate grilling experience: a
$40 gift certificate for Egger’s Meats, a cedar grilling plank,
wood chips, The Grilling Bible barbeque cookbook and a
variety of rubs, sauces and slathers! Donated by Ellen Klohe

                                                   Page 13
77.    Christ Kitchen Basket                         $40 value
Christ Kitchen Basket – a delicious mixture of Christ Kitchen
Products. Donated by Jan Martinez

78.    Apron and Potholders                          $45 value
A handmade church lady apron and potholders created and
donated by Anne Oakley.

79.    Townsend Wine Basket                          $60 value
Two bottles of wine and a hand crafted cheese platter.
Donated by Anne Oakley

80.    Felted Goodie Bag                             $55 value
A hand knitted felted bag, comes with a matching scarf and
pair of mittens. Donated by Anne Oakley

81.    Tea Basket                                    $60 value
The basket contains a Holsteam tea kettle and trivet - cow
themed, 3 types of gourmet Namaska teas, mocha double
chocolate herbal tea, 5 valley chai and yerba citrus. It also
contains mugs and chocolate. Donated by Namaska &
Rosemary Otto

82.    Quilted Snowman Wall Hanging $50 value
You’ll feel like singing “let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”
next winter when this quartet of jolly snowmen decorates
your wall. Embellished with buttons and beads and sport-
ing 3D scarves. This 25” by 25” wall hanging would also
be perfect for that special person on your gift list! Hanger
included. Donated by Lesa Painter

83.    Cookies & Coffee                              $85 value
Two coffee mugs, bag of Starbucks coffee, two cookie in a
jar mixes, cooling rack, stirring spoon, spatula, measuring
cups, two dish towels, oven mitt and mixing bowl. Donated
by Becky Roubos
Page 14
84.    Pots & Pans                               $100 value
A 12 piece non-stick cookware set – includes 1 and 2 quart
saucepans with lids, sauté pan with lid, soup pan with lid, fry
pan and 3 utensils. Donated by Becky Roubos

85.    Wake Up to the Smell of coffee              $50 value
A wonderful coffee mug, a variety of Starbucks coffee and
creamers, and chocolate mints. Donated by The Shustoff

86.    Wine and Cheese                             $70 value
Three bottles of wine, two wine glasses, crackers and
cheese. Donated by Linda and Bruce Smith

87.    Pie of the Month Club                       $80 value
Enjoy 12 pies from Cyrus O’Leary’s whenever you want,
along with pie cutter/server and a glass pie dish! Donated
by the Klingel Family

88.    Black Felted Handbag & Scarf                $50 value
Always be in fashion with this classic felted black and white
handbag and coordinating white scarf. Donated by Cathy

89.    Pranksters Paradise                         $40 value
Basket of prank stuff. Donated by Reece Webb

90.    XS Wholesale Jewelers                       $50 value
XS wholesale jewelers will discount 25% off of any fine jew-
elry repair up to $50 or 10% of any show case item’s whole-
sale price. Donated by Dale Olmstead

91.    Beautiful Beads                             $50 value
Beautiful sterling silver and gemstone necklace. Donated by
PTM Designs

                                                     Page 15
92.    Little Italy                               $80 value
Six dinner plates, cloth napkins and placemats plus candles,
spaghetti noodles and spaghetti sauce. Donated by Ashley

93.    Pepperidge Farm Coffee Basket $50 value
Donated by Mario Rock

94.    Gumball Machine                            $40 value
Red glass gumball machine and gumballs! Donated by
Claire Browning

95.    Gemstones Creation Necklace                $75 value
This necklace is comprised of iridescent white and clear
gemstones. Donated by D-Zines

96.    Gourmet Way Basket                         $50 value
Basket of gourmet items from Gourmet Way. Donated by
Denise Stanton

97.    Gourmet Gift Basket                        $50 value
Basket of gourmet items from Gourmet Way. Donated by
Denise Stanton

98.    Feet First                                $125 value
13 pairs of socks, 1 free professional pedicure certificate,
various foot products (lotions, polish, etc). Donated by
Michele Martin and Mallory Anderson

99.    Thrill of the Grill                        $60 value
Enjoy your next barbeque with shiny new cooking utensils,
a BBQ cookbook, Tony Roma’s famous BBQ sauces, and
mesquite and applewood smoke house chips. Donated by
Tony Roma’s and the Carter Family.

Page 16
100. Caffeine Buzz                               $40 value
2 fance coffee mugs, 2 lbx. Gourmet coffee, 2 packages of
Biscotti, 2 packages of gourmet cookies, and 1 package of
dark gourmet chocolate.     Donated by the Alexander family

101. Coffee Lover’s Delight                      $90 value
Two bags of Starbuck’s coffee, two Starbuck’s thermos
mugs, and one Gevalia programmable coffee maker.
Donated by Starbucks and the Brothers Family

102. Handknit Turquoise Scarf                    $35 value
Donated by Cydney Brown

103. Decorate in Blue                            $60 value
Hand-woven blue runner (or scarf), “Dare to Dream” needle-
point picture (5”x5”) framed in black, and Willow Tree
sculpture “Happiness” (woman with bluebirds). Donated by
Cydney Brown

104. Morning Jumpstart                           $50 value
2 Starbucks tumblers, coffee beans, chocolate covered
espresso beans and box of Biscotti. Donated by the Coverts

105. Hip to Knit                                 $40 value
Includes Lamb’s Pride worsted wool yearn, 2 sets of needles
and the book Hip to Knit. Enough wool to knit a pair of
mittens (instructions in book). Donated by A Grand Yarn

106. Boat Storage                              $315 value
Boat storage up to 34 feet and 14 feet high. Donated by
Steve Smith

107. Chocolate Epicure’s Delight               $100 value
A cookbook of the “Best Loved Chocolate Recipes” and a
wide selection of delicious chocolates from around the world.
Donated by the Hollman family
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108. Oakley Sunglasses                            $100 value
Gift certificate, can be exchanged for choice of style and
color at Garland Vision Source. Donated by Dr. Brett Hagen,
Garland Vision Source.

109. Handmade Necklace & Earrings $90 value
16” necklace made with flamework glass beads (crystal,
carnelian, citrine, pearls, & more) and copper with matching
earrings. Donated by Lisa Moss - Inspired Reflections.

110. Knit A Purse                                   $40 value
Rowan Chunky Print wool, a design by Shelley pattern for a
felted bag, a rock button, and a 24” size 13 circular knitting
needle to complete the project. Donated by A Grand Yarn.

111. Business/Event Vinyl Banner                  $200 value
3’ x 8’ full color banner, including design/photo for your busi-
ness, birthday, event, etc. Tell them your idea and they will
do the rest. Donated by Cassel Promotions & Signs.

112. Pearl and Crystal Jewelry                    $125 value
Choker length necklace of genuine pearls and Swarovski
crystals with matching earrings. Donated by Crowley Family.

113. Tiger Necklace and Earrings                    $50 value
“It takes a little more to be a tiger!” LC Fans show your
school spirit with this hand strung necklace and earrings fea-
turing tiger glass beads. Donated by the Crowley Family.

114. Butter Cream Scarf Kit                         $40 value
Two skeins of Farmhouse Yarns hand-dyed Lumpy Bumpy
Butter cream yarn, size 10 knitting needles, and pattern for
extra long garter stitch scarf. Donated by A Grand Yarn.

115. Strawberry Hat and Mittens                     $40 value
Hand knit baby hat & mittens. Donated by Crowley Family.
Page 18
116. Knit The Night Away                          $40 value
3 skeins of Red Iceland yarn, one skein Debbie Bliss Cash-
merino Aran yarn, size 10 ½ knitting needles and A Grand
Yarn pattern for the famous Mistake Rib Scarf. Donated by A
Grand Yarn.

117. Colorful IPOD Cover                          $20 value
Hand crocheted IPOD cover made of silk yarn. Donated by
Crowley Family.

118. Scarves Galore                               $65 value
4 beautiful handmade scarves – each one different and
unique. Colors ranging from white to red to purple to blue.
Donated by Pam Lawrence.

119. LC Secret Pal Palooza                        $60 value
This is the perfect basket for any active and involved student
at LC that is a part of the Secret Pal System! This basket is
complete with stuffed animals, pompoms, knickknacks and
anything a secret pal deserves! Donated by Cath Doerr.

120. Handmade Block Lamp                          $40 value
This absolutely stunning handcrafter block style lamp was
crafted to resemble the works on a renowned Seattle artist is
a much more inexpensive and practical fashion. Donated by
the Lewis and Clark Art Department.

121. Authentic Italian                            $60 value
A touch of Italy including imported olive oil, sugared pecans,
two candles and napkins. Enjoy a dinner of pizza and gela-
tos for two at Ferrante’s Restaurant. Donated by Ferrante’s.

122. Wine, Cheese & Chocolate                     $50 value
Waterbrook Red Wine, Salmon spread, Carr’s Crackers,
Gouda Cheese and 6 gourmet chocolates. Spoil your sweet-
ie or yourself! Donated by Emenegger family.
                                                    Page 19
123. Coffee 101                                   $40 value
Two tickets to a Coffee 101 tasting class at the Spokane
Club on March 25. Plus a pound of delicious coffee and two
mugs. Donated by The Spokane Club and Craven’s Coffee.

124. Time for Scones                              $40 value
Basket includes cookie sheet, baker pan-liner by Silpat,
four scone mixes, and 6 deluxe baked scones. Donated by
Scones to Go by Micah Estelle.

125. Vintage Mexican Store Sign                   $10 value
Authentic Metal Store Sign from Mexico! Says Aqui Hay
Bimbo. Ready to hang in your dorm room and remember the
sweet days in Mexico. 1 ½ x 2 feet. Donated by Emily Fuller.

126. Vintage Mexican Store Sign                   $10 value
Measures 1 ½ x 2 feet and reads Lors !No investes! Crack-
ers sign. Donated by Emily Fuller.

127. Vintage Mexican Store Sign                   $10 value
1 ½ x 2 feet and says Gansite iRecuerdame! Soy tu rico pas-
telito. Donated by Emily Fuller.

128. Oriental Cuisine Basket                      $60 value
Basket contains everything you need for a delicious expe-
rience in cuisine – a Chinese cookbook, sauces, noodle,
cooking ingredients. Donated by Rick and Anne Fuller.

129. Coffee Break                                 $50 value
This delicious basket includes coffee beans, teas, cookies,
biscuits and chocolates! Donated by Jon and Annie Gill.

130. Windows XP                                 $200 value
Streamline your life with a full version of Microsoft Windows
XP, Professional Edition. Donated by Jon and Annie Gill.

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Around the House
131. Wet/Dry Car Vac                             $30 value
Mini wet/dry car vacuum system, DC power. Donated by
Michael Kay.

132. Car Care                                    $40 value
Car care items, air freshener, car wash bucket, $10 car wash
token. Donated by Jim Moran and Hughes Family.

133. Dynamic Garden Basket                       $85 value
Gorgeous arrangement of mums, kalanchoe, begonia, ger-
bera daisies, violets and foliage plants accented with bright
colored bird, 20” x 34”. Donated by Marce Leek, Kelly Leek,
Stadium Flowers.

134. Complete Pond Starter Kit                   $50 value
Outside pond starter kit. Donated by Michael Kay.

135. Leave it to Us Yard Work!                   $60 value
We are offering 3 hours of yard work from 3 big strong men
(boys) and a trip to the dump. We will even eat your pizza!
Donated by Joe Marsh, Frank Gilles and Matthew Kohler.

136. Homemade Rustic Bird House                  $50 value
Homemade bird house out of weathered boards and rustic
features. Donated by The Millers.

137. Gardening                                   $50 value
Homemade Bird House with birdseed, gardening tools,
flower seeds and gardening gloves. Donated by The Millers.

138. Homemade Rustic Bird House                  $50 value
Homemade bird house out of weathered boards and rustic
features. Donated by The Millers.
                                                    Page 21
139. Spring Cleanup                             $100 value
3 hours of yard care services from 3 strong lads, Matt Kohler,
Frank Gillis & Joe Marsh, plus 2 cubic yards of clean green
disposal. Donated by Matt, Frank, Joe and Jeff Marsh.

140. A Mow Job                                   $55 value
Five free mow jobs worth a value of $11.00 each. You pro-
vide mower and gas. To redeem your free lawn mowing,
contact Evan at 448-0127. Donated by Evan Shustoff.

141. Casa Building Essentials                    $60 value
The essentials for building a “Casa”; hammer, tool pouch,
tape measure, work gloves, water bottle, snacks and more!
Donated by Bob & Julie Clausen (Safeway Supply) & Chris-
tina Webb.

142. Electric Screwdriver                        $40 value
Screwdriver with various screw bits. Donated by Lowe’s.

143. Wood Garden Art                             $30 value
2 ornamental garden signs to decorate your garden this
spring. Donated by Rhonda Fischer.

144. Wood Garden Art                             $30 value
2 ornamental garden signs to decorate your garden this
spring. Donated by Rhonda Fischer.

145. Whimsical Broom                             $50 value
Sweep with style. A decorative broom hand-painted by Lyn
Mills. Donated by Lyn Mills.

146. Vacation lawn services                      $40 value
Going on vacation this summer? Receive 2 lawn mowings
from Erik Aden to keep your grass looking good. Provide
your own equipment. Donated by Erik Aden.

Page 22
147. Master Gardener                             $95 value
Includes a set of 3 hand towels, pruners, a pair of garden-
ing gloves, a knee pad, and 1 hour of consultation worth $45
from the Master Gardener of The Gardener Company. Do-
nated by the Gardener Company and the Czechowski family.

148. Adirondack Chairs & Footstool $400 value
2 beautiful Adirondack chairs and footstools with accesories,
hand-crafted for comfort and durability. Great for a deck to
watch the sunset. Donated by Mark and Wendy Graham.

149. Adirondack Chairs & Footstool $400 value
2 beautiful Adirondack chairs and footstools with accesories,
hand-crafted for comfort and durability. Great for a porch or
deck to watch the sunset. Donated by Art and Jill Nichols.

150. Spring Gardening Service                    $60 value
Garden tools and seeds plus 4 hours work/service for lawn
and yard. Donated by the Nagy family.

151. Pyramid Garden Trellis                      $55 value
A beautiful and unique 7’ tall, free-standing wood garden
trellis. Made and donated by Chris Hollman.

152. Yard Work by 3 Strapping Men $100 value
3 hours of any kind of yard work by 3 strong young men.
They will also haul your yard waste to the dump afterwards.
Donated by Frank Gilles, Joe Marsh, and Matt Kohler.

153. Happy Birds                                 $40 value
Squirrel-be-gone wild bird feeder with sunflower chips and
binoculars for wild bird viewing. Donated by Wild Bird West.

154. Adirondack Chairs                          $150 value
2 Adrirondack chairs made of pine, painted white with 2
decorative pillows. Donated by Don and Shelly Fuller.
                                                   Page 23
155. Professional Honey Do!                     $175 value
Experienced contractor Al Vernon and his apprentice, Chris
Hollman, will perform 5 hours of handyman labor for that
spring spruce up you’re planning! Donated by Al Vernon and
Chris Hollman.

156. Garden Basket                               $60 value
Go to work with these pruning shears, seed packets, garden-
ing gloves, kneeling pad, and gardening hat. Donated by
Ron and Cheryl Doran.

157. LP Landscape Project                       $225 value
Basket includes 1 landscape consultation, 1 fall sprinkler
blowout (winterization), garden tools and 6 replacement rain-
bird sprinkler heads. Donated by Dew Drop Sprinklers.

158. Gardening Galore                            $65 value
Be ready for spring with this gardening assortment includ-
ing 2 blue lantern tea light holders, 1 garden knee cushion,
1 garden bucket organizer, washable leather gloves, garden
hand toll and pruner tool. Donated by the Fuller Family.

159. 20 Yards of Carpet                         $400 value
20 yards of carpet, enough for a 12’ x 15’ room. Does not
include pad or installation. Other samples available.
Donated by Larry Yates Construction, Inc.

160. Reupholster Service               $300 - $400 value
Do you have a chair that desires a fresh new look? Have it
re-done! I’ll provide the experienced labor, you provide the
fabric and chair. Donated by Colleen Dietz.

161. Cru da Provence Bath Set                    $35 value
Bath gift set includes shimmer lotion, shower gel, shimmer
mist, and body scrub in a satin bag. Enjoy the luxury!
Donated by Lisa Brown.
Page 24
162. Bath & Body Works                           $75 value
Shower and bath products in the best-selling Warm Vanilla
Sugar fragrance. Includes travel size body splash and show-
er gel. Donated by the Gusch family.

163. Bumble & Bumble Basket                     $150 value
A cut and style, along with Bumble and Bumble Crème de
Coco shampoo and conditioner and “Big Shine”, along with a
14th and Grand coffee mug and ball cap. Donated by 14th &
Grand Salon.

164. Rice Cooker and Food-Steamer                $50 value
Aroma Rice Cooker and food steamer with the Hanford
Family cookbook (not sold in stores) and some wild rice.
Donated by The Loft Family.

165. Framed Print of Western Saddle $50 value
17.5” x 22.5” print of a western saddle. Perfect for an office
or den. Donated by Jennifer Smith.

166. Mary Engelbreit Spring Basket $100 value
Mary Engelbreit quilted table topper with centerpiece,
candles and six napkins. Donated by Tanner Steffan.

167. Original Convergence Wall Art              $550 value
Original convergence wall art using the mediums of fabrics,
fibers and metals. Frames and matted. Donated by Mindy
Whitcher and Julie Steffan.

168. Wind Racers                                $125 value
Enjoy watching sailboats on the lake? Now you can watch
them race on your deck or in your yard with just a slight
breeze. These wind racers will surely bring a smile to your
face. Donated by David Watling.

                                                   Page 25
169. Wind Racers                                 $125 value
Watch them race on your deck or in your yard with just a
slight breeze. Donated by David Watling.

170. Lamp Berger Paris                             $80 value
Glass oil lamp which includes ocean breeze and crème bru-
lee fragrance. Donated by The Davenport Hotel Gift Shop &
Claire Browning.

171. Beauty Basket                               $150 value
Assorted Redken hair products for women and men, various
beauty products, haircut and style. Coupon included. Idaho
Barber & Beauty of Spokane.

172. Spring Basket                                 $80 value
Polka-dot hat box, lavender house warmer candle, berry lilac
wreath, spring garden book and beautiful bookmark.
Donated by Four Seasons Coffee.

173. Basket of Books                               $60 value
Soup cookbook, book on Washington, and 3 novels.
Donated by Connie Richardson.

174. Made in the Shade                             $50 value
Pair of etched crystal glasses, linen napkins, bottle of wine,
bottle of sparkling cider, gourmet crackers, $10 cheese gift
card to Huckleberries. Donated by Huckleberries, Mallory

175. The Spa Life                                  $87 value
One hemp moisturizer, one hemp herbal body wash, one
hemp herbal lip balm, one full service haircut at Chatter’s
Salon and a handcrafted necklace-earring-bracelet set. Do-
nated by Chatter’s Salon and Kathleen Olson.

Page 26
176. Plaid Greetings                               $75 value
2 dozen beautiful hand-crafted greeting cards designed and
created by Hollis Clark. (Designed in loving memory of
Pamela “Plaid Pam” Clark) Donated by Hollis Clark.

177. Casalana Salon                                $20 value
Gift certificate to Casalana Salon for hair or other beauty
treatments. Donated by Casalana Salon.

178. Men’s Golf & Grooming Basket                  $75 value
Military commemorative golf balls, golfing towel, tee’s and
Bath and Body Works men’s grooming line in Woodland
fragrance. Donated by the Gusch family.

179. Watercolor Landscape                        $125 value
A beautiful hand-painted watercolor. Donated by Robin

180. Guys & Gold Basket                          $222 value
$50 gift certificate to Finders Keepers, Christian Dior tie, bug
key chain, business card holder, money clip, tie clip, golf cap,
beer glass, golf towel, hear cover, golf balls, bag tag, ball
marks, DVD and golf tees. Donated by Circling Raven Golf
Club and Finders Keepers.

181. A Day at the Salon – Haircare                 $75 value
Avtec – “Kiwi” products for your hair. Includes shampoo,
conditioner, hairspray, etc. Donated by Roxy Zarowny.

182. Home Spa                                      $25 value
Basket includes everything you need for a home spa where
you can soak your troubles away! Bath salts, Massage
roller, body lotion, candle holder, bath gel, shower sponge,
bubble bath. Donated by Don and Shelley Fuller.

                                                     Page 27
183. When Do Pigs Fly?                           $60 value
They do now! This cast iron flying pig from Ruby Street An-
tiques is waiting to grace your favorite spot and remind you
that impossible things happen every day. Donated by Ruby
Street Antiques.

184. Mortgage Loan Origination             $1000 - $5000
(Minimum bids $500 for $100K loan; $2,000 for $500K loan)
Entitles bearer to a mortgage loan (either purchase or re-
finance) at no origination fee from Hagood Real Estate &
Mortgage. Loan origination fee is 1% of loan amount ($1,000
for a $100,000 loan; $3,000 for a $300,000 loan; $5,000 for
a $500,000 loan). Donated by Doug Hagood.

185. Real Estate Listing                 $2000 - $10,000
(Minimum Bid = $1000)
Hagood Real Estate & Mortgage – Listing Certificate –
entitles bearer to list their home in the Spokane or Coeur
d’Alene MLS (multiple listing service) via Hagood Real Es-
tate & Mortgage for a 1% fee (instead of 3%). 2% of Home
value is $2,000 for a $100,000 home; $6,000 for a $300,000
home; $10,000 for a $500,000 home. Donated by Doug

186. Real Estate Purchase                $2000 - $10,000
(Minimum Bid = $1000)
Hagood Real Estate & Mortgage – Purchase Certificate
– entitles bearer to receive a 2% cash rebate upon the
purchase of a home in the Spokane or Coeur de Alene MLS
(multiple listing service) via Hagood Real Estate & Mortgage.
2% of Home value is $2,000 for a $100,000 home; $6,000
for a $300,000 home; $10,000 for a $500,000 home.
Donated by Doug Hagood.

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Out and About
187. Wine & Dinner Without Kids                   $120 value
Wine tasting certificates for four at Vino! A $75 gift certificate
to Vin Rouge and up to four hours of babysitting. Donated
by Vino! Vin Rouge and Henry Hagood.

188. Night on the Town                              $60 value
$15 gift card at Mustard Seed, $25 gift card to Spokandy,
one night babysitting by Jessica Hart. Donated by Mustard
Seed, Spokandy and Jessica Hart.

189. Two Kayak Rentals                            $100 value
Enjoy the great outdoors with two one-day kayak rentals,
complete with boats, paddles and life jackets. Donated by
Mountain Gear and the Larson Family.

190. Just Dance!                                    $60 value
One gift certificate for a summer school session at the Dance
Center of Spokane, a water bottle and hair accessories.
Donated by Dance Center and the Leslie Family.

191. Ka-Powee!                                      $85 value
A gift certificate for up and an $85 dollar vlue for any session
(kickboxing or karate) at Lotus Self Defense School.
Donated by Lotus Self Defense Institute.

192. Romantic Movie & Popcorn                       $60 value
AMC $40 Gift Card and a tin of gourmet popcorn from Mon-
tana’s own, The Popcorn Colonel. Donated by Chase Loft.

193. 1-Hour Massage by CDA Lake                     $60 value
Enjoy a one-hour massage from Louis Bruce in the beauti-
ful Scharelant Retreat Center. Smell the flowers with rose
scented candles. Donated by John Loft and Louis Bruce.
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194. 1-Hour Massage by CDA Lake                    $60 value
Enjoy a one hour massage from Louis Bruce in the beauti-
ful Scharelant Retreat Center. Smell the flowers with rose
scented candles. Donated by John Loft and Louis Bruce.

195. Rock Climbing                               $100 value
Two Vertical Intro Lessons with pros at Wild Walls, Chalk
bag with chalk, Gym Climbing, Maximizing Your Indoor
Experience by Matt Burbach. Donated by Wild Walls.

196. Dine, Ride, See and Sip                       $60 value
Enjoy a day in Spokane for two! Have lunch at D’Lish’s,
catch a Gondola Ride, stroll the MAC Museum and end the
day with a delicious beverage from the Rockwood Bakery.
Donated by D’Lish’s, Jesse Hiatt, and K.Miller Family.

197. Unicycle Lessons and Rental                   $65 value
Two unicycle lessons (date and location of your choice) plus
one month of unicycle rental free. Donated by Grant Oakley.

198. Boppin’ Picnic/Campfire Basket $300 value
Elise and Rosemary Otto will plan and cater your next picnic
or bonfire for up to 8 people on a mutually agreeable date
prior to July 20th, 2007. Basket also includes handmade
apron by infamous LC Spanish teacher “Senora Herbert” and
other cooking paraphernalia. Donated by Peggy Herbert,
Elise Otto & Rosemary Otto.

199. Boat Storage                                $315 value
Boat storage for a boat up to 34 ft wide & 14 ft high.
Donated by Marcus Vogt.

200. Spa Paradiso Gift Certificate                $150 value
Experience luxurious pampering at the Spa Paradiso inside
the Davenport Hotel. Packages include massage, nail, hair
and body treatments. Donated by Annie Wukelic.
Page 30
201. Six Hour Personal Trainer                   $345 value
Bathing suit weather is near! Get a work-out program start-
ed with 6 hours of individual attention from Scott Lyon at Oz
Fitness – South Hill. Donated by Scott Lyon/Oz Fitness.

202. Two Hour Personal Trainer                   $124 value
Tune up your work-out or put some new zip into it with a 2
hour session with a personal trainer at Oz Fitness. Donated
by Oz Fitness – South Hill.

203. Two Hour Personal Trainer                   $124 value
Tune up your work-out or put some new zip into it with a 2
hour session with a personal trainer at Oz Fitness. Donated
by Oz Fitness – South Hill.

204. O’Doherty’s Irish Grille                     $50 value
Come enjoy Irish fare in a family friendly restaurant. Food
– Fun – Friendship! Donated by Tim & Sam O’Doherty.

205. Scrapper’s Attic                             $45 value
Gather a couple of friends and participate in 3 - $15.00
classes at Scrapper’s Attic! Donated by Kaycee Dvenas at
Scrapper’s Attic.

206. Spokane Shock                               $200 value
Four Spokane Shock tickets to June 23rd Shock game.
These are the best seats in the house! These four seats
together at midfield in the front row right behind the player’s
benches, so you really get into the action. A blue Shock
sweatshirt and hat are included. Donated by DCI Engineers
and Cuda Apparel.

207. Mount Spokane Mania                          $70 value
Two Mount Spokane lift tickets. Donated by Brad

                                                    Page 31
208. Mount Spokane Mania                         $70 value
Two Mount Spokane lift tickets. Donated by Brad

209. Date Night                                  $90 value
$50 Delaney’s gift certificate, $25 AMC movie ticket
certificate, and $15 Ben and Jerry’s gift certificate. Donated
by the Alexander family.

210. A Night in Venice                           $50 value
Pasta, pasta sauce, CD, wine glasses, a bottle of wine and
a candle to set the mood. Donated by the Coverts.

211. Gonzaga Game Package                       $200 value
2 Gonzaga Basketball tickets, a Gonzaga sweatshirt and fan
gear. Donated by Wendy’s.

212. Spey Casting Lessons                       $250 value
Spey casting lessons on the Spokane River. Includes hard
cover book Spey Casting and spey flies. Donated by Felix

213. “Girl Fishing!”                            $250 value
Girl fishing is a learn-to-fly fish afternoon for up to 3 women.
Join Jan Martinez at her home for a fly-fishing video (with
snacks and beverages) followed by casting lessons in her
backyard on the Spokane River. Donated by Jan Martinez.

214. Old Fashion Picnic                          $90 value
Enjoy a picnic of fine wine, bread, and cheese in the location
of your choice. This basket comes with a chauffered drive
in a 1929 Ford Model A. Donated by the Townshend Winery
and the Larson Family.

Page 32
215. Movie Lovers                                 $60 value
AMC gift cards, Hastings gif card, Homemade kettlecorn and
candy. Donated by Deb Harper & Robert Gilles.

216. Pilates…the Right Way                       $130 value
Private session or series of 6 classes of Pilates instruction
plus yoga mat, Pilates DVD, Pilates ring and ball. Donated
by Sue Walther at Studio Pilates and Sayra Engh.

217. USAF ‘Refueling Jet’ Tour                   $150 value
Tour for 4 of KC-135 Strato Tanker at Fairchild AF Base for
approximately 1½ hours. Donated by SM Sgt Dane Porter.

218. Evening at Downriver Grill                  $100 value
This $60 gift certificate to Downriver Grill also comes with
two bottles of wine – one red and one white. Donated by the
Nanni Family.

219. Red Lion Hotel Restaurant                    $40 value
This gift certificate is good for $40 at any Red Lion Hotel
restaurant, including the newly remodeled Ripples and
Windows, both located on the Spokane River and offering
outdoor patio seating. Donated by Dombrawski Family.

220. Magic Fingers!                               $60 value
Relax and enjoy two 30 minute massages courtesy of
Professional Masseuse Ronda Haag. Donated by Ronda

221. Night on the Town                            $80 value
This basket includes $40 gift certificate from Mizuna, 2 movie
tickets and 3 hours of babysitting. Donated by Galen Gorski.

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222. Everything Eastern                          $65 value
This basket is designed for the Eagle Supporter! Includes 2
tickets for the home football game of your choice, 2 tickets
for the home basketball game of your choice, an Eastern
Sports Cap and an Eastern T-Shirt. Donated by Paul

223. Lower Your Golf Score                     $180 value
3 personalized golf sessions using cutting edge mental
techniques. Learn how to gain distance, build consistency,
change your mechanics and improve your range of motion.
Donated by Ingrid Agnew.

224. Look Better with a Tan!                     $45 value
Shorts season is coming! Don’t you want to get rid of those
glow-in-the-dark legs? These seven tans are sure to have
you ready for spring weather in no time! Donated by South
Hill Sun Shop.

225. Lunch, Dinner and Dessert!                  $70 value
Lunch, dinner and dessert for four people! Choose a large
gourmet salad for lunch, indulge in smoked turkey and top it
all off with banana splits. Donated by Egger Meats, Swords-
man Yogurt and Ice Cream Court, and Cornucopia Catering.

226. Tooth Whitening                           $155 value
Have the brightest smile in town! Includes custom bleach
trays and four tubes of bleach. Donated by Cannon Hill

227. Week on Coeur d’Alene Lake               $1200 value
Spend a week at the Decker’s lake home during June or
September 2007. It’s a great get-away location for the whole
family. Donated by Gordon and Raeann Decker.

Page 34
228. B & B 3 Nights by Yellowstone $750 value
Spend three nights at the Paradise Gateway Bed &
Breakfast, nestled in the majestic Absaroka Mountains, just
minutes away from scenic Yellowstone National Park. The
surrounding area boasts many activities including hiking,
horseback riding, fishing, rafting, skiing, sight-seeing, hunt-
ing, and much, much more (between Oct 1st-May 1st, 6-8
people. Donated by Pete and Carol Reed.

229. Two Round-Trip Tickets up to $1000 value
Feel like taking a trip to DC? How about Southern California?
Or is Hawaii more your style? These vouchers are good for
two people to fly round trip anywhere Frontier Airlines flies.
(Blackout dates apply) Donated by Frontier Airlines.

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