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Administrative Services


									                                                   Administrative Services

                                     Business Bitz
                                      Volume 1 Issue 4                            May 2007
 Special Highlights

   Purchasing card                  PROCUREMENT CODE ADOPTED BY CITY COUNCIL
 items posted from                  The City Council has        between $10,000 and           all contracts whether its
    April 11th—                     amended the Municipal       $29,999. Verbal quotes        capital or catsup. Also
      May 10th                      Code by adopting a new      are documented by the         contract change orders
 will be transferred
                                    Chapter 3.12, entitled      purchaser whereas             that cumulatively have
  from the website
                                    Procurement. This           documentation for             changed an original
  to the iSeries on
                                    updated code section        written quotes are            contract by 20% and
   Tuesday, May
                                    touches on several          provided by the vendor        result in the contract
        29th.                       aspects of the purchasing   directly via fax, letter or   total hitting the $500,000
  So please review
                                    process. A new              email.                        threshold, need Council
 your items before
                                    procurement manual is in                                  approval.
      that date.                    draft form.                 The formal bid level has
     Thank you!                                                 been raised from $25,000      The new rules will go into
                                    Now that the code has       to $30,000. These new         effect May15th – 10 days
                                    been adopted, the manual    levels will increase the      after the ordinance is
                                    will be finalized and the   efficiency of our             published.
                                    Finance Department will     purchasing process and
                                    be holding training         still provide an
                                    sessions to go over the     appropriate
                                    details.                    level of
                 lower: L                                       oversight and
          May’s F
                                    For now though, here are    due diligence
                                    some basics about the       for the vast
 Inside this issue:                 new rules.                  majority of
Information Technology 2                                        dollars spent.
Budget                          3   The limits when quotes
Finance                         3   or bids are required have   The new code
Human Services                  4
                                    been raised. Quotes are     also requires
City Clerk
                                    no longer required for      ALL
                                    any purchase less than      contracts of
Calendar of Events              6
                                    $2,500. For items above     $500,000 or
Safety Tip                      7   that but less than          more be
Birthdays &                     8   $10,000, three verbal       submitted to
                                    quotes are required and     City Council
Flight Tracker                  8   three written quotes are    for approval.
                                    required for items          This applies to
   Page 2                                                                         Business Bitz

Infor gy                   WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THE V DRIVE?

   c h nol o
                        Many of you       can lose track of one or      over the period of a

                       felt the impacts   more of the files it is       weekend. Faced with this
                     of the problems      responsible for tracking.     fact, IT was forced to
                  IT encountered on       This is called file system    create a fresh, clean,
             the V drive in April and     corruption, and all           volume and painstakingly
            you’re probably               modern operating              move the contents of the
            wondering what                systems have tools to         V drive to this new
            happened and if it will       detect and attempt repair     volume.
            happen again. Without         of corrupt file systems.
            getting too technical, the    Microsoft’s tool is called    We are working on
            V drive is a volume that is   CHKDSK (pronounced            several approaches to
            shared over the network       check disk). To run           making the data stored
            to all City computer          CHKDSK, the volume            on this volume more
            users. That volume            must be taken offline,        manageable. Eliminating
            contains hundreds of          which means that no one       old, unneeded files and
            thousands of files.           can access it. To make        splitting the V drive into
            Information about every       matters worse, CHKDSK         smaller logical chunks will
            one of those files and        is a time consuming           both reduce the potential
            where they are stored on      process, compounded by        for corruption and make
            the physical disk drives is   the size of a given           for more timely recovery
            kept track of by              volume. The short story       from such a situation,
            something called a file       is that the V drive is so     should it arise.
            system. Despite built-in      large that a CHKDSK
            safeguards, a file system     process could not finish

            Search folders in Outlook     updated automatically as      Choose… button.
            help you find the             new emails arrive or
            messages you're looking       moved. You can perform        Enter the number of days,
            for, based on their           normal email operation        weeks or months you
            content or some other         from a search folder,         want . For example, if you
              significant attribute       such as deleting, moving      specify 36 months, the
              (such as whom they're       and responding to items.      search folder will find any
              from or how old they        Look for the folder called    emails older than 3 years.
              are). With a little know-   search folders and click on   When done, click OK in
              how, search folders can     the + sign to expand          this window and in the
              be a quick, convenient,     them. Notice that             New Search Folder
              and powerful way to         Microsoft creates 3 for       window. You can use
              organize collections of     you: For Follow Up,           this to create additional
              e-mail messages based       Large Mail, and Unread        search folders based on
              on their content.           Mail. To create a new         other criteria, such as
                                          Search Folder, right click    mail from specific
              These folders do not        Search Folders, and then      individuals or with a
              move any of your email,     click New Search Folder       particular string of text.
              but they provide a way      and the window opens.         For more detail on this
              to view email organized     Scroll down to Old Mail       and other useful tips from
              by whatever criteria        under Organizing Mail.        IT, please check our
              you select. Your            Highlight Old Mail, and       FAQs and Tips link on
            searches are saved and        then click on the             the IT Intranet site.
Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                         Page 3

May will be a busy month
for the Budget Division as
the budget process
moves into high gear. The
                             forecast estimates what
                             the total spending for the
                             General and Internal
                             Service Funds will be
                                                           preparing the core
                                                           budgets for the
                                                           departments and division.
                                                           The Core Budget
City Manager has             based on the first four       provides a baseline from
submitted the                months of history and         which the 2008 Budget          “The Core
Recommended Five-Year        known seasonal or one-        will be developed.            budgets will
Capital Program to City      time expenditures that        Preliminary salary and        be delivered
Council. The Program         will occur later in the       benefits projects and
will be discussed with       year. It also will forecast   changes to the known             to the
Council at a study session   the General Fund              fixed costs are provided      departments
on May 8. The City           Revenues for 2007. The        for the departments to         by the last
Council, at their retreat,   purpose of the forecast is    begin developing their
provided direction on the    to provide an early           2008 budget submission.
                                                                                         week of this
formation of the 2008-       warning indicator for         The Core budgets will be        month.”
2012 Capital Program.        management in case            delivered to the
The study session will       there appear to be            departments by the last
provide further direction    significant over-             week of this month. This
to finalize the Capital      expenditures, or if           is the first step into the
Program. The first year of   revenues are significantly    full budget process.          Submissions
the program is included      behind budget, so that        Submissions will be due in    will be due in
in the Adopted Budget,       corrective action can be      June, and conferences          June, with
with the remaining years     determined in a timely        with the City Manager
approved in concept.         fashion. The forecast also    held in July and August.      conferences
                             provides a basis for          Following the                 with the City
When the Accounting          revenue assumptions           conferences, City              Manager in
Division closes the books    used to develop the 2008      management will make
on the month of April,       budget.                       the final decisions on the
                                                                                            July and
we will begin the 4-                                       2008 Recommended                August.”
Month Forecast. This         The Division is also          Budget.

                 As most     they both participated in     Geri and Tayler for all
                 of you      the Business Work             their hard work and wish
               know , we     Experience (BWE)              them well as they move
have enjoyed having two      Program through the           forward
high school interns          Thompson School               with
working in Finance this      District. They have both      their
past year and now must       been a much welcomed          plans for
say good-bye as they         and appreciated asset and     the
prepare to graduate. Geri    we wish them the best         future.
Echelberger will be          as they go forward with
graduating from Berthoud     some new skills acquired
High and Tayler Scheere      during their internship
will be graduating from      with the City. Please take
Loveland High where          a moment to thank both
  Page 4                                                                                       Business Bitz


                     Heather Meyer wrote in       recruited and accounted         Service, submitted a grant
                     to nominate Will             for the volunteers who          application to the City in

                     Gresham for the              helped him in this effort.      hopes of securing funding
                     Loveland Honors Award        Most importantly Will’s         so that an emergency

                     for his service with the     compassion for people           shelter from the cold
                     Loveland Homeless Task       who are often                   might become a more
                     Force. Here is what she      misunderstood and               streamlined and
                     wrote:                       rejected by society came        consistent resource for
                                                  through loud and clear as       homeless persons in the
                     I am writing to nominate     he shared the lives and         future. He has attended
                     Will Gresham for the         stories of the people           meetings, above and
                     Loveland Honors award.       staying at the Pulliam          beyond the Loveland
                     I have only known Mr.        Building. For the Pulliam       Homeless Task Force,
        Most         Gresham for about 6          Building Shelter                with homeless service
    importantly      months, connected by         operations alone, Will          providers to strategize on
        Will’s       mutual participation in      served 50 hours and             how best to meet the
                     the Loveland Homeless        recruited and                   needs of some of our
  compassion for
                     Task Force, but what I       coordinated 17 other            neediest community
  people who are     know of him is that he       volunteers over the 18          members.
        often        has amazing dedication to    days the building was
  misunderstood      serving the homeless in      opened in January and           On top of all of these
  and rejected by    our area! Mr. Gresham        February. He spent              activities, Mr. Gresham
   society came      represents his primary       additional, countless           still found time to
                     volunteer organization,      hours on the planning and       volunteer with Loveland
   through loud      Loveland Cares, on the       advocacy efforts he             Cares, a group that
  and clear as he    Loveland Homeless Task       undertook as well.              provides meals to the
  shared the lives   Force.                                                       homeless on Saturdays,
   and stories of                                 For this year’s cold            among other things.
     the people      This winter, a plea was      season, the daytime             I strongly believe that the
                     made to the City to open     shelter was very “on the        heart and dedication that
   staying at the
                     a daytime, emergency         fly,” but Will made it          Will has shown to our
       Pulliam       shelter to keep our local    work, and work well,            community is exemplary
      Building.      homeless out of the          heeding City policies for       and worthy of the
                     dangers of severe            volunteers, effectively         recognition your award
 Congratulations,    weather. City Manager        communicating with the          provides.
      Will!          Don Williams obliged this    facilities staff, and overall
                     request, on the condition    management of the               Sincerely,
                     that it would be staffed     project. Additionally,
                     by volunteers. The initial   when the Loveland
                     volunteer met the            Homeless Task Force             Heather Meyer, City of
                     demand for the first 5       was charged to develop a        Loveland Human Services
                     days of operation, then      plan for future                 Administrative Specialist
                     decided it was too much.     operations, with policies
                     This is where Mr.            and procedures, as well
                     Gresham came in. Not         as projected costs, Will
                     only did he “man the         was the one who made it
                     station,” for long hours,    happen. He, with the help
                     but he also diligently       of House of Neighborly
Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                            Page 5

By now,                                    (all             comments and questions       C ity
                                                                                         C l er k
you have                                   employees        to any member of the
no                                         of the City)     review team (listed
doubt                                      for this         below). We are
heard                                      project. A       anticipating a 2007
that the                                   Review           approval date for the
City of                                    Team of 15,      policy, with
Loveland                                   from various     implementation
has                                        city             projected for the
begun                                      departments,     beginning of 2008.
                                                                                  REVIEW TEAM
the                                        will begin       For information on        Carol Wallace, Parks & Rec.
process for creating a       the arduous process of         members of the review     Debbie Kwaiser, Airport
                                                                                      Ginny Johnson, Finance
Standard Document            gathering current              team, please contact      Jodi Lessman, Public Works
Management Policy            practices, legal               Mary Skipworth, 962-      Karen Skillman, IT
(DMP). Along with the        requirements and other         2392.                     Kathy Gross, W&P
creation of the DMP are      policies to begin the task                                  Larry Howard, Raw Water
                                                                                         Lorna Holmes, Facilities
the Open Record Policy       of drafting the City of
                                                                                         Mary Skipworth, City Clerks
and an updated Email         Loveland policy. Our first                                  Natalie Allen, HR
Policy. There are            meeting will be May 9,                                      Patty Goodwine, Library
currently 56 Stakeholders    2007. Please direct your                                    Rich Hoskinson, Dev. Svcs.
                                                                                         Roylene Sterkel, Fire
                                                                                         Teresa Andrews, City Clerks
                                                                                         Tom Greene, Engineering
LOCAL LICENSING AUTHORITY—MARCH 2007 MEETING                                             Vickie Lehmkuhl, Police

Country Junction, 119 E. 4th Street; Henry’s Pub, 234 E. 4th Street; Blue Moon Wine &
Spirits, 228 W. 1st Street; Rod’s Liquor, 1904 W. Eisenhower Boulevard; Charlie Ell’s,
271 SE 14th Street; Chipotle Mexican Grill, 1421 W. Eisenhower Boulevard;
Residence Inn – Loveland, 5450 McWhinney Boulevard; Diamond Shamrock #0645,
2500 W. Eisenhower Boulevard; Diamond Shamrock #0698, 1040 S. Lincoln
Avenue; Diamond Shamrock #1186, 126 S. Taft Avenue; Diamond Shamrock #1130,                      Next
3675 N. Garfield Avenue.                                                                        meeting
Special Events Permit:                                                                            for
Special Olympics Colorado, 5971 Sky Pond Drive, was approved for an event, Taste
of Centerra, on June 30, 2007 from 8 AM to 10 PM at the Promenade Shops at
Centerra.                                                                                     May17th at
                                                                                              8:30 AM in
Loveland-Berthoud Association of Realtors, Inc., 1730 W. 12th Street, was approved for        the Council
an event on May 10, 2007 from 6 PM -10 PM at the Knights of Columbus Hall.                    Chambers.
Transfer of Ownership:
Ronald D. Albright d/b/a Woody’s Saloon, 126 E. 29th Street was approved to
transfer the ownership of Club Corona LLC d/b/a Club Corona. A temporary
transfer permit was signed on March 1, 2007.

Damosso Ristorante LLC d/b/a Ristorante Damosso, 1120 N. Lincoln Avenue, was
approved to transfer the ownership of Sweet Rosies Too Inc. d/b/a Sweet Rosies
Too. A temporary transfer permit was signed on March 8, 2007.
    Page 6                                                                         Administrative Services Business Bitz

                                                         MAY 2007
Sun               Mon                   Tue         Wed                    Thu                Fri          Sat
                                        1           2                      3                  4            5
                                                          SAB    YAC
6                 7     TAB    PCAB     8           9                      10    AHC    PRC   11           12
                                                         CFAC OLAC
13                14    PC     DAC      15          16      LUC            17                 18           19
                                                                                 FRAC   LB
20                21         HPC        22          23    CAB        GAB   24
                                                                                 HSC    EPB   25           26
                                              CSB               HA
27                28               PC   29          30                     31

• May   1—Council Meeting in Council Chambers @ 6:30PM
• May   8—Council Study Session in Council Chambers @ 6:30PM
• May   14—Executive Safety Committee Meeting in Parks & Recreation Conference Room @ 1:30PM
• May   15—Council Meeting in Council Chambers @ 6:30PM
• May   17—Local Licensing Authority Meeting in Council Chambers @ 8:30AM

• May   2—Senior Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting in the Gertrude Scott Meeting Room in the Library @ 10:30AM
• May   2—Youth Advisory Commission (YAC) Meeting in the Loveland Museum/Gallery @ 5:00PM
• May   7—Police Citizens Advisory Board (PCAB) Meeting in the Police & Courts Building @ 5:30PM
• May   7—Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) Meeting in the Council Chambers @ 4:00PM
• May   9—Citizens’ Finance Advisory Commission (CFAC) Meeting in the Council Chambers @ 6:00PM
• May   9—Open Lands Advisory Commission (OLAC) Meeting in the Parks & Recreation Conference Room @ 6:00PM
• May   10—Affordable Housing Commission (AHC) Meeting in City Manager’s Conference Room @ 6:15PM
• May   10—Parks & Recreation Commission (PRC) Meeting in the Parks & Recreation Conference Room @ 4:30PM
• May   10—Visual Arts Commission (VAC) Meeting in the Loveland Museum/Gallery @ 5:00PM
• May   14—Disabilities Advisory Commission (DAC) Meeting in Gertrude Scott Meeting Room in the Library @ 6:30PM
• May   14 & 28—Planning Commission (PC) Meeting in the Council Chambers @ 6:30PM
• May   16—Loveland Utilities Commission (LUC) Meeting in the Service Center Board Room @ 4:00PM
• May   17—Fire & Rescue Advisory Commission (FRAC) Meeting at Fire Station #1 @ 6:30PM
• May   17—Library Board (LB) Meeting in the Library @ 5:00PM
• May   21—Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) Meeting in the Council Chambers @ 6:00PM
• May   22—Cultural Services Board (CSB) Meeting at the Loveland Museum/Gallery @ 4:30 PM
• May   23—Construction Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting in the Council Chambers @ 6:00PM
• May   23—Housing Authority (HA) Meeting at 375 W. 37th Street @ 7:00PM
• May   23—Golf Advisory Board (GAB) Meeting in the Parks & Recreation Conference Room @ 5:15PM
• May   24—Human Services Commission (HSC) Meeting in City Manager’s Conference Room @ 6:00PM
• May   24—Employee Pension Board (EPB) Meeting in Main Floor Conference Room in the Civic Center @ 2:00PM
• May   28—Communications Technology Commission (CTC) Meeting in City Manager’s Conference Room @ 5:30PM
Volume 1 Issue 4                                                                                  Page 7


                                                                                                           Safety Tip #35
Question: Since 2002 I’ve       factors, colorfastness and       material and tape must be
asked work groups to wear       durability. The fabric must      independently certified by
ANSI Class 2 safety vests       always be tested by a third      an outside lab. The material
while working in, or near       party for compliance. If you     has to do more than just
the roadway or while            begin making a garment with      reflect light, it has to be
working around heavy            the wrong background             bright. ANSI-compliant
equipment. ANSI class 2 is      material, the whole garment      reflective material needs to
the recommended for             is wrong.                        be of sufficient power – for
working in and around                                            level 2, a minimum of 330
traffic with speeds greater     Design: A manufactured vest      candlepower at certain
than 25 mph but less than       must meet or exceed              specific angles. In addition,
45 mph. Currently the City      several design requirements.     certain reflective tape can
purchases ANSI class 2          For example, there must be       be classified as “combined
safety vests for employees.     a minimum amount of              performance material.” For
From time to time               visible fluorescent fabric to    instance, lime reflective tape    The answer is
supervisors and employees       meet the standard. A Class       (not white) can be used on         supplied by:
ask what makes a vest or T-     2-compliant vest must have       a fluorescent garment            Greg Hayward,
shirt a class 2. What makes     775 square inches of visible     without decreasing its            Vice President
a garment compliant?            background material and          visible background material
                                                                                                    and General
                                201 square inches of             area.
Answer: Not only are            reflective material. Add just                                     Manager, M.L.
some vest manufacturers         one extra white (non-            Next time you place an           Kishigo, Santa
oblivious to what the ANSI/     combined performance)            order, ask for the third-          Ana, CA. via
ISEA 107-2004 standard          reflective stripe and the vest   party compliance                    Workplace
really means, but some are      could become out of              certificates. In addition,
placing inaccurate, incorrect   compliance because the area      manufacturers are required
and misleading information      of background material has       to supply an ANSI/ISEA 107-      National Safety
on the garment label itself.    been altered and is now          2004 Apparel Compliance              Council
                                below the 775-square-inch        Certificate, signed by an
The International Safety        minimum. (This minimum is        authorized company
Equipment Association           why you can’t buy some           representative. A
establishes performance         vests in a small – not           manufacturer can self-certify
criteria for safety garments    enough fabric.) An ANSI-         that its completed
and their classifications.      compliant garment also           product (made from
These guidelines include        must have 360 degrees of         ANSI-compliant
basic performance criteria      horizontal reflective tape       components) has
and testing requirements        with no more than a 2-inch       met all ANSI 107-
that manufacturers must         gap in the tape (at front or     2004 requirements
meet to certify that a          side closures). Look for a       and can
garment meets the               label stating the name of the    legitimately
standards.                      standard – ANSI/ISEA 107-        label the
                                2004, the class of garment       garment as
Background material: This is    and the level of reflective      compliant.
the large piece of fabric       material. Many quality high-     Third-party
from which the garment is       visibility garment               testing is
made. Making something          manufacturers will use a         not
fluorescent and fade-           computer-aided drafting          required
resistant is a specific         system to closely inspect        on a
process, and a noncompliant     and measure the design and       finished
garment can begin to fade in    ensure that every garment        garment. Asking for all the
a matter of days. Dyed          meets the standard.              certificates ensures garment
material is tested and                                           compliancy, worker safety
evaluated for brightness        Reflectivity: Reflective         and accurate recordkeeping.

                  Civic Center
          500 East Third Street
          Loveland, CO 80537
                                        Flight Tracker Thru March 2007
            Phone: 970-962-2396
              Fax: 970-962-2918

                                              6,649 Passengers

        Brian Moore—May 6
      Heather Meyer—May 9
     Cindy Scymanski—May 10
       JR Rodriguez—May 17
     Bettie Greenberg—May 19
        Joan Schultz—May 28                                     COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL
                                                 ns             FINANCIAL REPORT 2006
                                     ngratu ll!              The 2006
                                   Co to a                   Comprehensive
                                                             Annual Finance
                                                             Report’s theme
                                                             for this year is
                                                             Public Works.
                                                             This report,
                                                             prepared by
                                                             the Finance
             Alan Krcmarik—2 Years                           under the
           Bonnie Carpenter—2 Years                          direction of Jeff
             Jacque Hughey—2 Years                           Barnes, is
             Stacey LeRoux—6 Years                           expected to go before Council on May
             Steve Johnson—9 Years                           22nd for acceptance. Once accepted, it will
            Laura Shannon— 17 Years                          then be available to view on the City’s
           Tim Hedgespeth—19 Years                           website at:
                                                             Accounting/CAFR.htm or on CD available
                                                             in the Finance Department.

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