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					 Issue 16                    Brampton Parish Council Newsletter                       Winter 2006


                   Brampton Parish Councillors and staff were shocked and saddened
                   to learn of the sudden death of their Chairman, Toby Fisher, on 17
                   January 2006. We all offer his family and friends our sincere

                   Fellow Councillors Peter Downes and Shirley Menczer have
                   prepared the following tribute:

 It was with great sorrow that we learned of the untimely death of Toby Fisher, Chairman of
 Brampton Parish Council. Toby joined the Parish Council in May 2004 and served on several
 committees, notably the Finance and Personnel Committees. He also helped Parish
 Councillor Kevin Wrycraft in setting up the Parish Council web-site. He had a spell as Vice-
 Chairman and only took over as Chairman shortly before Christmas 2005. He had also joined
 the committee of the Brampton Community Project and trained as a volunteer youth worker

 Blind from birth and also suffering from kidney problems (he went to Addenbrookes Hospital
 three times a week for dialysis), Toby nevertheless managed to live independently in his
 house in Miller Way. His skilful use of computers and IT, which he had studied at university,
 enabled him to keep in touch with village and national matters and he was always well-
 informed. His computer and mobile phone were his life-lines. The few meetings he chaired for
 the Parish Council showed how thoroughly he prepared, how good he was at voice
 recognition and how he managed to keep the meeting moving forward and on task.

 Shirley Menczer first met him when she was canvassing in 2002 and was immediately
 impressed by his resilience and articulacy. He was anxious to know if the voting papers would
 be supplied in Braille, so keen was he to exercise his democratic right to vote. Thanks to
 Shirley’s support and interest, Toby gradually became more involved in village life. At
 university he had been involved in student politics, as a Labour Party member, and was very
 on the ball as to the current state of the nation. He eventually joined the Liberal Democrats
 and played a full part in local meetings, as well as attending the national conference at
 Blackpool, which necessitated using public transport [3 different trains] carrying his portable
 dialysis kit with him.

 Toby was never one to complain about his personal situation but he was nevertheless a
 campaigner for the right of all people with disabilities, of whatever kind, to have full access to
 information and services. He was working with Shirley and District Council officers on a
 project to improve access across the District. Reflecting on this, Shirley said that she felt that
 she gained from her friendship with Toby, insights and awareness she might otherwise never
 have had.

 Toby was a very friendly person with a range of interests and a wonderful sense of humour.
 His knowledge of cricket was phenomenal and he was an enthusiastic follower of the recent
 Test series. His death has robbed the village of a person who was committed to increasing
 opportunities for all and those of us who knew him well feel we have lost a real friend. He will
 remain for us all an inspiration for the way in which a person can be reconciled to adversity,
 not wallow in self-pity and successfully live a socially useful life.

Brampton Matters
Writing this in mid-January, when the festivities of Christmas and the New Year seem long behind us, the
cold winds and damp, grey chill of Winter seem to lend a certain sadness to the air. For Brampton Parish
Councillors and staff this is a sad time indeed. With the untimely death of Toby Fisher, we have lost a
friend and colleague who will be greatly missed.

For the Earl of Sandwich and his family, there was the sadness of the death of Lady Elizabeth Montagu
who was laid to rest in Brampton on 16 January (Page 7). This sad occasion was, for Brampton, also an
historic one, as this may be the last time that the Montagu family returns to Brampton and is likely to be
the last time that the historic vault is re-opened. On Page 9, Councillor Maureen Wigley, who is our
acting Burial Clerk, tells us more about the vault itself.

Apart from the sad loss of our Chairman, there are other changes at the Parish Council. We now have
three new Parish Councillors, two of whom, John Childs and Elizabeth Ruston, were returned unopposed
in November 2005. The third new Councillor is Tim Fryer who was elected on 19 January. We congratulate
him on his success. There are staff changes too. We are sorry to lose the services of our excellent
caretaker, Ernie ’Geordie’ Innes, who finally retired on 8 January and we welcome a new Deputy Clerk and
two new caretakers, who are featured on Page 9. In view of all the recent changes, we will publish photos
of all current Parish Councillors and Parish Council staff in our Spring issue prior to the Annual Parish
Assembly in April. For those with an interest in financial matters, Parish Council News (Pages 8-10) also
includes an item on the 2006/7 Parish Precept so that you can see where your Council Tax is going.

We look forward to the Brampton Boundary Walk in March (Page11), planned to raise funds for the
extension to the Church Hall, and Wood Green Animal Shelters tell us something about the valuable work
they undertake in rescuing and re-homing unwanted animals (Pages 12-13) - the pets featured will
certainly tug at your heart-strings. Talking of animals, BM Bunny has been out and about again - you can
see what he’s been up to on Page 18. Finally, we have a fine picture of Brampton Spartans on Page 19.

Secretaries of local clubs/societies are reminded that advertising of arts/sports/social events is offered free
of charge and articles/news items, especially with photos, are warmly welcomed. Views on local issues
are also most welcome - why not send a Letter to the Editor ( or
8 Centenary Way Brampton PE28 4YQ.
Eileen Collier

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8.     Parish Council News                               Acknowledgments
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                                                         volunteers for their invaluable contribution - new
11.    Brampton Boundary Walk                            volunteers are always welcome! Please
                                                         contact Jane King if you can help.
12./13 Wood Green Animal Shelters

16.    Wildlife Trust                                    Please note: Views and opinions expressed within
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                                                         Council. Whilst all members of the community are
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                                                         any item. We thank you for your support and look
20.    Village Diary                                     forward to bringing the news and views of our
                                                         village to your door.

  2                                                                                         Brampton Matters
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     BRAMPTON FLOWER CLUB                                      Forthcoming Events

                                                   Feb. 8
                                                    Wildlife Trust—Nonsuch Park through the
  WE MEET ON THE 1ST WEDNESDAY                     Seasons. Brampton Memorial Centre 7.30pm
         OF THE MONTH
 IN BRAMPTON COMMUNITY CENTRE                      March 8
            AT 7.30PM                              Wildlife Trust—Back to the Future?
                                                   Brampton Memorial Centre 7.30pm

NEW MEMBERS AND VISITORS ARE                       April 12
ALWAYS WELCOME AT ANY OF OUR                       Wildlife Trust—What’s So Great About the Ouse
MEETINGS.                                          Brampton Memorial Centre 7.30pm

            WE REGULARLY HOLD                      April 26
                                                   Annual Parish Assembly- All welcome
♦        DEMONSTRATIONS                            Brampton Memorial Centre 7.30pm

♦        SALES TABLE                               May 24
♦        RAFFLE                                    Brampton Historical Society—Yanks in Beds..
                                                   Brampton Institute 7.30pm
♦        OUTINGS
                                                   June 4
                                                   The Manor Annual Fete
Further information call:
01480 459951                                       June 10 & 11
01480 810940                                       Brampton Open Gardens

Post Office Opening Times                                Emergency Dental Treatment
Monday             9am -1pm       2pm - 5.30pm
Tuesday            9am -1pm       2pm - 5.30pm
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Wednesday          9am -1pm       Closed
Thursday           9am - 1pm      2pm - 5.30pm        NHS Patients in pain is available at the
Friday             9am —1pm       2pm - 5.30pm               Dental Access Centre at
Saturday           9am —12.30pm   Closed
Sunday             Closed         Closed                     Hinchingbrooke Hospital
Last Collection:   Weekdays       5.30 pm.                         Huntingdon
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                   Sunday         11.00 am
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 4                                                                                    Brampton Matters
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  then Rotaract is for you.

  Rotaract is a club for 18 – 30 year olds, and the Huntingdon club has members in St. Neots,
  Huntingdon, St. Ives and the surrounding areas.

  Socially the club meets fortnightly. Activities range from Drinks/Quizzes at local pubs, Laser
  Quest, Bowling, Cinema, Greyhound Racing, Saturday Nights Out and events such as its St.
  Patrick’s night in March and its planned 70’s/80’s Disco in October.

   Also in the last year the club raised £1,000 for the Baby Care Unit at Hinchingbrooke
  Hospital via events such as its St. Patrick’s night/local Gala Day’s and aims to raise a similar
  amount for its charities in 2005/06 - the Hunts Society for the Blind and Sight Savers

  In the community it has helped out in Fun Day’s at Hinchingbrooke Park for Disabled and
  Disadvantaged children and its members have helped with sending 24 – 30 people to the
  Calvert Trust, an outward bound centre for physically handicapped and mentally disabled

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Brampton Matters                                                                                 5
                                                    Gardening Tips
Lawn Care in Winter
Mow the lawn as required. Don’t be afraid to mow if the lawn (if it needs it) even if it is January, as long as there
is no frost on the ground.
Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion. For optimal effectiveness the lawn
needs aerating in autumn. This can be done as long as through until Spring.

There has been a lot of disease in lawns this year. We have seen Red Thread and Fusarium. Red Thread- First
seen as bleached patches in lawn which under closer inspection reveal red cotton like threads growing from the
older leaves of grass. These is disease can leave scars in the lawn and if weather remains mild I would advise
having it treated.

Moss Control
Moss will build up in soils that are not free draining. I recommend that you treat it now so that it doesn’t compete
with the grass in the spring. If moss is left untreated the grass becomes thin and is suffocated leading to a poor
lawn in the summer when you need it most.
Treat with iron sulphate based fertilisers or spray with a liquid iron or dichlorophen.

Fallen leaves
Leaves should be cleared away as they fall. If left for more than a few days, then grass may become damaged.
Compost the leaves and then use on borders etc.

Worm Casts
This month will probably see the appearance of worm casts (small mounds of earth brought to the surface by
worms). Of the 25 species of worms found in the UK only 3 are responsible for casting.
It is advisable to scatter the casts with a besom/broom otherwise these casts can smear and kill areas of grass
allowing weeds to grow leading to deterioration in the lawn. Alternatively treatments can be applied to stop the
casts occurring in the first place.

Actions required in Winter
• Aerate lawn if conditions allow
• Treat disease in lawn
• If lawn needs cutting do as required on higher setting
• Treat worm casts
The lawn owner can carry out some of the above tasks, other tasks such as spraying diseases or moss, may need
some professional intervention.                            Richard Salmon ProLawnCare

FREE LAWN HEALTH CHECK !                                       !
      We Provide A Professional Regular
 Lawn Care Service that will improve your lawn.
     Call Now on: Office:01480 812393
             Mobile:0772 007 2446
    Moss control       Aeration            Winter Feed

    Weeds              Grass Seed          Lawns
    Sprayed            Sown                Scarified
    “Now I can just sit back and enjoy my dark green striped
                  Mr & Mrs Edwards, Cambs.

6                                                                                                 Brampton Matters

 The 11h Earl of Sandwich, John Edward Hollister Montagu, accompanied by the Countess of
 Sandwich and their children, the Hon Orlando Montagu and Lady Jemima Montagu, led
 some 40 family mourners at the funeral of his aunt Lady Elizabeth Montagu, who was laid to
 rest in the family vault in the churchyard of Brampton Parish Church on 16th January 2006.

 The service was conducted by lay reader Ann Allsopp and tributes were given by the Earl of
 Sandwich, his brother the Hon Robert Montagu and Anne Balfour-Fraser, a close family
 friend. Following the funeral, a reception was held at Hinchingbrooke House - ancestral
 home of the family until 1956.The house was sold and is now part of Hinchingbrooke School.
 Lady Elizabeth was 88 when she died in London on 10 January 2006 and had been in poor
 health for some time. In the 1950s she wrote a collection of poetry commended by John
 Betjeman, and several novels, including ’Waiting for Camilla’ (1953), ’Small Corner’ (1955)
 and ’This Side of the Truth’ (1957) - the last-named being highly commended by Graham

 Lady Elizabeth grew up at Hinchingbrooke and is pictured there with her family, in the 1930s.
 The young girl on the left of the picture is Lady Elizabeth. Looking from the window is the
 Countess of Sandwich. The 9th Earl is holding the family dog, Gillie, behind him is Lady Olga
 Montagu and to her left the Hon Drogo Montagu and Lord Hinchingbrooke.

 The Hon William Drogo Sturges Montagu was a flying officer in the Royal Air Force and died
 on the 26th January 1940 at the age of 31. He is also buried in the family vault, which was
 last opened in 1995 for the burial of the 10th Earl.

                                                      This is an historic occasion for
                                                      Brampton as this is likely to be the last
                                                      time that the vault is opened for a
                                                      family funeral. The 11th Earl and his
                                                      family now reside at their estates in
                                                      Beaminster in Dorset and, having left
                                                      the area some 50 years ago, no longer
                                                      have close connections with Brampton.

                                                                      Eileen Collier


                                                      Historical footnote

                                                      Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich,
                                                      was the cousin and patron of Samuel
                                                      Pepys, who lived in Brampton as a boy
                                                      and later inherited Pepys House. They
                                                      both attended the Free Grammar
                                                      School in Huntingdon (now the
                                                      Cromwell Museum) as did Oliver

Brampton Matters                                                                              7
                                 PARISH COUNCIL NEWS
Street signs
Thanks are due to those who responded to our              Parish Council Chairman
request in the last Brampton Matters for roads            Following the sad loss of our Chairman Toby
with inadequate signs to be identified. Readers           Fisher, Mike Shellens, our vice-Chairman, has
have proposed two roads for improved signs and            become acting Chairman.
the information has been passed to the District
Council for action.                                       New Councillors
                                                          The applications of John Childs and Elizabeth
Bench and bike racks                                      Ruston to fill Parish Council vacancies were
These are now in place near the Memorial                  unopposed and both were appointed as
Centre. The bench is a replacement for one                Councillors in November 2005. At the Parish
which had previously been moved further down              Council election on 19 January 2006, Tim Fryer
the Playing Fields near the dug out.                      gained 213 votes to Billie Leighton’s 200 and
                                                          was duly declared the winner. We congratulate
Bus shelters                                              him on his success and warmly welcome all three
                                                          new Councillors.
As officers of Cambridgeshire County Council
were responsible for removing the bus-shelter in
Miller Way (near West End) the District Council           Your Parish Councillors are:
                                                          John Childs, Eileen Collier, Peter Downes, Margaret
have advised us that the County Council should
                                                          Footner, Tim Fryer, Jacqueline Homer, Simon Jordan,
pay for its replacement. Discussions on this are
                                                          Jane King, Nigel Maggs, Shirley Menczer, Elizabeth
ongoing.                                                  Ruston, Michael Shellens [Acting Chair], Maureen
                                                          Wigley and Kevin Wrycraft.
The Parish Council have included funding for two          The names, addresses and telephone numbers of your
new bus shelters: one in Miller Way (near Evans           councillors are displayed on the 6 notice boards in the
Close) and another on the Green, which is a               village.
particularly exposed site. If our bid to the District     These are situated at:
Council for these to be included in the installation      Memorial Centre - Thrapston Road
programme for the next financial year is                  High Street - Community Centre
successful, HDC will fund 50% of the costs.               Church Road - Outside Church Hall
                                                          West End - Corner of West End & Miller Way
Farewell to Geordie                                       Laws Crescent - Outside Play Area
                                                          Miller Way - Outside Surgery

Our much esteemed caretaker,                              Parish Council Meetings
‘Geordie’ retired on Sunday 8th                           The Parish Council meets on the third Wednesday of
Jan. 2006. His well known face                            every month [except August]. Anyone may observe..
and humour has been around                                These meetings are held in the Memorial Centre.
the village for a number of                               Open Surgery is from 7.15 to 7.30pm before the
years, but he specifically                                meeting, when you can address the council for a
worked for the Parish Council,                            maximum of three minutes on a particular matter.
looking after the user groups
from August 2000.                                         PARISH CLERK
He said,’ I have enjoyed all the work, and like           Please note that the Parish Clerk has now moved into
helping people. I miss it already but I am                the Memorial Centre.
enjoying spending more time with my wife, Stella.         Mrs Janet Innes-Clarke,
I have already offered to do voluntary work from          Clerk to the Brampton Parish Council
                                                          The Memorial Centre,
time to time if needed. My best wishes go to the
                                                          Thrapston Road,Brampton,.
2 new caretakers, Brian and Kevin. I hope they
                                                          e-mail: clerk@brampton-cambs
enjoy it as much as I have.’                              Tel. 01480 417455
I am sure that we all wish him the very best in his
retirement, and at the age of 75, much deserved.          BOOKINGS CLERK
  Janet Innes– Clarke, Clerk                              For all Enquiries and Bookings for
                                                          the Community Centre, Memorial Centre and Playing
Welcome to Jacqueline, Brian & Kevin                      Fields please contact:
Three new staff joined us in December - a                 Mrs. D. Steel, Bookings Clerk
Deputy Clerk, a caretaker and an assistant                Telephone: 386494
                                                          Or apply online via the website
caretaker and we welcome them warmly to the
Parish Council team—see profiles on Page 9.
                                                          BURIALS CLERK
                                                          Cllr. Maureen Wigley,
                                                          38 Evans Close, Brampton
For a full colour version of Brampton Matters and local
                                                          E-mail: maureen.wigley@brampton-cambs
information visit the official P.C. website:
                                                          Tel: 01480 383898

8                                                                                             Brampton Matters
       Jacqueline Buck - Deputy Clerk                  Brian Jackson - Caretaker
 As your new Deputy Clerk, assisting Janet, I          I started working as caretaker for Brampton
 am delighted to be joining the Parish Council staff   Parish Council in early December after many
 and am looking forward to working with and            years employed in the engineering business. I
 meeting the residents of Brampton.                    am enjoying not only the responsibilities which
                                                       come with the job but also meeting the people
 I shall be working 11 hours per week. When I am       involved in the various activities of both the
 not working with Janet, I’m a busy Mum to 3           Memorial and    Community Centres.
 boys! Thomas 11, James 4 ½ and Harry 15
 months. They certainly all keep me busy!!                 Kevin Wood – Assistant Caretaker
                                                       My name is Kevin Wood and I have lived in
 Prior to and during having my boys, I had a           Brampton for nearly 11 years. 2006 sees a
 successful career in Sales and Marketing, which       change of pace for me so that I can work locally
 enabled me to spend 4 years in Australia. 2006        and spend more quality time at home and around
 sees a change in direction and a pursuit of new       Brampton pursuing new ventures. I am enjoying
 interests, hence the reason for joining Brampton      meeting the people of Brampton in my new role
 Parish Council.                                       as assistant caretaker and hope that my skills as
                        Photos: Kevin Wrycraft         an engineer will prove useful in this role.

                                    MONTAGU FAMILY VAULT

                                         Behind the East window of the Parish Church, in the cemetery,
                                         is the vault of the Montagu family of Hinchingbrooke. It is a
                                         brick-built catacomb type underground vault with a steep stone
                                         staircase leading into it. The vault was last used in 1995 and
                                         when entered was found to contain a lot of water following a
                                         lengthy spell of heavy rain which took two days to pump out.

                                         As Lady Elizabeth Montagu was to be laid rest in the vault on
                                         16 January, our grave-digger John Lyon, whom we share with
                                         many other local Parishes, had the task of breaking down the
                                         vault wall to check for water. Fortunately, on this occasion the
                                         vault was dry.

                                         After the interment it was also John’s task to seal up the vault
                                         once more. John Lyon’s services are much appreciated. He
                                         prepares all the graves in the cemetery and the Garden of
                                         Remembrance. You probably never see him but he does an
                                         excellent job for us in the village at a time when we rely on his
                                         expertise. He is pictured with his son Darren, who helps him
                                         in his work.
                                                                              Maureen Wigley

Brampton Matters                                                                                         9
                         THE PARISH COUNCIL AND YOUR MONEY

Brampton Parish Council Tax for 2006/7
At a special meeting in December your Brampton Parish Council decided to submit a precept request
of £127,510 for the financial year 2006/7. The precept is the money that the Parish Council raises each
year through the Council Tax. For the typical Band D house this works out at £71.63 a year or £1.37 a
week. This brief overview looks at what you get for your money and what the main changes are
compared with the current year, 2005/6.

Before looking at the revenue budget, a few words on capital. Work on the Memorial Centre has
absorbed a large part of the capital reserves. What should our strategy now be? The Stock Market is
near 5 year highs; should we sell our remaining unit trusts or hang on in the hope of greater gains to
come? Should we say no more major investments in our community or should we look instead at the
next significant project? If the latter what should that big project be or should it be a series of little
ones? If we don’t have enough money now (after searching for grants) should the Parish Council
borrow money and pay it back over a number of years or should we wait until we have sufficient? As
you can see these are weighty matters with which your council will be wrestling over the next few
months. If you have views then we would like to hear them.

How does the Parish Council assess requirements?
Turning now to the revenue side, myriad, tricky assumptions have to be made about income and
expenditure, details that will not unfold completely until the end of March 2007. For example we are
predicting for 16 months ahead changes in fuel prices, how many people will be buried in the
churchyard, how many wasp nests we will need to clear, how many children’s parties will be held in
parish buildings, how helpful will villagers be by bringing their bottles and papers to the recycling bays
on the Memorial Playing Fields and how many cricket matches booked for the 2006 season will be
rained off. It is an inexact art rather than a science but we do our best.

2006/7 Estimates
Total expenditure is estimated at just over £150,000. The difference between that and the precept is
income, largely from lettings of the Memorial Centre and Community Centre, but also income from the
recycling bins and some interest. Lettings income is estimated at nearly £17,000, £6,000 up on last
year because we now have a second highly attractive building available.

 With the arrival of the new building we have strengthened the staff. We now have two cleaners, two
caretakers, a burial clerk, a bookings clerk, a litter warden, the Parish Clerk and a new Deputy Clerk, all
part time, and two full time groundsmen. Staff costs now amount to over half total expenditure though,
of course, parish councillors are not paid anything.

 In spite of the extra lettings income we project that the two buildings will cost a net £19,000 and the
Playing Fields, after income from sport lets, a net £15,000. There is an allowance of £5,000 towards
extra equipment for the play parks. Provision has been made for substantial repairs to footpaths in the
Churchyard, funds allowed for two more bus shelters, for upgrading footpaths, for two more street lights
and a small allowance for Brampton Matters in case advertising revenue drops off. There is also
provision for a village election in case further vacancies arise that are not met by co-option.

As if that wasn’t enough…
One outstanding area of concern relates to depreciation. Should we be putting sums away to cover, for
example, resurfacing the new car park or replacing the floor in the Community Centre? If so, how
much? If there is anyone with relevant expertise we would love to hear from you.
Mike Shellens

10                                                                                        Brampton Matters
                       The Brampton Boundary Walk 2006 [ 14 miles ]

   This is a walk which links a number of existing public footpaths and bridleways around Brampton,
  touching the most northerly, southerly, easterly and westerly points of the parish boundary, as closely
  as is possible
   A sponsored walk around the whole track is planned for 25 March, and the walk will start and finish in
  the same place. It will definitely not be a race. Participants will be able to start at any time between
  8.00am and 11.00am.
   Tokens will be issued at 4 stations along the way to be handed in at the end to record completion of
  the walk. A certificate of achievement will be received a few days later.

  There are four walks
   14 miles—the full boundary walk
   7 miles
   3 miles
  The golden mile—this will be strictly on hard surfaces along the pavements within the village’s im-
  mediate area.

   Interested ?

   For further information, an application form, and a sponsorship form, please contact any of the follow-
  ing, with your name and contact details:

   Telephone:      01480 384251
   Fax:            01480 431200
   Letter:         Tim Johnson, 31 Cranfield Way, Brampton, Huntingdon. PE28 4QZ


Brampton Matters                                                                                         11
Wood Green Animal Shelters is a national animal welfare charity that has been taking in and
finding homes for lost and unwanted animals for over 80 years. During the last year Wood
Green re-homed over 6,000 animals through its three sites, on average this is 98 animals per
week finding that loving new family they so deserve. Our matching process of finding the
right pet for the right family combined with experienced and well trained staff has meant that
Wood Green has a very low comeback rate and successfully re-homes over 92% of the ani-
mals who come in. The charity has set national standards in animal care and relies solely on
the support of the general public to continue its vital role in society.

It costs approximately £12,000 a day to run Wood Green Animal Shelters and the charity
receives no Government or Lottery funding. Wood Green receives its money from generous
supporters in a variety of ways, including taking part in fundraising activities such as dog
walks, craft fairs and car boot sales. There are also events run by the shelters themselves
throughout the year, which are open for all members of the public to attend, including the
Wood Green Pet Service held at Ely Cathedral which is to be held on Saturday 29th April
2006. If you would like to take part in a fundraising event for Wood Green or would like fur-
ther information about events held by the charity, please contact the Fundraising department
on 08701 90 40 90 or email .

Talks and Tours are also provided by Wood Green. The shelters are delighted to be able to
send a speaker to talk to groups at your own venue and regularly visit WI groups, Rotary
clubs and school assemblies. The Godmanchester shelter also provides guided tours for a
donation of £30 to school groups, coach tours and community groups. The shelter is located
within 52 acres and has facilities to care for dogs, cats, small animals and a variety of field
animals, including two Llamas and a Red Deer who are permanent residents of the charity.
On the Godmanchester site there is also a pet accessory and gift shop, where animal food
and equipment can be purchased (all profits going back to the charity ) and there are facilities
available for hire, including the Britten Arena and a fully licensed restaurant.

During early 2005 Wood Green launched its new website which not only informs the general
public about the work carried out, but shows a detailed virtual tour of the Godmanchester
shelter with some of the animals who are looking for new homes. You can visit the Wood
Green website at

Wood Green Animal Shelters (Registered Charity No. 298348)
Wood Green is open to visitors everyday between 10am and 4pm
Contact details: King’s Bush Farm, London Road, Godmanchester, Cambs, PE29 2NH
Tel: 08701 90 40 90 Email:

12                                                                              Brampton Matters
Brampton Matters   13
14   Brampton Matters
        M & D FLOORING LTD.

      If your flooring is sad and blue,
          This is all you have to do,
   Pick up the phone and give us a call,
   We’ll have you happy in no time at all.

      Carpets, vinyl, wood floors too,
   Any of these we can supply and fit for
   So pick up the phone and call us soon,
      So we can transform that room,
                                                           Andora Klean Limited.
                                             Busy Lifestyle?
                                             Let us do the work for you!
        Matthew and David Silsby
                                             Specialists in:-
      07871 277244 or 07711 744625                    End of tenancy clean
          Office: 01480 454752                        Builders clean
                                                      Moving home
                                                      Spring cleaning
                                                      Domestic cleaning
        Samples brought to your door         We offer a friendly professional service tailored to suit
          For floors in your home            your individual needs.
             No job too small.               For a quotation please call :-
                                                      01480 431073 or 0771 603143

Brampton Matters                                                                                     15
                        Wildlife Trust - Huntingdon Area Group

                            PROGRAMME FEBRUARY- APRIL 2006
                            Brampton Memorial Centre

8 February - Nonsuch Park Through the Seasons
A royal appointment awaits those attending the Wildlife Trust, Huntingdon Area
Group, on Wednesday 8 th February 2006. John Wilson, Chairman of Nonsuch Watch,
will stage an audio-visual presentation illustrating the changing seasons at the historic
estate of Nonsuch Palace. The most grandiose palace in Europe was built by Henry
VIII to outdo the French and was so called because he ordered, “Build me a palace
that will be so grand that nonsuch will equal it”. John tells us that the palace itself is in
ruins, but the parkland exhibits a wonderful variety of meadows, parks, copses and
ponds with a rich wildlife.

8 March - Back to the Future?
A wild walk through time is on offer at the Wildlife Trust, Huntingdon Area Group, on
Wednesday 8th March 2006. Brian Eversham, Conservation Director of the Wildlife
Trust, will give an illustrated tour of the past, present and future of our local trust
reserves. He will explain how geological events have played a role in the evolution of
our local fauna and flora. “In the light of global warming, what hope is there for the
future of our wildlife?”

12 April - What’s So Great About the Ouse?
The River Great Ouse is the topic of the Wildlife Trust, Huntingdon Area Group,
meeting to be held on Wednesday 12th April 2006 at 7.30pm at Brampton
Memorial Centre, Thrapston Road, Brampton. Roger Handford, team leader of the
Fisheries, Recreation and Biodiversity division of the Environment Agency, will
enlighten us on the Agency’s role in wildlife conservation. He will demonstrate how
the River Great Ouse dominates Huntingdonshire providing habitats for its diverse
wildlife residents.

All the above events are held at 7.30pm at Brampton Memorial Centre, Thrapston
Road, Brampton.     Anyone interested in wildlife is most welcome to attend.
Admission: £2.00 members; £2.50 non-members. Please visit the web site for more
information or contact George on 01480
450809 or Jo on 01480 370593 or 07817 574235.

Part of the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough.
Registered Charity No: 1000412

16                                                                              Brampton Matters
                   The Dragoon
         Charles Wells Pub of the year
                   Open all day every day, families are welcome
     ♦     Cask Marque approved real ales, good selection of wines and spirits
     ♦     Food served daily lunch times and evenings, Sunday Lunch served all afternoon
           from 12 noon (No food service on Sunday night)
     ♦     Monday night is steak night - see our specials chalk-board for details of our range of
           prime British steaks
     ♦     Check out our food theme nights — Greek, Chinese, Italian etc.
     ♦     Senior citizens menu Monday to Friday special inclusive price
     ♦     Children’s menu
     ♦     ?? Quiz night every Wednesday 8.30pm—come and test your knowledge??
     ♦     Pub Bar games Pool, Darts, Cards etc.
     ♦     Live entertainment—call us for details

                      The Dragoon, 18 Buckden Road, Brampton, Cambs. PE28 4PS
                                     Tel 01480 453510, Fax 456587

                                                                    Tel: 01480 434431
                                                     Secret Chef
                                                     Do you long to have delicious food at your fingertips but
                                                     the thought of Ready meals leaves you cold?
                                                     Look no further! We will cook, freeze and deliver deli-
                                                     cious homemade food direct to your door. We produce
                                                     food for all occasions in various sizes, single, double,
                                                     family and party size, we even provide for mini adults.
                                                     We can provide the convenience with the quality of
                                                     home cooking—nobody will ever know that you didn’t
                                                     make these dishes yourself.
                                                     Just call us for a brochure or see our web
                                                                   Can’t Cook? Won’t Cook ?
                                                                Just don’t have the time to cook?
Brampton Matters                                                                                             17
     B.M.Bunny Appearances Sponsored by Good People Recruitment Ltd.

18                                                     Brampton Matters
                          Local Support for a Brampton Mini Soccer Team
 Brampton Spartans Under 10’s are the proud owners of a new kit to help kick start their
 2005/2006 season, which has kindly been sponsored by Frosts Garden Centre of Brampton.
 The team, which plays in the Hunts Mini Soccer Under 10 ‘A’ league are very grateful for the
 support of such a well known and respected company in the village. The Under 10’s Manager Neil
 Ball, was delighted to invite Peter Newson the Branch Manager of the local centre along to meet
 the full League and Development Squad to officially hand over the new kit.
 Pictured are Neil Ball, Brampton Spartans U10 Manager, Peter Newson, Branch Manager of
 Frosts Garden Centre, Garry Hartley, Brampton Spartans U10 Assistant Manager and the full
 Under 10 Squad.

                           BRAMPTON COMMUNITY PROJECT
  Letter to BCP Secretary (by email)

  In response to the article in the last issue of ‘Brampton Matters’, I am pleased that such a Project has
  been established and that views are being sought. I know that better floodlights are being
  discussed for use at the Memorial Playing Fields but would appreciate these being a priority as they
  have been delayed for a long time and would be used by an enormous number of children and adults,
  particularly through the Spartans football club. The lack of them has led to teams paying money
  elsewhere in order to train through the winter.

  Also, I would like to see a tennis court back on the playing fields. I find it very frustrating that there are
  several courts at RAF Brampton, in walking distance of all the villagers, that we are unable to use
  unless we have connections with the base. Additionally, it was mentioned before the Memorial
  Centre was rebuilt that it would be nice to have a badminton court marked out there if the rooms could
  be made to open into one, but I guess it is too late for that now!

  Finally, any chance of a tea/coffee facility serving light refreshments at weekends when lots of
  families and sports teams are around, and maybe extra opening during summer holidays? The
  tables, chairs and kitchen already exist.
                                             Fiona Sweetenham (by email)

  Comment by Chairman of Village Facilities Committee of the Parish Council

  I am happy to report that the floodlights are now in place for the Spartans training and I believe that
  arrangements are in hand for the provision of refreshments. The aspiration for tennis courts is one I
  share but we would need a lot of money. I think we just need to build up funds for a while.

                                                  Peter Downes

Brampton Matters                                                                                              19
                                  Village Diary
             Village Groups                       Regular Weekly Meetings

Brampton Flower Group meets every month at
Community Centre. Contact Secretary               Brampton Exercise Class [term time only]
Margaret Smith 01480 459951                       Brampton Community Centre                2. 00-3.30
                                                  Contact: Alison Mount Tel: 810805
Brampton Historical Society. Meetings on the      1st Brampton Rainbows Church Hall 4.30-5.30
4th Wednesday every odd numbered month.           Contact 434168
7.30pm in Stocker Room, Brampton Institute.       Parents and Tots Brampton Community Centre
Annual Membership £4. Non-members welcome         9.45 to 11.30
at £1.                                            Brampton Minus Five Group at Brampton Infants
Contact Alan Footner 52759                        School (term time only) at 1.45 to 3.00 pm
                                                  Contact Mary Mansfield Tel. 811784
Brampton Institute Bowls Club New members
very welcome. For more information contact the    Modern Sequence Dance Club (term time only)
Institute.                                        Brampton Junior School Hall 7.30-9.30
                                                  Contact: Betty Young Tel: 459759
Brampton Mother’s Union 2nd Tuesday in the        Explorer Scouts (14-18 years )
month at 8pm in the Church Hall and 3rd           Richard Westbrooke Hall 7. 30-9.30pm Tel 434374
Tuesday in the month at 2.30pm in Hilary Lodge.   Guides (10-15years) at Community Centre
Branch Leader Mrs. R. Amphlett 453617             6.30 -8.00 pm Tel: 370496

Brampton Village Wives Club                       Bell Ringers Parish Church 8pm.
Contact Lesley Morris 458818                      Contact Ian Stracey 457525

Brampton Women’s Institute 1st Tuesday            Tuesday
every month at the Community Centre at 7.30pm.    2nd Brampton Brownies Church Hall 5.45-7.15 -
Contact Pauline Morgan 450364                     Claire Topham-Brown Tel. 432684
British Legion Contact Alan Mott 459228           Beaver Scouts (6-8 years) - Richard Westbrooke Hall,
                                                  6.00-7.15 Tel: 454033
Football—Senior Contact Tony Burnley 370996       Day Centre Memorial Centre 10.00 to 3.00pm
Junior Jim Bryant 383512                          Contact: Mrs. Wilson Tel: 392173
Friendship Club meets at Richard Westbrooke       Brampton Choral Society weekly at 7.30-9.30pm.
Hall on 4th Tuesday in the month.                 Enquiries to Mrs Eggleton on 01832 710423
Contact Mrs. Jordan 353157                        Youth Club Juniors (11 to 13 years) Brampton
                                                  Community Centre 7-9 pm
RAF Brampton Wives Club
Contact Claire Watson 435924                      Air Cadets (13-18 years) RAF Brampton 7.30-9.45 Tel.
                                                  Tim Brain on 495002
RAF Brampton/Wyton Flower Club Non-               Scouts (10½-14 years) Richard Westbrooke Hall
members welcome. Frances Knight 811727            7.15-9.00pm Tel. 412420
The Three Score Club 4th Wednesday every
month 6—9pm. Contact Liz Papworth 455245          Wednesday
Trefoil Guild meets every 2nd Tuesdayin the       1st. Brampton Brownies Church Hall 5.00-6.30pm
month for adults over 18yrs. In Scouts and        Mrs. Lynn Tel: 393968
Guides Association.                               Cub Scouts - Spitfires(8-10½ years) Richard
                                                  Westbrooke Hall      6.30-8.00pm Tel: 455577
WAAF Association [Ex WAAF & WRAF]
Last Monday of the month in the Church Hall at    Keep Fit Community Centre 10.00—11.00am.
2pm. Contact Mrs. Wigley 383898                   Contact—Heather Steer 01487 840046
Wildlife Trust Huntingdon Area Group              Thursday
Contact George Cottam 450809
                                                  Cub Scouts - Tornadoes Richard Westbrooke Hall
                                                  6.30 to 8.00pm 455577
                                                  Youth Club Seniors (13 to 18 years) Brampton
                                                  Community Centre 7.15-9.45 pm
Methodist Chuch                                   Brampton Theatre Club meets 8-10pm
Thursday Fellowship—Every 2nd and 4th             Contact Mo. Pierce on 455662.
Thursday at 7.15pm
Coffee Morning—Every 1st Wednesday 10am
Emmaus— Every 2nd and 4th Weds. at 2pm            Air Cadets (13-18 years) RAF Brampton 7.30-9.45
Soup Lunch—Every 3rd Wednesday at                 Tel. Tim Brain on 495002

20                                                                                   Brampton Matters