Goal- Setting by pptfiles



Overview: In this activity, students will learn the steps for setting personal goals
and will set a plan for achieving a personal goal.

Goal: Set up a plan for achieving personal goals.

Time needed: 2 periods

Materials:    1 copy of “Goal-setting Worksheet” for each student
              6 copies of “Goal-setting Worksheet” on transparencies
              6 overhead markers
              1 copy of “Goal-setting Group Activity” cut into five strips

   1. Discuss the term “goal” with students. Talk about the meaning the word
      “goal” has in sports, like soccer and football. What steps do the players in
      those sports have to take in order to reach their goal?
   2. Talk with students about personal goal setting. Explain that most goals
      involve planning and many steps. Explain the difference between long-
      term and short-term goals.
   3. You may want to share some personal goals you’ve set and achieved for
      yourself in the past. Ask students if they can think of goals they have set
      for themselves in the past.
   4. Pass out “Goal-setting Worksheet” to students. Practice filling out the
      worksheet for a scenario of your choice (e.g., you want to train for a
      triathlon, you want to bring your grade from a C to a B in math class).
   5. Put students into five groups. Assign each group one of the following
      goals from the Goal-Setting Group Activity:
      Goal #1: Help a new kid in school feel included.
      Goal #2: Get a good summer job.
      Goal #3: Stop violence on the school grounds.
      Goal #4: Earn enough money to buy a new bicycle.
      Goal #5: Raise money to buy a new computer for the school library.
      Students will complete a “Goal-setting Worksheet” on a transparency for
      their assigned goal.
   6. Students will share their “Goal-setting Worksheets” with the class.
   7. Ask students to think about one goal they would like to set for themselves
      this school year. Pass out “Goal-setting Worksheet” to each student and
      allow them time to complete it.

               Optional Writing Assignments/Discussion Topics

   1. If you could become anything you wanted, or accomplish anything you
      wanted in life, what would it be? What can you do to make that happen?
      Are you doing it? (If not, why not?)
2. Write about a time when you succeeded at something because you made
   it a goal and committed to it.
   - Describe what happened.
   - How did that make you feel?
   - What did you learn from that experience?
3. Sometimes, despite our best plans and efforts, we fail anyway. Write
   about a time when you tried to accomplish something but came up short.
   - Describe what happened.
   - How did you deal with it?
   - What did you learn from it?
   - Did anything positive come out of it?
4. Imagine that some day you will have children. Write a letter of advice for
   them to read when they reach the age you are right now. Tell them about
   the goals you had at this age, and what those goals did for you. Tell them
   about taking risks - what kinds of risks are good to take and what kind
   aren't. And tell them how to deal with failure and disappointment so they
   won't be discouraged when things don't work out the way they want.

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