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					Bridgetown Primary School

 Byron Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7JP
                    Tel. 01789 205092
                    Fax. 01789 295276

            Headteacher - Mr. S. L. Blackman

       School Prospectus
               2005 - 2006


                A Letter from Mr. S. L. Blackman, Headteacher                2

                A Letter from Mr. Alan Cook, Chairman of Governors           3

                School Information                                           4

                The Staff of Bridgetown School                               5

                Academic Year List Dates                                     6

                Map of Area                                                  7

                The School                                                  8 - 12

                The Curriculum                                              13 - 15

                Homework Policy                                             15 – 16

                Secondary Education                                         17

                Policy of Charges and Remissions                            18


                National Curriculum Test Results

                School Absence Information

                Admission Application Form

We hope the information in this booklet is useful to you. Should there be any questions in your
mind that remain unanswered do not hesitate to contact us. We would also be grateful for
suggestions as to how our booklet could be improved for future editions.

Although the information within the Prospectus at the time of publication it cannot be assumed
that there will be no changes in the arrangements during the course of the year or subsequent

                                                                           Bridgetown Primary School
                                                                                                          Byron Road
                                                                                                           CV37 7JP

                                                                                                Tel: 01789 205092
                                                                                                Fax: 01789 295276

       Mr. S. L. Blackman

Dear Parents

Welcome to Bridgetown Primary School. We are delighted to welcome your family to our school and
hope that together we can ensure a full and enjoyable education for your child.

We aim to provide a caring, relaxed and happy atmosphere within the school within which each child is
encouraged to develop to his or her potential.

A child's admission to a school, be it for the first time or after a move can cause anxiety for the child -
and, sometimes, for the parents! The staff can usually deal with the child's anxieties as and when they

Should you have any worries or problems at any time during your child's stay with us, the teachers or
myself will be only too pleased to discuss them with you.

To prevent any anxieties we would encourage all new children and their parents to visit the school prior
to entry. This is a chance to whet the child's appetite, meet the class teacher and for parents to ask any
questions. We hold meetings for the parents of the Reception age group during the term prior to entry
and organize a visit to the classroom for each child.

Most parents, however, will want to visit the school before this. I am always pleased to show interested
parents around the school and answer any questions you may want to raise. Do not hesitate to contact
me if you wish to make an appointment.

I hope the enclosed information will answer many of those questions and will be useful to you. We look
forward to a happy and rewarding partnership with you in the education of your child.

Yours sincerely

S. L. Blackman

                                                                        Bridgetown Primary School
                                                                                                      Byron Road
                                                                                                       CV37 7JP

                                                                                            Tel: 01789 205092
                                                                                            Fax: 01789 295276

       Mr. S. L. Blackman
Dear Parent

On behalf of the Governors, may I welcome you to Bridgetown Primary School.

The Governing body is committed to supporting the Headteacher and his fine staff in the pursuit of
excellence within Junior and Infant education. The majority of the school Governors either have or
have had children at Bridgetown and the essential support and contribution of views made by parents is
encouraged. It is also our aim to involve parents in school activities and to ensure that you are fully
informed of school policies and progress.

Bridgetown is renowned for its experienced staff and the success that their teaching achieves, within a
particularly happy environment.

I have listed the current Governing body for your information. We are all contactable via the school

        Alan COOK                           Community Governor and Chairman of Governors
        Sharon WALPOLE                      Parent Governor & Vice Chairman
        Catherine NOBLE                     Parent Governor
        Jeremy HARRISON                     Parent Governor
        Elizabeth MURPHY                    Parent Governor
        Jane PHILLIPS                       Parent Governor
        Hazel HUGHES                        Local Authority Representative
        Ali TROUGHTON                       Local Authority Representative
        Maxine COOPER                       Local Authority Representative
        Tony WILLS                          Community Governor
        Beryl DOWNING                       Community Governor
        Steve BLACKMAN                      Headteacher
        Judy BARR                           Staff Governor
        Lisa MORRIS                         Teacher Governor
        Lisle SHARP                         Clerk to the Governors

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your child a happy and successful time at Bridgetown.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Alan Cook
Chairman of the Governors

                                  SCHOOL INFORMATION

                                      Bridgetown Primary School
                                              Byron Road
                                               CV37 7JP

                                Telephone: 01789 205092
                                Fax:       01789 295276


               Status:                               Community Primary School

               Age Range:                            4 - 11 years

               Headteacher:                          Mr. S. Blackman

               Chairman of Governors:                Mr. A Cook

               Local Education Authority:            Warwickshire County Council

               School Hours:                         8.55am - 12.00 noon
                                                     1.15pm - 3.15pm (Infant children)
                                                     1.15pm - 3.25pm (Junior children)

A morning break of 15 minutes duration is taken each day at 10.25am. (KS1) and 10.45 (KS2)

Registration is taken during the first five minutes of each morning and afternoon session.

We would ask that children do not arrive at school before 8:45am If this is unavoidable, please contact
the Headteacher.

Lunchtime Arrangements:               See Section entitled 'Lunchtime'

Warwickshire Schools come under the jurisdiction of Mr. Eric Wood, the County Education Officer.
Any communication with the Authority with regard to the school should, however, be directed to:

Southern Area Manager
Area Education Office
22 Northgate St.
Warwick CV34 4SR

Telephone: 01926 410410


Headteacher:                     Mr. S. L. Blackman

Administrative Assistants        Mrs. P Drabble
                                 Mrs. C A Keedwell


Foundation                       Miss L Morris
Foundation                       Mrs. G Toney/Mrs. Mary Houlgate (Job Share)

Year 1\2                         Mrs. L Whalley
Year 1\2                         Mr. I Smith/Mrs. D Parkhouse )Job Share)
Year 1\2                         Mr. N Green – KS1 Co-ordinator

Year 3\4                         Miss J Whitehead
Year 3\ 4                        Miss K Eltringham – Deputy Headteacher
Year 3\ 4                        Miss K Bresnen

Year 5\ 6                        Miss L Stanbridge
Year 5\6                         Mrs. R Arlow
Year 5\6                         Mr. K Handy

Special Needs Teacher            Mrs. S Kimber

Teaching Assistants:             Mrs. J Adams         Mrs. C Grellier
                                 Mrs. C Archer        Mrs. W Strophair
                                 Mrs. G Smith         Mrs. P Furguson
                                 Mrs. V Tilford       Mrs. H Eggington
                                 Mrs. B Hockney       Mrs. V Inns
                                 Vacancy              Mrs. J Langford
                                 Mrs. J Barr          Mrs. T Rainsberry
                                 Mrs. J Dale

Caretaker:                       Mr. B Holtom
Cleaner                          Mrs. I Wight
Kitchen Staff:                   Mrs. J Oatley
                                 Mrs. E Potter
                                 Mrs. V Treharne
                                 Ms. M Styler

Lunchtime Supervisors:           Mrs. D Davies (Senior)
                                 Mrs. N Green
                                 Mrs. D Prankard
                                 Mrs. D Leach
                                 Mrs. J Stace
                                 Mrs. W Smith
                                 Mrs. A Wight

                              Bridgetown Primary School

                   Academic Year 2005 / 2006 (all dates are inclusive)

Autumn Term 2004

                            Teacher Days                        5 September

                            Term Starts                         Tuesday 7 September

                            Half Term                           Monday 24 to Friday 28 October

                            Term Ends                           Wednesday 21 December

Spring Term 2005

                            Teacher Day                         Wednesday 4 January

                            Term Starts                         Thursday 5 January

                            Half Term                           Monday 13 to Friday 17 February

                            Term Ends                           Friday 7 April

Summer Term 2005

                            Term Starts                         Monday 24 April

                            Half Term                           Monday 29 June to Friday 2 June

                            Term Ends                           Friday 21 July

Autumn Term 2005            Term Starts                         Monday 4 September

                     Dates of additional training days will be advised later

                                    MAP OF AREA

Go to… and enter the postcode CV37 7JP


Bridgetown Primary School is sited in the Bridgetown area of Stratford, south of the River Avon and is
about half a mile from the town centre. It was opened in January 1964 and has continued to grow
steadily in size and roll from the original three classes to the current eleven. The majority of the
children are drawn from the Bridgetown 'estate' and from the villages of Clifford Chambers, Preston on
Stour and Atherstone. Applications from outside the ‘catchment area’ are accepted if places are

The admission criteria for the School is set out by Warwickshire County Council as follows:

 1.    Children living in the priority area who have a brother or sister at the time of admission
 2.    Other children living in the priority area
 3.    Children from outside the priority area who have a brother or sister at the school
 4.    Children from outside the priority area who have no siblings at the school


Over the past five years, the school buildings and facilities have been increased with the building of two
new ‘wings’, one for KS1 and one for KS2, each with its own ‘Practical’ area. This has given the school
the facility for eleven class bases in readiness for the increase in roll due to the current building
development of 850 homes in the Bridgetown area. In addition, the school has an ICT Suite, a spacious,
multi purpose Hall well equipped with gymnastic apparatus, a Technology room, a Library, a staff
room, entrance hall and administrative offices.

The school has extensive play areas, including four playgrounds and a large field used for sporting
activities. A covered and fenced in area for Foundation children to play outside in all weathers.


Our school standard number in any age group is 45. The school is organized in the following way.
Two parallel Foundation Stage classes.
Three parallel Yr1/2 classes.
Three parallel Yr3/4 classes.
Three parallel Yr5/6 classes .
The majority of the teaching is class based although there are opportunities each week for your child to
meet and work with other teachers and children.


This is a caring school and each member of staff is responsible for the pastoral care of the children in
his/her class along with the support of others (Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, ancillary help, etc). It
would help us greatly in this caring role to know of any problems at home or at school which may be
causing anxieties for your child; do please let us know of any such problems/worries.
All information will, of course, be treated in the strictest confidence.

We do try to establish a positive atmosphere in the school. Behaviour in school is based on common
sense, care, courtesy and consideration for each other and property.

The staff regularly talk with the children about such matters and encourage them to develop
responsibility for their own conduct. Misbehaviour is dealt with promptly and firmly. Children may be
asked to explain their behaviour and/or may lose privileges. Should there ever be a serious or
continued problem with behaviour then we will contact the parents so that it can be tackled jointly. The
school Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct will be available to parents when your child begins


Throughout the year we try to keep parents/guardians as informed as possible about their child's
progress and the everyday life of the school. A Newsletter is sent home with your child regularly to
keep you up to date with school news and events.

PROGRESS REPORTS/DISCUSSIONS: There are at least two opportunities each year for parents
to discuss their child's progress with the class teacher. However, if at any other time of the year you
feel it important to discuss a matter with us we will be happy to do so. If the matter is URGENT do
come straight away, otherwise appointments to speak to a member of staff or myself can be made
through one of the school secretaries. Similarly, it is our policy for staff to ask parents to come to
school for a discussion if we are concerned about your child's progress or behaviour.

Written reports will be sent to all parents during the Summer Term. 'End of Key Stage' National Test
results will also be reported. National Curriculum Test results are included at the end of this

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: We are pleased to involve parents in the life of the school and
indeed some of our activities would be almost impossible without parental help. If you feel you could
give assistance on a regular or occasional basis do please let us know. A formal invitation is normally
sent out as part of the first Newsletter of the year.

PARENTAL SUPPORT: There are occasions in the school year when we invite parents to come into
school for various functions such as curriculum meetings, concerts, sports days, etc. We hope that you
will support these events whenever possible. You are also more than welcome to come along and
support the various sporting teams in their matches both here and at other schools.

HOME / SCHOOL AGREEMENTS: All new parents are invited to enter into a Home/School
Agreement. This is a piece of Government legislation that was introduced into all schools in 1999. The
school writes an agreement which sets out the school aims and values, the school’s responsibilities
towards its pupils and what the Governors feel are the responsibilities of parents. Parents are then
invited to sign their part of the agreement and return a copy to the school. We as a school are very
fortunate to have an excellent relationship with parents which, in a way, negates the need for such an
agreement. However, legislation is legislation and I am confident that the joint declaration will only
strengthen the partnership we have in your child’s education.

FRIENDS OF BRIDGETOWN SCHOOL: There is a flourishing School Association, the 'Friends
of Bridgetown School' (FOBS), which is responsible for the vast majority of the fund raising and social
calendar. The Annual General Meeting is held early in the Autumn Term and ALL parents, staff and
'friends of the school' are invited to attend this and the many functions throughout the year.


"When your child starts school, you are entering into a partnership with both you and the school being
responsible for your child's education..... Good links between home and school are encouraged in all
schools. Your interest in your child's learning is an important part of his or her school life."
Parents' Information - A Guide to Education in Warwickshire)


MEDICAL CARE: The school does not have facilities for the care of children who become ill during
the school day. It is vital therefore that we have an up-to-date card index system for contacting parents,
either at home or at work. This index is updated each year. PLEASE be sure to complete the ‘Data
Checking Sheets’ sent at the beginning of each school year and to keep us informed of any changes
during the year. In case of injury needing hospital treatment every effort will be made to contact
Parents. If this fails the child will be taken to hospital accompanied by a member of staff.

MEDICALS: Every child will be seen by the School Doctor during their first year at the school and
you will be invited to attend this examination. Eyesight will be checked by the School Nurse prior to
this examination. Your child's hearing will be tested by the Audiometrician and periodical dental
inspections are carried out by the Community Dental Service.

ILLNESS: If your child is unwell please let the school know on the first day of illness by telephone or
letter. Some illnesses require a MINIMUM number of days away from school.

       Chicken Pox             -  Six days from the onset of rash.
       Measles                 -  Three days from the onset of rash.
       German Measles          -  Four days from the onset of rash.
       Mumps                   -  Nine days from the onset of swelling.
       Conjunctivitis          - This is extremely infectious and children should be excluded from
                                school until a response to medical treatment is significant.
       Whooping Cough          - Twenty one days from the onset of cough.

The above advice relates only to the control of infection passing from one child to another. Children
should not return until the parents feel the child is well enough to cope with a full school day.

MEDICINES: No responsibility for the administering of medicines can be taken by staff and we
would ask, therefore that they are administered at home. Inhalers for asthma sufferers may be left in the
secretary's office for emergency use (infant children) or kept to hand by junior children.

OTHER ABSENCES: If your child has an appointment at a hospital, clinic, doctor or dentist, please
inform us beforehand so that an 'Authorised absence mark' can be made in the register.

Each year a list of Term and Holiday dates will be sent to you. If you have to take your child away
during term time then an application for holiday leave may be considered. Please ask the Headteacher
for a ‘Holiday Request Policy’ before making such a request.


You may want your child to remain at school during the lunchtime break. If so you have the option of
your child:

       (a) eating a school lunch OR
       (b) bringing sandwiches.

During this time your child will be well cared for by a team of Midday Supervisors including a Senior
Midday Supervisor.

(a)     School Lunch: A two course meal is provided each day along with a drink. Payment for the
lunches can be paid on a termly, half-termly, weekly or daily basis.
Cheques should be made out to Warwickshire County Council (WCC). The current charge for a
meal is £1.40. If a child is absent during the week/term then credits will be forwarded to the following
week/term Please let the school know before 9.15 a.m. if your child will be late arriving in but will
require a school meal.

(b)     Sandwiches: Please send your child with an 'appropriate' amount of food in a sandwich box
clearly marked with the child's name. May I also suggest that sandwiches, fruit, cake etc. are wrapped
separately within the box and that a spoon accompany cartons of yogurt etc. Any drink enclosed MUST
be in a carton or a screw top, unbreakable container. Water is always available.

If children forget their sandwiches we will try to contact the parents. If this fails we will endeavour to
supply the child with a school meal. Parents will be expected to pay for this the following day.

We would ask that those children who go home for lunch do not return before 1.00 p.m.

                                           ROAD SAFETY

For the safety of the children we would ask parents to observe the yellow zigzag lines on the road
outside the school as well as basic Highway Code rules when delivering/collecting children by car.

Again with safety in mind we insist that the children use only the pedestrian gates when entering or
leaving school. We would ask parents to set a good example and to follow the same rule. The double
gate entrance is for motor vehicles only.

Children are allowed to cycle to school under parental supervision. A designated area of the school
grounds is used for the storage of bicycles although no responsibility for loss or damage can be
accepted by the school. A Bicycle Training Scheme for children aged 10+ is held at the school each
year by the County Road Safety Team.

                                   AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES

The school organizes Football, Netball and Athletics clubs. Other activities are organized by a
committee of parents and run by experienced tutors. These activities currently include a French Club
and Drama Club. (See also - P.E. and Games).

We are always open to new ideas and parental talent in the organisation of After School Activities and
are keen to welcome any contribution you may wish to make.


SCHOOL UNIFORM: The Governors and Staff of the school actively encourage the wearing of
school uniform as we feel it fosters a feeling of belonging and pride in the school. We also feel that it
helps parents overcome the demands put upon them by the constantly changing trends in fashion. For
your information I have listed below and overleaf the recommended uniform list and a number of firm


Grey skirt or pinafore dress          School sweatshirt or cardigan
White, buttoned shirt or blouse       School type, plain grey trousers for cold weather wear.
School fleeced jacket                 Sensible, low heeled shoes Grey or green tights/white socks

Summer wear options                   Green/white gingham/striped dress
                                      School polo shirt


Grey trousers - short or long        School sweatshirt
White or grey buttoned shirt         School polo shirt
School fleeced jacket                Grey socks    Sensible shoes

Summer wear options                  Sandals

All items of clothing can be purchased through ‘Rascals Schoolwear’ in Warwick (Tel. 01926 497879)
or can be ordered through the school.

There are a number of items we would ask the children NOT to wear. They are:

Jewellery (Girls with pierced ears are permitted to wear studs only).
Track suits and Trainers (The exception being during games lessons when these items can be worn
for the purpose intended).

PE Clothing

Indoor: - Soft soled pumps      White shorts   School PE shirt

Outdoor: Children in classes 3 - 6 will require suitable warm kit for outdoor games lessons along with
appropriate footwear (trainers or football boots).

We would strongly suggest a draw-string bag for each child to keep his/her kit together. This can then
be brought home at the end of each school week for washing.

Art and Craft Work: Your child will be using a variety of materials for such work including paint,
paste and clay. To protect their clothing we suggest an overall of some kind. An old shirt of Dad's
(with sleeves cut back - and possibly elasticated) is ideal.


Lost Property is collected and stored in a container. Items which are clearly marked with a name can be
returned easily.

                                         THE CURRICULUM

The curriculum consists of all the learning opportunities provided by the school. It is our overall aim to
create an aesthetically pleasing school environment with a caring atmosphere in order for each child to
fully develop academically and socially according to his or her ability.

We aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum enabling each child to:

(a)    read fluently and accurately with understanding and expression.

(b)    communicate clearly and confidently in both speech and writing and with ICT skills.

(c)    listen attentively and with understanding.

(d)    apply computational skills with accuracy and speed and to understand the
       application of mathematical ideas to the world around them.

(e)    develop an enquiring mind and through observation and experiment recognise
       characteristics such as pattern and order.

(f)    investigate solutions and interpret evidence, to analyse and to solve problems.

(g)    develop an awareness of and a positive attitude to others, regardless of race, religion, sex, age or
       ability; acquire a set of moral values and to develop habits of self discipline.

(h)    be aware of geographical, historical and social aspects of the local environment and in the wider
       world and compare his/her own life with that of others.

(i)    express creativity through art, craft, music and drama and to acquire sufficient control of self
       and tools, equipment or instruments.

(j)    develop agility and co-ordination through a variety of physical activities.

(k)    have "hands on" experience with new technology.


The timetable includes all National Curriculum subjects along with R.E. The school follows the
programmes of study set down for the Literacy and Numeracy Strategies.


We aim to identify consistently in our school, every child who has a Special Educational need (as
defined in the 1993 Education Act), whether it is physical, intellectual, social, behavioural, a specific
learning difficulty or a child who has exceptional ability. In so doing, we will ensure that every child in
our school will be valued equally and will be entitled to as full a curriculum as possible depending on
his/her needs and attainments.

There will be equal opportunity for the development and learning progress of every child and increasing
the self esteem of the child will be of paramount importance. The child must be provided with
appropriate support which will enable his/her problems to be overcome within his/her best capabilities.


Religious Education is taught through self awareness and a respect and caring for others. Although
Christianity forms the basis of our teaching, an awareness of and a respect for other world religions will
be introduced as prescribed by the agreed syllabus.

Assemblies are held each day and are usually of a moral, personal or social nature. These vary in
length but average 15 minutes duration. Outside guests and speakers are encouraged to join our
assemblies as and when the opportunities arise. Each month the vicars of Alveston Church and Holy
Trinity Church visit to speak to the children.

Under the 1944 Education Act parents have the right to withdraw their children from such
lessons and activities. If you have any concerns please come along and discuss the matter with the

We feel that children's understanding of sexual matters is best served by their natural curiosity. Staff are
instructed to deal with any delicate questions sensitively as and when they arise. In Year 4 a ‘Good
Health’ topic deals with aspects of growing up and human development. Yr. 6 children will receive
visits from the school nurse during the course of the year to discuss issues relating to the age group.
Again, parents will be informed prior to such visits.

Alongside regular music lessons, peripatetic teachers visit the school on a regular basis to teach violin,
cello, guitar and wind instruments.

The cost of all peripatetic music lessons is reviewed each year and reflects the cost of lessons that are
passed onto the school. This year the cost per pupil is £45.00 per term.

Please inform the school, in writing, should you wish your child to participate in such lessons.

Two points, however, should be noted:
1.    These activities are only available to 'Junior School' children.

2.     Because of a restriction on peripatetic time it is sometimes impossible to meet the demand for
       such tuition. Auditions may be necessary.

Recorder tuition is also given during lunchtimes and, for Yrs 3 and 4 during music lessons by school
staff. These lessons are not only beneficial to the musical education of the children involved but also
enables the school to organise a successful ensemble.


The school possesses a hall equipped with apparatus for climbing, jumping and balancing. The outside
playing areas are extensive and have both grass and hard surfaces. All children are expected to take
part in activities. If a child is unfit to take part in P.E./Games lessons a note from the parent should be
brought by the child.

Team participation at both Inter-House and Inter-School level is encouraged within the Junior school.
The latter usually takes place after school hours. Your child should inform you beforehand if he/she
will be home later than the normal time because of such participation. Parent support at such activities
is always welcomed.

Swimming tuition is offered to children in Years 3 and 4. This takes place at The Stratford Leisure
Centre. Each year the school enters a team in the South Warwickshire Primary Schools' Swimming


During the year the children are/may be taken on visits as part of a scheme of work being studied. This
may be a local visit when we try to transport/walk the children with parental help, or may be further
afield when coaches or mini-buses are used.

Each year we organise an extended visit (5 days) for our Year 6 class to Marle Hall, Warwickshire’s
Outdoor Education Centre in North Wales. The work undertaken in this visit is National Curriculum
Geography based.

Visits TO school by outside groups (theatre, natural history, mobile planetarium, music, etc.) are
arranged on a regular basis for the children.

The 1988 Education Reform Act requires Governing Bodies to have a written policy on the
CHARGES AND REMISSIONS for such visits. A copy of that policy is enclosed for your


The school has a well stocked central library of both fiction and non-fiction books to supplement class
libraries. Please help your child care for the books they bring home. Help them to enjoy reading by
your own interest and enthusiasm. We also encourage children to use Stratford Library.

It is expected that all children will be given a full day of work at school. In turn we would expect
children to give their attention to that work and complete tasks assigned to them during the allotted

We believe that time spent at home should generally be regarded as recreational in order for the
children to develop their own interests and hobbies and to relax after their day at school.

However all children may be expected to do some work in the evenings on occasions. This may take
the form of reading or preparatory learning (research for a topic, tables or spelling) and we would
encourage parents to participate in such activities.

Whatever the activity, parents are encouraged to support the children by setting aside a quiet time and,
if possible, room/area and to talk to the child about the work/reading.

Foundation and KS1 (Infants)

We would encourage each child to READ the school reader every day for a quiet uninterrupted short
period - approximately 15 minutes.

We would ask parents to read and discuss a variety of other material with your children on a regular
basis (e.g. newspapers; finding their favourite programme in the Radio Times etc.)

.We would encourage parents to involve the children in incidential counting (how many? - the number
of knives, forks, spoons - how many altogether, on the table), ordering numbers and playing board
games. An impact maths worksheet will be sent home

We would encourage writing of letters for a purpose using the handwriting sample sheet available.
(Writing to relations or thank you letters; simple diaries).

We would encourage families to research together as a contribution to class topics. (Finding family
photographs, artifacts etc.)
None of this should be time consuming or a chore. Much involves what is already happening in the

KEY STAGE 2 (Juniors)

Years 3/4

Each child is invited to take a reading book home every evening.

The formal learning of tables begins and should be practised at home.

(Year 3) One 'table' per half term will be expected of the children.

(Year 4) Tables are learned as appropriate - usually more than one per term.

An appropriate list of spellings will be sent home each week for the child to learn.

Occasional research for topic work will be asked although not on a regular basis.

Individual children may be asked to complete an unfinished piece of work at the discretion of the
teacher although we would prefer children to complete the piece at school during the allotted time.


Each child is invited to take a reading book home every evening.

Table and spelling work to continue.

Work is to be set on Friday and is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday morning.
This may be linked with Topic, Mathematics or Language work. This work should not take the child
more than an hour to complete.

Individual children may be asked to complete an unfinished piece of work at the discretion of the
teacher although we would prefer children to complete the piece at school during the allotted time.

1.       We would seek co-operation of parents in ensuring that children have a regular routine as far
as time/place is concerned.

2.        Again we would encourage parents to take an interest in the work although not 'do the work for
the child'. All children should be able to understand and complete the task set.


In the September of your child's final year at Primary school, parents will be asked to complete a
Selection Card giving preferences for Secondary Schools. You will then have up to six weeks to make
a decision. We will be pleased to help with advice should you wish it.

The 'Neighbourhood' schools serving the Bridgetown area are;

       Stratford-upon-Avon High School
       King Edward V1 Grammar School for Boys
       Shottery Grammar School for Girls

(If your first choice of school is a Grammar School the necessary selection tests will take place in the
school hall during the Autumn Term).

However, it is also possible to consider places at the following schools:

       Alcester High School
       Alcester Grammar School
       Henley-in-Arden High School
       Kineton High School
       St. Benedict's R.C. High School, Alcester
       Stour Valley Community School, Shipston-on-Stour
       Studley High School
       The Trinity School, Leamington Spa (Comprehensive R.C.)

I would advise and encourage parents to look at any schools you may be interested in BEFORE your
child's final year at Bridgetown. Many of the schools mentioned above hold Open Days/Evenings for
prospective parents. We will pass on any information with regard to these when we receive it.

We hope the information in this booklet is useful to you. Should there be any questions in your
mind that remain unanswered do not hesitate to contact us. We would also be grateful for
suggestions as to how our booklet could be improved for future editions.

Although the information within the Information Pack is correct at the time of publications it
cannot be assumed that there will be no changes in the arrangements during the course of the
year or subsequent years.

Data will only be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the schools registered purposes
for the education and welfare of your child.

                           POLICY OF CHARGES AND REMISSIONS

   A.   It will be school policy to charge for the following:

         1.       Board and lodging involved in any residential visit e.g. Marle Hall.*

         2.       Optional activities, voluntarily accepted by the parents, which take place outside
                  school hours, e.g. theatre evening.

         3.       The materials or ingredients used in practical subjects provided that the parent has
                  agreed to accept the final product e.g. cooking.

         4.       The cost of replacing items broken or damaged through carelessness or negligence.
                  When applied, the actual cost of the items will be charged.

         5.      For individual music tuition charged at a rate set by the County and agreed in
                 advance by the parents.

         6.      The cost of swimming tuition and transportation to the Leisure center for such

    * N.B. Parents who are in receipt of income support or family credit may be entitled to be relieved
    from charges made under the heading ‘Residential’. They should make their claims to the school
    when they arise.

    B. To cover any other costs the school may ask for voluntary contributions subject to the
       a)       there is no obligation to contribute.

         b)       whether parents contribute or not will not make any difference to the treatment of
                  any child.

         c)       no child will be excluded from any school activity by reason of their parents not
                  having contributed.

However, where sufficient funds are not available for any activity, the school has the right to cancel.
                  In the case of a parent failing to provide a voluntary contribution, an informal
                  approach will be made by the class teacher in case the parent has forgotten:

                  It will be school policy to pay parents/helpers costs from the School Fund, though
                  they will also be asked to make a voluntary contribution. They will be made aware of
                  this situation before committing themselves.
                  The Board of Governors:


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