Framing the Benefits of Immunization Programs

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					            Framing the Benefits of Immunization Programs
In order to make the benefits of your immunization programs compelling to supporters,
the benefits must be framed in the context of their concerns and priorities. Here are some
things to consider:

   Demonstrate the specific benefits of your program expansions and improvements:

               Introducing hepatitis B vaccine
               Introducing Hib vaccine
               Introducing yellow fever vaccine
               Injection safety
               Expanded coverage
               Cold chain improvements
               Others (rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines, improved training,
               surveillance, etc.)

   Compare the costs and cost effectiveness (the return on investment) of immunization
    programs to other programs or investments

   Compare the percentage of funding going to EPI versus other programs

   Access available global or regional studies (if national data is not available) to
    provide estimates of impacts such as disease burden for Hep B or Hib; or long term
    productivity gains [NOTE: need to put links in here for these studies or models;
    Marty’s write-up should include some of this}

   Provide specific information on the sources of increased funding needs, eg

               the amount of the gap due to increasing population (which would have to
               be addressed even without new vaccines)

               the amount of the gap associated with the cost of AD syringes: US$0.10
               per dose

               the amount of the gap directly associated with the introduction of new
               vaccines (eg, pentavalent vaccine

               the amount of the gap directly associated with increasing coverage from
               50% to 80%

   Address concerns about past program inefficiencies and demonstrate the steps you are
    taking to make improvements
              wastage rates
              low coverage of hard to reach populations
              management oversight

NOTE: this should all be linked to Marty’s write-up on deconstructing the gap and the
examples from Uganda

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