Figs and soft cheese rolled in parma ham_ Gino DAcampo

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					BOTLEY SCHOOL STUDENTS:                     Spiced pumpkin cake with coconut custard,
Chocolate cobweb cake,                      Ainsley Harriott
Briony Potter
                                            Crispy spiced pork belly with sushi rice salad,
Banana cake,                                Merrilees Parker
Esmé Atkinson
                                            Cheesey people biscuits,
Christmas stained glass window biscuits,    Silvana Franco
Amelia Payne
                                            Caramelised and roasted tomato tarts,
Tiddy oggy,                                 Tessa Bramley
Jake Butt
                                            Stuffed dates with cheese selection,
Salmon bites,                               Phil Vickery
Clara Butt
                                            Baked sea bream, as in the balearics,
Peppermint creams,                          Mitch Tonks
Student Charlotte
                                            Festive nibbles, Savoury party pop corn,
Coconut ice,                                Alan Coxon
Student Jamie
                                            Festive nibbles, Traditional Scottish
Triple treat chocolate muffins,             shortbread, Alan Coxon
Amy Holliday
                                            Festive nibbles, Gingerbread tree decorations,
Mini caramelised balsamic tarts,            Alan Coxon
Laura Holliday
                                            Apricot couronne, Paul Hollywood
Almond Christmas Tree Biscuits,
Bradley Barrett                             Mincemeat bramley caramel,
                                            Mary Berry
Spicy Prawn Curry,
Will Latter                                 Bresse chicken with caramelized garlic and
                                            foie gras sauce, crêpes vonnassiennes,
Chocolate And Baileys Cheesecake,           Georges Blanc
Grace Latter
                                            Apple and mincemeat puffs,
“Splash” Of Lemon Pudding,                  Leiths school of food and wine
Poppy-Jay Watkins                           Chicken skewers with peanut sauce,
                                            Gary Rhodes
Chocolate Coated Peppermint Creams,
Penny-Marie Langfear                        Roast partridge, butternut squash fondant,
                                            pumpkin purée, pomegranate seeds and
Roasted Pumpkin Soup With Thyme,            brown butter sauce,
Lsa Jackie Wilcock                          Michael Caines

                                            Divine rich chocolate cake,
                                            Rachel Allen
Figs and soft cheese rolled in parma ham,   Mince Pie,
Gino D'Acampo                               Henry Brosi
Christmas ice-cream plum pudding,             Keema Curry, Pat Chapman
Luke Mangan
                                              Stickyfied goo-goos,
Swirly chocolate cheesecake,                  Jonathan Knight
James Hickman
                                              Twice-baked fingerling potatoes with crisped
                                              dulse, Tal Ronnen
Christmas baked alaska,                       Traditional South African Bobotie,
Paul Heathcote                                Rovos Rail

Shepherd's pie with cheese-crusted leeks,     Moroccan Chicken Tagine,
Delia Smith                                   Rick Stein

Parmesan custard, Rowley Leigh                Peanut Blossom Cookies,
                                              Casey Thompson
Lamb cutlets shrewsbury,
Alan Titchmarsh                               The Alternative Christmas Menu, Spiced
                                              Carrot Soup, Paul Rankin
Spaghetti bolognese tommy’s style!,
Tommy Walsh                                   The Alternative Christmas Menu, Loin of
Ziti al telefono, Mario Batali                Venison with Bacon and Irish Whiskey
                                              Cream, Paul Rankin
Creamed sprouts with chestnuts,
Prudence Leith                                The Alternative Christmas Menu, Sticky
                                              Toffee Pudding with a Bushmills
Bolognese stuffed peppers,                    Butterscotch Sauce, Paul Rankin
Loyd Grossman
                                              Pumpkin and Creamy Butternut Squash Soup,
Thai green curry,                             Andrew Nutter
Linda Lusardi
                                              Chicken Liver Masala,
Roasted chicken with mushroom stuffing,       Tony Singh
Eric Ripert
                                              Goan Chicken, Tony Singh
Debbie’s christmas eve, Sole with banana,
Debbie Mcgee                                  Party snacks, Bombay Toast,
                                              Tony Singh
Debbie’s Christmas eve, Oranges in grand
marnier, Debbie Mcgee                         Party snacks, Pista Katli,
                                              Tony Singh
Twice baked christmas pudding soufflé,
baileys and brandy cream,                     Party snacks, Sooji Rasgulla,
Nigel Haworth                                 Tony Singh

Hazelnut brown butter cake with chocolate     Sizzling Summer Tortilla Wraps,
glaze and caramel ice cream, Suzanne Goin     Leon Mitchell

Chestnut stuffing, Suzanne Goin               Simple Cheesy Lasagna,
                                              Gino Bambino
Warm Chocolate Tart with Vanilla Ice-cream,
Rosemary Shrager                              Lemon Drizzle Cake,
                                              Liz Mizon
Snowball truffles,                           Creative leftover turkey recipes, bubble and
Charlotte Dalton                             squeak patties with red onion marmalade,
                                             Sharron Davies
Macaroni cheese,
Kele Le Roc                                  Tomato jelly ring, Roald Dahl

Spiced pumpkin tart,                         Crown of kings cake, Blue Peter
Gail Porter
                                             Raspberry pavlova, Connie Fisher
Little crab cakes,
Cunard, Queen Mary 2                         Pan speziale (spiced christmas cake from
                                             bologna), Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray
California rolls,
Cunard, Queen Mary 2                         Coffee pavlova, wendi peters
                                             parchment baked root vegetables,
Chocolate brownies, Sarah Beeny              Sally Clarke

Pak choi with oyster sauce,                  Cheddar cheese soup, Fiona Phillips
David Loh, the “Melon Man’
                                             Roasted greek feta, Marlena Spieler
Lamb rendang,
David Loh, the “Melon Man’                   Grilled cheese and crispy bacon,
                                             Mark Christopher Lawrence
Pecan love, Paloma
                                             Turkey meatballs with cranberry,
Duck spring rolls with strawberry balsamic   Debbie Chazen
sauce, Bobby Chinn
                                             Chocolate and christmas fruit fridge cake,
Chestnut, roasted butternut squash and       Antony Worrall Thompson
bramley apple soup, Dave Myers and Si King
(Hairy Bikers)                               Turkey BLT, Gareth Bowen

Jumbo cheese straws, Dave Myers and Si       Mables clay pot chicken, f word winners,
King (Hairy Bikers)                          Sweet Mandarin

Christmas fairy cakes,                       Pear, almond and stilton tart,
Sally Gunnell                                Peter Gordon

Chocolate orange cake,                       Mangsho ghugni, lamb rump with chickpeas,
Joanna Lumley                                Atul kochhar

Luxurious chocolate and orange soup,         Curried vegetable puffs,
John Benson-Smith                            Cyrus Todiwala

Creative leftover turkey recipes,            Roast chicken with herb butter and winter
One pot herby turkey and rice                vegetables, Jun Tanaka
Sharron Davies
                                             Chocolate-kahlua banana dream,
Creative leftover turkey recipes,            Marc Weiss (DJ Chef)
Curried turkey and cauliflower bake
Sharron Davies                               Baked banoffee pie,
                                             Steve Power
Kale with ginger, chilli and garlic,        Pomegranate pudding, Lesley Waters
Stephanie Cole
                                            Eccles cakes, Heston Blumenthal
Party canape’s,
Caroline Bretherton                         Prunes in armagnac, Sarah Raven

Kerala-style egg curry,                     Prunes and armagnac tart,
Celia Brooks Brown                          Sarah Raven

Hot spicy caribbean wings,                  Roast lamb - it’s better than mum’s!,
Trish Adudu                                 Ian Thorpe

‘Soft and gooey’ chocolate puds,            Carrot pudding and chocolate brownie,
Suzi Perry                                  Mark Hill

Chicken stir fry noodles,                   The christmas day dinner,
Michelle Gayle                              Alex Mackay

Kibbeh bil-saniyeh, Anissa Helou            easy/cheat chocolate trifle!,
                                            Julia Hills
Peas and fresh tuna, Gregg Wallace          Christmas snowball, Aled Jones

Clementine and cranberry clafoutis,         Pengat pisang, Vanessa-Mae
Jun Tanaka
                                            Amaretti apple tart, Christine Hamilton
Melting-middle chocolate fudge pudding,
Fred Dinenage                               A Warm Tipple And A Good Stuffing,
                                            Alan Coxon
Smoked gammon with cranberries, apricots
and nuts, Franck Pontais                    Meatloaf,
                                            Jonathan Phang
Frozen dried fruits and nuts in nougatine
parfait, Franck Pontais                     Angels And Piglets,
                                            Marco Pierre White
Chow mein, Ken Hom
                                            Cheese Snitch,
stir-fried peppers with scallops,           Zoë Wanamaker
Ken Hom

Banoffe pie, Sarah Harding                  Steak Au Poivre,
                                            Peter Waterfield
Artichoke dip, Patrick Muldoon
                                            Cyril K. Collins Eggnog,
Caramel banana tart,                        Grey Watson
Sangeeta Bhabra
                                            Easy Mince Pies,
Christmas pudding soufflés,                 Cheryl Baker
Nick Nairn
                                            Eggs Benedict,
Seared beef, mangetout and sesame salad,    Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
Cook Academy
Cappuccino Cupcakes,
Patsy Kensit

Warm Salad,
Xan Phillips

Vegetarian Nutroast,
Amanda Holden

Maple Glazed Whole Duck With Savoy
Cabbage, Govind Armstrong

Chocolate And Chestnut Torte With Chestnut
Cream, Gordon Ramsay

Sausage Risotto,
Terri Dwyer

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