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                                                                                 Create your own gift
                                                                                 box contains a
             Link from
                                                Gifting                          selection of luxury                                                       Awareness +        Love
    9/4/2006 within another Gift                                Happy Box                                 http://www.happyboxlondon.com/
                                                Service                          items; there‘s a range                                                    selling product    this
                                                                                 of prices available to
                                                                                 suit every budget

             Link from                                                           jewellery shop -online
                                                                Cassia                                                                                     Awareness +
   11/8/2006 within another Fashion             Jewellery                        + offline + has          http://www.cassiajewellery.co.uk/
                                                                Jewellery                                                                                  selling product
             DC                                                                  stockists

               Main            Entertainment Bar/Club           Lot55            Nite club                http://www.lot55club.com                         Opening


                                                                 jewellery shop -online
            Sponsored   Fashion    Jewellery    Astley Clarke                             http://www.astleyclarke.com/                  Selling product
                                                                 + offline

                                                                 stationery, party
   1/7/2008 Main        Creative   Stationery   Paper Plain                               http://www.paperplain.net/                    Selling product
                                                                 invitations, birth
                                                                 announcements and
                                                                 children's stationery.

                                                                 Cakes & Coconut
                                                                 Cream Pies to Lady
                                                                 Baltimore Cakes and
  1/15/2009 Main        Food       Sweet        Outsider Tart                           http://www.outsidertart.com/main_intro.asp      Awareness
                                                                 Pies,spearheading a
                                                                 welcome revival of the
                                                                 humble home made

                                                                 Gordon Ramsays new
  1/22/2008 Main        Food       Dining       Foxtrot Oscar                       http://www.gordonramsay.com/foxtrotoscar/           Opening

                                                                 Online jeweller.
  1/23/2008 Main        Fashion    Jewellery    marije geursen                            http://www.marijegeursen.nl/eng/collection/   Selling product
                                                                 Netherlands based
1/24/2008 Main   Home     Garden        Edens Designs                           http://www.edensdesign.co.uk       Selling product
                                                        Gardening Services

                                                        London design house
                                                        True Love Always is
                                                        the curator of the
                          Interiors -   True Love       luxury designer
1/29/2008 Main   Home                                                           http://www.truelovealways.co.uk/   Selling product
                          bedlinen      Always          bedding range that
                                                        brings love, design,
                                                        quality and a talking
                                                        point to any bedroom!

                                                        TRIA - the first proven
                                                        laser hair removal
1/30/2008 Main   Beauty   Hair Removal TRIA             system you can safely http://www.tria.co.uk                Awareness
                                                        use in the privacy of
                                                        your own home.
           Main -                                             Juno - trailer for new
2/1/2008                Entertainment Movies    Juno                                   http://junomovie.co.uk                   Launch
           Everyday                                           movie

                                                             whimsical greetings
                                                             cards depicting all
                                                             manner of outrageous
           Main -                    Greeting                characters from posh      http://www.powderrooms.com/index.php?quic
2/5/2009                Gift                    Powder Rooms                                                                     Awareness
           Everyday                  cards                   pirates, pin-up girls,    klink=AKETT
                                                             zombie showgirls,
                                                             dodgy mermaids
                                                             devilish brutes.

         Main -
                                                              Toms Seafood
2/6/2008 'Where's the   Food         Dining     Toms place                             http://www.tomsplace.org.uk/             Opening
                                                              Restaurant opens
          Main -                                                  Launch of
                                                                                                                            Launch of
          Dedicated                                               Spring/summer
 2/7/2008                  Fashion   Makeup       Prescriptives                          no link                            Range - make
          'Available in                                           Prescriptuves Range
          Technicolour'                                           @ Selfridges

                                                                  doors open to Bordello,
                                                                  private world of the
            Main - 'Nice                          Bordello        most luxurious lingerie
2/13/2008                  Fashion   Lingerie                                             http://www.bordello-london.com/   Opening
            and Naughty'                          Boutique        and all things

            Main - 'Pretty,          Therapy +                                                                              Awareness +
2/15/2008                   Beauty                Beautytopia     Mobile beauty therapist http://www.beautopiauk.com
            Please'                  Treatments                                                                             selling product

            Main -'Wined                          Bordeaux        French brasserie
2/18/2008                  Food      Dining                                            http://www.bord-eaux.com             Opening
            Up'                                   Restaurant      opening on Park Lane
                                                                   editable artwork' -
            Main - 'Fool                                           Personalised cakes &                                          Awareness +
2/19/2008                  Food       Cakes         CakeFool                               http://www.cakefool.co.uk
            for love'                                              goodies, delivered to                                         selling product

                                                                                                                                 Awareness +
2/19/2008 link - 'Nip it In Gadget    iPod          BudCozy        Earphone detangler      http://www.budcozy.com
                                                                                                                                 selling product
          the Bud'

                                                                   The new online
                                                                   boutique sells unique
            Main -'Eclectic           Boutique-     All Things                                                                   Awareness +
2/20/2008                   Fashion                                wares by independent http://www.allthingsoriginal.com
            Dreams'                   accessories   Original                                                                     selling product
                                                                   British designers — all
                                                                   from a rare £5.

                                      Interiors -   Automatic      composter for under                                           Awareness +
2/20/2008 link - 'Going    Home                                                            http://naturemill.com/products.html
                                      appliances    Indoor         the sink                                                      selling product

          Dedicated -                                               CTA to book in to
                                      planning -    BridalParties.n                                                              Awareness +
2/20/2008 'White Dress     Wedding                                  attend exclusive       http://www.bridal-parties.net/
                                      Cocktail      et                                                                           selling product
          optional'                                                 cocktail parties.
                                                                        a selection vintage
                                          Art - Vintage                children‘s prints, saved
              Main - 'Ok,                                                                                                                   Awareness +       Love
    2/22/2008                  Home       childrens       Kate Tempest from damaged books http://www.katetempest.com/
              grow up'                                                                                                                      selling product   this
                                          prints                       published between
                                                                       1900 and 1980.

                                                                         joy flavours...Shake the
                                                                         pot to mix it up, add
                                                                         boiling water & stir,
                Main - 'Cereal            Instant
    2/26/2008                  Food                       Grasshopper    then put the lid back on http://www.teamgrasshopper.co.uk/         a                 y
                Thriller'                 Porridge
                                                                         & wait. After 5 minutes
                                                                         it is ready to eat,
                                                                         straight from the pot.

              Everywhere -                                Dis-missals
                                                                         a Book of 36 Rejection                                             Awareness +
    2/26/2008 'Cease &     Literature     Book            "post card"                           http://www.Amazon.com
                                                                         postcards                                                          selling product
              Desist'                                     book

                                                                         celebrate launch of
                Dedicated -
                                                                         Chloé Eau de Parfum,
                'win the                                  Net-a-
03/0308                        Fashion    Website                        Net-A-Porter.com     http://www.net-a-porter.com                   Product Launch
                ultimate chloe                            Porter/Chloe
                                                                         giving away

                                                                         eclectic range of
                Main - 'Jet                                                                                                                 Awareness +
     3/4/2008                  Fashion    Jewellery       Isharya        bangles, rings and     http://shop.isharya.com/v/site/index.html
                Set'                                                                                                                        selling product

                Everywhere -                                                                                                                Awareness +
     3/4/2008                  Eclectic   Bric-a-brac     bellochio      online boutique        http://www.bellocchio.com/                                    Y
                'Cheerio'                                                                                                                   selling product
                                                                    transforms doodles
            Main -'Hot                              Stuff Your      into soft, squishy little   http://www.stuffyourdoodles.com/stuffwhat.ht Awarness +
 3/5/2008                   Eclectic   Toys                                                                                                                     Y
            stuff'                                  Doodle          figures made of             m                                            selling
                                                                    recycled fabrics.

                                                                    High Valley Books
          Everywhere -                                              specializes in rare &
                                       Rare books   High Valley                                                                               Awareness +
 3/5/2008 'Sweet High       Books                                   out of print books on       http://www.highvalleybooks.com/
                                       shop         Books                                                                                     selling product
          Valley'                                                   Fashion, Design and
                                                                    the Decorative Arts,

            Main - 'Wizard                                                                                                                    Awareness +
 3/7/2008                  Fashion     Clothing     Josh Goot       Oz Fashion designer         http://www.joshgoot.com/
            of Oz'                                                                                                                            selling product

          Everywhere -
                                                    Ruby Republic cool cotton t-shirt                                                         Awareness +
 3/7/2008 'Ruby             Fashion    T-shirts                                                 http://www.rubyrepublic.com/
                                                    Tees          collection                                                                  selling product

            Main - 'What                                            online lingerie and
3/11/2008                   Fashion    Lingerie     DolceV                                      http://www.dolcev.com                         Site Launch
            lies beneath'                                           beachwear

            Everywhere -                            Priorties                                   http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/bluefly--     Review of
3/11/2008                   Fashion    Raincoats                    Phoebe rain jackets
            'City Slickers'                         Raincoats                                   priorities-phoebe-hooded-raincoat-sunflower   product
                                                                  French bistro in
            Main - 'Bistro
3/12/2008                    Food      Restaurant   Café boheme   traditional Parisian   http://www.cafeboheme.co.uk/                 Opening

          Everywhere -                                            candy company
                                                                                                                                      Awareness +
3/12/2008 'I'm going to   Food         Lollies      Lollyphile    experimenting with     http://www.lollyphile.com/store.php
                                                                                                                                      selling product
          git you sucker'                                         new flavors

          Dedicated -
                                                    Clinique +    Express Looks - book   http://www.clinique.co.uk/stores_events/se_s
3/12/2008 'Express           Fashion   Makeup                                                                                         CTA for booking
                                                    Selfridges    makeup with Clinique   pecial_events.tmpl?ngextredir=1

            Main - 'Truly              Gifting                    Bespoke gift giving                                                 Awareness +
3/17/2008                    Gifts                  Memento                              http://www.memento.uk.com/
            Gifted'                    Service                    service                                                             selling product

          Everywhere -                                            Honey Drops - dried
                                       Tea /                                                                                         Awareness +
3/17/2008 'The bees    Food                        Honibe         honey, that melts when http://www.honibe.com/honibe_varietals.html
                                       Condiments?                                                                                   selling product
          knees'                                                  dropped into drinks
          Dedicated -
                                                                 27 Dresses -trailer for
3/27/2008 'Dresses for    Entertainment Movies      27 dresses                             http://www.27dresses.co.uk/                 Launch
                                                                 the movie

          Main -                                    Sophie Ace
                                       Therapy +                                                                                       Awareness +
3/28/2008 'Sophie's       Beauty                    Beauty at    Mobile beauty therapist 07815 137481 or slace77@yahoo.co.uk
                                       Treatments                                                                                      selling product
          Choice'                                   Home

                                                                 Posh car hire service -
                                                                 écurie25 is London‘s
          Link from
                                                                 ultimate supercar club.                                               Awareness +
5/26/2006 within another Luxury        Car Hire     Ecurie25                             http://www.ecurie25.co.uk/
                                                                 Membership gives you                                                  selling product
                                                                 access to a vast stable
                                                                 of supercars

                                                                 luxurious day spa -
                                                                 philosophy +
                                                                 teachings based on
            Main - 'Now
3/31/2008                 Beauty       Venue        Ushvani      traditions of SE Asian    http://www.ushvani.com/                     Launch
            and Zen'
                                                                 cultures, massage,
                                                                 healing, holistic

                                                                 your own
          Everywhere -                                           customisation of
                                                    evlove                                http://www.evloveintimates.com/designstudio. Awareness +       love
3/31/2008 'Designs      Fashion        Lingerie                  intimate pieces that are
                                                    intimates                             aspx                                         selling product   this
          within Reach'                                          unique to your own
                                                                 personal style.
          Dedicated -                                                    Dove Summer Glow
3/31/2008 Spring into        Beauty       Product        Dove            Beauty Body Lotion      http://dove.co.uk                        Launch
          Action'                                                        +SPF15.

            Main -                        Working                        Tailored suits desgined                                          Awareness +
 4/2/2008                    Fashion                     Britt Lintner                           http://www.brittlintner.com/
            'Working Girl'                women                          for woring women                                                 selling product

                                                                         Sloane Crosley - her
                                                                         hilarious new memoir, I http://www.sloanecrosley.com or
          Everywhere -                                   I was told
                                                                         Was Told There‘d Be http://www.amazon.com
 4/2/2008 'Takes the         Literature   Book - fiction there'd be                                                                       Introducing
          cake'                                          cake'

            Main - 'Picture Having an                                                                                                     Awareness +
 4/4/2008                                 Unique stuff   Booth nation    Customised Photo        http://www.boothnation.com
            This'           event?                                                                                                        selling product

          Everywhere -
                                          Personal       Fragrance       Fragrant Foot insoles   http://www.summersoles.com/shop_womens Awareness +
 4/4/2008 'Sneaker           Health
                                          hygiene        Footings        'for sweaty feet'       _fragrant_footings.htm                 selling product
                                                                The French company
         Everywhere -                                           infuses its goods with
                                                  Smiley Beauty                                                                Awareness +       love
4/4/2008 'happy happy       Beauty   Products                   substances that           http://www.happytherapy.com/shop/
                                                  Products                                                                     selling product   this
         joy joy'                                               purportedly work as

                                                                 Made in small batches
                                                                 by hand, Brosius
           Everywhere -                           CB I hate      designs every scent                                           Awareness +
4/4/2008                    Beauty   Perfume                                             http://www.cbihateperfume.com/
           Nose it all                            perfume        himself using oil and                                         selling product
                                                                 water as a base rather
                                                                 than the usual alcohol.

           Main - 'Mix it                                                                                                      Awarness +        love
4/7/2008                    Food     Museli       Muddy Cook     DIY Museli               http://www.muddycook.co.uk/
           up'                                                                                                                 selling product   this

                                                                 Desktop wallpapers
           Everywhere -                                                                   http://www.farmidable.com/desktop-   Awareness +
4/7/2008                    Gadget   PC wallpaper Farmidable     (Design & illustration
           'Off the wall'                                                                 wallpapers                           selling product

                                                                 Haberdashery shop,
                                                  Prick Your     sell products and home                                        Awareness +       love
4/9/2008 Main - 'Knitwit' Creative   Knitting                                           http://www.prickyourfinger.com/
                                                  Finger         of 'Cast Off' knitting                                        selling product   this
                                                                      Unlike any other travel
                                                                      store, dedicated to
                                       Boutique                       makingchoosing and
            Dedicated -                                                                                                                     Store Opening +
 4/9/2008                     Travel   Travel         Kuoni           booking holiday more http://www.kuoni.co.uk/high_st_kensington/
            'Travel in style'                                                                                                               Competition
                                       Agency                         personal, comfortable
                                                                      and enjoyable than
                                                                      ever before.

                                                                      Gifts, statioenry, prints,
                                       Museum gift                                               http://www.somagallery.co.uk/shop/shopmain Awareness +
4/11/2008 Main - 'Dig it'    Gifts                    Soma Gallery    posters, books,
                                       shop                                                      .html                                      selling product
                                                                      magazines, ceramics

          Link from
                                                      Hello Kitty -   Hello Kitty Toaster +    http://shop.sanrio.com/on/demandware.store/ Awareness +
5/30/2000 within another Gifts         Cult
                                                      Sanrio          other Sanrio goodies     Sites-eStore-Site/default/Home-Show         selling product
          DC -'Allo Kitty'

            Main - 'The                Hair dye for                   Colour for the hair                                                   Awareness +
9/20/2006                    Beauty                   Betty Color                              http://www.bettybeauty.com/
            Coloring box'              pubes                          down there'                                                           selling product

            Everywhere -                              Help I need     line of minimalist,                                                   Awareness +
4/11/2008                    Health    First Aid                                               http://www.helpineedhelp.com/home/                             love it
            'Get Help'                                help            gimmick-free first aid                                                selling product
                                                                     K8 Personal Fitness
            Main - 'Jump                 Personal                                                                                            Awareness +
4/14/2008                   Fitness                  K8Training      Training                  http://www.k8training.co.uk/
            to it'                       Training                                                                                            selling product

                                                                     line of premium bake
                                                                     mixes handcrafted
                                                                     from nature‘s finest all-
            Everywhere -                             Sticky Finger                             http://store.stickyfingersbakeries.com/index.p Awareness +
4/14/2008                   Food         Bake                        natural ingredients and
            'Stick to it'                            Bakeries                                  hp                                             selling product
                                                                     are packed with fruit,
                                                                     veggies, spices and

                                                                     A love of beautiful
                                                                     things and far-flung
                                                                     places is inspiration
            Main - 'Chief   Homeware +   Design                                                                                              Awareness +        Love
4/15/2008                                            Whippet grey    behind home interiors http://www.whippetgrey.co.uk/
            Whip'           Gifts        emphasis                                                                                            selling product    this
                                                                     & miscellaenous
                                                                     goods. Highlighted in
                                                                     DC is the glowing kitty.

                                                                     very young, elegant,
                                                                     and chic collection,
          Main -                                     Patricia                                                                                Awarness +
4/16/2008                Fashion         Jewellery                   worn by some A-list       http://www.patricianicolas.com/
          'Spanish Eyes'                             Nicolas                                                                                 selling product
                                                                     celebritiesAvailable at
                                                                     Selfridges + Harrods

                                                                     Water resistant
                                                                     underwear that can be
            Everywhere -                                                                                                                     Awareness +
4/16/2008                   Fashion      Underwear   T Sanitaigo     worn from the beach http://www.tsantiago.com/
            'Triple Threat'                                                                                                                  selling product
                                                                     to the gym and finish at
                                                                     a bar. Argentian.
            Main - 'On a                           Vauxhall                               http://www.dailycandy.com/t/click/7/F233749/
4/18/2008                  Events      Fun                                                                                             Promotion
            Roll'                                  Rollerdisco                            1742478/12

                                                                 Fix-it Man is the DIY
                                                                 service for all those
                                                                 little jobs around the
          Link from                                              home and office.Do
                                       Handy Man                                                                                      Awareness +
4/18/2007 within another Home                      Fix-it man    you have locks that      http://www.fix-itman.co.uk/
                                       Service                                                                                        selling product
          email                                                  need changing,
                                                                 shelves putting up or
                                                                 leaking taps fixed?

                                                                 perennial designers:
                                                                 Alexander Wang,
                                                                 Lanvin, Balenciaga,    http://www.satineboutique.com/index.php?&di
            Everywhere -                                                                                                            Awareness +
4/18/2008                  Fashion     Tees        Satine        Pierre Hardy, Thakoon, splay=products&view=category&parent_cat=
            'GoldDIgger'                                                                                                            selling product
                                                                 Derek Lam and Jason 49&cat=230&&pg=2
                                                                 Wu, Tsumori Chisato,
                                                                 Isabel Marant, Toga,
                                                                 Comme des Garcons
                                                                 and many more

                                                                 French florist that
          Main -
                           Homewares +             Au nom        deals in Roses only.                                                 Awareness +
4/21/2008 "coming up                   Flowers                                            http://www.aunomdelarose.com/uk/
                           Gifts                   delarose      Has expanded across                                                  selling product
                                                                 the continent
                                                                      online resource for hip
          Everywhere -                                                new gadgetry from the
                                                      Japan Trend                             http://www.japantrendshop.com/lifestyle-c-      Awareness +
4/21/2008 'Japanese           Gadget    online shop                   Land of the Rising
                                                      Shop                                    22.html                                         selling product
          Funhouse'                                                   Sun.

                                                                      finest natural and
            Main - 'Life is             Wellbeing                     organic alternatives to                                                 Awareness +       love
4/22/2008                     Beauty                  Beauty/                                 http://www.beingcontent.com/
            Beautiful'                  boutique                      conventional beauty                                                     selling product   this

                                                                     Potting Shed
                                                      Apple Tree-to-
          Everywhere -                                               Creations‘ commitment
                                                      be' from                                 http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/pottingsh Awareness +       love
4/22/2008 'Pomme kind         Home      Garden                       to celebrating the art of
                                                      Potting Shed                             edcreations/StoreFront                         selling product   this
          of wonderful'                                              gardening and the art
                                                                     of design

            Main -                                    The Punch
4/25/2008                 Entertainment Bar/Club                      Bar                      http://www.pubs.com/puncw1.htm                 Opening
            "Bowled Over'                             Bowl

                                                                      Novelty packages
          Everywhere -                                Reserveaspoti   including certificates
          'Hell bent and                              nhell.com or    an ID that enable you    http://www.reserveaspotinhell.com              Awareness +
4/25/2008                Entertainment Novelty
          Heaven                                      Reserveaspoti   to 'reserve a spot in    http://www.reserveaspotinheaven.com/           selling product
          bound'                                      nheaven.com     hell' for you, your
                                                                      friends or enemies
                                                                        Moving van for
            Main - 'Mellow               Removal        Yellow Taxi                                                                            Awareness +
4/28/2008                  Home                                         household items &       http://www.yellowtaxivan.com
            Yellow'                      Service        Van                                                                                    selling product
                                                                        storage too.

                                                                     Ranch for neglected
                                                                     farm animals - hosts
          Everywhere -
                            Social                      Long Meadow Adoption Days so you
4/28/2008 'Buddy                         Charity                                            http://www.longmeadowrescueranch.org/              Awareness
                            conscience                  Rescue Ranch can adopt animals or
                                                                     Barn Buddies available
                                                                     for sponsorhip

            Main - 'Sugar                               Greetje Van     Jewellery careted out                                                  Awareness +
4/29/2008                   Fashion      Jewellery                                              http://www.greetjevanhelmond.com
            Fix'                                        Helmond         of sugar                                                               selling product

                                                                        The May Fair Spa
                                                                        London turns valuable
                                                                        time into still more
          Main - 'The
                                         Indulgence -                   valuable results                                                       Awareness +
4/30/2008 Sweetest          Beauty                      Mayfair Spa                             http://www.mayfairspa.com
                                         spa                            through a meticulously                                                 selling product
                                                                        tailored experience re-
                                                                        emphasising wellbeing
                                                                        and health.

            Main - 'Pump    Having an                                   Pump-up life-sized      buy at http://www.amberiris.co.uk or hire at   Awareness +
 4/6/2008                                Unique stuff   Portable Pubs
            it Up           event?                                      portable pubs           http://www.inflatablepubs.com                  selling product
            Main - 'Honey                         The Hive
 4/7/2008                 Food       Shop                                              http://www.thehivehoneyshop.co.uk        Awareness
            Trap'                                 Honey Shop

            Dedicated -                                         Tiffany & Co. Diamond
 4/7/2008                  Fashion   Jewellery    Tiffany                             garth.jones@tiffany.com                   Event Promotion
            'Rock Science'                                      Seminar

                                                               a walk-in Chinese
                                                                                       Cha Cha Moon, 15-21 Ganton Street, W1F
                                                               noodle bar with open-
          Main - 'The                                                                  9BN (020 7297 9800).
 5/9/2008                  Food      Restaurant   Cha Cha Moon plan kitchen and                                                 Opening
          Fast Show'
                                                               communal seating
                                                               similar to Wagamama

                                                                a new weekend brunch
          Main - 'The
                                                                delivery service - to                                           Awareness +
5/16/2008 Breakfast        Food      Delivery     Brunch Bed                          http://www.brunchbed.com
                                                                your door between                                               selling product
                                                                9:30am - 1:30pm

                                                                Access to Gym tv on
                                                                command - offers
            Main -Gym'll
5/19/2008                  Fitness   Gym          VirtualGym TV range of classes, ne   http://www.virtualgym.tv                 Product Launch
            fix it'
                                                                wone downloadable
                                                                each day
            Main - 'New                                                Online sportswear                                           Awareness +
5/23/2008                   Fashion    Sportswear    NoBalls.co.uk                              http://www.noballs.co.uk
            balls please'                                              boutique                                                    selling product

                                                     wallpaper - &
          Main - 'See                                                                                                              Awareness +
5/27/2008                   Home       Interiors     other interiors   Illuminating wallpaper   http://www.jonassamson.com.
          the light'                                                                                                               selling product
                                                     by Jonas

                                                                       Café + Gourmet
            Main - 'Food               Dine-in, Shop Food-inc @
5/28/2008                  Food                                        takeaway + buy           http://wwwfood-inc.om              Opening
            Glorious Food'             or takeaway Whitelys

                                                                       Traditional British
          Main - 'Ace of                                               Establish run by the
 6/2/2008                Food          Restaurant    Quo Vadis                                  http://www.quovadissoho.co.uk      Opening
          Hearts'                                                      'Harts' restranteurs
                                                                       about town

                                                                       Treasures crafted from
            Main - 'French Homewares +               Willow Rose                                                                   Awareness +
 6/4/2008                              online shop                     vintage goods -        http://www.willowroseboutique.com/
            Fancy'         Gifts                     Boutique                                                                      selling product
                                                                       notebooks to bracelets
                                                                           Hirable squad of skill-
                Dedicated -                                Disaronno       vaired stylists                                          Promotion +
04/056/08                        Beauty      Makeover                                              http://www.disaronno.co.uk.
                'Style Squad'                              Amaretto        (representing Amaretto                                   competition
                                                                           the liquer)

                Main - 'head                                               Bespoke headwear                                         Awareness +
    6/11/2008                    Fashion     Hats          Georgie Carss
                case'                                                      designs                                                  selling product

                Dedicated - 'A                                             Online jewellwey                                         Promotion +
    6/11/2008                  Fashion       Jewellery     Astley Clarke                             http://www.astleyclarke.com
                sparkly Prize'                                             boutique                                                 competition

                                                                           Yoyo Ceramics are
                                                                           refreshingly quirky
                                 Homewares +               YoYo            receptacles for food                                     Awareness +
    6/13/2008 Main - 'Hold it'               Ceramics                                               http://www.yoyoceramics.co.uk
                                 Gifts                     Ceramics        and drink that are fully                                 selling product
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Romeo: Jest ye not; I‘ve been hanging about for months. Tonight‘s the night, fair Juliet.
Juliet: But I‘ve a headache.
Romeo: Madam, I will have my way with you this very eve or else. And besides, when you see my snazzy new duvet cover, you‘ll surely
make an instant recovery.
Juliet: Why?
Romeo: ‘Tis the coolest thing thou ever didst see. I am most pleased with it.
Juliet: Really, my lord?
Romeo: ‘Tis the devilish illustration upon it. It speaks to my inner fetishist louder than any sonnet.Juliet: What larks, fair Romeo! I always
sensed you were a killer seducer. I‘ll join thee right away. Shall I sport my leather thong?Romeo: Thou art perfection, fair maid! How well
thou knowest my hopes and dreams! Let us depart this instant.The pair embrace in a passionate kiss, then exit.

Every so often, a product hits the market that‘s so genius, you suspect it‘s too good to be true.The latest: Tria, a handheld, at-home
laser hair removal device that purports to minimise unwanted body hair (so the company says, but anyone who‘s done laser hair removal
knows that hairs usually vanish for some years, and if they do grow back, they‘re lighter. So you‘re laughing, basically).Already big in
Japan, Tria‘s about to launch stateside, but Brits get it first.The hair dryer-esque machine must be held flat to the skin and works best on
fair skins with dark body hair. Shave then zap your legs, upper lip or bikini line every three to four weeks; after six to eight treatments,
you‘ll be smoother all over. At a hairy £695, Tria is an investment, but it‘s cheaper (and easier) than salon treatments or waxing.If you‘re
tight, rent the device out to friends by the hour. If you‘re generous, invite them round for a hair removal party.You‘ll soon be the one
who‘s too good to be true.
When was the last time you laughed so much you almost wet your pants?See special advance previews of Juno this weekend, and
you‘ll be in stitches. The film opens in cinemas nationwide February 8. This year‘s breakout comedy has received four Oscar
nominations including best picture and best actress and astounding reviews. In short: it‘s hilarious.
Like its star, Juno MacGuff (played brilliantly by Ellen Page), the film is quick witted and utterly lovable. After falling pregnant at the age
of 16, courtesy of school friend Bleeker (the adorable Michael Cera), the confidently frank teenager takes an emotional nine-month
journey into adulthood.Not that she‘s planning to keep the baby: she‘s going to hand it over to Mark and Vanessa Loring (Jason
Bateman and Jennifer Garner), an affluent suburban couple who are desperate to adopt. Things don‘t go as planned, but with a fearless
intellect far removed from the usual teen angst, Juno conquers her problems head-on, despite the bumps (or is that bump?) along the
way.It‘s a genius script that‘s jam-filled with brilliant observations and touching truths.Fancy a giggle? Click here to watch the trailer.
You‘ll laugh ‘til your belly aches.

You‘ll cope without chocolates, underwear or roses, but if you don‘t even get a measly note, you‘ll jump off a bridge.
Receive one of Andrea Kett‘s illustrated cards this Valentine‘s Day (or hell, any day, really), and you‘ll be more than chuffed. The
designs are finished by hand with crystals and glitter and are quite possibly the chicest things you‘ve seen.
Taking inspiration from The Cramps, P.G. Wodehouse and Russ Meyer (and that‘s just for starters), ranges include Frolics in the Pantry,
Naughtical but Nice, Afternoon Tease and Glamour Ghouls (for collectors of superior smut).It‘s all wonderfully witty and deliciously
done.Oh go on, admit it: you‘re already planning to send one to yourself.

Location: the Atlantic seabed. Three fish convene under a rock. Monkfish: Brethren, I‘m old; I cannot evade those nets anymore. It‘s
time to retire and offer myself up to the human platter.
Prawn: Oh, I‘m the king of the platter.
Squid: Back off, bottom-dweller. Where will you go, Monkfish?
Monkfish: Why, to fish heaven, of course.
Prawn: You mean Tom‘s Place?
Monkfish: Yes, if the great chef Aikens wishes. Opening today for eat-in or takeaway, it‘s set to be London‘s smartest fish ‘n‘ chippie.
Prawn: If you‘re lucky, you‘ll get battered in beef dripping to make you crunchy, then served with fluffy chips and mushy peas.
Squid: Or you might transcend to the bouillabaisse.
Prawn (scoffing): Unlikely.
Monkfish: I was hoping to debut on my own with lemon and capers.
Squid: Nothing‘s impossible — just remember my motto.
Monkfish: What‘s that?
Squid: I ink, therefore I am.
Monkfish swims off; just days later he forms part of a delicious takeaway dinner for a happy couple in Chelsea. All are pleased with the
A grey day gives you the blues. And yellow-bellied behavior makes you red with embarrassment.Clearly, the colours you wear say a lot
about you.Make sure they send the right message with bright, tropical shades from Prescriptives.
Attend The Technotropics event at Selfridges Oxford Street, where Prescriptives is launching their Spring Colour Story, makeup that
recreates vivid catwalk looks and brings the feel of the tropics to the city.
This season fashion is all about bold colours teamed with muted shades of grey. Prescriptives‘s eye makeup tailors to this edgy look,
combining plum, blue, brown and taupe with sweeps of steely greys. Pair it with simmering lips in vibrant fuchsias and fresh tangerines,
and your admirers will wilt in the heat.Reserve your appointment between 7-9 or 14-16 February with a Prescriptives expert analyst and
receive complimentary samples of must-have Lash Envy Mascara and Anti-age Lotion.
They‘re sure to make your friends green with envy.

Some fulfill their lingerie needs at generic tit-stops like M&S.Not you.You favour more of a smut hut.Check out Bordello. The newly
opened East End boutique sells a stunning array of lingerie alongside vintage boudoir-style furniture and accessories.Find sexy panties,
bras and camis by the likes of Damaris, Buttress & Snatch, Yes Master and The Modern Courtesan. Racy biatches should investigate
raunchy Dutch label Der Kommissar, exclusive to Bordello, or Lee Klabin‘s couture feather-covered corset (soon to be featured in the
upcoming Sex and the City movie).There are eighteenth-century wardrobes and beds, Claus Porto candles and soaps and art deco
coffee sets for sale.This Bordello might just satisfy all your needs.And we mean all.

Last night you were
a) downing tequila with your boss.b) bonking your ex.c) neither or both (you can‘t remember).
So chances are you‘ll be staying in tonight. Celebrate your debauchery with a pamper session from Beautopia. They come to you, so
you won‘t have to show your guilty face to anyone.Have a firm body massage with Slav; an immaculate mani/pedi; or a Yon-Ka Paris
facial. (Beautopia has exclusive ‗at home‘ rights on this one, and it‘s worth every penny.) And should you plan to repeat last night‘s
antics later on, book a swift application of special occasion makeup combined with relaxing reiki.Because if you can‘t be good, would
you at least try and look it?
Lately, the closest you‘ve been to France is:
a) a French kiss.b) French fries.c) gawking at the Sarkozy newlyweds in Hello!
Now you have Bord‘eaux, a new French brasserie opening today on Park Lane.The large dining area, long bar, outdoor terrace and Le
P‘tit Cafe (a boulangerie and patisserie) provide the requisite buzz of a trad French resto, with slightly calmer staff. French chef Ollie
Couillaud (formerly at La Trompette, The Square, Chez Bruce and Tom‘s Kitchen) serves dishes such as plateau of fruits de mer, duck
confit, steak frites, with desserts like Baked Alaska or apple tart. Finalement, sip beaucoup de vin, nibble on Broyes du Poitou (a biscuit
from Couillaud‘s hometown) and chase with Hediard coffee.No, there‘s nothing like Paris in the springtime.But London will do nicely for
Poor Marie Antoinette.She got such a bad rep for her ―Let them eat …‖ proclamation, but perhaps it wasn‘t the cake, but its source, that
was the problem. Had she offered something from Cakefool, her tune may have changed. The South London-based company lets you
personalize your pastries — from white tiered wedding creations wrapped in pearls to bespoke themed birthday offerings, you‘re sorted
for every occasion. Welcome new babies with colourful iced blocks or profess love with an iced red heart. With sponge in flavors like
carrot, chocolate and tropical fruit, you‘ll get sweet results. Best of all, the edible artworks are delivered right to your friend, loved one or
colleague.Fancy making an order? Let them meet cake.

Those of the kind, rose, and brewsky variety aren‘t really for you.But a Budcozy? Now this bud‘s for you. A genius little invention born out
of frustration, Budcozys are the latest accessory for your iPhone (iPod for late adopters) to avoid knotted wires. Simply slide the earbuds
through the all-natural material (hemp, bamboo, cotton) and snap to separate them from one another. Tada – consider yourself hands
and tangle free.No, you will not look like Dr. Spock with a Bluetooth device attached to your ear. Budcozys are totally adorable and hang
like a super casual tie. Plus, neutral hues ensure they don‘t ruin an outfit and fifteen bucks means they won‘t break the bank. Which is
more than you can say for that sticky green.

Yes, imitation‘s a form of flattery. But you‘d rather those lazies conjured up their own style instead of mimicking yours. Get ahead of the
game with All Things Original. The new online boutique sells unique wares by independent British designers — all from a rare £5.
Whether you‘re looking to accessorize your home or your own sweet self, your selections won‘t be seen on everyone else (yet).After all,
where else can you find a stuffed bat or stoat brooch? And when did you last see any of your friends carrying a schoolgirl-sock pencil
case? Chart new territory with a map-covered coffee table and have the last laugh with a comic strip notebook.And when you encounter
a few copycats along the way, just grin.When it comes to this store of tricks, they‘ll never keep up.

Dirty talk always gets you going in the bedroom. And the basement (stop judging). Oh, and definitely in the kitchen.In which case, we
have four words for you: NatureMill. Automatic. Indoor. Composter. Before you get all germy wormy, listen up: There‘s no stench.The
appliance fits right under your sink (or in any standard cabinet), uses about as much energy as a night-light, and has a powerful carbon
filter that nips lingering odors in the bud.You fill it with up to 60 pounds of food or paper waste — orange rinds, junk mail, even that week-
old chicken chow fun in your fridge. Two weeks later? Out comes a tray of beautiful, nutrient-rich compost perfect for fertilizing plants or
gardens. Over time, you‘ll divert more than two tons of otherwise-landfill-bound waste.The computer controls all the sciencey stuff.
When the light turns red, just empty the muck in the backyard.Then feel free to roll around in it.Available online at naturemill.com.

Hide the women and children. You‘ve unwittingly turned into Bridezilla. And there‘s. no. stopping. you.Not your fault. There‘s a lot on
your plate these days. Just make sure you top off your to-dos with a bridal-parties soirée. Attend exclusive cocktail parties at boutique
London hotels where you‘ll sip cocktails and preview the designers, vendors and services handpicked to help you keep your creative
cool come ceremony time. Sample jewellery and accessory looks or your honeymoon trousseau, sort out your thank-you notes or flowers
or work out a health programme to get you in top aisle condition. Attend a party and you‘ll be entered to win a bridal planning package
worth more than £850. Just R.S.V.P. for you and yours (that‘s anyone still speaking to you at this point) and let bridal-parties‘s friendly
(and nonpushy) professionals pave the way for you to get down the aisle a sane woman. And that‘s something to roar about.
You‘re partial to a spot of baking.You never say no to sweets.And you‘d rather have tea with Charlie and Lola than the queen any day.
Which is why you‘ll love Kate Tempest‘s framed prints, taken from children‘s‘ classics like Babar, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and
Noddy. You don‘t have to be a sproglet to appreciate them.The illustrations are sourced from damaged children‘s books published
between 1900 and 1980. Each is mounted, framed and labelled with date, artist and origin. The result is an heirloom that will hopefully
last forever. What‘s more, each costs from a teeny-weeny, dummy-sucking, puree-guzzling £22. We kid you not.

Once there was a lonely oat.Abandoned by his oatmates (some had become flapjacks; others, Hob Nobs), he awaited his big break.
One day he was approached by two sisters called Abigail and Fleur. They made Grasshopper porridge; but it wasn‘t really made from
grasshoppers.In fact, the porridge contained oats and milk and other organic ingredients, and came in flavours like chocolate, coconut
and date, and cinnamon and raisin. You had to add boiling water to the little carry-pot and the tasty porridge was ready to eat in the car,
on the bus, at a desk — or even at a table.The Grasshopper girls employed the oat for their porridge. He hopped for joy and didn‘t stop,
even when he landed in someone‘s belly.No wonder the human porridge-gobbler felt so warm and good inside.

Attn: Healthy Communication. We reject you. Gone are the days of sharing our feelings in person. And we say ―Boo. Hiss‖ to the ol‘
putting yourself out there.Now is the time of easy outs: breakups on IM, termination through e-mail, and dirty talk via hand signals. To
make things even simpler, there‘s Dis-missals, a book of 36 rejection postcards.Not sure how to tell him his excessive compliments
skeeve you? Ignore your therapist and send ―You know how when a fly lands on your arm and it feels kind of good, but then you realize
it‘s gross and slap it away? That‘s kinda what you‘re like.‖You bent over backward for him — and he just bent her over. Tell him to suck
it with ―I know that you cheated on me, and I just wanted to say that‘s fine.‖ The notes include a handy-dandy blank space for you to fill in
the recipient‘s name and sign off with yours.Sure, it may not be the most grown-up way to say it, but here‘s another thing we reject:

You‘re sexy, stylish and divinely feminine, so it‘s only natural that you‘ve fallen for a label that‘s just like you: Chloé. And to celebrate the
launch of Chloé Eau de Parfum, Net-A-Porter.com is giving away a selection of must-have accessories for spring.That means stunning
pieces in all the newest shapes and shades, including the hottest bag of the season: the Saskia tote. (And, no, you don‘t have that one
yet but you could.)In addition, Chloé Eau de Parfum is giving away the new fragrance collection, including a personalised bottle made
especially for the winner. Embossed with the winner‘s initials, it will be a one-of-a-kind heirloom that will last a lifetime.So get at it: sign
up here for your chance to win all of the above. And be the ultimate Chloé girl.

Heavy rainfall one minute, record-breaking sunshine the next. Confused?You and your wardrobe can‘t keep up.Invest in Isharya‘s
eclectic range of bangles, rings and earrings. Inspired by both casual California and glammed-up Bollywood, the label‘s already
scorching hot in the U.S., and now it‘s landed in the UK.You‘ll love Isharya‘s classic wooden cuffs, laden with sizeable gems that create
intricate florals, serpents and sunbursts. The entire collection features an array of colors and materials — from real turquoise to white
topaz, pearl and coral, so you can mix it up. Because this lot is sure to weather any outing well

Ready, okay.Hey, hey, it‘s time to cheer.(Clap, clap.)We have something that you should hear.(Stomp, stomp.)Bell‘occhio has a brand
new site (oh yeah),Full of stuff that deserves the hype.Say what? Let‘s get fired up!B is for bee boxes. And L is for loose leaf tea. C is for
chef‘s aprons.And we know they can‘t be beat.R is for ricrac. And P‘s for powder puff. M‘s for menu cards (uh-huh).And they‘ve got
plenty other stuff.Paper, crowns, and chocolates (oh yeah).Ribbons, wrap, and tags.Let‘s hear it for Bell‘occhio.It‘s a winner that‘s fo
sho.(Toe touch followed by a hurkey.)
Cock-a-doodle-do (in fact, many cocks do). Do you doodle? Do you?Allow us to introduce you to Lucymoose, creator of
Stuffyourdoodles. In addition to crafting bags and corsages, Ms. Moose transforms doodles into soft, squishy little figures made of
recycled fabrics.Pop your scribble in the post and soon you‘ll have an alien on your doorstep (other than the elusive Royal Mail postman,
that is). Once it‘s ensconced in your home/life, you‘re welcome to do with your doodle what you will. Cuddle it. Keep it in a cage. You
could even stick pins in it.Yes, it‘s a bit freaky. But judging by the oddball you‘ve just drawn …So are you.

Generally speaking, unless a doctor is giving you a diagnosis, rare usually means better.There‘s a reason rarities are so valuable —
they‘re notoriously hard to find. Not anymore. Add a sense of nostalgia to your literary collection with some one-of-a-kind volumes from
High Valley Books. Running out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the shop carries a wide selection of rare and out-of-print editions specializing
in fashion, design, and decorative arts. You‘ll also find vintage copies of your favorite mags and photographers‘ collections.The
storefront is open by appointment only, though with the launching of the website, the endless cache of collectibles is at your
fingertips.Never thought you needed an original copy of the 1965 cookbook Oh, for a French Wife!? Or a first edition of Fredericks of
Hollywood 1947-1973: 26 Years of Mail Order Seduction? Maybe so — but once you start collecting these antiquated gems, you may
never be able to stop.Luckily, addiction is a disease you can live with.

Whether coveting a bespoke Hermès Kelly bag or ogling Dior couture, you appreciate the merits of high fashion. Sometimes, however,
you should look a little lower.Like Down Under.Sydney-based designer Josh Goot has won over many an Aussie with his magnificent
designs. Now they‘re available in the UK.Goot‘s signature style combines everyday sportswear with executive chic. From work-worthy
pocketed pencil skirts, easy tees and jersey trenches to less restrained splash-print dresses and multicolour stretch shifts, the collection
lets you be quietly prim and proper one day and attention grabbing the next.Which means it‘s just as easy to dress up.As it is down.

Your T-shirt collection reveals your sordid past: Coed naked volleyball. Oops, I did it again baby tee. A pit-stained, oversize, threadbare
number courtesy of an ex-douche.Let Ruby Republic tell your future. A collaboration of artist Misato Suzuki and skateboard aficionado
Megan Baltimore, the tees are subtly cool without being overloaded with cuteness.All eight graphics are printed on 100 percent cotton
vintage destroyed tees (no shrinkage, pals), and each one looks like something you‘d score at a Parisian flea market or out of your
fabulous bohemian Aunt Devon‘s closet.Choose from cheeky designs like a Japanese girl, a peacock, a zebra, and a cluster of roses. At
just $24 a piece, they‘re a real bargain.Making living in the present near perfect.

What with all those mirrors, BO-scented changing rooms and the arresting array of over-the-shoulder boulder-holders, the lingerie
department isn‘t your favourite place.So avoid it.
Dolce V is a new online lingerie and beachwear boutique selling brands like Chantelle, Cosabella, Damaris, Mimi Holliday and Spanx, all
of which are delivered to your door in a discreet but chic box.The clever interactive bra measuring tool ensures you order the right fit
without being felt up by a bossy septuagenarian. And the helpful hints for men should prevent your partner from purchasing yet another
itchy red lace ensemble more suited to a porn star.Try everything on in the comfort of your own home.And, for once, you‘ll want to linger
a little longer in your lingerie.

For the most part, you‘ve got your priorities straight. You put your paycheck toward rent, not shoes. And always opt for the Forever 21
knockoff.But when the rain comes, you can‘t help but reach for the cute trench over that hideous old yellow slicker (you have some
standards).Thanks to Priorities, you no longer have to sacrifice style for practicality: Their new Phoebe raincoat will have you praying for
stormy weather.Hitting just below the hips, the jacket is double-breasted with a hood, topstitching, shoulder epaulets, contrasting
buttons, and cotton lining. Color options include white, green, and yellow. It‘s gonna run you 200 beans.But looking good is a top priority.
Refurb. Refit. Redesign.Dull words at the best of times, especially when used to describe the facelift given to your local gastropub.But
with the relaunch of Soho‘s Cafe Boheme, things get interesting. The French bistro, which opens tomorrow, is as good as
nouveau.Situated next to Soho House, the spot is now owned by Nick Jones, who‘s appointed Ed Wilson head chef (previously at The
Wolseley and Almeida). Obvious dishes are done well, like eggs Benedict, salad niçoise and croque monsieur.It‘s a great hangout for
those who yearn to inhabit Jonesland but don‘t care to pay a membership fee. And best of all, it closes at 3 a.m.Want a swift pretheatre
supper? A post-clubbing feast? This joint is a great fit.

You don‘t go around sucking on everything offered to you.But you‘ll want to get your lips around anything from Lollyphile, a brand new
candy company with the mission to make the most uniquely delicious lollipops in the whole world.Currently your pucker can delight in
absinthe and maple-bacon flavors, but they‘re hard at work brainstorming other concoctions as well. Yes, folks, the absinthe variety is
legal (it contains an amount of thujone okayed by the U.S. government). As for the ingredients? They use only the highest quality —
organic, sustainably-farmed bacon; real absinthe; molten sugar; and no artificial flavors.If anyone tries to tell you that candy‘s just for
kids …Tell them to suck it.

Still waiting on that courier to collect your parcel?When you say express, you mean now.Demand the same from your makeup. Book
yourself a place at Clinique‘s Express Looks event for a one-on-one session delivering quick techniques for the eyes, lips or face that
can be incorporated into your hectic regime with ease.Plus, Clinique has invited top celebrity makeup artist Karen Mason to the Clinique
counter at Selfridges Oxford Street for two days only on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 March to advise you on the colours that suit you
best. Having worked the latest colour trends on many a celebrity, Mason will share her professional tips and techniques with you.Places
are limited so book early; reserve your slot by phone or walk in. Why not bring a friend for twice the fun?A reservation fee of £15 per
person applies but is redeemable against any Clinique purchase on the day. And guess what? Three free gifts are available after your
consultation: a travel-size Colour Surge™ Eye Shadow and Moisture Surge™ Extra Thirsty Skin Relief, plus a silver cosmetics purse to
put it all in.Even the delivery guy isn‘t this quick.

Enough with the avocado ice cream, naked barmen and cheese-filled chocolates.Want to impress your guests? Send them home with a
goodie bag.For this, put Memento to the task. The new company will source and/or design bespoke presents in quantities of twenty or
more. Prices start from a reasonable £30 a head and go up to the truly priceless.Whether you want to send friends home with a post-
party gift to remember or simply need to stock up the present drawer in one easy go, Memento will ensure you‘ve got something good to
give: like a handbound book, monogrammed dressing gown, personalised Easter egg or custom-made Marmite kit, for
example.Whatever you seek, it‘s in the bag.Goody, goody.

You‘re not a fan of sticky situations. Like when the aesthetician leaves residual wax on your nani-nani. Or when you pass out drunk while
eating peanut butter out of the jar. Super junky.
Which is why you will be overjoyed to learn about Honey Drop, the world‘s first nonstick honey.After searching the world (literally) for
nonmessy, all-natural, pure honey to no avail, a young gent decided to make it himself. And the Honibe brand was born.Each one is
made of 100 percent pure dried honey without any additives or binding agents. You simply drop it in tea or coffee, stir, and enjoy the
sweetness. If you like lemon in your libation, opt for the Honey Drop with lemon (of the pure variety, of course). Each one is individually
packaged, so you can carry them without risking an explosion of goop in your bag.Nobody appreciates a bad case of sticky fingers.
So what if you had too much bubbly and made out with an hors d‘oeuvre waiter in the back of coat check at your sister‘s wedding? At
least you had fun.And you won‘t have to do it 26 more times.Unlike the main character in 27 Dresses, the new romantic comedy from the
screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada. New Yorker Jane (played by Katherine Heigl) is literally always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
And she has all 27 bridesmaid dresses to prove it.Reporter Kevin (James Marsden) thinks Jane‘s plight is exactly the feature story he
needs to climb the career ladder. But when Jane‘s sister Tess unexpectedly arrives from Europe and falls for Jane‘s boss (Ed Burns),
Jane is enlisted to plan yet another wedding.This one may be a bit tricky, though, considering she‘s in love with the groom.Makes you
glad all you got for your trouble was an inconspicuous hickey and a salmon canape.

Sophie Ace Beauty at HomeMonday: waxon-waxoff. Tuesday: oxywhatsyfacial. Wednesday: megamassage. Thursday: tantanbuff.
Friday: manymani. Saturday: reflexolomology.Is your beauty regime becoming unbearable?Call mobile beauty therapist Sophie Ace and
she‘ll perform all of the above (in simpler form) during one home visit. Most clients book her monthly for a general beauty overhaul; she‘s
known for her speed.Ace‘s massage incorporates deep tissue, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage; reflexology is a forte. St. Tropez
tans and Nu Skin facials are also on offer. Her manicures and pedicures are tidy, whilst hair is whipped off with rose hot wax.All you
have to do is grin and bear it.Or bare it, as the case may be.

You‘re rich. Successful. You‘ve got looks to die for. (No, really. Everyone says it.)But somehow, you‘re having trouble in the mating
department. Need a pulling aid? Join Ecurie25 and an entire fleet of ‗performance‘ cars will be at your disposal, day and nightIt‘s like
NetJets for motor enthusiasts: pay a yearly subscription (a mere £7,495) for around 35 days‘ driving time in something as flashy as a
Bentley Continental or Lamborghini Gallardo. (Don‘t be surprised if your hairdresser makes a pass at you).Splitting time between the
beach house in Barbados, the chalet in Gstaad and the penthouse in Brooklyn? Half memberships are available for fifteen to twenty
days, and you can drive the car anywhere you like within Europe.It‘s the ultimate in variety and suits those incapable of committing to
one model for more than a week.Which, come to think of it, may be part of your original problem

 A few years ago, a new spa opened somewhere in the UK every week.Then the inevitable lull.But good things come to those who wait:
specifically, Ushvani. Set discreetly in a Grade 2 Listed Edwardian property in Chelsea, the three-story spa opens today.Founded by a
Malaysian business woman-turned-Zenster, the place has South East Asia stamped all over it, from the imported wood carvings and
sculptures to the authentic techniques used in massages and facials. In addition, Ushvani has a plunge pool, scented rain showers,
steam room and couples room with its own private mini soak pool. It‘s not just a spa; it‘s a destination experience to rival some of
London‘s grandest beauty spots.Did someone mention a lull? It‘ll be the best you‘ve had in months.

Here‘s the thing: They‘re called intimates, yet there is no real bond between you and your lingerie.But you can start to build one at
Evlove Intimates (that‘s evolve spelled backward, in case you‘re wondering). Anyway, the site allows you to make a real connection with
your bras and panties.Let us explain. First choose a style (G-string, boy short, or thong on the bottom; bralet or cami up top). Then pick a
fabric (modal, lace, nylon mesh), followed by the trim (ribbon, braid, satin) and an applique (bow or flower). Now your work is done. Wait
three weeks time for your carefully selected underthings to show up.In the meantime, try not to hate on your current stash of
unmentionables.They‘ve stood by you through thick and thin, after all.
The clocks have just sprung forward, so now it‘s time for you to spring into action and get your skin ready as you count down to
summer.Summer waits for no one, which is why you need to start working on your tan ASAP with new Dove Summer Glow Beauty Body
Lotion +SPF15.This new lotion has all the same great benefits as the original award-winning formula plus sun protection as an added
extra. So now you can treat your skin to superior moisturisers, a fresh fragrance and a streak-free, natural-looking, sun-kissed glow, all
while protecting it from harsh UVA and UVB rays. (Multitaskers unite!)Or for those sultry summer evenings or special occasions, try new
Dove Summer Glow Beauty Body Lotion + Soft Shimmer with subtle self-tanners for instant radiance plus soft shimmer particles for
extra allure.So while everyone else is clamoring for some summer colour the old-fashioned way, you can ditch the sun (and the wrinkles)
and get that dewy golden look just in time for slinky sundresses, strappy sandals and picnics in the park.Don‘t be late; there‘s no time to

Still cringing about your star turn at the office karaoke party?It‘s not too late to recover the elegant corporate persona you‘ve worked so
hard to create.Consult Texas-born financier-turned-fashion designer Britt Lintner, whose confidence-inspiring collection will help put your
career back on track.The range consists of stylish and professional clothes: sharply cut shirtdresses, slick modern separates, classic
trenches and suitably sexy boardroom-to-cocktail party looks in luxurious silks, satins and wools.Ready to set yourself new fashion
targets? There‘s nothing wrong with aiming high.So long as you‘re in tune.

She‘s a 29-year-old media darling, genius book publicist, and all-around sweetheart, hailing from a nuclear family in upper-class
Westchester, New York. And she‘s real pretty.Seems hateable enough, right?And yet you‘ll be in lurve with Sloane Crosley after you
read her hilarious new memoir, I Was Told There‘d Be Cake.Crosley‘s short essays recount everything from an early ‘90s obsession
with Oregon Trail (been there, done that) to embarrassing attempts at a one-night stand. But our favorite of the bunch has to be a
hilarious play-by-play of the night an unknown someone defecated — that‘s right — on her bathroom floor during a small gathering of
close friends (a truly modern whodunit).Although the stories are set in New York, Crosley‘s plights are universally relatable and
described in a voice that‘s supremely witty and genuine. Of course. Bitch.

These days, between the paparazzi, mobiles and Facebook, there are some suspect tales being told by all.Including you.Create more
savoury memories with a 1950s-style photo booth from Boothnation. Available for hire for parties (choose The Classic or The Glitterbox)
the retro booths are kitted out with high-end cameras, sophisticated black and white film, state-of-the-art lighting — even built-in wind
machines.Delivered directly to any party venue anywhere in UK and set up in an hour, the booths are easy to use and totally foolproof.
Guests just have to pile in, strike a pose and wait for their passport-size images to appear.Get the picture?

Leftie: Yo, Rightie. You reek something awful.Rightie: Stank you very much. As do you, pal.
Leftie: I feel like I am locked in a monkey‘s cage against my will.Rightie: Well, One Star over there told me about these new things called
Fragrant Footings.
Leftie: Whoa, heel buddy. Talk to me.Rightie: They‘re insoles laced with essential oils that are released with every step you take.
Leftie: Dude. We need those stat.Rightie: Fo sho. They come in lemon, mint, and jasmine scents.
Leftie: I‘ll take any scent over that of toe jam. But wait, can they be worn with sandals and heels?Rightie: Totally. They have both trim-to-
fit and mini cushions, so they work with all shoes.
Leftie: How are we gonna get Twinkle Toes to foot the bill on this one?Rightie: Now you‘re overstepping the boundaries.
They say that money can‘t buy happiness.Pfft. Total crock.Especially now that you can buy Smiley beauty products online.The French
company infuses its goods with substances that purportedly work as antidepressants. (Hey, it‘s worth a shot.) A mix of theobromine
(blocks stress) and phenylethylamine (catalyzes a feeling of joy), the creations smell of bergamot, orange, and musk.Start your day off
right with the all-in-one washing solution, which acts as both shampoo and body wash, or douse your pits with the deodorant (no one‘s
happy when they stink). If the day‘s not going so well, spritz yourself with the psycho-tonic perfume extract, which has the maximum
dose of happiness. Decompress in the evening by dropping a therapeutic tablet into the bath.And if you‘re feeling overwhelmed with joy,
give your partner a rubdown with the massage oil. Or just leave him to his own devices. Either way, he‘s sure to find a happy ending.

Just like everything else in the world, perfume has gone to the slebs. Why anyone would want to smell like Brit Brit, we‘ll never know
(although Curious is an appropriate name if ever there were one).Follow your nose to CB I Hate Perfume, the brainchild of Christopher
Brosius, a true scentologist. Made in small batches by hand, Brosius designs every scent himself using oil and water as a base rather
than the usual alcohol.In this case, what you see is what you smell: Gathering Apples, In the Library, At the Beach 1966, and I Am a
Dandelion all pong exactly like, well, you know. The real fun is in mixing the scents that are appealing to you (Burning Leaves and
Cedarwood Tea, anyone?).And there is more than just perfume on hand. Up for grabs are Accords (a single scent that captures a very
specific smell), Home Sprays, Wardrobe to protect against moths, and Outside for repelling bugs and other little creeps.Like those
irksome paps.

Dogs and cats, Heather and Paul, airport security and a sense of humour.Some things just don‘t mix.Avoid bad combinations at Muddy
Cook, the online muesli mixery where you can customize your breakfast to include only the best bits (meaning no more early mornings
spent picking out raisins).Visit The Kitchen for recipes or get creative in The Mixery. Start with a base — options include everything from
Just Oats to Five Grain and Chocolate Bliss — then add the extras. Whether you want sun-dried bananas, wheat germ, hemp seeds,
puffed spelt or Gummi bears, you‘ll find your perfect combination among 85 ingredients.And for the finishing touch, personalize your
creation with a quirky name that‘ll be printed on the pack.So that it doesn‘t get mixed up, of course.

You‘ve thought about wallpapering your bathroom in a jaunty pattern. Then you thought about those wall decals that you never got
around to sticking up. (So you‘re lazy, big whoop.) Farmidable Wallpaper is something you can follow through on. The designy patterns
download onto your computer in less than a minute, so your desktop dons something fresh and exciting to look at. With 35 designs to
choose from, there are options for all tastes: Mod pods have Chalkboard, Samurai-esque, or Rain Lines. For prepsters, there‘s Buckin‘
Broncos, Thar She Blows, and Anchors. Go cutesy-kitsch with Owly, Rabbits Aplenty, or Crowns. And for shock value, Les Crabes,
Beetles, and Cat Eyes will spark water cooler convo.And since they‘re free, you can switch it up as often as you like. Which, in your
case, probably means never.

You like to knit.You also like to natter (read: gossip. For England).At Prick Your Finger you‘ll do plenty of both. The batty East London
boutique is run by best buds Louise Harries and Rachael Matthews: the former is a knitwear designer who‘s worked for Hoxton Boutique
and Gucci; the latter, co-founder of Cast Off Knitting Club, which weaved woolly chaos around the globe.Though it‘s not new, the store is
somewhat undiscovered. In it you‘ll find exhaustive knitting paraphernalia, from homespun Welsh yarns and ecoconscious needles to
knit-your-own-cigarette kits. It also hosts exhibits and classes, including spinning (get from Sheep to Shoulder in one easy move) and
Open Surgery (for unfinished projects that need help).Simply book in, turn up and get stitching.That‘s stitching, not bitching.
With more than a century of experience offering the finest luxury holidays to hundreds of the world‘s most beautiful places, Kuoni knows
travel. And the contemporary new Kuoni shop on Kensington High Street will be unlike any other travel agency.First enjoy coffee in the
lounge area and watch videos on the wide-screen plasma televisions, then join an expert consultant in one of the unique, wood-panelled
booths to create your very own dream travel experience.Or join Kuoni at an exclusive event and enter their photo competition today for a
chance to win a luxury Maldives holiday.Need some inspiration? Stop by the store 10 April to hear globetrotter Simon Reeve discuss his
TV series, Tropic of Capricorn, and other travel adventures or 1 May to hear Financial Times contributing editor Lucia van der Post talk
style and dish insider tips for the perfect holiday wardrobe.Have you captured the perfect moment? For the chance to win a luxury
holiday at Kurumba, Maldives, you can enter the photo competition and provide your perfect holiday moment to
snapfish.co.uk/kuoni_photocomp08. The winner and runners-up will have their photos displayed in the window of the new Kuoni
store.So everyone can enjoy your picture perfect holiday

When you were a nipper, your favourite part of a museum was the gift shop.Go on, admit it. It still is.Soma Gallery‘s online shop means
you don‘t have to gawp at crumbling fossils and prehistoric poop to make a sexy museum purchase. (And in this case, we do mean
sexy.)Instead you‘ll find funky magazines, books and textiles as well as silkscreens by It‘s Pop It‘s Art. Ecowarriors can save the world
one letter at a time with Lisa Jones‘s environmentally friendly stationery, whilst cheeky friends will appreciate jewellery by Tatty Devine.If
you fancy getting down and dirty (and we don‘t mean digging for old bones), opt for a saucy Miss Budd makeup case.Getting a little hot
and bothered? Good thing it‘s all so very cool.

She‘s expressionless (no mouth and beady eyes). She‘s stylish. (That bow! That jumper!) And she‘s got a cute button nose.
No, we‘re not talking about Anna Wintour, darlings! We‘re not talking Kathy Lee Gifford. We‘re talking Hello Kitty!To be fair, Vogue was
prescient enough to put Hello Kitty on the pages of its June issue, and what we saw made our crummy day, well … more crumby.A Hello
Kitty toaster.That‘s right, toaster. In addition to producing all those pens, paper, and colorful bits that decorate your desk drawers, the
fine folks at Sanrio have decided to add a bit of whimsy to the breakfast table with an adorable pink-and-white Hello Kitty toaster. Priced
at around $35 (plus shipping) the breakfast box comes with six shade settings (from Icelandic white to Sao Paulo bronze), a removable
crumb tray, and a defrost mechanism.Best of all, the cute thang toasts a Hello Kitty face onto every slice.

Granted, the drapes match the rug. But the color scheme just ain‘t working — maybe because the whole matchy-matchy look is so last
season. (Apologies, LiLo.)Time to refurbish your special no-no place with a jazzy fall color: Put your triangle‘s tresses in the capable
hands of Betty, the first dye created especially for your down-there hair. The easy-to-use formula is safe enough for your sensitive lady
place. And if your orchid is wilting, fear not — Betty easily covers grays.Decorate your fuzzy éclair with a variety of icings, like subtle
auburn, blonde, brown, and black. Not enough options (or unsettling euphemisms) for ya? Feather your nest with FunBetty, an oh-no-
she-didn‘t pink. The dripless formula guarantees that no dye will sully your pee-pee‘s teepee, and your new plumage is more than
certain to attract plenty of male attention.So go on and wash that man right into your hair.

And now, a DailyCandy exclusive with the Ornamentation Firm of Bells and Whistles.DC: What an honor it is to meet the duo behind the
Hello Kitty toaster and pink pubic hair.
Bells: Don‘t forget the Happy Meal. That was us.DC: What of the rumors of a rift with Help, the new line of minimalist, gimmick-free first
aid?Whistles: Losers.
Bells: We pitched great ideas — SpongeBob acetaminophen pills, scratch-and-sniff bandages — but no dice. Some BS about how
people want great products without all the — well, you know.DC: Yes. And they donate 5 percent of profits to insuring the
uninsured.Whistles: Whatevs. I did take one for a headache yesterday, and it worked.DC: So you‘ll continue using their
products?Whistles: Hells, yeah. It‘s an election year.Bells: We need all the help we can get.
You spent all winter lying stationary on the sofa.The last thing you want to do now is crawl out of hibernation and begin to shed your
layers.Jump-start your body with the help of Kate Manning, a personal trainer who uses a trampette (that‘s a mini trampoline, not a
young tart) as part of her fitness programme. Kate‘s background as a dancer made her realize that running on a hard pavement can put
your body under incredible strain, while a trampette provides spring and less resistance so your bones and joints are less
impacted.Bounce back into shape with a personalized workout that includes cardio, strength training and stretching from £45 an hour in
any home, office, hotel or garden.You‘ll soon be jumping.For joy, that is.

Traditionally speaking, having sticky fingers means big trouble.Not so with Sticky Fingers Bakeries. What began as a San Diego-based
eatery has launched into a full-fledged business, thanks to the incredible demand for its homemade breads and pastries.They‘ve
concocted mixes made of the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients that allow you to whip up from-scratch-tasting scones, muffins, and
brownies in a jiffy (without getting your fingers sticky). Adorably packaged in bags with old-world graphics, the options span far and wide:
lemon poppy seed scones, mint chocolate chip brownies, Irish soda bread, apple date oat bran muffins, and kosher California raisin
scones.To-die jams and curds are the icing on the cake (or muffin or scone). Making for a sticky situation of the positive variety.

You‘ve been green with envy, felt blue and even had a case of the mean reds.So what‘s left for a colourful soul like you?
WhippetGrey, of course. The quirky online shop stocks a host of items inspired by nature in shell, glass and bone, as well as a selection
of unusual gifts.Whether you‘re looking for glass tea lights, suede babouche slippers or a rocking zebra, WhippetGrey has a selection of
curiosities that walk the fine line between quaint and cute: toys for the playroom and the garden alongside sexy pinup chocolate bars.We
say Whippet.Whippet real good.

Almodóvar, Dalí, Domingo (not forgetting Iglesias): Spain has produced some megastars over the years. Next, say hola to Patricia
Nicolás, a fledgling jewellery designer who‘s going to be big news. A Central Saint Martins graduate, Nicolás hails from Madrid, where
her family has been making jewellery since 1945. From statement gold chains bedecked with glossy jewels to semiprecious beaded
pendants, Nicolás‘s baubles add polish to any look. If you prefer something bespoke, e-mail a photo of yourself and details of the event
you‘re shopping for, and she‘ll create something beautiful for the occasion.Talk about a woman on the verge.

What article of clothing can you comfortably wear to the beach, to spinning class, and on a hot date?
a) Turban. b) Lingerie. c) Fanny pack.
Stumped? That‘s because you don‘t know about T. Santiago, a line of water-resistant and sweat-absorbent underwear that‘s totally sexy.
Such innovation hails from Argentina, where this unique fabric was discovered by the designers. South Americans have been frolicking
from the gym to the beach to dinner for years, but the line has just recently hit the U.S.Each pair of panties is one of a kind, mixing
various brightly colored patterns (polka dots, animal prints, paisleys, and florals) so what you get is a surprise (in a good way). Plus at
just 40 big ones a pair, you get serious bang for your buck. So don‘t get your panties in a wad, chica.
You‘ve waited all year for a promotion, all week for that stallion to call and far too long for the cable company to fix your TV.Time to get
things rolling.Head to Roller Disco for a spot of clubbing on wheels set to ‘70s tunes and soul in a funky space with disco balls and
strobe lights. Skills a little rocky? Professionals are on permanent standby to assist the uncoordinated. If all else fails, sit back and watch
the action from the comfort — and safety — of a sofa in one of three bars.Roller Disco is open every Thursday to Sunday, with a
reduced entry fee on Thursday nights for students, or take your own skates anytime to get a discount.Get ready to roll.Because
sometimes it‘s you who has to make a move.

Q: What‘s strong, sure and fresh from the fight?A: Fix-it Man.
This particular hero is just an honest bloke committed to solving DIY crime in Central London. No job is too small, apparently, for this
pink T-shirt-clad DIY master and his team. He‘ll deal with anything from grouting or radiator bleeding to assembling flatpack furniture or
installing a washing machine. Taking a tip from fellow heroes, he doesn‘t require a call-out charge. Fees are calculated on a half-hourly
basis, from £30.Founded by Scott Newman (one-time PA to the Duchess of York, don‘t you know), Fix-it Man is refreshingly efficient and
polite; he won‘t leave a mess and doesn‘t require tea or biscuits.He may lack some spider senses, and he won‘t arrive in a
Batmobile.But at least there‘s no more holding out ‘til the morning light.

Cue the synthesizers and turn the strobes on high.It‘s time for Soooooolid Gooooold, starring Serge Gainsbourg; Françoise Hardy; and,
get ready, Ernest Hemingway. (Dionne Warwick is nowhere to be found.)Just look at them, immortalized in their primes on unbelievably
soft, sheer T-shirts by Solid Gold Rags, crooning the ladies and gents from the bust up.The men behind the magic: Perry Shimon and
Oliver Kupper, artists, Angelenos, and self-proclaimed Francophiles (―Vote Sebastien Tellier for Eurovision!‖). They started the line after
being dissatisfied with other tees on the market.Don‘t wanna rock out with your celeb out? Solid Gold‘s also got a vintagey hot air
balloon graphic that will inspire a loyal fan base.And get this: Every shirt is blessed with holy water from a grotto in France.[Applause,
applause.]Isn‘t it about time you let Solid Gold put the rhythm in your soul?

Text messages instead of love letters? A one-night stand before dinner a deux?Someone needs a crash course in romance.Au Nom de
la Rose, the new London outpost of the Parisian florist, offers fresh ways to sweep someone off his or her feet. Exquisite roses imported
from Europe, Ecuador, Kenya and Tanzania are presented in stunning bouquets, chic arrangements and unique baskets and
trees.Modern-day paramours looking for a twist on tradition can choose from other products, including rose-scented candles, fragrances
and soaps. Or opt for rose-flavoured chocolates, jams and candies, or crystallized rose petals.Hoping all of this lot will transform your
love into a true romantic?You‘ll probably need rose-tinted glasses for that
Turning Japanese, we think you‘re turning Japanese, we really think so.The catalyst: Japan Trend Shop, an online resource for hip new
gadgetry from the Land of the Rising Sun.
Every single product deserves praise. Drop your coins in Banpresto‘s yellow Facebank and watch the little guy chew and swallow. Wow
friends/scare children with a luminous jellyfish tank (they look so real). Or, on the pragmatic side, clean up your O2 with the adorable
Baby Climo air purifier.If you‘ve got a little more moolah to spend ($4,699 to be exact), blur the line between want and need with a
therapeutic Paro Robot Seal. The lifelike critter recognizes its name, understands when it‘s being held, and knows when it‘s
nighttime.The shop is sure to become your new go-to for gifts for everyone (including yourself).Now if only the dollar matched the yen.

Yesterday youa) Slept with your best friend‘s ex.b) Screened a call from your mother.c) Bought a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes
with the rent money.Ease your conscience at Content, a new luxury beauty boutique selling the best organic, natural brands under one
elegant ecoroof. From Organic Apoteke skin care to Tsi-La natural perfumes, this lot will help you wipe the slate clean.Everything is
recycled, organically certified or secondhand. Cupboards are fashioned from old vending machine coffee cups, wooden shelving
originates from responsibly managed forests and mail orders are sent in biodegradable bubble wrap and recycled paper boxes.Put your
guilt aside and shop.To your heart‘s content.
Do you like apples?Then go ahead and celebrate Earth Day with an Apple Tree-to-Be kit from Potting Shed Creations.You‘ll be eating
delicious, juicy apples of the Ralls Janet variety — medium to large heirlooms with greenish-yellow skin and red stripes — come
October. Not to mention helping the planet out by planting a tree and growing your own food.Everything you need is included: seeds,
germinating and growing medium, pot, and easy-to-follow instructions. Oh, and an aluminum tag for you to personalize the trunk with an
inscription (how adorable).At just $19.13 (uhm, seriously, WTF?), it‘s a bargain considering you‘ll be reaping the benefits for years to
come. How do you like them apples?

Forget the Punch and Judy show. There‘s a better performance in town.Opening today, The Punch Bowl is a revamped pub launched by
London‘s most awesome foursome.
Guy Ritchie, film director, pop star husband and the pub‘s most popular local, has teamed up with Piers Adams, veteran club owner and
all-round top geezer. The duo are joined by Nick House — king of clubs and visionary behind hotspots like Mahiki — and Guy Pelly —
charmer, jester and loyal royal compatriot (but that‘s his business).Together, they‘ve given the oldest watering hole in Mayfair (built in
the 1750s) a thoroughly British makeover. They don‘t fancy making it a big deal: this lot likes to keep things quiet.But with their
combined experience, they know that‘s the way to do it.And if you happen to pop in, they‘ll probably be pleased as punch.

You blew your shot with Saint Peter when you blew Peter Saint.No worries. You can save your soul online at
reserveaspotinheaven.com. For less than the cost of a couple of cocktails, you‘ll get a certificate of reservation, registered in the Book of
Light; a first-class ticket to paradise (why climb stairs when you can fly?); an official ID card; and the heaven 101 mini informational
guide (find out what‘s really behind those pearly gates).A few bucks more and you‘ll have VIP access to the Big Guy and a pass that
gets you into the Land of Milk and Honey as well as Thug Mansion, where the cool angels hang.Got enemies? Ensure they burn for all
eternity: Sign them up for one-way tickets to fiery damnation at reserveaspotinhell.com.Sound like blasphemy? Heaven help us.
When you were 10, it took you three weeks to pluck up the courage to give Kevin Gormley a tongue sarnie behind the bike shed.And
you thought that was the hardest move you‘d ever have to make?Wait until you move house. For this you‘ll need all the help you can get
(i.e., more than a pint of shandy). Call Steve Jackson and his Yellow Taxi Van. The trusty gentleman (or, some might say, legend) will
arrive on your doorstep, help load up your clutter, then transport it — and you — to your new location.In addition, Jackson offers a
storage service from £20 a week. Anyone who‘s tried renting a regular London-based lock-up unit knows this is a serious bargain.What
are you waiting for?Move it.

Here‘s the thing about f*** buddies: They‘re great for one thing but really lacking in the love department. Fill that dearth of affection with
a Barn Buddy from the Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. A 165-acre haven in Union, Missouri, Longmeadow takes in abused and neglected
farm animals, rehabilitates them, and finds them new loving homes.For people who have the time and space, there are horses, goats,
rabbits, and even a chicken up for adoption. But living in a shoebox doesn‘t preclude you from helping out — just sponsor a fella who is
waiting for a home or resides permanently on the premises, like Amigo, a mini horse who travels to local schools to educate kids on
animal care. Or if you live nearby, you can volunteer to feed animals, clean stalls, and administer medicine. The experience is so
fulfilling, you‘ll feel your heart fill up with love. So go ahead and tell your other buddy to f*** off.

You were proud of your Balenciaga bag, RM dress and MJ shades — until Posh sported the same.Now you wish fashion would just
disappear.Royal College of Art graduate Greetje van Helmond‘s jewellery does just that. Made by soaking a frame or thread in a sugar
solution until crystals form, her unique designs have a limited lifespan.he collection of necklaces, bracelets and rings are all made to
order (the sugar crystals take two weeks to four months to grow) and cost from £120. Just be sure to appreciate them while they last,
because they begin to disintegrate before you tire of them.Still worried about skinny fashion victims stealing your style?They‘ll keep their
distance once they realize these baubles are good enough to eat.

Indulging in chocolate is not unlike a fling with your ex: it‘s comforting when you‘re feeling down, it tastes and smells divine, yet you
know it‘s a bad idea and one you‘re likely to regret.It‘s time you get the treatment you deserve.Head to May Fair Spa to sample a
delicious new range of chocolate beauty treatments. Try the chocolate body wrap — a heavenly scrub and massage with coco butter
and Cocoa Dream body oil. Or go for the chocolate steam bath. During this sweet ritual, you‘ll get lathered in coco butter and melted
chocolate for silky smooth skin, before entering a private steam room (champagne and strawberries optional).When you emerge with
glowing skin, he‘ll beg to have you back.Make sure you get your bittersweet revenge.

The Dog and Duck doesn‘t float your boat. The Ferret and Slipper is full of hot air and The Rose and Crown always lets you down.Do
you need to blow off some steam?Get ready for a serious blowout with a Portable Pub. Available to buy or for hire, the inflatable life-size
numbers are ideal for pumping up the volume and rolling out the barrel in your own backyard.Choose from four styles: The Firkin is the
smallest (on offer at a mere £4,379), while The Hogshead is the largest (holds up to 50 people). Erect the building when and where you
want and make sure your night goes out with a bang — keeping in mind this is not the best place for a drunken game of
darts.Disclaimer: A night of overindulgence may lead to a feeling of deflation.
It‘s National Honey Week. While everyone else attempts to get out of a sticky situation, why not get yourself into one with this recipe
from The Hive Honey Shop?Honey Nut BiscuitsMakes approximately 25 Ingredients: 280 g white flour | 1 tsp. baking powder | 100 g
brown sugar | 50 ml strained dark honey | 100 g butter or margarine | 50 ml buttermilk | ½ tsp. soda dissolved in 10 ml hot water | 1/3
tsp. salt | 125 g cereal oats | 1 egg| 75 g finely chopped nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds)| 75 g seedless raisins | 1 tsp. vanilla
1. Preheat oven to 160ºC (fan assisted) or 180ºC (conventional).2. Sift the flour with the baking powder.3. Mix remaining ingredients in a
bowl in the order listed above (adding the flour/baking powder mixture after the water) until batter has a doughy consistency.4. Spoon
walnut-size balls of the mixture onto a greased baking sheet.5. Bake for fifteen minutes or until golden brown.6. Remove and let cool
before serving.They‘re great to nibble on between breakfast, lunch and tea — no matter how busy you might be.

Your game plan for shopping for an engagement ring: Go for the big, shiny one.Until the jeweller started using words like oval, emerald,
princess and pear (oh, my!).Get in the know at the Tiffany & Co. Diamond Seminar. The event, held in-store at The Courtyard Royal
Exchange location, will give you an inside look at the sophisticated process of choosing a diamond.You‘ll learn about the grading (the
illustrious four Cs) and how it contributes to the diamond‘s value. There‘s even a hands-on tutorial where you can evaluate individual
rocks for yourself. (Yes, a cool little monocle will be provided.)Stop by Tiffany‘s website to familiarize yourself with all the sparkly
goodness. Then sign up for the seminar, held at 6:30 p.m., on Tuesday, 20 May, or Wednesday, 21 May, and you and a guest can
examine your favourite styles in person. Availability is limited, so R.S.V.P. now.Don‘t you love it when a plan comes together?

Some like it slow, but you? You like it fast. And easy.Without remorse.Thankfully, you no longer have to feel guilty about eating fast food:
Alan Yau, the man behind Hakkasan, Yauatcha and Sakenohana, has a new venture that‘s all about speed.Opening today is Cha Cha
Moon, a walk-in Chinese noodle bar with open-plan kitchen and communal seating similar to Wagamama and Busabai Eathai (also part
of Yau‘s empire). On the menu: crispy duck lo mein, char sui ja jain udon soup or Peking-style noodle soup — all of which appear in a
flash.Yau plans to open a second outlet in Whiteleys shopping center later this year. But because you‘re an impatient so-and-so, you‘ll
want to check out the flagship first.So do it.Fast.

In this postfeminist age, men and women are equal.So then who gets breakfast in bed?Brunch Bed, a new weekend brunch delivery
service, solves that dilemma. Choose from the classic, healthy summer or deluxe menus and get everything from freshly squeezed
orange juice, croissants, green tea, smoked salmon, fruit salad and more brought directly to your bed (or, at least, your
doorstep).Delivered between 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to the Chelsea, South Kensington, Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Notting
Hill areas, early birds (too lazy to catch their own worms) and outdoors types can even have brunch delivered to the park.Alternatively,
opt for the ultimate brunch bed menu, which serves eight.No questions asked.

Despite the hours you spend running around with your videogame avatar, your stomach is not exactly about to explode from muscle
overload. With VirtualGym TV, you can remain in front of that flat-screen and still get in shape. The web-based fitness centre offers
classes in step aerobics, Pilates and dance.Check the schedule for new sessions, record favorites, then download them when you‘re
ready to sweat. Or let an online personal trainer really get your butt in gear. Simply fill in some health details and let the workout wizard
plan a personalized session for you.You‘ll have to give up the controller for control of your waistline, but you won‘t get bored of the same
old routine.That‘s virtually impossible.
The hazards of daily life: worried you might get attacked in a dark alley? Or are you more concerned that if it happens, your oh-so-macho
partner will run off screaming like a girl?If he lacks balls, you might need some of your own.Find yours at No Balls, a new online
sportswear boutique that‘ll help you get into shape and protect yourself. The selection of emerging labels — Yamarama yoga clothes,
Thoosa running gear and the No Balls in-house collection — will inspire you to get fit, while top-quality breathable fabrics will have you
feeling hot and sexy rather than hot and sweaty.Looking great and looking after yourself?You‘re good at keeping all your balls in the air.

Being single at this time of year is so overrated. Long summer evenings can be, well, a bit long.Tired of staring at the walls?Light up
your life with high-tech light-emitting wallpaper by Dutch industrial product designer (and all-round genius) Jonas Samson. Flat, simple
and deceptive by day, the beautiful wallpaper can be easily switched on or off when you want to shed some light on your lounging or
illuminate while you ruminate.In addition, Samson crafts unusual homewares: his nutcracker dishcloth, Tetris table and freestyle blow-
moulded vases are great sources of stimulation for body and mind.Still bored? The dazzling designs have a striking appeal, so you
could always invite someone ‘round to enjoy the view.Now there‘s a bright idea.

 Good things often come in three parts:
1. Aeroplanes (first, club, economy classes).2. Funny jokes (beginning, middle, punchline).3. The Godfather (1, 2, 3).
Food Inc., opening today in Whiteleys, is no exception. It‘s part farmers market, part contemporary food hall and part gourmet
takeaway.Made up of sleek stainless steel stalls on the ground floor of the Bayswater shopping centre, it‘s a unique way to shop. Buy
everyday staples in the grocery area or find separate deli-style stands offering wine, pastries, breads, chocolate, sandwiches, salads,
seafood, fruit and veg, and ice cream.Hungry? Head to the Food Inc. Cafe, which is open for all-day dining. It‘ll satisfy your cravings.For
the most part.

You love the fancy sharing dishes at Fino and often queue for the fresh tapas and buzzy ambience at Barrafina. You don‘t need to be
told that Sam and Eddie Hart are the current darlings of London‘s restaurant scene. So you‘re excited about their latest venture — the
revamp of iconic Soho spot Quo Vadis, which opens today. The restaurant has been a force since the ‘20s, with supremos like Marco
Pierre White and Damien Hirst at its helm.This time around, the Harts have transformed it into a traditional British establishment. Dishes
like slow-cooked pork shoulder and macaroni with bone marrow are served in the downstairs eatery, while upstairs is a sophisticated
members‘ club.It‘s a new direction for the duo, but it‘s likely the Harts will come up trumps.Again.

Whether it‘s Tinkerbell, Oberon or the flappable Stanford Blatch, you‘re fond of little fairies.So is Willow Corbett-Winder, the ethereal Brit
behind online boutique Willow Rose. Based in St. Tropez, the talented pixie makes treasures out of vintage odds and ends by hand.
Consider her a magpie, only in prettier clothing.Unlike most of what‘s in St. Trop, this lot‘s remarkably cheap. Fabric-covered notebooks
cost a sunny £25; friendship bracelets, £12. Pompom baskets are also worth a peek.Corbett-Winder will happily craft bespoke versions
of the above. The piece de resistance, however, has to be her word art; commission individual works for friends, lovers or your humble
self.Keen to buy?Trust us, it‘s fly.
In the midst of a hair scare? Having a wardrobe crisis? Need a makeup shake-up?Never fear: the Disaronno Amaretto Style Squad is
here.During June and July, Disaronno Amaretto‘s team of beauty experts will be touring the UK, offering fashion, beauty and dating tips
to women who want to embrace the season in effortless, sociable style.To win a top pampering session in one of six major cities,
register online at disaronno.co.uk/stylesquad. If you‘re one of the lucky ones, a fleet of top stylists and makeup artists will work their
magic as you sip on Disaronno Amaretto cocktails served by a personal mixologist.In addition, get hot tips and advice online from the
Disaronno Amaretto Style Squad: top celebrity stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones; lifestyle guru and Project Catwalk judge, Nick Ede; and
award-winning hairdresser Richard Ward.With its distinctive taste and cult Venetian glass bottle, Disaronno Amaretto has always been
associated with style and fashion. (Vivienne Westwood chose Disaronno to sponsor her Red Label autumn/winter 2008 show in
London.) It‘s delicious over ice or coffee or in a cocktail. Why not try the Disaronno Style Squad Splash (1 shot Disaronno Amaretto
topped with orange juice to taste)?Need a makeover? Let the Disaronno Amaretto Style Squad take over.They know the true essence of
The bride will wear white, the best man will deliver a cringe-worthy speech, someone will cry and it will, of course, pour rain.Weddings
are so predictable.Add a touch of originality to the line-up courtesy of talented milliner Georgie Carss. She cut her cloth with famed
British hat makers Edwina Ibbotson and Stephen Jones before launching her own line.Turn heads in an exotic bird-print trilby and don‘t
underestimate the power of a headband sprouting regal peacock plumes to give last year‘s dress a striking facelift. Bespoke designs are
also available.With these stunning pieces, you‘ll really stand out from the crowd. Just don‘t let it go to your head.

Astley Clarke is offering DailyCandy readers the chance to win £5,000 worth of designer jewellery from their exclusive online jewellery
boutique, while two other lucky individuals will win £250 of jewels.Simply visit Astley Clarke and answer a simple question. Lucky for you,
Astley Clarke has loose lips, and there are heaps of clues to help you.Just for entering, they‘ll send you a £10 gift voucher. Get some of
your mates in on the competition, and you‘ll receive even more entries for yourself.So now that the odds are stacked in your favor, shove
off and start choosing your riches. Because there‘s no fortune like good fortune.Visit Astley Clarke to enter the competition and view all
the goodies that could be yours. The competition ends June 13.

You down four cakes for lunch on Monday and survive the rest of the week on celery.Enough with the yo-yo diet; start Yoyo dining
instead.Yoyo Ceramics are refreshingly quirky receptacles for food and drink that are fully functional and definitively groovy.The
Yoyomaker collection comes adorned with witty ‘50s-style illustrations of modern day accessories, while apple- and pear-shaped spoon
rests serve as landing pads for dribbly tea bags, loose coins or nuts.Is That Plastic? (answer: no, it‘s not) is a dishwasher-safe selection
of dishes, bowls and boxes that mimic Tupperware with panache. They‘re sexy enough to present as serving bowls and make chic
storage pots for leftovers.If there are any, that is.

First come, first served. The early bird gets the worm. Someone will always buy the last size 38 if you wait till after lunch to place your
order.Okay, that last one isn‘t real. But you get the idea. So head over to Net-A-Porter.com now for the kickoff of their Sale
Extravaganza.Get first pick of must-have runway pieces from fabulous designers like Chloé, Miu Miu, Fendi, Alexander McQueen, and
more, some at up to 50 percent off.To make browsing a breeze, you can search the sale by category (clothing, bags, shoes,
accessories), designer and even by size.Adding to the excitement, same-day delivery is available within London — so your new favorite
dress goes from online to in your hands in no time at all. Even if it‘s the last size 38.
When you were young she pulled your hair, stole your toys and made you cry. When you were older she brought home better grades,
fewer problems and much fitter men.Time to forgive and forget?Follow the lead of Lucia and Isabella Bueno Mallarino. The cosmopolitan
sisters, who split their time between Europe and their native Colombia, cast aside sibling rivalry to set up jewellery line Mallarino.Inspired
by nature, pieces reference exotic jungle plants whilst retaining the urban sophistication of the girls‘ adopted home, Paris. From delicate
leaf necklaces to floral motif earrings, each lace-like filigree is hand-sewn by artisans in Colombia.The collection is hot, so grab it while
you can.Before a certain someone beats you to it.

Your partner flirts with your BF, ignores your calls and forgets your birthday.Stop being a walk-over and spell out your feelings with a
retro style rug instead by John Pour Home.Made from brightly coloured felt, these doormats will get any message across. Choose from
Home Sweet Home, Welcome or a simple Hello for a typographical threshold fit to wipe your feet on.When the writing is on the wall (or,
rather, floor) the Hasta La Vista Baby design says it all. Got more to say? Why don‘t you create your own personalised message to go
underfoot?Just don‘t be surprised if you‘ve never felt better.

Be it in the egg and spoon race or the wet T-shirt contest, you compete to outshine all others.But somehow it always ends up being a
draw.When referring to the works of Sonia Hensler, however, the word‘s a bonus from the start. The Polish-born, London-based artist is
famous for her edgy, modern collages (which are set to appear on a range of tees for TopShop this autumn).Having worked for a variety
of distinguished magazines, Hensler now offers privately commissioned illustrations. Pose for photos, tell her a little about yourself and
she‘ll produce a range of striking works featuring you. Hang them on your wall, have them printed on personal postcards or use for
elegant party invitations.It‘s one big draw, with no drawbacks.That should snub the competition.

They say you‘re only as old as you feel.But since your life is currently more work than play, you‘ve been unable to recapture your
carefree youth lately.Meet Hilary Laing, the Glasgow-based print designer whose playful scribble designs will take you back to when life
was all about colouring inside the lines, rather than reading between them. Inspired by her belief that we grow up too quickly, her
cheerful range of silk scarves, cravats and Crayola-coloured bracelets are sure to make you feel young again. Made-to-order dresses
are also available.Such delightful doodles will give your inner child something to smile about. Just don‘t wear them to the next board
meeting.That‘s where we draw the line.

Your brother‘s girlfriend shows a lot of cleavage, your colleague wears far too much makeup and that girl‘s hair is way too blond.You
don‘t normally judge a book by its cover but online boutique Loglike makes it hard not to. Slip a book into their Picturebook frame and
appreciate your upstanding buddies for their art inside and out. Don‘t want your self-help manuals on display? Use the accompanying
free book.Or opt for a set of collectible badges, screen-printed tees or vintage fabrics, complete with instructions on how to sew a
beanbag or pincushion.
Before you pass judgment, Loglike uses organic certified cotton, GM-free seeds, responsibly sourced wood and recycled paper.To stay
in your good books, of course.
The feel-good cinema event of the summer is here!That tabletop groove-shakin‘ routine at your BFF‘s bachelorette party earned you the
nickname ‗Dancing Queen.‘Now see how the pros do it in Mamma Mia! the Movie. The summer blockbuster weaves Abba tunes (the
ones that stay in your head for weeks) with the story of how bride-to-be Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) uses her upcoming nuptials to reunite
her single mom (Meryl Streep) with three long-lost loves (Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard), any of whom could be
Sophie‘s father.Can‘t wait? See the fun-filled film before everyone else: Odeon Leicester Square (redesigned as an apropos white and
blue Mediterranean church) is hosting three previews a day leading up to the film‘s national release on 10 July.Grab your girlfriends for a
cinema experience you‘ll never forget. Book tickets today on odeon.co.uk or call 0871 2244 007.

You‘ve got the big job. You‘re wearing the power suit. But when it comes to the power lunch?It‘s usually a soggy bacon sarnie eaten
alone on a soggy park bench.Pick up your briefcase and head to Devonshire Terrace, which opens in the city today. The venue comes
from the team behind The Admiral Codrington and Vingt Quatre, and houses a restaurant, bar and four private dining rooms — each
with terrace, Wi-Fi and plasma screenOpen for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the brasserie-style menu offers basics like salmon fish
cakes, pea risotto, lobster sandwich, and chocolate fondant.Prices are reasonable, so no one will know you‘re a rookie (unless you order
the £3,333 bottle of wine).For a power broker like you, it‘s the meal deal

We all dream of the day when the lion will lie down with the lamb.But what do you suppose will happen when the zebra lies down with
the bunny?That‘s just one of the bizarre combos contemplated by designer Chandi Lancaster. Her line of T-shirts and totes features
hand-drawn depictions of nature as it never actually appears, well, in nature.Starting with the aforementioned Zebra Bunny (bunny head,
zebra body), she moves into odder territory with designs like Jackalope Pattycake; Unicorn Mermaid; and a series of Rorschach-like
patterns made from the repeated forms of tarantulas, scorpions, moths, and other creepy (but strangely beautiful) crawlies.Of course,
she also makes frilly blouses in cherry red with white hearts or blue and a repeated rope pattern.But that‘s another animal altogether.

You‘re wearing four sweaters, super-skinny jeans, a grey sports bra and a novelty Christmas thong.So how are you supposed to try that
dress on, in front of that many people, without a curtain in sight?Check out Pret a Portobello. The new online ‗market‘ sells fashion and
accessories direct from Portobello Market and delivers them to your door. Browse virtual stalls for cutting-edge designs like Dahlia‘s
petal-topped flats, silk dresses by Ducie, and an exclusive range of beachwear by Zandra Rhodes. Want a good deal? The Let‘s Trade
section allows you to haggle with the online trader for bargains, so you can barter down to a price that suits. No kerbside moonie

Biggie said it best: I love my little nasty girl.Or, in our case, Nasty Gal.You‘ll be in lurve, too, when you see the new online shop‘s vintage
wares. Owner Sophia Amoruso carefully selects ‘80s-ish clothing, accessories, eyewear, and shoes, so you don‘t have to rifle through
musty old racks.Don‘t expect big names; do expect rainbow-colored frocks, playful rompers, acid-wash tights (hot damn!), and too-legit-
to-quit jackets. As if that‘s not enough, nerdy glasses, space-age sunnies, gladiators, and rad leather bags round out the mix.Of course,
that could all change tomorrow, as Amoruso stocks very limited merch (usually just one of each) and the goods go fast. But that‘s to be
expected from someone named nasty.
You know those go-getters who rise early to work out and absolutely love it? No, of course not.You detest them.Superchick — the new
online personal training platform — will have you up and out in no time. Enter the online locker room and sign up for personalized
training programmes, motivational e-mails, healthy recipes, nutritional advice and an alcohol unit calculator — all for free.Of course, the
gratis results may inspire you to pay for the all-girl group park training sessions. Whether it‘s in Battersea, Hurlingham, Hyde Park or
Regent‘s Park, cardio seems more enticing in the fresh air than a sweaty indoor gym.Not a morning person at all? Opt for the city
workout plan, where a trainer will lead a lunchtime class at your office.What are you waiting for?Go get it.

Susannah Lipsey went small town,Slowing down her vida,Stuck some feathers on a band,And called it Windy Freda.That‘s right. After a
six-year stint in NYC — dabbling in everything from theater to music to fashion — she packed up and moved to Marfa, Texas, for a
change of pace. Immediately inspired by the vibe and landscape, she began making headbands out of vintage hats, belts, and bras,
adding feathers to them. Friends oohed and aahed, and Windy Freda was born.Lace, flowers, fabric, and plumes are combined to create
ethereal headpieces that look equally as stunning with a wedding dress as a T-shirt and jeans.Each one is named after a Judee Sill or
Jimmie Spheeris song, as that‘s what Lipsey was listening to as she worked. The debut collection was influenced by 1940s movies,
1970s music, and Native America.Making each one a little piece of history.

Every head turns when she enters the room. Cameras flash wildly, capturing her perfectly disheveled hair, glowing skin and elusive
smile.Whether lounging with friends, spending a night on the town or dashing to another secret rendezvous, the exotic beauty is always
the center of attention.Miss Dior Chérie has everyone under her spell.Her secret? Her new scent: Eau de Printemps, a light citrus burst
of sun-drenched blood oranges delicately blended with Calabrian bergamot. Admirers can‘t help but fawn over the playful summer mix of
jasmine, neroli oil and rose essence. The floral fragrance dances through the air, radiating sheer beauty and sophistication.It‘s nature in
its finest form.Just like Miss Dior Chérie.

You‘ve been known to cheat (exams, board games, love: it‘s all the same to you). But these days you‘re finding it much harder to dust
your sins aside.Time to clean up your act?Enlist the help of Puur Eco Home Services, whose team of expert housekeepers uses only
nontoxic and biodegradable products in their tasks.Let them spruce up your home or office and they‘ll ease your conscience in no time.
Clear the air with the essential oil air purification system or opt for the bed service (you‘ll sleep like an angel in lavender-scented organic
linen). The ecofriendly carpet cleaning technique avoids harsh chemicals, while garden maintenance gives new meaning to a green
thumb.Feel like you‘re in the clear?Just don‘t mess it up.

If home is where the heart is, you need to fall in love.Consider Grace & Go your matchmaker. Whether you‘re seeking something dark
and handsome or soft and sophisticated, you‘ll find it amongst this brilliantly edited range of homewares and accessories.London-based
designer Jen Bowmast gives edge to humble kitchen accessories with contemporary block colours and patterns; her heavy-duty
Heavens to Betsy apron bears a sleek silver lace print, while her Midcentury Chairs tea towel is delightfully random. Cutesome cotton
babygrows add to the mix; all are made with good grace in Great Britain and don‘t cost the earth.Take a peek.It‘s a prospect worth
homing in on.
It finally happened: one too many pints one too many times. Last night wasn‘t pretty, so you‘re turning over a new leaf and becoming
teetotaller Or rather, tea total.Which makes sense since you discovered Blends for Friends, a company that produces personalized teas.
Just fill out a form with your, or a friend‘s, hobbies, interests, talents, nickname, etc., and master blender Alex Probyn will create a batch
tailored to your good taste.Each 100 grams of loose-leaf tea comes in a chic silver tin, complete with a personalised label. Order online
and receive by post within a fortnight to anywhere in the world; it makes an original thank you/get well present. And the company keeps
all information on file, so you can order repeat blends.Teatotally excited? True, your friends may make fun of your newfound sobriety.But
all‘s well that blends well.

Following the market makes you very, very sleeeeeeepy.But you‘ll perk right up at Poppytalk Handmade, a new online marketplace
stocked with goods from emerging talent around the world. To keep it interesting, there will be a different theme each month showcasing
a whole new slew of merch from different designers.Currently up: Home Sweet Home. Pick up kitschy beach photographs, an art deco
vanity set, vintage French cotton striped pillows, crafty-cool homespun yarn wreaths, framed intricate embroidery scenes, and felted
wool bowls and vases — all up for grabs until August 8.Next up is Back to School, so expect a well-curated selection of fashion and
paper goods to get you prepared for fall.As with any street market, the wares are unique and totally affordable.So you don‘t have to
worry about those dreaded market jitters

You‘ve tried miracle creams, painful injections, and expensive procedures. But nothing helps.You‘re still incredibly ugly.If you suffer from
retina-scarring, child-terrifying hideousness, hope exists. Not in a bottle but in a bag: the Ugly Bag, a revolutionary, instantaneous
solution to common repulsiveness. Just slip it over your horribly disfigured head and let your new life begin.Maria, formerly known to
friends as ―Vomit Face,‖ gushes: ―The side effects were difficult at first — sure, I miss being able to see stuff — but it‘s worth it.‖ JoAnne,
who for years could make a living only as an extra in zombie films, says, ―It‘s great! I really [words too muffled to understand due to
presence of paper bag on head].‖So don‘t delay. Because whether you know it or not, your ugliness is probably hurting you.And it‘s
definitely killing us.

It‘s the morning after the night before. You haven‘t made it home yet and you‘re about to embark on the walk of shame.Shield yourself
from uncomfortable glares and stares in a pair of retro sunglasses from AM Eyewear.The under-the-radar Australian label has Britain in
its sights. Queensland-born designer Simon Ponnusamy takes inspiration from the 1970s with his eclectic, off-beat frames. Styles
include the fuchsia Ali aviators; the glamorous striped Julzie specs; or the sleek white Bamford shades, which have lenses so dark they
work as mirrors.You‘ll look gorgeous.Even if you are seeing double.

Does your multiway bra leave you with a malfunction? Having trouble with catsuit camel toe?It might be time for a simpler all-in-one.Red
Maloo has it sussed with handmade wraps for technological toys and electronic devices. The folded pieces of thick coloured felt protect
iPhones, iPods and the like, and are more stylish than the average gadget glove.Transport your laptop in one of these sleeves, which
when unfolded also functions as a mouse mat. And if you are forever misplacing essential wires, the smart cable bags will help you keep
everything together.And stop your going to pieces.

Your average weekend is spent watching back-to-back episodes of 24, Entourage or (or is that and?) Lost.Need to get out more?Get in
touch with real life at Fforest, a luxurious new campsite set on a breathtaking 200-acre estate in Wales. There, you can experience the
pleasure of sleeping in the great outdoors without the hassles of regular camping (pesky bugs, outdoor loos, the constant damp).Tents
are erected on wooden decks with plush cooking and dining spaces. Choose the Nomad with soft futons and beanbags; Kata, a tipi with
woven straw floors; or the 20-foot Dome with bay windows, wooden floors and double bed.Adrenaline junkie? Try your hand at canoeing,
kayaking, mountain biking or archery. Or just sit back, relax and take it all in.Before you go back to TV.
You tease them incessantly; they embarrass you at every opportunity. And when you prepare to have it out with them, they hit you with
the love card.Dysfunctional family?Take refuge in the functionality (not to mention productivity) of Jude‘s happy unit. In a von Trapp style
production — think pasteurizing, not song — they create a delicious range of ice creams and sorbets in the barn of their family home in
Hampshire.With milk and cream from local cows, the creations come in flavours like Peach and Champagne Crush, Winter Warmer, and
Ginger Spice.In addition, the company supports local causes, donating 10 percent of profits to charity.Talk about honest family values.

You consider yourself to be something of an artist.ou know you could paint colourful dots in a line or fling dirty pants across a bed, if
someone would pay you a few million to do so.Unleash those hidden talents on Mini Moderns‘s new colour-your-own wallpaper. Choose
the Sitting Comfortably or Tick-Tock design, paste up on any wall, allow to dry and get busy with a crayon, pencil or felt tip. Select
shades to match your decor and create a masterpiece you won‘t find hanging in anyone else‘s home.It might look like child‘s play.But
you‘d be happy with that.

You‘re no stranger to toys.In fact, they share a special drawer with a few of your favourite outfits.Perhaps it‘s time for a return to
innocence with some proper adult playthings. Like the handmade goods from Lark, an online shop geared towards kidults and little ones
alike.Be transported back to your youth with teen-mag magnets and Ladybird notebooks. Pore over funky greetings cards like a kid in a
candy shop. Vintage fabric mirrors, buttons and lavender bags will have you brimming with nostalgia. Want to play with your food? You‘ll
love Lark‘s adorable knitted ice creams, veggies and doughnuts.Or opt for the Keep Calm and Carry On tea towel, which imparts
instructions on how to act in a future emergency.You know, now that you‘re all grown up.

If only there were more hours in the day. Think of all those five-course meals you‘d prepare, parties you‘d plan, muscles you‘d
tone.Really, you would.When time is of the essence, enlist the help of Domestic Goddesses and its army of happy helpers. From
washing and ironing to picking up the kids from school, these deities of domesticity are on call to do the dirty work. They can even
manage a job of seemingly Olympic proportions — like, say, arranging an all-singing, all-dancing dinner party in your home.Whether you
hire one of the personal trainers, stylists, chauffeurs, event organizers or dog walkers, you‘ll thank these professionals for taking testing
tasks off your hands.And you‘ll accomplish a supernatural amount — without suffering from exhaustion.About time.

You know the Paris flagship intimately. Owner Raymond Visan is on your speed dial. You chill to its soundtracks in destinations all
around the world.So you‘ve already booked a table at London‘s first Buddha Bar, which opens tonight under the grade two-listed
Waterloo Bridge overlooking the Thames.East meets West over two sleek floors. Upstairs, a bar serves Millionaire‘s mojitos and
passion fruit martinis, while downstairs a restaurant (complete with giant wooden Buddha) serves Pan-Asian dishes like spicy tuna tartar
with avocado or Peking duck with fruit compote and chilled mango soup with coconut crunch. A casual sushi bar caters for those who
just want to get on and dance.Like its siblings around the world, London‘s Buddha Bar is as much about the ambience as the food.It
should have you rubbing your tummy in no time.

You stayed in the night your friends partied with Bono. Sold your flat before the property boom. Threw away a first edition Harry
Potter.Tired of missing great opportunities?Chanced It, a forum for missed connections, will ensure you don‘t lose out on another
one.Remember that cutie on the train who helped you with your bags? Or the stunner with green eyes who danced with you for hours
and then disappeared? Search the listings to find out if they‘re kicking themselves for not taking your number, or make the first move
and post a message to them. Include a description of the encounter and a photo to jog their memory, then just sit back and wait to see if
destiny brings you back together.Think the whole thing reeks of desperation?Then don‘t bother, there‘s no love lost.
You‘re rarely the weakest link. You‘re unphased by Countdown‘s conundrums and you‘ve never had to phone a friend.You‘re bright. But
are you bright enough?You will be when you sport Kings of Neon‘s customised plimsolls on your feet. The new Brit label emblazons
trainers with graffitti-style illustrations and retro motifs for sneaker pimps of every age (and all from a dazzling £24.99).Get streetwise
with the Ghettoblaster Doodle, abstract with the colourful Paint Splatter, or nostalgic with the Pac Man Raver. You can also create your
own: splash with a company logo, cult phrase or your favourite design.Just in case you should want to smarten up your act.

Some people say you have to let go of the past in order to move on.Obviously they haven‘t met Deborah Woolf, a vintage dealer who
has held onto the past — in the form of clothes, accessories and toys — for the last 30 years. So successfully has she clung, she‘s just
opened her own boutique.Step back in time amongst originals by Biba, Ossie Clark and Bill Blass. Accessorize with Victorian beaded
bags, Trifari necklaces, and alligator and sealskin purses. Get global with 1930s Slovakian folk dresses or nostalgic with 1950s raffia
skirts and bathing suits.The sign above Woolf‘s door reads Joe‘s Confectionery Stores — a 1920s artefact she plans to keep. Until, of
course, she moves on.

When it comes to doing things for themselves, most women aren‘t shy to burn a bra or two.Even if it involves slaving over a hot
stove.Lend support to female dynamo Angela Hartnett (ex head chef, Connaught Hotel), who opens Murano in Mayfair tomorrow. The
resto is the next in Gordon Ramsay‘s powerful lineup, and it looks set to be a hit from day one.Expect dishes like Cromer crab tortellini
with spring onion, chile and Amalfi lemon; or roast pigeon with pickled beetroot and semolina gnocchi. The power-hungry will prefer to
sample the chef‘s tasting menu at the raised private dining table. Rumour has it that with Murano, Hartnett could well pick up a Michelin
star.This woman‘s place is definitely in the kitchen

Everywhere we look people are pushing out twins, triplets, sextuplets.And you know us: always one-upping folks.Sign up now for one (or
more) of the seven (yup, seven) brand spanking new local editions of DailyCandy Kids, launching September 15 in Atlanta, D.C., Dallas,
Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and London. Every Monday you‘ll receive the latest and greatest scoop for mums and dads, from the
coolest stroller on the block to the tastiest kids‘ menu to can‘t-miss sales to services and tips that make raising your beanbag easy like
Sunday morning used to be.And, as always, all the new editions are free.Tell your friends, sisters, cousins, neighbours — everyone you
know who buys hand sanitiser, Frubes, and juice boxes in bulk.After all, the more the merrier.

Angry wife barks at annoying husband: Are you coming to bed?ot seductress purrs to eager stud: Are you coming to bed?It‘s not what
you say, but how you say it.Whatever your message, say it sweetly with TShirt Patisserie‘s new customised chocolate service. Select a
chocolate (heart or square, in milk or white) and emboss it with what you fancy — a message, company logo, symbol or treasured image
— with a variety of fonts and colours.You can preview your design on-screen before it is melted into quality Belgian chocolates and sent
out in an elegant box two days later.It‘s a tasteful way to get your message across.

Fashion might be fickle, but you have no trouble keeping up: you‘ve already swapped gladiator for Goth, purple for nude and florals for
lace.So you know that, this season, your bag needs to be one of a kind.Look to London-based accessories designer Vivien Cheng for
some true originals. She gives quality vintage and reclaimed handbags a modern face-lift with unique hand-painted finishes. Inspired by
every era, they complement any trend.All bags are sourced in the UK, and Cheng uses only water-based paints — so you‘ll earn brownie
points for your eco-conscious purchase (not to mention a few envious stares).Your stylish new accessory for the season?It‘s in the bag.
You say Topshop, they say Forever 21. You say Hello! they say Us Weekly. You say bum bag, they say fanny pack (seriously, they
do).But there‘s no reason to call the whole thing off.
Now you and your friends across the pond can talk for cheap (from one and a half pence a minute) from your own mobile with Globe
Dialer. (Enough with those scratch-off calling cards, already: they ruin your manicure.)The software is free to download, and you get
fifteen free minutes when you sign up. Simply go online, follow the instructions and get chatting for considerably less than what
Vodafone, Orange and all those other rip-off British carriers charge you.Deal or no deal: you do the maths (or is that math?)It definitely
makes cents.
Uh-oh, Mercury‘s going retro. Time to instill that delicate balance in your life. If you find yourself drawn to creative types, go with
it.Especially if it‘s a Gold Saturn T-shirt. The brainchild of a Miami art student, the badass tops are as cute as they are clever.You can‘t
help but make a statement in Prescription for Peace, a colorful bunch of pills arranged in the shape of a peace sign. Embrace your inner
child with Get High on Love, featuring a pink unicorn and hearts. Or prove you‘re out of this world in Astrology Map.On top of their
uplifting messages, the tees are all priced at less than $40 apiece, which is most appreciated in this crummy economy.You‘ll come away
with a sense of satisfaction in doing what is right today.

Ever since Eve first picked up a pair of fig leaf pasties, lingerie shopping has frequently led to identity crises.But Maria Paz Navales
must have missed the memo, because her new Undrest collection is neither granny nor tramp.Made from dreamy Supima cotton and
cotton cashmere, the undies, camis, bralets, and chemises are sweetly sexy but never overt. Soft shades of white, rose, and menthe
keep things subtle, and there‘s no skimping on details like real mother of pearl buttons and ribbons made from pure silk.The Classic
Sleep T is as pretty as it is comfy. The Marissa chemise makes judicious use of lace and bows. And the ruffle-lined Brazilian panty is 99
percent Madonna with just the teeniest bit of whore.Now that‘s something you can identify with.

You‘re a girl who doesn‘t know: to shower or snooze? Go out or order in? Flats or heels?Ai ai ai. Put an end to that last one altogether
with Camileon Heels — sassy new shoes that go from stilettos to kitten heels with just a simple tug and push.That‘s right: You can
downsize the sexy 3.25-inch heels to a classy 1.5 inches — and vice versa — as often as you please, minus any funky tools.Camileon
makes more than a dozen styles, all made of ultra-soft Italian Napa leather and containing a lightly padded foot bed and slip-resistant
rubber toe (take that, CL and MB). Our favorites have to be the classic patent leather Giulias and gladiator-strapped Mariellas, but no
matter what style you choose, they‘re sure to put a little pep in your step when you come and go.You come and go, you come and go.

You‘ve let someone rip out every last pubic hair. Had extractions on your bum. Taken face yoga classes. Even had needles stuck in your
eyes. All in hopes of recapturing your youth.There‘s an easier way, people. And all you need is a camera.The rules of YoungMe/NowMe,
the latest online distraction, are very simple: Find a photo of when you were a kid, recreate that photo as best you can today, and submit
them both.The results are alternately sweet and hilarious (who knew seeing grown men sit in one another‘s laps could be so funny?).
Spend hours perusing the gallery or grab your digicam and get in touch with your inner child by taking snaps yourself.But hurry up
already. You‘re not getting any younger.
J.R. Watkins is preparing to clean up vomit from last night‘s rager.
updated today Mini-Feed
J.R. Watkins and Mrs. Meyer‘s are now friends.
J.R. Watkins wrote on then cleaned your wall.
J.R. Watkins joined the All Natural group.
J.R. Watkins commented on Mr. Clean‘s photo. ―Your bald head‘s got nothing on my pretty packaging.‖
J.R. Watkins plans to attend the Shitcan Seminar.
J.R. Watkins rubbed down Mrs. Meyer‘s with mango body cream.
Networks Organic ProductsSustainable Businesses Birthday: 1868Hometown: Winona, MNPersonal Info
Interests: minimizing carbon footprint, health and body care, housekeepingFavorite TV Shows: Clean Sweep, Dirty JobsFavorite Movies:
An Inconvenient Truth, The 11th Hour, Maid in ManhattanFavorite Quotes: ―Cleanliness is next to godliness.‖About Me: I hold myself to
the highest of standards and take pride in helping others and giving back to the community. Scents like lavender, lemon, mango, and
green tea totally get me excited.
Add J.R. Watkins as a friend.

Forcing body parts into tight rubber contraptions is deeply unpleasant, what with the pulling of hair and snapping on sensitive
areas.Which is why the turban swim cap is a creation of sheer brilliance. (Get your melon out of the gutter.)The headgear is made of
good old polyester with a waterproof lining. And thanks to a Velcro size adjuster in the back, wearing it does not make you feel like your
noggin is going to explode.The turban style was a little aggressive as a trend (really, only pretentious posers wear them as accessories),
but the design has room to keep long tresses dry while lapping it up. In our opinion, black is the obvious choice, but there are other color
options like hot pink and royal blue for those who like to live on the edge.The important thing is that you use protection.

Everyone will tell you it‘s a buyer‘s market these days. But Zilok knows ain‘t nothing going on but the rent.Which is why everything on the
new online marketplace is available to let. Type in your location, and the site will list all items with price, condition, and available dates in
your area.Taking on a home improvement project? Save coin by renting a set of power tools in your nabe. Want to start a jazz band?
Borrow someone‘s high-school clarinet for a nominal fee. On the flip side, turn a small profit on goods collecting dust in the garage
(Super 8 cameras, size-zero designer dresses). The best part: You might actually get to know your neighbors.Both professional rental
companies and regular folks can post and manage listings. All you have to do is set up an account. And watch the cash roll in.We‘ll buy

When you hear the words spread ‘em, your reaction is dependent upon who‘s uttering them. You‘d do the splits on his desk if it were
John Krasinski. And hold eagle pose for eternity if it were, say, Randy Jackson (that‘s just not a‘ight).You‘ll want to smear Spread‘s
spreads on everything. The couture version of peanut butter, the incredible spreadables begin with a base of either peanuts or almonds,
but it‘s the mix-ins that make them scrum.With more than 40 different varieties, flavors run the gamut from Cookies & Cream Peanut,
Dark Chocolate Lavender Peanut, and Rose Salted Basil Peanut to White Chocolate Espresso Almond, Milk Chocolate Cherry Almond,
and Butterscotch Almond.Each four-ounce jar is handcrafted, and due to high demand, they can get a little backed up at times.But you
know all about spreading yourself too thin.
As a kid, there was nothing you loved more than a big bowl of pasghetti. Except maybe cimmanon toast. Or flashing your bagina.So
impossible pronunciation won‘t stop you with Totokaelo, a new online shop and social networking site from Impulse, Seattle‘s expertly
curated women‘s boutique.With the same offhandedly hip aesthetic as the brick-and-mortar store, the slick site allows you to create a
profile, make wish lists, and start conversations with other customers. But the real draw is the clothes: a parade of independent and hard-
to-find labels like Rachel Comey, Mayle, Play by Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, and Isabel Marant.Totokaelo is password
protected (mention DailyCandy for automatic entree), which, yes, is a little exclusive. Then again, it‘s a fashion jungle out there.And
somebody‘s gotta keep out the aminals.

Want to bring joy to the whole wide world?Jeff Woodrow‘s beat you to it. He‘s delivering peace and equality to the planet one T-shirt at a
time.Here‘s how his Joy Project works: You peruse the catalog of faces (all drawings from submitted photos) from around the globe and
pick a favorite. Next, choose the style (tank or tee) and color (white, pink, blue, green, yellow) of organic cotton or bamboo shirt upon
which the image will reside.Along with your new wearable art comes an ID tag with the person‘s name, country of origin, and passion in
life so you know a little about the brains behind the beauty — a reminder of how your everyday actions can affect perfect strangers.Once
you‘ve purchased a shirt, upload a photo of yourself to the website so your face can become a work of art.C‘mon, join the joyride.

Neon is always a sign of something great: LIQUOR, HOT DOUGHNUTS, LIVE NUDE GIRLS.The next bright star that will catch your
eye: TOYWATCH NEON COLLECTION.Made out of Plasteramic (that‘s plastic that looks like ceramic), the watches are available in four
drool-worthy colors — Kryptonite Green, Plutonium Pink, Ultra Violet, and Atomic Orange. Granted, the glow is more understated than,
say, the flickering lights of Las Vegas.But clearly, you‘ve hit the JACKPOT.

Your dresses are heading down the final stretch! It‘s a neck and neck race between comfort and style. They‘re approaching the finish,
and … it‘s a tie?There are no losers at Pyjama Room, the UK‘s site for chic relaxation. Ideal for a jaunt to the market or a trip to the
airport, Pyjama Room‘s navy and white summer essentials (like their pocketed smocked dress and reversible hoodie) are the perfect
threads for everyday elegance.Produced in an incredibly soft jersey modal, the clothes have become the talk of the town: London‘s style
mavens Laura Bailey and Jaquetta Wheller have made a beeline and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman has called them the ―new lounge
wizards.‖As an exclusive bonus, DailyCandy readers get £30 off any order more than £150. But hurry: The offer closes at midnight on 12
July.It‘ll be a race to the finish

You wear your sunglasses at night. So you can, so you can.What? Be a total tool?Come now, party people. Protect your peepers during
the day with a pair of Modo sunglasses from their brand-new website.Each pair is handcrafted in Japan with serious detail paid to both
design and quality. Frames are made of titanium and acetate plastics; various lenses are constructed out of mineral glass, which is
antiglare and scratch resistant, giving you incredibly clear vision even during PTS.Styles range from aviators to wraparounds to oversize
frames. Standouts include the black dust Camillas and the Pearl Valentinas, but there‘s not a single pair that we don‘t encourage.As
long as you ditch them come sundown.
Flowers can be a real downer. They die (and then stink). And if you‘re buying them yourself — wamp, wamp — they‘re expensive.Chin
up, Dollface. You must not know about Flat Flowers.
Transparent window stickers of pretty bouquets, they‘re visible from inside and out, so you and passersby get to enjoy their beauty. No
adhesive means you can move them around and use them over and over again.There‘s a plethora of options, and aside from being two
dimensional, they look just like the real thing. Pink dahlias in a glass vase are sweet and simple. A bright arrangement of mixed poppies
really, well, pops. And it‘s impossible not to get happy about red and yellow chrysanthemums. Not a single one will run you more than
fifteen bucks, making them both cheap and cheerful.Looks like everything‘s coming up roses.

Once upon a time there was a lovely, charming apartment. It had high ceilings, beautiful moldings, stunning hardwood floors, and lots of
light.But its evil owner left it each day to crunch skulls (okay, numbers) in a dungeon (okay, a bank), depriving it of companionship (an
antique armoire does not a friend make).One day, to the lady‘s surprise, a fruitful dwarf lemon tree arrived on her doorstep — a present
from her not-so-evil boyfriend — and immediately spruced up the lonely apartment. So much so that she headed to the Acorn Springs
Dwarf Citrus website, where she discovered that her dwarf tree options were bountiful: lime, orange, grapefruit, mandarin, kumquat, and
banana. So she ordered one of each, till she had seven dwarfs total.The apartment was soon the jauntiest spot on the block, filled with
life and color. The owner, no longer evil, became downright cheerful.She was even known to whistle while she worked.The end.

Technology has made everything easier.To wit, office snitching. One click of the mouse, and your nasty rant about the IT department is
whisked away to upper management.Unless, of course, your e-mail just happens to get flagged for unsavory language and winds up
being intercepted — by the IT department.All the more reason to start sending your what-for messages on Sugar Lily greeting cards.
Each original design — available as singles, in threes, or in sets of six — features whimsical artwork like sweet octopuses, sliced kiwi,
and abstract cherry blossoms. And they can express specific sentiments (such as hello, thank you, and birthday wishes) or come blank
for any occasion.So no matter how hard-hitting your next tirade on the flakiness of the mail room staff is, it‘s sure to be easy on the eyes.

Whether you call it Secret Diary of a Call Girl or Memoirs of a Geisha, the story‘s always about the same thing.Really, really great
hair.Now you can get that come-ravish-me look without going pro with Peachypan‘s kanzashi: classic, intricate geisha hair accessories
made from folded silk.There are simple designs like the Japanese Snowdrop (black petals accented with silver hardware and red and
pink stamens) or the Marie Antoinette (fuchsia and red petals anchored with a pink Swarovski crystal). But it‘s the elaborate kanzashi —
like the Blackbird Meadow, comprised of more than 80 black silk petals offset by smaller pastel daisies bursting with rhinestones,
glittering stamens, and a silver butterfly — that will draw admirers.Entirely handmade, the ornaments don‘t come cheap.But you‘ll be
glad to know that Peachypan believes in 100 percent customer satisfaction — and that‘s hard to come by.In any profession.

It takes no effort to elicit oohs and aahs from pictures of puppies and kittens. But sloths and vultures?That takes a professional like
Catherine Ledner. A trained photographer, Ledner has meshed her talent with her love of animals to create works of art.Her refreshing
style ditches the overload of cuteness for modern cheekiness by capturing animals against vintage wallpaper backdrops. The limited-
edition prints come in four sizes (11 by 14, 16 by 20, 20 by 24, and 32 by 40), all signed and ready for framing.Each picture evokes a
smile and a chuckle. Favorites include a fuzzy white baby camel, a brown cow sticking out its tongue, a pink flamingo stretching its neck,
and an armadillo showing off its behind.It‘s so uncute you‘ll want to kiss its ass.
Strewing rose petals on the bed. Serenading in public places. Proposing at sporting events. PDA.Romance gets a bad rap. But you‘ll fall
head over heels for Keemia dresses — ethereal frocks that are just dreamy.A neutral palette of cream, grayish lavender, and black
keeps them flirty instead of flashy. Details like ruffles, peacock feathers, draping, and rosettes are what make them so special. Fitted
silhouettes and high quality fabrics (silk, satin) mean they‘ll stand the test of time.The ruffle halter and rosette tie back dresses are
standouts in the current collection. Keep your peepers peeled for more structured styles come fall.This is more than a one-season stand.

A few years ago, you complained that a pair of Choos cost $400. But these days, a pair of Loubs will run you upward of $800.Avoid
highway robbery and transform what‘s already in your closet with Erica Weiner‘s shoe clips. Mixing antiques with natural objects, Weiner
creates accessories that look fancy but will set you back just 25 bucks.A couple pairs could multiply your existing shoe collection into an
endless selection of whimsy. Navy grosgrain rosettes spruce up a pair of ballet flats and add major oomph to ordinary pumps. Silver
bows turn conservative work footwear into disco dancing numbers. And twists give your basic blacks the attention they deserve.In other
words, some seriously fancy footwork.

Deep in the bowels of your metropolis, there lurks an evil so dreadful men dare not speak its name. And it‘s right under your fingertips.
(Woman screams.)Cyber Clean to the rescue!
It‘s flying straight to your keyboards, mice, telephones, and other places that harbor so much bacteria, they make public toilets seem
clean enough to eat on.The yellow blob may look small, but it slaughters germs and takes names, leaving nothing but a lemon scent in
its wake. Plus, thanks to a high-tech formula, it actually absorbs hard-to-reach dirt, food, and other particles with ease (it‘s on, Lucius
Fox).Got a bigger job you want to tackle, like, say, that Batmobile in the driveway? They‘ve also got a version for cars and boats.Cyber
Clean, you‘re our hero! (Woman blushes.)All in a day‘s work.

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.Finally someone has followed the age-old advice. When designer Anne Johnston Albert shut down her East
Village boutique, New York dolls grieved her wearable everyday pieces.But now it‘s time to rejoice: Martin is making a second coming.
And this go-around, the love knows no boundaries — the capsule collection is available exclusively online.Loyal followers will praise her
coveted jeans. A black heavy satin A-line dress with cap sleeves and waist tie hides a multitude of figure sins. Look the part of innocent
angel in the ethereal white petal top. And long long-sleeve tees, a pocket blouse, and cashmere poncho will restore your faith in
casualwear.Thank heaven someone has that basic instinct

An unofficial poll of former flings and loose-lipped confidantes revealed that you‘re not opposed to getting down and dirty.Unless you‘re
talking about mud, bugs, and sludge. In which case, you‘ll pass, thanks much.For those rare moments of unavoidable muck (see: hippie
music fests), the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is your new best friend.Simply fill the fist-size, waterproof reservoir (which expands to
hold ten liters of H2O), hang it from the two tough Delrin D rings with the provided cord, and let the black fabric soak up some rays.
Several hours later, twist the spout for seven minutes of hot, showery bliss.At least there‘s one way to clean up your act.

Floral in the air.Girls like to wear in their hair.Don‘t quit our day job.We‘ll leave the haikus and their accompanying headpieces to Bando,
a brand new line of hair goodness from two L.A. stylists. Not for the demure wallflower, they‘re big and bold in both size and color. The
result: Complete and total awesomeness.Jewel-tone peacock feathers and sparkly sequins are paired with bright tulle, silk flowers, and
rhinestone brooches. The girls have wrapped, stitched, and glued the materials together for some serious va va voom.Wear one on the
anniversary of your birth, when you walk down the aisle, or 24-7.Or, in their case, 5-7-5.
Whether it‘s a tip-top secret or a glimpse of nip, a slip is rarely a good thing.Unless you‘re talking about Your Slip Is Showing, a company
offering flirty underthings that are meant to peek out from underneath a dress or skirt.The whimsical creations add flair and take any
outfit from boring to wowie zowie. Black ostrich feathers and rhinestones turn a basic black sheath into sleek formalwear. Embroidered
lace and silk organza transform el cheapo into vintage glam. And intricate red chiffon roses put a feminine twist on anything they are
beneath.Go crazy and throw one on over pants — it‘s damn near impossible not to look sexy no matter how you wear it.But be careful,
he may try to slip it in.

You don‘t know your rasp from your elbow or your cream from your crema. And the only ounce you measure goes up in smoke — and
you‘re nowhere near the stove.Here to save you from a life of Hot Pockets: Two Dudes, One Pan: Maximum Flavor from a Minimalist
Kitchen by Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo — the guys whose carmel pear you‘ve seen on the Food Network and whose ribs you‘ve
scarfed at Animal.The book helps you eat your way through impressive but uncomplicated recipes made using minimal equipment. Whip
up spicy citrus-glazed duck breasts, creamed Brussels sprouts with bacon, and a fruit of your choice upside-down cake.Pick up tips and
tricks — the right way to cut a watermelon and how to salvage burnt gravy — along the way.Just in case things don‘t pan out.

When it comes to your hair, you‘re all about au natural.Excessive hair spray? Hardly. Helmet head is not your friend.Of course, real
helmets aren‘t optional on bike trips, so rather than pass on protection, cover up with a cycle headdress.Hi1-Designs pageboyish hat fits
on top of your helmet, keeping you safe and stylish. It‘s made of wool and comes in black, white, pink or navy. It‘s even wrapped in a
reflective band so motorists can easily spot you in the dark.ou‘re still stuck with itty-bitty biker shorts, but you can stop worrying about
what‘s up top. So pedal fashionably along and smile as you shake out those lovely locks at the end.Your safety‘s riding on it.

It‘s a classic story: Small town girl hits the big city. Gets starry-eyed. Starts behaving like a harlot. (See: Becky Sharp, Trishelle from The
Real World, Brit Brit.)But designer Jenny Gordy bucked the trend by moving from NYC to Kansas City to launch her career. The result:
Wiksten, a small, sophisticated, and refreshingly down-to-earth clothing collection.Named for her Swedish grandmother, the sweet line
of handmade tops, skirts, and dresses mixes a Scandinavian sense of restraint with a dash of country schoolmarm and a subtle A.P.C.-
esque vibe.
From the floral henley top to the cherry red sailor dress, each piece from the new fall collection is limited edition. But Gordy kindly
opened shop a day early for DailyCandy readers who appreciate her stellar aesthetic.In other words, those who take the ass out of class.

You have no objection to letting your skint student of a sister crash on your couch.But you hadn‘t planned on her stealing all your
cashmere sweaters.Protect your wardrobe from unwanted pests with Total Wardrobe Care‘s new moth removal service. A team of
specialists will arrive at your house to deep cleanse your closet (i.e., throw out old clothes, alter ill-fitting items and sell unwanted
designer pieces on eBay). After a major dry cleaning session (moths love dirty clothes), everything is returned in breathable garment
bags.They‘ll leave you with the latest antimoth products, including sachets, scented drawer paper and a moth box, which attracts male
moths with female pheromones to stop the breeding cycle.It‘s the perfect pest-free plan.With no holes.

Ever wonder where we find the witty words we write? We make 'em up! (Well, some of them.) The DailyCandy Lexicon: Words That
Don't Exist but Should is a compilation of these soon-to-be-discovered words. Written by a crack team of secret agents (fine, us), the
Lexicon is accompanied by a behind-the-keyboards look at the DailyCandy staff – and our wacky escapades.
You know your French stick from your focaccia, your pumpernickel from your pita, your dough balls from your donuts.So you‘ll be
pleased to know that Judges Bakery — the popular Hastings outpost — is now open inside Selfridges Food Hall. Owned and run by
Green & Black‘s founders Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley, the bakery has full organic status, with baker Emmanuel Hadjiandreou
(Gordon Ramsay, The Savoy, Daylesford Organic) at its helm.At the counter, find slow-risen (eighteen hours minimum) artisan breads
alongside cakes, shortbread, macaroons and Judges‘s famous pink meringue pigs, which are tinted with raspberry puree and beetroot
juice instead of artificial colourings.A load of posh nosh or exceptional daily bread?We‘ll let you be the judge of that.

What do you do in your spare time? Give up? Give in?It‘s all the same when it comes to Oxfam.Well known for its secondhand thrift
shops, the charity has just launched an impressive e-store selling covetable donated wares (books, clothing, accessories) at groovy
prices (we‘re talking £2.99 for a scarf, people), alongside goods made by artisans in underdeveloped countries.Participating online
shops span the British Isles, with more being added every week, and they‘re looking for volunteers to assist in the sourcing and
delivering of merchandise. Look online for your nearest venue and go give them a hand.You doing something for nothing (when you
really don‘t have time to do it in the first place)?Give over.

We all have a friend who orders pizza without bread (―can‘t do wheat‖), crème brulee without cream (―allergic to dairy‖) and salad without
dressing (―you never know what‘s in it‖).Sometimes food intolerances are just plain intolerable.Introduce picky peeps to Cinnamon
Clove‘s allergy-friendly treats. The delicious wheat-, gluten- and dairy-free cakes and brownies are made with rice and potato flour, rice
milk, soya butter, free-range eggs and unrefined sugar.Unless it‘s taste you are allergic to, you could enjoy one of these as a healthy
option whether you have an allergy or not.That‘s called having your cake and eating it, too.

Whether it‘s haikus over novels, Minis over Hummers, or circumcised over un, you‘ve never been one to revel in excess.So you‘ll
appreciate Scarflettes, abbreviated versions of the season‘s ubiquitous scarf.The toasty choker-like collars spring from the mind of a
former milliner who wanted a way to keep her neck warm without the bulk. In fabrics like silk wool, cashmere, and lambskin, they‘re
made mostly to order with lots of painstaking handwork.The tartan ruffle preppies up a plain sweater. The slouchy cowl neck is art-
school chic. Simple cashmere numbers are all class. And we could go on for days about the leather version with a dangling lariat.But
we‘re totally cut off.
Despite your penchant for singing into a hairbrush and strumming the air guitar, you haven‘t a single groupie. Yet.Les Chiffoniers — the
new clothing range by Leena Similu (previously head designer at Stella McCartney and senior designer at Jil Sander) — won‘t turn you
into an overnight sensation, but it‘ll help you look like one. Most famous for its spray-on leggings (as often seen on Ms. Moss), the label
has just launched its first main collection. Unleash your inner rock star with cling-tight PVC jackets, shimmering sequin hot pants,
gabardine zipper pants and seductive satin frocks. A clutch of knits, slinky T-shirts and tank tops completes the look.Put a load of this on
and watch the fans come.

Carrie and Tuck sitting in a tree. W-R-I-T-I-N-G.First comes love: Just wait until you get a glimpse of their notetote, a smart invention
that makes old-fashioned correspondence easy and fun.
Then comes marriage: Which color will you choose? Each bag is avail in navy, brown, pink, and green and comes with a starter kit of
color-coordinated stationery, clipboard, and pen. When you start to run low, just pick up one of the refill packs in preppy themes like
stripes and alligators.The notetote zips right up, making it easy to carry around everything necessary to write thank-yous and miss-yous
whenever you get the writing bug.Like when your friend strolls by with a baby in a baby carriage.
When on holiday, you enjoyed many a balmy night.Now that you‘re back, however, you can‘t escape the barmy nights.Wise up to the
Gwdihŵ (that‘s goody hoo and Welsh for ‗owl‘) range of natural balms and you‘ll relax in no time. Whether you‘re fighting stubble rash
(self-inflicted or otherwise), chapped lips or mouse-finger cramp, these salves will soothe in seconds.The additive-free line is made with
coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax, plus a variety of native Anglesey herbs and plants that aid every ailment. Whether you want to heal
sore muscles, relieve tension, soften lips and nails, keep bugs away or ease insomnia, there‘s one to suit.Goody hoo for you, too.

If you learned anything from the bleach blonde home dye job of ‘01, it‘s that some things are better left to the pros.And this October,
Selfridges Oxford Street brings the pros to you with Meet the Experts, a month dedicated to the masterminds behind the most famous
and effective beauty products, preparations and treatments.Get your skin care questions answered by Clinique‘s top New York
dermatologist, Dr. Orentreich, and consult hairstyling guru Anestis Cobella in his state-of-the-art salon.Meet American cult favourite
Marian Newman, who will be launching her eponymous nail line exclusively at Selfridges; preview this season‘s metallic colours with
Benjamin Rousseau, Lancome‘s national makeup artist, and update your tired look with Benoit Dumond, national stylist from Nars.And
that‘s just the beginning. Meet the Experts runs Thursday, 2 October-Friday, 31 October at Selfridges Oxford Street with something new
every day.Don‘t be late for class.

Things that are unhealthy: Sleeping in your parents bed with them. Surviving on coffee and fags.Attempting friendship with an ex who
screwed you over.Things that are healthy: Tibits, a new all-day vegetarian restaurant, bar and food-to-go venue that opens in the West
End today. Before you scream hairy armpits and Velcro sandals, be aware that it‘s not all tofu, sprouts and mung beans.In the first
British outpost of this Swiss chain, you‘ll find everything from spelt croissants, chocolate brioche and fresh juices at breakfast to soups,
sandwiches and salads throughout the day. In addition, a full bar (as in alcohol) operates in the evening.Don‘t expect wooden cutlery or
recycled napkins: Tricia Guild of Designer‘s Guild has given the place her signature luxury touch.It‘s the perfect place to veg out.

For most people, a paper cut spells pain.But for illustrator Robert Ryan paper cuts result in painstakingly beautiful works of art now
available at Ryantown, his new East London shop.The tiny store — open only at the weekends — stocks the Cyprus-born artist‘s
intricate cut-paper artwork in a range that includes stationery, tiles, ceramics, clothes, books, prints, mugs and more.Each whimsical
design is handcut on delicate paper using a tiny scalpel and gives a glimpse into Ryan‘s wildly romantic imagination. You‘ll find hearts,
church bells, mountains made of flowers, clouds, birds talking to children and silhouetted lovers embracing on rooftops.There‘s no doubt
about it: he‘s a cut above the rest.
Blind Date 1: Hairy fingers.Blind Date 2: Snorts loudly when laughs.Blind Date 3: Lives at home with parents.
Some might call you picky, but you‘ve got standards — especially when it comes to what you bring home.So you‘ll want to get further
acquainted with Bouf, an online marketplace selling groovy homewares, art, design products and gifts from independent sellers around
the world. Through its eBay-style site, Bouf offers items from cutting-edge designers, manufacturers and design students. Vendors are
chosen by Bouf‘s own scouts, and products come directly from each. You‘ll find everything from exotic ceramic wall tiles to stylish felt
cushions and a host of gadgets and accessories.They‘re very selective about whom and what they allow on the site.So you‘re sure to
love whatever you end up with.
Greening your life is one thing (hello, Lexus hybrid), but your sweets?Step away from the spelt cookie and indulge in a treat from
Eatpastry. The ecoconscious company does for treats what Loudermilk did for fashion, creating scrumptious, organic, fair trade truffles,
candies, and cookies.Made with French and raw cooking techniques, the dairy-free confections satisfy the sweetest teeth without the
sugar rush (and subsequent crash) using healthy fats, nuts and seeds, and other wholesome ingredients.Such pure motives result in
yum combinations like Blueberry Rooibos (with handmade dark chocolate filling) and Ginger Molasses (half-dipped cookies topped with
candied orange peel).Not to mention everything comes packaged in recycled boxes and biodegradable cellophane.That‘s what we call
sweet deliverance.
                                                           Daily Candy Profile - Weekends - Wh


Date         Use   Topic   SubTopic   Company
                   Eat     Bar        Beach Blanket Babylon

                   Buy                Packits
              Y    Read               *TIME mag

                   Hang               The Original Wreath Co
                   Give               The Big Stitch

                   Do                 The Spa at the Bluebird

                   Eat                Dylan's Candy Bar

                   Buy                A Venential Design

                   Grab               Feed 1 Bag

                   Do                 Nea's Yard

                   Stay    Hotel      The Connaught
ly Candy Profile - Weekends - What | Why | When | Where


        Web address                             What?                                      Purpose
        http://www.beachblanketco.uk            Opening of new bar                         Awareness - bar opening
                                                comprehensive packing lists for holidays -
        http://www.packits.co.uk                his n hers                                 Selling product
        http://www.time.com/time/style_design   Time Mag style guide                       Awareness
                                                Festive wreaths furnish front doors and
        http://www.theoriginalwreath.co.uk                                                 Selling product
        http://www.childrenssociety.org.uk                                                 Awareness + selling product
                                                Ole Henriksen spa opens for tutti-frutti
        http://www.theshopatbluebird.com/       treatments.                                Selling product
                                                Ralph Lauren's daughters store, product
        http://www.dylanscandybar.com/          available at Harvey Nics                   Selling product
                                                Based in Venice; hand produced glass
                                                products, engraved wi/ gold & silver
        http://www.a-venetiandesign.com/        (cups,jugs,objects)
                                                Charity shopper designed by Lauren
                                                Bush funds UN World Food Programme -
                                                Harrod Promo -
                                                Cult beauty stop offers new treatments
                                                and inexpensive gifts.
                                                Uk's largest range of organic herbs and
        http://www.nealsyardremedies.com/       skincare                                   Product Reinforcement

        http://www.the-connaught.co.uk/         Awakens softly after a major makeover      Awareness + selling product

       What, why when, where
Daily Candy Profile - Specials

Date         Type                Topic    Subtopic     Company

  7/9/2008   Best of Beauty 08   Beauty   Top products Varied
7/18/2008 Fetch a Sale   Shopping   Guide   Varied
What?                        Product                   Web Address                   Use/What?

Full list & links to range of
beauty product faves - cheap
and expensive - non bias      Mrs Meyers All-purpose
                                                       x?CategoryId=98c702aa- Soap
faves. Everything from teeth soap cleaner
whitener and shaving cream
to lip balm

                             Udderly Smooth Udder      http://www.uddercream.c All purpose
                             Cream                     om/ORDERFORM.html crème
                             Azulene Shaving crème - entials.com/pd_azulene_
                                                                               Shaving crème
                             Earth Sciences          moisturizing_shave_crem
                             Comodynes Sunless       http://www.comodynes.ne
                             tanning Towlettes       t/
                             Cornelia Works Blemisg
                                                     shop/product.php?cat=25 Zit Zapper
                             Clearing Serum
                             Dr Harnik Anti-wrinkle    bapp/wcs/stores/servlet/T Eye Wrinkle
                             eyepads                   opCategoriesDisplay?lan Reducer
                             i-White                                                 teeth whitener
                             Chidoriya                 s.yahoo.net/azmicbrowsu       Face Wash
                             Kate Somerville‘s         http://www.katesomerville
                             Exfolikate                .com/
                             Hard Night | Good         http://www.dandrasimmo
                                                                                     face revistaliser
                             Morning                   ns.com/
                             Cover FX - Total
                             Covergae Crème                                          Foundation
                                Fibwig                                               Mascara
                                Demaraca's Breathable    https://www.dermacia.co Hides Sun
                                Foundation               m/                          spots &
                                Aquaphor                 p?pid=13123&catid=1040 Lip salve
                                Tarte Enbrightenment
                                                         browse/product.jhtml?id= Dual Whitener
                                BrightSmile Whitener &
                                                         P210585&shouldPaginat & Lipgloss
                                lip gloss
                                Frederic Fekkai - Salon browse/product.jhtml?id=
                                                                                 Shine shampoo
                                Glaze Clear Shine Rinse P208318&categoryId=C1
                                Arm & Hammer            0861&catid=15479&bran
                                Coomplete Care          d=9189&trx=BS-           Toothpaste
                                Toothpaste              9189&trxp1=HPFP&trxp2
Full list & links to range of
sales from diverse range of
                                Rarechic                                          Clothing - Boho
                                Noisette                                           Clothing
                                Dolce Vita                                         Shoes
                                                         .com/index.php?display= Clothing+acces
                                                         products&parent_cat=49 sories
                                                                                   Clothing - edgy -
                                La Garconne              m/store/view_all.htm?sid
                                                                                   Clothing -
                                                         http://shopatmilk.com/cat hollywood
                                                         egory/16                  based, casual -
Velocity Art and Design                             furnishings and
                          http://www.elizabeth-     Labels - online
Elizabeth Charles
                          charles.com/sale.html     shop
                                                   Lables -
Mick Margo                                         featured in Elle,
                                                   Vogue + Instyle
                                                    is a lifestyle
                                                    store curating
                                                    collections for
Auto                      http://www.thisisauto.com
                                                    the modern
                                                    home and
After sloughing ourselves in creams, serums, gels, and powders
(and a few emergency trips to the derm for freaky flare-ups), we‘ve
found our favorite products to tend to your head, shoulders, knees,
and toes.
Face wash: Chidoriya Soap uses an old-school Japanese combo of
azuki powder and brown sugar to exfoliate and moisturize your
pretty punim.
Exfoliator: Kate Somerville‘s Exfolikate needs just two minutes to
make your face smooth like buttah (minus the grease factor, of
Moisturizer: Hard Night Good Morning is a boozehound‘s (or just a
busy gal‘s) BFF. By stimulating the skin, it hides the fact that you
were overserved (or under-rested) the night before and leaves your
face looking fresh and flawless.
Cover-up: Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation can mask
everything from a tacky tat to a pesky pimple.
Foundation: Dermacia‘s Breathable Foundation looks truly natural
while magically hiding wrinkles and sun spots.
Mascara: Fiberwig — no clumping. No flaking. No smudging. No
smearing. Leave it to the Japanese to create the best lash
lengthener out there.
Lip therapy: Aquaphor is the only — we repeat, only — thing we
found to heal a bad case of chapped kissers.
Lipgloss: Tarte Enbrightenment does double duty as pucker polish
and teeth whitener.Highlights extender: Frederic Fekkai Salon
Glaze brightens up hair color and brings on shine in between visits
to the salon.
Toothpaste: Arm & Hammer Complete Care does its thing without
ruining that glass of fresh-squeezed OJ.
Teeth whitener: iWhite legitimately improves your smile with light-
activated technology. And the Maintenance Stick ensures your
pearly whites stay that way.
Eye wrinkle reducer: Dr. Harnik Anti-wrinkle Eye Pads are an
affordable, safe alternative to Botox.
Eye cream: Eye Dream by Talika makes your eye dreams come
Glaze brightens up hair color and brings on shine in between visits
to the salon.
Toothpaste: Arm & Hammer Complete Care does its thing without
ruining that glass of fresh-squeezed OJ.
Teeth whitener: iWhite legitimately improves your smile with light-
activated technology. And the Maintenance Stick ensures your
pearly whites stay that way.
Eye wrinkle reducer: Dr. Harnik Anti-wrinkle Eye Pads are an
affordable, safe alternative to Botox.
Eye cream: Eye Dream by Talika makes your eye dreams come
true while you‘re catching some zzzs.
Zit zapper: Cornelia Works Blemish Clearing Serum is a
concoction of herbs, enzymes, and mud that pummels pimples
without drying out skin.
Self-tanner: Comodynes Sunless Tanning Towelettes give you the
glow without the BO.
Soap: Mrs. Meyer‘s Clean Day Soap Bars are the best-smelling,
longest-lasting chunks of organic cleanliness.
Shaving cream: Earth Science Azulene Shave Creme gives you a
clean, close shave, leaving your legs as smooth as a baby‘s bum
Body lotion: Udder Cream was made for Bessy‘s milk buttons, but
this cheap, rich moisturizer makes us moo.

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