Famous Mergers and Acquisitions by pcherukumalla

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									Famous Mergers and Acquisitions:
2011 Mergers and Acquisitions:
Acquiring Company       Acquired Company            Deal Value
BlueKai, Inc.           TrackSimple, Inc.               Not Disclosed

Cisco Systems, Inc.     Inlet Technologies Pari       $ Not Disclosed
                        Networks, Inc.

Concur Technologies,    TripIt, Inc.                         $82 Mn

Hewlett-Packard         Vertica                         Not Disclosed

Mixbook                 Scrapblog, Inc.                 Not Disclosed

Molex Incorporated      Luxtera, Inc. (Active           Not Disclosed
                        Optical Cable business)

Research In Motion      Gist                            Not Disclosed

Skype                   Qik, Inc.                       Not Disclosed

Solera Holdings, Inc.   New Era Software LLC            Not Disclosed

Wisepower Co. Ltd.      Unidym, Inc.                        $140 Mn

YouSendIt, Inc.         Attassa Zosh                    Not Disclosed

2010 Mergers and Acquisitions:
Acquiring Company       Acquired Company                Deal Value
ABB Ltd. (special IP    Ventyx                               ~$1 Bn

ActiveVideo Networks,   TAG Networks, Inc.             Not Disclosed

Adesto Technologies     Qimonda (IP and patents)       Not Disclosed
(special IP counsel)

Aetna                   Medicity, Inc.                      $500 Mn

Alibaba.com             Vendio Services, Inc.          Not Disclosed

Amazon.com, Inc.        Quidsi, Inc. (Diapers.com         ~$550 Mn
                        and Soap.com)
AOL                          Thing Labs, Inc.                      Not Disclosed

Areva SA                     Ausra, Inc.                           Not Disclosed

Barry Ventures (affiliate)   RAE Systems Inc.                      Not Disclosed
                             (Represented the Special
                             Committee of the Board)

Bonanza                      1000 Markets                          Not Disclosed

Boston Scientific            Asthmatx, Inc.                            ~$450 Mn

Bristol-Myers Squibb         ZymoGenetics, Inc.                        ~850 Mn

Broadcom Corporation         Teknovus, Inc.                            ~$125 Mn

BroadSoft Inc.               Casabi, Inc.                                ~$2 Mn

Cadence Design Systems       Denali Software, Inc.                      $315 Mn

Capcom U.S.A., Inc.          Blue Castle Games                     Not Disclosed

Chegg, Inc.                  CourseRank, Inc.                      Not Disclosed

Cisco Systems, Inc.          Arch Rock Corporation      Not Disclosed $99 M Not
                             CoreOptics Inc.             Disclosed Not Disclosed
                             ExtendMedia LineSider             Not Disclosed Not
                             Technologies, Inc. MOTO                    Disclosed
                             Development Group
                             Rohati Systems, Inc.

Consona                      Compiere, Inc.                        Not Disclosed

DeNA Co. Ltd.                ngmoco, Inc.                              ~$400 Mn

Diamond Foods, Inc.          Kettle Foods                               $615 Mn

EDGAR Online, Inc.           UBMatrix, Inc.                        Not Disclosed

Emergent BioSolutions        Trubion Pharmaceuticals,                 $135.5 Mn

Evri, Inc.                   Radar Networks, Inc.                  Not Disclosed
Facebook, Inc.            Divvyshot Drop.io         Not Disclosed
                          HotPotato Media
                          Nextstop Octazen
                          Solutions Sharegrove
                          Walletin Zenbe

Federated Media           Big Tent Design Inc.      Not Disclosed
Publishing                Foodbuzz

Flipboard, Inc.           Ellerdale                 Not Disclosed

Flixster, Inc.            Rotten Tomatoes (from     Not Disclosed
                          News Corp.)

GE Healthcare             MedPlexus, Inc.           Not Disclosed

Google Inc.               Invite Media, Inc.        Not Disclosed
                          Mechanical Zoo

Groupon                   Ludic Labs, Inc.          Not Disclosed

Harman International      Aha Mobile, Inc.          Not Disclosed

Harmonic Inc.             Omneon, Inc.                 ~$275 Mn

Heatwave Interactive,     PlayGrid                  Not Disclosed

Hewlett-Packard           ArcSight, Inc.                $1.5 Bn

IBM                       Cast Iron Systems, Inc.   Not Disclosed

iForem Inc.               EnMoDa                    Not Disclosed
Illinois Tool Works       MKS Instruments, Inc.     Not Disclosed
                          (sold ION Systems)
Informatica Corporation   Siperian, Inc.                $130 Mn
Ingenix                   Axolotl Corporation       Not Disclosed
Jive Software, Inc.       FiltrBox, Inc.            Not Disclosed
Juniper Networks, Inc.    SMobile Systems, Inc.          $70 Mn
Linden Research, Inc.     Enemy Unknown AB          Not Disclosed
MerchantCircle            TimeBridge                Not Disclosed
Metacafe, Inc.            Action Sports (parent     Not Disclosed
                          company of Go211.com)
Microsoft Corporation     Canesta, Inc.             Not Disclosed
Natus Medical             Medix                         ~$15 Mn
NewTravelco               Kayak.com                 Not Disclosed
NexTag                    Wize, Inc.                Not Disclosed
ngmoco, Inc.              Freeverse Stumptown       Not Disclosed
                           Game Machine
Nokia Corporation          Motally, Inc. Novarra,        Not Disclosed
OnMobile Global Ltd.       Dilithium Networks (3G        Not Disclosed
                           video technology and
                           mobile services)
Responsys, Inc.            Eservices Group Pty Ltd       Not Disclosed
RGB Networks, Inc.         RipCode                       Not Disclosed
SAIC                       CloudShield                   Not Disclosed
                           Technologies, Inc.
salesforce.com             Jigsaw (represented              ~$140 Mn
                           Norwest Venture
seesmic, Inc.              Ping.fm, Inc.                 Not Disclosed
ShoreTel, Inc.             Agito Networks                     $12 Mn
Six Apart Ltd.             NaturalPath Media             Not Disclosed
Skyfire Labs, Inc.         Kolbysoft                     Not Disclosed
(special corporate
Solta Medical, Inc.        CLRS Technology                   $1.1 Mn
SonoSite, Inc.             Visualsonics                       $71 Mn
SuccessFactors, Inc.       CubeTree, Inc. Inform              $50 Mn
                           Business Impact                  $40.5 Mn
Symantec Corporation       Gideon Technologies, Inc.    Not Disclosed
                           PGP Corporation                   $306 Mn
Synclore Corporation       Servo Software, Inc.         Not Disclosed

Synopsys, Inc.             Synfora, Inc.                Not Disclosed
                           VaST Systems                 Not Disclosed
                           Virage Logic Corporation     $315 Mn

Targeted Genetics          Biocontrol Limited            Not Disclosed
Corporation (represented
Thoma Bravo (led           SonicWALL, Inc.                    $717 Mn
investor group)
Trimble Navigation         Novariant, Inc. (Terralite    Not Disclosed
                           navigation business)
Twitter, Inc.              Atebits Cloudhopper           Not Disclosed

Vibes Media                Zeep Mobile                   Not Disclosed

VideoEgg                   Six Apart Ltd.                Not Disclosed

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.      VUDU, Inc.                    Not Disclosed

Warburg Pincus             A Place for Mom               Not Disclosed
Washington Post            iCurrent Inc.                 Not Disclosed
Zynga Game Network   Newtoy, Inc. XPD Media,   Not Disclosed
Inc.                 Inc.

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