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Avon Banned Bat List


									                    AVON SOFTBALL PARK
BUSINESS ADDRESS                                                                PARK ADDRESS
8103 E. US Hwy 36, Box 222                                        104 S. County Road 625 East
Avon, Indiana 46123-7964                                                  Avon, Indiana 46123
(317) 273-1972                                                                  (317)272-0190
                              See You at the Ball Park!
Effective March 16, 2008

The following bats will not be allowed at Avon Softball for League, Round Robin and Festival

Combat VIRSP3 Lady Virus

Miken Ultra

Miken Ultra (Maxload)

Miken Ultra II

The following bats are currently banned by ASA and NSA, but approved by
USSSA. They will be permitted unless USSSA also bans them:

Easton SCX2

Louisville Slugger SB34 Genesis

This bat list is provided for player convenience only, and is not intended to be
all-inclusive. In general, any bat approved by ASA, NSA, OR USSA, will be
permitted at Avon Softball Park for leagues, round robins and festival
tourneys. Avon Softball Park reserves the right to disallow any bat deemed to
be a danger to players, fans, or officials. For ASA Championship play, only
bats that are approved by ASA will be allowed.

For all ASA Championship Play, bats must be approved for use by ASA. The
current list is available at


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