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					                                                            OFF CAMPUS HOUSING
              Type of
#             Housing                Address                  Bedrooms                    Rent                        Contact
Color Code=     For Rent             To Buy
              Website      WWW.DAVENPORT.RENTCLICK
              w/rentals    S.COM
              w/rentals    WWW.QCFORRENT.COM
              Website      www.propertymanagement.r
              w/rentals                                                                    Edward Owens 563-441-5231

                                                                                   $350 (e), $365 (1),
                                                                                   $450 (2) *there is a
                                                                                    student discount:
              Apartment    Lexington Apartments: 6549                             $332.50 (e), $356.25     ph:563-386-1751 fax:563-338-
R1            Complex      N. Harrison St. #1, Davenport   Efficiency, 1, or 2       (1), $451.25 (2)                  6170

                                                                                                          Call for appointment:Jim 563-355-
                                                                                 $385/mo. each (group     6755 or 563-650-1937 or Ray 309-
R2            Rent         1924 North Gaines St.                   3                    of 4)              275-1996 or Nick 563-940-6619

                           328 W. Locust- next to          2 or 3 bedroom
R3            Rent         franklin dorm                        duplex            available immediately         563-324-3032 to see.

                                                                                 $450 a month with $450
R4            Rent                                                 2                     deposit        Tim 563-579-8623

                                                                             $230/mo. per bedroom
                                                                            + $200 deposit (utilities
R5            Rent         410 E. 14th St.                 5 bedroom/2 bath shared between tenants) 563-323-2848
                                              OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                  $490/mo. + $490
R5    Rent   409 E. 14th St.                 2 bedroom/2 bath          deposit            563-323-2848

R6    Rent   2617 N. Clark                          2            $500 a month (total)     Lonnie Castelli 563-528-1451

R7    Rent   515 Kirkwood Blvd.                 2 bedroom                n/a              Jeff 563-210-2001

             3309 Clearwater Dr.
R8    Rent   Bettendorf                             3            800/mo or $120,000       563-332-4672

             Timber Ridge Apartments 218                          475/mo (student
R9    Rent   east 9th st. Davenport            1/2 bedroom           discount)            877-388-6422

R10   Rent                                   1 bedroom condo                              818-590-3104

R11   RENT   10261/2 West Locust                2 bedroom       $485/ month + utilities   Dave 370-9430

R13   Rent   near W. Locust & Marquette St       1 room               $350/mo.            563-529-4628 or 563-343-5537

             2114 Lillie Ave, Davenport,
R14   Rent   Iowa                               2 bedroom                                 563-514-1070 OR 563-343-1029
                                            OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

             Ashford Apartments- 4808
             Grand Ave. Davenport, IA       1 bedroom & 2      1bedroom=$575/mo.
R15   Rent   52807                             bedroom         2bedroom=$695/mo.       563-386-0900

                                                                                       536-249-5716 or
R16   Rent                                    1 bedroom             300/month

             326 E 12th St. (Iowa & 12th     2+ Bedroom
R17   Rent   St.)                               House               650/month          563-528-2238

             Summer Ridge Apartments-                           1 bedrooms start at
             322 west 65th street #1                          $425; 2 bedrooms start
R18   Rent   Davenport, Iowa 52806          1 & 2 bedrooms            at $500

                                                              $2,500/mo. + $2,500
R19   rent   140 Forest Rd                 4 bedroom/2 bath          deposit           563-271-3520 or 309-292-2689

                                             2 bedroom          $700/mo. + $700
R19   Rent   1752 E. Pleasant Ct.            Townhome                deposit           563-271-3520 or 309-292-2689
                                           OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                            4 bedroom/2         $1,500/mo. +$1,500
R19   Rent   2670 N. Harrison             bath/2 car garage           deposit         563-271-3520 or 309-292-2689

R19   Rent   602 E. 14th St.                 1 bedroom         $600/mo. +$600 deposit 563-271-3520 or 309-292-2689

R19   Rent   619 E. Locust St.               1 bedroom         $575/mo. +$575 deposit 563-271-3520 or 309-292-2689

                                                                 $500/mo. + $500
R19   Rent   625 E. Locust St                1 bedroom                deposit         563-271-3520 or 309-292-2689

                                                               1 room=$450/month +
                                                                   $450 deposit; 2
             510 E Central Park Avenue,    1 bedroom & 2        room=$675/month +
R20   Rent   Davenport, Iowa                  bedroom               $675 deposit      536-271-3520

                                                                $325 per month per    309-269-3126 or
R21   Rent   722 W. 16th st.               3 bdrm/ 1 bath             person

                                            6 bedroom/2         $1,440/mo. + $1,740
R22   Rent   723 W. 17th St.              bath/1 car garage            deposit        Walter Skovronski 563-326-5693

                                                                 $675/mo. + $875
R23   Rent   637 E 15th Street               1 bedroom                deposit         Walter Skovronski 563-326-5693

                                                                $375/mo. (may change
                                                               for 5-person occupancy)
                                          4 bedroom (room        + $200 deposit (per
R24   Rent   1912 Brown                   for 4 or 5 people)            person)        Jude at 563-343-7812
                                               OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                  $850 per month + $850
R25   rent   1120 W 6th St. Milan Il, 61264      3 bedrooms               deposit           309-230-0990

                                                                     $480/mo. + $580
R26   Rent   2015 1/2 Pershing                   1 bedroom                deposit           Walter Skovronski 563-326-5693

                                                                  (down) $660/mo + $600
                                               (Downstairs) 2     deposit. (up) $500/mo.+
R28   Rent   2308 Scott St.                     (Upstairs) 1            $500 deposit           Jim Riedesel 563-359-0532

                                                2 bedroom/1
R29   Rent   1107 W. 13th St.                 bath/2 car garage          $650/mo.           563-383-0111

R29   Rent   221 14th St.                      Boarding room               $275             563-383-0111

                                                2 bedroom/1
R29   Rent   2510 Magnolia Dr.-Bettendorf     bath/2 car garage            $600             563-383-0111
                                                3 bedroom/1
R29   Rent   3321W. 42nd St.                    and1/2 bath.               $750             563-383-0111
                                              3 bedroom/1 and
R29   Rent   3323 W. 42nd St.                     1/2 bath                 $750             563-383-0111
                                                 1 bedroom
R29   Rent   531 E. 15th St.                       (studio)              $325/mo.           563-383-0111
R29   rent   531 E. 15th St.                     1 bedroom                 $400             563-383-0111
                                               3 bedroom/1 &
R29   Rent   720 W. 17th St.                      3/4 bath               $800/mo.           563-383-0111

                                               1,2,3 bedroom
R30   Rent   1701 Eagle Crest Ave.               apartments                                 Julie at 563-386-3605

R31   Rent                                       1 bedroom               $350/mo.           Denise at 563-370-6108

                                                                                            Jean Schmack @ 563-322-4647 or
R32   Rent   1444 W. Pleasant St.                                        $300/mo.           563-508-2201
                                                    OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                     Ashford Apartments: 4808     a) 1 bedroom b)           a) $575/mo. b)       563-386-0900 or
R33   Rent           Grand Ave.                       2 bedroom                $725/mo.

                                                  a) 1 bedroom b)           a) $450/mo. b)
R34   Rent           4323 N. Division St              2 bedroom                $525/mo.          563-386-6168

                                                  Multiple options in
                                                      1, 2 and 3
                     Chateau Knoll Apts-2900           bedroom           Prices Vary depending
R35   Rent           Middle Rd, Bettendorf           apartments             on apartment size    563-332-8421

                                                  a) 1 BR $550-610
                                                  b) 2 BR $640-720
                                                  c) 3 BR $770-955
                                                  d) 2 BR TH $925-
                                                         955             Prices Vary depending
                                                  e) 3 BR TH $950-                 on
                     Kimberly Club Apts-3300 E.          995             apartment/townhouse     Phone # 563-359-8235 Email:
R36   Rent           Kimberly                                                      size

                                                                                                 Phone # 563-359-3595
                                                   a)Studio             (a) $450 - $510    (b) Email:
                                                   b)1 bedroom           $510 - $595      (c)
      Indian Ridge                                 c)2 bedroom            $585 - $665    (d) m
R37   Apartments                                     d)3 bedroom               $620-$700
                                         OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                        a) $535-$630
                                        a) 1 bedroom b) b) $590-$695
             Winding Hills Apartments   2 bedroom c) 3 c) $745-$795
R38   rent   Davenport                       bedroom            d) $955            Winding Hills 563-359-0328

                                                                                   Phone #563-355-8941
                                            a) studio       a) $435-455            Email:
                                         b) 1BR effiency   b)$475-495         c)
                                             c) 1 BR        $500-555         d)    m
R39   Rent   Windsor Crest Apartments        d) 2 BR              $545-600
                                         OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

             Jersey Meadow Apartments
R41   Rent   2700 E. 53rd St            1 & 2 bedrooms           Not stated          866-479-1716 or 563-355-8836

                                                           $1,000/mo. + $1,500
                                        5 bedroom/1 and    deposit/share utilities
R42   Rent   607 W. 17th St.                1/2 bath          with roommates         Mandy:563-940-3919

                                                          $975/mo. + depost of 1
R43   Rent   718 Spalding Blvd                n/a               mo. rent             563-355-7055 or 563-343-1102

                                                                                   During business hours 563-333-
                                                             $425/mo. + $425       3741, Nights & weekends 563-359-
                                                          deposit (tenant pays gas 4594 or 563-340-9328 ask for
R44   Rent   122 E. 17th St.               1 bedroom              & electric)      Steve Hamilton

                                         3.5 bedroom/2
R45   Rent   Above Carrige Haus               bath                  N/A              563-324-9623

                                                           $750/mo. (month to
R47   Rent   726 E. Locust St             2 bedrooms      month lease) + utilities            563-579-1477
                                OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                    Lynn at 319-621-1103 or Brenda
R48   Rent   2208 Harrison      4 bedroom    $1600/mo. + deposit            at 319-621-6605

                                                                    Lynn at 319-621-1103 or Brenda
R48   Rent   2511 Brady         5 bedrooms   $1600/mo. + deposit            at 319-621-6605

                                                                    Lynn at 319-621-1103 or Brenda
R48   Rent   2110 Brown St      3 bedroom    $1400/ mo. + deposit           at 319-621-6605

R49   Rent   1411 E. 11th       2 bedroom    $575/mo. + deposit     Call Al 563-209-2155
                                                                    Contact Ed or Cindy 773-419-
R50   Rent   2203 Ripley St.                                        8782 or 630-638-1214
                                                                    Contact Ed or Cindy 773-419-
R50   Rent   2302 Ripley St.                                        8782 or 630-638-1214
                                                                    Contact Ed or Cindy 773-419-
R50   Rent   2218 Western Ave                                       8782 or 630-638-1214
                                           OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                 $375/mo. (may
                                             4 bedroom        change for 5-person
                                          (room for 4 or 5     occupancy) + $200
R51   Rent   1014 Locust St.                   people)        deposit (per person) Jude at 563-343-7812
                                                             $360/mo. + average of 708-945-0085 or
R52   Rent   2000th block of Ripley St.    4 bed, 1 bath         $70/mo. utilities

                                           4 bedroom/3
R53   Rent   2656 Dubuque St.                  bath           $1,250/mo. + utilities   Tammy at 563-528-0843

                                           4 bedroom/2
R54   Rent   2945 N. Brady St.                 bath                 $750/mo.           563-322-2073

                                          3 bedroom/1.5
R54   Rent   3414 W. 42nd St.                  bath                 $750/mo.           563-322-2073

                                          3 bedroom/1.5
R54   Rent   3322 W. 42nd St.                  bath                 $750/mo.           563-322-2073

                                                             $250/student/mo. or
                                           4 bedroom/ 1         $1,000 /whole
R56   Rent   On Locust St.                     bath               house/mo.            Mary at 309-235-0395
                                         OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                             563-499-5335 or email
R57   Rent   809, 520 & 521 Perry St.   1 & 2 Bedrooms         N/A 

                                           1,2 & 4
R58   Rent   Villas at Devils Glen        bedrooms         $399 and up       563-499-5511

                                        10 bedroom-1     June/July = $350,
R59   Rent   2230 Harrison St.          room available     August = $150
                                    OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                           $400 deposit
                                                       1)$650/mo. + utilities
                                                         or 2) $800/mo. &
                                                       landlord pays utilites
                                     2 bedroom/1       (not including phone,
R60   Rent   331 W. 29th St.             bath             tv or computer)       Rocky Sanders at 563-676-6295

                                   3 bed/ 2.75 bath/      $1,100/mo. +
R61   Rent   1117 N. Lincoln Ave     2 car garage         utilities/deposit     319-621-6605

                                                       $500/mo. for 1 student
                                                          $600/mo. for 2
R62   Rent   1425 W. High St.        2 bed/1 bath        students + utilities Roger at 563-340-9751
                                          OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

             Harrison St. by VanderVeer                                563-505-9663 or
R63   Rent   Park                          2 bed   $800/mo + deposit

                                                   $550/mo. +$550
R65   Rent   On Harrison and Hayes         1 bed       deposit         563-528-2238
                                        OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                            Dimitra Mullins 847-818-0256 or
                                                        $64,000 to buy      847-414-6256 or email
R66   Rent/Sale                         3 bed/1 bath    $750/mo. to rent
R67   Rent        1615 1/2 Ripley St.                  $500/mo. + deposit   563-650-3912

R68   rent        2325 LeClaire St.                        $595/mo.         815-601-9949

R69   Rent                                 2 bed           $525/mo.         Dr. Perry @ 801-725-9669
                                        OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                       4 bed/ 2 bath- 1 $375/mo. + $24/mo for
R70   Rent   1014 W Locust              room available     cable & internet   Lee Ann Walker 309-838-7352

                                        1 bedroom &           $390/mo. for
             Dorothea Apartments-311      Efficiency     efficiency, $480/mo.   Justin at 563-528-3975 or Linda
R71   Rent   W 3rd St.                   apartments          for 1 bedroom      at 309-912-3280

                                        2 bedroom, 1
                                        bath, 1 single    $800/mo. + $800       Dapo Kolawole 563-508-7971
R72   Rent   16th st. & scott st.        car garage           deposit           or email
                                        OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                        2 bedroom, 1     $700/mo. + $700     Dapo Kolawole 563-508-7971
R72   Rent        16th st.& scott st.       bath             deposit         or email

                                         3 bedroom, 1                        Elyse at 563-340-3171 or Dixie
R73   Rent        Spalding Blvd         room available       $400/mo.        563-340-7513

                                        2 bedroom/1      $66,900 to buy or
R74   Rent/Sale   514 N. Harrison St.       bath             $840/mo.        563-676-4726
                                    OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                          563-326-4056 or email
                                      3 sleeping       $760/mo. + 1 mo.
R75   Rent   720 E Locust St         areas/2 bath           deposit        or

                                                                          Laura at 563-676-9032 or
R76   Rent   1525 Fulton Ct           2 bedroom           $650/ mo.

             2950 Hawthorne Dr,
R77   Rent   Bettendorf Ia              Studio             $495/mo.

                                                     Studios=$435/mo. 1
                                    Studio & 1 & 2   bed=$525/mo.     2 Brian at 563-271-8832 or
R78   Rent   3539-3553 Heatherton     bedrooms           bed=$650/mo.

                                                       $525/mo. + $525
R79   Rent   Harrison and Hayes         1 bed              deposit        563-528-2238

                                    4/5 bed, 1 1/4                        Cheryl Pruger 630-243-0243 or
R80   Rent   419 Dover                   bath          $365/student/mo.   630-247-9868

                                                                          Cheryl Pruger 630-243-0243 or
R80   Rent   2124 Warren            3 bed, 1 bath      $365/student/mo.   630-247-9868
                                 OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                       Cheryl Pruger 630-243-0243 or
R80   Rent   2404 Warren         5 bed, 2 bath    $360/student/mo.     630-247-9868

                                 Studio Apt 2                          563-359-6815 or 563-320-3292
R81   Rent   1019 Perry          rooms & bath      $350-$385/mo.       or email

                                                 $1,300/mo. + $1,500   Walter Skovronski 563-326-
R82   Rent   2632 Harrison        3 bedroom            deposit         5693

                                                  $775/mo. + $975      Walter Skovronski 563-326-
R83   Rent   637 East 15th St.    2 bedroom           deposit          5693

                                                  $975/mo. + 1,175     Walter Skovronski 563-326-
R84   Rent   637 East 15th St.    3 bedroom            deposit         5693

                                 4 bedroom/ 2
R85   Rent   1520/22 Ripley st       bath            $1,200/mo.        Molly Price at 309-269-3126
                                         OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

             City View Apartments 321                    Rent ranges from
R86   Rent   E 7th st                                      $710-$940/mo.    877-388-6422
                                                          1 bedroom $400-
                                                       450/mo.            2
R87   Rent   124 W 13th st              1 & 2 Bedrooms   bedroom $500/mo. 563-388-6422

                                         Studio, large     studio $375/mo.
                                           studio, 1     large studio $390/mo.
R87   Rent   811 E 14th st                 bedroom        1 bedroom $475/mo. 563-388-6422
                                                            1 bedroom $400-
                                                         450/mo.             2
R87   Rent   218 E 9th st & 217 E 10th st 1 & 2 Bedrooms   bedroom $500/mo. 563-388-6422
                                            Studio & 1    Studio $375/mo.
R87   Rent   Eagle Point Manor               bedroom      1 bedroom $425/mo. 563-388-6422

R88   Rent   2200 block of Ripley St                     $360/mo + utilities
                                 OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                $500/mo. (everything
R89   Rent                       2 bedroom           included)         563-322-0741 or 563-343-2317

                                                 $600/mo. + $500       563-349-3555 or
R90   Rent   615 Farnum St       4 bed/1 bath        deposit 

                                                $435/mo. + electric
R91   Rent   708 Spalding Blvd   4 bed/2 bath      $400 deposit        Julie 309-737-7878
                                                 OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

R92   Rent       1626 W 34th St                   2 bed/1 bath     $900/mo.      Alec 563-940-2157

R93   Rent       311 W 3rd St                        1 bed       $390-$480/mo.   563-323-7737

                                                                                 Mary Schricker 563-441-5167 or
S1    Sale       3615 Boies Ave                       n/a           $61,900      563-349-7021

                                                                                 Mary Schricker 563-441-5167 or
S2    For Sale   31 Villa Drive, Hampton              n/a          $249,900      563-349-7021

                                                 3 bedroom/2.5                   Mary Schricker 563-441-5167 or
S3    Sale       1355 Highland Park-Bettendorf        bath         $169,900      563-349-7021
                                    OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

                                                                      Mary Schricker 563-441-5167 or
S4   Sale   3210 W. Lombard               4             $139,900      563-349-7022

                                                                      Mary Schricker 563-441-5167 or
S5   Sale   20602 271St-Eldridge          4             $399,900      563-349-7023

S6   Sale   803 W. Rusholme               3             $124,900      David Denger 563-676-4254

                                                                      Brett Cline at
                                                             or 563-
S7   Sale   2130 Vine St.          2 bedroom, 1 bath   $110,000 obo   503-9357
                                           OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

S8    Sale   2504 Harrison St. Unit #1C   1 bedroom, 1 bath   $45,900    Steve 563-528-2885

S9    Sale   2514 N. Harrison St. #N2       1 bed, 1 bath     $55,000    563-940-9355

S10   Sale                                  2 bed, 2 bath      $8,500    Dale Park 563-445-1816

S11   Sale   1336 W. 57th St                3 bed/2 bath      $147,000   563-884-5154 or 386-334-7429
                                                                OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

         Additional Information                 Date Received

 Specials: Reduced deposit to $225, ($75
  non-refundable) plus additional saving
of: $100 off 1st full month's rent on a 7-10
    mo. lease OR $200 off your 1st full
     month's rent on a 12-15 mo. lease           11/16/2009

Across the street from SAU, north of Locust
   St., Spacious living room, remodeled
  kitchen, 2 bathrooms (1 remodeled), 2
    garage stalls(as a bonus to the two
 occupants that share the 15'x25' master
  bedroom), laundry facilities, room for 2
 more cars with off-street parking, empty
  basement for extra storage or at-home
   weight room, rental starts August 10          11/16/2009

 large room, refrigerator, stove, partially
  furnished, water & sewer bills inlcuded        11/16/2009

Upper Apartment, 2 bedroom, 1 bath,
larger eat in kitchen, large yard with fence,
appliances, tenant pays gas/electric and
phone, *cable, sewer, water, trash are
paid*, basement storage if needed, pets
okay w/ additional damage deposit
$100.00, Month to month or lease avail
per 6 months, Available immediately.              11/16/2009

Five private rooms in large 2 story home. 6
Blocks from SAU. Cable and phone outlets
in each room. Share furnished living room,
dining room, 2 bathrooms and kitchen with
appliances and cooking utensils, laundry
room with washer and dryer, study and 4-
seasons room. Plenty of closet and storage
space, high efficient heating and central
A/C, large yard and off street parking. One
year lease. Some bedroom furnishings
may be available. No Smoking                         6/7/2010
                                                           OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

1st floor apartment for rent, 6 blocks from
SAU, newly remodeled, new carpet. Cable
and phone outlets in each room. Living
room, kitchen with appliances, laundry
room with washer & dryer, screened in
porch. Central heat, security lights, off
street parking, large yard.                    4/23/2010

2-2 bedroom apartments. Stove, Fridge,
Laundry in complex. Security-24
surveiellance, tenant pays gas and electric   11/16/2009

Clean 2 bedroom upper unit of duplex.
New carpet, paint and kitchen cabinets.
Tenants pay gas and electric. Water, sewer
and garbage paid. 50% OFF of first month
rent plus deposit will get a qualifying
applicant in ASAP. No dogs.                     6/3/2010

3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, two floor condo,
finished basement, fenced yard.               11/16/2009
Near Palmer, free heat/hot water, ceiling
fans, Laundry room on sit, cable, fridge,
balcony                                       11/16/2009
1 bedroom available to rent near front of
University.                                   11/16/2009

816sq. Feet two bedrooms, large walk in
closet, recently remodeled, includes new
insulations, furnace, and a/c stove and
refrigerator included and off the street
parking. Water & sewer included but
tenants are responsible for garbage,
electric and gas.                               8/2/2010

Furnished room for rent--safe and great
neighborhood. Fenced in yard (may allow
pets)--we have one rather friendly dog.
Maintain quiet lifestyle ourselves. Prefers
non smoking (outside is OK). Rent is
$450/mo. and includes cable, TV, utilities,
internet access, kitchen and laundry
priviledges. Call for appointment.              7/9/2010

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, finished
basement, 2 car garage, 3 residents,
females preferred, no pets requested and
available mid December.                       11/16/2009
                                                             OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

Great move in specials:$250 deposit. heat,
water, sewer, and trash paid. Spacious
floor plans, cable & internet ready, 24 hour
maintenance, window coverings, ceiling
fans, small pet friendly, private entries, 24
hour fitness center, ample green space,
large bathrooms, washer & dryer in every
unit, quiet neighborhood, garage and
storage also available. 6 & 12 month lease.
Student, employer and senior discounts
available.                                       10/1/1910

1 bedroom with access to 1 bath, office, 2
car garage, fenced in yard, internet,
satellite tv, stove, fridge, washer & dryer.
Microwave soon. No pets no smoking              11/16/2009

newly update, refinished hardwood floors,
new kitchen/bath floors, newer windows,
smaller bonus room with closet and
window, w/d hookups, off street parking,
basement, includes window covering, new
stove, new dishwasher and refrigerator,
tenant responsible for all utilities and snow
clearing mowing negotiable                      11/16/2009

Dedicated to making our community a
cleaner and safer place to live. Some
apartments have been newly remodled
with hard wood floors, ceramic tile in the
kitchen and bathroom, as well as built in
microwaves. Summer Ridge has a 24-hour
surveillance system.                            11/10/2009

4 bedroom, 2bath, 2.304 sq. foot, historic
McClellan Heights area, gorgeous oak
floors, large wood burning fire place,
formal dining room, sunroom, large eat in
kitche, fenced yard with play area, 2 car
garage, central a/c. 2 furnaces, laundry
room, finished family room in basement,
knotty pine woodwork, abundance of
windows and storage areats, landscaped
yard. application/fee/background check
required.                                       11/16/2009

2 bedroom townhome with attached
garage, large yard, central a/c, basement,
offers 4 levels (living room & kitchen on
main level, 2 bedrooms & 1 bath on upper
level, garage and laundry room-garage
level and basement lower level. No pets,
application required, application fee,
background check.                               11/16/2009
                                                           OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage. 1,264 sq.
footage, additional parking adjacent to
garage, central a/c, large fenced yard,
deck, garden, washer/dryer hookups,
completely remodeled. Small pets
considered with fee.
Application/fee/background check required.    11/16/2009
Large 1 bedroom apartment with heat and
water provided. Off street parking.
Application required, fee and background
check required.                               11/16/2009
large 1 bedroom with washer/dryer
hookups in basement. You pay own
utilities, no pets, off street parking.
Application fee and background check
required.                                     11/16/2009

1 bedroom apartment, heat and water
provided, off street parking. No pets,
application required and application fee
and background check required.                11/16/2009
1 bedroom=water included in rent
application required w/ fee. 2
bedroom=townhome styled apartment with
central heat and ac, w/d hookup in
basement, garage parking application
required w/ fee                               11/16/2009
newly remodeled, 3 bedrooms 1 bath,
huge bathroom, 1 car garage, appliances
included otherwise unfurnished but
negotiable, big deck,                           2/9/2011
1 block south of Locust, West of Gaines
street, 3 doors from corner= 5 minute
walk!! Stove, refrigerator, washer and
dryer provided. Central A/C. Off street
parking. Residents pay utilities (Mid-
American budget is $219/mo.) Currently
occupiedby SAU students that will be
leaving in May.                                2/11/2010

Heat, water, sewer, included, stove and
refrigerator included. 666 sq. feet. Newly
remodeled. Stove and refridgerator
included. Street parking. On bus route. 10
blocks from SAU.                                2/9/2011

4 bedrooms (1 bedroom may be split to
accommodate 5 residents). 2 bathrooms
(one full and one 3/4 bath). All utilites
paied except cable and internet. 11 month
lease (July to May) or 12 month lease (July
to July). Full kitchen, dining room and
family room. Drive way parking. Backyard.
Front porch.                                   2/11/2010
                                                               OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

3 bedroom house, 1 bathroom, CAC,
ceiling fans, window coverings, stove,
refrigerator, washer/dryer hook up, pets
permitted, lease required, garage, off
street parking, finished basement,
patio/porch, storage space, yard. House is
split foyer and has hardwood floors,
updated kitchen, and bathroom, new paint,
and lighting throughout most of the
upstairs. less than 10 minutes from
campus. tenants pay all utilities                 11/16/2009
One bedroom apartment. Heat, water and
sewer included in rent. 3 blocks from SAU.
Off street parking.                                 2/9/2011
 (down) utilities paid by landlord, available
   in December 09. (up) utilities paid by
    landlord, available now. No laundry
facilities in either unit and female residents
                    preferred.                   11/16/2009
Small room off kitchen, partial basement,
refrigerator & stove. NO PETS. Lease
option available.                                 11/10/2009
Boarding room, shared kitchen and bath.
Includes all utilities. Single, clean and
sober males only.                                 11/10/2009

townhouse-Central Air, full unfurnished
basement, fenced in yard, NO PETS.                11/10/2009
Full unfinished basement, off street
parking, NO PETS.                                 11/10/2009
Full unfinished basement, off street
parking, NO PETS.                                 11/10/2009

kitchen, bath, living/bedroom                     11/10/2009
main level                                        11/10/2009

Close to SAU. Non-smoking.                        11/10/2009

Winter Special, for limited time only. Any
new deposits made on apts before Dec.
31st will be locked in with a 15% student
discount for the term of the lease.                12/9/2010

quiet northwest davenport home with a
middle-aged woman. 1 bedroom, queen
size bed, closet, 4-drawer dresser and
cable. No smokers. Located at Northwest
Blvd and Pine St.                                 11/16/2009
Female preferred, non-smoker, close to
SAU. I'm renting 2 rooms upstairs.
Washing facilities available.                     11/16/2009
                                                            OFF CAMPUS HOUSING
spacious floor plans (layout available in
binder in Res Life office), cable/internet,
24 hour maintenance, window coverings,
ceiling fans, small pet friendly, private
entries, 24 hour fitness center, ample
green space, large bathrooms,
washer/dryer in every unit, quite
neighborhood, storage and garage units
available.                                     11/16/2009

FIRST MONTH FREE! Water, sewer & trash
paid. Completely remodeled buildings, new
kitchens, Central A/C, ceiling fans,
corporate apartments available, controlled
access, fitness/heath center, garage
available, laundry in each building, large
courtyard for relaxing, some balconies,
professional managment, major credit
cards accepted                                 11/16/2009

On-site management, cats and dogs
welcome, 24 hour on-site maintenaince, 2
pools, clubhouse, volleyball, tetherball, 2
tennis courts, basketball courts, 2 exercise
rooms, BBQ areas, located on city bus
routes, close to I-74 and I-80, within
walking distance to parks, shopping, dining
and public golf course.                        11/16/2009

Kimberly Club offers a wide array of
housing styles to suit your needs: Large 1,
2 and 3 bedroom apartments and 2 & 3
bedroom town homes. We are located in
one of the most convenient areas of the
Quad Cities, just minutes from Interstate
74, as well as Duck Creek Plaza, a bike
path, and a golf course. Enjoy living new
superior shopping centers, fine
restaurants, major employers, and the
airport. Our community is exceptional, yet
our prices are affordable. Water, sewer,
trash removal and gas is included in the
rent (we pay your heat!). Student
discounts available! Pet friendly!             11/16/2009
Spacious studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom
apartments located on the corner
of Jersey Ridge and Kimberly Rd. Filled
with amenities in a park-like
setting with an outdoor pool, picnic spots,
tennis and basketball
courts, playground, sand volleyball, and
24-hour fitness center. We
pay for the water, sewer and trash. Tenant
is responsible for the
electric.                                      11/16/2009
                                                              OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

Spacious 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms in a
fabulous Davenport location just North of
Kimberly on Eastern Avenue. St. Ambrose
student discounts available. Buildings are
2 & 3 stories with balconies on all 2nd and
3rd floors. Most 3rd floor apts have built in
wood burning fire places, 1st floor apts
either have patio door or large picture
window depending on location. Rental
community has a large outdoor pool,
gazebo's with picnic tables and grills and a
24-hour exercise room. Each kitchen is
equipped with a stove, refrigerator,
dishwasher and garbage disposal and there
are also ceiling fans in the dining rooms.
Blinds are provided for all windows and
sliding glass doors. Laundry facilities are
well maintained debit card machines on
every floor. All utilities are included in the
rent except electric. 24-hour emergency
maintenance and Courtesy Officer services
available. Small pets are permitted (call
for guidelines).                                 11/16/2009

Studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms in a fabulous
Davenport location just South of 53rd
Street on Jersey Ridge Road. St. Ambrose
student discounts available. Buildings 3
stories with balconies on all 2nd and 3rd
floors. Most 3rd floor apts have built in gas
fireplaces, 1st floor apts either have patio
door or double windows depending on
location. Rental community has picnic
areas with grills. Each kitchen is equipped
with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and
garbage disposal and there are also ceiling
fans in the dining rooms. Blinds are
provided for all windows and sliding glass
doors. Laundry facilities are well
maintained debit card machines on every
floor. All utilities are included in the rent
except electric and gas. 24-hour
emergency maintenance and Courtesy
Officer services available. Cats and caged
animals are permitted (call for guidelines).     11/16/2009
                                                               OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

$299 move in special!!! We pay heat,
water, sewer and trash. Spacious floor
plans, large on site laundry facilities, large
closets, washer and dryer in select units,
private entries, 24-hour emergency
maintenance, cable and internet ready,
great location. All students recieve a 5%
discount!!!!                                      11/10/2009

Large 5 bedroom house, new carpet
throughout, cable & high speed internet
ready throughout, large fenced backyard &
newly remodeled kitchen.                          11/16/2009

1 block from SAU, utilities not included,
easily will accommodate 3 students, lease
and background check required.                     11/9/2009

One bedroom upper level apartment
available immediately. Quiet area, Central
A/C, low utilities, window coverings, stove,
refridgerator, garbage disposal, storage
space, patio/porch and off street parking.
Landlord pays water, sewer and trash pick-
up and tenants pay gas and electric. Lease
is required. No pets & no smoking.                 5/11/2010
2800 sq.ft Chicago loft style apartment
available immediately. Washer & dryer
included. 2 private parking spaces and
private entrance.                                  5/11/2010

 1,400 sq. foot. Spacious carriage house
with 2 bedrooms, living room, parlor, big
kitchen with dishwasher, hardwood floors,
  high ceilings and on site laundry, extra
     storage space, park is adjacent to
property. Near SAU (1.5 miles to campus)
  and directly on bus route. Central A/C.
  Month to month lease and tenants pay
                  utilities.                     12/21/2010
                                                             OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

   This is a historic home, located north of
  SAU. It has 4 bedrooms plus a library on
 the main floor which can also be used as a
     bedroom. There is a full bath on the
 second floor, a half bath on the main floor
  and a shower bath in the basement. The
     kitchen has been updated with new
    stainless steel appliances, including a
   dishwasher, and there is a washer and
dryer in the basement as well. Large living
 room and dining room. Bonus room on the
3rd floor. 2 car detached garage plus room
for up to 3 more cars make thissome of the
  best housing in the area. Available July
                    1, 2011.                    2/9/2011

       Brick beauty on the east side of
 Vanderveer park. Lots of space to spread
out, there are 4 bedrooms no the 2nd floor
 and a 5th bedroom with bath on the main
   floor. There is another 1/2 bath on the
main floor and the formal dining room and
  spacious living room offer lots of options
for students looking for space. The kitchen
will include all new appliances, and there is
    a washer and dryer in the basement.
Plenty of parking. Available June or July
                    1, 2001                     2/9/2011

 Ranch style home has 3 bedrooms on the
    main floor with a full bath and a 4th
 bedroom being added in the spring. 2nd
    bath in the basement and the newly
   remodeled kitchen has lots of storage
space, stainless steel appliances including
dishwasher, microwave and there are hard
wood floors throughout the house. Located
 right next to campus on the west side. 2
 car detached garage and plenty of street
     parking. Available June 1, 2011.           2/9/2011
Heat and water furnished, cozy and
quiet upper 2 bedroom apartment. Off-
street and private parking. No pets.
Background check required                        1/29/2010



                                                     OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

4 bedrooms (1 bedroom may be split to
accommodate 5 residents). 2
bathrooms (one full and one 1/2 bath).
All utilites paied except cable and
internet. 11 month lease (July to May)
or 12 month lease (July to July). Full
kitchen, dining room and family room.
Washer, dryer and dishwasher
provided. Large deck, front porch and
nice backyard. Alley Parking. 3 car
garage available for rent.               2/11/2010

Roommate needed!!                        7/30/2010

Big 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house near
Palmer and SAU. Plenty of parking in
both front and back of house. Whole
house remodeled in 2006. New
windows, mechanicals, ect. Lots of
room with the large entry way, living
room, formal dining room and eat in
kitchen. Fenced in back yard. Partial
basement. Large 3 car garage. Coffee
shop across the street.                  2/16/2010
4 bedroom, 2 bath, off and on street
parking, fenched yard, cellar with
washer and dryer hookups. Available
4/1/10.                                   3/9/2010
3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, full unfinished
basement, off street parking. NO PETS.
Available soon.                           3/9/2010

3 bedroom,1.5 bath, full unfinished
basement, off street parking, NO PETS.    3/9/2010

Across the street from SAU library.
Large living room, dining room and
kitchen. Also features a nice pantry,
front porch and large loft like attic.
Available August 1st.                     7/8/2010
                                                         OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

All locations have either one bedroom/
one bath suites or two bedroom/ two
bath suites. 809 Perry St. apts have
full kitchens with breakfast bars, energy
star appliances, central A/C, high
efficiency heating, private balcony or
patio, multi-level security, fitness
center, study room with free wi-fi, social
room with big screen TV, urban garden
and outdoor gathering space. Modern
on-site laundry facilities. 520 & 521
Perry St. apts have free basic cable,
spacious closets and pantry, internet
provided through Palmer College
Network, full-size tub and shower,
secured accewss building, emergency
stations in parking lots, pets welcome
(some exclusions apply) plenty of
parking, close to downtown. All
locations have a top notch
management team, 24-hour emergency
maintenance, electronic rent payment
options, community events and social
opportunities and roommate matching
available.                                   4/26/2011

Large bedrooms with private
bathrooms. New black, sleek
appliances, private balconies and
patios. Warm taupe colored walls. Huge
closests. Overhead lighting in all rooms.
Tons of natural light. Tan shag
carpeting. 24 hour fitness center. WiFi
conference room. Multilayered security
system. 24 hour hour maintenance.
Media room with free WiFi. Concierge
service. Sand volleyball court.
Swimming pool and hot tub. Close to
shopping. Relaxing courtyard.                 2/9/2011
Roommate wanted for 10 bedroom
house by Vanderveer Park. Looking for
someone to live there from June 1st
until the beginning of August.               4/30/2010
                                                        OFF CAMPUS HOUSING
Nice 2 bedroom, 1 bath home only one
mile from SAU. Includes all appliances:
washer, dryer, stove, refridgerator and
dishwasher. Central A/C. Tenants are
responsible for yard and snow removal.
Full basement for storage, office area
and/or exercise room. One car
detached garage. Off street parking
with street and alley access. Home is
also on the market for $95,000.
Available July 17, 2010.                     7/7/2010
Only 10 minutes from SAU, this is a
great 3 bedroom house, with a 2 car
attached garage and a partially finished
basement. There are 2 3/4 baths and
there are hardwood floors in two
bedrooms. A newer stove and
refrigerator are in the kitchen with lots
of cabinets and there is a washer/dryer
in the basement. The dining room
located in the breezeway could also be
used as a den or office. (Pictures
available in ResLife binder)                7/13/2010

1/2 of a duplex, 2 bedroom, 1 bath,
living room and basement. Utilities are
at renter's expense, lawn mowing and
snow shoveling is renter's
responsibility. $500 deposit. $10 check
required. Available August 1st.             7/13/2010
                                                          OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

Beautiful 2 bedroom apartent in an
active part of Davenport. Located
nexted to the lovely VanderVeer park
and Botanical Garden. The apartment
is located on the 3rd floor of a very safe
and secure apartment complex
overlooking the park. 12 windows with
tons of beautiful natural light and a bay
window setup viewing the park. Large
living roomwith mantle, large dining
room, kitchen with pantry, 2 large
bedrooms with plenty of closet and
drawer space. Hardwood floors
throughout apartment, tons of closet
and drawer space built into the walls,
antique swinging door to kitchen, back
door and back staircase, stylish
exposed brick in the bedrooms look
great. Laundry and storage space in
basement. Great neighbors, no noise,
no trouble. Ceiling fans in bedrooms.
Rents includes heat, water, snow
removal, parking, lawn care and
exterior building maintenance. Local
bus route stops right in front of building.
Building if pet friendly. 2 A/C units
provided. Some furnishings provided as
well. Come take a look!! Available
immediately!                                  8/11/2010

2 Blocks north of VanderVeer Park.
Unique loft layout, quiet area, on site
laundry, garage space may be available
at extra cost. Available Feb 1, 2011.         1/24/2011
                                                          OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

3 bedroom, 1 bath home for rent/sell.
Must rent/sell immediately so price is
lowered to rent/sell. 2 floors, 3
bedrooms upstairs and 1 bath and
living quarters downstairs. Fenced in
yard with wood deck that was refinshed
in August 2010. Unfurnished basement
with alot of storage space. Willing to put
in new carpet the 2nd week of
September 2010 if it will help rent/sell--
to be discussed further. Call if
interested. Flexible and willing to work
with you. require 1st and last months
deposit. Available immediately.               8/30/2010
Quiet building, no pets, no smoking.          9/20/2010

Rent includes water, garbage and
sewer. It also includes up to $200/mo.
in heat. Tenants are responsible for
electric and any other expenses. Large
bright, spacious living area, yard and
snow removal are taken care of, extra
deposit fee for pets. Located east of
VanderVeer park and north of Locust St.      10/14/2010
2 bedroom apartment across Brady St.
from Palmer College. Spacious
apartment with huge bedrooms.
Washer and dryer included. Everything
has been updated: new furnace, central
A/C new vinyl energy efficient windows
with mini-blinds, new roof, new
plumbing and electrical, ceiling fans in
each room, off street parking. Includes
access to recreation room with pool
table, fuss-ball table, big screen TV and
group study area. Available next
trimester. With coupon (available in
SAU reslife office) SAU and Palmer
students will recieve one free month of
rent.                                        10/28/2010
                                                         OFF CAMPUS HOUSING
2 story house with basement and attic.
Kitchen, 4 bedrooms, living room,
dining room, 2 bathrooms, fully
furnished. 1 bedroom available. 2
blocks from SAU. Move in ASAP, lease
will be up in May.                           11/3/2010
One year lease. $30. nonrefundable
application/credit fee. Deposit equal to
at least one months rent. Move in
discount of 20% off rent if paid on or
before 5pm on the 1st of the month.
Rent includes appliances (refridgerator
and stove) water/sewer, and onsite coin
laundry. Off street parking available
throught the city of davenport for
$30/mo. No pets.                            11/10/2010

ready for immediate rental upon
approval! Main floor of duplex, walking
distance to SAU and Palmer. Close to
Genesis East and West hospitals. All
utilities included except cable and WiFi.
Shared laundry facility with separate
entrance. Pets require approval and
additional $200 norefundabled deposit.
Fenced rear yard. One year lease.
Range/Oven, refridgerator, washer and
dryer included. Large eat in kitchen,
pantry. Large updated bathrooms,
kitchen, electrical and light fixtures.
Large livingroom. Unfurnished. Credit
and Davenport police department
landlord background check required.
Tenant is responsible for lawn/yard
work and snow removal.                      11/16/2010
                                                        OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

2nd floor of duplex, walking distance to
SAU and Palmer. Close to Genesis
East and West hospitals. All utilities
included except cable and WiFi. No
smoking, no exceptions. Shared
laundry facility with separate entrance.
Pets require approval and additional
$200 norefundabled deposit. Fenced
rear yard. One year lease.
Range/Oven, refridgerator, washer and
dryer included. Large eat in kitchen,
pantry. Large updated bathrooms,
kitchen, electrical and light fixtures.
Large livingroom. Unfurnished. Credit
and Davenport police department
landlord background check required.
Application fee is $35 cash for each
over 18 applicant. Parking in rear.        11/16/2010
Looking for a male or female for a 3
bedroom house with 1 bedroom
available. Older house but has been
fixed up and looks very nice. House has
a 2.5 car garage and large deck. Rent
includes utilities. Great deal! You can
see the house from New Hall (SAU
campus)                                    11/18/2010

Price is negotiable. This is a 2
bedroom, 1 bath condo. There is a
large dining room, kitchen, living room,
huge built-in closests & storage
closests, more storage in basement,
onsite laundry (coin) and original
hardwood floors throughout. Condo
dues: $282/mo (included in rent).
Includes heat, sewer, water, trash and
grounds keeping (landscaping, snow
removal, cleaning of common areas.)        11/30/2010
                                                          OFF CAMPUS HOUSING
Open to students only. No children or
pets. Dining area. Kitchen and
appliances. No drinking or drugs.
Microwave. Winding stairwell on all
levels. Garbage, water, and sewer
paid. Large deck overlooking park.
Private parking. No smoking indoors.
Viewing area. Washer & dryer
available. Living area. 1 yr lease.           12/1/2010
2 bedroom, located on quiet court.
Hardwood floors, new vinyl windows,
unfinished basement No garage.
Available March 1, 2011.                       2/9/2011
Sublet option for remainder of 10-11
school year. It is a studio apartment
and located near the Ramada and Old
Chicago. The gas, electric and
everything else is free. There is a bed
available too. If needed I can leave the
furniture I have as well. It is a queen
size bed. I dont think it will be too small
for two people. It is a studio apartment
but pretty spacious. Pictures are
available upon request.                        1/3/2011

New tile, carpet and paint in most units,
Many units have new cabinets, New
security cameras being installed in
January. Off street parking. Located
next to public library and Duck Creek
bike path. Onsite laundry. Located
among single family homes.                     1/4/2011

2 Blocks north of VanderVeer Park.
Upper level, private balcony on site
laundry, garage space may be available
at extra cost. Water, sewer and trash
included in rent. Available Feb 1, 2011.      1/24/2011
Washer and dryer. A/C, ceiling fans,
dishwasher, large backyard. Available
6/20/2011                                     1/24/2011
Washer and dryer and extra shower.
A/C, ceiling fans, dishwasher and large
yard. Available 7/20/2011                     3/17/2011
                                                        OFF CAMPUS HOUSING
Finished basement, washer, dryer,
shower, A/C, ceiling fans, dishwasher
and large front yard. Available
6/10/2011                                   1/24/2011
Many units remodeled. Off street
parking. Refrigerator and stove
furnished. Ceiling fans. Laundromat
facilities. Secured entrances. Clean,
desirable. Across street from school. All
residents are students.                     1/26/2011

Spacious 3 bedroom lower duplex.
1800 sq. feet. Located 6 blocks north of
SAU. Heat, water, sewer included in
rent. Coin operated washer and dryer in
basement. 1 car garage with opener.
Off street parking. Cable or Dish ok.        2/9/2011

Spacious 2 bedroom apartment. Heat,
water and sewer included in rent. 727
sq. feet. Newly remodeled. Stove and
refridgerator included. Street parking.
On bus route. 10 block from SAU. No
rent increase while in school!               2/9/2011
Spacious 3 bedroom 3rd floor
apartment. Heat, sewer and water
included in rent. 1050 sq. feet. Newly
remodeled. Stove and refridgerator
included. Street parking. On bus route.
10 blocks from SAU. No rent increase
while in school!                             2/9/2011

Side by side duplex. 4 bedrooms and 2
baths on each side. Large rooms. Being
renovated March 2011. One year lease.
Available summer 2011. 2.5 Blocks
from SAU. Dishwasher, stove,
refrigerator, washer and dryer. Water,
garbage and heat utilities included.
Electric and cooking gas separate. Off
street parking. Security lighting. Mowing
is included. No smoking. Pets
negotiable. Rent includes
housekeeping services for common
areas ever 6 weeks.                         4/14/2011
                                                          OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

Luxury apartments in downtown
Davenport. 665 sq. ft panoramic rooftop
deck. Free fitness center. Free WiFi.
On-site magnetic card activated laundry
facilities with cable TV. Beautiful waiting
lobby with leather furniture. Garage
parking if available. Emergency
maintenance available 24 hours a day.
Custom made porcelain/ceramic tile
kitchen counters. Ceramic tile kitchen
and bathroom floors. High grade
carpeting throughout. Ceiling fans.
Brushed nickel and polished brass
fixtures and hardware. Refrigerator with
bottom mount freezers. Flat range
ovens with range top microwaves.
Deep dual well porcelain kitchen sinks.
High end dishwashers and garbage
disposals. Flexible lease terms. $400
deposit. Pet friendly ( extra deposit,
breed restrictions and two pet limit). All
applicants subject to credit and criminal
background check.                              2/9/2011

Newer decks, appliances, paint, flooring
and carpet.                                    2/9/2011

Newer decks, appliances, paint, flooring
and carpet.                                    2/9/2011

Newer decks, appliances, paint, flooring
and carpet.                                    2/9/2011

newer paint, flooring and carpet               2/9/2011
Looking for a fifth FEMALE roommate.
Starting May 2011 through May 2012.
Contact ASAP.                                 2/24/2011
                                                           OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

Roommate wanted. You will have your
own room w/ walk in closet in a large,
beautiful two bedroom house. Located
3 blocks west of VanderVeer park, 3
blocks north of SAU campus; off of
Central Park and Western Ave. Includs
stove, refrigerator, large six ft privacy
fence, screened in front porch, newer
windows, new roof in 06, tons of
storage space, brand new water hater,
rustic style bathroom with whirlpool
bath, water softener and filtered water
at kitchen sink, 9 ft ceilings, ceiling fans
in every room, hardwood floors, washer
and dryer. Fresh paint. Pets may or
may not be allowed depending on
individual and breed; extra fees for
pets. Credit and background check will
be done. Available 2/22/11. Partially
furnished room if needed. Month to
month lease; 30 day notice prior to
vacate. Rent and terms may be
negotiable. Couples are welcome but
rent may be higher.                            2/22/2011

4 bedrooms, 1 bath. Patio/porch. 1392
sq. ft. Refrigerator and stove. Washer
and dryer. Carpeting. Interior repainted.
New roof and windows. Large, multi-
layered backyard. Not pets.                     3/2/2011

4th MALE tenant needed. Located on
SW corner of SAU. 1/2 block north of
Lombard and Gaines. Large deck in
back; with patio furniture plus gas grill
included in rent. Available June 1st,
2011. Washer and dryer included; no
charge. Rent includes cleaning service.
Safe neighborhood, very clean house.           3/28/2011
                                                             OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

2 bedroom, 1 bath, 2 car detached
garage. No pets. No smoking. All new
carpet and paint. Bathroom totally
renovated, kitchen counters, blinds,
furnace heater exchange. Rent includes
landscape care and snow removal.
Tenant pays gas, electric, water, sewer
and garbage. $25 application fee;
background check, credit check, person
references and previous rental
references required.                             4/1/2011
Move in discount 20% off 1st months
rent. $15 discount eaach month for
timely payment of rent. Appliances
furnised, water/sewer paid, on -site
laundry, off street parking available,
secure entry, no pets.                          4/20/2011
Stop renting. Priced to sell, this ranch with
main floor laundy is the perfect home for
the first time homebuyer. Updates include
vinyl siding and roof and the yard is totally
fenced.                                         11/16/2009

You could live in this affordable, almost
new 2-story villa located in a grated river
front community that offers and open floor
plan with fireplace and wet-bar. The
attached 2-car garage and extra large
closets offer plenty of room for storage.
The kitchen comes complete with new
stainless appliances. You will enjoy your
own boat slip, with fresh water and
electricity.                                    11/16/2009

This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath ranch is a must
see! The 15x26 living room with fireplace
and adjacent screened in porch is perfect
for family gatherings. Built in cabinets in
dining area and hallway off plenty of
storage. Kitchen has bright and sunny eat-
in area, and recreation room in basement
offers additional living space. Updated
furnace, siding and roof round out this well-
maintained home.                                11/16/2009
                                                             OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

Four bedroom, 2-story house in desirable
NW Davenport location near Wilson
Elementary School. Kitchen has cabinets
galore and new laminant flooring. All
appliances includeing washer and dryer
remain. Screened porch over looks private
fenced yard. Basement has been drained
tiled with sump pump.                           11/16/2009

You must see this spectacular 4 bedroom
hom on .8 acres overlooking a 17 acre
stocked lake in award winning North Scott
school system. Home has recently been
updated with additional garage, new
exterior and interior amenities. The open
floor plan flows from great room into
dining arean and kitchen and is flanked by
16x14 sun room with heated floors. Walk-
out basement has finished recreation room
and the 4+ car garage offers much room
for storage and recreational vehicles. (new
roof, siding & exterior stone. New granite
kitchen counters & ceramic floors. new
bamboo wood floors in great room and
dining area. Built in desk & shelf system in
main office. Master bath with jucuzzi, glass
shower and heated ceramic floors. Main
floor laundry. New entry. Addional 16x37
garage. New upstairs carpet in July 2009.
Fourth bedroom is a 15x20 bonus area.
Seperate mud room off entry to garage.
Over 3,300 sq. foot of finished living area.    11/16/2009

One of the nicest homes located in the
Glen Armil Addition. Fresh painted interior.
Very spacious, well maintained and
professionally landscaped. Close to SAU
and Assumption. This is one home you
have to see the inside to appreciate all that
it has to offer. Includes Kitchen, formal
dining room, 3 bedrooms, rec room,
finished basement, living room, sun
roomand garage. (See flyer for room
dimensions.)                                      3/6/2010

Hardwood floors, fire place, central A/C, 1
car detatched garage, ceiling fans in all
rooms, all appliances including washer and
dryer stay. Located 3 blocks from SAU.
Pictures available.                              5/20/2010
                                                            OFF CAMPUS HOUSING

Why rent when you can buy for just
$45,900 with a monthly contract payment
of $530. 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo located
right across from beautiful Vander Veer
Park. The condo features a newly
remodeled kitchen with new appliances,
large dining room, spacious master
bedroom and a nice sized living room as
well. There are refinished hardwood floors
in the living room and hall and newly laid
tile in the dining room and kitchen. The
bedroom has new carpeting. There are
laundry facilities as well as private storage
in the building. You even have your own
private parking space. The association
dues cover water, heat, sewer, trash
collection, snow removal and building
maintenance. For photos of the inside visit
our website at         6/23/2010

Condominium: hard wood floors, extra
storage, ceiling fans, crown molding,
siding is all brick, refridgerator and stove
included, window A/C.                           7/13/2010

All appliances stay including dishwasher        7/29/2010
Oakbrook ranch style home. Corner lot
with 2 large garages ( a ver deep
detached single car garage and an
attached double car garage, both with
new electric garage doors.)
Business/salon area in home.
Cathedral living room, sunken family
room with fireplace, and a large
recreation room. lots of storage areas.
new 10'x20' deck in the back. Tankless
water heater. 5 filter water purification
system. new sump pumps (main and
backup) with batter backup power.
Outside floodlights and power
recepticles. Great insulation. This
corner lot is in a very quiet
neighborhood on a plowed snow route.
It is close to 3 excellent schools. The 2
garages and a large property make this
a unique property.                              8/11/2010