DBQ Constructed Response Worksheet by malj


									                                 DBQ Constructed
                                 Response Worksheet

                                 Directions: Analyze the
                                 documents at each station and
                                 answer the questions below in
                                 the space provided.

Document 1:
Question 1.) Based on this excerpt, what was the purpose of this

Question 2.) Who was this intended to take this test?

(Registrar Reading)

Document 2:
Question 1.) What policy is illustrated by this photograph?

(Rex Theater)

Document 3:
Question 1.) What did this receipt entitle its owner to do?
Question 2.) How might this receipt be discriminatory?

(Poll Tax receipt)

Document 4:
Question 1.) What is represented by this illustration?

(Violent vote illustration)

Document 5:
Question 1.) What African-American response to post-
Reconstruction white actions is represented in this photograph?

(School Photograph)

Document 6:
Question 1.) Which African-American leader’s policies are
demonstrated in this photograph?

Question 2.) Where was this photograph taken?

(Tuskegee Photo)

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