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					                                   David's Bridal Script
Hi,_________ this is _________________from Mary Kay Cosmetics. I recently sent
you a post card stating you are a winner of a Mary Kay gift certificate for registering at
David's Bridal. Did you receive that?___ Great! Congratulations on your upcoming
wedding! You must be so excited? _________ What is your wedding
date?_______________. (it doesn't matter if their wedding date is near or far. You sound
excited and let them know in your conversation that now is the perfect time to meet with
them)you can say...its right around the corner or its less than a year away or good thing
you are giving yourself some time. I am so excited to let you know what you have won
from Mary Kay. We have been working with David's Bridal for the last 10 years to help
you get ready for your wedding. You will receive a free facial where you can try all the
latest skin care products from Mary Kay. Plus you get a free gift from me. Isn't that
great? I think all brides should get free gifts. Don't you agree? You will also get a gift
certificate(here you will share what your bride hostess program is, if you need help with
this let me know) And you will receive a color consultation. My job is to help you choose
colors for the day of your wedding for you and your wedding party. As an extended
service our Mary Kay customers receive their make up application for free on their
wedding day. Let me ask you a few questions for the color consultation
         1. your hair color,

       2.   your eye color,

       3.   your skin tone,

       4.   your skin type
       6.   Any concerns or problems with your skin

__________, I will come to your home , (you don’t have to go to the store(or you can
invite them to the training center on Wed. nights at 6pm)at a day and time that is
convenient for you and me. Which is better for you, day or evening, week day or week
end. ( Pick two days and give her a choice. Pick two times and give her a choice.
)Schedule her.

Check address and directions. Let her know you will be mailing her a confirmation letter
and look book. You will be calling her a few days before the class to discover if her any
of her girlfriends will be joining her. You would like permission to call them before her
class and check on their skin needs.

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