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					Great Lakes Electronic Distributing                                                                                                           Updated 5/1/2008
22 James E Casey Drive
Buffalo, NY 14206

NYS Contact Pricing          Contract# PT56509

Category                     Vendor_Part_No            Product_Description                        NYS Price    Manufacturer                   Manufacturer_Part_No
Base PC Configurations

                             E02CO10                   Elite Desktop PC Intel Based - Beige   $       43.45    GLED base PC                   E02CO10
                             E02CO20                   Elite Desktop PC Intel Base Black      $       43.45    GLED base PC                   E02CO20
                             E02CO30                   Elite Desktop PC AMD Based - Beige     $       43.45    GLED base PC                   E02CO30
                             E02CO40                   Elite Desktop PC AMD Base Black        $       43.45    GLED base PC                   E02CO40
                             E02CO50                   Elite Notebook PC                      $       53.40    GLED base PC                   E02CO50
                             E02CO60                   Elite Pedestal Server                  $      119.13    GLED base PC                   E02CO60
                             E02CO70                   Elite 1U/2U Server                     $      119.13    GLED base PC                   E02CO70
                             E02CO80                   Elite 4U Server                        $      119.13    GLED base PC                   E02CO80

All the components listed under the various component group headings below are only intended to be sold as part of a
complete, configured system. These individual parts are not manufactured by GLED. Only the end product, which is a
configured PC system, is manufactured by GLED.

Cable / Connector Options
                             C04CA600                  SATA HDD LED Cable                               4.09   Chenbro America                26H113519-006
                             C08CA004                  Serial ATA Power Adapter                         1.70   Cables Unlimited               FLT-3700
                             C08CA013                  18" SATA Cable                                   1.99   Cables Unlimited               FLT-6000-18
                             C08CA016                  10' IEEE Printer Cable                          15.15   Cables Unlimited               PCM-1150-10
                             C08CA017                  Serial Port Add-On Cable                         1.99   Cables Unlimited               FLT-2610-12
                             C08CA020                  6' USB Cable                                     2.16   Cables Unlimited               USB-5000-02M
                             C08CA028                  Power Adapter Cable 3.5"/5.25"                   1.17   Cables Unlimited               FLT-3600-06
                             C08CA029                  6' European Power Cord                           2.63   Cables Unlimited               PWR-1100-06
                             C08CA032                  18" Dual IDE Cable                               0.99   Cables Unlimited               FLT-1600-18
                             C08CA035                  24" Floppy Cable                                 1.35   Cables Unlimited               FLT-1000-24
                             C08CA036                  24" Dual IDE Cable                               0.99   Cables Unlimited               FLT-1600-24
                             C08CA037                  34" Dual IDE Cable                               1.11   Cables Unlimited               FLT-1600-34
                             C08CA039                  6' UK Power Cord                                 6.26   Cables Unlimited               PWR-1150-06
                             C08CA040                  3PIN ATX Fan to 4PIN Molex Con                   1.28   Cables Unlimited               FAN-CABLE
                             C08CA045                  1 Ft. Daisy Chain Extender PC                    4.97   Cables Unlimited               PWR-PSLIB-6
                             C08CA050                  4-pin MPC Audio Cable                            0.76   Cables Unlimited               CDR-2600-24
                             C08CA110                  10 Foot CAT5 Network Cable                       3.57   Cables Unlimited               UTP-1700-10A
                             C08CA200                  Female to Female RCA Coupler                     0.64   Cables Unlimited               AUD-3100
                             C08CA205                  6ft S-Video to RCA Cable                         8.48   Cables Unlimited               27964
                             C08CA300                  MPC-2 to 3.5mm Audio Cable                       4.79   Cables Unlimited               C19-GREATLA-003
                             C08CA920                  Ultra ATA UDMA 80pin Cable                       2.16   Cables Unlimited               FLT-1800-24
                             C08PC002                  Power cable                                      0.46   Cables Unlimited               PRC
                             I03AO400                  24 to 20 pin Power Converter                     2.05   In Win Development             CBL-ATX24P-20P
                             I03CA100                  ATX 12V 4 PIN 2x2 Ext Cable                      1.46   SPARKLE POWER                  CBL-EXTEND-12V
                             M08CA100                  FDD Cable for MSI MB                             0.29   MSI COMPUTER                   K13-1034062-E06
                             N06CA100                  24 in 1U USB Converter Cable                    15.21   Newnex Technology              UH1-AR02T5P-24
                             S17CA105                  18" Round Blue ATA 100/133 Cab                   8.19   STARTECH                       IDE100RND18

Desktop / Server Chassis Options
                          A16CW100                     4U 19" Rackmount Black (Short)                 140.40   Advanced Industrial Computer   SRMC4S2-0-0
                          A16CW150                     4U 19" Rackmount Black (Long)                  310.05   Advanced Industrial Computer   SRMC4L2-0-0
                          A16CW262                     2U 19" Rackmount Chassis                       690.30   Advanced Industrial Computer   RMC2Q2-G-XPS***
                          A16CW267                     2U 19" RM Chassis LP w/460w PS                 251.55   Advanced Industrial Computer   RMC-2P-46E-2LP
                          A16CW325                     1U Rackmount w/500W PS                         374.40   Advanced Industrial Computer   RMC-1K-50E-SS2-2-S5380G2NR***
                          A17CW125                     DE-945CD Barebone System                       390.19   AOpen                          91.ADE01.I450
                          A17CW140                     Mini PC MP965-D W/DVDRW                        405.99   AOpen                          91.MA601.B1W0
                          A26CW110                     mATX Tower Chassis w/ 300W PS                   43.29   Apex Technology                TX-319
                          C04CW026                     Desktop Chassis mATX w/250W PS                  55.58   Chenbro America                PC71023-BD-250W
                          C04CW106                     7-bay Pedestal Server - Black                   91.84   Chenbro America                SR10569 BLACK
                          C04CW108                     12-bay Pedestal Server - Black                 145.08   Chenbro America                SR10769 BLACK
                          C04CW260                     2U Rackmount LP                                198.90   Chenbro America                RM21600-LP
                          C04CW373                     1U 19" Rackmount                               204.75   Chenbro America                RM12402***
                          C04CW374                     1U 19" Rackmount w/BP SATA II                  271.44   Chenbro America                RM11704T2-B
                          C04CW601                     3U 19" Rackmount w/8 HD bays                   319.41   Chenbro America                RM31108***
                          C04CW602                     3U 19" Rackmount w/SATA II BP                  407.16   Chenbro America                RM31408T-DH
                          C04CW603                     3U 9 Bay Rackmount Chassis                     245.70   Chenbro America                RM31300-H
                          C04CW611                     4U 19" Rackmount w/16 HD bays                  421.20   Chenbro America                RM41416-B
                          C04CW701                     5U Rackmount 24 bay 1350wt PS                 2158.65   Chenbro America                RM51924ML-1350H
                          C11CW100                     8-Bay mATX Tower Chassis - BLK                  43.29   Casedge                        TLM436
                          C65CW500                     C137-120w Mini-ITX Chassis                     161.46   Casetronic                     168-0137-IBEDAC
                          E08CW100                     Mini ITX Chassis w/120W PS                     142.74   IPOX INTERNATIONAL, INC.       IP-S1548B
                          E30CW110                     Small Form Factor Chassis                       59.09   Evercase USA                   E1290B-B25
                          G06CW105                     mATX Tower Chassis - Black                      49.72   GIGACASE CORP                  YY-A213
                          I03CW035                     Slimline Micro ATX w/300W PS                    48.06   In Win Development             IW-BT566T.300BL/MATX
                          I03CW042                     Slimline Micro ATX w/300W PS                    64.11   In Win Development             BL631
                          I03CW054                     7-bay ATX MidTower - Beige                      33.93   In Win Development             IW-C589TX.FU2AD BOXED - BEIGE
                          I03CW055                     7-bay ATX MidTower - Beige                      33.93   In Win Development             IW-C589TX.FU2AD BULK - BEIGE
                          I03CW060                     7-bay ATX Mid-Tower Blk/Silver                  25.15   In Win Development             EA013X-BL
                       I03CW070   5-bay mATX Mid-Tower Blk/Slvr     21.64   In Win Development              EM013X-BL
                       I03CW095   7-bay ATX MidTower - Black        33.93   In Win Development              IW-C589TX.BFU2AD BOXED - BLACK
                       I03CW096   7-bay ATX MidTower - Black        33.93   In Win Development              IW-C589TX.BFU2AD BULK - BLACK
                       I03CW228   5-bay MATX Mid-Tower - Black      27.50   In Win Development              IW-Z589TX.BFU2AD BOXED - BLACK
                       I03CW229   5-bay MATX Mid-Tower - Black      27.50   In Win Development              IW-Z589TX.BFU2AD BULK - BLACK
                       I03CW401   4-bay MATX Desktop 240wt          45.92   In Win Development              IW-D500N.240U2
                       I12CW101   3U 19" Rackmount (Aluminum)      198.90   I-STAR                          D-300AL
                       I12CW102   Red Aluminum 3U Doors             21.64   I-STAR                          DD-300-DR
                       I12CW105   4U 19" Rackmount                 146.25   I-STAR                          D-400-6
                       I12CW106   4U 19" Rackmount (Aluminum)      193.05   I-STAR                          D-400-6AL
                       S22CW100   mATX Cube Chassis                146.25   SILVERSTONE                     SG01B***
                       S22CW105   8 Bay ATX Decktop - Black        196.56   SILVERSTONE                     LC01B***
                       S22CW110   2 Bay mATX Desktop w/300W-BLK    169.65   SILVERSTONE                     LC04B-300***
                       S80CW115   XPC G31 Barebone Cube            280.80   Shuttle Group                   SG31G2

Fan Options
                       C04CF606   80MM Middle Fan for RM41416        9.95   Chenbro America                 84-321410-045
                       D16CF050   S478 1U Cooling Fan               28.66   DYNATRON                        D33
                       D16CF100   S775 Side Blower CPU Heatsink     29.25   DYNATRON                        P64
                       D16CF105   S775 1U Cooling Fan               30.42   DYNATRON                        P33G
                       D16CF106   S775 CPU Fan MB mounted           22.82   DYNATRON                        P785
                       D16CF108   S775 2U Cooling Fan               16.38   DYNATRON                        P18G
                       D16CF110   Core 2 Duo Mobile CPU Cooler      18.72   DYNATRON                        I31G
                       D16CF112   Socket 775 Core 2 CPU Fan         33.35   DYNATRON                        P555
                       D16CF115   Socket 478 CPU Fan                12.29   DYNATRON                        D2CG
                       D16CF120   S478 1U Cooling Fan               22.23   DYNATRON                        D32G
                       D16CF200   Socket A / S370 CPU Fan            9.36   DYNATRON                        C41
                       D16CF250   1U S775 CPU Cooler                39.78   DYNATRON                        P168
                       D16CF400   80mm Secondary Case Fan            3.28   DYNATRON                        DF128025BH-3/4
                       D16CF405   120mm Secondary Case Fan           7.90   DYNATRON                        DF1212025BL-3G
                       E09CF100   AMD Sempron CPU Fan                4.68   Cooler Master                   DK8-7G52A-0L-GP
                       G06CF105   60mm 3pin BB Case Fan              6.55   Connector Resources Unlimited   60CM-126025PL-3/4G
                       I03CF200   92mm 3pin Case Fan                 3.80   In Win Development              FAN-DF1209BM2
                       I12CF100   60CM Chassis Fan                  12.87   I-STAR                          DD-FANG-60
                       I12CF105   80CM Fan with Fan Guard            4.09   I-STAR                          DD-FANG-80
                       M88CF900   Socket 775 Dual Core CPU Fan      12.87   Cooler Master                   CI5-9IDPA-I1-GP***
                       Z02CF100   Fatal1ty Universal CPU fan        63.86   Zalman USA                      FS-C77
                       M88CF110   120mm Secondary Case Fan          12.87   Cooler Master                   SAF-S12-E1

Floppy Drive Options
                       A11FD100   Floppy Disk Drive -Beige           6.13   Alps Electric Co, Ltd.          DF354H068
                       A11FD200   Floppy Disk Drive -Black           5.98   Alps Electric Co, Ltd.          DF354H121-BLK
                       L05FD100   USB External Floppy Drive         29.05   Lacie                           706018
                       S04FD115   1.44 Slim Floppy Drive - Black     0.58   SONY CORP OF AMERICA            MPF820
                       S30AO155   9-in-1 Card Reader w/Floppy       44.30   SIIG                            JU-91RW12-S4

Hard Drive Options
                       S03HD306   80GB PATA/100 7200rpm HDD         53.00   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST380215A
                       S03HD400   Cheetah 73GB 15K SAS HDD         221.62   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST373455SS
                       S03HD405   Cheetah 146GB 15K SAS HDD        316.45   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST3146855SS
                       S03HD410   Cheetah 300GB 15K SAS HDD        706.02   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST3300655SS
                       S03HD504   Barracuda 80GB SATA-300 NCQ       46.74   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST380815AS
                       S03HD514   Barracuda 160GB SATA-300 NCQ      57.82   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST3160815AS
                       S03HD517   Barracuda 200GB SATA-300 7200     86.00   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST3200827AS
                       S03HD528   Barracuda 250GB SATA-300 7200     68.90   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST3250410AS
                       S03HD531   Barracuda 320GB SATA-300 7200    103.84   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST3320620AS
                       S03HD615   80GB Mobile SATA-150 5400rpm      67.67   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST980811AS
                       S03HD616   100GB Mobile SATA-150 5400rpm    112.32   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST9100828AS
                       T02HD132   60GB Mobile SATA150 5400rpm HD    54.99   Toshiba                         TOB-60-5400SATA
                       T02HD134   80GB Mobile SATA150 5400rpm HD    57.92   Toshiba                         TOB-80-5400SATA
                       T02HD140   120GB Mobile SATA150 5400rpm      62.60   Toshiba                         TOB-120-5400SATA
                       W01HD506   160GB ATA/100 8MB 7200rpm HDD     56.60   Western Digital                 WD1600AAJB
                       W01HD512   250GB ATA/100 8MB 7200rpm HDD     72.60   Western Digital                 WD2500JB
                       W01HD516   74GB SATA Raptor 10000rpm        160.88   Western Digital                 WD740ADFD***
                       W01HD521   36GB SATA Raptor 10000rpm        128.12   Western Digital                 WD360ADFD***
                       W01HD617   160GB Raid Edition SATA2 7200     66.69   Western Digital                 WD1600YS
                       W01HD622   250GB Raid Edition SATA2 7200     76.64   Western Digital                 WD2500YS
                       W01HD626   320GB Raid Edition SATA2 7200    100.62   Western Digital                 WD3200YS
                       W01HD636   500GB Raid Edition SATA2 7200    118.76   Western Digital                 WD5001ABYS
                       W01HD640   750GB Raid Edition SATA2 7200    210.32   Western Digital                 WD7500AYYS
                       W01HD706   80GB SATA II/300 8MB 7200 HDD     41.54   Western Digital                 WD800AAJS
                       W01HD716   160GB SATA II/300 8MB 7200 HDD    52.07   Western Digital                 WD1600JS
                       W01HD726   250GB SATA II/300 8MB 7200 HDD    64.35   Western Digital                 WD2500JS
                       W01HD994   80GB ATA/100 8MB 7200rpm HDD      45.63   Western Digital                 WD800JB
                       W01HD999   Hard drive frame kit               1.73   Western Digital                 FRAME
                       S03HD607   100GB Mobile PATA-100 5400rpm     71.37   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY              ST9100828A***
                       T02HD130   40GB Mobile SATA150 5400rpm HD    52.65   Toshiba                         TOB-40-5400SATA***

I/O Card Options
                       H08AO105   Impact VCB 166 Capture Card LP    48.88 HAUPPAUGE                         00166
                       H08AO120   WinTV-PVR 150 MCE LP              80.52 HAUPPAUGE                         1086
                   L03AO180   1 Port Parallel Card PCI          28.08   Lava Computer Mfg.   PARALLEL PCI
                   L03AO310   2 Port Serial Card PCI            32.29   Lava Computer Mfg.   DSERIALPCI
                   L03AO315   2 Port Serial Card PCI LP         35.51   Lava Computer Mfg.   DSERIAL-PCI/LP
                   L09AO100   TV Tuner Card - PCI               44.46   Leadtek              TV2000XP-EXPERT
                   M08AO110   LDC PC VESA Bracket               38.03   MSI COMPUTER         E23-6422010-E19
                   M13AO100   2 Port Serial Card PCI            30.20   Microwise            CC0002S000P
                   S17AO100   1 Port Serial Card PCI LP         30.62   STARTECH             PCI1S550-LP
                   S30AO100   5 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card           28.56   SIIG                 JU-P50212
                   S30AO106   2 Port USB 2.0 Card PCI           17.69   SIIG                 JU-P20212-S2
                   S30AO110   3 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card - LP      26.48   SIIG                 LP-U22011
                   S30AO120   2 Port Serial PCI Card - LP       50.37   SIIG                 LP-P20011
                   S30AO125   1 Port Serial PCI Card - LP/FH    39.96   SIIG                 JJ-P10211
                   S30AO130   4 Port Serial PCI Card - LP       67.87   SIIG                 LP-P40011-S6
                   S30AO135   3 Port Firewire Card PCI-LP       38.34   SIIG                 LP-N21011-S8
                   S30AO140   1 Port Parellel Card PCI - LP     37.33   SIIG                 LP-P01011-S6
                   S30AO150   Hi-Speed USB 52-in-1 Reader/Wr    30.33   SIIG                 JU-52NF12-S1
                   S30AO205   3 Port FireWire Card PCI          27.29   SIIG                 NN-300012-S6

Keyboard Options
                   K08KB151   USB 104 Keyboard - Black          13.07   Keytronics           KT800U2
                   L02KB125   Deluxe 250 USB Keyboard - Blk      7.41   Logitech             967738-0403
                   M02KB125   Basic Black PS/2 KB & Mouse       16.97   MICROSOFT            CA9-00001
                   M02KB130   Basic White PS/2 KB & Mouse       17.11   MICROSOFT            B7S-00003
                   M02KB152   Microsoft Wired KB PS/2-Black     10.97   MICROSOFT            ZG6-00006
                   M02KB170   Wireless Optical Desktop 3000     34.92   MICROSOFT            69N-00013
                   M02KB905   Basic Keyboard PS/2                9.13   MICROSOFT            Q95-00013
                   M02KB906   Microsoft Basic KB PS/2-Black      9.71   MICROSOFT            Q95-00087
                   M02KB910   Multimedia Keyboard PS/2          12.23   MICROSOFT            K49-00023***
                   M02KB911   Multimedia Keyboard PS/2 Black    13.39   MICROSOFT            N86-00009
                   M02KB920   Internet Keyboard PS/2            11.35   MICROSOFT            C19-00375***
                   M02KB932   Wireless Optical Desktop 3000     31.01   MICROSOFT            69N-0001
                   M02KB935   Wireless Optical Desktop 700v2    23.40   MICROSOFT            JUA-00031

Memory Options
                   C35DR025   512MB PC2700 DDR333 SODIMM        30.42   CRUCIAL              CT6464X335***
                   C35DR055   256MB PC2700 DDR                  17.55   CRUCIAL              CT3264Z335***
                   C35DR065   1024MB PC2700 DDR                 47.97   CRUCIAL              CT12864Z335***
                   C35DR075   512MB PC2700 ECC DDR              37.44   CRUCIAL              CT6472Z335***
                   C35DR085   512MB PC2700 ECC REG DDR          44.46   CRUCIAL              CT6472Y335***
                   C35DR090   1024MB PC2700 ECC REG DDR         79.56   CRUCIAL              CT12872Y335***
                   C35DR100   256MB PC3200 DDR400               17.55   CRUCIAL              CT3264Z40B
                   C35DR105   512MB PC3200 DDR400               25.74   CRUCIAL              CT6464Z40B
                   C35DR110   1024MB PC3200 DDR400              47.97   CRUCIAL              CT12864Z40B
                   C35DR115   256MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533           12.87   CRUCIAL              CT3264AA53E***
                   C35DR120   512MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533           15.21   CRUCIAL              CT6464AA53E***
                   C35DR125   1024MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533          25.74   CRUCIAL              CT12864AA53E***
                   C35DR130   512MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 ECC       18.72   CRUCIAL              CT6472AA53E***
                   C35DR135   256MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 SO DIM    14.04   CRUCIAL              CT3264AC53E***
                   C35DR140   512MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 SODIMM    15.80   CRUCIAL              CT6464AC53E***
                   C35DR145   1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 SO DIMM     25.74   CRUCIAL              CT12864AC53E***
                   C35DR150   512MB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 ECC       18.72   CRUCIAL              CT6472AA667
                   C35DR151   1GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 ECC         29.25   CRUCIAL              CT12872AA667
                   C35DR152   2GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 ECC         63.18   CRUCIAL              CT25672AA667
                   C35DR154   512MB PC2-5300 DDR2-667           15.21   CRUCIAL              CT6464AA667
                   C35DR155   1GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667             25.74   CRUCIAL              CT12864AA667
                   C35DR156   2GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667             54.99   CRUCIAL              CT25664AA667
                   C35DR160   512MB PC3200 DDR 400 SO DIMM      36.27   CRUCIAL              CT6464X40B
                   C35DR165   1GB PC3200 DDR 400 SO DIMM        58.50   CRUCIAL              CT12864X40B
                   C35DR170   1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 ECC         31.59   CRUCIAL              CT12872AA53E
                   C35DR175   512MB DDR2-677 ECC/FB             39.78   CRUCIAL              CT6472AF667
                   C35DR176   1GB DDR2-667 ECC/FB               54.99   CRUCIAL              CT12872AF667
                   C35DR177   2GB DDR2-667 ECC/FB              112.32   CRUCIAL              CT25672AF667
                   C35DR210   1GB PC2-3200 ECC/REG DDR2-400    153.27   CRUCIAL              CT12872AB40ES
                   C35DR215   512MB DDR2-533 ECC/FB             46.80   CRUCIAL              CT6472AF53E***
                   C35DR220   1GB DDR2-533 ECC/FB               53.82   CRUCIAL              CT12872AF53E
                   C35DR250   512MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 E/R       29.25   CRUCIAL              CT6472AB53E
                   C35DR260   2GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 E/R        155.61   CRUCIAL              CT25672AB53ES
                   C35DR270   1GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800             26.91   CRUCIAL              CT12864AA800
                   C35DR271   2GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800             60.84   CRUCIAL              CT25664AA800
                   C35DR275   512 MB DDR2-667 SODIMM            15.21   CRUCIAL              CT6464AC66
                   C35DR276   1GB DDR2-667 SODIMM               23.40   CRUCIAL              CT12864AC667
                   C35DR277   2GB DDR2-667 SODIMM               57.33   CRUCIAL              CT25664AC667
                   D02DR155   128MB 168-pin 100Mhz              13.46   Memory Products      PC100/16*64
                   D02DR156   256MB 168-pin 100MHz              26.33   Memory Products      PC100/32*64
                   D02DR165   128MB 168-pin 133Mhz              15.80   Memory Products      16*64/PC133
                   D02DR167   256MB 168-pin 133Mhz              26.33   Memory Products      32*64/PC133
                   D02DR169   512MB 168-pin 133Mhz              45.05   Memory Products      64*64/PC133
                   D02DR378   256mb DDR333 SODIMM               15.80   Memory Products      256MB DDR333 SODIMM
                   D02DR381   256MB DDR2-533 SODIMM             11.11   Memory Products      32*64 DDR2-533 SODIMM
                   D02DR382   512MB DDR2-533 SODIMM             14.62   Memory Products      64*64 DDR2-533 SODIMM***
                   D02DR383   1GB DDR2-533 SODIMM               23.99   Memory Products      128*64 DDR2-533 SODIMM***
                      D02DR414   128MB PC800-40 RDRAM              46.21   Memory Products            128MB PC800-40 RAMBUS
                      D02DR415   256MB PC800-40 RDRAM              86.00   Memory Products            256MB PC800-40 RAMBUS
                      D02DR499   128MB PC2700 DDR                  13.46   Memory Products            16*64 DDR-333
                      D02DR500   256MB PC2700 DDR                  12.29   Memory Products            32*64 DDR-333
                      D02DR510   512MB PC2700 DDR                  22.82   Memory Products            64*64 DDR-333
                      D02DR515   1GB PC2700 DDR                    38.03   Memory Products            128*64 DDR-333
                      D02DR520   256MB PC2700 ECC DDR              34.52   Memory Products            32*72 DDR-333***
                      D02DR524   1024MB PC2700 ECC DDR             57.92   Memory Products            124*72 DDR-333 ECC
                      D02DR543   1024MB PC2700 ECC REG DDR         49.14   Memory Products            128*72 DDR-333 ECC REG***
                      D02DR549   128MB PC3200 DDR                  13.46   Memory Products            16*64 DDR-400%
                      D02DR550   256MB PC3200 DDR                  12.29   Memory Products            32*64 DDR-400
                      D02DR560   512MB PC3200 DDR                  22.82   Memory Products            64*64 DDR-400
                      D02DR565   1GB PC3200 DDR                    38.03   Memory Products            128*64 DDR-400
                      D02DR572   512MB PC3200 ECC DDR              42.70   Memory Products            64*72 DDR-400 ECC***
                      D02DR590   256MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533           16.97   Memory Products            32*64 DDR2-533
                      D02DR591   512MB PC2-3200 DDR2-400 ECC/RE    34.52   Memory Products            64X72 DDR2-400 ECC/REG***
                      D02DR593   2GB PC2-3200 DDR2-400 ECC/REG    140.98   Memory Products            256X72 DDR2-400 ECC/REG***
                      D02DR595   512MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533           14.62   Memory Products            64*64 DDR2-533
                      D02DR596   1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533             23.99   Memory Products            128*64 DDR2-533
                      D02DR605   512MB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 ECC       23.99   Memory Products            64*72 DDR2-533 ECC
                      D02DR606   1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 ECC         31.01   Memory Products            128*72 DDR2-533 ECC
                      D02DR611   1GB DDR2-533 ECC/FB               47.39   Memory Products            VBI-128X72 PC2-4200 ECC/FB***
                      D02DR620   256MB PC2-5300 DDR2-667           16.97   Memory Products            32X64 DDR2-667
                      D02DR621   512MB PC2-5300 DDR2-667           14.62   Memory Products            64X64 DDR2-667
                      D02DR622   1GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667             23.99   Memory Products            128X64 DDR2-667
                      D02DR623   2GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667             56.74   Memory Products            256X64 DDR2-667
                      D02DR630   512MB PC2-6400 DDR2-800           16.97   Memory Products            64 X 64 DDR2-800
                      D02DR631   1GB PC2-6400 DDR2 800             30.42   Memory Products            128 X 64 DDR2-800
                      D02DR632   2GB PC2-6400 DDR2 800             59.67   Memory Products            256*64 DDR2-800
                      C35DR255   1GB PC2-4200 DDR2-533 E/R         53.82   CRUCIAL                    CT12872AB53ES

Modem Options
                      C40IM102   V.92 PCI Int. Data/Fax Modem       6.69   CNet Technology Inc.       CM-56S
                      U10IM063   56k PCI ControllerModem           76.89   USRobotics                 USR5610C
                      U10IM075   56K PCI Winmodem                  38.45   USRobotics                 USR5699B
                      Z01IM120   56k PCI ControllerModem           33.78   ZOOM TELEPHONICS           1125-02-26A
                      Z01IM131   56K PCI V.92 LP Soft Modem        30.47   ZOOM TELEPHONICS           H08-15531-EF

Motherboard Options
                      C65MB100   VIA Mini ITX Motherboard         153.27   Casetronic                 EPIA-ML8000AG
                      C65MB500   P8F154 S478 Mini-ITX MB          178.58   Casetronic                 071-31107-353
                      E08MB125   479 Mini ITX MB 533FSB DDR       283.14   IPOX INTERNATIONAL, INC.   IP-4MTS6B
                      E08MB150   945GM Mini ITX Motherboard       293.67   IPOX INTERNATIONAL, INC.   ADE-6050
                      I05MB130   S775 G33 1333FSB ATX MB          125.24   Intel                      BOXDG33FBC
                      I05MB131   S775 G33 1333FSB ATX MB          119.96   Intel                      BLKDG33FBC
                      I05MB135   S775 G33 1333FSB mATX MB         124.01   Intel                      BOXDG33BUC
                      I05MB136   S775 G33 1333FSB mATX MB         112.32   Intel                      BLKDG33BUC
                      I05MB210   Mini ITX SIS MB + Celeron 220     76.04   Intel                      BOXD201GLY2A
                      I05MB523   LGA771 Dual Xeon 5000V EATX      417.65   Intel                      S5000VSASATAR
                      I05MB524   LGA771 Dual Xeon 5000X EATX      527.34   Intel                      S5000XVNSATAR
                      I05MB548   S775 3000 1066FSB ATX            239.31   Intel                      S3000AH
                      I05MB668   S775 945GC1066FSB MATX            65.64   Intel                      BLKD945GCPE
                      I05MB669   S775 945GC1066FSB MATX            69.32   Intel                      BOXD945GCPE
                      I05MB688   S775 G965 1066FSB ATX            122.79   Intel                      BOXDG965RYCK
                      I05MB689   S775 Q965 1066FSB MATX           132.40   Intel                      BLKDQ965GFEKR
                      I05MB695   S775 Q35 1333 FSB MATX           141.05   Intel                      BLKDQ35JOE
                      I05MB696   S775 Q35 1333 FSB MATX           146.02   Intel                      BOXDQ35JOE
                      I05MB740   S775 3210 1333FSB ATX            259.46   Intel                      S3210SHLC
                      I25MB100   S478 Mini ITX Mainboard          238.68   ITOX                       G4V100-P-G
                      I25MB110   S775 945G 1066FSB mATX           265.59   ITOX                       G7L330-B2-G
                      M08CO115   S775 LCD All In One System       759.33   MSI COMPUTER               CRYSTAL A410
                      M08MB112   S775 945G DDR2 mATX               72.54   MSI COMPUTER               945GM3-F / 7267-030
                      M08MB116   S775 P4M800Pro DDR2 mATX          48.85   MSI COMPUTER               PM8PM-V-7222-100***
                      M08MB120   S775 GF750 1333FSB mATX           56.74   MSI COMPUTER               P6NGM-L
                      M08MB853   AM2 Nvidia nForce 560 ATX         71.37   MSI COMPUTER               K9N NEO-F V3 - 7369-010***
                      M08MB962   AM2 VIA K8M890 MATX MB            54.99   MSI COMPUTER               K9VGM-V - 7253-010
                      T04MB110   S775 P4 E7230 DDR2 ATX MB        231.66   Tyan Computer              S5160G2NR
                      T04MB120   LGA771 Dual Xeon 5000P EATX      446.94   Tyan Computer              S5380G2NR-RS
                      I05MB685   S775 G965 1066FSB MATX           114.98   Intel                      BLKDG965SSCK
                      I05MB687   S775 G965 1066FSB ATX            118.54   Intel                      BLKDG965RYCK
                      M08CO112   S775 LCD All In One PC w/Touch   793.84   MSI COMPUTER               CRYSTAL 945-LT
                      E09MB100   S754 mATX MB + Sepron 2800+       61.72   ECS                        K8M800-M3-2800
                      E09MB105   AM2 GF6100 ATX Motherboard        51.19   ECS                        6100SM-M
                      M08MB125   S775 G31 1333FSB mATX             72.54   MSI COMPUTER               G31M-F/7379-010

Mouse Options
                      L02MO125   Optical Wheel Mouse USB - Blk      7.41   Logitech                   931637-0403
                      M02MO280   Optical Intellimouse PS/2         16.29   MICROSOFT                  D58-00015
                      M02MO310   Optical Wheel Mouse - Black        9.70   MICROSOFT                  N71-00007
                      M02MO315   Intellimouse Explorer - Black     20.13   MICROSOFT                  N48-00020
                      M02MO605   Optical Mouse PS/2 USB-Beige       8.92   MICROSOFT                  P58-00008
                           M02MO900   Trekker Wheel Mouse PS/2            4.21   MICROSOFT              F94-00004***
                           M02MO910   Intellimouse PS/2                   4.68   MICROSOFT              673-00431***
                           M02MO920   Optical Intelimouse PS/2 USB       13.10   MICROSOFT              D58-00041***
                           M02MO922   Optical Intelimouse - Black        13.10   MICROSOFT              N50-00002
                           M02MO926   Intellimouse Explorer PS/2-USB     19.42   MICROSOFT              N48-00019
                           M02MO930   Basic Optical Mouse USB             6.79   MICROSOFT              P58-00006***
                           M02MO936   Optical Wheel Mouse Black USB       8.37   MICROSOFT              N71-00005
                           M02MO945   Basic Optical Mouse USB - BLK       7.14   MICROSOFT              Q66-00008

Network Card Options
                           A17NC120   Wireless B/G Kit for MP965         34.21   AOpen                  90.MA658.0010
                           C40NC101   10/100 PCI NIC                      4.88   CNet Technology Inc.   POWER200
                           C40NC240   G54 Wireless PCMCIA Card           26.32   CNet Technology Inc.   CWC-854
                           C40NC250   G54 Wireless PCI Adapter           20.27   CNet Technology Inc.   CWP-854
                           C40NC260   10/100/1000 PCI NIC                15.21   CNet Technology Inc.   CNPROG-2000S
                           D08NC105   LP Wireless G PCI Adapter          42.24   D-LINK SYSTEMS         WDA-1320
                           I05NC095   PRO 100 PCI NIC                    31.88   Intel                  PILA8460C3 / PRO 100S
                           I05NC221   10/100/1000 Server PCI-X NIC      140.96   Intel                  PWLA8490MT
                           I05NC225   10/100/1000 2 Port Svr PCI NIC    173.16   Intel                  PWLA8492MT
                           I05NC338   Pro Wireless 3945 A/B/G NIC        25.80   Intel                  WM3945AGM1WB
                           I05NC339   Wireless WiFi 4965 A/G/N NIC       37.11   Intel                  4965AGNMM1WB
                           I05NC401   PRO 1000GT LP PCI NIC              28.08   Intel                  PWLA8391GTLBLK
                           I05NC402   PRO 1000PT 2 Port PCI-E NIC       164.60   Intel                  EXPI9402PTBLK
                           M08NC110   Wireless B/G Card for A410         19.89   MSI COMPUTER           S57-3800010-T46
                           N10NC115   G54 Wireless PCI Adapter           47.37   NETGEAR                WG311NA
                           N10NC120   G54 Wireless PC Card               47.37   NETGEAR                WG511NA
                           A17NC100   Mini PCI 802.11 B/G WLS Kit        31.36   AOpen                  90.8EX58.0010***

Network Hub / Switch
                           C40NC211   16 Port 10/100 Switch              37.25   CNet Technology Inc.   CSH-1600
                           L50NC100   4Port 10/100 Switch-DSL Router     39.81   Linksys                BEFSR41
                           L50NC110   8Port 10/100 Switch-DSL Router     63.89   Linksys                BEFSR81
                           N10NC200   5-Port 10/100 Switch               21.32   NETGEAR                FS105NA
                           N10NC210   8-Port 10/100 Switch               33.82   NETGEAR                FS108NA
                           N10NC220   16-Port 10/100 Switch              51.25   NETGEAR                FS116NA
                           N10NC251   24-Port 10/100/2-Port 1000 RM     127.57   NETGEAR                FS726TNA
                           N10NC260   5-Port 10/100/1000 GB Switch       40.61   NETGEAR                GS105NA
                           N10NC270   8-Port 10/100/1000 GB Switch       59.56   NETGEAR                GS108NA
                           L50NC120   Wireless-G Broadband Router        42.67   Linksys                WRT54G
                           N10NC125   G54 Wireless Access Point          60.30   NETGEAR                WG602NA
                           N10NC130   G54 Wireless 4Port Router          43.61   NETGEAR                WGR614NA
                           C40NC191   4 Port USB 2.0 Hub                 17.55   CNet Technology Inc.   CNUSB-24***
                           C40NC230   G54 Wireless 4Port Router          50.31   CNet Technology Inc.   CWR-854
                           C40NC195   5 Port 10/100 Switch               14.92   CNet Technology Inc.   CNSH-500
                           C40NC200   8 Port 10/100 Switch               17.06   CNet Technology Inc.   CSH-800
                           C40NC221   24 Port 10/100 Switch              70.78   CNet Technology Inc.   CSH-2400

Notebook Options
                           I05LT576   DVD/CDRW for S62 Series            52.76   Intel                  COMBO-S62
                           M08LT115   15.4 Inch 965PM Notebook          615.42   MSI COMPUTER           MS-163A/GX600
                           T12LT001   Notebook Carrying Case             17.35   Targus                 TCM004US
                           T12LT005   17" Notebook Carrying Case         28.08   Targus                 CVR217
                           U07LT100   14" WXGA GM965 NB                 464.49   UNIWILL                S40II
                           U07LT105   15.4" WXGA GM965 NB               452.79   UNIWILL                L55IIO
                           U07LT110   15.4" WXGA PM965 NB               680.94   UNIWILL                P55IM
                           U07LT115   17" WXGA GM965 NB                 574.47   UNIWILL                L75II

Operating System Options
                           M02OS048   Windows Vista Home Basic           98.43   MICROSOFT              66G-00649
                           M02OS126   Windows XP Pro SP2c               159.98   MICROSOFT              E85-05134/05103
                           M02OS128   Windows XP Media Center Ed.       127.78   MICROSOFT              M93-00294
                           M02OS129   Windows XP Pro x64                157.16   MICROSOFT              ZAT-00124
                           M02OS130   Windows Vista Business            152.69   MICROSOFT              66J-02362
                           M02OS768   2003 SBS Device CAL-5 pack        437.25   MICROSOFT              T74-01040
                           M02OS771   2003 SBS Standard R2- 5 user      489.06   MICROSOFT              T72-02193
                           M02OS773   2003 SBS Premium R2 - 5 user     1021.56   MICROSOFT              T75-02110
                           M02OS803   2003 Server Standard R2-5 user    779.17   MICROSOFT              P73-02766
                           M02OS804   2003 Server Standard x64          771.03   MICROSOFT              P73-02768
                           M02OS805   2003 Server Enterprise-25 user   2881.15   MICROSOFT              P72-00640
                           M02OS806   2003 Server Enterprise R2        2875.95   MICROSOFT              P72-02005
                           M02OS811   2003 Server Web Edition SP1       394.64   MICROSOFT              P70-00197
                           M02OS820   2003 Server Device CAL-5 pack     141.63   MICROSOFT              R18-00889
                           M02OS825   2003 Server User CAL-5 pack       144.49   MICROSOFT              R18-01063

Optical Drive Options
                           L08CD107   52x CD-ROM Drive - Black           15.53 Lite-On                  DH52N2P04
                       L08CD111   52x32x52 CDRW - Beige             23.48   Lite-On                        LH-52R1P-186
                       L08CD117   52x32x52 CDRW - Black             21.62   Lite-On                        DH-52R2P
                       L08CD127   52xCDRW 16xDVD Combo - Black      25.36   Lite-On                        DH-52C2P-04
                       L08CD138   20x DVD+/- R/RW - Black           26.68   Lite-On                        DH-20A4P-04
                       L08CD140   16x DVD-ROM - beige               21.90   Lite-On                        SHD-16P1S-03
                       L08CD148   16x DVD-ROM - Black               21.27   Lite-On                        DH-16D2P-04
                       L08CD152   8x Slim DVD+/- R/RW - Black       48.21   Lite-On                        SPD80005BM
                       P04CD562   52x32x52 CDRW - Black             58.50   Plextor                        PX-240A-SW/BL
                       L08CD120   52xCDRW 16xDVD Combo - Beige      28.96   Lite-On                        SOHC-5236V-04***
                       L08CD132   20x DVD+/- R/RW - Beige           29.25   Lite-On                        LH-20A1P-184***
                       L08CD160   20x SATA DVD+/- R/RW - Black      30.92   Lite-On                        LH-20A1S-15
                       P04CD709   18X DVD±RW drive                  80.03   Plextor                        PX-800A/SW-BL

Power Supply Options
                       A16PS210   650WT 2+1 Redundant PS           544.05   Advanced Industrial Computer   PSO-MR650XP-I/R3G-6650 P
                       C04PS110   250W Power Supply for PC710       29.25   Chenbro America                PS-FSP250-50SAV
                       C04PS260   460W EPS12v PS for 2U/3U         108.23   Chenbro America                PS-P2G-6460P-H
                       C04PS400   460WT Redundant PS SR104/107     450.45   Chenbro America                PS-MR3-6460P***
                       C04PS601   500WT Redundant PS for 2U/3U     386.10   Chenbro America                PS-R2W-6500PH
                       C04PS605   460WT single PS for RM311        106.47   Chenbro America                PS-P2G-6460P-X
                       C04PS608   600WT Redundant PS for SR107     403.65   ETASIS                         PS-EFRP-3300
                       C04PS609   600WT Redundant PS for SR105     468.00   Zippy                          32-235002-007 - PS-MX3-6600P
                       C04PS611   750WT 2+1 Redundant PS           538.20   Zippy                          MX3-5750
                       C04PS612   500WT single PS for RM117        117.59   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP-500-80BU
                       C04PS613   650WT Redundant PS for SR105     376.74   Chenbro America                PS-MRM-6650PH
                       E30PS110   250WT Power Supply                29.25   Evercase USA                   FS25050GLB
                       I03PS000   300W PS for BL631 Chassis         31.59   In Win Development             IP-P300DF1-0
                       I03PS363   300wt ATX 2.2 12V Power Supply    26.62   SPARKLE POWER                  ATX-300PN
                       I03PS365   300wt ATX 2.0 (Back Fan)          26.33   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP300-60THA***
                       I03PS366   350wt ATX 2.0 12V Power Supply    35.51   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP350-60THN***
                       I03PS367   350wt ATX 2.2 12V Power Supply    29.54   SPARKLE POWER                  ATX-350PN
                       I03PS380   350WT SFX12V Switching PS         35.68   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP350-60GNV
                       I03PS405   550wt ATX Power Supply            98.28   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP550-60PLG/R-SLI
                       I03PS450   400wt 12V ATX Power Supply        59.67   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP400-60GN(12V)***
                       I03PS455   450wt 12V ATX 2.2 Power Supply    45.63   SPARKLE POWER                  ATX-450PN
                       I03PS500   650WT EPS12 Volt Power Supply    109.39   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP650-80GLC
                       I12PS100   400Watt PS for 3U D-300RM Case    67.27   I-STAR                         TC-3U/40
                       I12PS105   400W Redundant PS for IStar 4U   288.99   I-STAR                         TC-400R8
                       I12PS110   400W Rdnt PS for IStar 2U/3U     359.19   I-STAR                         TC-400R2U
                       I12PS115   500W RDNT PS for Istar 2U/3U     458.64   I-STAR                         TC-500S2U
                       A17CW120   Mini PC MP945-X w/ 65Watt PS     291.91   AOpen                          91.MPC01.62W0
                       I03PS251   250wt 12V ATX Power Supply        19.89   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP250-60ATV***
                       I03PS362   300WT ATX Switching PS            37.44   SPARKLE POWER                  FSP300-60GLC***

Processor Options
                       A05CP213   Athlon 64 X2 5200+ AM2 Box       118.48   AMD                            ADA5200CSBOX
                       A05CP215   Sempron LE-1100 AM2 Boxed         37.07   AMD                            SDH1100DEBOX
                       A05CP220   Sempron LE-1150 AM2 Boxed         46.47   AMD                            SDH1150DEBOX
                       A05CP230   Sempron LE-1200 AM2 Boxed         50.31   AMD                            SDH1200DEBOX
                       A05CP232   Sempron LE-1250 AM2 Boxed         61.13   AMD                            SDH1250DPBOX
                       A05CP234   Sempron LE-1300 AM2 Boxed         78.68   AMD                            SDH1300DPBOX
                       A05CP238   Athlon 64 X2 4800+ AM2 Box       117.88   AMD                            ADO4800DOBOX
                       A05CP250   Athlon 64 LE-1620 AM2 Boxed       50.00   AMD                            ADH1620DHBOX
                       A05CP262   Athlon 64 x2 BE 2400             117.88   AMD                            ADH2400DOBOX
                       I05CP100   Celeron 420 1.6GHz                44.73   Intel                          BX80557420
                       I05CP101   Celeron 430 1.8GHz                43.91   Intel                          BX80557430
                       I05CP102   Celeron 440 2.0GHz                67.65   Intel                          BX80557440
                       I05CP512   P4 2.8GHz 533FSB S478 - Tray      94.76   Intel                          RK80532PE072512
                       I05CP561   P4 651 3.4GHz Tray               101.50   Intel                          HH80552PG0962M
                       I05CP619   PM 760 2.0GHz 533FSB 2MB         306.25   Intel                          RH80536GE0412M
                       I05CP742   Pentium Dual Core E2180 2.0GHz    95.40   Intel                          BX80557E2180
                       I05CP765   Pentium Dual Core E2200 2.2GHz    93.98   Intel                          BX80557E2200
                       I05CP769   Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz          143.64   Intel                          BX80557E4600
                       I05CP773   Core 2 Duo E6700 2.67 GHz        385.13   Intel                          BX80557E6700***
                       I05CP774   Core 2 Duo E6420 2.13GHz         230.49   Intel                          BX80557E6420***
                       I05CP780   Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66GHz         237.96   Intel                          BX80537T5500
                       I05CP781   Core 2 Duo T5600 1.83GHz         287.16   Intel                          BX80537T5600
                       I05CP782   Core 2 Duo T7200 2.00GHz         346.61   Intel                          BX80537T7200
                       I05CP785   Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66GHz         218.43   Intel                          BX80557E6750
                       I05CP786   Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00GHz         228.08   Intel                          BX80557E6850
                       I05CP789   Celeron 530 1.73 GHz Socket P     67.45   Intel                          BX80537530SR
                       I05CP791   Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0GHz 800FSB   283.13   Intel                          BX80537T7300
                       I05CP792   Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz 800FSB   287.17   Intel                          BX80537T7500
                       I05CP793   Core 2 Duo T7700 2.4GHz 800FSB   375.22   Intel                          BX80537T7700
                       I05CP795   Core 2 Duo T7250 2.0GHz 800FSB   240.13   Intel                          BX80537T7250
                       I05CP962   XEON 5110 1.6GHz 1066FSB         226.87   Intel                          BX805565110A
                       I05CP963   XEON 5060 3.2GHz 1066FSB         389.32   Intel                          BX805555060A***
                       I05CP965   XEON 5130 2.0GHz 1333FSB         393.20   Intel                          BX805565130A
                       I05CP966   XEON 5160 3.0GHz 1333FSB         971.09   Intel                          BX805565160A
                       I05CP974   XEON X3210 2.13GHz 1066FSB       276.32   Intel                          BX80562X3210
                       I05CP975   XEON X3220 2.40GHz 1066FSB       327.31   Intel                          BX80562X3220
                           I05CP976     XEON E5310 1.60GHz 1066FSB        263.05   Intel                          BX80563E5310A
                           I05CP977     XEON E5320 1.86GHz 1066FSB        322.16   Intel                          BX80563E5320A
                           I05CP978     XEON E5335 2.00GHz 1333FSB        393.32   Intel                          BX80563E5335A
                           I05CP980     XEON 3065 2.33GHz 1333FSB         203.95   Intel                          BX805573065
                           I05CP981     XEON 3075 2.66GHz 1333FSB         232.54   Intel                          BX805573075
                           A05CP204     Athlon 64 3800+ AM2 Box            57.62   AMD                            ADA3800CNBOX***
                           A05CP208     Athlon 64 X2 4200+ AM2 Box         76.93   AMD                            ADA4200CUBOX
                           I05CP277     Celeron D 356 3.33GHz S775         59.90   Intel                          BX80552356
                           I05CP741     Pentium Dual Core E2160 1.8GHz     82.01   Intel                          BX80557E2160
                           I05CP772     Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz          281.68   Intel                          BX80557E6600***
                           I05CP775     Core 2 Duo E6320 1.86GHz          205.92   Intel                          BX80557E6320***
                           I05CP783     Core 2 Duo E4500 2.20GHz          143.64   Intel                          BX80557E4500
                           I05CP784     Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz          191.84   Intel                          BX80557E6550
                           A05CP236     Athlon 64 X2 4400+ AM2 Box         79.84   AMD                            ADO4400DOBOX
                           A05CP260     Athlon 64 x2 BE 2300              100.35   AMD                            ADH2300DDBOX
                           A05CP261     Athlon 64 x2 BE 2350              106.68   AMD                            ADH2350DDBOX

SCSI / PATA / SATA Controller Options
                         A02AO601       2 Port SATA Raid Card - LP         61.41   Adaptec                        2015000-R
                         A02AO700       4 Port SAS Raid Card PCIE x4      352.78   Adaptec                        2251800-R
                         A02AO705       8 Port SAS Raid Card PCIE x4      516.99   Adaptec                        2252100-R
                         T10AO135       2 Port SATA Raid Controller       146.65   3Ware                          8006-2LP
                         T10AO139       4 Port SATA II PCI-X Raid Card    345.79   3Ware                          9550SXU-4LP
                         T10AO141       8 Port SATA II PCI-X Raid Card    530.75   3Ware                          9550SXU8LP-KIT
                         T10AO142       16 Port ML SATAII RAID Card       873.62   3Ware                          9550SX-16MLKIT
                         T10AO220       4 Port SATA II PCI-E Raid Cont    368.94   3Ware                          9650SE-4LPML-KIT
                         T10AO222       8 Port SATA II PCI-E Raid Cont    561.86   3Ware                          9650SE-8LPML-KIT
                         T10AO225       24 Port SATA II PCI-E ML RAID    1246.05   3Ware                          9650SE-24M8

Sound Card Options
                           C01SC218     Sound Blaster Audig 7.1 24-bit     28.90 CREATIVE LABS, INC.              70SB057000000
                           C01SC502     Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme-PCI      68.08 CREATIVE LABS, INC.              SB0790

Tape Backup Options
                           C02TC100     Travan 40GB Data Cartridge         41.57   Quantum                        CTM40
                           I02TB100     35/90GB IDE REV Drive             352.16   IOMEGA                         32929
                           I02TB105     35/90GB IDE REV Server Kit        525.89   IOMEGA                         33402
                           I02TB450     250 MB Zip Drive - Beige           78.40   IOMEGA                         31167 / ZIP250ATAPI***
                           I02TC100     35/90GB REV Disk                   56.77   IOMEGA                         32958
                           N03TB010     NEC 100 Mb ZIP Drive               60.84   NEC                            FZ110A-101
                           S03TB505     Tapestor DDS4 20/40Gb Int         582.31   SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY             STD2401LW-SST
                           S35TB101     Sony AIT 40GB/104GB SCSI TB       576.24   SONY CORP OF AMERICA           AITI100S
                           S35TB111     Sony AIT 40GB/104GB IDE TB        539.37   SONY CORP OF AMERICA           AITI100-AS

Utility Software Options
                           M15AV212     McAfee VirusScan v.10 -1 year       7.60   PC Treasures, Inc.             VIRUS SCAN 2006 10.0
                           S15AV046     Norton AntiVirus 2008 -1 Year      32.77   Symantec                       12778927
                           S15AV061     PC Anywhere v11.5 Host Only        99.54   Symantec                       10319015
                           S15AV068     PC Anywhere 12.1 Host&Remote      123.92   Symantec                       12418916
                           S15SW100     Ghost 7.5 Corp License 250-499     12.17   Symantec                       100004256
                           S15SW152     Norton Internet Security 2007      49.51   Symantec                       10753782
                           N05SW100     Nero Essentials Suite 2             6.19   NERO                           NERO7ESS2

Various PC Component Options
                       A16AO050         IDE Adapter                         8.30   Advanced Industrial Computer   IDE ADAPTER
                       A16AO102         1 in 1 SATA Frame & Carrier        42.12   Advanced Industrial Computer   BR-MBSS
                       A16AO103         3 in 2 SATA Frame Carrier         127.53   Advanced Industrial Computer   BR-SS23
                       A16AO104         5 in 3 SATA Frame & Carrier       181.35   Advanced Industrial Computer   BR-SS35
                       A16AO300         26" Rail Kit for AIC 4U            37.44   Advanced Industrial Computer   SR-26
                       A16AO302         20" Sliding Rails                  29.25   Advanced Industrial Computer   SR-20
                       A16AO304         26" Rail Kit for AIC 1U            30.42   Advanced Industrial Computer   SR-1U26-C
                       A16AO325         64-bit PCI Riser Card              17.55   Advanced Industrial Computer   RCD-1U1PCI64R
                       A45AO100         IDE CF Drive Bay w/ Bracket-Bl     30.59   Addonics Technologies          ADIDECFB
                       C04AO105         Air Duct for SR105/SR107            2.34   Chenbro America                84H210710-047
                       C04AO171         4 Bay SATA/SAS Frame-SR107/Blk     66.69   Chenbro America                84H210710-045
                       C04AO178         4 bay SCSI Frame+Carrier-SR107     87.75   Chenbro America                84-210710-003***
                       C04AO181         I/O Plate for RM11704               7.60   Chenbro America                84-311510-025
                       C04AO182         64-Bit PCI-X Riser card             9.36   Chenbro America                80-093111-002
                       C04AO185         4 Bay SATA/SAS Frame-SR105/Blk     69.03   Chenbro America                84H220910-041
                       C04AO187         I/O Plate for RM11704/S3000AH       9.07   Chenbro America                84-312410-030
                       C04AO188         I/O Plate for RM11704/S5000VSA      9.07   Chenbro America                84H311710-046
                       C04AO196         64 Bit PCI-X Ribbon Riser Card     29.25   Chenbro America                ARC1-015-C11
                       C04AO197         PCI Express x8 Riser Card          11.11   Chenbro America                80H093124-004
                       C04AO222         32-bit Riser Card w/ 7" Cable      12.87   Chenbro America                ARC1-009-C7
                       C04AO260         26" Rail Kit Chenbro 2U/3U/4U      44.46   Chenbro America                84H321510-022
                       C04AO261         3 in 2 SATA Frame and Carrier      94.19   Chenbro America                SK32303-BK-H
                       C04AO263         5 in 3 SAS/SATA Frame/Carrier     136.89   Chenbro America                SK33502-BK-H
                       C04AO300         PS Bracket for RM216 P2G-6460P      5.27   Chenbro America                84-321210-022
                       C04AO301         PS Bracket for RM216 R2W-6500P      0.00   Chenbro America                84H321410-018
                       C04AO302         PS Bracket for 3U P2G-6460P         5.27   Chenbro America                PB-3UP2G-B
                       C04AO303         PS Bracket for 3U R2W-6500P         0.00   Chenbro America                PB-3UR2W-B
                             C04AO400                   Rail Kit for 3U/4U Rackmount          45.63   Chenbro America    84H321510-022
                             C04AO410                   26" Rail Kit for Chenbro 1U           32.76   Chenbro America    84H311710-001
                             C04AO610                   Front Bezel for Chenbro 3U            21.64   Chenbro America    88H331200-001
                             C04AO622                   SATA 2 Single Port Backplane         100.62   Chenbro America    84H321510-037
                             C04AO630                   4U Front Bezel for RM41416            29.84   Chenbro America    84-341410-003
                             C04AO635                   26" Sliding Rail for RM41416          42.12   Chenbro America    84H321510-022
                             C04AO705                   24" Rails for RM51224T                66.69   Chenbro America    84H351910-002
                             C10AO100                   IA-400 MAC Address Label               0.00   CERTERA            IA-400MAC
                             C13AO100                   Flash Voyager USB Drive- 4GB          21.55   Corsair            CMFUSB2.0-4GB
                             C25AO420                   22" Sliding Rail for RM               37.44   COMPUCASE          SRA-222
                             C27AO100                   LCD Screen Keypad/Install Kit         73.71   Crystal Fontz      DB633BK-TMC-KU2-NO LOGO
                             G05AO100                   USB CAC Reader                        14.10   GEMPLUS            GEMPC USB-SW
                             G05AO110                   PCMCIA CAC Reader                     56.16   GEMPLUS            GEMPC 400
                             I02TB420                   5.25" Frame Kit with Bezel             5.03   IOMEGA             5.25 FRAME
                             I12AO100                   Fan Controller Board                  19.30   I-STAR             TC-ISF08
                             I12AO105                   Fan Bar                               28.66   I-STAR             DD-FANBAR
                             I12AO109                   1x1 SATA II HDD Carrier               35.98   I-STAR             T-7 SERIES
                             I12AO110                   3x2 SATA II HDD Carrier               86.58   I-STAR             BPU-230
                             I12AO115                   4x3 SATA II HDD Carrier              111.15   I-STAR             BPU-340
                             I12AO120                   5x3 SATA II HDD Carrier              149.18   I-STAR             BPU-350SATA
                             I12AO125                   Bracket for 500W RNDT PS               0.58   I-STAR             BTC-3U/S2U
                             I12AO130                   400W Redundent PS Bracket              0.00   I-STAR             BTC-2U/3U-R2U
                             P14AO100                   Half height bracket                    1.76   EVGA.COM           206-BR-AL01-01
                             S19AO100                   CPU Heatsink Paste                     2.30 LTD   SILVGREASE1
                             X01AO100                   LP Bracket Kit for XFX VC              4.37   XFX                MA-BK01-LP1K

Video Card Options
                             A17VC100                   TV Tuner Card for MP945-X             74.86   AOpen              90.MPC46.0310
                             A17VC120                   TV Tuner for MP965                    76.52   AOpen              90.MA610.0110
                             A19VC100                   MCE TV Tuner Kit                     107.53   ADS Technologies   MCE-3000-EF
                             C29VC130                   FireGL V3300 128MB PCI-E             224.90   CONNECT 3D         100-505135
                             J01VC100                   GeForce MX4000 128MB PCI Dual         82.37   Jaton              VIDEO-208PCI-128TWIN
                             M08VC100                   GeForce FX5200 128MB AGP              35.68   MSI COMPUTER       FX5200-TD128LF***
                             M10VC145                   Video Capture/JPEG Accelerator       893.59   Matrox             MOR/2VD/J2K
                             M10VC150                   QID LP PCI-E 128MB Video Card        794.80   Matrox             QID-E128LPAF
                             M10VC151                   QID Quad Display 128MB PCI           786.82   Matrox             QID-P128LPAF
                             M10VC155                   Millennium P650 LP 64MB PCI-E        246.87   Matrox             P65-MDDE64LPF
                             M10VC160                   Millennium P650 LP 64MB PCI          245.12   Matrox             P65-MDDAP64F
                             P14VC421                   GeForce 6200 256MB AGP                41.61   EVGA.COM           256A8N341LX
                             P14VC425                   GeForce FX5500 128MB PCI              56.16   EVGA.COM           128-P1-N320-LX
                             P14VC499                   GeForce 7200GS TC 128MB PCI-E         32.49   EVGA.COM           128-P2-N428-LR
                             P14VC507                   GeForce 7300 GS 256MB PCI-E           43.70   EVGA.COM           256-P2-N436
                             P14VC513                   GeForce 8500GT 512MB PCI-E            87.17   EVGA.COM           512-P2-N747-LR
                             P16VC100                   QuadroFX 500 -128MB DDR              241.02   PNY                VCQFX500-BLK
                             P16VC110                   QuadroFX 1100 -128MB DDR             737.50   PNY                VCQFX1100-PB
                             P16VC130                   Quadro FX 1300 128MB PCI-E           382.59   PNY                VCQFX1300-PCIE-PB
                             P16VC140                   Quadro FX 330 64MB PCI-E             188.26   PNY                VCQFX330-PCIE-PB
                             P16VC150                   Quadro NVS 440 256MB PCI-E           482.13   PNY                VCQ440NVS-PCIEX16-PB
                             W11VC100                   4 Channel Video Only Capture         448.70   Winnov USA         VIDEUM 4400 VO / 55-0053
                             X01VC100                   GeForce 7300LE 256Mb PCI-E            51.90   XFX                PV-T72P-WANG
                             P22VC105                   ADD2 Card PCI-E LP                    37.44   Prolink            FL-CH7312 (N16TDS)-F

Warranty Options
                             M09CO001                   3 yr Advance Parts Warranty      $    24.57   CERTERA            ESAWR3-DT
                             M09CO005                   3yr Advance Parts Warranty       $    43.29   CERTERA            ESAWR3-AIO
                             M09CO010                   3 yr Advance Parts Warranty I    $   128.70   CERTERA            ESAWR3-ESVR
                             M09CO012                   3 yr Advance Parts Warranty II   $   333.45   CERTERA            ESAWR3-HSVR
                             M09CO230                   1 yr NBD On Site Warranty        $    35.10   CERTERA            ESNBD1-DT
                             M09CO232                   3 yr NBD On Site Warranty        $    74.88   CERTERA            ESNBD3-DT
                             M09CO233                   1 yr NBD On Site Warranty-I      $    99.45   CERTERA            ESNBD1-ESVR
                             M09CO235                   3 yr NBD On Site Warranty-I      $   280.80   CERTERA            ESNBD3-ESVR
                             M09CO237                   1 yr NBD On Site Warranty-II     $   168.48   CERTERA            ESNBD1-HSVR
                             M09CO239                   3 yr NBD On Site Warranty-II     $   531.18   CERTERA            ESNBD3-HSVR
                             M09CO240                   1 yr NBD On Site Warranty        $    42.12   CERTERA            ESNBD1-AIO
                             M09CO242                   3 yr NBD On Site Warranty        $    99.45   CERTERA            ESNBD3-AIO

Monitor Option Group
Monitors are sold on a one for one basis with systems
                             A90CM112                   15" LCD Monitor - Black              138.64   AOC                LM560
                             A90CM205                   17" CRT Monitor - Silver/Black        89.03   AOC                CT720G
                             A90CM300                   19" CRT Monitor                      114.01   AOC                9GLR**
                             A90CM400                   17" LCD Wide Black w/spkrs           138.10   AOC                718SWAG-1
                             A90CM410                   19" LCD Wide Screen - Black          157.43   AOC                919SW-1
                             N03CM112                   15" LCD Monitor - Beige              150.26   NEC                ASLCD52V
                             N03CM120                   15" LCD Monitor - Black              151.51   NEC                ASLCD52V-BK
                             N03CM214                   17" LCD Monitor - Beige              172.97   NEC                ASLCD72VX
                             N03CM221                   17" LCD Monitor-Blk w/speakers       190.26   NEC                ASLCD73VXM-BK
                             N03CM225                   17" LCD Monitor - Black              178.75   NEC                ASLCD73VX-BK
                             N03CM226                   17" LCD Monitor-Blk w/speakers       190.87   NEC                ASLCD73VXM-BK
                             N03CM305                   17" CRT Monitor                      101.03   NEC                AS700**
                             N03CM307                  17" CRT Monitor - Black           101.03   NEC                       AS700-BK
                             N03CM372                  19" LCD Monitor - Black           200.47   NEC                       ASLCD93VX-BK
                             A90CM201                  17" CRT Monitor                    89.03   AOC                       CT700G
                             A90CM228                  17" LCD Monitor - Black           149.97   AOC                       177S-1
                             A90CM229                  17" LCD Monitor W/Spk - BLK       157.29   AOC                       177SA-1
                             A90CM323                  19" LCD Monitor - Black           163.31   AOC                       197S-1

Power Protection Option Group
Power Protection Items are sold on a one for one basis with systems
                             T05BB063                  350va Internet Office UPS          33.36   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   INTERNET350U
                             T05BB066                  550va Internet Office UPS          46.13   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   INTERNET550U
                             T05BB075                  750va Internet Office UPS          66.29   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   INTERNET750U
                             T05BB253                  550va Smart USB UPS                79.06   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   SMART550USB
                             T05BB254                  750va Smart USB UPS                96.31   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   SMART750USB
                             T05BB304                  650va Omni Smart LCD UPS           82.11   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   OMNI650LCD
                             T05BB306                  1000va Omni VS UPS                 98.68   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   OMNIVS1000
                             T05BB310                  1050va SmartPro USB UPS           221.16   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   SMART1050
                             T05BB320                  1500va SmartPro USB UPS           273.33   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   SMART1500
                             T05SP200                  6-Outlet Surge Strip w/ RJ11       10.66   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   SUPER6TEL
                             T05SP210                  6-Outlet Surge Strip w/ RJ11        6.44   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   TLP604TEL
                             T05SP228                  7-Outlet Surge Strip w/ RJ11       10.82   TRIPPLITE POWER PROTECT   TLP707TEL

Speaker Option Group
Speaker pairs are sold on a one for one basis with systems
                             G99CS007                  2 Piece 3wt Speakers                4.66   Cyber Acoustics           CA-2016WB
                             G99CS009                  2 Piece Speaker System              4.71   Cyber Acoustics           CA-2012
                             G99CS012                  3 Piece w/Subwoofer-Beige          14.94   Cyber Acoustics           CA-3080
                             G99CS013                  3 Piece w/Subwoofer-Black          16.04   Cyber Acoustics           CA-3090- BLK
                             G99CS300                  2 Piece Speaker System             12.21   Cyber Acoustics           CA-2022
                             G99CS305                  2 Piece Speaker System - Black     12.39   Cyber Acoustics           CA-2100WB
                             G99CS400                  5.25" Bay Speakers - Beige          7.56   Cyber Acoustics           CA-1000
                             G99CS401                  5.25" Bay Speakers - Black          7.68   Cyber Acoustics           CA1001WB
                             S21CS100                  2 Piece Speaker-Beige               3.33   Solidtek USA              SP-602***

Notebook Cart Option Group
Notebook Carts are sold on a one for one basis with systems
                             D25AO008                  8 Bay Notebook Computer Cart      888.66 Datamation Systems          DS-NSC-8
                             H06LK100                  Anthro 20-Unit NB Storage Cart   1138.91 ANTHRO                      LTSC20WH/SM
                             H06LK105                  Anthro 30-Unit NB Storage Cart   1520.42 ANTHRO                      LTSC30WH/SM