Connecting to McGohan Brabender via Terminal Server by malj


									    Connecting to McGohan Brabender via Terminal

  This document explains how to log on to the McGohan Brabender company
  network remotely. You will be able to access Microsoft Word, Power Point,
Excel and your email through this application. A high speed Internet connection
                           is highly recommended.

      Make sure you can first access the Internet from your computer. Go to or to make sure you are currently
      connected to the Internet.
      Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.

      In the address bar type in
      You may receive this warning. Click “Continue to this website”
  Enter your user name and password (same as logging on to the network)
  in the blanks.
  Make sure Domain is Active Directory
  Press Login
  The words “You have been successfully authenticated” should appear

Do not close this authentication window. You will be unable to log on to
 the corporate network if close this window. If you close this window
 while accessing network resources, you may loose any unsaved work.
You may minimize this window by clicking the minimize button. Do not
               click the X in the upper right-hand corner.
Launch the Remote Desktop Connection Program located under Start 
Programs  Accessories  Communications  Remote Desktop

In the Computer field, type in and hit
The familiar Windows logon screen will appear. Enter your username and
password again to log on to the computer.
You should have access to Microsoft Office and Saleslogix.
When you are finished. Please close all Programs and Choose Start  Log
Off. Then choose Yes

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