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									Travelocity Last Minute Packages

Liquidate distressed room inventory through packages sold up to 3 hours before departure.

Last Minute Packages give you exposure in the Last Minute Deals section of, America’s most
popular travel site with over 36 Million potential customers. In addition, you’ll receive distribution through our
subsidiary,, and on many affiliates including AOL and Yahoo! Travel.

   Price aggressively without compromising rate integrity, through last-minute package sales

   Increase off-peak occupancy: most packages include Sunday night stays

   Create demand through uniquely-themed packages that promote sales, usually within 3-7 days of departure

   Package your property with deeply discounted air on a growing list of leading airlines including:
    American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, US Airways…and more.

Program Details
Inventory:         Net discounted (non-commissionable) rates, loaded via GDS or Extranet

Booking:           Via GDS or by fax (for Extranet partners only)

Payment:           By Travelocity corporate credit card, upon checkout

Rate Level:        Equal to or better than other distressed inventory or opaque wholesalers.

Jump-start your production today!
1. You complete, sign and fax our Agreement and Rate Sheet to Travelocity Contract Administration.
2. We will send you a Welcome Kit with instructions on getting started, rate loading and any other info we need.
3. After rates and inventory are loaded, we conduct a test-booking, create content and sell your hotel!

For more information please contact your Partner Marketing representative or email:

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