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									2002 MARKETING PLAN
                        Campaign Synergy
                        Reach New Markets

                          U         R
                          N         E
                          IT C      E
   Awareness to Sale      E A   U   N          Teaming & Coverage
   Shorten Cycle          D N   N              Optimize Resources
                                A   L
                          S M   IT  A
                           T E ED
                                A   N
                           A X  D   D
                          T IS
                          E C   T
                          S A  O
                           (    T
Grow Revenue              Al E
                       Reduce SG&A          Improve Customer
  Tammy Priest, N.Am. Mkt. Mgr. S              Retail Store Solutions

2001 - A Year in Review

2002 Sales Coverage Model

2002 Marketing Plan

2002 Channel Programs

                             Retail Store Solutions
      2001 - A Year in Review

Created awareness in key segment areas through
 IBM's direct mail campaigns/telemarketing
  ƒ Continue the momentum in 2002 with co-marketing programs

Introduced co-marketing/incentive programs for our
  ƒ   ISV advertisements w/ customer references
  ƒ   Dollar for Dollar co-marketing
  ƒ   Dealer Sign-Up incentive
  ƒ   SurePOS 500 quarterly incremental growth campaign
  ƒ   SurePOS 500/printer bundle
  ƒ   New dealer kits, launch kits

Focus on PR
  ƒ Established a Win database
  ƒ Press releases: Hudson's Bay, CVS, Kmart, PGA Tour, Schlotsky's, Giant
    Eagle, Virgin

                                                              Retail Store Solutions
Channels Scorecard

                     Retail Store Solutions
Key Focus Areas for Success in 2002

Define coverage model to
  ƒ Leverage IBM sales reps. (DSL's, PSM's, Inside POS
    specialists, SMB reps, ITSRs)
  ƒ Keep momentum going on campaign leads
  ƒ Ensure all leads are nurtured/closed

Define a marketing plan to:
  ƒ Address New Opportunity Areas
  ƒ Continue Brand Awareness for key segments

                                                Retail Store Solutions
Coverage Model
Lead Process:
Dallas POS Specialists will be key focal point for
   IBM Cross Sector
   Sales Team

     800 Inbound                                DSL

      Web BRC
                               POS               BP
                              nurture &
       Direct Mail             assign
     Telemarketing &
                          It is critical that our POS specialists
       Trade Shows        receive feedback on leads and results
                          from co-mkt, ads, $ for $ initiatives.
                                                       Retail Store Solutions
What is the role of our Inside POS
Specialists at the Dallas Sales Center?

Focus on cold calling, respond to 800 numbers, nurture leads and
 input/update leads in the system for qualification:
   ƒ Kelly Shepherd - East and Canada
   ƒ Lisa Lane - Central and West
Focal point for all new SMB leads coming in from the field
   ƒ Kelly Shepherd
Educate, gain mindshare of ITSRs (300 in Dallas, 200 in Atlanta)
   ƒ Kim Espinosa
Qualify leads, assign to a BP, PSM, or DSL
   ƒ Roland Sanchez
Track leads
   ƒ < $100K = Roland Sanchez
   ƒ > $100K-$1M = Partner Solutions Mgr.'s
   ƒ > $1M = Distribution Sales Leaders
Distribute weekly lead reports to DSL's and PSM's for reviews
                                                        Retail Store Solutions
 What is the role of a Partner
 Solution Manager (PSM)?
Grow Business Partners and ISV's IBM revenue within their
 respective areas for Retail Store Solutions
   ƒ Focal point for SMB territories (BUE's, Reps, TPM's)

Enhance Distributor/Business Partner relationships
   ƒ Encourage use of Promotions & Marketing programs

First point of contact for Kiosk opportunities in SMB

Opportunity owner of Business Partner leads > $100K

Responsible for Business Partner customer satisfaction

                                                          Retail Store Solutions
        Who are the Partner Solution Managers?
Area 11                           Area 4&5                    Area 2
Joe Delgado                       Mike Weathers               Ed Solomon
520-623-1081                      734-434-0166                404-252-7566     
Petroleum Specialist              Grocery - ESL               Hospitality
C-Stores                          (Area 4,5,11)

                                                                          Area 7
                                                                          Derrick Hurley
             Area 10
             Michael Allen
                                                                          Grocery, SelfCheckout
                                                                          (Area 2,7,10)
             Specialty, Kiosks

                                   RSS Channels Mgr - Mike Dragon
What is the role of Distribution Sales
Leaders (DSLs)?

Increase RSS revenue in SMB named accounts with a focus on leads
 from sales center or IBM reps > $1M
    ƒ Focal point for these accounts and calls on customer,
    if necessary for validation of lead
    ƒ Initiate/Update OMNotes record for pipeline identification
    ƒ Assist customer with introductions to appropriate Business
       Partner solutions
Engage PSM if a Business Partner customer satisfaction issue
 surfaces or multiple partners engaged on same opportunity
Pass validated opportunity to Business Partner for proposals
    ƒ DSL disengages; brought back in only if needed to close
Update opportunity tracking system
    ƒ Forecast owner passed to PSM
    ƒ OMNotes record passed to PSM

                                                     Retail Store Solutions
            Who are the Distribution Sales Leaders?
Area 4&5
Mike Kolbert                                  Central Region (4/5)
Partner Solution Mgr                          Distribution Sales Leader
312-245-6642                                  Bill Bleil
          Area 11
              WA                              414-223-6642
          Distribution Sales Leader   WI
          OR                                                               MI
          Bruce Petty
          818-715-6869                                      IA
                                                  NE                           OH
                           WY NE                                           Eastern Region (2)

                                                                           Distribution Sales Leader
                          CO                                                   KY
                                      KS    MO                            David Inch
                               Area 10                                    410-349-8531
                  AZ                    OK
                         NM    Distribution Sales Leader
                               Shari Kurtenbach

      DSL's report to RSS Regional Sales Mgrs.
   Who are the Food Service Specialists?

                                    Central Region
       WA                           Food Services Specialist
                                    Beverly Deluise  WI
  OR                                910-256-3416
                     WY NE                                            OH
                                                        IL     IN
       NV                                                                  WV
        Western Region
                   CO                                                KY
        Food Services Specialist
                            KS     MO                               Eastern Region (2)
        Ramsey Eddins                                               Food Services Specialist
           AZ     NM               AR
                                                                    Bill Kennedy                                         336-721-4469

Food Service Specialists report to RSS Regional Sales Mgrs.
     North America Marketing Dept.
                            Tammy Priest
                       North America Marketing

       Jill Carr                                                Nancy Greene
                              Belinda Whitaker-Gary
New Sector, AMG IMC                                         PartnerWorld Interface
                               Channel Co-Mkting,
 interface,              Communication                   WW Liaison

              Jim McKenzie                             Sarah Wind
          ISV Marketing Manager                          Kiosks
                                                Press Events/Win Reports

  Goal: Increase awareness of the RSSol brand in the
   Marketplace and to drive incremental NA revenue
   through the sales channel
       ƒ PartnerWorld
       ƒ Direct Mail Campaigns
          –Joint Advertising with ISVs and BPs
          –Web support; communication
       ƒ Marketing Programs/promotions
       ƒ Press Releases/Win Reports
       ƒ Sales Tools
                                                                                     Retail Store Solutions
Marketing Plan
2002 Marketing Strategy

Explore/Expand New Markets
Expand New Solutions
Excel in SMB space

                              Retail Store Solutions
  RSS Strategy - Explore New Markets

Public Sector, Travel & Transportation,
 Media & Entertainment, Banking & Finance

  ƒ Drive New Market Promotions
  ƒ Execute Marketing Plan
     –Grow Awareness among IBM teams                      IBM RSS for
     –Grow Awareness with customers                      Other Sectors

  ƒ Replicate Successes
  ƒ Leverage Dallas Sales Center resources to build

                                                      Retail Store Solutions
Expand New Solutions
RSS Strategy - Expand New Solutions

Build Brand Awareness
  ƒ New Solutions, ie. NetVista Kiosk, in new markets

Leverage PartnerWorld programs

Build Solution Partnerships through PWD

                                                        Retail Store Solutions
 NA Kiosk Market Opportunity

Kiosk presents huge revenue
Kiosk market is expected to
 more than double in the next
 5 years ($276M to $594 M)
Expected compound growth
 rate of 24.1% in the next 5

                                Retail Store Solutions
   Kiosk Brand Awareness
IBM NetVista Kiosk Sales Kit:
   ƒ Will include updated Kiosk brochure and education CD, ISV information,
     Kiosk Business Study, Summit Research, Kiosk Solution Sheets and
ISV Sales Presentations:
   ƒ Will be scheduling conference calls and Webinars with key ISV's and IBM
     sales reps to further educate them on the applications available for kiosk.
Direct Mail Campaign:
   ƒ Department, general merchandise, grocery and drug stores.
Dealer Sign Up Incentive for ISV's:
   ƒ For every new dealer that an ISV signs up to be a business partner, the
     ISV will receive a one-time fee of $500 after the dealer sells 10 units.
ISV Ad Program:
   ƒ Any StoreProven ISV or BP is eligible for this co-marketing program

Are you StoreProven for Kiosk?
Are you engaged with an ISV to provide total solution?

                                                                 Retail Store Solutions
Expand by Leveraging
PartnerWorld Programs

 For the North American Retail Store Solutions Division
 Business Partner
PartnerWorld is a tiered membership program with
 resources available to IBM Business Partners worldwide.

Three levels of membership

Benefits include:
  ƒ   PartnerWorld Lead Management (PWLM) - a lead tracking tool
  ƒ   Incentive programs - rewards programs, co-marketing offerings
  ƒ   Education and certification opportunities
  ƒ   BP Connections - a business partner networking tool.
  ƒ   and more...

                                                               Retail Store Solutions
PartnerWorld 2002

No change to the criteria for 2002 to become Premier and
 Advanced level Business Partners

Benefit changes to PartnerWorld 2002 for RSSD
 Business Partners
    ƒ North America RSS has implemented our own Rewards program to
      better meet the needs of our partners in place of the PartnerRewards
    ƒ Dollar for Dollar Program for Premier and Advanced BPs

                                                            Retail Store Solutions
 IBM Retail Store Solutions

 Continuing PartnerWorld Evolution
 Attempt to Reduce Complexity for Business Partners
 with Hybrid Business Models and for Emerging
 Business Partner Types
                    Developer Track

                     Software Track           Web
                       Systems and
                      Services Track
                 Personal Systems Track

                                          Retail Store Solutions
Expand by Building
Solution Partnerships
         PartnerWorld For Developers


ƒ Single point of entry into IBM's global resources for developers
who build solutions using IBM technologies.

ƒ Three membership levels - Member, Advanced, Premier

ƒ Benefits include:
   ƒ Marketing and Sales Support
      ƒ Marketing education, co-marketing promotion, and other opportunities
   ƒ Education & Certification
      ƒ Online education, technical workshops, professional certification oppotunities
   ƒ Technical Support
      ƒ Access to cross platform porting
   ƒ Incentives and Business Support
      ƒ HW discounts and leasing
   ƒ Financing
      ƒ Flexible financing to help you and your customers
   ƒ Relationship Management and Membership Communications
      ƒ Electronic access to timely information and tools

                                                                          Retail Store Solutions
RSS Strategy - Excel in the SMB Space

 Clear coverage model
   ƒ Minimize channel conflict; optimize channel strengths
   ƒ SMB Territory Model linkage

 Improved Business Partner Focus
   ƒ   New Programs/Promotions
   ƒ   Replicate successes
   ƒ   Alliances
   ƒ   Sales Tools

 Focus on Press Relations

                                                             Retail Store Solutions
Projected 2002 Retail Marketplace

                             Retail Store Solutions
EXCEL in SMB - New Marketing
Plans and Programs

Co-marketing programs


New RSS Rewards Program

ISV marketing programs

Press Relations

                           Retail Store Solutions
Execute co-marketing campaigns
1st Qtr. execution!!

Provide templates for our Business Partners to use in
 their marketing execution.....continue focus on Food
 Service, Specialty, Small Grocery
  ƒ Postcard for events, new product info.
  ƒ Direct Mail Piece
     –6 pages that are customized with pictures and text
  ƒ Template for Segment Ad in PDF Format

Provide photos and verbage for Business Partners to use
 in their own campaigns

Business Partners and ISVs are responsible for the
 creation, mailing and placement of the above
  ƒ Leads will go directly to the BP or ISV
  ƒ Monthly reporting to IBM
                                                           Retail Store Solutions
  Upgrade Campaign - provides growth
  path, investment protection, value.

Upgrade campaign for BP end-users
  ƒ $400 trade-in for 4683, 4684, 4693 & specific models of the 4694 and
    SurePOS 700
  ƒ Ends 6/02

NCR Trade-in Campaign for Business Partner end-users
  ƒ $300 Trade In for NCR POS systems (selected models) when migrating to
    latest models of the IBM 4694 or SurePOS 700
  ƒ Ends 6/02

                                                              Retail Store Solutions
Mid-Market Program Focus for 2002

Foodservice Bundle
  ƒ Rebate to Distributors/T1 BPs that purchase a minimum of 250 sets of
    SurePOS 500's and a single station printer per month. Distributors pass
    their rebate dollars to you
SurePOS 600 Bundle - Coming Soon
  ƒ Distributors/SP1 Incentive payment for a cumulative number of "bundles"
    made up of specific models of the SurePOS 600 & 4610 Printer
  ƒ Based upon transaction with SP2's and end users
  ƒ Minimimum quantities must be met in each claim period
Independent Grocer Bundle
  ƒ IBM ACE Software & SurePOS hardware bundled package for Distributor
    and SP1's
New Markets Incentive - Airports & Independent
 Grocer - Coming Soon
  ƒ SP1/SP2 Incentive Payment for selling into these markets
  ƒ All Point of Sale hardware and software products qualify
  ƒ Documentation includes invoice from IBM or certification of cost of good
    sold from the Distributor
                                                               Retail Store Solutions
New Retail Store Solutions'
Reward Program for Resellers......

a simplified incentive plan for the POS Business Partner

Drive revenue for IBM and the Retail Store Solutions Business Partner.
Enhance the benefit to the RSSD Business Partners
Maximize the number of RSSD Business Partners that can benefit.
Reduce the administrative workload for the Business Partner.

                                                               Retail Store Solutions
  RSSD Reward Program for Solution

  Based on actual revenue generation
  Payments to be made 4 times per year
  Minimum revenue attainment requirement for participation lowered from
   $250,000 annually to $12,500 quarterly.

Current Plan            Proposed Reward Plan for Solution Providers

.5% for Member level,   Less than $12.5K quarterly - no payment
.75% for Advanced       (A) $12,500 - $62,499 quarterly - .5% of revenue
level, and 1.2% for     (B) $62,500 - $124,999 quarter - .9% of that range + A
Premier level - with    (C) $125,000 - $1,249,999 - 1.2% of that range + A + B
minimum prior year's    (D) $1,250,000 & higher - 1.3% of that range + A + B + C
revenue of $250,000
to participate.         Payments based on revenue per quarter only and is not

                                                                Retail Store Solutions
 RSSD Reward Program recognizes
 Premier and Advanced-level
 Business Partners

A one-time bonus in first regular payment
  ƒ Premier level BPs will received $5,000
  ƒ Advanced level BPs will receive $3,000

                                             Retail Store Solutions
       Dollar for Dollar Program
for Retail Store Solutions Business Partners - Reseller

Designed to assist the BP in funding an approved
 marketing plan or campaign that may not otherwise be

Offered to Premier and Advanced partners

Premier Partners will be reimbursed for 50% of the
 expenses incurred for the defined campaign up to a
 maximum of $15,000.

Advanced Partners will be reimbursed for 50% of the
 expenses incurred for the defined campaign up to a
 maximum of $8,000.

                                                Retail Store Solutions
   ISV Marketing Programs

Dealer Sign-up Incentive Program
  ƒ Continue through 2002

Developer Assistance Program
  ƒ Provide technical assistance to ISVs

ISV Ad Program

Trade Shows

                                           Retail Store Solutions
ISV Programs - Dealer Sign Up

Dealer Sign-up Incentive Program
  ƒ Program pays ISV $500 for:
     –Each Dealer/Reseller that becomes an IBM
     BP and sells a minimum of ten system units
     –Payment is made for the first ten system units only
  ƒ Continue through 2002
  ƒ ISV application must be StoreProven

                                                            Retail Store Solutions
ISV Marketing Programs - DAP

Designed to provide technical assistance to ISVs
that do not have the expertise required to
experience a successful porting to our platforms.
  ƒ RSSD will work with the ISV by either having the
  ISV come to a lab in Raleigh or send a Tech Support
  person to the ISV site.
  ƒ Cost to provide such assistance will be picked up
  by NA Marketing up to $1,000 per ISV.
  ƒ Specific criteria must be met

                                                        Retail Store Solutions
ISV Programs - BP Advertisements

Any ISV or Business Partner that has a StoreProven
 solution and has had a win or success with IBM during
 the past 6 months is eligible for this co-marketing ad

IBM will fund 1/2 of the ad placement cost and provide
 the ad template for the ISV to insert their artwork and text.

                                                  Retail Store Solutions
Sample ISV / BP Ad Template for 2002

                             Retail Store Solutions
  "The Value of the IBM Solution" CD
  A tool designed especially for our Business Partners

A video that provides an overview of all the products and
 services offered by IBM Retail Store Solutions.
  ƒ   Hardware products, software solutions, financing, and services
  ƒ   Retail hardened and reliability testing footage
  ƒ   StoreProven overview
  ƒ   Testimonials from Opryland Hotels, Hudson Bay Company and Kmart
AVI files of the testing clips that may be imported into
 Freelance or PowerPoint
  ƒ water resistence test, vibration test, printer testing, and ESD testing
  ƒ video only, or video with narration
Clip art of current products that may be imported into
 other presentations
Other video clips on the CD include the SurePOS 500,
 SurePOS 700 and the IBM NetVista Kiosk

                                                                Retail Store Solutions
Win Reports

NA wins have been referenced and used

Tell your PSMs about your WIN!

Contact Sarah Wind directly
  ƒ 919/301-7142

Wins will be used as an internal tool for
 our sales team to know where YOU are

                                             Retail Store Solutions
Press Releases

Not all wins can be turned into press releases...
  ƒ Quality over quantity
Requirements for a press release
  ƒ "Big" win with well-known company
  ƒ First of a kind, newsworthy, innovative technology, application, solution
Encourage you to work with Greg Thompson

                                                                 Retail Store Solutions
NA Support and Program
      Ed Wallenborn
       Charlie Blunt

                 Las Vegas, NV
                 January, 2002
NA Sales and Support Programs

Program awareness/refresher
Sources of further information
Key Contacts

 Purpose: Enable Partners to leverage
 available programs to drive sales and
 customer satisfaction

                                     Retail Store Solutions
   Development / Demo. Program
   Trial Program

 Financing Program

 Special Bids

 VAE (Value Added Enhancement)



 Primary focal point for assistance
                                       Retail Store Solutions
Development/Demo Program

                                             SPs       ISVs
Can acquire up to 20 of each machine type
                                               X            X
 authorized to sell*

Can be Purchased: Discount = 50%              X         only)

Can be Leased: 1% of list price per month              (Devmt
                                               X         only)
 with IGF (min. $10k list price)
Product retained at least 12 months
                                               eligible X
                                  *SureOne not X

                                                Retail Store Solutions
Trial Program

IBM Trial Program
  Intended for "High probability to win
  Products you are authorized to sell
  Up to $200K of trial product per calendar
  Trial Duration.... 2, 4, or up to 6 months
  Carrying & return charges waived up to
  IBM pays transportation charges both ways
                                     Retail Store Solutions

       Financing Program Objectives

Focus on ease-of-use and "smaller"
May encompass Hardware, Software, &
IBM content not required
Variety of options to address end-user needs
 and payment stream
Accommodates Franchise environment
                                      Retail Store Solutions

  Administered by Heller Financial
  Solutions under $100K
  Up to 48 month Terms
  One page Lease Document!
  No signed delivery and acceptance
   Document - installation verification
  Same Day payment of invoices
  On-Line application
     ( or 877-319-6513)
  Quick credit and approval response
                                                   Retail Store Solutions

Purpose of Special Bid process
  To address unique market circumstances that may justify an adjustment to
   standard pricing and/or Ts & Cs
  Ensure and maintain equity for all Partners in same situation
Primary Requirement for a Special Bid
  Must be a competitive situation
    Bid must describe competitive situation & estimated functions,
     configurations, prices
Required Partner action
  SP2s work with Distributor to submit bid to IBM
  SP1 submits bid directly to IBM
Required IBM action
   Ensure adjustments are legally defensible and fairly administered
   (Robinson Patman)
   Ensure situation is properly recorded and documented for audit purposes

                                                             Retail Store Solutions
VAE (Value Added Enhancement)

Approved VAE required to sell IBM POS HW
  A VAE is the POS Solution (application) that is driving IBM POS HW sale
   and will be the primary installed POS application
  Each VAE is HW platform specific
  VAE requirement not applicable to 4835 NetVista Kiosk

Primary requirements to establish a VAE
  SW application must be ported to the IBM POS HW platform
  Two installed POS references
  SW marketing rights have been acquired or Joint Mkt. agreement
  SP/1 - applies directly to IBM for approval (IBM Link- ADDNFORM)
  SP/2 - applies through Distributor to IBM for approval

                                                             Retail Store Solutions
VAE (Value Added Enhancement)

Continuing effort by IBM to enhance VAE offerings and
 streamline the approval process

  Added Internet Managed Services VAE (for Retail ISP/ASP
  4695 & 4694 VAEs automatically transferred to SP500 (4840)
   & SP700 (4800)
  Established more clearly defined/flexible installed reference
  On-site Verification Checklist - established more flexible
   process to accommodate Partners with no installed references
  VAE requirement for NetVista Kiosk (4835) replaced with
   Marketing Criteria Checklist

                                                   Retail Store Solutions

Vendor self test for POS and Kiosk SW applications
  Web-based (
  developer friendly step by step process
  dedicated IBM technical support staff

Benefits to SW Developers (ISV/SP2/SP1)
  product exposure from direct links on IBM web pages
  added awareness for leads from IBM sales teams
  point of competitive differentiation
  catch and fix compatibility problems earlier

Benefits to Customer
  wide selection of IBM compatible solutions
  standard, quantified criteria for ensuring compatibility
  reduction in compatibility issues
  one more way to manage risk

                                                                 Retail Store Solutions
Single path into IBM resources/information
   Access levels from General Public to Partner
   800-426-9990 for ID and Password Administration

 Categories:

  Partner Programs
     BP Operations Guide, Agreements, BP Exhibits
     Customer and BP Announcement letters
     Rebate forms, etc....                        POS
  Business Tools
     POS Configurators, PartnerCommerce/Server
  Business Solutions (e-SARs, InsiderInfo)
  Financing (IGF)
  Business Services (IGS)
                                                      Retail Store Solutions
                 NA Retail Store Solutions
                 Partner Information Sources                                       2/8/01

Programs                Information Sources                        SPs                ISVs
Development         -BP Exhibits - General Information          Distr. / IBM CBU   Jim McKenzie
                      PartnerInfo                               Rep
Demo Machines          ( Partner Prgm>NA Chan Com> BP Libr>

Trial Programs      -BP Operations Guide
                       ( Partner Prgm>NA Chan Com> BP Libr>
                         Operations Library)
                    -BP Ann Letter 597-124
                    -BP Ann Letter 598-229
                    -Channel Comm CC9912-153

IBM Financing       -PartnerInfo
                        ( Partner Prgm>Financing)
                    -IBM Global Financing Website

IBM Services        -BP Operations Guide
                        ( Partner Prgm>NA Chan Com> BP Libr>
                          Operations Library)
                    -IBM Global Services Website

Special Bids        -BP Operations Guide
                       ( Partner Prgm>NA Chan Com> BP Libr>
                         Operations Library)

                 NA Retail Store Solutions
                 Partner Information Sources                                                 2/8/01

Programs                 Information Sources                                  SPs               ISVs
VAEs                -BP Operations Guide                                  Distr. / IBM CBU   Jim McKenzie
                     PartnerInfo                                          Rep
                       ( Partner Prgm>NA Chan Com> BP Libr>
                         Operations Library)
                    -BP Ann Letter 599-237 RSSol VAE Strategy
                    -BP Ann Letter 500-216 Retail ASP/ISP VAE
                    -BP Ann Letter 501-156 Kiosk VAE Change
                      (Select a Certification > Retail Store Solutions)


PartnerRewards      -PartnerInfo
                    ( Partner Prgm > PartnerSupport>Part.Rewards )

                      ( Partners > InsiderInfo )

PartnerInfo         -PartnerInfo
                       ( Partner Prgm>Programs BPs can use >
Thank you for participating in this
year's Education Conference!
You are key to our 2002 Success!

Become StoreProven for both POS & Kiosk

Know your Dallas POS Specialists
  ƒ   Kim Espinosa
  ƒ   Roland Sanchez
  ƒ   Lisa Lane
  ƒ   Kelly Shepherd

Track & report your individual marketing results

Remember to promote your customer WINS!
  ƒ Contact Greg Thompson

                                                    Retail Store Solutions

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