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Xact is the trading name of Lawtons Ltd.

Labelling Solutions

Delivering the solution you need
Xact is a leading UK provider of specialist coding and marking solutions for primary, secondary and
tertiary packaging across a wide range of industries.
As the exclusive UK distributor for some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, Xact provides customers
with access to industry-leading technologies. All systems are developed to help reduce production
costs by working efficiently within your production environment.

Service and support
All systems are fully supported by Xact’s own nationwide team
of specialist engineers and technical sales personnel.
Their expertise ensures customers receive the highest levels of
service from initial specification, installation and commissioning
of systems, through to achieving and maintaining optimum
performance levels throughout their operating life.

For technical specifications of each machine visit

                                                                      Wide range of industries
                                                                      For over 30 years Xact has been supplying coding & marking
                                                                      systems into industries which require clear identification,
                                                                      traceability and trouble-free performance within some of the
                                                                      harshest and most demanding operating environments.
                                                                      Our labelling solutions are particularly well established in the
                                                                      food and construction sectors meeting the high productivity
                                                                      and performance levels typical within these environments. Xact
                                                                      focuses on providing high quality, compact equipment which easily
                                                                      integrates within existing packaging lines.

                                                                      Industries where our labellers have been installed include:
                                                                      Food & beverage
                                                                      • Stainless steel construction - easy to clean, IP55 rated
                                                                      • Easy integration into existing lines, high speed 24hr models
                                                                      Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
                                                                      • High quality product appearance – accurate label placement
                                                                      • Aluminium and stainless steel casing - easy to wash down in
                                                                        hygienic environments
                                                                      Building materials
                                                                      • Robust construction - components withstand dust and vibration
                                                                      • Can apply large labels to uneven surfaces
Our labelling systems

HM Labelling range – innovation and reliability
Along with an extensive range of standard models,                       which can operate in the most demanding industries from
Xact’s capabilities extend to customised labelling solutions            building materials to the pharmaceuticals & cosmetics
which are exclusively developed in conjunction with our                 and food & beverage markets. Systems are renowned for
manufacturing partner, HM Labelling, one of Europe’s                    being specifically developed or customised to meet the
leaders within this specialised sector. HM provide an                   requirements of our customers.
innovative, high quality range of print & apply systems

Key features of the HM range
Reliable – all systems are designed, built and tested to the highest
Flexible – and future proof – Standard machines offer many
                                                                        HM Pro A is the industry’s high end printer and one of the
features to suit a wide range of applications but are all modular in
                                                                        fastest on the market at 254mm/sec at 203 dpi. It can print high
design, so can be easily modified for specific applications or should
                                                                        resolution graphics, all well known barcodes, text and Windows
requirements change over time
                                                                        fonts in all 4 directions.
                                                                        The Pro A is compatible with a variety of applicators and includes
Software                                                                a ribbon saver function which extends the life of the ribbon during
                                                                        the printing process. Its user-friendly stainless steel panel can be
Labnet                                                                  mounted anywhere on the line while the optional connection to
                                                                        HM LabNet via Ethernet ensures central operation and control.
User friendly communication, integration, control – enabling
a number of HM products to communicate with SAP and ERP                 The range of Datamax printers are also compatible with all label
systems                                                                 applicators. Datamax printers have a robust, industrial construction
                                                                        and combine high performance with simple design for ease of use
Production control – a comprehensive view of production and
                                                                        and maintenance.
downtime plus fault finding
Intelligent – as an active, communicating unit, an HM printer can
receive/send real time data
Customised - based on flexible Ethernet network, and customised
to match your existing system

This label design software comes complete with drivers for all types
of printer making it extremely flexible. It is structured like MS
Office to make it familiar and easy to follow with simple searches
for stored label designs. The software can also run RFID.

                                                                        Basics range - an extensive
                                                                        choice for any budget
                                                                        We also supply a comprehensive range of more standardised
                                                                        dispensers and print-and-apply systems. They are durable,
                                                                        competitively priced and proven in a wide range of industrial
                                                                        environments. The range includes manual dispensers,
                                                                        semi-automatic machines, labelling heads and labelling lines.

                                                                        Key features of the Basics range
                                                                        • Compact durable design
                                                                        • Reliable
                                                                        • Easy label set up – with electronic control box
                                                                        • Cost effective
Standard label applicators

HM range
Models: DS-120, HM500
Small and customisable for pre-printed labels
Our automatic self adhesive label dispensers have been designed
to a high specification at a competitive price. They are compact
with integrated electronics to control all the dispenser’s functions.
The user friendly control panel is integrated into the machine and
built on a high powered microprocessor ensuring high stability
which, along with the stepper motor control, ensures accuracy and
Dates or barcodes can be added to pre-printed labels using a hot
stamp unit, which can be easily mounted onto the printer. Each
model can also be extended with extra settings to develop in line
with the needs of the user.
Dispensing speed reaches up to 25m/min.
                                                                        • High repetitive accuracy – with automatic label detector
                                                                          adjustment using a microprocessor controlled stepper motor
                                                                        • Fast set up - storage of up to 99 different product and label set
                                                                          ups, and simple change of label reel
                                                                        • Easy to operate - direct function reading via the 2 x 24
                                                                          character display

                                                                        • Basic low volume operations
                                                                        • Side and bottom labelling
                                                                        • Used with pre-printed labels for retail labelling such as
                                                                          discount labels

                                                                        Basics range
                                                                        Models: Trito, Giove
                                                                        Small and customisable for pre-printed labels
                                                                        The Trito and Giove are automatic self-adhesive label applicators
                                                                        which can be integrated into existing production lines, and are
                                                                        ideal for application on flat or slightly irregular products. The label
                                                                        head can be used for upper or lateral applications. They are simple
                                                                        to install and use.
                                                                        There are 4 models of the Giove (140, 190, 230, 260) and
                                                                        2 models of the Trito (50, 100) available, dependent on label
                                                                        width required (suitable for labels sized 10mm to 140-260mm (w)
                                                                        x 10-350mm (l)).
                                                                        • Reliability and precise labelling (+/-0.5mm) due to the use of
                                                                          stepper motors
                                                                        • Digital trigger box with microprocessor for speed control and
                                                                          start and stop delay
                                                                        • Hot/dry printing for the head the date printing
                                                                        • Switchboard for speed of 60m/min
                                                                        • Optical/acoustic alarm indicating finished label roll or
                                                                          broken paper
                                                                        • Pre-alarm finished label roll
                                                                        • Support column with basement / wheels
                                                                        • Special photocell for transparent labels
Advanced label applicators

HM range
Models: HM3000
Dispenser for round-the-clock operation
The HM3000 is the most stable and powerful dispenser on
the market, developed for high capacity labelling of products
in 24hr operations. Label and product changes are quick and
easy with excellent repetitive accuracy ensured by the micro-
step motor control.
The HM3000 can be adapted to fit into existing packaging
and labelling lines. The solid construction of anodized alu-
minium and stainless steel ensures the system’s durability in   Cross web labellers
industrial and food environments.
                                                                Models: HM4000 CW
Dispensing speed reaches up to 57m/min on label widths of       Specially adapted for all types of thermoformers and
15-120mm (with option to increase to 300mm).
                                                                tray sealers
                                                                The HM4000CW was designed to provide low cost labelling for
                                                                products vacuum packed on deep draw machines. The machine
• High label accuracy - of +/-0.5mm by a microprocessor         was developed to operate around the clock and increase efficiency
  controlled stepper motor
                                                                by enabling packing and labelling to take place in one operation,
• Fast set-ups – with storage of up to 100 different product
                                                                on up to 15 rows, minimizing changeover times and label wastage
  and label set ups
• Heavy duty and hygienic - to meet the demands of the          and thus reducing production costs.
  food industry                                                 Using the flexible HM3000 dispenser allows thermal transfer and
• Automatically adjusted detection of labels – minimum          hot stamping units to be fitted to the system. It is suitable for
  changeover time                                               labels 30-120mm wide.

• High speed 24hr operations
• Top, bottom and all round labels                              • Hygienic, rust-resistant and easy to clean - to meet the
• Several printers (including thermal transfer and hot stamp-     demands of the medical and food industries
  ing) can be attached for print & apply labelling              • Label width – 30-120mm (with option to increase to 300mm)
                                                                • Built for round-the-clock operation – with robust mechanical
                                                                  construction and electronics systems
                                                                • Monitoring and control of all machine functions -
                                                                  using built in high powered micro processors
                                                                • Easy to operate – with a control box which can store up to 20
                                                                  different formats

                                                                • Top and bottom labelling
                                                                • Vacuum packed food products (cheese, sandwiches, cold meats)
Print & Apply labelling

HM range
Models: Compact, P&A
Combining high print quality with fast, accurate
Ranging from a basic stamp model for cardboard boxes to
a flexible advanced system, for cylindrical and vertical
application, our print and apply systems fulfil all industry
requirements for dependability, handling and performance.
They are suitable for 120mm and 170mm label widths at 203,
300, 400 or 600 dpi.

• Extremely stable construction
• Compact design
• Includes a Datamax thermal transfer printer
• Modular design depending on requirements – tamp-on,
  tamp-blow, tamp-flap, front

• Top, side, bottom, front and gable of product

                                                   Basics range
                                                   Models: Urano
                                                   Economical and dependable
                                                   The Urano is available in 4 versions - wipe on, pneumatic, 90° and corner
                                                   labelling – each designed for different product shapes, textures, applications
                                                   and the location of the label. It has a maximum print speed of 15m/min. It
                                                   can be combined with end of line taping machines, box moulding-machines
                                                   or in exit from thermo-retractile packers.

                                                   • Managed by a control unit with a microprocessor or PLC
                                                   • Print and apply labels in real time – ideal for variable data on each label

                                                   • Logos, alphanumeric data, expiry dates, product descriptions, serial
                                                     numbers, barcodes
                                                   • Stationery or moving products

Semi automatic applicator
The Marte is available in 2 versions. The Marte100 is a semi automatic bench dispenser with manual product positioning, designed
for elliptic, flat, concave products. The label is applied in automatic mode with a pneumatic piston. Flag labels or labels for electric/
mechanical products can be applied whenever precise labelling is required.
The Marte 140 is a semi-automatic dispenser for low/average output, for the application of wrap-around or semi wraparound labels on
cylindrical products between 20mm and 150mm diameter.
Linerless Print & Apply labelling

HM range
Models: Linerfree
60% more labels on each roll
The HM Linerfree® system reduces waste and increases
productivity by printing and applying self adhesive labels without
a liner.
Already well established in the food industry, the machine has
been specially designed, using non stick surfaces, so the label only
sticks to the product, not the applicator. It can be integrated into
a packing system using a pneumatic adapter.
Labels can be applied on the top, bottom, sides or around
corners, and with 60% more paper on the same roll diameter
as conventional labels, the system requires fewer roll changes,
making more production time available to the operator. Several
printers (including thermal transfer and hot stamping) can be
attached for print & apply labelling.

• Greater efficiency and reduced downtime – ability to change
  labels or products without changing the roll
• Print speed – of 50-203mm/sec, and dispensing speed of 25m/
  min (option to increase to 50m/min)
• Flexible – no pre-printing or pre-cutting of labels required
• Improved label quality – paper is coated to improve water
  resistance and durability compared with conventional thermal
• Modular system - 3 different applicator options
• RFID compatible

• Top, bottom and all round labels
• Typically used for carton or pallet labelling

Pallet labelling
Dispenser for round-the-clock operation
The pallet labeller is a flexible applicator featuring an integrated
Datamax A Class industry printer. The system has the capacity to apply
labels to various pallet sizes, as well as options for side, front, back
and corner labelling applications.

• High level integration – with Ethernet allowing remote centralised
  control and ERP systems coupled with MCL software
• Internal electronics – with no external control boxes or cabling
• Robust – built for 24 hour operation

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