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									Hunting in the “MOOSE CAPITAL OF CANADA”
If you enjoy the sport of Moose Hunting, then you’ve come to the ultimate
spot. Hearst is known as the “Moose Capital of Ontario” and Hearst Air                  $2295 /pers can funds ~ 10 day hunt
is proud to have access to some of the best moose territory in the                            (based on party of 4)
country.                                                                                     includes accommodations, boats/motors/gas,
                                                                                        canoe, moose validation tag, return flight, one check
                                                                                        flight, one moose flown back to base and the canoe
Our outpost cabins, which are used for the fishing season, are equally                  tie-on fee
enjoyed during the moose season. The lakes on which the camps are
situated are excellent moose habitat. For resident hunters, we can fly to
any of several lake or river locations where you set up your own camp and enjoy “your” lake for as long as you

                              WMU 18B, 21B, 23, 24, 25, 1D

                              We have a limited number of moose tags available and our hunts book very quickly, so if
                              you would like to book a hunt, call as soon as possible. Hunting licences are extra and
                              are available at the airbase prior to your flight out.

Guided trophy moose hunting on the Attawapiskat River
Hunting on the Attawapiskat River is a surreal experience that only a few have the opportunity to realize. Harry
Baxter and his guides will travel with you up and down river to seek the
big bulls of the north. Here, hunters have the chance to choose the            $2750 /pers can funds ~ 7 day hunt
animals they wish to shoot. The moose population is strong and                 - includes return flight, accommodations, guides, 1
                                                                               flight for moose flown out.
                            abundant and is sure to impress all hunters.
                            Do not forget the added bonus of the trophy
                            fishing on the Attawapiskat River. You get the best of both worlds.

                              The cabin is equipped with propane and electric amenities, 3 bedrooms, hot water /
                              shower and all kitchen / cooking utensils. Guests bring their own food, hunting gear,
                              sleeping bags and fishing tackle. Don’t forget your camera in order to capture this
                              spectacular hunting vacation.

Canadian resident moose hunting packages
Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to find an area that only
your party will hunt this season. All areas are remote, fly-in only.                       $795 /pers (parties of 2, 4, 6)
Choose from small lakes, rivers or larger lakes in the area and stay as                    $1049 /pers (parties of 3 or 5)
long as you like.                                                                  includes return flight, 1 check-flight, 1 flight for moose flown
                                                                                   out, canoe tie on fee)
                                                                                                 For lakes up to 50 miles from base.
                                The lakes and rivers are located
                                anywhere from 25-200 miles from the airbase on Carey Lake. Rates vary according to
                                distance flown. All locations are remote, and there is only one group per lake per year.

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