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Germ Exposure Q Is it true that daycare is good for kids because they exposed to more germs and therefore don't get as many colds once they start school? A For many viral infections, immune memory protects you from re-infection with that virus for the rest of your life. [...] is it possible that kids who start group care at a young age get exposed to enough viruses that they don't get as sick as often once they start grade school? A study published in December 2010 in Archives of Pediatrie and Adolescent Medicine tried to figure that out. Sometimes reasons are for the health of the baby (if she's not growing well, for instance) or for the health of the mother (high blood pressure or diabetes), or for both the health of baby and mother (a baby that's too big to be delivered through mom's pelvis.) Each circumstance should be looked at carefully, and the obstetrician or midwife should discuss the pros and cons of early induction.

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