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Vitamin Supplements Alone


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									            Can Vitamin Supplements Alone Heal Acne?

Recently, there has been a lot of information on vitamin supplements and how they can help
cure acne naturally and permanently. But is it really the case? In this article, we will discuss
the relationship between vitamins and acne so you can decide for yourself if you should take
vitamin supplements as part of your skin regimen.

Acne - Then And Now

It's sad but it's true, there are more acne victims in the last century or so than in the
previous centuries. Why? It's basically caused by a change in lifestyle. While our ancestors
ate mostly fruits, vegetables and fresh meat, most people today eat instant food, which, as
we all know, is sorely lacking in precious vitamins needed to maintain healthy skin. Case in
point, scientists have found out that there is a direct correlation between skin diseases and
zinc deficiency. Sadly, the average American diet is woefully lacking in zinc, with the
average diet consisting of processed food. Thus we're seeing an epidemic of a whole range
of diseases, not just acne and other skin-related conditions. Thus, if you suffer from acne or
any other skin condition, the first thing you need to examine is your diet. Are you making
sure that you're getting enough vitamins and minerals from your diet? Chances are, you are

While it is easy to blame bacteria for your skin disease, the truth is, if your body was only
healthy enough to fight off any form of infection, you wouldn't be suffering from acne in the
first place. However, it should be said that vitamins alone cannot totally cure acne, because
acne is caused by two factors: toxicity in the blood and deficiency in certain nutrients. Even
then, if you only make sure you get enough vitamins in your diet, you'll get clearer skin in
no time at all.

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