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					3 Types Of Insurance You Absolutely Need
With the current economy its easy to start cutting corners as we all tighten our monthly budgets
to make ends meet. With little relief in sight, its important that we save where we can without
making any serious compromises. Insurance represents a significant portion of our monthly
budgets and although its definitely an area for saving, its something you need to save on with
great caution. Insurance gives you a safety net in different areas of your life and often times
when you really need it you won't have it and end up paying the price.

One of the problems with the current economic crises is that because insurers are also feeling the
pinch, premiums are ballooning and many of us are struggling to keep up.

1. Home Insurance
Insuring your home is not a luxury. Although contents insurance is something you can save on
you should never let go of your home insurance. A fire or a natural disaster can destroy your
home and potentially destroy your greatest asset. Can you imagine having a mortgage on a home
you no longer have?

2. Medical Insurance
Your health is the most important thing you have. Your health and that of your family should be
your number one priority and if you want to save on health insurance try and make sure that you
are always covered for serious illness as this can be huge cost in case it happens.

3. Income Protection
In the current economy nobody is certain of their jobs. The job market has changed for good and
the days of getting 1 job for life is over. You need to protect your income in case of losing your
job or getting a serious injury that could prevent you from earning a living.