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									How To Get Your Apple iPhone 4 for Free
I am certain there would be lots of people interested in becoming a tester for Apple's latest
products when they are made available, such as the Apple iPhone 4 that is being distributed for
FREE to individuals to test. Unfortunately, this has not been extensively publicicized. Maybe
you think that it's just not possible to do testing and that the majority of people like you could
never get a free Apple iPhone 4 to be tested. Correct?

Well, you would be wrong if that is how you think. The only thing you need to do is to locate
promotional websites on-line that are willing to give away free Apple iPhone 4 phones when you
agree to test the phone. Generally you just need to finish a survey or list regarding the iPhone
rather than being obligated to send them some detailed review. It doesn't get much more simple
than this.

What you need to know is that there are marketing organizations that are paid millions of dollars
each year to carry out consumer investigations, and their mission is to find out what consumers
think of products and discover ways to improve the products. These marketing companies need
to reach out to the public and are more than willing and able to buy off average individuals like
you for our participation in their marketing efforts by giving away extravant and state-of-the-art
new products (such as a completely free iPhone 4). All we need do is test their products and
complete their surveys. It's truly a winning proposition for all involved participants since the
marketing firm gets the information they are paid big dollars to accumulate, and you become the
owner of a brand new Apple iPhone 4 for FREE! Sound pretty good?

 Don't believe folks who inform you that whatever is on the Internet is a complete fake and a
complete scam. This is not at all true in reards to the Internet. Don't let them copnvince yourself
that it is impossible to get your hands on a free iPhone 4 just for agreeing to test the phone. You
most definitely can! Discover the website with the offer, see if they are still available by entering
your email address, and with any luck you will be on your way to receiving a free iPhone 4!
Good luck!

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