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Contra Costa County - PowerPoint


									                            Eric Jonsson
                            HazMat Spec. II

Hazardous Materials Programs
   4333 Pacheco Boulevard
   Martinez, CA 94553
   925-646-2286 (business line)
   925-646-1112 (incident line)
Certified Unified Program Agency

   California Accidental Release Program
   Hazardous Waste Program
   Underground Storage Tank Program
   Above Ground Storage Tank Program
   Uniform Fire Code, Article 80, §103(b)(c)’91
   Hazardous Materials Business Plan Program-
    includes the Hazardous Materials Area Plan
Other Programs
n   Green Business Program
n   California Childhood Lead Poisoning
    Prevention Program
n   Hazardous Materials Incident Resonse
n   Stormwater Inspection Program
    Staffing the County HazMat Team
n   County HazMat staff includes:
    – 18 HazMat Specialists
       • All on response team

    – 2 HazMat Technicians
       • Keeps track of vehicle/equipment etc.
       • Also on Incident Response Team

    – 4 Cal. Accidental Release Program Engineers
       • Provide technical info about facilities/processes

    – 3 Management & Administrative Support
    – 3 On-Call Doctors
Operates 24/7
n   Regular duty is a 40-hr work week
       • Respond from Martinez, centrally located
       • Inspections and Complaint response when not on call

n   3 teams of 6 people
       • Add more people when needed
       • Every person is assigned the lead role -rotation
       • On duty every 3rd day, if on duty Friday, you’re on duty
         for the weekend
       • Type I, State Fire Marshall?

n   On Call for Weekends & after hours
Resources We Bring

n   Personnel & Equipment
n   2 Primary Vehicles, Flat bed Truck,
    Box Truck (supply vehicle), and one
    Pick-Up truck
- Field ID Chemical Equipment
- Reference Sources
- Air Monitoring/Sampling Equip.
-Clean Up Equipment
-Personal Protective Equipment
WMD Schools
   Chemical – Anniston, AL
   Biological – Salt Lake City, UT
   Radiological – Las Vegas, NV
   Explosives/Ordinance – Socorro, NM

n   CRHMRO – Transportation Conference
    – April 2008 in Oakland
Resources Available to Us

n   Mutual Aid, State OES Coastal Region
n   California National Guard Civil Support
    Team (C.S.T.)
n   FBI
n   Federal EPA

n   Coast Guard Pacific Coast Strike Team
Training – HazMat Response
n   All CSTI State Certified Technicians /
    Specialists – recognized by the State Fire Marshall
n   4 CSTI Certified HazMat Instructors
n   2 Emergency Medical Technicians
n   Personnel have specialization in
        - Drug Lab Response     - Technical Reference
        - Rail Cars/Tank Cars   - Field Chemical Identification
        - Radiological          - WMD/Terrorism
        - Asbestos              - Lead
Stormwater Program
n   170 industrial inspections annually in unincorporated
    Contra Costa County
n   Marina Project- hazardous waste management,
n   Complaint investigation and incident response
n   Training
     – Training for our staff, SW conferences, etc
     – Training provided to Public Works
    HazMat Hazards in the County
n   We are the most industrialized CUPA in the
    state. (17 billion pounds registered with us.)
n   4 Refineries & several chemical companies.
n   Major transportation
n   Pipelines
n   2 Main Railroads
n   Remote Locations
    – Drug labs
    – Abandonments
    – Agricultural chem.
Industry affects stormwater

All of these aspects
  of industrial life in
     Contra Costa
      County can
Healthy waters

n   We know what
    they look like…
n   Do we know how
    to keep them that
Healthy water

n   A little thing,
    maybe, but keeps
    it clean…
Healthy water

n   A good sign, rock
    and gravel visible
    on the bottom
Healthy water

n   EBRPD posted
    this sign at both
    entrances to the
    creek (fencing
    added along
    creek at easiest
    access points)
Healthy water?
Lake Anza, Tilden Park- could be
  (intentional & accidental)

    Paint discharged into storm drain in Danville.
What can be done here?
Can this be cleaned?   Can we find the culprits?
Cooperative response- San
Ramon and CC County Hazmat
n   Truck accident, diesel spilled to street,
    drain and creek
n   SR PW put out absorbant, called in a
    street sweeper
n   CC Hazmat pumped out diesel from
    damaged saddle tanks
n   CC Hazmat pumped diesel from creek,
    using same DD pump and a screen
Cooperative response (cont)

n   Discussion regarding flush and vacuum
    storm drain
n   SR assumed we would call in a
n   San Ramon has necessary company on
    contract (and funding?)
n   We asked, they called them in

  14 55-Gallon drums of waste oil, City of Richmond
Do you know this is only waste oil? Who responds?
Can we make them stop?
What enforcement tools are available
to the county, Central San, the cities?
Soapy Water

n   Can we prosecute
    this discharge?
n   What do we need?
n   What statute is
n   Do you allow
    Scouts, schools to
    have car washes?

n   Fish and Game code 5650- any
    substance or material deleterious to fish,
    plant, or bird life- To $25,000/occurance
n   PC 374.7(a),(b)- dumps any waste matter into
    any bay, lagoon, channel, river, creek,
    slough, lake, reservoir or and bank or shore
    within 150 feet of high water or any body of
    water- To $10,000/occurance

n   Water code, §§13387(a)(1-7),
    13385(a)(1-6), 13350(a), and many
    others in water code
n   Prosecution up to Felony and $500,000
    for individuals and $2,000,000 for
Tanker Truck Rollever 06/09/06

n   Safety Issues
n   Stormwater Issues
    – Gasoline
    – Fire foam
Toluene spill, Richmond

n   3,000 gallons
    toluene spilled
    weekend of 5/3/08
Toluene spill, Richmond

n   3,000 gallons
    toluene spilled
    weekend of 5/3/08
n   Thousands gallons
    potable water
Toluene spill, Richmond

n   3,000 gallons
    toluene spilled
    weekend of 5/3/08
n   Thousands gallons
    potable water
n   Valve to storm drain
    inlet left open
Toluene spill, Richmond
n   3,000 gallons toluene
    spilled weekend of
n   Thousands gallons
    potable water
n   Valve to storm drain
    inlet left open
n   Toluene to wetland
    north of Rheem Creek
               4333 Pacheco Boulevard
Our Office       Martinez, CA 94553
             925-646-2286 (business line)
             925-646-1112 (incident line)

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