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									Central Services Business Plan

             Central Services Business Plan - Contents          Page

-   Section 1: Service Profile / Review of Performance 2007/8    3

-   Section 2: Overall Priorities and Objectives for 2008/9      8

-   Section 3: Actions for 2008/9                                14

-   Section 4: Monitoring and review                             18

-   Appendix 1: Financial Schedules                              19

-   Appendix 2: Performance Indicators                           38

-   Appendix 3: Detailed Action Plans                            40

-   Appendix 4 :Risks                                            47

-   Appendix 5 : Description of Services                         50


About the Central Services Business Plan

The Central Services Business Plan (CSBP) sets out the key strategic priorities for the
Council‟s „Central Services‟ for the 2008/09 financial year, detailing the main activities planned
to achieve those priorities, details of the resources required, describes how performance
against key indicators (both statutory and locally derived) will be monitored and also outlines
the key risks.

The below diagram shows how the Central Services Business Plan fits into the overall
performance management structure linking individual goals the to Westminster City
Partnership strategic ambitions. It is underpinned by a raft of service plans built from the main
service functions in Central Services which contain detailed aims, and the CSBP therefore
contains only the most top-level objectives for the forthcoming year.

The CSBP concentrates on those back office services reporting to and monitored by the
Central Resources and Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee. There are detailed
service plans covering customer facing areas such as Libraries and Parking which fall under
the umbrella of Customer Services, but which are reported outside of the Central Services

Fuller profiles of the services provided by Central Services are provided in Appendix 1.

Strategic Plan Westminster City
Partnership                                                                     City Plan
Westminster City Council Corporate
Plan                                                                            Best Value
                                                                          Performance Plan 2008/9

Central Services Business Plan
                                                                   Central Services Business Plan

Central Services Service Plans
                                                             Customer Services / Legal and Admin Services /
                                                        Policy and Communications / Finance and Resources Plans

Main Central Services Service Area                          CS - Customer Services, Libraries Arts & Leisure,
                                                    Parking L&A – Legal and Admin, Licensing, P&C – Policy and Perf,
                                                      Human Resources, ICT, Communications, Finance & Resources
Main Central Services Functions                        Libraries, Arts Culture & Archives, CSi, One Stop, Parking,
                                                   Admin Services, Legal Services, Licensing Service, Corporate Policy,
                                     Corporate Performance, HR, Information Services, Benefits, Procurement Corporate Property, Audit
Central Services Team Plans
                                                                               Team Plans

Individual Performance
 Plans                                                                       Individual Plans

The Central Services Business Plan is a key part of the Corporate Performance Management
Process (below), incorporating key elements such as the Leader‟s speech and subject to the
monitoring processes detailed below and also referred to in Chapter 4.

   Westminster’s Performance Management Process 2008-09

                        LAA Programme                       Business                    LAA agreed
                     agreements signed off                 Plans 09/10                                             Review of
                                                           completed                                                2007/08
             Leader’s Speech                                                                                      performance

     Budget and

     Council Tax                                                                                                                  Closing of

       agreed                                                            Strategic                                                accounts
                                                                   sets out Leader‟s vision,
                February                Westminster                     corporate aims
                                      Performance Plan                   and priorities                                           ne
   Q3 Key Performance                    Estimates, Service                                                                     Ju
    Indicators & LAA
                                         Plans and review                                           Changing Priorities
                                            programme                                                 Annual Review and
       monitoring                             agreed                                                 assessment of existing              of BVPP
                                                                Quarterly Performance                performance measured
           January                                                   Monitoring                        against key PI‟s and
                                                                    Quarterly reporting of              the new priorities
     Business                                                          service plans
     Planning                              CAA                          and reviews                                                July
       09/10                         Use of Resources,
      started                        Risk assessment,
                                     Direction of Travel
                                                                                                                                   Q1 Key Performance
                                         statement                                               Setting Budget                     Indicators & LAA
         RSG                                                                                        Options                            monitoring
                                                                                                 Growth and savings
      announced             r                                    City Survey                                                  Au
                          be                                     Consultation on
                                                                                                   options agreed
                     em                                                                                                            st
                 D ec                                         new One City priorities

                letter & Audit         be                                                                   Se                    Audit of BVPP
                    report          em                                                                        pt               and key Performance
                                 Nov Star Chamber                     October                  Mid year               be            Indicators
                                       proposals finalised                                      review                  r

Operating Context

Westminster Council is currently in year three of a One City programme which aims to make
Westminster the best governed city in the world by creating strong communities, supported by
excellent council services.

The Corporate One City programme is based on four themes of a tolerant city, customer focus,
neighbourhoods and active citizenship and four delivery programmes: Order, Opportunity,
Enterprise and Renewal. In section 2, the main priorities for Central Services departments to
support One City in 2008/09 are outlined.

Nationally the Government continues to implement the direction of travel set out in „Strong and
Prosperous Communities‟ the Local Government White Paper. The Local Government and
Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 introduced a raft of measures including new duties
around Local Area Agreements, Councillor Calls for Action and the creation of Local
Involvement Networks to engage the public in decisions around social care provision. The
Sustainable Communities Act 2007 offers a new way for local authorities to ask Central
Government to take action to improve the economic, social or environmental well-being of their
area. The Government has announced its intention to publish a further White Paper on
community empowerment later this year. There will new equalities legislation to create a
common framework around the six equality strands. This will be aligned with the Council‟s
approach to meet Level 4 of the Equality Standard for Local Government later this year.
In terms of the performance of the Council itself, the Audit Commission is currently reviewing
its approach to the successor to CPA, the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA). This
broadens the assessment to cover the wider role of the public sector to address the challenges
facing the locality. Local government has a critical role in determining local priorities and
holding partners to account.

Central Services lead the shaping of Council policy and response to this new legislation,
provide communications internally and externally, manage financial strategy and legal affairs,
as well as managing the internal organisation change which will allow us to provide those
excellent services at the lowest costs.


Central services are providers of support services to the rest of the City Council and as such
recharge other Council departments for their services. The following therefore describe the
financial position of the Council as a whole.
The Council is in a strong financial position, with a high level of balances, and good progress
being made towards achieving WorkSmart efficiency savings. Reserves at 31 March 2008 are
forecast to be around £77m - £20 million higher than projected at the start of the year. Using
the Prudential Code, the net 5-year capital programme to 31 March 2013 amounts to £352m –
an average of £70m per annum. It is planned that this will be funded from anticipated
borrowing, capital receipts, contributions and grants. The Council is ahead of the game in
delivering efficiency savings although more will be required over the next three years. The
Government‟s target is to achieve annual cashable savings of £10m, equivalent to 3% of the
Council‟s base budget.

There are a number of external drivers and influences on the Council which may affect the
sustainability of our current business plan and the resources available to keep the Council
moving forward. The Council Tax decision this year was set in the context of increased
economic uncertainty. This creates risks to income from commercial and trading activities,
reduced interest earnings, delays in realising capital receipts and increased pressures on front
line services.

Over the next three years the Council is facing real terms cuts in government grants with
formula grant allocation being at the floor – 2% in 2008/09 falling to 1.5% by 2010/11. There is
also uncertainty around future LABGI and Working Neighbourhoods (formally NRF) funding
from 2008/09 and beyond. There appears little likelihood of the external funding position
improving in the medium term as the majority of the recommendations of the Lyons report
published in March 2008 have been ignored and the planned introduction from April 2010 by
the GLA of the new supplementary business rate proposal to fund Crossrail may place
additional pressures on the local business community particularly in the three Business
Improvement District areas.


The One City programme for 2007/08 provides a successful platform on which to build. The
Council has delivered national „firsts‟ including a new constitutional settlement for ward
members encompassing ward budgets and additional capacity to support investigative
scrutiny. Another highlight of the programme has been the improvements to the Prince of
Wales junction which has led to reported crime falling and public perceptions of safety rising.

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court provides a new preventative service to families at risk.
Through the Every Older Person Matters project the Council has introduced a range of
initiatives that have improved access to services for older people. Plans for the renewal of the
West End will result in major improvements to Europe‟s premier shopping destination.

The CPA Corporate Assessment in 2007 confirmed that the City Council is one of the best
Councils in the UK, awarded a four star and a „strongly improving‟ rating. The Council has
improved its scores for Use of Resources, Adult Services, Culture and recently secured the
highest rating for its Supporting People programme. The Audit Commission was impressed
both with the Council‟s scale of ambition as well as its ability to deliver on its priorities:

             ‘These ambitions are supported by excellent community leadership, strong
             finances and high calibre and committed councillors and staff. The Council’s
             achievements match these ambitions. The health of the community is
             improving. Crime is reducing. The streets are kept at a high level of
             cleanliness. The health of the community is improving’.

This year the Council has undertaken the largest survey of residents of any local authority.
This provides a unique level of confidence in the data and the ability to drill down to ward level.
Satisfaction levels with Westminster as a place to live rose to 87% and satisfaction with the
way that the City Council is running the City rose to 79%. Of the 3,044 residents surveyed
62% felt that the Council was making their area a better place to live. Significant
improvements in satisfaction with services included secondary schools, recycling, licensing
hours and City Guardians. However, there is no room for complacency as some services
experienced falls in satisfaction ratings and satisfaction levels vary between wards.

Performance Indicators

Best Value Performance Indicators

Best Value Performance Indicators (BVPIs) were statutory and collected annually across
England and Wales allowing comparisons of performance across geographical boundaries and
over time. 2007/08 was the last year of BVPI collection, to be replaced by a National Indicator
set introduced by the CLG to reduce the burden of Local Authority reporting.

Within Central Services there are 21 BVPIs (including sub-PI indicators), 68% of which
improved in 2007/8, 4% remained stable whilst 27% declined. Full details of BVPI performance
can be found in Appendix 2, although results decline are presented in fuller detail here.

Summary position
    2007/08 results compared to 2006/07 outturns
    Total                                        Improving       Stable / no trend    Declining      Not Rag’d
                                             22       15 (68%)               1 (4%)        6 (27%)               0

    2007/08 results compared to 2007/08 targets
    Total                                         Target met or      Target missed          No Target set
                                             22           17 (77%)                6 (23%)

    BVPI 11a - % of top 5% earners who are women continues to fall well short of target, and
     actually declined from the previous year. Plans to improve performance include promoting
     flexible working in future recruitment campaigns and new targeted staff development

   BVPI 12 - The number of working days lost to sickness absence - Human Resources are
    introducing new workforce monitoring from April to better understand the causes of this.
    Work is ongoing to ensure good management compliance with the sickness absence
   BVPI 15 The % of employees retiring on grounds of ill-health as a % of total work
    force - The number of ill health retirements although increased slightly from 2006/07
    remains significantly below national average (5 people for whole year).
   BVPI 79bi -Recovery of current overpayments: Instruction of bailiffs should improve the
    performance against this indicator. The 07/08 target for this indicator has been altered due
    to unusually high levels of activity in 2006/07 distorting the outturn.
   BVPI 79bii - Recovery of current and arrears overpayments: It is expected that the regular
    instruction of bailiffs should improve the progress against this indicator.
   BVPI 174 Racial incidents per 100,000 population – The number of incidents has
    increased from last month due to the inclusion of termly information from schools. The
    increase in incidents is indicative of the Councils success in encouraging the reporting of
    this indicator.The Council has been successful in ensuring 97.3% of these incidents have
    been followed up, including recent expansion of facilities to reporting incidents via the

Local Key Performance Indicators
Westminster performance management approach demands that those services which are of
key importance to the Council and its residents are also monitored and reviewed on a monthly
basis by management meetings through Local PIs. These are also shown in Appendix 2.
All Customer Services indicators relating to telephony customer service levels were met, whilst
particularly good results for the electoral roll canvassing and speed of local land charge
searches were achieved.


Over the next year Central Services has two critical priorities,
1.     Driving the transformation of Westminster City Council as an organisation through
       WorkSmart whilst
2.     Maintaining exceptional leadership and support for the Council‟s „One City‟ programme
       and front line services.

Policy and Communications

    With the introduction of a new Local Area Agreement and a new regulatory framework
     there is a need to provide a new model for performance improvement in Westminster. A
     priority will be the development of a „whole systems‟ approach to performance
     management embracing CAA, LAA and local priorities linked through to our
     neighbourhoods approach.

    A new priority this year will be to improve investigative scrutiny to meet the aspirations of
     the Leader for a stronger role for scrutiny. This will involve more in-depth scrutiny of
     issues that have been identified as a priority for improvement.

    The new Neighbourhoods Programme is being rolled out in 2008/09. A new support team
     is also now in place to support Ward Members. This year will see the first projects
     commissioned by Ward Members from their £100k ward budgets. This is being supported
     by enhanced engagement through MyNeighbourhood Forums and improved data through
     Ward Profiles which include enhanced customer feedback from the City Survey. It will be
     a priority to ensure this programme delivers the „new constitutional settlement‟ envisaged
     in One City to empower Ward Members. There will be on-going evaluation of the
     programme to prepare for the review of the programme in 2009/10.

    Closer working with partners through the Westminster City Partnership will continue to be
     a priority. The changes to the LAA and the issues around funding caused by the
     withdrawal of Neighbourhood Renewal Funding will require the Council and its key
     partners to work in new ways and much more closely to achieve the joint objectives set
     out in the LAA and City Plan.

    The Council‟s commitment to equalities will be demonstrated through the achievement of
     Level 4 of the Equality Standard for Local Government this year and the introduction of a
     Single Equality Scheme, aligned closely with the PCT and the Police. We will also work to
     implement the findings of the review of the Westminster Partnership for Race Equality.
     We will be working closely with Community Protection to implement the WCP‟s approach
     to Community Cohesion and out counter terrorism strategy.

    Area Renewal continues to be a priority for the Council and its partners. All the Local
     Area Renewal Partnerships have action plans in place and this year will see these
     translated into mainstream activity by the Partnership. In addition, we will focus on
     improving access to employment as a One City priority.

Government Relations and Lobbying

   The Council will deliver a comprehensive lobbying programme for 2008/09. This will focus
    on three major areas where campaigns will be developed and the Government Relations
    Group will undertake a co-ordination and advisory role for departmental lobbying on
    specific issues. The major campaign areas will be as follows:
           Licensing: a public affairs campaign to secure revisions to the licensing
              legislation to allow for charging of local fees, increase the authority of the Council
              and secure greater powers for closing problem premises.
           Funding: lobbying for additional resources for the Council based on population
              and migration, social care, deprivation, economic development, central London
              labour cost pressures, visitors and congestion. This campaign will largely focus
              on lobbying and briefing the Government, and on London issues the GLA and
              London Councils.
           Population: ensuring that Westminster‟s growing and complex population is
              fairly recognised by the Office for National Statistics, properly reflected in grant
              formula calculations for the next three year settlement in 2010, and that adequate
              preparations are made for the 2011 Census.
   The Audit Commission is currently considering how it will approach the new
    Comprehensive Area Assessment. The City Council is leading for London, through
    Capital Ambition, in promoting a model based on self-regulation and that recognises the
    importance of the community leadership role for local authorities. The Council is currently
    negotiating with the Government Office and partners on the indicators and targets to
    include in the new Local Area Agreement (drawn from the scaled down National Indicator
    Set). There will be a robust discussion to ensure that the priorities in the Local Area
    Agreement reflect the priorities identified by the Council and its partners


   The Council‟s communications programme for the coming year is set out in the
    Communications and Consultation Plan 2008/09. This covers corporate initiatives such as
    the Westminster Reporter, campaigns to support service departments and consultation &
    research work. A major focus will be the promotion of the new One City programme,
    reporting back to the City on the work of the Council and engaging the community in
    setting the next stage of One City.

   The Communications plan sets out to deliver fifty campaigns to improve quality of life in
    the city. The major campaigns include marketing campaigns to secure additional foster
    and adoptive parents, increase recycling rates, improve understanding of parking policies
    and reduce fear of crime in the City.

   The communications team has recently completed a „Best Practice Review‟ of Council
    communications. The external panel that oversaw the review concluded that the
    communications of the Council met the Gold Standard of the LGA „Reputation‟ campaign,
    82% of the Improvement and Development Agency‟s „Connecting with Communities‟
    criteria and that overall the City Council “delivers effective communications, comparable
    with the best in the public sector”.

Consultation and Engagement

   The Council has recently completed the 2008 City Survey, the largest survey of its kind
    ever undertaken in the City, providing unparalleled insight into the views of local people.
    During 2008 a series of „Insight‟ Reports will be delivered focusing on specific findings
    from the research.

   The development of One City has been informed and shaped by the City Survey and a
    programme of community engagement. Over 2,000 people were consulted on their
    priorities for the Council, helping to develop the One City projects. This momentum of
    consultation will continue throughout the coming year.

   Consultation has a key role to play in managing the reputation of the Council.
    Consultation provides the opportunity to directly impact upon residents‟ perceptions, drive
    forward service improvements and assess the effectiveness of communications
    campaigns. The Council‟s approach is based on five principles:
       Establishing best practice
       Setting up and maintaining the newly formed Westminster Research and
         Consultation Network
       Establishing the consultation team as the in-house specialists providing a wide
         range of quality research and consultation projects
       Identifying key customer segments and tailoring research and consultation to their
         specific needs
       Continuously challenging the research and consultation community

   During 2008/09, these principles will be applied to a range of consultation projects
    including quarterly tracking surveys, the City Survey, the Branding and Perception survey,
    a staff survey, a parent‟s survey and various departmental consultation projects.

Customer Services and the CSI

   The next phase of the Customer Service programme will see the development of the
    Westminster Standard. This will set a new quality benchmark to ensure consistency,
    simplicity and quality across all services. This includes the development of the My
    Westminster website service, personalised to each customer‟s needs and a timely refresh
    of our approach to One Stop Services to improve local service delivery.

   Increased access to services. My Westminster, Westminster City Council's new
    personalised section of our website was launched in October 2007. Since launch over
    10,000 residents have set up their own personal account. The site is also helping the
    Council to better understand who is accessing services with over 75% of customer
    completing important equalities information. This will be used in the future to help better
    match services to our customers‟ needs. 2008/09 will bring improved functionality and
    more services onto the site in response to customer feedback.

   All key actions from the PA review of Customer Services Contract will be delivered by the
    end of 2007/08 - in April 2008/9 a further update on actions and contract options was
    provided to Resources and Corporate Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

                                            - 10 -
 Human Resources

 The Human Resources goal is to ensure the Council has the organisational capability and
 capacity to deliver its vision and its strategic and operational goals. This means having the
 appropriate organisation, staffed by highly motivated and skilled people who want to stay with
 the Council and give of their best. Key priorities for 2008/09 include :

    The development of a revised fit for purpose remuneration and performance management
     package. (see Reward - WorkSmart project for further details)
    High level and wide range of HR support to all Worksmart projects.
    Introduction of a Child care voucher scheme.
    Introduction of a voluntary Private health Insurance Scheme.
    Overall improvement in HR Direct performance
    Considerable improvement in accuracy and reliability of key HR management information
    Completion and successful outcome of the triennial pension fund valuation
    Workforce Remodelling & Single Status
    Safer Recruitment training roll out
    Pimlico School Special Measures support
    Continued reductions in the sickness absence levels
    Continued improvements in all corporate health and safety key indicators


WorkSmart aims to create a work environment that enables us to deliver greater services and
value for money to our customers, and provides better reward for staff through improved
working practices and new technology. It is the key to providing world class service whilst
maintaining low tax. To keep the council‟s WorkSmart efficiency programme on track to deliver
£60m cash benefits over the next 3 years, with annual benefits of £20m, allowing the council to
deliver better services and value for money for our residents and customers.

Central Services provides a range of core support services across the council and a number of
customer facing services such as Libraries and Parking. This includes Policy and
Performance, Human Resources, ICT, Communications, Legal and Finance. As WorkSmart
will support much of the work carried out by Central Services and is embedded within
departmental plans projects are shown discretely here only for ease as reference.

Project Overview
FLoW will give staff the opportunity to work flexibly from home and on the move, as well as
improve the office environment for those still based at Lisson Grove and City Hall. Teams can
stay in touch more easily with colleagues who are out with clients or partners. The Telephony
project will provide additional support to flexible location workers.
The Wireless project will not only provide access to the council's network from anywhere in
Westminster but will provide limited free access to residents and visitors, which will increase
awareness of the services provided by the council and connect us more with our residents.
ERM will mean that we have less paper stored in the office freeing up much needed space, it
will also save time and make accessing documents faster and simpler.
Finally eProcurement will help the department to keep better track of invoices and payments
while simplifying the process and giving teams more transparency on what they are spending.

                                            - 11 -
Main Central        Objectives Summary                               Key Milestones in 2008/9
Services Projects
FLoW Phase          To free staff from the existing ties to their    The 7th floor of City Hall is
2 (Flexible         desks, reduce the number of underutilised        vacated - July 2008
Location Working)   desks in our offices and reduce our property
(GOLD)              costs by letting out vacated floor space.
Wireless            To build a wireless network across the city to   Westminster becomes the
(GOLD)              support the WorkSmart programme and make         biggest wireless hotspot in
                    Westminster one of the largest Wireless          Europe - July 2008
                    hotspots in Europe.
Management          The introduction of new MI software at the
Reporting           council will improve financial reporting,
(SILVER)            forecasting and budget modelling processes
                    by importing and exporting key financial data
                    from Westminster's management information
                    systems. Summary reports and consolidated
                    figures will be easily accessible and readily
                    available to users
Telephony (GOLD)    Telephony project provides a „one number,        A pilot testing the principles of
                    one telephone device‟ solution for the council   this approach is currently
                    that will not only deliver an improved service   being designed which will
                    and provide significant savings,                 inform roll out over the coming
                                                                     year. The strategy is also
                                                                     informing end to end service
                                                                     design within WorkSmart.

                                                                     During 2007/08 a single
                                                                     complaints line was set-up
                                                                     reducing the number of
                                                                     complaints lines from 10 to 1.

                                                                      Phase 1 implementation –
                                                                      starting in May 2008
Corporate           This project introduces online reporting and      Initial Projects on a Microsoft
Business            analysis tools to provide easy access to            Business Intelligence
Intelligence        information and statistics across all council       platform – Spring 08
Implementation      departments. The results can then be shared       Phase 3 - Identify which
(SILVER)            between different teams and with the public         other teams to benefit from
                                                                        this technology – July 08
Reward              Tto become an employer of choice, by              14th April: report to Cabinet
                    introducing a new reward package and              April 2008: new pay
                    improving the focus on skill development to         structure in place
                    provide opportunities for career growth.          Autumn 2008:
                                                                        implementation, backdated
                                                                        to April 2008
Self Service        Self Service has the potential to help
                    managers and staff to manage staffing issues
                    more easily and accurately. Managers will be
                    able to access the HR Oracle system to view,
                    update and approve changes to their team
                    members‟ details on issues such as sickness
                    and working hours
JD Edwards          The JD Edwards project looks to use internal     Negotiations are currently
(BRONZE)            expertise and expertise at other councils to     taking place to establish the
                    complete financial system business               specifics and roll out of the
                    requirements rather than use external            project.

                                            - 12 -
Main Central         Objectives Summary                                  Key Milestones in 2008/9
Services Projects
                     consultants at high charge-out rates. It is
                     based the use of the JD Edwards financial
                     solution and is a joint working arrangement
                     with other councils presently using this solution
Transforming         Transforming Libraries is facilitating the          Major changes to the
Libraries            introduction of self service at the four largest    environment and layout are on
(BRONZE)             Westminster libraries, and a change in working      target to be implemented as
                     practices for library staff                         part of a refurbishment project
                                                                         at the end of May 2008.
                                                                         Charing Cross Library is
                                                                         having self-service introduced
                                                                         at the same time as a major
                                                                         building refurbishment. This is
                                                                         on track to happen in May

Perfomance Indicators for 2008/9

As mentioned on Page 6, the demise of the national BVPI set, and the emergence of new
National Indicator Set means that a new framework for Key Performance Indicators will be in
place for 2008/9, incorporatng National Indicators (including the sub-set included within the
Local Area Agreement LAA), new local LAA indicators, new local service indicators and
historic BVPI which have been retained because they are an effective measure of
performance, and there is comparative historic timeline data available.

A comprehensive set of core service priority performance indicators is being prepared for the
Central Service areas which will be monitored on a monthly basis through reports to CMB and
the Audit & Performance Committee, alongside the monitoring and reporting of the key
priorities describes above.

The set of Central Services BVPI‟s will be agreed in April 2008, and will be available as a
supplementary document to this Plan.

                                              - 13 -

    This section sets out the means by which the general objectives identified in the section 2 will
    be translated into action.

    Key Objectives - Titles                    Outcomes
    Develop detailed staffing plans for        1. High level and wide range of HR support to all
    each service area to reflect the              Worksmart projects.
    changes planned for the service over       2. Pimlico & Quintin Kynaston (schools transfer
    the next 3 years (e.g. effects of             of employment (350 staff)
    implementing Worksmart initiatives,        3. Centre for Young Musicians (transfer of
    shifts in the skills requirements and         employment 120 staff)
    profile of the service workforce,
    legislative and policy changes).
    Develop robust and reliable                Completion of the full review HR management
    management information for effective       information
    workforce planning and informed
    approaches to the workforce
    transitions and changes in numbers of
    jobs and skill requirements, re-skilling
    and redeployment.
    Develop self-service in people
    management systems to provide
    effective corporate governance and
    service management through reduced
    and streamlined administration.
    Develop a total rewards package that       Implement the revised remuneration strategy as
    supports the Council position as an        per the project plan agreed with the steering
    „employer of choice‟, reflects the         group.
    contributions and competences of the
    Develop generic skills and abilities to    Revise and implement a revised performance
    enable the Council to „grow its own‟       management system that complements the
    talent, capitalise on its existing         revised remuneration strategy.
    knowledge base and enhance its
    reputation as a „springboard‟ for career
    Promote management standards,              1. Single Status & ILEA terms and conditions
    employment practices and staff                harmonisation
    relations that reinforce the Council‟s     2. Implementation of the 2008 pension scheme
    position as a responsible employer            changes
    with an inclusive and supportive           3. Revision and implementation of a strategy to
    organisational style, culture, values,        promote health well being within employees
    policies and structures.
   The development of the Council‟s           1. British Standards Institute accreditation of the
    knowledge management systems and              entire WCC health and safety management
    processes to capture and promote the          system
    organisation‟s corporate memory and
    operating standards in order to sustain
    consistency, continuity and effective
    Ensure appropriate HR support from         1. Completion of re-negotiation of the HR service

                                                 - 14 -
    within service management, strategic                contract with Vertex
    HR and HR Direct to enable the
    delivery of the predicted organisational
    changes to time and to the standards

    Full details of the actions planned for 2008/9 for these key objectives are provided in Appendix


    Central Services provides leadership to the rest of the Council as well as the rest of the City of
    Westminster in not only meeting equality commitments on time but promoting the duties
    placed upon the Council to promote race, disability and gender equality, as well community
    cohesion and good community relations.

    The following functions have been given full Equalities Impact Assesments in 2007/8, in
    Central Services whilst a comprehensive list for 2008/9 will be compiled for CODG (Chief
    Officers Diversity Group) in May 2008.

    Name of EIA                 Department          Jun 07 -     Jan 08 -   Completed         Notes
                                                     Dec 07      Jun 08
My Westminster             Customer Services                                        Proposed to move
                                                                                        back a year
Westminster Standard       Customer Services                                 
for Customer Service
Out of Hours Team          Customer Services                                          Proposed to move
                                                                                        back a year
Parking Services –         Customer Services                                 
Disabled Parking
Standards – Unitary
Development Plan
Archive Services           Customer Services                                         Previously known
                                                                                        as:Training & staff

Registrar of Births,       Legal & Administrative                                    Previosly known
Deaths and Marriages       Services                                                     as: Complaints

Cabinet & committee        Legal & Administrative                                    New EIA
secretariat                Services

Coroner's Service          Legal & Administrative                                    New EIA
Legal Services             Legal & Administrative                                    New EIA
Lord Mayor‟s Secretariat   Organisational Change                                      New EIA
Training and staff         Organisational Change         
development (now
called 'Organisational
Internal and External      Organisational Change                           
Faith Exchange             Policy & Performance                                      New EIA

                                                    - 15 -
    Name of EIA                 Department          Jun 07 -   Jan 08 -   Completed        Notes
                                                     Dec 07    Jun 08
Neighbourhood Budgets      Policy & Performance                                    New EIA
Registrar of Births,       Legal & Administrative                                   Previously known
Deaths and Marriages       Services                                                   as: Emergency
                                                                                      Duty Officers
Cabinet & committee        Legal & Administrative                       
secretariat                Services
Coroner's Service          Legal & Administrative                       
Legal Services             Legal & Administrative                       
Lord Mayor‟s Secretariat   Organisational Change                        
Training and staff         Organisational Change                        
development (now
called 'Organisational
Internal and External      Organisational Change                        
Faith Exchange             Policy & Performance                         
Neighbourhood Budgets      Policy & Performance                         

    The Council’s 1st combined Equality Scheme will run from 2008/2011, taking integrating plans
    across the six equalities strands – race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, and religion/

    Main actions for 2008/9 include

         Prioritising each department’s functions according to the duties to the six equality strands
         Creating combined plans across all the six equality strands.

    The Council aims to reach Level 4 of the Equality Standard by October 2008. This wil be done

         ensuring that all commitments outlined in the departmental Level 4 action plan are
          reviewed quarterly at departmental and CS DMTs, including

                 reviewing workforce profiles MI quarterly
                 reviewing service delivery commitments
                 ensuring all training commitments are implemented, for both WCC as well as
                  contractors and where necessary, VCS organisations and groups
                 ensuring that the Comprehensive Equality Policy is reviewed at least annually
                 ensuring that CS commitments from the Corporate Equality Action Plan are
                  reviewed every 6 months
                 emphasising the important role about communicating the council’s intentions and
                  ambitions on promoting equality and as well as accessible services within the
                  Council and amongst our partners and communities
                 publicising information on the Council’s equality activities/achievements and
                  wherever necessary, making links with the CPA and other regulatory processes.

                                                    - 16 -
The City Council‟s approach to risk management is set out in its Risk Management Strategy
(RMS) and covers:
    The overall process for identifying, assessing and managing risks.
    The respective roles of officers and members.
    Arrangements for monitoring and reporting.

The City Council also has a strategic risk register that focuses on the key risks to the
achievement of corporate objectives. All Departments are required to have departmental risk
registers in place to support their business objectives and plans.
In creating risk registers, Departments have adopted the five-stage process set out in the RMS
set out below.
Key stages in identifying risks
Stage 1     Identification of the „key‟ risks that could have an adverse affect or prevent key
            business objectives from being met
Stage 2     Analysing each risk to gain a clear understanding of its cause and the
            consequences of the risk occurring
Stage 3     For each risk the likelihood and impact ratings, risk score, direction of travel
            and target score are recorded. Also added is an initial target risk score for each
Stage 4     Planning actions necessary to mitigate the risks identified and recording these
            in the risk register.
Stage 5     Monitoring and reviewing risk registers on a quarterly basis and re-prioritising
            risks where necessary. Risks will be formally monitored through CMB, CESG,
            Cabinet and the Audit & Performance Committee.

The risks in this Central Services Business Plan reflect only the main corporate strategic risks
being managed by Central Services functions and are tied to the failure to deliver the
objectives described in section 3. A fuller set of departmental risks, and risks of a lesser
magnitude will be reflected in service plans.

                                            - 17 -

This business plan ensures that objectives are harmonised in terms of ambitions stated in the
City Plan, in One City projects and other initiatives, and that the same priorities and messages
are delivered without unnecessary duplication or conflict of interests.
The same principle applies to reporting of performance, so that the same objectives are
presented to the monthly CMB meetings, cabinet members and quarterly Overview and
Scrutiny Committee meetings.

Reporting lines are complicated because the scope of services covered by Central Services,
and current reporting structures. Monthly CMB reports are prepared along Cabinet Member
portfolio lines, whilst Overview and Scrutiny Committees take a much broader view. Both CMB
and O&S meetings will provide challenge and feedback to CSPB performance. The structure is
outlined in the table below.

The following describes how performance in relation to the key Central Service Business Plan
objectives and risks, are signed-off, reported and acted upon throughout 2008/09.

Portfolio            Central Services Performance Information Reported
Finance and Support Finance and Resources, Organisational Change, (including HR,
Services             Corporate ICT, Communications) Policy and Performance, and
                     Legal and Administration.
Customer and         Customer Services inc. Libraries, Arts and Culture, and
Community Services   transformational projects in Licensing and Parking. Also HR
                     performance linked to the HRDirect contract.
Community Protection Licensing (as part of Legal and Admin)
and Licensing
Economic             Parking (as part of Customer Services) and Economic
Development and      Development (as part of Policy and Performance)

                                            - 18 -
Central Service Business Planning – Structure for 2008/9

Main Service          Customer Services Initiative          Legal and Administration     Policy and  Organisatio   Finance and Resources
Areas                                                                                   Communicati nal Change
Major          Libraries,    Csi,    One Parking            Admin         Licensing     Corporate    HR,    ICT, Revenues and Benefits, Risk
Functions      Arts,         Stop                           Services,     Service       Policy     & Communica Management             Audit,
               Culture,                                     Legal                       Performance tions        Accountancy, Procurement,
               Archives                                     Services                                             Corporate Property
Committee      Health and    Resources      Built           Resources     Built         Resources      Resources    Resources and Corporate
Reporting      Community     and            Environment     and           Environmen    and            and          O&S
Lines          O&S           Corporate      O&S             Corporate     t O&S         Corporate      Corporate
                             O&S                            O&S                         O&S / (Built   O&S
                                                                                        O&S - Econ

                                            Customer &
                                            Services /                                  Finance &      Finance &
Cabinet        Customer &    Customer &     Economic        Finance and   Community     Support        Support
Member         Community     Community      Developmen      Support       Protection    Services /     Services /   Finance & Support Services /
Reports        Services      Services       t & Transport   Services      & Licensing   Leaders        Leaders      Leaders
Appendix 1: Financial Schedules

ALL SCHEDULES ARE SUBJECT TO UPDATE – All F&S schedules are shown first with C&CS schedules following


 This schedule shows, for each Cabinet Member, the analysis of the 2008/09 Budget between employees numbers and cost, contract and other external
 payments, operational cost, income budgets (split across grants, trading and other income) and net internal recharges between Cabinet Members

                                                           Total      Contract          Total
                                                Funded                                                  Net Support        GROSS          TOTAL            NET
          CABINET MEMBER                                  Staffing       and          Operational
                                                 FTEs                                                    Charges        EXPENDITURE      INCOME          BUDGET
                                                           Costs       External         Costs

 GENERAL FUND                                              £'000        £'000               £'000                          £'000          £'000           £'000

 Finance and Support Services                    388.0     29,627        21,874              50,247         -77,411          24,338        -76,411        -52,073
                             Corporate Items        3.0       7,713            0               -2,639           7,788           12,862            -2         12,860
                                     Finance       70.0       4,170       11,403               21,700         -62,115          -24,842       -41,350        -66,192
                           Corporate Property      32.0       1,918        2,635               25,180          -7,879           21,854       -23,918         -2,064
                    Policy & Communications       157.5       9,072        6,531                5,895         -11,075           10,422        -5,949          4,473
                      Legal & Administration       97.8       5,295          677                1,840          -4,557            3,255        -4,193           -938
                                Procurement        27.7       1,459          553               -1,860             355              508             0            508
                                  Worksmart         0.0           0           76                  131              71              279        -1,000           -722

 Parking Services                                 47.5      2,871        38,898                9,923        10,569           62,261       -101,655        -39,394

 Customer & Community Services                   193.0      7,118        33,124                2,983        -29,954          13,271         -1,789        11,482
                          Customer Services        24.0       1,543       31,332                  477         -32,611             741             -843        -102
                       Libraries and Archives     169.0       5,575        1,792                2,506           2,657          12,530             -946      11,584

 TOTAL ESTIMATES                                 628.5    39,615.9     93,896.4             63,153.4       -96,795.8        99,869.9     -179,855.0      -79,985.1

                                                                                   - 20 -

This schedule shows the reasons for increases/reductions from the 2007/08 budget.

                                                                                     £000      £000

GENERAL FUND ESTIMATE BASE 2007/08                                                            -57,672

TRANSFERS TO/FROM OTHER BUDGETS                                                                  931

 Pay Awards                                                                            525
 Price Increases                                                                     1,618
 Increased Income                                                                        0      2,143

Existing business plan GROWTH items (agreed Feb 07 Cabinet)                          3,358
Changes and new business plan GROWTH items (agreed Nov 07 Cabinet)

Changes and new (additional) GROWTH items (agreed Feb 08 Cabinet)                    8,717

Existing business plan SAVINGS items (agreed Feb 07 Cabinet)                        -12,319
Changes and new business plan SAVINGS items (agreed Nov 07 Cabinet)
Changes and new (additional) SAVINGS items (agreed Feb 08 Cabinet)
                                                                                      -192     -1,498
    See Schedule 3 for details

OTHER VARIATIONS                                                                               4,023

GENERAL FUND ESTIMATE 2008/09                                                                 -52,073

                                                - 21 -

This schedule shows the reasons for increases/reductions from the 2007/08 budget.

                                                                                    £000      £000

GENERAL FUND ESTIMATE BASE 2007/08                                                           -31,461

 Pay Awards                                                                            51
 Price Increases                                                                    1,099
 Increased Income                                                                       0      1,150


  Existing business plan GROWTH items (agreed Feb 07 Cabinet)                         973

  Changes and new business plan GROWTH items (agreed Nov 07 Cabinet)                1,383

 Changes and new (additional) GROWTH items (agreed Feb 08 Cabinet)                     56

 Existing business plan SAVINGS items (agreed Feb 07 Cabinet)                        -897

 Changes and new business plan SAVINGS items (agreed Nov 07 Cabinet)                -7,886

 Changes and new (additional) SAVINGS items (agreed Feb 08 Cabinet)                 -2,029    -8,400
    See Schedule 3 for details

OTHER VARIATIONS                                                                               -683

GENERAL FUND ESTIMATE 2008/09                                                                -39,394

                                                - 22 -
2008/09 FROM 2007/08

This schedule shows the reasons for increases/reductions from the 2007/08 budget.

                                                                                    £000     £000

GENERAL FUND ESTIMATE BASE 2007/08                                                            9,596

TRANSFERS TO/FROM OTHER BUDGETS                                                                894

 Pay Awards                                                                           137
 Price Increases                                                                    1,264
 Increased Income                                                                       0     1,401

Existing business plan GROWTH items (agreed Feb 07 Cabinet)                           101

Changes and new business plan GROWTH items (agreed Nov 07 Cabinet)                    580

Changes and new (additional) GROWTH items (agreed Feb 08 Cabinet)                      99
Learning Co-ordinator                                                                  37

Existing business plan SAVINGS items (agreed Feb 07 Cabinet)                        -2,826

Changes and new business plan SAVINGS items (agreed Nov 07 Cabinet)                  -193

Changes and new (additional) SAVINGS items (agreed Feb 08 Cabinet)                   -282    -2,521
    See Schedule 3 for details

OTHER VARIATIONS                                                                              2,112

GENERAL FUND ESTIMATE 2008/09                                                                11,482

                                                - 23 -
               PLAN (APPROVED NOVEMBER 2007)

                                           2008/09 TO 2010/11

These schedules list the recommended new growth and savings items and changes to existing growth and savings
items compared to the existing Business Plan. The schedules are grouped by Cabinet member and service.

                                                               2008/09       2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
  REF                                                           OVER          OVER          OVER         OVER 3
                     CORPORATE ITEMS                           2007/08       2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

                                                                £'000        £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

   1       None                                                          0             0             0            0

           TOTAL GROWTH                                                  0             0             0            0


   1       Elton Fee review income target transfer from             -900                                       -900
   2       Elton Fee Review target removal                         2,500                                    2,500
   3       Removal of Lyons review LABGI replacement               3,000        3,000                       6,000
   4       Corporate Target for capitalisation of items             -500                                     -500
           charged to GF

           TOTAL SAVINGS                                           4,100        3,000                0      7,100

           NET SAVINGS - Chief Executives Corporate                4,100        3,000                0      7,100

                                                               2008/09       2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
  REF                                                           OVER          OVER          OVER         OVER 3
                         FINANCE                               2007/08       2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

                                                                £'000        £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

   1       Interest Earnings - rates decreased to 5.25             1,250          -650            0             600
   2       Debt charge requirements - Chiltern St, Grosvenor         485        -1,612          437            -690
   3       Grosvenor Dock                                          2,500         -450          -550         1,500
   4       Review of debt charges in light of recessionary           434        1,712           -84         2,062

                                                - 24 -
                                                             2008/09     2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
 REF                                                          OVER        OVER          OVER         OVER 3
                      FINANCE                                2007/08     2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

  5      Impact of CTB/HB admin grant reduction                   156         231           306           693
  6      Transfer FloW savings from Worksmart                     128           0             0           128

         TOTAL GROWTH                                           4,953        -769           109         4,293


  1      Revenue and Benefits Stretch target reprofiled            300       -300                           0
  2      Interest rates increased to 5.75%                      -1,250        650                        -600
  3      Revenues and Benefits printing & stationery               -15                                    -15
  4      Debt Financing Cost Changes (Chiltern Street)           -720        -707          -679        -2,106
  5      Additional Interest Earnings anticipated from                                     -500          -500
         disposal of North Westminster Community School
  6      Additional Cash Flow savings from eProcurement          -250        -250                        -500
   7     Insurance Premia - additional savings                    -200                                   -200
   8     NNDR and Council Tax Credits written back to GF        -1,000       1,000                          0
   9     Grosvenor Dock                                         -2,500         450          550        -1,500
  10     VAT Refund                                                         -2,500                     -2,500
WSMC 1   Debt Management                                         -290                                    -290
WSMC 2   WIMS income and reduced debt charges charges             -50                                     -50
WSMC 3   Main process re-engineering                             -100                                    -100
WSMC 4   Procurement Operations model                            -135                                    -135
WSMC 5   Reduction of Benefits sites - Capita contract                        -75                         -75
WSMC 6   Staffing restructure in Corporate Finance                -60                                     -60
WSMC 7   Steamlined reporting mechanisms across finance          -250        -250                        -500
WSMC 8   Reconfiguration of Central Services                     -300                                    -300
WSMC 9   Reduction of Temporary Staff in benefits function       -350                                    -350

         TOTAL SAVINGS                                          -7,170      -1,982         -629        -9,781

         NET SAVINGS - Finance                                  -2,217      -2,751         -520        -5,488

                                                             2008/09     2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
 REF                                                          OVER        OVER          OVER         OVER 3
                CORPORATE PROPERTY                           2007/08     2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

                                                              £'000      £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

  1      Additional Capitalisation of Revenue                    -100              0             0       -100
  2      Property Contract Costs                                  391                                     391
  3      Transfer NNDR Car Park savings to Parking              1,024              0             0      1,024

                                              - 25 -
                                                          2008/09    2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
REF                                                        OVER       OVER          OVER         OVER 3
              CORPORATE PROPERTY                          2007/08    2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

       TOTAL GROWTH                                          1,315             0             0      1,315


 1     Increase in Rents from Assessment and Advice            100                                   100
 2     8 Victoria Embankment Rent Loss (Cap Receipt)            75                                     75
 3     Delay in Office Accom Strategy Lettings                 250       -250                           0
 4     Car Park NNDR Revaluations                             -326        -43                        -369
 5     North Westminster Community School Advertising         -240                                   -240
 6     Standard Rent Review Increase (3%)                     -199       -273          -300          -772
 7     Improved Rent Review Performance                        -50       -100          -100          -250
 8     Saving on Admin Buildings R&M following backlog        -100                                   -100
  9    Outstanding Lease Rent Renewals                        -100                                   -100
 10    Transfer to the HRA (adjusted for above changes)        -25        224           240           439
 11    Corporate Accommodation Savings                                                -2700        -2,700
 12    Accom Saving Transferred from Children &               -107                                   -107
       Families (7/8)
 13    Accom Saving Transferred from Children &               -233                                   -233
 14    Accom Savings Transferred from Flexible Location        196                                   196
       Office Working (FLoW) - 2007/08
 15    Accom Savings Transferred from FLoW                    1185      -1381                       -196
 16    Accom Savings Base Budget from Children                 480       -240                        240
 17    Acceleration of Worksmart Flow Programme               -915        730                       -185
 18    Accommodation Cost Savings Target from                 -107                                  -107
       Childrens & Families
 19    Accommodation Cost Savings Target from                  -85                                    -85
WSMC   Additional Filing Cabinet savings (Central             -123                                   -123
 10    Services)
WSMC   Additional Filing Cabinet savings (Built               -125                                   -125
 11    Environment))
WSMC   Additional Filing Cabinet savings (People)              -96        -57                        -153
WSMC   Children's FLoW                                          67       -208                        -141

       TOTAL SAVINGS                                          -478      -1,598       -2,860        -4,936

       NET SAVINGS - Corporate Property                        837      -1,598       -2,860        -3,621

                                           - 26 -
                                                            2008/09       2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
REF                                                          OVER          OVER          OVER         OVER 3
             POLICY & COMMUNICATIONS                        2007/08       2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

                                                             £'000        £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

 1     CONFIRM system Manager Post                                   50                                        50
 2     Increase in Lord Mayor personal allowance as                  11                                        11
       approved by Cabinet Member for Finance &
       Support Services May 2007
 3     Increase of HR contract to increase overall HR            500                                       500
 4     Neighbourhoods                                          2,000                                     2,000

       TOTAL GROWTH                                            2,561                0             0      2,561


 1     Additional PC savings                                    -150                                      -150
 2     Additional Communications Income                                                      -50           -50
 3     Automated workflow and integration of back office         350                                       350
       systems with common registration and
       authentication system
 4     Collaborative working - increased productivity via        150                                       150
       reduced Emails, sharepoints, instant messaging,
 5     Use of multi-agency working with Customer                 100                                       100
       Relationship Management (CRM), re-engineering
       service requests etc.
 6     Greater use of voice activated systems - e.g.             100                                       100
       Library renewals
 7     National Land and Property Gazeteer - savings                 50                                        50
       through use of common customer/user names and
 8     Print savings through contract print services                 50                                        50
       replacing current localised printers
  9    Single IT Client                                         -250                                      -250
 10    Savings on operating costs of a new CRM system           -200                                      -200
 11    HR Equalities Funding                                      35                                        35
WSMC   Additional telephony savings                             -250                                      -250
WSMC   Reconfiguration of IT Client Function via the                          -500          -300          -800
 15    revised IT Strategy
WSMC   Implementation of Employee Self Service                                              -700          -700

       TOTAL SAVINGS                                             -15          -500        -1,050        -1,565

       NET SAVINGS - Policy & Communications                   2,546          -500        -1,050           996

                                              - 27 -
                                                            2008/09       2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
 REF                                                         OVER          OVER          OVER         OVER 3
                    LEGAL & ADMIN                           2007/08       2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

                                                             £'000        £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

  1      None                                                                                                  0

  2      Members Allowances Increase in 2007/08 funded               40                                        40
         from new growth required in future years

         TOTAL GROWTH                                                40             0             0            40


  1      Legal Staffing Restructuring implemented in             -26                                       -26
WSMC     Introduction of automated on-line real-time time        -36                                       -36
 17      recording within Legal Services
WSMC     Additional Staffing Savings                             -31                                       -31
  2      Coroner's Service: Increased rental on the                            -20                         -20
         Coroner's Court - payable by the Consortium
  3      Land Charges increased target income over and          -150                                      -150
         above current Base and existing Business Plan
WSMC19   Introduction of committee management system             -40                                       -40

         TOTAL SAVINGS                                          -283           -20                0       -303

         NET SAVINGS - LEGAL AND                                -243           -20                0       -263

                                                            2008/09       2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
 REF                                                         OVER          OVER          OVER         OVER 3
                    PROCUREMENT                             2007/08       2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

                                                             £'000        £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

  1      Resource Usage                                          850                                       850
  2      Transfer from Worksmart to Procurement                  290                0             0        290
  3      Transfer of Growth from Worksmart for                   450                0             0        450

         TOTAL GROWTH                                          1,590                0             0      1,590

                                               - 28 -
                                                         2008/09     2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
REF                                                       OVER        OVER          OVER         OVER 3
                 PROCUREMENT                             2007/08     2008/09       2009/10       YEARS


 1    Partnership in Parking                                  275        -275                           0
 2    Funding of Procurement Department from                 -600           0                0       -600
      Procurement Operating savings model across rest
      of council
 3    Removal of 25% from the Procurement Target              250                                     250
      Operating Model
 4    Full Implementation of e-procurement Supply                                     -1000        -1,000
      Chain Savings

      TOTAL SAVINGS                                           -75        -275        -1,000        -1,350

      NET SAVINGS - Procurement                             1,515        -275        -1,000           240

                                                         2008/09     2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
REF                                                       OVER        OVER          OVER         OVER 3
         WORKSMART (CORPORATE COSTS)                     2007/08     2008/09       2009/10       YEARS

                                                          £'000      £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

 1    Contract Dividend - Trf to Parking                     -189                                    -189
 2    Contract Dividend - Trf fr Cust Servs                   116                                     116
 3    Contract Dividend - Trf to Parking                     -116                                    -116

 4    None                                                                                                0

      TOTAL GROWTH                                           -189              0             0       -189


 1    Wireless Agreement - Application of 06/07 Growth         400                                    400
 2    City Card trf to Customer Services                        45                                     45
 3    Trading Opportunities from Worksmart                  -1,000                                 -1,000
 4    Trading Opportunities - 06/07 Growth applied to         -400                                   -400
      incorrect item (Wireless Income)
 5    Trading Opportunities                                 1,000                                   1,000
 6    FLOW telephony/IT Support and Maintenance (In           253                                     253
      Year approved variation as per approved
      Business Cases)

                                              - 29 -
                                                    2008/09     2009/10    2010/11       TOTAL
REF                                                  OVER        OVER       OVER         OVER 3
         WORKSMART (CORPORATE COSTS)                2007/08     2008/09    2009/10       YEARS

 7    FLoW - Trf to Property                           -1,381      1,381                        0
 8    e-Procurement - Trf to Procurement                 -450        300                     -150
 9    Wireless Mobility Savings - Year Slippage           200       -200                        0
10    Wireless - Trf to Parking                         1,447        218                    1,665
11    Trading Opportunities                             1,000                               1,000

      TOTAL SAVINGS                                    1,114       1,699             0      2,813

      NET SAVINGS - Worksmart                            925       1,699             0      2,624

      Net changes and new GROWTH (agreed Nov 07)       1,553           0          0         1,553
      Net changes and new GROWTH (agreed Feb 08)       8,717        -769        109         8,057
                 TOTAL GROWTH - Changes and new       10,270        -769        109         9,610

      Net changes and new SAVINGS (agreed Nov 07)      -2,615        324     -5,539        -7,830
      Net changes and new SAVINGS (agreed Feb 08)        -192          0          0          -192
                 TOTAL SAVINGS - Changes and new       -2,807        324     -5,539        -8,022

                                           - 30 -
                        2008/09 TO 2010/11

These schedules list the recommended new growth and savings items and changes to existing growth and savings
items compared to the existing Business Plan. The schedules are grouped by Cabinet member and service.

                                                                2008/09       2009/10       2010/11    TOTAL
 REF                                                             OVER          OVER          OVER      OVER 3
                TRANSPORTATION - PARKING                        2007/08       2008/09       2009/10    YEARS

                                                                 £'000        £' 000        £' 000     £' 000

   1      Vertex wireless investment & Added Value                                                             516
                                                                     309                         207
          Proposal repayment
   2      Net increase in wireless costs (in line with                                                         174
          business case)
   3      Reduction in car park income                                                           320           320
   4      Common sense measures                                      900                                       900
   5      Miscellaneous increase in on street operating                                                         56

          TOTAL GROWTH                                             1,439                0        527      1,966


   1      Additional PCN recoveries over rate of recovery for                                            -1,185
                                                                   -1,250          300          -235
          2006/07 (incl. one-off gain for 2006/07 year)
   2      Additional meter revenue resulting from changes in                                             -3,250
          meter locks and move to cashless parking
   3      Wireless income changes (from worksmart) to                                                      -615
                                                                   -1,129          514
          bring in line with business plan
   4      Savings in operational enforcement (PCN) costs                                                   -356
                                                                                  -346           -10
          from wireless
   5      Increase in clamping income                                -25                                    -25
   6      Savings in PCN administration costs from wireless                       -545                     -545
   7      Net Increase in Suspensions income over 2007/08                                                -1,250
                                                                   -1,050         -100          -100
   8      Net increase in motorcycle PCNs over/above                                                       -385
   9      Reduction in parking permit administration costs           -52                                    -52
  10      Reduction in signs and lines                              -195                                   -195
  11      Net reduction in car park rents                           -200           -50           -50       -300
  12      Enforcement of security zones                                           -125          -125       -250
  13      Improved debt management/Traffic Enforcement                                                     -100
                                                                                   -50           -50
          Centre registrations

                                                 - 31 -
                                                           2008/09     2009/10       2010/11    TOTAL
REF                                                         OVER        OVER          OVER      OVER 3
             TRANSPORTATION - PARKING                      2007/08     2008/09       2009/10    YEARS

 14    Other opportunities                                                  -90           -90      -180
 15    Further net benefit from introduction of cashless                                           -511
 16    Net reduction in resident parking operating costs        -90                                 -90
 17    Net increase in suspensions revenue                     -276                                -276
 18    Net improvement in other parking revenues               -577                                -577
 19    Net improvement in Off Street Parking revenues          -575                                -575
WSMC                                                           -350                                -500
       Additional meter revenue from cashless parking                      -150

       TOTAL SAVINGS                                          -9,915       -642          -660    -11,217

       NET SAVINGS - Parking                                  -8,476       -642          -133     -9,251

       Net changes and new GROWTH (agreed Nov 07)             1,383              0        527      1,910
       Net changes and new GROWTH (agreed Feb 08)                56              0          0         56
                  TOTAL GROWTH - Changes and new              1,439              0        527      1,966

       Net changes and new SAVINGS (agreed Nov 07)            -7,886       -642          -660     -9,188
       Net changes and new SAVINGS (agreed Feb 08)            -2,029          0             0     -2,029
                  TOTAL SAVINGS - Changes and new             -9,915       -642          -660    -11,217

                                               - 32 -
                       2008/09 TO 2010/11

These schedules list the recommended new growth and savings items and changes to existing growth and savings
items compared to the existing Business Plan. The schedules are grouped by Cabinet member and service.

                                                                   2008/09    2009/10       2010/11    TOTAL
REF                                                                 OVER       OVER          OVER      OVER 3
                 CUSTOMER SERVICES                                 2007/08    2008/09       2009/10    YEARS
                                                                    £'000      £' 000        £' 000     £' 000

 1    Royalties over and above guarantee                                250        400                      650
 2    Stretch target: Royalties over and above guarantee                200                     -300       -100

      TOTAL GROWTH                                                      450        400          -300           550


 1    Reduction in contract costs to General Fund re 'glidepath'                                -867       -867
      savings identified at contract letting stage
 2    Interest from contract on 2nd mobilisation fee                    -88                                 -88
 3    Contract renewal costs                                                                                  0
 4    Budget virement from Q101015 (Vertex/BT)                         -116                                -116
 5    Reduction in Vertex Contract Glide Path                          -123                                -123
 6    Tfr of saving to Procurement                                     -138                                -138

      TOTAL SAVINGS                                                    -465             0       -867      -1,332

      NET SAVINGS - Customer Services                                   -15        400        -1,167       -782

                                                 - 33 -
                                                                  2008/09       2009/10       2010/11       TOTAL
REF                                                                OVER          OVER          OVER         OVER 3
               COMMUNITY SERVICES                                 2007/08       2008/09       2009/10       YEARS
                                                                   £'000         £' 000        £' 000        £' 000

 1    Libraries Income Shortfall                                       130                                      130
 2    Pimlico Library Expansion                                                                    30            30
 3    Arts Information Officer                                          37                                       37
 4    Bengali Community Engagement (Bengali outreach                    25                                       25
      worker - former NRF project)
 5    Learning Co-ordinator                                             37                                       37

      TOTAL GROWTH                                                     229                0        30           259


 1    Re-phasing of Savings resulting from investment in RFID         -105           125                         20
      Technology and Self Service Machines at 4 Libraries
 2    Westbourne Green Academy - New sports and gym                         0             0                       0
      facilities saving against budgeted provision for share of
      running costs for community use
 3    Change in Savings profile for RFID Implementation                105                                      105
 4    Increase in Archives Rental Income                               -10                                      -10

      TOTAL SAVINGS                                                    -10           125                0       115

      NET SAVINGS - Community Services                                 219           125           30           374

      Net changes and new GROWTH (agreed Nov 07)                       580           400          -270          710
      Net changes and new GROWTH (agreed Feb 08)                        99             0             0           99
                       TOTAL GROWTH - Changes and new                  679           400          -270          809

      Net changes and new SAVINGS (agreed Nov 07)                     -193           125          -867          -935
      Net changes and new SAVINGS (agreed Feb 08)                     -282             0             0          -282
                        TOTAL SAVINGS - Changes and new               -475           125          -867        -1,217

                                                 - 34 -

This summary of the Capital Budget is based on the 5-year capital programme considered by the Cabinet in
November 2007. The Planned Capital expenditure includes the acquisition, construction or enhancement of land,
roads, buildings; the acquisition of plant, machinery and apparatus, and vehicles; and the making of advances or
grants to persons for capital purposes.

                                                                                   Net Capital Budgets                      Capital
           CABINET MEMBER                               Forecast    2008/09    2009/10    2010/11    2011/12     2012/13    Budget
                                                         £'000       £'000      £'000      £'000      £'000       £'000      £'000

Finance and Support Services                             28,551     18,399     18,511     23,086      9,894       3,630 73,520
            Corporate Items (Salaries capitalisation)        800        800        800        800         800        800      4,000
                                            Finance         -972      -1,500     -1,500         0           0          0      -3,000
                                 Corporate Property        9,113       8,779     14,600     18,675       6,659      1,795    50,508
                          Policy & Communications         19,610      10,320      4,611      3,611       2,435      1,035    22,012
                             Legal & Administration            0          0          0          0           0          0          0
                                       Procurement             0          0          0          0           0          0          0
                                         Worksmart             0          0          0          0           0          0          0

Parking Services                                          2,785      2,473           0          0           0          0     2,473

Customer & Community Services                               780        855      2,700      1,300         200        100      5,155
                                 Customer Services             0          0          0          0           0          0          0
                              Libraries and Archives         780        855       2,700      1,300        200        100      5,155

GENERAL FUND CAPITAL PROGRAMME                           32,116      21,727     21,211     24,386     10,094       3,730    81,148

                                                           - 35 -

This Schedule compares the 2008/09 Budget for each main service with the Original Budget and Forecast
Outturn for 2007/08 and the actual net expenditure in 2006/07.

                                                                       2006/07     2007/08     2007/08     2008/09

                      CABINET MEMBER                                   Actual      Original    Forecast    Budget
                                                                                   Budget      Outturn
GENERAL FUND:                                                           £'000       £'000       £'000       £'000

Finance and Support Services                                           -43,410     -57,672     -58,008     -52,073
                                                    Corporate Items       8,403      11,788       12,557     12,860
                                                            Finance      -51,146     -65,644     -68,121     -66,192
                                                 Corporate Property       -1,499      -1,088         -58      -2,064
                                            Policy & Communications         473        -449         -638      4,473

                                              Legal & Administration       -787        -817         -727       -938
                                                       Procurement        1,275       -1,919      -1,219        508
                                                         Worksmart         -130         457         198        -722

Parking Services                                                       -34,842     -31,461     -40,939     -39,394

Customer & Community Services                                          13,530        9,596       9,989     11,482
                                                 Customer Services        2,584       -1,542      -1,330       -102
                                              Libraries and Archives     10,946      11,138       11,319     11,584

General Fund Total                                                     -64,722     -79,537     -88,958     -79,985

                                                - 36 -

This table shows the staffing resources, in full-time equivalent, and budget for each Cabinet Member over the Medium Term Plan period compared with
the current year's budgets position and actual position in the previous year.

                       2006/07 Actual          2007/08 Budget         2008/09 Draft Budget     2009/10 Draft Budget    2010/11 Draft Budget     Difference
                                                                                                                                                 in FTEs
                                                                                                                                               20010/11 to
  CABINET            Funded     Salaries      Funded     Salaries     Funded       Salaries    Funded      Salaries    Funded      Salaries
  MEMBER              FTEs       £000          FTEs       £000         FTEs         £000        FTEs        £000        FTEs        £000

Finance and           368.1      19,832        368.5      20,164        388.0       21,465       388.0      21,894       386.0      22,187           17.9
  Corporate Items         3.0         353          3.0         358          3.0          365         3.0         372         3.0         380            0.0
          Finance        62.7       4,014         65.8       3,638         70.0        4,015        70.0       4,096        70.0       4,178            7.3
Corporate Property       32.0       1,750         37.0       2,048         32.0        1,918        32.0       1,956        32.0       1,995            0.0
          Policy &      161.5       7,700        156.0       8,473        157.5        8,534       157.5       8,705       155.5       8,734           -6.0
           Legal &      103.9       5,388        103.7       5,266         97.8        5,187        97.8       5,291        97.8       5,397           -6.1
     Procurement          3.0           461        3.0          381        27.7        1,445        27.7       1,474        27.7       1,503          24.7
       Worksmart          2.0           166        0.0            0         0.0            0         0.0           0         0.0           0          -2.0

Parking                43.0        2,194        43.0        2,535        47.5         2,667       47.5        2,700       47.5        2,800           4.5

Customer &            186.0        6,956       193.0        6,933       193.0         7,042      193.0        7,183      193.0        7,327           7.0
Customer Services        25.0       1,555         24.0       1,526         24.0        1,543        24.0       1,574        24.0       1,605           -1.0
     Libraries and      161.0       5,401        169.0       5,407        169.0        5,499       169.0       5,609       169.0       5,721            8.0

General Fund           597.1    28,982.4        604.5    29,631.5        628.5     31,173.9       628.5    31,777.1       626.5    32,313.6           29.4

                                                                          - 37 -
Appendix 2 – Best Value Performance Indicators

                                                                                                                  To be kept
                                                                Actual               Performance   Performance
      Description                       Actual    Target                   Target                                 as a Local
                                                                2007/08               Against       Against
                                        2006/07   2006/07                  2007/08                               Indicator in
                                                                                      2007/08       Target
      Service Area
8     Invoices paid on time             84.58%    91.00%        90.88%     90.00%                                   YES
9     Council Tax collected             95.20%    94.90%        95.40%     95.30%                                   YES
10    Non-domestic rates collected      98.50%    98.25%        98.60%     98.55%                                   YES
11a   % of top 5% earners that are                                                                                  YES
                                        37.50%    32.00%        29.84%     40.00%
11b   % of top 5% earners from                                                                                      YES
                                        4.69%     7.50%         8.06%      8.00%
      ethnic minorities
11c   % of top 5% earners that have a                                                                               YES
      disability                        1.56%     2.40%         4.03%      2.45%
      (New Indicator for 2005/6)
12    Sickness absence (days)                                                                                       YES
                                         8.64      8.00          8.80       7.75
14    Early retirements                                                                                             YES
                                        0.43%     0.45%         0.12%      0.40%
15    Ill health retirements                                                                                        YES
                                        0.07%     0.20%         0.12%      0.19%
16a   Disabled employees                2.08%     2.30%         2.40%      2.35%                                    YES
16b   Economically active people with                                                                               NO
      disabilities                      11.82%                       N/A
      (contextual only)
17a   Black and ethnic minority                                                                                     YES
      employees                         26.8%     28.0%         27.1%      28.0%

17b   Economically active people from                           Deleted    Deleted                                   NO
      minority ethnic communities                               2007/14    2007/08
156   Building Accessibility            64.00%                  66.00%     65.00%                                   YES
174   Racial incidents                   46.3      53.0          48.73       44                                     NO
175   Racial incidents with further                                                                                 NO
                                        88.50%     89%          97.30%      90%
76a   Number of claimants                                       Deleted    Deleted                                   NO
                                         402       395
      visited/1000 caseload                                     2007/08    2007/08
76b   Number of fraud                                                                                                NO
                                         0.35      0.30          0.35       0.25
      investigators/1000 caseload

                                                            - 38 -
                                                                                                                     To be kept
                                                                    Actual              Performance   Performance
        Description                         Actual    Target                  Target                                 as a Local
                                                                    2007/08              Against       Against
                                            2006/07   2006/07                 2007/08                               Indicator in
                                                                                         2007/08       Target
76c     Number of fraud                                                                                                 NO
                                             23.28     23.87         25.10     23.44
        investigations/1000 caseload
76d     Number of prosecutions &                                                                                        NO
                                             4.41      4.28          4.86      4.30
        sanctions/1000 caseload
78a     Speed of processing new claim                                                                                  YES
                                             39.80     36.00         33.70      35
        to HB/CTB (days)
78b     Speed of processing changes of                                                                                 YES
                                             24.2      25.00         18.80      22
        circumstances to HB/CTB (days)
79a     Accuracy of HB/CTB claims           99.60%    98.9%          100%     99.70%                                   YES
79bi    Accuracy of recovering                                                                                         NO
                                            66.8%     55.0%         62.6%     53.5%
        (Indicator Definition amended for
79bii   Recovery of overpayment             24.10%    19.00%         18%       25%                                      NO

                                                                - 39 -
Legal Services KPIs
    Key Performance Indicator                                                                     Target          against target      RAG
    Legal - % of prosecutions resulting in conviction                                              95%                95%              G

    Legal - % of licensing appeals determined in Council‟s favour                                    75%               95%             G
    Legal – No of key decisions (as per „forward plan‟)/policies successfully challenged by           0                 0              G
    judicial review
    Legal – (Judge & Priestley) Performance against contract standard of 75% of debt                 75%              65.5%             R
    recovered (for cases closed between December 07 and March 08 – see explanatory
    notes below)
    Legal - to complete all section 106 agreements in relation to major planning applications       100%           None due for        G
    within 13 weeks of such applications being validated                                                          completion this
    Legal - 75% successful outcome for Employment tribunals dealt with “in-house”                    75%              100%             G
    Admin - Local land charge searches within 10 working days. Average turnaround of an             100%              100%             G
    official search was 1.6 days in March
    Admin - % of Electoral Registration Canvass forms returned by publication date for               85%               85%             G
    register (1 December 2007
    Admin - Maintain position as top venue in London for weddings and civil partnerships           1 in           Continuing to        G
                                                                                                  London          be achieved.

Customer Services KPIs
                                                                                                                                     DOT vs
                                                                                                          Current                   Previous
                   Contract Standard                                                       Target         Period       RAG           Period
                   PSL1 (answered in 10 sec)                                                90%           93.8%          G             

                   PSL3 exc Customer Enquiries (switchboard) (answered in 20 sec)           75%           77.0%          G             

                   Customer Enquiries (answered in 20 sec)                                  75%           77.8%          G             

                   E-services enquiries (answered within 12 hours)                          80%           79.2%          A             -

                   One Stop Shop (average wait time)                                       <7 mins         8:07          A             

                                                                        - 40 -
Appendix 3: Departmental Objectives 2008/09
NB: Where using the City Plan objectives please refer to the separate guidance.

Objective              City Plan/Imp           Other links – One City.     Perf                 Planned actions            Timescales &   Lead   Ward or     Risk ref
                       priority link           Statutory etc               indicators/targets                              milestones            city wide
Develop a strong       Delivery of the LAA     New Local Area                                   Implement outcomes of
framework for          and development of      Agreement required                               the WCP healthcheck
partnership working    the Westminster         under Local Govt &                               including:
                       City Partnership        Public Involvement Act                           Improvements to
                       contribute to overall   2007.                                            thematic networks
                       delivery of the City                                                     New approach to
                       Plan.                   One City themes:                                 equalities
                                               Promoting Active                                 Roll out of new website
                                               Citizenship; Citizens as
                                               Customers: Delivering for                        Approve the new LAA for
                                               Neighbourhoods.                                  2008/11

                                                                                                Develop a „whole
                                                                                                systems‟ performance
                                                                                                management approach
                                                                                                that supports
                                                                                                neighbourhood working

                                                                           „Green‟ rating for
To develop and drive   City Plan priorities:   One City; Delivering for                         To have developed
delivery of the                                neighbourhoods                                   proposals for the WCP‟s
Westminster City       Area renewal: 5.1,                                                       next approach to area
Partnership‟s          7.1, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5,                                                      renewal in line with WCC
approach to area       7.10, 7.11, 8.1, 8.2,                                                    Neighbourhoods
renewal &              8.5, 9.11, 10.4,                                                         approach and LAA (to
employability, in      10.10.                                                                   include review of
support of                                                                                      governance
Westminster‟s LAA,     LAA 1 & 2                                                                arrangements and officer
and focusing in                                                                                 involvement in LARPs
particular on
improving quality of
life and reducing
worklessness in the
most deprived                                                                                   Develop mechanisms to
neighbourhoods                                                                                  mainstream
                                                                                                management through
                                                                                                LARPs including
                                                                                                business planning and
                                                                                                monitoring arrangements

                                                                                                Develop a new City wide

                                                                                           - 41 -
Objective               City Plan/Imp           Other links – One City.     Perf                 Planned actions              Timescales &   Lead   Ward or     Risk ref
                        priority link           Statutory etc               indicators/targets                                milestones            city wide
                        City Plan priorities:                                                    service for employment
                                                                                                 support - Westminster
                        Employability: 6.1,                                                      Works - streamlining the
                        6.5, 6.6, 6.9, 6.15.                                                     array of existing services
                                                                                                 in the City
                        LAA 16, 17,& 19         One City, Enterprise:
                                                assisting jobseekers into   Supporting 2,000     A public sector
                                                work.                       local jobseekers     employment framework
                                                                            into work by 2009)   agreed with key WCP
                                                                                                 partners setting out work
                                                                                                 apprenticeship and
                                                One City, Enterprise -                           employment opportunities
                                                self-employment                                  for local residents
                                                opportunities, business
                                                support and engagement.                          Launch a Community
                                                                                                 Venture Trust (South
                                                                                                 Westminster) and a
                                                                                                 Enterprise Programme (N
                                                                                                 Westminster Enterprise
                                                One City, Enterprise:                            Zone) to encourage the
                                                employment                                       development of social
                                                                                                 enterprises and self-
                                                                                                 employment opportunities
                                                                                                 in disadvantaged areas

                                                                                                 Proposals developed for
                                                                                                 utilising Westminster‟s
                                                                                                 Working Neighbourhoods
                                                                                                 Fund allocation.
                                                One City, Enterprise,
                                                business growth
Promote equality        City Plan priorities:   One City – Open &                                Achieve Level 4 of the
and community           7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4,     Tolerant City, Promoting                         Equality Standard for
cohesion to deliver a   7.5, 7.6, 7.8, 7.10,    Active Citizenship.                              Local Government
strong, united and      7.11
engaged city                                                                                     New Single Equality
                        LAA 1 & 2                                                                Scheme, covering all six
                                                                                                 equality strands and
                                                                                                 integrating previous race
                                                                                                 equality, gender equality
                                                                                                 & disability equality work
                                                                                                 previously progressed
                                                                                                 through separate equality
                                                                                                 schemes - to be produced
                                                                                                 & implemented

                                                                                                 Develop and Deliver WFE
                                                                                                 work programme for 2008

                                                                                          - 42 -
Objective                City Plan/Imp           Other links – One City.     Perf                 Planned actions             Timescales &   Lead        Ward or     Risk ref
                         priority link           Statutory etc               indicators/targets                               milestones                 city wide
                                                                                                  Publication of WCP
                                                                                                  approach to community
                                                                                                  cohesion and host
                                                                                                  community event

                                                                                                  Develop with CP
                                                                                                  Westminster‟s PVE
                                                                                                  strategy including: 08/09
                                                                                                  proposals; setting up
                                                                                                  Oversight and Advisory
                                                                                                  Group etc

                                                                                                  Work with Corporate
                                                                                                  Property to deliver the
                                                                                                  North Westminster
                                                                                                  Muslim Community
                                                                                                  Centre Project

Implement                City Plan priorities:   One City – Delivering for   Report on budget     Budget programme                           Rachel
Westminster‟s new        8.1, 8.2, 9.11, 10.1,   Neighbourhoods              programme to         delivered across 20                        Anthony-
neighbourhoods           10.10.                                              Resources &          wards                                      Roberts
approach, building                                                           Corporate O&S
on the introduction of   LAA – overall                                                            Member development
Ward Budgets to          neighbourhood                                       City Survey -        programme in place
ensure that local        focus & LAA 1                                       localised
customisation of                                                             satisfaction         Hold 20 issue-led
services becomes                                                             indicators           engagement events
embedded across
the City Council and                                                                              My Westminster website
wider partnership                                                                                 developed as a channel
activity                                                                                          for neighbourhood
                                                                                                  focused online
                                                                                                  engagement with local
                         City Plan –                 One City                   Design agreed       Design approved by     September 08   Jan North   City Wide   Difficulty in
                         Customer Focus.              programme                   following            Cabinet/Cabinet                                               getting
                                                                                  extensive            Members.                                                      sufficiently wide
Design a WCC             United and                  Corporate Plan              consultation        Communication plan                                            stakeholder
Standard for             Cohesive                     (BVPP)                      with                 developed in                                                  engagement.
Customer Service                                     WorkSmart                   stakeholders.        consultation with
across the Council to
                                                     Actions following PA                             Communications         March 09
enable consistency
                                                      Review                                          Assuming approval
and improved                                                                                           launch new standard
customer experience                                  Neighbourhood                                    in 2009.
and satisfaction.                                     agenda and CAA
                                                     Community
                                                      Cohesion and

                                                                                             - 43 -
Objective           City Plan/Imp    Other links – One City.   Perf                 Planned actions        Timescales &   Lead        Ward or     Risk ref
                    priority link    Statutory etc             indicators/targets                          milestones                 city wide
My                  City Plan –         One City                 My                  Agree a            June 08        Jan North   City Wide   Ongoing
Westminster         Customer Focus       programme                 Westminst            development                                               funding is
Development         Neighbourhoods      WorkSmart                 er key               plan to ensure                                            not secured.
                    Enterprise          Level 4                   portal for           My Westminster
Establish My        Active               Equalities                customer             will become the
Westminster as      Citizenship         Neighbourhoods            transaction          Council‟s portal
the customer                             agenda and                s over the           for all repeat
transaction         United and           CAA                       web.                 transactions
portal on the       Cohesive            Community                25,000 live          over time.
Web                                      Cohesion and              accounts            Define and         September
                                         Integration                                    agree              08
                                                                                       Ongoing funding    June 08

Equalities          City Plan –         One City               Regular               Put in place       December       Jan North   City Wide
                    Customer Focus       programme               collection             regular            08
Support the                             WorkSmart               and                    collection and
Council to          United and          Level 4                 reporting of           reporting of
achieve Level 4     Cohesive             Equalities              equalities             equalities data
of the Equalities                       Neighbourhoods          information            across the
Standard.                                agenda and              in place and           Vertex Contract,
                                         CAA                     in line with           via My
                                        Community               Level 4 of             Westminster
                                         Cohesion and            Equalities             and from
                                         Integration             Standard.              customer
                                                                Increased              surveys..
                                                                 usage of              Develop, with
                                                                 equalities             Communications     August 08
                                                                 services               , and implement
                                                                 including              an awareness
                                                                 Westminster            campaign to
                                                                 Language               drive up usage
                                                                 Service,               of equalities
                                                                 Textphone,             services.
                                                                Customer

                                                                             - 44 -
Objective          City Plan/Imp    Other links – One City.   Perf                 Planned actions         Timescales &   Lead        Ward or     Risk ref
                   priority link    Statutory etc             indicators/targets                           milestones                 city wide
                                                                  Contract /
                                                                  and in line
                                                                  with Level 4
                                                                  of Equalities

Customer           City Plan –         One City               Suite of               Agree set of       June 08        Jan North   City Wide   Resource
Insight            Customer Focus       programme               customer                customer insight                                          constraints
                                       Corporate Plan          insight tools           tools with                                                within
Provide                                 (BVPP)                  available for           WorkSmart                                                 Customer
customer insight                       WorkSmart               use across             Test customer                                             Services.
to Departments                         Actions                 the Council.            insight tools      December
and WorkSmart                           following PA           WorkSmart               across a range     08
to inform end to                        Review                  projects can            of Gold and
end service                                                     demonstrate             Silver
improvement.                                                    customer as             Worksmart
                                                                key                     projects as
                                                                stakeholder             appropriate.
                                                                in service
                                                               Customer
                                                                insight easily
                                                                available to
                                                                to better

Email              City Plan –         One City                  Approach           Baseline volume     July 08        Jan North   City Wide
                   Customer Focus       programme                  for the             and performance
Agree an                               WorkSmart                  manageme            of current
approach for the                                                   nt of email         customer facing
management of                                                      agreed and          email usage

                                                                            - 45 -
Objective         City Plan/Imp   Other links – One City.   Perf                 Planned actions      Timescales &   Lead   Ward or     Risk ref
                  priority link   Statutory etc             indicators/targets                        milestones            city wide
customer facing                                                 plan in              across the
email addresses                                                 place to             Council.         January 09
across the                                                      implement.          Develop and
Council.                                                                             agree approach
                                                                                     for the
                                                                                     management of

                                                                          - 46 -
Appendix 4: Risks

Strategic Risks – managed by Central Services functions.


                                                                                                                         RAG Status

                                                                                                                                      Direction of
                                                                           Risk Owner

Short Description

                                                     Risk No


Recession (workshop being held to develop
Downturn in economy (this risk is under review)      8         3           NB           Very High     Critical   18      R            
CRB checks                                           46        1           GE           Significant   Critical   12      A            
ICT resilience                                       50        3           GE           Significant   Critical   12      A            
Increase in inflation                                53        3           NB           Significant   Critical   12      A            
Community cohesion                                   44        1           JB           Significant   Critical   12      A            
Land charges                                         45        3           CW           Significant   Critical   12      A            
Reward and retention package                         37        2           GE           Significant   Critical   12      A            
Resources for Economic Development and               56        3           NB           Significant   Critical   12      A            
Infrastructure Improvements (amended previously
supplementary business rates)
PCNs                                                 41        3           NB           Low           Catastro   12      A            
Comprehensive Area Assessment                        54        3           PR           Low           Critical   9       A            
Financial control systems (this risk is under        30        3           NB           Low           Critical   9       A            
Nationalism/localism debate                          6         3           FB           Low           Critical   9       A            
Worksmart                                            36        3           VB           Low           Critical   9       A            
Initiative overload                                  19        3           PR           Low           Critical   9       A            
Security of data discs/other media (this risk is     57        3           PR           Low           Critical   9       A            
under review)
Property portfolio                                   3         4           DB           Significant   Marginal   8       A            
Energy costs                                         25        3           NB           Low           Marginal   6       A            
Compliance                                           28        3           NB           Very Low      Critical   6       A            
Financial reporting and budgetary control            49        3           NB           Very Low      Critical   6       A            
Business plan savings                                29        3           NB           Very Low      Critical   6       A            
Legislation                                          2         2           CW           Low           Marginal   6       A            

                                                   - 47 -
Key Strategic Risks in Further Detail

                                                                                                                                                             Direction of
                                                                                                                                                RAG Status



Risk No



Strategic Risks
60        Economic Downturn
          Description: A downturn in the national economy caused by
                                                                                3           NB       CB        High          Critical   15      R
          external factors resulting in loss of income, increased take-up of                                                                                      stable
          WCC services, delay in the achievement of capital receipts and a
          fall in the value of equities.
          Impacts: Service, financial.
          Mitigating actions: Government lobbying, review of policies and
          procedures, regular monitoring by Members and Overview and
          Scrutiny Committee, timely reporting using monthly monitoring
          statements, annual review of fees and charges as part of the
          budget setting process, monthly monitoring by the capital
          programme review board, increased collection at point of delivery,
          quarterly reviews of the investment strategy and reduced
          procurement and supply chains.
53        Fluctuation/Increase in inflation
          Description: Adverse fluctuations in inflation will increase costs
                                                                                3           NB       CB        Significant   Critical   12      A
          above service budgets whilst reducing the recovery rate from                                                                                            stable
          service end users.
          Impacts: Financial, service.
          Mitigating actions: Shifting funds to fixed rate, contract
          negotiations to include appropriate inflation indices, highlighting
          inflation in DCB/member reports.
50        ICT resilience
          Description: Need to implement disaster recovery for key ICT
                                                                                3           GE       CB        Significant   Critical   12      A
          systems to mitigate against loss of service.                                                                                                         reducing
          Impacts: Service, reputation, financial.
          Mitigating actions: Provision of mirrored storage, so that
          recovery can be completed rapidly, and review of disaster
          recovery required for key systems (completed). IT strategy in
          place. Installed more standby servers and storage capacity at
          alternative locations to enable full disaster recovery of key
          systems in the required timeframe. Time taken to recover from
          exchange outage significantly improved.
45        Land charges
          Description: Future legislation may limit land charge fees to a
                                                                                3           CW       CB        Significant   Critical   12      A
          cost recovery basis only.                                                                                                                          increasing
          Impacts: Financial.
          Mitigating actions: Lobbying for fee structure to remain
          unchanged, cost identification and analysis, prompt turnaround of
          official searches to preserve income.
56        Description: Resources for Economic Development and
          Infrastructure Improvements and LABGI funding: Loss of
                                                                                3           NB       CB        Significant   Critical   12      A
          income limiting Council‟s ability support economic developments,                                                                                        stable
          potential reduction in funding of major infrastructure projects.
          Impacts: Financial, service.
          Mitigating actions: Lobbying of GLA and mayor for offset
          between SBR and BID levies, lobbying government for allocation
          of residual LABGI funding.
46        CRB Checks
          Description: Need to maintain rigorous control of CRB checks
                                                                                1           GE       CB        Significant   Critical   12      A
          undertaken and recorded as part of pre and post employment                                                                                           reducing
          Impacts: Reputation, employment of unsuitable people working
          with vulnerable groups.
          Mitigating actions: New and revised HR policies and guidance,
          new storage and filing systems, corporate compliance exercises
          pursued with managers and headteachers.

                                                                    - 48 -
Further Departmental Risks

                                                                                                                                                             Travel (from
                                                                                                                                                             Direction of
                                                                                                                                                RAG Status


                                                                                                                                                             p2 2006/7)


Risk No



            CRM Integration – Need clear view of system                   3,
                                                                                                VB         Significant    Critical       12     A              
            integration plan with CRM.                                                                                                                       stable
            Impacts – service provision, financial impact
            Mitigation - Development of CRM Strategy and Vision,
            linked to Council‟s IT Strategy and Technical


The definitions below provide guidance as to what is meant by both likelihood and impact. Using this table will aid

                                       Negligible                 Marginal                             Critical                        Catastrophic
           Financial                  £0K - £25K                £25k - £250K                         £250K - £2M                          £2M+
                                                                                                                                   Service Suspended
            Service                                                                             Service Suspended                       Long Term
                                       No effect              Slightly Reduced
           Provision                                                                           Short Term / reduced                Statutory duties not
           Health &              Sticking Plaster / first                                        Loss of Life/Major               Major loss of life/Large
                                                            Broken bones/Illness
            Safety                       aider                                                         illness                      scale major illness
                                                               Objectives of one               Directorate Objectives              Corporate objectives
                                                                section not met                       not met                             not met
                                                                 Some hostile                                                           Mass staff
            Morale                                          relationship and minor                Industrial action                 leaving/Unable to
                                                               non co-operation                                                         attract staff
                                  No media attention /       Adverse Local media                 Adverse National                    Remembered for
                                     minor letters                  Leader                           publicity                             years!!
          Government                                                                            Service taken over                  Service taken over
                                                            Poor Assessment(s)
           relations                                                                               temporarily                         permanently

                       LIKELIHOOD                      PROBABILITY                       TIMING
                       Very High                       > 90%                             This week
                       High                            55% to 90%                        Next week / this month
                       Significant                     15% to 55%                        This year
                       Low                             5% to 15%                         Next year
                       Very Low                        1% to 5%                          Next year to five years
                       Almost Impossible               0% to 1%                          Next ten years

                                                                 - 49 -
Appendix 5

Description of Services

Policy and Communications

Policy and Performance

The Policy and Performance team is located in the Chief Executive‟s function within the Council. It
provides corporate policy support, performance monitoring and improvement as well as executive
support to the Cabinet of the Council.

The Policy Unit provides a wide range of policy support to the Council. It includes new and emerging
policy areas relating to the Council‟s One City agenda as well as responding to regional and national
policy initiatives. Current policy initiatives include the Council‟s approach to neighbourhoods,
community cohesion and the development of a volunteering strategy. It also supports a number of on-
going workstreams including, area renewal and the Council‟s partnership working arrangements – the
Westminster City Partnership. The Unit is also responsible for the development and implementation of
the Council‟s Economic Development Strategy. The Unit provides support to Members and
departments on equality and diversity, in particular our aspiration to achieve Level 4 of the Equality
Standard by October 2008.

The Corporate Intelligence and Improvement team drives performance improvement across the
Council and its partnerships. The team delivers the Council‟s corporate business planning and
performance monitoring frameworks and manages external inspections and assessments. Work is
currently underway to put in place a new Local Area Agreement in 2008 and a new performance
monitoring framework to respond to the Council‟s neighbourhoods strategy and the new Corporate
Area Assessment. The team provides a research and scrutiny function and manages information
systems for back-bench ward members and partners, as well as the Council‟s community engagement
mechanisms including the MyWestminster Forums. The team also manages corporate complaints and
liaison with the Local Government Ombudsman.

The Cabinet Support team provides executive support to the 10 members of the Cabinet including the
Leader, Deputy Leader and Chief Whip. This includes diary support, management of correspondence
and advice on policy development. In addition the team manages the Council‟s approach to lobbying
and Government Relations.

Human Resources

This policy sets out the challenges facing WCC in the management of our staff in 2008/9 and how we
intend to respond to them. There are two over arching priorities that will challenge us in this period, the
need to attract and retain high quality staff in a very competitive labour market and the need to ensure
that all our staff are enabled to work highly productively in a supportive and professional environment.

It is the role of Human Resources to ensure that the employee needs of the business are met in the
short, medium and long term.

Human Resources develops the personnel policies and plans that are needed to recruit and retain the
best possible staff, ensure they are trained and developed, and then rewarded in line with their skills
and contribution.

The day to day operational work of Human Resources encompasses, Policy Development (including
Reward), Employee Relations, Pension and Payroll Administration, Organisational Development,
Health and Safety, Occupational Health, and working with the outsourced supplier, HR Direct

                                                 - 50 -

Much of the work the council does would be invisible to the general public if they were not publicised -
we need to let them know how we spend their money, what services they are entitled to, and what
benefits they get.
Communications do this through targeted media coverage, as well as using printed publicity, managing
and producing corporate publications like the A-Z guides and the Westminster reporter. The team also
arranges advertising, advises on the council's web-site and organises events
Communications also carry out day to day operations of a busy press office, answering media
enquiries, writing, clearing and sending out press releases, and statements, producing media
strategies, arranging photocalls, interviews, press conferences, briefings, media training, monitoring
media coverage, placing information notes for speeches articles and features.

Information Services

Information Services manages the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and telephony
service provision for Westminster City Council. Service provision is contracted to Vertex (sub-
contracted to Cap Gemini) through the CSI Contract. The division is structured around 3 areas:

      Information Strategy including
           o Web
           o Intranet
           o GIS
      Development Projects including
           o Application support
           o Application Training
           o FOI
           o Data Protection

      Operational Client including
          o ICT Security
          o Records Management
          o Infrastructure Management

Legal and Administrative Services

Cabinet, Committee & Scrutiny Secretariat
This group manages the democratic decision-making and scrutiny functions of the Council, including
servicing meetings of the full Council, Cabinet, Overview and Scrutiny Committees and other
Committees (including Licensing) and key corporate senior management officer groups. It also
services the newly established Westminster Scrutiny Commission and Task Groups. The work includes
compiling agenda, drafting minutes, processing decisions to be taken by individual Cabinet Members,
advising on the clearance of reports, programming business, advising on procedures and other issues
associated with the Constitution and Code of Governance, including publishing the Forward Plan of
Key Decisions. The Team also co-ordinates the work of the Overview and Scrutiny Committees and
Task Groups and supports their Chairmen and clerks a number of Westminster charities

Coroner's Service
The Inner West London Coroner's District comprises Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Merton
and Wandsworth. Westminster has been charged by the Secretary of State with the responsibility for
the administration of the Coroner's Service within the District.
The Coroner and his officers serving Westminster/Kensington and Chelsea are located at the
Coroner‟s Court, Horseferry Road. Inquests for the District are normally held at Horseferry Road

                                               - 51 -
Coroner's Court. Due to its geographic location the Coroner's Service has been involved in a series of
major incidents in London, including most recently the London bombings.
Initially Westminster meets all expenditure from the Coroner's Service. Costs are then allocated to the
other boroughs on a proportional basis related to population, and are recovered quarterly.
Westminster‟s proportion is approximately 25% of the total costs.

Electoral Services and Local Land Charges
The Electoral Register is compiled annually from forms delivered to all households in the City followed
by door to door canvassing. A revised Electoral Register is published annually on 1 December.

Under rolling registration, people change their registration during the year if they move home and
Westminster has a higher turnover of such electors than any other London Borough.

The City Council is required by law to maintain a Register of Local Land Charges. Entries in the
Register include any financial charges imposed by the local authority, details of any compulsory
purchase orders, and information as to enforcement action being taken in respect of a property. In
addition to supplying information on the statutory Register, the section assembles information from
various Departments of the Council, to enable replies to be supplied to a form of Additional Enquiries
usually submitted with a search request from solicitors. The section also deals with Commons
Registration Searches and any matters that may arise as a result of a local authority search.

Registrars' Service
The registration of all births, deaths and marriages that have taken place in Westminster since 1837
are recorded at the Westminster Register Office, Council House, Marylebone Road. The Register
Office registers amongst the highest number of births and deaths in the London Boroughs.
Westminster has over 100 approved venues across the City (mainly hotels) where couples can be
married or have a civil partnership conducted by the Register Office staff. More marriages and civil
partnerships are held in Westminster than in any other London Borough.
From 1 January 2004 all new British citizens have had to attend a Citizenship Ceremony at which they
receive their Citizenship Certificate. Approximately 2,500 new citizens a year attend a ceremony in
Westminster presided over by the Lord Mayor or a Deputy Lord Mayor.
In December 2006 a new service, the Nationality Checking Service (NCS) was introduced. For a fee,
anyone applying to the Home Office to become a UK citizen is be able to have their application
checked and certified beforehand as complete by a Registrar, which helps the processing of such
applications by the Home Office.

Legal Services Division

The Legal Services Division provides a comprehensive, quality and cost effective legal service to the
City Council, Cabinet, Cabinet Members, Committees and Departments. Services are provided either
by in-house staff or by commissioning external solicitors and Counsel. The Division ensures that the
actions proposed by the City Council fall within its statutory powers. Advice is given on the implications
of new legislation affecting the City Council and the services which it provides and, where necessary,
additional powers are sought for the City Council by the promotion of private Bills. Criminal
prosecutions are vigorously pursued and proceedings brought against the Council, including
applications for judicial review, are defended. The Division has had a much heightened profile as part
of the Council's enforcement initiatives in the City. Clients‟ views on the service are obtained through
regular quarterly monitoring which is reported to the Legal Services Divisional Management Team.

Licensing Service

The Licensing Service covers activities subject to licensing control. These include activities which are
licensable under the Licensing Act 2003 (regulated entertainment, the sale of alcohol, and the provision
of late night refreshment), street trading (street markets, isolated traders, exhibitions and tables and
chairs etc), sex related premises (sex shops, sex cinemas, sex encounter premises); and general

                                                - 52 -
licensing, (for example special treatment premises and therapists). It consults with other regulatory
services about applications and prepares reports for objected cases, which are determined by the
Licensing Sub-Committee. Much of the processing is undertaken within the Vertex partnership, but
complex and opposed cases are progressed to Licensing Sub-Committee by WCC officers. The
service responds to appeals against licensing decisions, leads on lobbying in relation to all licensing
issues and the development of licensing strategy and licensing policy, and provides advice on all
licensing application and policy issues to Licensing Sub-Committees and members generally.

The Licensing Service monitors performance and financial information for the end to end licensing
process, and reports on Business Plan targets. It also spearheads the use and development of the
UNI-FORM computer system with partners. In addition, it leads for the Council in licensing appeals
and high profile applications and prepares for legislative changes. Various projects are undertaken by
the service to promote key corporate priorities in the provision of the licensing service. Advice about
licensing policy and applications is provided to Council officers and Members.

Customer Services

The Customer Services Department is responsible for assuring the quality of the customer experience
across the Council. Included in this remit is the management and delivery of the
Customer Services contract. The Contract is a public-private strategic partnership with Vertex and
provides front, middle and back office functions to over 60 Council services.

Our aim is to make it easy for our customers to do business with us at a time and in a way that suits
them and to reduce the cost per contact over time. To achieve this aim Customer Services is using
customer feedback and insight to improve customer experience across the Council. The prize remains
first time resolution. The Department is at the forefront of the Council‟s WorkSmart programme and
bringing customer insight to bear on redesigning processes and policies to improve the customer

Phase 1 of the Wireless network has now been rolled out and the benefits being delivered to Parking
are in line with the business case. Public access to the City‟s wireless network was successfully
launched at the start of November. This provides citizens with free wireless access to Westminster's
web site as well as paid for access to the Internet via BT's Openzone service. Wireless coverage will
continue to extend across the City during 2008/09

Finance and Resources Department

The Finance and Resources Department exists to ensure that the Council is making the best use of its
financial, physical and contractual assets. It supports the delivery of excellent services across the City
Council, the maintenance of a low Council Tax, and provides high standards of control. The
Department is committed to working with all services to support their needs taking advantage of
emerging new technology and encouraging innovation. The deliverables of the Departments can be
divided into its operational arms:

Financial Strategy and Performance
The Financial Strategy and Performance Team consolidate and monitor overall Council financial
performance and offer high quality financial advice to Chief Officers and Members on financial strategy
and the financial implications of changes to legislation and new Council initiatives. The team are the
Council‟s central consolidation point for budget monitoring, the budget and planning process, and the
closure of accounts process.

The Team also includes a Treasury Management function that manages the Council‟s and the Pension
Fund‟s investments as well as stewarding the funding requirements for the Councils Capital
Programme. The Internal Audit and Risk Management Functions provide the Council with the
assurance that processes are robust and risks are identified early.

                                                - 53 -
Financial Systems and Support
The Financial Systems and Support Team provide full financial support, including budgeting, budget
monitoring, value for money analysis and financial advice for all of the central departments of the

The team is also responsible for support and development of the WIMS system. WIMS is the City
Council‟s core financial information system. The Team ensure that data reconciles daily, that
functionality updates are time-tabled properly, and that other systems (including WorkSmart initiatives)
interface correctly so that the Council‟s full financial position is always available.

Service Based Finance Teams
There are separate service based finance teams located in the Built Environment, Children‟s Services
and Adults/Housing services. These teams are responsible for providing effective management
accountancy support to their service areas. While reporting directly to the Director of Finance &
Resources, they maintain strong links with senior management in their areas.

Revenues and Benefits
The Revenues and Benefits Team manage through external contracts the collection of the City
Council‟s Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates. In addition they manage the payment of Housing
Benefits to eligible recipients. The volume on Non Domestic Rates collectable is the largest of any
Council in the Country at over £1,000 Million per year. Housing Benefit payments are also amongst
the largest in volume at £180 Million per year.

The team is also responsible for delivering an effective insurance service to the Council.

Procurement are responsible for all corporate procurement within the Council, provision of effective
advice and support to service based procuring officers and maintenance of the Council‟s Procurement
Code. Their aim is to improve value for money through procurement as well as to stimulate the local
economy to provide services and champion sustainable procurement practices in the Council. They
engage with the Westminster Small & Minority Business Council to ensure local businesses have
access to business opportunities with the City Council.

A major new electronic procurement system was implemented in 2007 and part of the role of
procurement in 2008-09 will be to maximise its benefits to the City Council.

 Property‟s role is to manage the Council‟s non-HRA estate and be responsible for its strategic and
operational upkeep and direction to meet the Council‟s Corporate Objectives. Property adopts a
Corporate Landlord role on behalf of property users in the Council and the external tenants of property
within the Council‟s Commercial portfolio.

Property provides day-to-day estate management, service provision, construction management,
maintenance and facilities management functions through a number of external contractors. Property
staff client these functions and provide strategic inputs and direction where necessary.

Business Management
Business Management provide a support service across the Finance & Resources Department. The
Team also provide the Director of Finance and Resources and his direct reports with a comprehensive
Office Management Service.


                                                - 54 -
Westminster Libraries provide a comprehensive statutory service to all those who live, work or study in
Westminster by offering customers unbiased access to a wide range of books, information and
knowledge. There are 12 libraries spread across the City to reflect local needs and a Home Library
Service, which meets the needs of people who are unable to visit a library. Westminster Libraries have
some of the longest opening hours in London.
Westminster Libraries provide books, DVDs, CDs, talking books, newspapers, magazines and PC
games for loan. All buildings are WiFi enabled and offer access to computers and electronic resources.
In addition to items for loan Westminster Libraries also provide a range of reading and learning
activities, outreach programmes, volunteering opportunities and community engagement activities.
Westminster Libraries also manage a number of specialist collections including the largest music
library in the country, a designated Art and Design Collection, a substantial collection of Official
Publications and a major Performing Art Collection. Smaller areas of excellence are also found in the
Chinese collection at Charing Cross Library and with Marylebone‟s comprehensive Sherlock Holmes
collection. These collections maintained by Westminster Libraries and Archives all have a wide
regional, national and in many cases international profile.
Westminster City Archives
Westminster City Archives collects, preserves, manages and interprets official records and documents
of cultural and historical importance to Westminster. Housed in a high quality, purpose built centre, one
of only 2 centers in London that meet the British Standard 5454 for the storage and exhibition of
archival documents. The collection includes written and visual archival material, newspapers, maps,
photographs, one of the best theatre collections in the country, parish registers, public records and the
archives of local businesses, organisations and individuals such as Liberty and Grosvenor Estate.
The centre delivers the City Council‟s statutory duty to make arrangements for the preservation and
management of its own records and provision of a local studies library. The service receives around
26,000 enquiries a year.
Arts & Culture
The City of Westminster is home to a wide range of arts providers, from national and world class
institutions to community arts groups. This wide range of art providers attract visitors from all over the
world and are one of the largest employment sectors in Westminster.
The aims of the Arts Service are:
      To provide access for Westminster residents to the arts and cultural activities and events on
       offer in the city, increasing engagement between cultural providers and local people.
      To support a wide range of art forms including visual art, film, photography, printing, new media
       & wireless arts, creative writing, broadcasting, carnival arts, music & singing, drama and dance.
The service encourages participation in arts activities by:
      commissioning more than 20 different arts organisations to provide creative and cultural
       activities for local people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.
      supporting Westminster Arts to re-distribute funding for community arts projects and build the
       capacity of community groups to deliver arts events.

                                                 - 55 -

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