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									Savannahs Golf

                              Savannahs Golf Association
                                   January 7, 2011

                 Welcome to the Savannahs Golf Association (SGA)

The SGA is an informal, unincorporated, social organization of players from the
Savannahs Golf Course, 3910 Savannahs Trail, Merritt Island, FL 32953. The club is a
non-profit organization.

The objectives of the SGA are:

          Promote the fellowship and mutual enjoyment of the game of golf.
          Open membership to anyone 18 years of age or older.
          Sponsor a Christmas party for the members, annual year-end club
           championship, Match Play tournaments and occasional road trips.

The SGA shall be governed by these by-laws. By-laws shall be reviewed at the annual

The amount of the dues will be determined annually by the executive committee. . Dues
include the GHIN handicap system. GHIN is updated monthly & members will receive a
GHIN card monthly. A portion of the dues will also be used to provide 2 luncheons
annually and a contribution to the prize fund in various association tournaments as
determined by the executive committee.

Events are held four times a week. Mondays- scramble, Tuesday travel, Thursdays tour,
0830 shotgun, and Saturdays as interest shows. Thursday players should sign up with the
pro shop or in person with a sign in roster no later than Wednesday 12 :00 noon. Players
that do not show on Thursday morning by 08:15 can be disqualified at the discretion of
the Tournament Director. Available substitutes will be made. Registration by phone is
offered by the Savannahs’ pro shop by calling 321-455-1375.

New members are permitted to play but are not eligible for awards prior to establishing a
handicap if they do not have one. A temporary handicap can be established by the SGA
after three rounds. Six (6) rounds are required to establish a handicap by the GHIN

Guests are welcome to play in all events under the following conditions: 1- A valid,
current GHIN handicap to be provided to the tournament director prior to participation in
any games. 2- There will be a limit of (3) visits annually per guest, after which the
individual will be expected to join the association and pay dues.

News and Information-Bulletin Board:
A bulletin board is located in the Clubhouse near the snack bar. Items to be posted are
the minutes of the past meetings, a listing of association officers, up coming events and
other items of interest. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Active participation
by the membership makes for a better club and increased enjoyment of the game.

Competition Rules:
United States Golf Association Rules of Golf and local course rules govern play and as
varied for different games. Even though a game may not be covered in the USGA Rules,
the competition shall use the rules as a basis of scoring.

The SGA uses the Florida State Golf Assn., Inc. Golf Handicap Information Network
(GHIN) sponsored by the USGA.

The maximum USGA Handicap Index allowed for men is 36.4 and 40.4 for women. A
player’s Handicap Index may be higher, but this is the maximum allowed in SGA events.
When playing in SGA events your Handicap Index will be adjusted so as not to exceed
these limits. A lower course handicap may also be applied, depending on the tees played.
The course Handicap for a 36.4 Index is 35 when playing at the Savannahs from the
white tees.

SGA Management:
An Executive Committee shall govern the SGA. The Executive Committee shall be
composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Rules Chairman.
Elections for officers shall be held during the month of December.

       Officers for 2011:
        President – David Rust
        Vice President – Phil Panzeca
        Secretary/Treasure – Ray L. Norman
        Sergeant At Arms – Gerry Geeser
        Rules Committee – Pete O’Neil, Mike Cicerrella & Frank Vert
        Tournament Director – Ed Madigan

                                     SGA Rules of Play
Care of Course:
All divots are to be filled with sand; and ball marks on the greens are to be repaired. As a
guide, fill your own divot and at least one more. Repair your own ball mark and one

Rules of Play:
The USGA Rules of Golf will govern play. The SGA shall purchase and provide to each
player one copy of the USGS Rules when they join and members may request a new copy
of the USGA rule book on a yearly basis. All Tournaments shall be played as the ball lies
unless otherwise specified prior to the tournament. All putts are to be holed, there will be
no “gimmees.”

Lift, Clean & Place:
On occasion the golf course will be wet to the extent that normal play is not possible.
Under these conditions the tournament director may invoke a “Lift, Clean & Place” rule.
Under lift, clean and place rules, the ball position should be marked, the ball may be
picked up and cleaned and then replaced in a spot as close as possible to the original
position but no nearer to the hole. There should be no relief from obstructions or any
other conditions. If casual water is present, the casual water relief rules will apply.

Dress Code:
Soft spikes required.
Proper golf attire is required .Collared shirts are recommended.

Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) Local Rule (App. I):
Ball lost in environmentally sensitive area (ESA) shall be abandoned. No play allowed.
Use Lateral Hazard Rules.

Out of Bounds:
In most cases, white stakes determine out of bounds limits. A ball resting on private
property is out of bounds. The golf course scorecard defines O.B. limits. Any ball landing
on ground on the other side of a water hazard is out of bounds.

Embedded Ball:
 If a ball is embedded in its own pitch mark, the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped
as near as possible to where it lay, but no nearer to the hole.

Drop Areas:
Designated drop areas may be used on holes 5, 6, 7, 8 & 18. On holes 5 & 18 the drop
area can be used only after the second ball is hit into the water just in front of the green.

Cart Paths:
Relief from paved cart paths is allowed as well as from gravel cart paths on holes 1, 4, 15
(except for the coquina area on #15 near the 250 yard mark) and on 18. Coquina waste
areas are an integral part of the golf course and ball must be played as it lies in those

Lateral Hazards:
The right side of the PAVED cart path on holes # 1, 2 & 3 is a lateral hazard. Ball in
hazard rules apply.
Relief from a hazard is to be taken at the place that the ball last crossed the hazard. Not
from where the ball ended up.

SGA Policy on Slow Play

Pace of Play:
Play at Savannahs shall be conducted so that a round of golf of 18 holes should be
completed in 4 hours or less. In the interest of all players, each player shall make every
effort to play without delay. When it becomes apparent that a group cannot keep up with
the group ahead and they are holding up the group behind they shall signal the group
behind to play through. The slower group shall not continue play until the following
group has passed out of range.

Complaints of slow play shall be made to a member of the Executive Committee. After
two complaints are received regarding the same player, two (2) board members will
counsel the player.

Ball Hawking during Play:
There shall be no ball hawking during SGA play. Players are encouraged to assist other
players to look for a lost ball to speed play.


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