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Classic Jukebox Hire - Record listing

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									                 Classic Jukebox Hire - Record listing

                           Artist                               Record Title
1                   A-Ha            The Sun Always Shines On T.V. / Driftwood
2                   Abba            Dancing Qqeen / That’s Not Me
3                   Abba            Knowing Me Knowing You / Happy Hawaii
4                   Abba            Mamma Mia / Tropical Loveland
5                   Abba            Ring Ring / Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
6                   Abba            SOS / Man In The Middle
7                   Abba            Super Trouper / The Piper
8                   Abba            Take a Chance On Me / I’m A Marrionette
9                   Abba            The Winner Takes It All / Elaine
10                  Abba            Waterloo / Watch Out (Limited 30th Ann.)
11                  Abba            Waterloo / Watch Out (30th Ann.pd)
12                  ABC             Poison Arrow / Theme From Mantrap
13                  ABC             The Look Of Love / Pt. 2
14                  Ace             How Long / In A Broken Dream
15   Bryan          Adams           Run To you / I’m Ready
16   Oleta          Adams           Get Here / I’ve Got To Sing My Song
17                  Aerosmith       Don’t Want To Miss / Dif. Version
18   The            Alarm           Sixty Eight Guns / Part 2
19                  All Saints      Pure Shores /
20   Harry J.       All Stars       Liquidator / La La Always Stay
21   Gary           Allan           Right Where I Need To Be / Don’t Tell Mama
22   Herb           Alpert          This Guys In Love / A Quiet Tear
23                  Amen Corner     Bend Me Shape Me / Satisnek the Jobs Worth
24                  Amen Corner     Half As Nice / Hey Hey Girl
25   Lyn            Anderson        Rose Garden / You’r My Man
26   Laurie         Anderson        Superman / Walk The Dog
27   Chris          Andrews         Yesterday Man / Too Bad
28   The            Animals         Baby Let Me Take You Home / Gonna Send You Back To Walker
29   The            Animals         Bring It On Home To Me / For Miss Caulker
30   The            Animals         House Of The Rising Sun / Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood / I’m Crying
31   The            Animals         We’ve Got To Get Out Of This Place / I Can’t Believe It
32   The            Animals         It’s My Life / I’m Going To Change The World
33   The            Animals         Don’t Bring Me Down / Cheating
34   The            Animals         Will I What / Bird You Know I Love Ya
35   Adam           Ant             Stand and Deliver / Beat My Guest
36   The            Applejacks      Tell Me When / Baby Jane
37   The            Archies         Suger Suger / Melody Hill
38   Louis          Armstrong       We Have All The Time In The World / On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
39   P.P            Arnold          First Cut Is The Deepest / Speak To Me
40                  Arrival         Friends / Don’t Turn His Love Away
41   The            Association     Windy / Sometime
42   Frankie        Avalon          Venus / I’m Broke
43   Frankie        Avalon          Green Leaves Of Summer / Here’s To The Ladies
44   Hoyt           Axton           Della & The Dealer / Gotta Keep Rollin’
45                  Baccarra        Yes Sir, I Can Boogie / Cara Mia
46   The            Bachelors       Diane / The Stars Will Remember
47                  Badfinger       Day After Day / Money
48                  Badfinger       No Matter What / Carry On
49   Long John      Baldry          Let The Heartaches Begin / Annabella
50   Kenny          Ball            Sukiyaki / Swannee River
51   Kenny          Ball            March Of The Siames Children / If I Could Be With You
52               Band Aid      Do They Know It’s Christmas / Feed The World
53    John       Barry         You Only Live Twice / The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair
54    Len        Barry         1-2-3 / Bullseye
55    JJ         Barry         No Charge
56    John       Barry         Hit & Miss / Rockin’ Already
57    John       Barry         Hit & Miss / Juke Box Fury (Ozzie Warlocks & The Wizards
58    John       Barry         007 / From Russia With Love
59    John       Barry         James Bond Theme / Lonely Blue (Ray Conniff)
60    John       Barry         Vendetta / The Danny Scipio Theme
61    John       Barry Seven   The James Bond Theme / The Black Smith Blues
62    The John   Barry Seven   Walk Don’t Run / I’m Movin’ On
63    Tony       Basil         Mickey / Hanging Around
64    Shirley    Bassey        GoldFinger / Strange How Love Can Be
65    The        Beach Boys    Little Old Lady From Pasadena /Papa oom/Let’s Go Trippin’ / Johnny B
66    The        Beach Boys    Breakaway / Celebrate The News
67    The        Beach Boys    California Girls / Let Him Run Wild
68    The        Beach Boys    Dance Dance Dance / The Warmth Of The Sun
69    The        Beach Boys    Darlin’ / Country Air
70    The        Beach Boys    Do It Again / Wake The World
71    The        Beach Boys    God Only Knows / Girls On The Beach / In My Room
72    The        Beach Boys    God Only Knows / Wouldn’t It Be Nice
73    The        Beach Boys    Good Timin’ / Going South
74    The        Beach Boys    Good Vibrations / California Girls
75    The        Beach Boys    Good Vibrations / Wendy
76    The        Beach Boys    Help Me Ronda / Kiss Me Baby
77    The        Beach Boys    I Can Hear Music / All I Want To Do
78    The        Beach Boys    I Get Around / Don’t Worry Baby
79    The        Beach Boys    Lady Lynda / Full Sail
80    The        Beach Boys    Little Deuce Coupe / Surfer Girl
81    The        Beach Boys    Little Saint Nick / The Lord’s Prayer
82    The        Beach Boys    Sloop John B / I Can Hear Music
83    The        Beach Boys    The Little Girl I Once New / There’s Know Other Like My Baby
84    The        Beach Boys    When I Grow Up / She Knows Me Too Well
85    The        Beach Boys    Your So Good To Me / Be True To Your School
86               Beach Boys    Barbara Ann / Girl Don’t Tell Me
87               Beach Boys    Sloop John B / Your So Good To Me
88    The        Beatles       All My Loving / Ask Me Why / Money / P.S. I Love You
89    The        Beatles       From Me To You / Thank You Girl / Please Please Me / Love Me Do (N/C)
90    The        Beatles       Long Tall Sally / I Call Your Name / Slow Down / Matchbox
91    The        Beatles       Twist And Shout / Taste Of Honey / Do You Want T Know / There’s A Place
92    The        Beatles       Magical Mystery Tour
93    The        Beatles       German Version She Loves You/I Want To Hold Your Hand
94    The        Beatles       A Hard Day’s Night / I Should Have Known Better
95    The        Beatles       A Hard Day’s Night / Things We Said Today (O)
96    The        Beatles       All You Need Is Love / Baby Your A Rich Man (Capital)
97    The        Beatles       Can’t Buy Me Love / You Can’t Do That (O)
98    The        Beatles       Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out (O)
99    The        Beatles       From Me To You / Thank You Girl (O)
100   The        Beatles       Get Back / Don’t Let Me Down (O)
101   The        Beatles       Hello Goodbye / I Am The Walrus (O)
102   The        Beatles       Help / I’m Down
103   The        Beatles       Hey Jude / Revolution (O)
104   The        Beatles       I Feel Fine / She’s A Woman (O)
105   The        Beatles       I Saw Her Standing There / I Want To Hold Your Hand
106   The        Beatles       I Want To Hold Your Hand / This Boy (O)
107 The      Beatles                    Lady Madonna /Inner Light (O)
108 The      Beatles                    Let It Be / You Know My Name (O)
109 The      Beatles                    Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You (O)
110 The      Beatles                    Paper Back Writer / Rain
111 The      Beatles                    Please Mr. Postman / Rollover Beetoven (Capital)
112 The      Beatles                    Please Please Me / Ask Me Why (O)
113 The      Beatles                    Please Please Me / From Me ToYou (VJ)
114 The      Beatles                    She Loves You / I’ll Get You (O)
115 The      Beatles                    Something / Come Together (O)
116 The      Beatles                    Strawberry Fields / Penny Lane
117 The      Beatles                    The Ballad Of John And Yoko / Old Brown Shoe (O)
118 The      Beatles                    Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is (O)
119 The      Beatles                    Whatever Gets You Through The Night / Beef Jerky (John Lennon)
120 The      Beatles                    Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby (O)
121 Jeff     Beck                       Hi Ho Silver Lining / Beck’s Bolero / Rock My Plimsoul
122 The      Bee Gees                   I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You / Kitty Can
123 The      Bee Gees                   Massachusetts / Barker Of The UFO
124 The      Bee Gees                   First Of May
125 The      Bee Gees                   World / Sir Geoffrey Saved The World
126 The      Bee Gees                   Spirits Having Flown
127          Beggars Banquet            Cacharpaya / On The Wing Of A Condor
128          Bellamy Brothers           Let Your Love Flow / Inside Of My Guitar
129 Pat      Benatar                    Love Is A Battlefield / Hears My Heart
130 George   Benson                     Give Me The Night / Dinorah Dinorah
131 Chuck    Berry                      Jonnie B. Goode / Little Quinnie
132 Chuck    Berry                      Reelin’ & Rockin’ / Memphis
133 Chuck    Berry                      School Day / Deep Feeling
134 Chuck    Berry                      Sweet Little Sixteen / No Perticular Place To Go
135 Dave     Berry                      The Crying Game / Don’t Gimme No Lip Child
136 Dave     Berry                      Little Things / I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail
137 Chuck    Berry                      You Never Can Tell / No Particular Place To Go
138 Chuck    Berry                      Johnny B. Goode / Around & Around
139 Chuck    Berry                      My Ding-A-Ling / Roll Over Beethoven
140          Big Country                Fields Of Fire / Chance
141 Barry    Biggs                      Side Show / I’ll Be Back
142 Acker    Bilk                       Stranger On The Shore / Take My Lips
143 Jane     Birkin & Serge Gainsboro   Je T’aime Mon Non Plus / Jane B
144 Clint    Black                      Nobody’s Home / Walkin’ Away
145 Clint    Black                      Nothings News / Put Yourself In My Shoes
146 Clint    Black                      Walkin’ Away / Straight From The Factory
147 Clint    Black                      A Better Man / Killin’ Time
148 Cilla    Black                      Baby We Can’t Go Wrong / Someone
149 Cilla    Black                      Anyone Who Had A Heart / Just for you
150 Cilla    Black                      Love Of The Loved / Shy Of Love
151 Cilla    Black                      It’s For You / He Won’t Ask Me
152 Cilla    Black                      Don’t Answer Me / The Right One Is Left
153 Cilla    Black                      Your My World / Suffer Now I Must
154 Cilla    Black                      Conversation / Liverpool Lullaby
155 Cilla    Black                      Alfie / Night Time Is Here
156          Black Sabbath              Paranoid / The Wizard
157 Billy    Bland                      Let The Little Girl Dance / Sweet Thing
158          Blondie                    Maria / Version
159          Blondie                    Nothing Is Real But The Girl / Rip Her To Shreads
160          Blondie                    Call Me / Instrumental
161          Blondie                    Heart Of Glass / Rifle Range
162                         Blondie               Denis (Denee)
163                         Blondie               Tide Is High / Susie And Jeffrey
164 Bobby                   Bloom                 Montego Bay / Try A Little Harder
165                         Blue Cheer            Summertime Blues / Signs (Five Man Electrical Band)
166                         Blue Oyster Cult      Don’t Fear The Reaper / R U Ready To Rock
167 Suzy                    Bogguss               Drive South / Outbound Plane
168                         Bon Jovi              Livin’ On A Prayer / Wild In The Streets
169                         Boney M               Rasputin / Never Change Lovers
170                         Boney M               Rivers Of Babylon / Brown Girl In The Ring
171 Graham                  Bonney                Super Girl / Hill Of Lovin’
172                         Booker T & The MGs    Time Is Tight / Hang ‘Em High
173                         Boomtown Rats         I Don’t Like Mondays / It’s All The Rage
174 Pat                     Boone                 I’ll See You In My Dreams / Pictures In The Fire
175 Pat                     Boone                 Moody River / A Thousand Years
176 Pat                     Boone                 Speedy Gonzales / Moody River
177 Pat                     Boone                 SpeedyGonzales / The Locket
178                         Boston                More Than A Feeling / Smokin’
179 David                   Bowie                 Heroes / V-2 Scheider
180 David                   Bowie                 Life On Mars / The Man Who Sold The World
181 David                   Bowie                 Space Oddity / Changes / Velvet Goldmine
182 David                   Bowie                 Space Oddity / Wild Eye Boy From Free Cloud
183 David                   Bowie                 Let’s Dance / Cat People
184 David                   Bowie                 The Jean Genie / Ziggy Stardust
185 David                   Bowie                 Ashes To Ashes / Move On
186 David                   Bowie                 Drive In Saturday / Round And Round
187 David                   Bowie                 Sorrow / Amsterdam
188 David                   Bowie                 Golden Years / Can You Hear Me
189 David                   Bowie                 Modern Love / Live Version
190 David                   Bowie                 Sound And Vision / A New Career In New Town
191 The                     Box Tops              Cry like a baby / thedoor you closed to me
192                         Boyzone               Baby Can I Hold You / Shooting Star
193                         Boyzone               No Matter What / Where Have You Been
194 Garth                   Brooks                Much To Young / Rodeo
195 Garth                   Brooks                Friends In Low Places / What She Doing Now
196 Garth                   Brooks                Tomorrow Never Comes / The Dance
197 Crazy World Of Authur   Brown                 Fire / Ring Dan Do
198 James                   Brown                 It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World / Money Won’t Change You
199 Barry                   Brown                 Give Love
200 Joe                     Brown                 Picture Of You / A Layabouts Lament
201 Jackson                 Browne                Stay / Rosie
202 The                     Browns                The Three Bells / Heaven Fell Last Night
203 Dave                    Brubeck Quartet       Take Five / Blue Rondoala
204                         Buffalo Springfield   For What It’s Worth / Rock N’ Rol Woman
205 Johnny                  Burnette              Dreamin’ / You’re Sixteen
206 Johnny                  Burnette              You’re Sixteen / Little Boy Sad
207 Johnny                  Burnette              Little Boy Sad / Pledge Of Love
208 Kate                    Bush                  King Of The Mountain / Sexual Healing
209 The                     Buzzcocks             Ever fallen in love with someone.. / Just lust
210 The                     Byrds                 Mr Tambourine Mab / Turn Turn Turn
211 The                     Byrds                 All I Really Want To Do / Feel A whole Lot Better
212 Roy                     C                     Shotgun Wedding / I’m Gonna Make It
213 The                     Cadillacs             Speedo / Let Me Explain /
214 Glen                    Campbell              Wichita Lineman / Back In The Race
215 Cornel                  Campbell              I’m Still Waiting
216 Glen                    Campbell              Galveston / Every Time I Itch
217              Canned Heat             Let’s Work Together / I’m Her Man
218 The          Capris                  Morse Code Of Love / Theres A Moon Out Again
219 The          Caravelles              You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry / The Last One To Know
220 The          Cascades                Rhythm Of The Rain / Let Me Be
221 Mama         Cass                    It’s Getting Better / Who’s To Blame
222 The          Casuals                 Jesamine / I’ve got something too
223              Chairman Of The Board   Give Me Just A Little More Time
224              Chairman Of The Board   Give Me Just A Little More Time / Band Of Gold (fp)
225              Champaign               How ‘Bout Us / Spinnin’
226 Bruce        Channel                 Hey Baby / Dream Girl
227 Mary         Chapin Carpenter        He Thinks He’ll Keep Her / Only A Dream
228 Ray          Charles                 Take These Chains From My Heart / No Letter Today
229 Chubby       Checker                 Let’s Twist Again / Everything’s Gonna Be All Right
230 Chubby       Checker                 Let’s Twist Again / The Twist
231              Cher                    Gypsys Tramps & Thieves / The Way Of Love
232              Cher                    Believe
233              Cher                    Bang Bang / Our Day Will Come
234 Eagle Eyed   Cherry                  Falling In Love Again / Save Tonight
235 Mark         Chesnutt                Bubba Shot The Jukebox / It’s Not Over
236 Mark         Chesnutt                Brother Jukebox / Hey You There In The Mirror
237 Mark         Chesnutt                To Cold At Home / Life Of A Lucky Man
238              Chi-Lites               Oh Girl / Have You Seen Her
239 The          Chi-lites               Homley Girl / I Never Had It So Good
240              Chic                    I Want Your Love / Funny Bone
241              Chic                    Everybody Dance / You Can Get By
242 The          Chiffons                One Fine Day / Sweet Talking Guy
243 The          Chiffons                He’s So Fine / Oh My Lover
244 The          Chimes                  Once In A While / I’m In The Mood For Love
245 Lou          Christie                Lightnin’ Strikes / Cryin’ In The Streets
246 Petula       Clark                   Downtown / I Know A Place
247 Petula       Clark                   Down Town Remix / Down Town
248 Petula       Clark                   I Will Follow Him / Darling Cheri
249 Petula       Clark                   My Love / Where Am I Going
250 Petula       Clark                   The Other Man’s Grass At The Crossroads
251 Petula       Clark                   Don’t Sleep In The Subway / Here Comes The Morning
252 Petula       Clark                   The Other Mans Grass Is Always Greener / At The Crossroads
253 Petula       Clark                   Colour My World / I’m Begging You
254 Dave         Clark Five              Bits & Pieces / All Of The Time
255 Dave         Clark Five              Glad All Over / I Know You
256 Dave         Clark Five              Catch Us If You Can / Move On
257 Dave         Clark Five              Can’t You See That She’s Mine / Because
258 Judy         Clay & William Bell     Private Number / Love-eye-tis
259 Patsey       Cline                   Crazy / I Fall To Pieces
260 The          Clovers                 Devil O Angel / Hey’ Doll Baby
261 The          Coasters                Searchin’ / Young Blood
262 Eddie        Cochran                 Three Steps To Heaven / Cut Across Shorty
263 Eddie        Cochran                 Somethin’ Else / Boll Weevil Song
264 Eddie        Cochran                 Summertime Blues / Run To Him (BV)
265 Eddie        Cochran                 C’Mon Everybody / Milcow Blues
266              Coldplay                Speed Of Sound / Things I Don’t Understand
267              Coldplay                Fix You / The World Turned Upside Down
268              Coldplay                Talk / Gravity
269 Nat King     Cole                    The Christmas Song / Ramblin’ Rose
270 Nat King     Cole                    The Very Thought Of You / The World In My Arms
271 Nat King     Cole                    When I Fall In Love / Calypso Blues
272   Phil          Collins                   If Leaving Me Is Easy / 33 rpm
273   Phil          Collins                   Against All Odds / Making A Big Mistake
274   Phil          Collins                   In The Air Tonight / The Roof Is Leaking
275   The           Commodores                Easy / Machine Gun / I Feel Sanctified
276   Arthur        Conley                    Sweet Soul Music / Funky Street
277   Russ          Conway                    Side Saddle / Pixilated Pengiin
278   Sam           Cooke                     You Send Me / Twistin’ The Night Away
279   Sam           Cooke                     A Change Is Gonna Come / Sad Mood
280   Sam           Cooke                     Chain Gang / I Fall In Love Everyday
281   Elvis         Costello                  Oliver’s Army / My Funny Valentine
282   Elvis         Costello                  Watching The Detectives / Blame It On Cainey Mystery Dance
283   Floyd         Cramer                    Last Date / Sweetie Baby
284   Jimmy         Crawford                  I LOve How You LOve Me / Our Last Embrace
285   Jimmy         Crawford                  I LOve How You Love Me / Our Last Embrace
286                 Cream                     White Room / Those Were The Days
287                 Cream / NSU
288                 Credence Clearwater Rev   Bad Moon Rising / Lodi
289   The           Crew-Cuts                 Sh-Boom / The House Of Blue Lights (CM)
290   Bernard       Cribbins                  The Hole In The Ground / Winkle Picker Shoes
291   The           Crickets                  Oh Boy / Not Fade Away
292   Bing          Crosbey                   White Christmas / God Bless The Merry Gentlemen
293   Christopher   Cross                     Sailing / The Light Is On
294                 Crowded House             Don’t Dream It’s Over / Fall At Your Feet
295   The           Crystals                  Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer / I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (R)
296   The           Crystals                  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town / White Christmas / Frosty The Snowman
297   The           Crystals                  Da Doo Ron Ron / And Then He Kissed Me
298   The           Crystals                  Then He Kissed Me / Brother Julius
299   The           Crystals                  I Wonder / Little Boy
300                 Culture Club              I Just Wanna Be Loved / Magic Man Remix
301                 Culture Club              Karma Chameleon
302                 Cupid Insperation         Yesterday Has Gone / Dream
303                 Cutting Crew              Died In Your Arms / The Longest Time
304   Johnny        Cymbal                    Mr Bass Man / Sacred Lovers Vow
305   The           Dakotas                   Magic Carpet / Humdinger
306                 Danny & The Juniors       At The Hop / Sometimes
307   Bobby         Darin                     Dream Lover / Bull Moose
308   Bobby         Darin                     La Mer (Beyond The Sea) / That’s The Way Love Is
309   Bobby         Darin                     Multiplication / Irresistible You
310   Bobby         Darin                     Things / Jailer Bring Me Water
311   Bobby         Darin                     Clementine / Down With Love
312   Bobby         Darin                     Mack The Knife / Was There A Call For Me
313   Bobby         Darin                     I’ll Be There/Somebody To Love
314                 Darkness                  Love Is Only Feeling / Planning Permission(Ltd Ed. pd)
315                 Darts                     It’s Raining / Messing Shoe Blues
316                 Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick &T   Last Night In Soho / Mrs Thursday
317                 David And Jonathan        Lovers Of The World Unite / Oh My Word
318   Billy         Davies                    Tell Him / I’m Thankful
319                 Dawn                      Knock Three Times / Home
320   Jimmy         Dean                      Big Bad John / I Won’t Go Huntin’ With You Jake
321                 Deep Purple               Black Night / Strange Kind Of Woman
322   Desmond       Dekker                    The Israelites / You Can Get It If Yiu Really Want
323   The           Delfonics                 La La Means I Love You / Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time
324                 Derek & The Dominos       Layla / Only You Know
325   The           Detroit Spinners          It’s A Shame / Together
326   Neil          Diamond                   Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon / Cherry Cherry
327 Neil        Diamond                  Cracklin’ Rose / Lordy
328             Dion                     The Wanderer / No One Knows
329             Dion                     Runaround Sue / I Wonder Why
330             Dion                     Runaround Sue / Runaway Girl
331             Dire Straights           Romeo And Juliet / Solid Rock
332             Dire Straights           Money For Nothing / Love Over Gold (Live)
333             Dire Straits             Sultans Of Swing / Eastbound Train
334             Dixie Chicks             Wide Open Spaces / There’s Your Trouble
335 The         Dixie Chicks             Landslide / Long Time Gone
336 Fats        Domino                   Blueberry Hill / I’m Walkin’
337             Donovan                  The Universal Soldier
338 The         Doors                    Light My Fire / Love Me Two Times
339 Graig       Douglas                  Only Sixteen / My First Love Affair
340 Craig       Douglas                  When My Little Girl Is Smiling / Ring A Ding
341             Dr Hook                  Years From Now / I Don’t Feel Much
342 The         Drifters                 Your More Than A Number In My Little Red Book / Do You Have To Go Now
343 The         Drifters                 You Better Move On / Save The Last Dance
344 The         Dubs                     Could This Be Magic / Such lovin’
345 Simon       Dupree & The Big Sound   Kites / Like The Sun Like The Fire
346             Duran Duran              A Veiw To A Kill / That Fatal Kiss
347             Duran Duran              Is There Something I Should Know / Faith Is The Colour
348             Duran Duran              Planet Earth / Late BarHungry
349             Duran Duran              Hungry Like THe Wolf / Careless Memories
350             Duran Duran              Save A Prayer / Hold Back The Rain
351 Ian         Dury                     Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
352 Leroy Van   Dyke                     Walk On By / My World Is Caving In
353 Bob         Dylan                    Knockin’ On Heavens Door / Turkey Chase
354 Bob         Dylan                    Lay Lady Lay / I Threw It All Away
355 Bob         Dylan                    Positively 4th Street / From A Buick 6
356 The         Eagles                   Take It Easy / Witchy Woman
357 The         Eagles                   One Of These Nights / Visions
358 The         Eagles                   Hotel California / New Kid In Town
359 The         Eagles                   Lyin’ Eyes / James Dean
360 Steve       Earle                    Johnny Come Lately / Nothing But A Child
361 Steve       Earle                    Fearless Heart / Little Rock ‘N’ Roller
362 Steve       Earle                    Back Out On The Road Again / West Nashville Boogie
363 Steve       Earle                    Someday / Guitar Town
364             Earth Wind & Fire        September / Can’t Hide Love
365 The         Easybeats                Friday On My Mind / Made My Bed;Gonna Lie In It
366             East of Eden             Jig-a-jig
367 Duane       Eddy                     Peter Gun / Yep
368 Duane       Eddy                     Guitar Man / Stretchin’ Out
369 Duane       Eddy                     Some Kind A Earthquake / First Love First Tears
370 Duane       Eddy                     Shazam / The Secret Seven /
371 Duane       Eddy                     Cannon Ball / Mason Dixon Lion
372 Duane       Eddy                     Bonnie Came Back / Movin’ & Groovin’
373 Duane       Eddy                     Rebel Rouser / Because They’re Young
374 Duane       Eddy                     My Blue Heaven / Drivin’ Home
375             Edison Lighthouse        Love Grows / Every Lonely Day
376 Dave        Edmunds                  Girl Talk / Bad Is Bad
377 Tommy       Edwards                  It’s All In The Game / Please Love Me Forever
378 The         Elgins                   Heaven Must Have Sent You / Stay In My Lonley Arms
379             ELO                      All Over The World / Midnight blue
380             ELO                      Rock’n’Roll is King / After all
381             Emerson Lake & Palmer    Fanfare For The Common Man / Brain Salad Surgery
382              Energy Orchard          Somebodys Brother / Lion
383              England Football Team   World In Motion 1990
384              Eruption                I Can’t Stand The Rain / Be Yourself
385   Gloria     Estefan                 Don’t Wanna Lose You / Words Get In The Way
386              Europe                  Final Countdown / On Broken Wings
387              Eurythmics              Sweet Dreams / I Could Give You A Mirror
388              Eurythmics              Here Comes The Rain Again / Paint A Rumour
389              Eurythmics              There Must Be An Angel / Grown Up Girls
390              Eurythmics              Love is a stranger / Monkey Me
391   Maureen    Evans                   Like I Do / Starlight Starbright
392              Everly Brothers         Bird Dog / Devoted To You
393              Everly Brothers         Cathy’s Clown / Always It’s You
394   The        Everly Brothers         Claudette / All I Have To Do Is Dream
395   The        Everly Brothers         Crying In The Rain / I’m Not Angry
396   The        Everly Brothers         Love Is Strange / Man With Money
397   The        Everly Brothers         Problems / Love Of My Life
398              Everly Brothers         Temptation / Stick With Me Baby
399              Everly Brothers         The Ferris Wheel / Don’t Forget To Cry
400              Everly Brothers         Walk Right Back / Ebony Eyes
401   The        Everly Brothers         When Will I Be Loved / Be-Bop-A-Lula
402   Shelley    Fabares                 Johnny Angel / Where’s It Gonna Get Me
403   Adam       Faith                   What Do You Want / Poor Me / Someone Elses Baby / When Johnny...
404   Adam       Faith                   Wonderful Time,Diamond Ring / Summertime,Greenfinger
405   Adam       Faith                   Baby Take A Bow / Knocking On Wood
406   Adam       Faith                   Don’t That Beat All / Mix Me A Person
407   Adam       Faith                   Don’t You Know It / My Last Wish
408   Adam       Faith                   Easy Going Me / Wonderin’
409   Adam       Faith                   Face To Face / AsYou Like It
410   Adam       Faith                   How About That / With Open Arms
411   Adam       Faith                   If He Tells You / Talk To Me
412   Adam       Faith                   Lonely Pup / Greenfinger
413   Adam       Faith                   Lonesome / Watch Your Step
414   Adam       Faith                   Poor Me / The Reason
415   Adam       Faith                   Someone Else’s Baby / Big Time
416   Adam       Faith                   The First Time / So Long Baby
417   Adam       Faith                   We Are In Love / Made For Me
418   Adam       Faith                   What Do You Want? / From Now Until Forever
419   Adam       Faith                   What Now / What Have I Got
420   Adam       Faith                   Who Am I / This Is It
421   Adam       Faith                   Adam’s Hit Parade Vol 2
422   Adam       Faith                   The Time Has Come / A Help Each Other Romance
423   Marianne   Faithfull               Come And Stay With Me / What Have I Done Wrong
424   Don        Fardon                  Indian Reservation / Hudson Bay
425              Felice Taylor           I feel love comin’ on / Comin’ on again
426              Ferry Aid               Let It Be / Gospel Version
427              Fine Young Cannibals    Suspicious Minds / Prick Up Your Ears
428   The        Five 6 7 8s             Woo Hoo / Guitar Date
429   The        Flee-Rekkers            Lone Rider / Miller Like Wow
430              Fleetwood Mac           Dreams / Songbird
431              Fleetwood Mac           Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Girl
432              Fleetwood Mac           Oh Well / The Green Manalishi
433              Fleetwood Mac           Rhiannon / Suger Daddy
434              Fleetwood Mac           The Green Manalishi / World In Harmony
435              Fleetwood Mac           Everywhere / When I See You Again
436              Flower Pot Men          Let’s Go To San Fran. / Pt 2
437           Focus                       Hocus Pocus / Janis
438 Wayne     Fontana                     Pamela Pamela / Something Keeps Calling Me
439 Frankie   Ford                        Sea Cruise / Roberta
440 Emille    Ford & The Checkmates       Counting Teardrops / White Christmas
441           Foreigner                   I Want To Know What Love Is / Street Thunder
442 Lance     Fortune                     Be Mine / Action
443 The       Fortunes                    Storm In A Teacup / I’m Not Following You
444 The       Fortunes                    You’ve Got Your Troubles / I’ve Got To Go
445 The       Four Pennies                Juliet / Tell Me Girl
446 The       Four Seasons                December 1963 / Slip Away
447           Four Seasons                Rag Doll / Silence Is Golden
448 The       Four Seasons                Opus 17(Don’t You Worry About Me)/Beggars Parade
449 The       Four Tops                   Baby I Need Your Loving / Without The One You Love
450 The       Four Tops                   Bernadette / 7 Rooms Of Gloom
451 The       Four Tops                   I Can’t Help Myself / Baby I Need Your Loving
452 The       Four Tops                   I Can’t Help Myself / Walk Away Renee (le)
453 The       Four Tops                   I Just Can’t Walk Away / Hang
454 The       Four Tops                   In These Changing Times / Right Before My Eyes
455 The       Four Tops                   It’s All In The Game / Love Is The Answer
456 The       Four Tops                   Reach Out / Bernadette
457 The       Four Tops                   Reach Out I’ll Be There / Standing In The Shadows Of Love
458 The       Four Tops                   Reach Out I’ll Be There / Until You Love Someone
459 The       Four Tops                   Simple Game / You Stole My Love
460 The       Four Tops                   Standing In The Shadows Of Love / Since You’ve Been Gone
461 The       Four Tops                   Walk Away Renee / Mame
462 The       Four Tops                   What Is A Man / Don’t Bring Back Memories
463 The       Four Tops                   You Keep Running Away / If You Don’t Want My Love
464 Peter     Frampton                    I’m In You / St. Thomas
465 Connie    Francis                     Lipstick On Your Collar / Frankie
466 Connie    Francis                     Where The Boys Are / Baby Roo
467 Connie    Francis                     Among My Souvenirs / Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me
468           Frankie goes to Hollywood   Relax / One Sept Monday
469 John      Fred & His Playboy Band     Judy In Disguise / When The Lights Go Out
470           Free                        All Right Now / The Stealer
471 Billy     Fury                        A Thousand Stars / Push Push
472 Billy     Fury                        Because Of Love / Running Around
473 Billy     Fury                        Devil Or Angel / Don’t Tell Me Lies
474 Billy     Fury                        Do You Really Love Me Too / What Am I Gonna Do
475 Billy     Fury                        Halfway To Paradise / Cross My Heart
476 Billy     Fury                        I’d Never Find Another You / Sleepless Nights
477 Billy     Fury                        It’s Only Make Believe / Baby What You Want Me To Do
478 Billy     Fury                        Jealousy / Open Your Arms
479 Billy     Fury                        Last Night Was Made For Love / A King For Tonight
480 Billy     Fury                        Letter Full Of Tears / Magic Eyes
481 Billy     Fury                        Like I’ve Never Been Gone / What Do You Think You Doing Of
482 Billy     Fury                        Once Apon A dream / If I Lose You
483 Billy     Fury                        Somebody Els’s Girl / Go Ahead And Ask Me
484 Billy     Fury                        When Will You Say I Love You / All I Wanna Do Is Cry
485 Billy     Fury                        I Will/Nothin’ Shakin’ But The Leaves On The Trees
486           Gabrielle                   Rise / Version
487 Otis      Gale                        I’ll Be Around
488 Marvin    Gay & Tammi Terrell         Onion Song / I Can’t Believe You Love Me
489 Marvin    Gaye                        Abraham Martin & John / Ben (MJ)
490 Marvin    Gaye                        Too Busy Thinking About My Baby / Wherever I Lay My Hat
491 Marvin    Gaye                        Let’s Get It On / I Wish It Would Rain
492 Marvin   Gaye                     I Heard It Through The Grapevine / What’s Going On
493 Gloria   Gaynor                   I Will Survive / Any Body Wanna Party
494 Bobby    Gentry                   Ode To Billy Jo / Mississippi Delta
495 Bobbie   Gentry                   I’ll Never Fall In Love Again / Ace Insurance Man
496 Bobbie   Gentry/Glen Campbell     All I Have To Do Is Dream / Walk Right Back
497          Gerry & The Pacemakers   I Like It / It’s Happened To Me
498          Gerry & The Pacemakers   I’m The One / You’ve Got What I Like
499          Gerry & The Pacemakers   How Do You Do It / Away From Me
500          Gerry & The Pacemakers   Ferry Cross The Mercy / You You You
501          Gerry & The Pacemakers   Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying / Show Me That You Care
502          Gerry & The Pacemakers   You’ll never walk alone / It’s all right
503 Ron      Goodwin                  633 Squadron / Love Theme From 633 Squadron
504 Eddie    Grant                    Living On The Frontline / Frontline Symphony
505 Eddie    Grant                    I Don’t Wanna Dance / Accapella
506 Al       Green                    I’m Still In Love With You / Old Time Lovin’
507 Norman   Greenbaum                Spirit In The Sky / Milk Cow
508 Nancy    Griffith                 Cold Hearts Closed Minds / Ford Econoline / Lone Star State Of Mind
509 Nancy    Griffith                 From A Distance / Sing One For Sister
510          Gun’s N’ Roses           Sweet Child O’ Mine / Welcome To The Jungle
511 Van      Halen                    Jump / House Of Pain
512 Bill     Haley                    See You Later Alligator / Rudy’s Rock
513 Bill     Haley                    Rock Around The Clock / Rip It Up / Shake Rattle And Roll
514          Hall & Oates             Maneater / Delayed Reaction
515          Hall & Oates             Family Man / Open All Night
516 Jan      Hammer                   Miami Vice Theme / T.V.Version / 12 inch Edit
517 Paul     Hardcastle               19 / Fly By Night
518 Max      Harris                   Gurney Slade / Hat And Cane
519 Jet      Harris                   Main Title Theme / Some Peaple
520 Jet      Harris & Tony Meeham     Diamonds / Footstomp
521 Jet      Harris & Tony Meehan     Scarlet O’hara / Doing The Hully Gully
522 Jet      Harris & Tony Meehan     Applejack / The Tall Texan
523 Noel     Harrison                 Windmills Of Your Mind / Leitca On The Bench
524 George   Harrison                 My Sweet Lord / All Things Must Pass
525 George   Harrison                 My Sweet Lord / What Is Life
526 Dan      Hartman                  Instant Replay / I.R. Replayed
527 King     Harvest                  Dancing In The Moonlight / She Shot A Hole In My Soul (Clifford Curry)
528          Hawkwind                 Silver Machine / Seven By Seven
529 Issac    Hayes                    Shaft / Do Your Thing
530          Heard                    From The Underworld / Sweet William
531          Hedgehoppers Anon        It’s Good News Week / Afraid Of Love
532          Heinz                    Just Like Eddie / Don’t
533 Jimi     Hendrix                  Voodoo Chile / Hey Joe / All Along The Watchtower
534 Jimi     Hendrix                  Hey Joe / Stone Free
535 Don      Henley                   The Boys Of Summer / All She Wants To Do Is Dance
536          Hermans Hermits          I’m Into Something Good / Your Hand In Mine
537          Heaven 17                Temptation / We live so fast
538 Faith    Hill                     Breath / It All Comes Down To Love
539 The      Hollies                  Yes I Will / Nobody
540 The      Hollies                  Gasaline Alley Bread / Dandelion Wine
541 The      Hollies                  Here I Go Again / Baby That’s All
542 The      Hollies                  The Air That I Breath / We’re Through
543 The      Hollies                  Just One Look / Keep Off That Friend Of Mine
544 The      Hollies                  Stay / Now’s The Time
545          Hollies                  He Ain’t Heavy / Carrie
546 The      Hollies                  He Ain’t Heavy / Cos You Like To Love Me
547 Buddy       Holly            Peggy Sue Got Married / Crying Waiting Hoping
548 Buddy       Holly            That’ll Be The Day / True Love Ways
549 Buddy       Holly            Heartbeat / Well….All Right
550 Buddy       Holly            It Doesn’t Matter Anymore / Raining In MY Heart
551 Buddy       Holly            Heartbeat / Everyday
552 Eddie       Holman           Hey There Lonley Girl / It’s All In The Game
553 Rupert      Holmes           Escape / Drop It
554 John        Holt             A Love I Can Feel
555 The         Honeycombs       Have I The Right / Please Don’t Pretend Again
556 Dr          Hook             When Your In Love With A Beautiful Woman / Dooley Jones
557 Bruce       Hornsby          The Way It Is / The Wild Frontier
558 Johnny      Horton           North To Alaska / The Mansion You Stole
559             Hot Chocolate    It Started With A Kiss / Emotion Explosion
560 James       House            Any Thing For Love / Silence Makes A Lonesome
561 James       House            This Is Me Mising You / Take Me Away
562 James       House            Little By Little / Take Me Away
563             Human League     Mirror Man / You Remind Me Of Gold
564             Human League     Don’t You Want Me Baby / Seconds
565 Engelbert   Humperdink       Les Bicyclettes De Belsize / Three Little Words
566 Brian       Hyland           Sealed With A Kiss / Ginny Come Lately
567 Brian       Hyland           Ginny Come Lately / I Should Be Getting Better
568 Billy       Idol             Rebel Yell / Do Not Stand In The Shadows
569 Frank       Ifield           I Remember You / I Liston To My Heart
570             Imagination      Body Talk / Instrumental
571             Imagination      Just An Illusion / Instrumental
572 Chris       Isaak            Can’t Do A Thing / Blue Hotel
573 Chris       Isaak            Blue Hotel / Wicked Game
574 The         Isley Brothers   This Old Heart Of Mine / Theres No Love Left
575 The         Isley Brothers   Behind The Painted Smile / One To Many Heartaches
576 The         Isley Brothers   Behind The Painted Smile / This Old Heart Of Mine
577 The         Isley Brothers   I’ll Guess I’ll Always Love You / Take Me In Your Arms
578             Ivy League       Funny How Love Can Be / Lonely Room
579             Ivy League       Tossing And Turning / Graduation Day
580 The         J. Geils Band    Centre Fold / Flame Thrower
581 Michael     Jackson          Ben / Abraham Martin & John
582 Michael     Jackson          Ben / You Can Cry On My Shoulder
583 Michael     Jackson          Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough / I Can’t Help It
584 Michael     Jackson          Black Or White / Insrumental
585 Michael     Jackson          Billy Jean / It’s The Falling In Love
586 Michael     Jackson          Beat It / Burn This Disco Out
587 Michael     Jackson          Bad / Dance Edit
588 Michael     Jackson          Thriller / Thing I Do For Love
589 Alan        Jackson          Pop A Top / Revenooer Man
590 Alan        Jackson          The Blues Man
591 Alan        Jackson          Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning / Drive
592 Alan        Jackson          Drive / Where Were You
593 Michael     Jackson          Rock With You / Working Day And Night
594             Jackson 5        I Want you Back / Who’s Lovin You
595             Jackson 5        Looking Through The Windows / Love Song
596             Jackson 5        I Want You Back / Doctor My Eyes
597 The         Jam              That’s Entertainment / Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
598             Jan & Dean       Surf City / Little Old Lady From Pasadena
599 Joan        Jett             I love Rock-n-roll / Love is a pain
600 Billy       Joel             My Life / 52nd Street /
601 Elton       John             Step Into Christmas / Who’d Be A Turkey At Christmas
602   Robert          John                      Sad Eyes / Am I Ever Gonna Hold You Again
603   Elton           John                      Sad Song / Simle Man
604   Elton           John                      Club At The End Of The Street / Whispers
605   Little          John                      Cocaine Move
606   Elton           John                      Your Song / Take Me To The Pilot
607   Olivia Newton   John                      Sam / Changes
608                   Johnny & The Hurricanes   Red River Rock / Buckeye
609                   Johnny & The Hurricanes   Reveille Rock / Time Bomb
610                   Johnny & The Hurricanes   Beatnik Fly / Sand Storm
611                   Johnny & The Hurricanes   Down Yonder / Sheba
612                   Johnny & The Hurricanes   Rocking Goose / Revival
613                   Johnny & The Hurricanes   Whatever Happened To Baby Jane / Greens And Beans
614   Johnny          Johnson & the Bandwagon Sweet insperation / Pride comes before a fall
615   Johnny          Johnson & the Bandwagon (Blame it) on the Pony Express / Never let Her go
616   Marv            Johnson                   I’ll Pick A Rose For My Rose / What Becomes Of The…..Jimmy Ruffin
617   Bruce           Johnstone                 Disney Girls / Pipeline
618                   Jon & Vangelis            I’ll Find My Way Home
619   Tom             Jones                     A Minuete Of Your Time / Looking Out My Window
620   Tom             Jones                     Chucke-s In Love / On Saturday Afternoons In 1963
621   Tom             Jones                     Daughter Of Darkness / Tupelo Mississippi
622   Rickie Lee      Jones                     Delilah / Smile
623   Tom             Jones                     Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings / I’ll Never Let You Go
624   Tom             Jones                     Green Green Grass Of Home / Promise Her Anything
625   Tom             Jones                     I’ll Never Fall In Love Again / Things I Wanna Do
626   Tom             Jones                     I’m Coming Home / /The Lonely One
627   Tom             Jones                     It’s Not Unusual / To Wait For Love
628   Tom             Jones                     What’s New Pussycat / The Rose
629   Jack            Jones & Susan George      That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be / London Isn’t Smiling
630                   Joy Division              Love Will Tear Us Apart / These Days
631   The             Judds                     I’m Falling In Love Tonight / John Deere
632   Jimmy           Justice                   When My Little Girl Is Smiling / If I Lost Your Love
633   Bert            Kaempfert                 Bye Bye Blues / Remember When
634                   Kaiser Chiefs             Modern Way / Run Again
635                   Kalin Twins               When / Born To Late (PT)
636                   Kalin Twins               When / Three O’Clock Thrill
637   Eden            Kane                      Rain Rain Go Away / Guess Who It Is ?
638   Eden            Kane                      Forget Me Not / A New Kind Of Lovin’
639   Eden            Kane                      Boy’s Cry / Don’t Come Crying To Me
640   Eden            Kane                      Well I Ask You / Before I Lose My Mind
641                   KC & The Sunshine Band    Please Don’t Go / I Betcha Didn’t Know That
642   Ronan           Keating                   When You Say / This Is Your Song
643   Toby            Keith                     Rock You Baby / Beer For My Horses
644   Johnny          Kidd & The Pirates        I’ll Never Get Over You / Then I Got Everything
645   Johnny          Kidd & The Pirates        Shakin’ All Over / Yes Sir That’s My Baby
646   Ben E.          King                      Stand By Me / Save The Last Dance For Me
647   Johnathan       King                      Everyone’s Gone To The Moon / Summer’s Coming
648   Carol           King                      It Might As Well Rain Until September / Nobody’s Perfect
649   The             Kingston Trio             Where Have All The Flowers Gone / O Ken Keranga
650   The             Kinks                     Waterloo Sunset / Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
651                   Kinks                     Tired Of Waiting / Come On Now
652                   Kinks                     You Really Got Me / It’s All Right (40th Ann.)
653   Kathy           Kirby                     Secret Love / You Have To Want To Touch Him
654   The             KLF                       Justified & Ancient / The White Room
655                   Kool & The Gang           Too Hot / Tonights The Night
656   The             Korgis                    Everbody’s Got To Learn Sometime / Dirty Postcards
657               Kraftwerk                    Showroom Dummies / The Model
658               Kraftwerk                    The Model / Computer Love
659   Billy J.    Kramer                       Bad To Me / I Call Your Name
660   Billy J.    Kramer                       Little Children / They Remind Me Of You
661   Lenny       Kravitz                      American Woman / Fly
662               Led Zeppelin                 Stairway To Heaven / Whole Lotta Love
663   Brenda      Lee                          Rocking Around The Christmas Tree / Papa Noel
664   Brenda      Lee                          As Usual / Lonely Lonely Lonely Me
665   Brenda      Lee                          I Wonder / My Whole World Is Falling Down
666   Brenda      Lee                          All Alone Am I / Save All Your Lovin’ For Me
667               Lemon Pipers                 Rice Is Nice / Blueberry Blue
668   Julian      Lennon                       Saltwater / Rebel King
669   Annie       Lennox                       Why / Primitive
670   Huey        Lewis                        The Power Of Love / Bad Is Bad
671   Jerry Lee   Lewis                        Great Balls Of Fire / Mean Woman Blues
672   Jerry Lee   Lewis                        Great Balls Of Fire / Whole Lotta Shakin’ / High School Confidential
673   John        Leyton                       Johnny Remember Me / There Must Be
674   John        Leyton                       Wild Wind / You Took My Love For Granted
675   John        Leyton                       Son This Is She / Six White Horses
676   John        Leyton                       Cubourd Love / Land Of Love
677   Bob         Lind                         Elusive Butterfly / Cheryl’s Going Home
678               Lindisfarne                  Meet Me On The Corner / Scotch Mist
679               Little Anthony & Imperials   Going out of my head / Take me back
680               Little Eva                   The Loco-motion / He Is The Boy
681               Little Richard               I Got It / Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay / Keep A Knockin’ / Bamma Lamma
682               Lonestar                     Amazed / Tell Her
683   The         Look                         I Am The Beat / You Do Those Things To Me
684               Lord Rockinghams X1          Hoots Mon / Blue Train
685   John D      Loudermilk                   Language Of Love / Darling Jane
686   Darlene     Love                         White Christmas / Frosty The Snowman
687               Love Affair                  Everlasting Love / Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday
688   Lena        Lovich                       Lucky Number / Home
689   The         Lovin’ Spoonful              Darling Be Home Soon / Darlin’ Companion
690   The         Lovin’ Spoonful              Summer In The City/You Didn’t Have…/Daydream/Do You Believe In Magic
691               Lovin’ Spoonful              Do You Believe In Magic / Daydream
692   Nick        Lowe                         I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass / They Called It Rock
693   Bob         Luman                        Lets Think About Living / You’ve Got Everything
694   Frankie     Lyman & The Teenagers        Why Do Falls Fall In Love / Please Be Mine
695   Frankie     Lyman & The Teenagers        I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent / Baby Baby
696               Lynard Skynyrd               Free Bird / Sweet Home Alabama / Double Trouble
697   Kenny       Lynch                        Up On The Roof / Jump On Your Broomstick
698   Kenny       Lynch                        Half…. / ? (1983)
699               M People                     Search For The Hero / Live Version
700   Kirsty      MacColl                      A New England / Patrick
701               Madness                      Embarrassment / Crying Shame
702               Madness                      The Prince / Madness
703               Madness                      Driving in my car
704               Madonna                      American Pie / Remix
705               Madonna                      Borderline / Physical Attraction
706               Madonna                      Crazy For You / Sammy Hager
707               Madonna                      Drowned World/Substitute For Love / Sky Fits Heaven
708               Madonna                      Holiday / True Blue
709               Madonna                      La Isla Bonita / Instrumental
710               Madonna                      Like A Prayer / Act Of Cotrition
711               Madonna                      Like A Virgin / Stay
712             Madonna                  Papa Don’t Preach / Ain’t No Big Deal
713             Mamas and Papas          California Dreamin’ / Monday Monday
714             Mamas and Papas          Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Midnight Voyage
715   Manfred   Man                      Sha La La / John Hardy
716             Manfred Man              Semi-Detached / Morning After The Party
717             Manfred Man              Pretty Flamingo / You’re Standing By
718             Manfred Man              If You Gotta Go, Go Now / Stay Around
719             Manfred Man              Hubble Bubble / I’m Your King Pin
720             Manfred Man              Sha La La / Do Wa Diddy Diddy
721             Manfred Man              Just Like A Woman / I Wanna Be Rich
722             Manfred Man              Ha Ha Said The Clown / Feeling So Good
723             Manfred Man              The One In The Middle (EP)
724             Marbles                  Only One Woman / By The Light Of A Burning Candle
725             Marillion                Kayleigh / Lady Nina
726   Bob       Marley                   Buffalo Soldier / Dub
727   Bob       Marley                   Is This Love / Crisis
728   Bob       Marley                   Why Should I / Exodus
729   Bob       Marley                   Iron Lion Zion / Smile Jamaica
730   Bob       Marley                   No Woman No Cry / Kinky Reggae
731   Bob       Marley                   Jamming / Punky reggae party
732             Marmalade                Radancer / Sarah, Just One Woman
733   Dean      Martin                   That’s Amore / Memories Are Made Of This
734   Dean      Martin                   Everybody Loves Somebody / A little Voice
735   The       Marvelettes              Please Mr Postman / When Your Young And In Love (le)
736             Mathews Southn Comfort   Woodstock / Scion
737   Cathy     Mattea                   18 Wheels and A Dozen Roses / Wher’ve You Been
738   Susan     Maughan                  Bobby’s Girl / Come A Little Closer
739   Paul      McCartney                Birthday / Good Day Sunshine
740   Paul      McCartney                Hope And Deliverance
741   Paul      McCartney                Jenny Wren / Summer Of 59
742   Paul      McCartney                Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why
743   George    McCrae                   Rock Your Baby / Pt.2
744   Freddie   McGregor                 Little Girl
745   Scot      Mckenzie                 San Francisco / What’s The Difference
746   Don       McLean                   American Pie / Vincent
747   Scot      McQuaig                  Honky Tonk Amnesia / My Friend The Bottle
748   Ralph     McTell                   Streets Of London / Summer Lightning
749             Meat Loaf                Dead Ringer for Love / More than you deserve
750             Men at Work              Down under / Crazy
751   Harold    Melvyn                   The Love I Lost / Part II
752   The       Merseybeats              I Think Of You / Mister Moonlight
753   George    Michael                  A Different Corner / Instrumental
754   George    Michael & Elton John     Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me / I Believe When I Fall In Love
755   Bette     Midler                   From A Distance / One Move Round
756   C.        Miller                   The House Of Blue Lights / Sh-Boom (CC)
757   Ned       Miller                   From A Jack To A King / Parade Of Broken Hearts
758   Glen      Miller                   In The Mood / A String Of Pearls
759   Glen      Miller                   Moonlight Serenade / Little Brown Jug / In The Mood
760   Garry     Mills                    Top Teen Baby / Don’t Cheat Me Again
761             Mindbenders              Groovy Kind Of Love / Love Is Kind
762   Kylie     Minogue                  Can’t Get You Out Of My Head / Boy
763   Suger     Minott                   Good Thing Going / Hung Up
764   Danny     Mirror                   The King Is Dead / Are You Lonesome Tonight / Can’t Help Falling
765   Guy       Mitchell                 Heartaches By The Number / Two
766   The       Monkees                  Alternate Title / Forget That Girl
767 The            Monkees               Valeri / Tabioca Tundra
768 The            Monkees               Daydream Believer / Goin’ Down
769 The            Monkees               A Little Bit Me, A little Bit You / The Girl I Knew Somewhere
770 The            Monkees               I’m A Believer / Monkees Theme
771                Monkees               I’m A Believer / I’m Not Your Stepping Stone
772 Hugo           Montenegro            The Good The Bad And The Ugly / Theres Got To Be A Better Way
773 Chris          Montez                Let’s Dance / You’re The One
774 Gary           Moore & Phil Lynott   Out In The Fields / Militery Man
775 Georgio        Moroder               Chase / Love’s Theme
776 Van            Morrison              Brown Eyed Girl / T.B.Sheets
777 Van            Morrison              Precious Time / Jackie Wilson Said
778                Morrissey             First Of The Gang To Die / My Life Is A Succession …..
779 The            Motels                Whose Problem? / Cry Baby
780 The            Motors                Airport / Cold Love
781                Mott The Hoople       All The Young Dudes / One Of The Boys
782 Eek            Mouse                 Tell Them
783                Mud                   Lonely This Christmas / I Cant Stand It
784 Matt           Munro                 Portrait Of My Love / Your Top Of My Hit Parade
785 Johnny         Nash                  You Got Soul / Don’t Cry
786                Nashville Teens       Tobacco Road / I Like It Like That
787 Rick           Nelson                Stood Up / Believe What You Say / My Buckets Got A Hole In It
788 Rick           Nelson                Poor Little Fool / Don’t Leave Me This Way
789                New Order             Shell Shock / Thieves Like Us
790                New Order             Touched By The Hand Of God / Dub
791 Monty          Norman                James Bond Theme / Kingston Calypso / Jump Up / Under The Mango Tree
792 Sinead         O’Connor              Nothing Compares To You / Jumping In The River
793 Gilbert        O’Sullivan            Nothing Rhymed / Everybody Knows
794 Billly         Ocean                 When The Going Gets Tough / Instrumental
795                Oddessey              If You’re Looking For A Way Out / Never Had It At All
796                Oddessey              Native New Yorker / Ever Lovin’ Sam
797 Mike           Oldfield              Pictures In The Dark / Legend
798 Mike           Oldfield              Blue Peter / Woodhenge
799 Mike           Oldfield              Indulci Jubilio / On Horseback
800 Mike           Oldfield              Moonlight Shadow / Rite of man
801                OMD                   Souveniers / Sacred Heart
802                OMD                   Secret / Drift
803                OMD                   Maid Of Orleans / Navigation
804 Roy            Orbison               Oh Pretty Woman / Yo Teamo Maria
805 Roy            Orbison               In Dreams / Shahdaroba
806 Roy            Orbison               Mean Woman Blues / Blue Bayou
807 The            Outlaws               Last Stage West / Ku- Pow
808 The            Outlaws               Return Of The Outlaws / Texan Spiritual
809 The            Overlanders           Michelle / Cradle Of Love
810 Brad           Paisley               Two People / Me Neither
811                Paper Dolls           Something Here In My Heart / All The Time In THe World
812 Dolly          Parton                Here You Come Again / Me And Little Andy
813 Dolly          Parton                I Will Always Love You / Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
814                Paul McCartney        Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why
815 Freda          Payne                 Band Of Gold / Give My Just A Little More Time (cotb)
816                Pentangle             Light Flight / Cold Mountain
817                Pet Shop Boys         What Have I Done To Deserve This / A New Life
818                Pet Shop Boys         It’s A Sin / You Know Where You Went Wrong
819                Pet Shop Boys         Always On My Mind / Do I Have To
820                Peter And Gordon      A World Without Love / If I Were You
821 Crispian St.   Peters                You Were On My Mind / What I’m Gonna Be
822   Ray      Peterson           The Wonder Of You/I’m Gone
823            PHD                I Won’t Let You Down / Hideaway
824   Wilson   Pickett            In The Midnight Hour / 634-5789
825            Pickettywitch      That Same Old Feeling / Maybe We’ve Been Loving To Long
826            Pilot              January / Never Give Up
827   Gene     Pitney             Something Gotten Hold Of My Heart / Where Did The Magic Go
828   Gene     Pitney             24 Hours From Tulsa / Lonely Night Dreams
829   Gene     Pitney             I’m Gonna Be Strong / Aladdin’s Lamp
830   Robert   Plant              Big Log / Messin with the Melon
831            Plastic Bertrand   Ca Plane Pour Moi / Pogo Pogo
832   The      Platters           My Prayer / You’ve Got The Magic Touch
833            Platters           Only You / The Great Pretender
834   The      Platters           Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / No Matter What You Are
835            Platters           Only You / Twilight Time
836            Platters           Harbour Lights / Sleepy Lagoon
837            Pogues             The Irish Rover / The Rare Old Mountain Dew
838   The      Police             Can’t Stand Loosing You / Dead End Job
839   The      Police             Message In A Bottle / Landlord
840   The      Police             Wrapped Around Your Finger / Someone To Talk To
841   The      Police             Walking On The Moon / Vision Of The Night
842   The      Police             Don’t Stand So Close To Me / Friends
843   The      Police             Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic / Flexible Strategies
844            Poni-Tail          Born To Late / When (KT)
845   Brian    Poole              Twist And Shout / We Know
846   Cozy     Powell             Dance With The Devil / And Thn There Was Skin
847   Perez    Prado              Patricia / Why Wait
848   Elvis    Presley            Follow That Dream,Angel/What A Wonderful Life,I’m Not The Marrying Kind
849   Elvis    Presley            King Of The WWW,This Is Living,Riding The Rainbo’ / Home Is Where Th....
850   Elvis    Presley            Blue Hawaii (orange label no cover)
851   Elvis    Presley            California Holiday (orange label)
852   Elvis    Presley            Such A Night (orange label)
853   Elvis    Presley            Stuck On You (brown label)
854   Elvis    Presley            A Big Hunk Of Love / My Wish Came True
855   Elvis    Presley            A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight (O)
856   Elvis    Presley            A Little Less Conversation / Almost In Love (O) and 2002 version
857   Elvis    Presley            Ain’t That Loving You Baby / Ask Me (O)
858   Elvis    Presley            Ain’t That Loving You Baby / Young And Beautiful
859   Elvis    Presley            All Shook Up / Heartbreak Hotel
860   Elvis    Presley            All Shook Up / That’s When Your Heartaches Begin
861   Elvis    Presley            Always On My Mind / Burning Love
862   Elvis    Presley            Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughing) / From A Jack To A King
863   Elvis    Presley            Are You Lonesome Tonight / I Gotta Know (O)
864   Elvis    Presley            Big Boss Man / You Don’t Know Me (O)
865   Elvis    Presley            Blue River / Do Not Disturb (O)
866   Elvis    Presley            Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti
867   Elvis    Presley            Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft
868   Elvis    Presley            Can’t Help Falling In Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby (O)
869   Elvis    Presley            Clean Up Your Own Back Yard / The Fair’s Moving On (O)
870   Elvis    Presley            Crying In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky
871   Elvis    Presley            Devil In Disguise / Please Don’t Drag That String Around
872   Elvis    Presley            Do The Clam / You’ll Be Gone (O)
873   Elvis    Presley            Don’t / I Beg Of You (O)
874   Elvis    Presley            Don’t Cry Daddy / Rubberneckin’
875   Elvis    Presley            Flaming Star / GI Blues
876   Elvis    Presley            Good Luck Charm / Anything That’s Part Of You (O)
877   Elvis   Presley   Guitar man / Faded Love
878   Elvis   Presley   Hard Headed Woman / Don’t Ask Me Why (O)
879   Elvis   Presley   Heartbreak Hotel I Was The One
880   Elvis   Presley   His Latest Flame / Little Sister (O)
881   Elvis   Presley   Hound Dog / Don’t Be Cruel
882   Elvis   Presley   I Can Help / The Lady Loves Me (Anne Margaret)
883   Elvis   Presley   I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine / Good Rockin’ Tonight
884   Elvis   Presley   IF Every Day Was Like Christmas / Blue Christmas
885   Elvis   Presley   I’m Left Your Right She’s Gone / Baby Lets Play House
886   Elvis   Presley   In The Ghetto / Any Day Now (O)
887   Elvis   Presley   In The Ghetto / Suspicious Minds
888   Elvis   Presley   Indescribably Blue / Falls Fall In Love (O)
889   Elvis   Presley   It’s A Long Lonley Highway / I’m Yours
890   Elvis   Presley   It’s Now Or Never / Make Me Know It (O)
891   Elvis   Presley   It’s Now Or Never / Mess Of Blues
892   Elvis   Presley   It’s Only Love / Beyond The Reef
893   Elvis   Presley   Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice (O)
894   Elvis   Presley   Kentucky Rain / My Little Friend
895   Elvis   Presley   King Creole / Dixieland Rock(O)
896   Elvis   Presley   Kiss Me Quick / Something Blue (O)
897   Elvis   Presley   Kiss Me Quick / Suspicion
898   Elvis   Presley   Kissin’ Cousins / It Hurts Me (O)
899   Elvis   Presley   Love Letters / Come What May (O)
900   Elvis   Presley   Love Me Tender / Any Way You Want Me
901   Elvis   Presley   Loving You / Teddy Bear (O)
902   Elvis   Presley   Mess Of Blues / Girl Of My Best Friend (O)
903   Elvis   Presley   Moody Blue / She Still Thinks I Care
904   Elvis   Presley   My Boy / Loving Arms
905   Elvis   Presley   My Boy / Thinking About You
906   Elvis   Presley   My Way / America
907   Elvis   Presley   One Broken Heart For Sale / They Remind Me To Much Of You (O)
908   Elvis   Presley   One Night / I Got Stung (O)
909   Elvis   Presley   Promised Land / It’s Midnight And I Miss You
910   Elvis   Presley   Paralysed / Loving you
911   Elvis   Presley   Return To Sender / Where Do You Come From
912   Elvis   Presley   Rubberneckin’ (New Version) / Original
913   Elvis   Presley   She’s Not You / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello (O)
914   Elvis   Presley   Spinout / All That I Am (O)
915   Elvis   Presley   Stuck On You / Fame And Fortune (O)
916   Elvis   Presley   Such A Night / Never Ending (O)
917   Elvis   Presley   Surrender / Lonely Man (O)
918   Elvis   Presley   Suspicious Minds / You’ll Think Of Me (O)
919   Elvis   Presley   That’s Alright Mama / Blue Moon Of Kentucky
920   Elvis   Presley   The Elvis Medley Blue Suede Shoes RCA476
921   Elvis   Presley   The Elvis Medley Jailhouse Rock Picture Disc RCAP 1028
922   Elvis   Presley   The Sound Of Your Cry / I’ll Never Know (Picture Disc RCA232)
923   Elvis   Presley   The Wonder Of You / Mama Like The Roses
924   Elvis   Presley   T-R-O-U-B-L-E / Mr Songman
925   Elvis   Presley   US Male / Stay Away (O)
926   Elvis   Presley   Viva Las Vegas / What’d I Say (O)
927   Elvis   Presley   Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Doncha’ Think It’s Time (O)
928   Elvis   Presley   Wild In The Country / I Feel So Bad (O)
929   Elvis   Presley   Wooden Heart / Tonight Is So Right For Love (O)
930   Elvis   Presley   There Goes My Everything / I Really Don’t WAnt To Know
931   Elvis   Presley   Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet Baby / Let Yourself Go
932   Elvis    Presley                  American Trilogy / Until It’s Time For You To Go
933   Elvis    Presley                  I Just Can’t Help Believin’ / How The Web Was Woven
934   Elvis    Presley                  Love In Las Vegas If You Think,I Need Somebody,C’mon.. Today....
935   Elvis    Presley                  Burning Love / It’s A Matter Of Time
936   Elvis    Presley                  An American Trilogy / Until It’s Time For you To Go
937   Elvis    Presley                  Guitar Man/Hi Heel Sneakers (O)
938   The      Pretenders               Talk Of The Town / Cuban Slide
939            Pretenders               Brass In Pocket / Swinging London
940            Pretenders               2000 Miles / Fast Or Slow
941            Procol Harum             Whiter Shade Of Pale / Salty Dog / Homburg
942            Procol Harum             Whiter Shade Of Pale / Conquisitador
943            Procol Harum             A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Lime Street Blues
944   Gary     Puckett                  Young Girl / Lady Willpower
945            Pussycat                 Mississippi / Do It
946            Python Lee Jackson       In A Broken Dream / Boogie Woogie Joe
947   Suzi     Quatro                   If You Can’t Give Me Love / Cream Dream
948            Queen                    Somebody To Love / White Man
949            Queen                    Bohemian Rhapsody / These Are The Days Of Our Lives
950            Queen                    Another One Bites The Dust / Dragon Attack
951            R.E.O. Speedwagon        Keep On Loving You / Follow My Heart
952   Gerry    Rafferty                 Baker Street
953            Rainbow                  Since You Been Gone / Bad Girl
954            Randy & The Rainbows     Denise / My Block (The Four Pennies
955   Chris    Rea                      On The Beach / I’m Taking The Time Out
956   Otis     Redding                  Dock of The Bay / My Girl
957   Otis     Redding                  Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay / My Sweet Lorene
958   Otis     Redding                  Mr Pitiful / That’s How Strong My Love Is
959   Lou      Reed                     Walk On The Wild Side / Vicious
960   Lou      Reed                     Walk On The Wild Side / Perfect Day
961   Jim      Reeves                   Distant Drums / Old Tige
962   Martha   Reeves & The Vandellas   Jimmy Mack / Third Finger Left Hand
963   Martha   Reeves & The Vandellas   Dancing In The Street / Forget Me Not
964   Martha   Reeves & Vandellas       Heatwave / Come And Get These Memories
965   The      Regents                  Barbara Ann / Runaround
966            REM                      The Great Beyond / Man On The Moon
967            REM                      Shiny Happy People / Forty Second Song
968            Renaissance              Northern Lights / Opening Out
969   Cliff    Richard                  Apron Strings,My Babe,Down The Line / I Got A Feeling,Jet Black,Baby I D
970   Cliff    Richard                  Wonderful Life/Do You Remember/What’ve I Gotta Do/Walkin’
971   Cliff    Richard                  On The Beach/We Love A Movie/Home/Al Kinds Of People
972   Cliff    Richard                  We Should Be Together (Double Christmas EP)
973   Cliff    Richard                  A girl Like You / Now’s The Time To Fall In Love
974   Cliff    Richard                  A Little In Love / Keep On Looking
975   Cliff    Richard                  A Voice In The Wilderness / Don’t Be Mad At Me
976   Cliff    Richard                  All I Ask Of You / Phantom Of The Opera
977   Cliff    Richard                  All My Love / Sweet Little Jesus Boy
978   Cliff    Richard                  Blue Turns To Grey / Somebody Loses
979   Cliff    Richard                  Carrie / Movin’ In
980   Cliff    Richard                  Congratulations / High ‘N’ Dry
981   Cliff    Richard                  Congratulations / High ‘N’ Dry
982   Cliff    Richard                  Constantly / True True Lovin’
983   Cliff    Richard                  Daddy’s Home / Shakin’ All Over
984   Cliff    Richard                  Devil Woman / Love On (Shine On)
985   Cliff    Richard                  Do You Wanna Dance / I’m Looking Out The Window
986   Cliff    Richard                  Don’t Forget To catch Me / I Don’t Need Her
987    Cliff   Richard   Don’t Talk To Him / Say Your Mine
988    Cliff   Richard   Dreamin’ / Dynamite
989    Cliff   Richard   Fall In Love With You / Willie And The Hand Jive
990    Cliff   Richard   Gee Whizz It’s You / I Cannot Find A True Love
991    Cliff   Richard   Good Times / Occasional Rain
992    Cliff   Richard   Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha / You Never Can Tell
993    Cliff   Richard   High Class Baby / My Feet hit The Ground
994    Cliff   Richard   I Could Easily Fall / I’m In Love With You
995    Cliff   Richard   I Love You / ‘D’ In Love
996    Cliff   Richard   I Love You / ‘D’ In Love
997    Cliff   Richard   I Still Believe In You / Bulange Downpour
998    Cliff   Richard   I’ll Come Running / I Get The Feelin’
999    Cliff   Richard   I’m The Lonley One / Whatch What You Do With My Baby
1000 Cliff     Richard   In The Country / Finders Keepers
1001 Cliff     Richard   It’ll Be Me / Since I Lost You
1002 Cliff     Richard   It’s All In The Game / Your Eyes Tell On You
1003 Cliff     Richard   It’s All Over / Why Wasn’t I Born Rich
1004 Cliff     Richard   Little Town / Love And A Helping Hand / You Me And Jesus
1005 Cliff     Richard   Living Doll / Apron Strings (Not)
1006 Cliff     Richard   Living In Harmony / Empty Chairs
1007 Cliff     Richard   Living In Harmony / Empty Chairs
1008 Cliff     Richard   Lucky Lips / I Wonder
1009 Cliff     Richard   Marianne / Mr Nice
1010 Cliff     Richard   Mean Streak / Never Mind
1011 Cliff     Richard   Miss You Nights / Love Enough
1012 Cliff     Richard   Mistletoe and Wine / Mamaduke / True Love Ways
1013 Cliff     Richard   Move It / Schoolboy Crush ( Not)
1014 Cliff     Richard   My Kinda Life / Nothing Left For Me To Say
1015 Cliff     Richard   My Pretty One / Love Ya
1016 Cliff     Richard   Nine Times Out Of Ten / Thinking Of Our Love
1017 Cliff     Richard   On My Word / Just A Little Bit Too Late
1018 Cliff     Richard   On The Beach / A Matter Of Moments
1019 Cliff     Richard   Please Don’t Fall In Love / Too Close To Heaven
1020 Cliff     Richard   Please Don’t Tease / Where Is My Heart
1021 Cliff     Richard   Saviours Day / Misletoe and Wine
1022 Cliff     Richard   Saviours Day / Oh Boy Medly
1023 Cliff     Richard   She Means Nothing To Me / A Man And A Woman (Phil Everly)
1024 Cliff     Richard   Sing A Song Of Freedom / A Thousand Conversations
1025 Cliff     Richard   Some People / One Time Lover Man
1026 Cliff     Richard   Suddenly / You Made Me Love You (Olivia)
1027 Cliff     Richard   The Best Of Me / Move It / Lindsay Jane
1028 Cliff     Richard   The Joy Of Living / Leave My Woman Alone / Boogitoo
1029 Cliff     Richard   The Minute Your Gone / Just Another Guy
1030 Cliff     Richard   The Next Time / Batchelor Boy
1031 Cliff     Richard   The Only Way Out / Under The Influence
1032 Cliff     Richard   The Twelth Of Never / I’m Afraid To Go Home
1033           Richard   The Young Ones / We Say Yeah
1034           Richard   Theme For A Dream / Mumblin’ Mosie
1035 Cliff     Richard   Throw Down A Line / Reflections
1036 Clff      Richard   Time Drags By / La La La Song
1037 Cliff     Richard   Travellin Light / Dynamite
1038 Cliff     Richard   True Love Ways / Galadrial
1039 Cliff     Richard   Visions / What Would I Do
1040 Cliff     Richard   Visions / What Would I Do
1041 Cliff     Richard   We Don’t Talk Anymore / Count Me Out
1042 Cliff    Richard                  When The Girl In Your Arms / Got A Funny Feeling
1043 Cliff    Richard                  Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)/ The Night
1044 Cliff    Richard                  Wired For Sound / On Hold
1045 Cliff    Richard                  With The Eyes Of A Child / So Long
1046 Cliff    Richard                  You Keep Me Hanging On / Love Is Here
1047 The      Righteous Brothers       Unchained Melody / You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
1048 Smokey   Robinson                 The Tears Of A Clown / Who’s Gonna Take The Blame
1049 Smokey   Robinson                 The Tears Of A Clown / Tracks Of My Tears
1050 Smokey   Robinson                 I Second That Emotion / If You Can Want
1051 Floyd    Robinson                 My Girl / Makin’ Love
1052 Smokey   Robinson                 Going To A Go Go / I Second That Emotion
1053 Smokey   Robinson                 Tracks Of My Tears / I Second That Emotion
1054          Rockin’ The Jukebox      Rock-Ola Ruby/Jukebox Rock’N Roll / Jukebox Cannonball/Jukebox Play For
1055 Tommy    Roe                      Sheila / Save Your Kisses
1056 Kenny    Rogers                   Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town / Girl Get A Hold Of Yours
1057 Kenny    Rogers                   Coward Of The County
1058          Rolling Stones           Bye Bye Johnny / Money / You Better Move On / Poison Ivy
1059          Rolling Stones           19th Nervous Breakdown / As Tears Go By
1060          Rolling Stones           Come on / I want To Be Loved
1061          Rolling Stones           Don’t Stop / New Rock Mix
1062          Rolling Stones           Fool To Cry / Crazy Mama
1063          Rolling Stones           Honky Tonk Woman / Ruby Tuesday
1064 The      Rolling Stones           Honky Tonk Woman / You Can’t Always Get What You Want
1065 The      Rolling Stones           I Can’t Get No Satisfaction / The Spider And The Fly
1066 The      Rolling Stones           I Wanna Be Your Man / Stoned
1067 The      Rolling Stones           It’s All Over Now / Good Times Bad Times
1068 The      Rolling Stones           Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Child Of The Moon
1069 The      Rolling Stones           Little Red Rooster / Off The Hook
1070 The      Rolling Stones           Miss You / Faraway Eyes
1071 The      Rolling Stones           Not Fade Away / Little By Little
1072 The      Rolling Stones           Out Of Time / Jiving Sister Fanny
1073 The      Rolling Stones           Paint It Black / Long Long While
1074 The      Rolling Stones           Rain Fall Down / Same
1075 The      Rolling Stones           The Last Time / Play With Fire
1076          Rolling Stones           We Love You / Dandelion
1077          Rolling Stones           Let’s Spend The Night Together / Ruby Tuesday
1078 The      Ronettes                 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus / Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer (C)
1079 The      Ronettes                 Frosty The Snowman / White Chris./ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (C)
1080 The      Ronettes                 Be My Baby / Tedesco & Pitman
1081 The      Ronettes                 Do I Love You / The Best Part Of Breaking Up
1082 The      Ronettes                 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus / Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer (C)
1083 The      Ronettes                 Frosty The Snowman / White Christmas (DL)
1084 The      Rooftop Singers          Walk Right In / Cool Water
1085          Rose Royce               Is It Love Your After / You Can’t Run From Yourself
1086 Diana    Ross                     Stop Look Listen To Your Heart / Love Twins
1087 Diana    Ross                     I’m Still Waiting / Touch Me In The Morning
1088 Diana    Ross                     Baby Love / Where Did Our Love Go
1089 Diana    Ross, Supremes,Temptat   I’m Gonna Make You Love Me / A Place In The Sun
1090 The      Routers                  Lets Go / Spirit In The Sky (NG)
1091 The      Routers                  Let’s Go / Mashy
1092          Roxy Music               The Same Old Scene / Lover
1093          Roxy Music               Virginia Plain / The Numberer
1094          Roxy Music               Jealous Guy / To Turn You On
1095 Jimmy    Ruffin                   I’ve Passed This Way Before / Tomorrows Tears
1096 Jimmy    Ruffin                   What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted / I’ve Passed This Way Before
1097 Jimmy          Ruffin             Farewell Is A Lonley Sound / If You Will Let Me I Know I Can
1098 Jimmy          Ruffin             Farewell Is A Lonley Sound / I Will Never Let You Get Away
1099 Jimmy          Ruffin             I’ll Say Forever My Love / Everybody Needs Love
1100 Jimmy          Ruffin             What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted / Farewell Is A Lonely Sound
1101 Todd           Rundgren           I Saw The Light / Black Maria & Long Flowing Robe
1102 Paul & Barry   Ryan               Have Pity On The Boy / There you go
1103 Bobby          Rydell             Wild One / Little Bitty Girl /
1104 Bobby          Rydell             Forget Him / Sway
1105 Neil           Sadaka             Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / Time Diary
1106 Kyu            Sakamoto           Suki Yaki / Anoko
1107                Santana            Samba Pa Ti / Incidentat Neshabur
1108                Santo and Johnny   Sleep Walk/All Night Diner
1109 Mike           Sarne              Just For Kicks / Don’t You Phone Me I’ll Phone YouS
1110 Mike           Sarne              Come Outside / Fountain Of Love
1111                Scorpions          Wind Of Change / Restless Night
1112 Linda          Scott              Three Guesses / I’ve Told Every Little Star
1113 Jack           Scott              What In The Worlds Come Over You / Baby Baby
1114 The            Seachers           Take Me For What I’m Worth / To Many Miles
1115 The            Seachers           Don’t Throw Your Love Away / I Pretend I’m With You
1116 The            Seachers           Needles & Pins / Saturday Night Out
1117                Seal               Get It Together / Crazy
1118 The            Searchers          Sweets For My Sweets / It’s All Been A Dream
1119 Neil           Sedaka             Oh Carol / One Way Ticket
1120 Neil           Sedaka             Oh Carol / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Little Devil
1121 Neil           Sedaka             Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / Don’t Lead Me On
1122 Neil           Sedaka             Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / Calendar Girl / I Go Ape
1123 The            Seekers            I’ll Never Find Another You / Open Up Those Pearly Gates
1124 The            Seekers            Georgy Girl / The Last Thing On My Mind
1125 Bob            Seger              Hollywood Nights / Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll
1126 The            Shadows            Chattanooga Choo Choo,In The Mood / Temptation,Zambesi
1127 The            Shadows            Theme For Young Lovers / This Hammer / Geronimo / Shazam
1128 The            Shadows            Shadoogie,Nivram / Baby My Heart,See You In My Dreams
1129 The            Shadows            Theme From The Boys,The Girls / Sweat Dreams,The Boys
1130 The            Shadows            Mustang,Theme From Shane / Shotgun,Theme From Giant
1131 The            Shadows            Apache / Quatermassters Stores
1132 The            Shadows            Atlantis / I Want You To Want Me
1133 The            Shadows            Dance On / All Day
1134 The            Shadows            Don’t Make My Baby Blue / My Grandfathers Clock
1135 The            Shadows            F.B.I. / Midnight
1136 The            Shadows            Foot Tapper / The Breeze And I
1137 The            Shadows            Gene With The Light Brown Lamp / Little Princess
1138 The            Shadows            Geronimo / Shazam
1139 The            Shadows            Guitar Tango / What A Lovely Tune
1140 The            Shadows            Jet Black / Driftin’
1141 The            Shadows            Man Of Mistery / The Stranger
1142 The            Shadows            Rhythm And Greens / The Miracle
1143 The            Shadows            Rise And Fall...It’s A Mans World
1144 The            Shadows            Shindig / It’s Been A Blue Day
1145 The            Shadows            The Frightened City / Back Home
1146                Shadows            The Savage / Peace Pipe
1147                Shadows            The War Lord / I Wish I Could Shimmy
1148                Shadows            Theme For Young Lovers / This Hammer
1149                Shadows            Wonderful Land / F.B.I. / Apache
1150 The            Shadows            Theme From The Deer Hunter / Bermuda Triangle
1151 The            Shadows            The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt / It’s A Man’s World
1152 The             Shadows              Kon-Tiki / 36-24-36
1153 The             Shadows (Drifters)   Wonderful Land / Stars fell on Stockton
1154                 Shaky & Bonnie       A Rocky Good Way / Why Do You Treat Me This Way
1155 The             Shangri-Las          Leader Of The Pack / Remember Walking In The Sand
1156 The             Shangri-Las          Remember Walking In The Sand / I’ts Easier To Cry
1157 Del             Shannon              Mary Jane / Stains On My Pillow
1158 Del             Shannon              Runaway / Jody
1159 Del             Shannon              Keep Searchin’ / Broken Promises
1160 Del             Shannon              Little Town Flirt / The Wamboo
1161 Del             Shannon              So Long Baby / The Answer to Everything
1162 Del             Shannon              Hats Of To Larry / Don’t Gild The Lily
1163 Del             Shannon              Handy Man / Give Her Lots Of Lovin’
1164 Del             Shannon              The Swiss Maid / Ginny In The Mirror
1165 Helen           Shapiro              More Hits From Helen
1166 Helen           Sharpio              Walking Back To Happiness / Kiss ‘N’ Run
1167 Sandie          Shaw                 Always Something There To Remind Me / Don’t You Know
1168 Sandie          Shaw                 I’ll Stop At Nothing / You Can’t Blame Him
1169 Sandy           Shaw                 Message Understood / Don’t You Count On It
1170 Sandie          Shaw                 Tomorrow / Hurting You
1171                 Sherbet              Howzat / Motor Of Love
1172 The             Shiirelles           Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow / Boys
1173 Roy             Shirley              Warming Up The Scene / Lonley Girl
1174                 Shocking Blue        Venos / Hot Sand
1175 Labi            Siffre               Crying Laughing Loving / Why Did You Go
1176 Labi            Siffre               It Must Be Love / To Find Love
1177 Labbi           Siffre               So Strong / Hard Road
1178 Carly           Simon                Nobody Does It Better / After The Storm
1179 Carly           Simon                You’re So Vain / Anticipation
1180                 Simon & Garfunkel    Mrs Robinson / Old Friends Bookends
1181                 Simply Red           For Your Babies / Same
1182                 Simply Red           Holding Back The Years / Drowning In My Tears
1183 Frank           Sinatra              High Hopes,All My Tomorrows / French Foreign Legion,Mr Success
1184 Frank & Nancy   Sinatra              Somethin’ Stupid / Call Me
1185 Frank           Sinatra              My Way / Strangers In The Night
1186 Nancy           Sinatra              These Boots Were Made For Walking / The City Never Sleeps At Night
1187 Nancy           Sinatra              Sugar Town / Summer Wine
1188 Frank           Sinatra              Strangers In The Night / New York, New York
1189 Nancy           Sinatra              How does That Grab You Darlin’ / I Move Around
1190                 Sister Sledge        Thinking Of You / We Are Family
1191                 Sister Sledge        He’s The Greatest Dancer / Somebody Loves Me
1192                 Sky                  Toccata
1193 The             Skyliners            Since I Don’t Have You / One Night,One Night
1194 Lynyrd          Skynyrd              Free Bird / Sweet Home Alabama, Double Trouble
1195                 Slade                Merry Xmas Everybody / Don’t Blame Me
1196                 Slade                Mama Weer All Crazy Now / Man Who Speaks Evil
1197                 Slade                Take Me Bak Ome / Wonderin’ Y
1198                 Slade                Cum On Feel The Noise / I’m Me I’m Now An That’s All
1199                 Slade                Skweez Me Please Me / Kil ‘em At The Hot Club Tonite
1200                 Slade                Coz I Love You / My Life Is Natural
1201                 Slade                My Oh My / Keep Your Hands Off…
1202 Percy           Sledge               When A Man Loves A Woman / Out In Left Field
1203                 Small Faces          Ichycoo Park / Here Comes The Nice
1204                 Small Faces          All Or Nothing / My Minds Eye
1205 The             Small Faces          My Mind’s Eye / I Can’t Dance With You
1206 The             Smiths               Shop Lifters Of The World Unite / Half A Person
1207             Sonny & Cher            What Now My Love / I Look For You
1208             Sonny & Cher            I Got You Babe / It’s Gonna Rain
1209             Sound Of Philadelphia   TSOP Instrumental
1210             Spandau Ballet          True / Lifeline
1211             Sparks                  This Town Ain’t big Enough / Barbecutie
1212 Billy Joe   Spears                  Blanket On The Ground / Come On Home
1213 Billy Joe   Spears                  57 Chevolet / Last Rose Of Summer
1214 Billy Joe   Spears                  What I’ve Got IN Mind / Every Time Two Fools Collide
1215 Britney     Spears                  Baby One More Time / Same
1216 Britney     Spears                  Born To Make You Happy / Same
1217 The         Special                 Ghost Town / Why,Friday Night
1218 Chris       Spedding                Mortor Bikin’ / Working For The Union
1219             Spencer Davies Group    Keep On Running / High Time Baby
1220             Spice Girls             Viva Forever / Who Do You Think You Are
1221 The         Spotnicks               Hava Naglia / Hi Flyin’ Scotsman
1222 Dusty       Springfied              I Only Want To Be With You / Wishin’ & Hopin’
1223 Dusty       Springfield             All Cried Out / I Wish I ‘d Never Loved You
1224 Dusty       Springfield             Can I Get A Witness,All Cried Out / Wishin’ And Hopin’,Wish I’d NeverLoved
1225 Dusty       Springfield             Goin’ Back / I’m Gonna Leave You
1226 Dusty       Springfield             Goin’ Back / Son Of A Preacher Man
1227 Dusty       Springfield             I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten / No Stranger Am I
1228 Dusty       Springfield             I Only Want To Be With You / Once Upon A Time
1229 Dusty       Springfield             I’ll Try Anything / The Corrupt Ones
1230 Dusty       Springfield             Little By Little / If It Hadn’t Been For You
1231 Dusty       Springfield             Some Of Your Lovin’ / I’ll Love You For A While
1232 Dusty       Springfield             You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me / All I See Is You
1233 Dusty       Springfield             Some Of Your Lovin’ / Son Of A Preacher Man/You Don’t Have.......
1234 Dusty       Springfield             I Only......../He’s Got Something / Twenty Four....Every Day I Have To Cry
1235 Dusty       Springfield             I Just Don’t Know....... / My Colouring Book
1236 Dust        Springfield             In The Middle Of Nowhere / Baby Don’t You Know
1237 The         Springfields            Island Of Dreams / The Johnson Story
1238 The         Springfields            Say I Won’t Be There / Little Boat
1239             Springfields            Bambino / Star Of Hope
1240 Bruce       Springsteen             Dancing In The Dark / Pink Cadillac
1241 Bruce       Springsteen             Born To Run / Meeting Across The River
1242 Bruce       Springsteen             Tunnel Of Love / Two For The Road
1243 Bruce       Springsteen             Brilliant Disguise / Lucky Man
1244 Bruce       Springsteen             One Step Up / Roulette
1245 Bruce       Springsteen             Human Touch / Souls Of The Departed
1246             Squeeze                 Labelled With Love / Squabs On Forty Fab
1247             Squeeze                 Cool For Cats / Model
1248             Squeeze                 Up The Junction / It’s So Dirty
1249             Squeeze                 Pulling Mussels From The Shell / Pretty One
1250 Crispian    St. Peters              The Pied Piper / Sweet Dawn My True LOve
1251 Edwin       Starr                   Happy Radio / My Friend
1252 Edwin       Starr                   War / Stop The War Now (le)
1253 Candi       Staton                  Young Hearts Run Free / I Know
1254             Steppenwolf             Born To Be Wild / Magic Carpet Ride
1255             Stereophonics           Handbags And Gladrags / First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
1256             Steve & Eddie           I Want To Stay Here And Love You / Ain’t love
1257 Cat         Stevens                 Father And Son / Moon Shadow
1258 Cat         Stevens                 Matthew And Son / Granny
1259 Rod         Stewart                 Maggie May / You Wear It Well
1260 Rod         Stewart                 Maggie May / Reason To Believe
1261 Rod         Stewart                 Maggie May / You Wear It Well /Twistin’ The Night Away
1262 Rod       Stewart               Do You Think I’m Sexy / Dirty Weekend
1263 Rod       Stewart               First Cut Is The Deepest / I Don’t Want To Talk About It
1264 Al        Stewart               Year Of The Cat / Broadway Hotel
1265 Rob       Storme                Earth Angel / Transister Sister
1266 George    Strait                Blame It On Mexico / Friday Night Fever
1267           Strawbs               Part Of The Union / Will You Go
1268 Barbara   Streisand             Evergreen / I Believe In Love
1269 The       Style Council         Long Hot Summer,Party Chambers / The Paris Match,Le Depart
1270           Styx                  Babe / I’m O.K.
1271 Lincoln   Sugar Minott          Is It True
1272           Sugerhill Gang        Rapper’s Delight / RP
1273 Donna     Summer                Loves Unkind / Autumn Changes
1274           Supertramp            The Logical Song
1275           Supertramp            Breakfast In America / Gone Hollywood
1276 The       Supremes              Someday We’ll Be Together / He’s My Sunny Boy
1277 The       Supremes              I’m Living In Shame / I’m So Glad I Got Somebody
1278 The       Supremes              Where Did Our Love Go / He Means the World To Me
1279 The       Supremes              Baby Love / Ask Any Girl
1280 The       Supremes              Up The Ladder To The Roof / Bill When Are You Coming Home
1281 The       Supremes              Stop In The Name Of Love / Baby Love
1282 The       Surfaris              Wipe Out / Surfer Joe
1283 The       Sweet                 Blockbuster / Need A Lot Of Lovin’
1284 The       Swinging Blue Jeans   Your Know Good / Don’t You Worry About Me
1285 The       Swinging Blue Jeans   Good Golly Miss Molly/Shaking Feeling
1286           Sylvia                Pillow Talk / Robinson
1287           T Rex                 20th Century Boy / Free Angel
1288           T Rex                 Get It On / Raw Ramp
1289           T Rex                 Hot Love / Woodland Rock
1290           T Rex                 Ride A White Swan / Is It Love
1291           T Rex                 Jeepster / Life’s A Gas
1292 The       Tams                  Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me / Take Away
1293 R.Dean    Taylor                There’s A Ghost In My House / Lets Go Somewhere
1294 R Dean    Taylor                Indiana Wants Me / Love’s Your Name
1295 James     Taylor                Fire And Rain / Sunny Skies
1296 R Dean    Taylor                Ther’s A Ghost In My House / Gotta See Jane
1297           Tears For Fear        Everybody Wants To Rule The World / Pharohs
1298           Teddy Bears           To Know Him / Don’t You Worry
1299 The       Temperance Seven      Pasadena / Suger
1300 The       Temptations           Just My Imagination / You Make Your Own Heaven
1301 The       Temptations           My Girl / The Way You Do The Things You Do
1302 The       Temptations           Get Ready / Ain’t To Proud To Beg
1303 The       Temptations           Papa Was A Rolling Stone / Cloud Nine (le)
1304 The       Temptations           My Girl / Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
1305           Temptations           Take A Look Around / Smooth Sailing
1306           Ten Years After       Love Like A Man / 33 1/3 play
1307           Them                  Here Comes The Night / All For Myself
1308           Three Dog Night       Mama told me not to come / Rock party
1309           Thin Lizzy            Whisky In The Jar / Black Boys On The Corners
1310           Thin Lizzy            Don’t Believe A Word
1311           Thin Lizzy            Jailbreak / Running Back
1312           Thin Lizzy            Dancing in the Moonlight / Bad reputation
1313           Third World           Cool Meditation / CMPTZ
1314           Thompson Twins        Doctor Doctor / Nurse
1315           Thompson Twins        We are Detective / Lucky day
1316 The       Three Degrees         When Will I See You Again / I Didn’t Know
1317 The          Three Degrees        My Simple Heart / Hot Summer Night
1318 Johnny       Thunder              Loop De Loop / Suger Suger (Archies)
1319              Thunderclap Newman   Something In The Air / Wilhelmina
1320 Johnny       Tillotson            Poetry In Motion / Princess Princess
1321 The          Tokens               The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Tina
1322 The          Tornadoes            Telstar / Jungle Fever
1323 The          Tornadoes            Globetrotter / Locomotion With Me
1324 The          Tornadoes            The Ice Cream Man / Theme From ‘The Scales Of Justice’
1325 The          Tornadoes            Robot / Life On Venus
1326              Toto                 Hold The Line / Takin’ It Back
1327              Toto                 Africa / We Made It
1328 The          Tourists             I Only Want To Be With You / Summers Night
1329 The          Toys                 A Lovers Concerto / This Night
1330              Train                Drops Of Jupiter / Meet Virginia
1331 Randy        Travis               For Ever And Ever Amen / Promises
1332 The          Tremeloes            Don’t Cry / Twelve Steps To Love
1333 The          Tremeloes            Here Comes My Baby / Gentlemen Of Pleasure
1334 The          Troggs               Love Is All Around / When Will The Rain Come
1335 The          Troggs               I Can’t Control Myself / Gonna Make You
1336 The          Troggs               Any way That You Want Me / 66-5-4-3-2-1
1337 The          Troggs               Give It To Me / YOU’re Lying
1338 The          Troggs               Wild Thing / From Home
1339 Doris        Troy                 Just One Look / Precious Precious(Jackie Moore)
1340 Jethro       Tull                 Life Is A Long Song,UpThe Pool / Dr. Bug From Later, Nursie
1341 Ike & Tina   Turner               River Deep Mountain High / Save The Last Dance For Me
1342 Tina         Turner               Whats Love Got To Do With It / Don’t Rush The Good Times
1343 The          Turtles              Elenore / Happy Together
1344 The          Turtles              She’d Rather Be With Me / The Walking Song
1345 Shania       Twain                That Don’t Impress Me / Honey I’m Home
1346 Shania       Twain                Man I Feel Like / That Don’t Impress Me
1347              Twinkle              Terry / The Boy Of My Dreams
1348 Conway       Twitty               It’s Only Make Believe / Mona Lisa
1349 Bonnie       Tyler                Total Eclipse of the Heart / Take me back
1350              Tymes                Ms Grace / The Crutch
1351 The          Tymes                So Much In Love / Roscoe James
1352              U2                   All I Want Is You / Unchained Melody
1353              U2                   New Years Day / Treasure
1354              U2                   I Still Haven’t Found what I’m looking for/
1355              U2                   With or without you / Not available
1356              UB40                 Red Red Wine / Sufferin
1357              Ultravox             Vienna / Passionate Reply
1358              Unit Four Plus Two   Concrete And Clay / When I Fall In LOve
1359 The          Upsetters            Return Of The Django / Dollar In The Teeth
1360 Ricky        Valance              Tell Laura I Love Her / Once Upon A Time
1361              Vanilla Fudge        You Keep Me Hanging On / Take Me For A Little While
1362 Bobby        Vee                  Run To Him / Summertime Blues (EC)
1363 Bobby        Vee                  Take Good Care Of My Baby / Bashful Bob
1364 Bobby        Vee                  More Than I Can Say / Stayin’ In
1365 Bobby        Vee                  The Night Has A Thousand Eyes / Come Back When You Grow Up
1366 Bobby        Vee                  Rubber Ball / Everyday
1367 Bobby        Vee                  Run To Him / Walking With My Angel
1368 The          Velvelettes          He Was Really Saying Something / Needle In A Haystack
1369 The          Ventures             2000PoundBee-Pt1 / Pt2
1370 The          Ventures             Perfidia / No Trespassing
1371 Bobby        Vinton               Blue Velvet / Blue On Blue
1372 Charlie      Walker                   Truck Triving Man / Close All The Honky Tonks
1373 Scot         Walker                   Lights Of Cincinnati / Two Weeks Since You’ve Gone
1374 Jr           Walker & The All-Stars   Shotgun / Road Runner
1375 Junior       Walker & The Allstars    What Does It Take / Brainwasher
1376 The          Walker Brothers          The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine / My Ship Is Coming In
1377 The          Walker Brothers          The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine / After The Lights Go Out
1378              Walker Brothers          Make It Easy On Yourself / But I Do
1379 Joe          Walsh                    Life’s Been Good / Theme From Boat Weirdos
1380 Clifford T   Ward                     Scullery / To An Air Hostess
1381 Bert         Weedan                   Ginchy / Yearning
1382 Bert         Weedon                   Theme From A Summer Place / Big Beat Boogie
1383 Paul         Weller                   Brand New Start / Right Underneath It,River Bank
1384 Kieth        West                     Excerpt From A Teenage Opera / Theme From Teen....
1385              Wham                     Last Christmas / Everything She Wants
1386              Wham                     Last Christmas / Blue
1387              Wham                     Freedom / Instrumental
1388              Wham                     I’m You Man / Instrumental
1389              Wham                     Young Guns / Going For It
1390              Wham                     Wake Me Up / Instrumental
1391              Wham                     Bad Boys / Instrumental
1392              Whie Plains              My Baby Loves Lovin’ / Show Me Your Hand
1393 Barry        White                    You’re My First,My Last, My Everything / More Than Anything Your Everyth
1394 Barry        White                    Just The Way You Are / Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
1395 Barry        White                    Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love / Just Not Enough
1396              Whitesnake               Is This Love? / Standing In The Shadows
1397 The          Who                      Substitute / I’m A Boy,Pictures Of Lilly
1398 The          Who                      My Generation / Substitute
1399 Marty        Wild                     Bad Boy / It’s Been Nice
1400 Marty        Wild                     A Teenager In Love / Danny
1401 Marty        Wild                     Sea Of Love / Teenage Tears
1402 Marty        Wild                     No One Knows / The Fire Of Love
1403 Marty        Wild                     Donna / Love-A Love-A Love-ATomorrows Clown / The Hellians
1404 Marty        Wild                     Little Girl / Your Seventeenth Spring
1405 Andy         Williams                 Almost There / On The Street Where You Live
1406 Andy         Williams                 I’ll Remember You / Quiet Nights,Quiet Stars
1407 Andy         Williams                 Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You / You Are Where Everything Is
1408 Hank         Williams                 Your Cheatin’ Heart / Cold Cold Heart
1409 Robbie       Williams                 Angels / South Of The Border
1410 Robbie       Williams                 No Regrets / Antmusic
1411 Robbie       Williams                 Strong / Antmusic
1412 Andy         Williams                 Can’t Get Used To Losing You / Days Of Wine And Roses
1413 Danny        Williams                 Moon River / A Weaver Of Dreams
1414 Maurice      Williams                 Stay / Do You Believe
1415 Jackie       Wilson                   I Get The Sweetest Feeling / Soul Galore
1416 Jackie       Wilson                   Reet Petite / By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
1417 Frank        Wilson                   Do I Love You / Do I Love You (Chris Clark)
1418 Brian        Wilson                   Wonderful / Wind Chimes (Blue Vinyl)
1419 Brian        Wilson                   What I Really Want For Christmas / We Wish You A Merry Christmas
1420 Marie        Wilson                   Just what I always wanted / Woe Woe Woe
1421              Wings                    Maybe I’m Amazed / Soily
1422              Wings                    Helen Wheels / Coutry Dreamer
1423              Wings                    Mull Of Kintyre / Girls School
1424              Wings                    Goodnight Tonight / Daytime Nightime Suffering
1425              Wings                    Juniors Farm / Sally G
1426              Wings                    Live And Let Die / I Lie Around
1427            Wings       Band On The Run / Zoo Gang
1428            Wings       Take It Away / I’ll Give You A Ring
1429            Wings       Getting Closer / Spin It On
1430            Wings       Jet / Let Me Roll It
1431            Wings       With A Little Luck / Backwards Traveller/Cuff Link
1432            Wizzard     See My Baby Jive / Bend Over Beethoven
1433            Wizzard     I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day /
1434   The      Wombles     Wombling Merry Christmas / Madam Cholet
1435   Stevie   Wonder      I Don’t Know Why / My Cherie Amour
1436   Stevie   Wonder      Heaven Help Us All / I Gotta Have A Song
1437   Stevie   Wonder      Never Had A Dream Come True / Somebody Knows,Somebody Cares
1438   Stevie   Wonder      Uptight / Purple Raindrops
1439   Stevie   Wonder      He’s Mister Know It All / You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover
1440   Stevie   Wonder      Uptight / Yester Me Yester You YesterDay
1441   Tammy    Wynette     Stand By Your Man / Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
1442   Tammy    Wynette     D.I.V.O.R.C.E / Almost Persuaded
1443   Mark     Wynter      Kickin’ Up The Leaves / That’s What I Thought
1444   Mark     Wynter      Love Hurts / Can’t Help Forgiving You
1445   Mark     Wynter      Go Away Little Girl / That Kinda Talk
1446   The      Yardbirds   For Your Love / Hush (Deep Purple)
1447            Yes         Owner of a lonley Heart / Our Song
1448   Dwight   Yoakam      Ain’t That Lonely Yet / Lonesome Roads
1449   Dwight   Yoakam      Thousand Miles From Nowhere / Ain’t That Lonely Yet
1450   Dwight   Yoakam      Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Thinking About Leaving
1451   Paul     Young       Everything Must Change / Give Me My Freedom
1452   Paul     Young       Whereever I Lay My Hat / Broken Dream
1453   Neil     Young       Heart Of Gold / Old Man
1454            ZZ Top      Viva Las Vegas / 2000 Blues (O)

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