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Project Rubric

You will create a three-dimensional sculpture with a geometric base and an organic form that
is interesting from all views (in the round). Students will also suggest implied textures and
patterns through the use of a color scheme.

                                     T E R M I N OL OG Y R E V I E W

    1. A _______________________________
        color scheme uses only one color or hue
        plus tints, tones, and shades of that color
        or hue.

    2. What scheme uses colors across from the
       color wheel from each other?
    3. What color scheme uses a color and the
       color adjacent to its compliment?

    4. ___________________ color schemes include three equally spaces hues 120
       degrees apart on the color wheel.
    5. ____________________ colors are next to each other (adjacent) on the color wheel.
    Review: tints, tones, shades, how to mix colors, form, organic, geometric, etc.


1. Cut the coat hanger wire by removing the hook at the top with pliers. Straighten it as carefully as
   possible. Sit on the floor and wrap it around a table leg making a smooth, curved shape.

2. Attach both ends to a small piece of wood pre-drilled with holes using a glue gun. If you pull the
   wire all the way through, you will not need a hot glue gun.

3. Before adding panty hose, you may want to sand rough edges on the base or it cause ‘runs’ in
   your hose. Stretch a knee-hi hose tightly over the entire sculpture, twist around the wooden
   block, and secure over base. Use a hot glue to secure the hose and avoid runs. Make sure the
   base does not wobble because of a wad of pantyhose on the bottom.

4. If there is time, apply a base coat of paint.

5. By Wednesday, you should be painting. Choose a color scheme and select only the colors within
   that color scheme. List that color scheme on the back Paint sculptures with tempera- two coats
   should cover it. Hose might be a little flexible as you paint but it shouldn’t affect the final
   sculpture. Label the bottom with your name in marker at the bottom.
                                      RUBRIC/ EVALUATION
     Choose a color scheme (refer to terms on reverse side for choices): ______________________

To earn an A:
____Effort/Perseverance: Sculpture was
continued until it was complete as the student
could make each; gave it effort far beyond
that required; took pride in going well
beyond the requirement, used time wisely.
____ 3-d Design/ Composition:
Planned carefully; created an interesting
three dimensional form from all sides.
Sculpture is painted with one color
scheme to compliment the form of the
sculpture with lines, implied textures, or
patterns following the contour of the
_____Creativity/: Creativity is evident
through the use of originality and an
intuitive approach to finding the form.
_____ Craftsmanship/ Skill: The sculpture
was patiently done with proper technique.
Sculpture is balanced so it will not topple over.
Support systems are hidden (like staples, tape,
or posts).

To earn a B:
____Effort/Perseverance: Sculpture was completed, but with a little more effort, each might have been outstanding.
____ 3-d Design/ Composition: The student showed an awareness of three dimensional space and pattern. Named a
color scheme but also used a little color not part of that color scheme.
_____Creativity/ Originality: The student tried a few ideas for selecting one; or based his or her work on someone
else's idea; made decisions after referring to one source; solve the problem in logical way.
_____ Craftsmanship/ Skill: Some directions were not followed with an attention to detail. With a little more effort,
the work could have been outstanding; lacks the finishing touches.

To earn a C:
____Effort/Perseverance The student finished the project, but it could have been improved with more effort; adequate
interpretation of the assignment, but lacking finishes; chose an easy project and did it indifferently.
____ 3-d Design/ Composition: The student did the assignment adequately, yet it shows lack of planning and little
evidence of planning. Named a color scheme but also used other colors not part of that color scheme.
_____Creativity/ Originality: The student tried an idea, but it lacked originality; might have copied work.
_____Craftsmanship/ Skill: The student showed average craftsmanship; adequate, but not as good as it could have
been, a bit careless.

To earn a D:
_____Effort/Perseverance: The project was completed with minimum effort.
_____3-d Design/ Composition: The assignment was completed and turned in, but showed little evidence of any
understanding of the elements and principles of art; no evidence of planning. No obvious color scheme.
_____Creativity/ Originality: The student fulfilled the assignment, but gave no evidence of trying anything unusual.
_____Craftsmanship/ Skill: The student showed below average craftsmanship, lack of pride in finished work.

To earn an F:
_____Effort/Perseverance: The student did not finish the work adequately.
_____3-d Design/ Composition: The student did the minimum or the sculpture was never completed.
_____Creativity/ Originality: The student showed no evidence of original thought.
_____Craftsmanship/ Skill: The student showed poor craftsmanship; evidence of lazy this or lack of understanding of

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