AOCR 2010-Taipei Photo Contest

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					                        AOCR 2010-Taipei Photo Contest
                                    Competition Guide

Entry Rule:
All photo submissions are required to be images taken with digital cameras of at least 1000
mega-pixels or image files of sizes more than 15 Meg.
This competition is restricted to attendees of 2010 AOCR in Taipei, Taiwan who have paid the
application fee.

There is no specific requirement for the theme of photos to be submitted. However, regarding
native culture and customs and scenery etc. will be preferred.

Gold medal- one winner, USD 500 and a trophy.
Silver medal- one winner, USD 300 and a trophy.
Bronze medal- one winner, USD 200 and a trophy.
Outstanding award- 10 winners, each winner will receive prize of USD 100 and one trophy.
Highly commended- 20 winners or more, each winner will be awarded with a gift and a

Competition Details:
1.   A maximum of ten photos can be submitted by each applicant. Each photo file has to be
     saved into a compact disc (CD) as a JPG file. Each image should be named properly and
     labeled clearly, in coordination with the name appeared on the submission form. When
     naming a photo, you must follow the format of X-Surname-Given name-N-Title. X
     represents your registration code, N represents the serial number of your photos, and Title is
     the individual name of your photos. For example, ChiLai Huang’s registration code is 125,
     and the name of his first photo is The Nature. This photo should be named as
     125-Huang-ChiLai-1-The Nature. The registration code can be found on your confirmation
2.   Please clearly label your nationality and your name on the back of the CD that you want to
     submit. Please do not use Post-it or other stickers that will easily fall off. AOCR will not
     take responsibility for any indistinguishable labels or unreadable discs. All submitted discs
     are not returnable. (Please see Note for details.)
3.   Please send your CD to AOCR along with the entry form.
All winning photos will be developed as a 15-inch-sized printout and displayed on the exhibition

Judging Rule:
Exhibition Committee chaired by Dr. ChiLai Huang will evaluate and judge each submitted photo.
Dr. ChiLai Huang, Hon.FPSK, FPSK.FPSC, Hon Chairman PSK

1.   Please be aware of the mailing time. AOCR will not be responsible for any delay of delivery.
2.   Closing date will be the date on which the CD is received by AOCR.

Exhibition Calendar:
Closing Date:January 22, 2010
Judge Date:March 8, 2010
Exhibition Date:March 19-23, 2010.
Place: TICC

 1. Prize winners of over NTD 14,400 will be taxed at a marginal tax rate.
 2. AOCR have the right to present or publish every winning photo in any format.
 3. All photo submissions have to be original files. The author will be held accountable for any
    possible legal problem of copyright or portrait right. AOCR carries no responsibility when
    such issues occur.
 4. CDs need to be wrapped and packaged appropriately by authors for mailing. AOCR will not
    be responsible for any damaged or unreadable CDs.
 5. Please indicate in the entry form if your CD is to be retrieved. If you do not specify or do not
    reclaim, AOCR will have the right to discard the CD.
 6. Please fill out the entry form correctly. Applicants will be disqualified when there is
 7. By participating in this photography competition, you agree to the regulations and rules of
    both competition and exhibition.
******AOCR 2010-Taipei Photo Contest Committee******
Exhibition Committee
Hon. Chairman: Sponsor (Carestream Health)
Chairman: Dr. ChiLai Huang
Advisory Board: Sponsors(Carestream Health)
Members: Chairmen of all member countries and standing directors and supervisors of RSROC
Assistant Members: Affairs Secretary and assistants of RSROC

                                  Send CD-Entry Forms-Fee to
                                 AOCR 2010 Congress Secretariat
                       No. 201, Sec. 2, Shih-Pai Road, Taipei 11217, Taiwan
        Tel: +886-2-25776096 ext. 23 Fax: +886-2-25776091 Email:
                             AOCR 2010-Taipei Photo Contest
                                       Entry Form

                                           Contest No.               ( for official use only)

Name:                                                       Registration Code:



No. of Photos Submitted:                            Retrieve CD             Not Retrieve CD

No.              File Name                          Title (max. 25 characters)











                                                This A4-sized Entry Form is reproducible.
     Mailing Address is attached below:

AOCR 2010 Congress Secretariat
The AOCR 2010-Taipei Photo Contest Committee
Via Department of Radiology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
201, Section 2, Shih-Pai Rd, Taipei, Taiwan

                                 Colour Digital Images

                                              Photographic Images in CD-ROM for exhibition only
                                                                 and will be returned to sender
                                                                            No commercial value
                                          Post Master may open for postal and customs inspection