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Doctoral Citations for 17 December 2008                  Helma Antony                                              Flame Astra Burgmann
– Doctoral awards will be presented in the               Doctor of Philosophy                                      Doctor of Philosophy
following stage order: C, K and D.                       Dr Antony has established a new research tool for         Dr Burgmann explored ways of synthesising
                                                         studying Aß, the protein regarded as the cause            multilayer coatings of Tungsten, Aluminium and
                                                         of Alzheimers’ disease. She found that, in yeast,         Aluminium Oxide using novel plasma synthesis
 Science, engineering &                                  Aß cause the altered expression of a number of            techniques. Advanced microscopy & microanalysis
                                                         genes, providing a definitive picture of Aß’s effects     methods were employed to determine the
 Technology                                              in a highly tractable model. Her demonstration            relationship between the coating microstructure
                                                         of Aß oligomerisation and aggregation aided the           and physical properties. A major outcome was that
Mohammad Al Kobaisi                                      development of yeast-based screens for inhibitors         the type of coating produced depended critically
Doctor of Philosophy                                     of these functions. Through her contributions we          on the preparation conditions. The findings of
Dr Al Kobaisi investigated the synthesis and             understand more about Alzheimer’s disease, which          this thesis will be used to help produce optimum
characterisation of a series of Molecularly              will aid in its prevention.                               coatings for industrial applications such as wear
Imprinted Polymers (MIPs). He employed surface                                                                     resistant coatings for use on high performance
area determinations and other physico-chemical           Arathi Arakala                                            tools.
measurements to comprehensively explore                  Doctor of Philosophy
the factors influencing their porosity, pore-size                                                                  Joo Lee Julie Cham
                                                         Dr Arakala investigated techniques to secure
distribution and selectivity. In the course of the       error-prone biometric templates when used in an           Doctor of Philosophy
investigation, an MIP was developed which,               authentication system. The research, conducted on         Dr Cham investigated the role of a specific
when coated as a thin film on a quartz crystal           minutiae-based fingerprint templates, determined          brain region, known as the hypothalamic
microbalance (QCM), could be used for the                the suitability of two specific cryptographic             paraventricular nucleus (PVN), in the regulation of
quantitative detection of the viticulture fungicide,     constructs for this purpose and presents a proof-         the cardiovascular responses to hyperthermia. She
iprodione, in grape juice and white wines.               of-concept of an authentication system where the          showed that the PVN is a key site in the brain that
                                                         template (and hence the individual’s identity) is         is crucial for the changes in blood flow that are
Zynab Al-Hassany                                         protected during comparison as well as storage.           important in helping us lose heat when our body
Doctor of Philosophy                                     This research helps solve one of the principle            temperature rises too high. Her in depth analysis
Dr Al-Hassany has made important contributions           issues hindering the widespread implementation            has highlighted the potential pathways from the
to our understanding of flammable polymer                of biometric systems, the security of the biometric       PVN that mediate these effects.
materials that are used in construction, appliances,     template.
furnishings and fittings. New fire retardant polymers                                                              Doris Chibo
have been designed to form a ceramic structure           Sreenivasulu Reddy Basi Reddy                             Doctor of Philosophy
when exposed to fire, which forms a barrier              Doctor of Philosophy                                      Dr Chibo has made highly significant contributions
insulating the material from fire. These ceramifying     Dr Reddy has made an important contribution               in the fields of viral epidemiology and the molecular
polymers provide a flame and smoke retaining             towards the development of a rapid detection              evolution of viruses of clinical and public health
barrier during fires and protect vital services          method for Neisseria meningitides, the predominant        importance; specifically, viruses such as measles
and personal safety. The composition, function,          causative agent of bacterial meningitis which is          virus, human immunodeficiency virus, herpes
mechanism and performance of ceramifying                 responsible for significant morbidity and mortality       simplex virus and human corona viruses. Of
polymers have been established.                          throughout the world. He identified and developed         particular significance, her ground-breaking
                                                         a novel peptide marker which proved to be highly          work in the field of measles virus epidemiology,
Halil Ali                                                specific for N. meningitides. Using a specific            conducted at the WHO Regional Measles
Doctor of Philosophy                                     antibody to this marker, he has developed a highly        Reference Laboratory at VIDRL, Melbourne, has
Dr Ali investigated techniques for improving the         selective quartz crystal microbalance (QCM)-based         been recognised internationally as central to the
efficiency of web crawlers, an important component       immunosensor for the rapid and sensitive detection        implementation of vaccination campaigns for the
of search engines. The thesis examines the               of N. meningitides.                                       eradication of measles.
problem of “index inconsistency”, which occurs
when changes to web pages are not reflected              James Cameron Bennett                                     Andrew George Chryss
in the local indexed copy of pages (which are            Doctor of Philosophy                                      Doctor of Philosophy
used to perform web searches), resulting in              Dr Bennett undertook mathematical analysis                Dr Chryss investigated the rheological
irrelevant search results. The thesis examines the       of the industrial film blowing process, by which          characteristics of coarse suspensions that display
performance of existing techniques and proposes          thin polymer film (as used in plastic bags) is            shear thickening viscosity. The transport properties
novel approaches that can be combined with               manufactured. He applied a mixture of innovative          of concentrated suspensions are of economic
existing techniques to improve efficiency while          analytical and numerical techniques to obtain             interest to Australia’s mineral industries, and the
maintaining effectiveness.                               explicit approximations to the film profile and related   resultant complex viscosity behaviour requires
                                                         variables, and then employed numerical methods            detailed characterisation for design purposes. The
Andrew David Charles Alves                               to improve these approximations. His investigation        thesis establishes measurement techniques most
Doctor of Philosophy                                     has led to a deeper insight into the structure of the     appropriate to these suspensions, overcoming
Dr Alves explored the ultimate resolution in ion         film blowing process, and points the way for further      the many artefacts present. The fundamental
beam lithography by modifying a polymer resistant        work in the area.                                         processes that cause this phenomenon are also
material with individually counted ion tracks.                                                                     examined and modelled as a function of the
Straight latent damage tracks were etched to             Stefan Charles Bird                                       hydrodynamic interactions between flowing lamina
create high aspect ratio structures in the order         Doctor of Philosophy                                      of particles.
of 10 nanometre diameter and were imaged with            Dr Bird developed several new techniques to
atomic force and scanning electron microscopy.                                                                     Tobias August Colson
                                                         improve the efficiency and usefulness of speciated
Precise location of an ion beam using a nanoscale        particle swarm optimisation algorithms. Two               Doctor of Philosophy
mask and piezoelectrically driven scanning stage         techniques are proposed to reduce the reliance            Dr Colson investigated fundamentals of the energy
tested the practical limits of ion beam lithography in   on user-set parameters, allowing the algorithms           transfer process through materials. In electron
the single ion realm.                                    to be effective even without problem-specific             microscopy it is important to understand how the
                                                         knowledge. He then proposes a novel method to             electrons interact within the material and how they
                                                         profile optimisation algorithms, providing valuable       are scattered by the structure unique to a specific
                                                         insight into how they can be improved. This insight       material. He highlighted two significant ideas: first,
                                                         is used to develop a regression heuristic that vastly     that the elastic and inelastic scattering events are
                                                         increases the performance of existing speciated           coupled rather than separate as was previously
                                                         optimisation algorithms.                                  believed; and second, that all successive higher
                                                                                                                   order scattering events in multiple scattering
                                                                                                                   scenarios are dependent and connected.

RMIT | 2008 gRaduaTIon                                                                                                                                                      9
     Hossein Daryaei                                           Nirdosha Indrakumari Gamage Uwaragala                      Sasikaran Kandasamy
     Doctor of Philosophy                                       Jathungeye                                                Doctor of Philosophy
     Dr Daryaei examined the efficiency of high pressure       Doctor of Philosophy                                       Dr Kandasamy investigated novel Silicone Carbide
     processing as an emerging non-thermal technology          Dr Uwaragala Jathungeye developed an innovative            based field effect devices (Schottky and transistor
     for controlling the outgrowth of spoilage micro-          methodology to produce particleboard using 100%            structures) with gas sensitive layers for monitoring
     organisms and glycolytic activity of starter bacteria     hard wood saw mill residue. Currently, 20% of logs         hydrogen and propene gases at high temperatures.
     in fresh cheeses. His findings highlight the optimum      used to produce sawn hardwood are disposed                 In his study he both analysed and established the
     process conditions required for treatment of cheese       of by burning or as fertiliser. Consequently the           gas interaction mechanism of these novel sensors,
     with hydrostatic pressure to extend the refrigerated      new product is a significant contribution towards          contributing new physical insights to knowledge in
     shelf-life without the need for preservatives. The        sustainability of the Australian Timber Industry and       the field of gas sensors.
     novel information generated from this research has        the environment by reducing logging for custom
     much technological significance and will particularly     flaked softwood chips. In developing the method,           Sarvnaz Karimi
     assist the Australian specialty cheese manufacturers      innovative concepts of experimental design have            Doctor of Philosophy
     to take advantage of export opportunities.                been used to optimise mechanical and physical
                                                                                                                          Dr Karimi investigated techniques for machine
                                                               properties of particleboard.
                                                                                                                          transliteration - the process of transforming a word
     Saravanan Dayalan
                                                                                                                          from a source to a target language while preserving
     Doctor of Philosophy                                      Emily Gan Teck Fong
                                                                                                                          pronunciation - of proper names between English
     Dr Dayalan’s investigation showed significant             Doctor of Philosophy                                       and Persian. Her new approaches, which take
     structural differences between proteins with and          Dr Gan has studied virulence characteristics of            the linguistic properties of these languages into
     without disulfide bonds. This difference was shown in     Salmonella enterica serovar II Sofia, an organism          account, achieved significant improvements in
     different structural levels such as dihedral angles and   commonly isolated from chicken produce in                  correctness. She also developed novel algorithms
     secondary structures. His investigation and its results   Australia. She has shown that S. II Sofia is not           for work alignment and system combination, and
     would assist in improving protein secondary and           pathogenic because it lacks specific genes                 identified new standards for the robust comparison
     tertiary structure prediction methods. These prediction   associated with virulence. The absence of these            of machine transliteration systems. Her findings
     methods attempt to predict the three-dimensional          genes reduces the ability of S. II Sofia to colonise and   have significantly advanced the field.
     structure of proteins from its primary sequence.          infect people. Consequently, S. II Sofia should not be
     Protein structures are of interest as they are used in    considered as a source of human food poisoning.            Joanne Kelly
     important problems such as drug discovery.                                                                           Doctor of Philosophy
                                                               Steven Garcia
                                                                                                                          Dr Kelly’s research explored the development
     Arun Kumar Doddathimmaiah                                 Doctor of Philosophy                                       of profitability models within financial lending
     Doctor of Philosophy                                      Dr Garcia investigated approaches to improving the         portfolios. Using time to event techniques, the
     Dr Doddathimmaiah investigated the use of                 efficiency of Internet search engines through the use      models developed provide a far more accurate
     Unitised Regenerative Fuel Cells (URFCs) in solar         of past search engine queries. He showed that the          prediction of loan lifetimes than traditional models.
     hydrogen systems for remote area power supply.            results presented by web search engines to millions        When incorporated with pricing models, they
     He derived an improved theoretical relationship           of users are usually drawn from a small subset of          provide more accurate profit forecasts over
     between voltage and current for a URFC based              possible documents. Based on the demonstrated              the lifetime of the loan enabling the decline of
     on a Proton Exchange Membrane covering both               bias, he proposed and tested search algorithms that        potentially unprofitable lending, or the adjustment
     electrolyser and fuel cell modes. He designed and         favour such documents. The resulting search engine         of interest rates, length of term or loan amount, to
     constructed URFCs with different catalysts and            was significantly faster than existing approaches,         ensure the decision to approve lending is financially
     measured their performance. The model promises            and used less computational resources.                     viable.
     to be a useful design tool since a close fit between
     experimental and theoretical curves was obtained.         Gerard Patrick Healey                                      Roya Khalil
                                                               Doctor of Philosophy                                       Doctor of Philosophy
     Sanchitha Nirodha Fernando
                                                               Dr Healey examined the recent history of wind              Dr Khalil has made important contributions to
     Doctor of Philosophy                                      power in Australia to draw lessons about how               our understanding of uses for rice hull ash, which
     Dr Fernando investigated how the deflection               the introduction of sustainable technologies can           is a high volume waste product from the rice
     sensitivity of microcantilever sensors can be             be achieved more effectively. He drew on the               industry. She used rice hull ash as a reinforcing
     increased, and how their minute deflections can           theory of Strategic Niche Management, which has            filler in polypropylene, a commodity polymer. She
     be measured using a simple optical technique.             been applied retrospectively to other related case         characterised the rice hull ash then applied surface
     By modelling the dynamics of microcantilevers,            studies, and identified a number of weaknesses in          treatments to improve the properties of composites
     he identified a profile for cantilever sensors that       this approach, particularly in its potential as a guide    made from the filler and polymer. Her in depth
     optimises their sensitivity. He also proposes a novel     to action. He recommended improvements to the              analysis of surface chemistry identified the causes
     arrangement for an array of microcantilevers that         theory based on his findings in the case study.            of the limited improvement in properties.
     enables their deflections to be easily measured.
     This thesis presents the basis for developing             Paul Hubbard                                               Joseph Khreish
     microcantilever-based sensors for the rapid and           Doctor of Philosophy                                       Doctor of Philosophy
     inexpensive examination of bio-chemical agents.
                                                               Dr Hubbard investigated active screen plasma               Dr Khreish investigated the interoperability issues
                                                               nitriding, a novel technique used to improve the           of ‘Vertical Take-Off Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’
     Jun Jie Foo
                                                               surface properties of components and products in           (VTUAV) from a holistic perspective. It addressed
     Doctor of Philosophy                                      many areas including aerospace, automotive and             the issues governing network centric operations,
     Dr Foo examined the problem of detection of               biomedical industries. This was the first thorough         and system architecture hierarchy of mission
     near-duplicates in collections of images. The thesis      investigation of this technique on a commercial            payload and sub-systems of an interoperable
     introduces methods for dramatically improving             scale. A major outcome was the identification              VTUAV. A novel VTUAV conceptual design
     the efficiency of the most accurate of the existing       of key experimental parameters required for the            methodology was developed as a case study. The
     image matching techniques, shows how matches              technique to be successfully performed on a range          research provides the avenue to achieve optimal
     to an image can be rapidly found with a special-          of tools and components. The major findings have           interoperable VTUAV conceptual design – critical
     purpose index, and explores ways of identifying all       already been employed by local industry to optimise        for integration of systems for network centric
     the sets of near-duplicates in image collections.         this process.                                              operations.
     The research contributed to the field of image
     processing, and has greatly improved the feasibility      Antony William Iorio                                       Gorgi Kostovski
     of image search.                                          Doctor of Philosophy                                       Doctor of Philosophy
                                                               Dr Iorio examined the behaviour of evolutionary            Dr Kostovski has made important contributions in
     Keith MacKenzie Frampton
                                                               multi-objective optimisation algorithms on problems        the field of low-cost nanofabrication techniques.
     Doctor of Philosophy                                      with parameter interactions. The thesis describes          In the midst of working with conventional planar
     Dr Frampton investigated important capabilities           novel test problems for evaluating the performance         waveguide structures, his investigations uncovered
     of a key role in the design and delivery of major IT      of such algorithms, introduces techniques that             an impressive capacity for 3-dimensional
     systems. His research showed two non-technical            perform well on problems with parameter-                   nanofabrication in a widely used, decades old,
     capabilities, problem solving behaviour and long          interactions, and provides an examination of the           2-dimensional microfabrication technique. He
     term thinking, were critical to success within the        performance and behaviour of these techniques on           then went on to demonstrate that the tips of
     role of IT Architect. The findings provide guidance       a variety of truss design problems. The research           optical fibres are suited as a new platform for
     for industry in selecting and developing people for       also introduced a new evolutionary approach that           nanofabrication, one that can optically-interrogate
     this critical role. He also investigated the teaching     scales well to very large numbers of interacting           itself, whereupon biological nanostructures were
     of these capabilities at university, and his findings     parameters, while out-performing other approaches.         replicated to demonstrate an ultra-sensitive
     inform curriculum design and course delivery for                                                                     surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensor.
     education of IT Architects.

                                                                                                                                                       docToRal cITaTIons

Lee Horng Jye                                           Nedaossadat Mirzadeh                                    Tatdao Paseephol
Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy
Dr Lee has completed a systematic comparative           Dr Mirzadeh explored the chemistry of gold at           Dr Paseephol developed technological processes
study of the starches from pulse grains. Globally       molecular level. Gold is becoming increasingly          for the hydrothermal extraction of inulin from
these grains are staple foods and she has made          useful in medicine and other industrial applications.   Jerusalem artichoke tubers and isomerisations
an important contribution to our understanding          She synthesised and explored the reactivity of          of lactulose from milk concentration permeate;
of the potential utilisation of the starches as         dinuclear cyclometallated gold(I) complexes             both prebiotic compounds. Her project elucidated
food ingredients. The research supports a major         containing fluorinated and partially fluorinated        the function of these prebiotics in supporting the
Australian export industry and has involved             ligands. The thesis sheds light on the effects the      growth and survival of probiotic cultures, and the
thorough characterisation of the starches. In           number and positioning of the fluorine substituents     role of extracted inulin to improve the rheological
addition, their unique properties have been             has on the reactivity of the gold complexes.            properties of fat-free yoghurt. The findings of this
demonstrated along with a range of food                                                                         research are applicable to the functional food
processing applications, providing foods which are      Krishna Mohanarangam                                    industry where fat-free probiotic dairy products are
both appealing and nutritious.                          Doctor of Philosophy                                    in demand by the consumers.
                                                        Dr Mohanarangam has contributed to our
Anthony Raymond Lingham                                                                                         Thamara Mangalika Peduru Hewa
                                                        understanding of two-phase flows, encompassing
Doctor of Philosophy                                    all naturally and artificially occurring two phase      Doctor of Philosophy
Dr Lingham has made a significant contribution          flows known to human kind. His study has led to         Dr Peduru Hewa has made important contributions
towards the economical chemical synthesis of            deeper understanding of these flows with special        to the detection of influenza viruses in clinical
salvinorin A, a natural product in the leaves of the    emphasis on their turbulence behaviour. His             specimens, using the Quartz crystal microbalance
hallucinogenic Mexican sage Salvia divinorum            research has contributed to the better design of        (QCM). Rapid, sensitive tests allow the early
found to be a potent opioid receptor agonist,           industrial equipment and their related processes in     institution of antiviral therapy and to provide
which is also the most active naturally occurring       mineral and chemical processing plants as well as       an indication of the beginning of new influenza
hallucinogen. The convergent synthesis of the           increasing the safety aspects of these processes.       epidemics and pandemics. In the thesis the
tricyclic salvinorin permits the stereoselective                                                                QCM and a modification involving the use of gold
assembly of the ketone and the lactone rings. In        Ty Bich Hoa Nguyen                                      nanoparticles were shown to allow the detection of
future, the combination of these fragments will         Doctor of Philosophy                                    influenza viruses from nasal washes at rates at least
complete the synthesis.                                                                                         as sensitive and specific as existing tests involving
                                                        Dr Nguyen investigates Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
                                                                                                                the use of cell culture.
                                                        (SOFCs) using the implementation of solid
Khokan Kanti Majumder
                                                        electrolytes with higher ionic conductivity than
Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                            Nimalsiri Pinnawala Ralalage
                                                        zirconica and the development of thin electrolytes
Dr Majumder studied the rheology and film               (~5microns). Films were evaluated in order              Doctor of Philosophy
extrusion of polyethylene. He established a             to demonstrate their viability of relatively low        Dr Pinnawala Ralalage studied the algebraic
rheological constitutive equation and developed         temperature operations of 600°C. The approach           foundations of coding theory. He developed a
a set of governing equations for modelling the          taken in this work involved fabricating dense and       variety of new methods to construct new as well
blown film process. He also carried out simulation,     thin gadolinia doped ceria oxide electrolyte using      as known codes used in reliable communications.
model prediction and experimental verification of       RF magnetron sputtering for the first time. The         Studying the properties of a very useful mapping,
the blow film process. The study made a significant     study has importance in the development of the          called the trace map, over Galois rings and Galois
contribution to polymer processing.                     next generation of SOFOs.                               fields, enabled him to construct these codes. In
                                                                                                                addition he was able to use these properties to
Glenn Ian Matthews                                      Luke James Norbury                                      construct mutually unbiased bases which play an
Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy                                    important role in quantum encoding and quantum
                                                                                                                information theory.
Dr Matthews investigated and proposed several           Dr Norbury made significant progress in
novel advanced numerical modelling techniques           characterising a set of proteases that are used by
                                                                                                                David Alexander Poutakidis
for the analysis of Flexural Plate Wave devices.        the liver fluke parasite to infect their hosts. These
The studied structures can be applied to sense          are primarily ruminants, but include humans,            Doctor of Philosophy
a wide range of anolytes, ranging from biological       particularly in developing countries. He discovered     Dr Poutakidis has developed a framework and
species to gaseous compounds in the part-per-           several new proteases, made recombinant versions        prototype for the important task of debugging of
million concentration range. His work has allowed       of selected proteins, and analysed their enzymatic      complex software systems that use intelligent agent
a more thorough understanding of acoustic wave          activity and evolutionary relationships. This work      technology. This framework is based on monitoring
propagation in multilayered micron size structures      has considerably advanced this field, and may lead      of program execution to ensure consistency with
and provided an invaluable simulation technique for     to targeted therapy that is able to effectively treat   respect to design models. The prototype system
the design and evaluation of such devices.              infected animals.                                       has been evaluated in a realistic setting and shown
                                                                                                                to provide substantial benefit for both novice and
Thu Hoa Thi McCann                                      Abdusalam F Ahmad Nwesri                                experienced programmers in identifying program
Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy                                    errors.
Dr McCann investigated the ways in which lipids         Dr Nwesri investigated techniques that enhance
                                                                                                                Sathish Rajasekhar
and proteins interact during the processing of          searching Arabic text. His approaches improved
wheat gluten. A novel approach was applied using        Arabic stemming using morphological rules,              Doctor of Philosophy
acetic acid for fractionation of the proteins. From     determined the effects of noisy and large text          Dr Rajasekhar has examined peer-to-peer network
the results she has identified specific associations,   collections on retrieval, and introduced algorithms     systems for information sharing anywhere anytime.
representing a major advance in our understanding       to identify the frequent occurrence of transliterated   The thesis introduces extended super-peer based
of a complex system. This piece of research             foreign words. He also developed novel techniques       architecture for file transfer and proposes static and
supports a major Australian export industry and         to unify variants of the same foreign word in           dynamic routing schemes to maximise the available
enhances the potential utilisation of a value added     Arabic text. The thesis provides new insights into      bandwidth between peers and super-peers. He
product having unique properties as a food              the performance of Arabic information retrieval         also examines data replication techniques to
ingredient.                                             systems.                                                minimise the load between super-peers since
                                                                                                                the data distribution is not uniform. The research
Belinda McKenzie                                        Muthukumaraswamy Pannirselvam                           endeavours to improve the performance, content
Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy                                    availability, reliability and overall system stability of a
                                                                                                                peer-to-peer system.
Dr McKenzie examined the feasibility of using           Dr Pannirselvam investigated a new method of
chloroplast genetic engineering to express cellulase    producing nanocomposites using polypropylene
                                                                                                                Scott Raymond
genes within agricultural residues in an effort to      and clay which is a layered silicate material. He
create a non-food-based, alternative substrate for      used a variety of intercalants to examine their         Doctor of Philosophy
the production of fuel ethanol. She successfully        influence on the interfacial adhesion between           Dr Raymond investigated the toxicity of pulse-
expressd Endoglucanase 1 from Acidothermus              the polymer and the clay. Poly (ethylene glycol)        exposed insecticides and their mixtures to larval
cellulolyticus in the chloroplasts of Nicotiana         monolaurate was found to be the best intercalant.       rainbowfish and Daphnia. He demonstrated
tabacumand also genetically engineered both the         The nanocomposites, thus produced had improved          deleterious effects of single, binary and ternary
chloroplast and nuclear genomes within a single         mechanical strength, thermal resistance and gas         insecticide exposure on survival and behaviour.
plant to create the world’s dual-transgenic plants.     barrier properties compared to the polymer alone.       His research provides new insight into the effects
                                                                                                                of pulse-exposed binary and ternary insecticide
                                                                                                                mixture toxicity. His thesis is a major contribution
                                                                                                                to pollution management in Australian freshwater

RMIT | 2008 gRaduaTIon                                                                                                                                                        11
     Murali Mohan Reddy                                      Takehiro Tomita                                        Kylie Suzanne White
     Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy                                   Doctor of Philosophy
     Dr Reddy investigated the ways of improving the         Dr Tomita investigated the mechanisms of               Dr White has identified a major mechanism of
     biodegradation of polymer films used in flexible        transmission and disease production by                 action for a broad spectrum microbicide. Her
     packaging applications. His research revealed that      Streptococcus uberis; an important cause of            metabolic and genetic investigations have provided
     the addition of a pro-oxidant helps in the breakup      mastitis in dairy cattle. His thesis suggested         convincing evidence that 3,4-methylenedioxy-b-
     of the polyethylene film into smaller fragments.        an improved scheme for identification of               nitropropene selectivity inhibits protein tyrosine
     He also uncovered that addition of nanoclay to          Streptococcus uberis from the milk of infected         phosphatises, interfering with cell signalling in
     polyethylene film along with the pro-oxidant helps      cows, used a molecular typing method to separate       bacteria and yeast. This is a significant achievement
     in the easy assimilation of degraded film fragments     disease-causing strains of Streptococcus uberis        as it identifies a novel target in microbial metabolism
     by the microorganism Pseudomonas aeruginosa,            from harmless commensals, and identified new           which can be selectively inhibited, providing a new
     which is commonly found in soils.                       gene sequences that appear to contribute the           basis for the development of novel antimicrobial
                                                             virulence of this pathogen.                            agents to combat increasing resistance in microbial
     Peter Aziz Rizkalla                                                                                            pathogens.
     Doctor of Philosophy                                    Dinesh Kumar Venkatachalam
                                                             Doctor of Philosophy                                   Wai Chee Yau
     Dr Rizkalla investigated the hydro erosion process
     applied to passenger vehicle diesel injectors           Dr Venkatachalam has investigated an accidental        Doctor of Philosophy
     during their manufacturing stage. He developed          discovery of an unusual self-assembly of gold          Dr Yau investigated video analysis techniques
     a new abrasion model using computational and            nanoparticles on silicon substrates by a well          for computer-based lip-reading. Her research
     experimental methods, and implemented this into         planned and careful experimentation followed by        examines a novel approach using motion templates
     a commercially available computer program. The          thoughtful modelling and analysis. His research        to classify utterances from video data, without
     model takes into account the change in geometry         has opened up new thoughts to develop novel            evaluating voice signals. Potential applications for
     and predicts the quantity and location of wear. The     techniques to pattern semiconductor surfaces           lip-reading technologies include human computer
     research contributes to our understanding of the        over large length scales that will revolutionise the   interface for mobility-impaired users, defence
     sensitivity of influencing parameters and aids in the   nanofabrication industry. The knowledge obtained       applications, in-vehicle systems, and improvement
     rapid design and optimisation of hydraulic systems      from his study can be employed to explore similar      of speech-based computer control in noisy
     susceptible to erosive wear.                            metal-semiconductor systems to facilitate direct       environments.
                                                             bottom-up self-assembly of nanomaterials.
     Abu Zafar Md. Sadek                                                                                            Ying Zhao
     Doctor of Philosophy                                    Timo Volkmer                                           Doctor of Philosophy
     Dr Sadek has developed layered surface acoustic         Doctor of Philosophy                                   Dr Zhao has developed new automatic methods
     wave (SAW) based gas sensors. Such sensors              Dr Volkmer explored video segmentation and             for identifying the likely authorship of documents.
     have remarkable applications for health and safety,     analysis, and developed improved algorithms for        Her methods involve modelling of textual features
     defence, industrial applications and environmental      segmenting video footage into smaller semantic         of writing, such as word usage, to distinguish
     monitoring. He, for the first time, implemented         sections known as shots, effectively modelling user    between different authors. She has shown that
     mixtures of conductive polymers and metal oxides        classification judgements on the content of video      these methods can be applied to large corpora and
     as the sensitive layer for hydrogen and hydrocarbon     short, and using automatically recognised speech       can be used for tasks such as plagiarism detection
     sensing. In addition, he used nanostructured            for improved video retrieval. His work has enabled     and identification of the authorship of anonymous
     materials which enhanced the quality of layered         better understanding of video content and a more       documents.
     SAW sensors. The developed devices have real            holistic approach to multimedia retrieval.
     potential for commercialisation.                                                                               Wenyu Zhou
                                                             Bin Wang                                               Doctor of Philosophy
     Indu Singh                                              Doctor of Philosophy                                   Dr Zhou’s study systematically investigated the
     Doctor of Philosophy                                    Dr Wang has made a substantial contribution to the     current status of the Chinese medicine workforce
     Dr Singh’s studies for this thesis determined           sliding mode control systems – a special theory and    in the state of Victoria, Australia, which is the first
     the effectiveness of antioxidants in attenuating        technology for designing switching devices such        jurisdiction establishing a credible standard for safe
     selected risk factors that are associated with          as power converters. The thesis explores peculiar,     and effective Chinese medicine practice. This study
     cardiovascular disease (i.e. platelet activity, blood   irregular and chaotic behaviours in digitisation of    also took an educational perspective to determine
     lipids and markers of cellular inflammation).           sliding mode control systems. It has developed a       the required capabilities of Chinese medicine
     Several antioxidants were studied, including            new theory for the analysis of these behaviours,       professionals. Findings from this two-stage study
     olive leaf extract, cocoa and vitamin E, using          which can be used to understand and prevent            provided critical data on workforce and educational
     both in vitro and in vivo human experimental            ill-behaviours in digital controllers, resulting in    requirements as bases for future educational
     models. Collectively, the findings demonstrated         improved control quality in industrial processes.      development and further educational needs for
     that antioxidants can reduce effects of oxidative                                                              existing practitioners.
     stress and thus potentially reduce risk factors for     Nobuhiro Watanabe
     cardiovascular disease.                                 Doctor of Philosophy                                   Kara Anne Granger
                                                             Dr Watanabe examined the contribution of neck          Doctor of Psychology
     Robyn Nicole Smith
                                                             muscle sensory inputs to autonomic regulation of       Dr Granger investigated the profile of rape
     Doctor of Philosophy                                    cardiovascular function in humans. He employed         victims and rape myths by constructing the Rape
     Dr Smith has made significant contributions to the      a novel procedure (which alters muscle sensory         Attitudinal Questionnaire (RAQ). Results indicated
     understanding of the environmental etiology of          inputs to the central nervous system in a systematic   almost 40% of the sample had been raped,
     acne vulgaris. Her work describes the first modern      way without involvement of other sensory sources       8.60% were male, and victims came from diverse
     randomised controlled trial in over 40 years to         such as joint and skin) to examine the interaction     backgrounds. Few victims (14%) reported their
     evaluate the role of diet in acne development. This     between the neck and other controllers of              rape to the police.The RAQ was a reliable and
     work has provided new and critical insight into         cardiovascular function. This project provides a       valid measure, with participants from particular
     the understanding that glycemic and insulinemic         basis for considering the role of the neck in the      backgrounds more likely to endorse certain rape
     responses to food can promote hormonal response         aetiology of selected cardiovascular disorders.        myths. The findings highlight the need for targeted
     which influences underlying causes of acne.                                                                    victim support and rape education campaigns.
                                                             Karen Valma Wealands
     Piya Techateerawat                                      Doctor of Philosophy                                   Celeste Grant
     Doctor of Philosophy                                    Dr Wealands’ research explored cartographic user       Doctor of Psychology
     Dr Techateerawat researched new security                interface design and alternative representation,       Dr Grant has made a critical contribution to our
     methods for sensor networks. Sensor networks            presentation and interaction techniques towards        understanding of young Australians’ attitudes
     are a new type of communication network based           improving the usefulness (utility and usability)       and behaviours in intimate relationships. The
     on very simple, self-sufficient nodes. They are         of mobile Location-Based Services (mLBS).              thesis investigated the prevalence of physical
     to support monitoring in areas without existing         Her investigations produced practical models,          and psychological intimate partner abuse among
     infrastructure. This thesis proposes two new            guidelines and a comprehensive User-Centred            young Australian high school, university, and
     mechanisms to provide security for sensor               Design methodology for designing mLBS                  TAFE students. Alarmingly high levels of abuse
     networks: a method of key exchange, for better          applications to support the geospatial information     were reported, which led to the development,
     authentication of nodes, and a method of intrusion      needs of travellers. Highlighting the importance       implementation, and evaluation of a dating violence
     detection to detect intruders in the network.           of use and user issues for the acceptance and          prevention program. The thesis makes considerable
                                                             success of mLBS, her research provides a               advances to existing knowledge on the primary
                                                             valuable foundation for global mLBS research and       prevention of intimate partner abuse among young
                                                             development.                                           Australians.

                                                                                                                                                   docToRal cITaTIons

Bridget Moller                                           BuSineSS                                               Ling Deng
Doctor of Psychology                                                                                            Doctor of Philosophy
Dr Moller investigated the effectiveness of a           Terence Owen Miles                                      Dr Deng has conducted an in depth study of
community-based trial of cognitive behavioural          Doctor of Business Administration                       the leadership strategies adopted by expatriate
therapy for individuals experiencing treatment-         Dr Miles explored the difficulties involved in          managers who work with local staff in China.
resistant positive psychotic symptoms. The results      effectively communicating new strategy within an        Based upon her findings, Dr Deng has constructed
of the research indicated that following treatment,     organisational context. His research significantly      a comprehensive and pragmatic model of cross-
participants experienced significant lowering of        advances understanding of the contextual factors        cultural leadership effectiveness, which contributes
pre-occupation, conviction, and distress associated     that senior managers need to take into account          to our homothetic knowledge, and to those
with their delusions. Improvements were also            when seeking middle management commitment               organisations that provide training and development
observed in a range of social functioning and quality   to the implementation of new strategic directions:      for leader-managers, prior to and during their
of life domains. The findings provide further support   factors such as structure, organisational politics      offshore assignments. Her model reveals the
for the efficacy of cognitive-behavioural therapy for   and organisational culture. He successfully             conjunctive interplay between key elements of
the treatment of psychotic illness and its sequelae.    articulated the webs of meaning that emerge             cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, and
                                                        from the management, and the mismanagement,             transformational leadership.
Katherine Anne Neilson                                  of those contextual and mediating shapers of
Doctor of Psychology                                    organisational sense-making.                            Michael Andrew Gangemi
Dr Neilson investigated client outcomes of the                                                                  Doctor of Philosophy
psychology service for cancer patients at Peter         Ahmad Abareshi                                          Dr Gangemi constructed input-output models
McCallum Cancer Centre. Client outcomes                 Doctor of Philosophy                                    to measure the economic impact of a farming
were assessed by questionnaires, interviews             Dr Abareshi’s research took a fresh look at one         innovation organisation (The Birchip Cropping
and information from psychologists and hospital         of the most fundamental issues in Information           Group) on the Victorian regional economy of
records. The findings evidenced the usefulness          Systems, that of the search for alignment between       Buloke Shire. The input-output modelling was of
of the service, including improvement in client         organisational structure and information and            two forms; a simple naïve top-down model and
functioning. Results also identified factors that       communications technologies. In this case not           a more sophisticated hybrid model. The results
predicted client improvement and service usage.         only was the mix of technologies different from         suggest that the construction of a hybrid model
Overall, the results support the efficacy of the        that in the original 1980s research but also,           was advisable, as the naïve model produced over-
service and enhance our understanding of cancer         the subsequent emergence of new forms of                estimates of economic effects. Nevertheless, even
patients’ needs.                                        organisation was taken into account. It was found       using the hybrid model, the Birchip Cropping Group
                                                        that strategic alignment impacted significantly on      was shown to have had a significant effect on the
                                                        new organisational forms.                               regional economy.

                                                        Kevin John Burgess                                      Afsaneh Hazeri Baghdad Abad
                                                        Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy
                                                        Dr Burgess studied the role played by the social        Dr Hazeri Baghdad Abad investigated the status
                                                        system in generating innovation in a supply chain       of knowledge management within the Library and
                                                        stretching across three mature, capital industries.     Information Science curriculum. Her innovative
                                                        His investigation used a critical realist research      research highlighted the risk of complacency
                                                        framework to explore the social issues in a depth       among LIS academics opening the door to
                                                        greater than was available through traditional          competition from other disciplines. Knowledge
                                                        methods. Despite massive information technology         management is both a threat and an opportunity to
                                                        investments by all firms, the results showed that       LIS education. Effective responses must occur at
                                                        information flows critical to operating and improving   the broad curricular level rather than in the form of
                                                        the supply chain had to move across a web of            stand-alone knowledge management modules. Of
                                                        deeply-embedded social networks.                        necessity, they will entail cooperation with internal
                                                                                                                and external stakeholders, both practitioners and
                                                        Marie-Anne Cam                                          academics.
                                                        Doctor of Philosophy
                                                                                                                Robert Michael Inglis
                                                        Dr Cam investigated the impact of terrorist attacks     Doctor of Philosophy
                                                        on equity markets. She employed traditional event
                                                        study approaches to identify and measure stock          Dr Inglis conducted two major case studies to
                                                        market reactions to terrorist attacks in New York,      investigate the interface between management
                                                        and subsequent terrorist attacks in Madrid, London      accounting and market orientation in Australian
                                                        and Bali. The empirical results suggest that equity     industry. His concerns were how and why
                                                        markets remain efficient in the wake of terrorist       organisational managers deal with product-level
                                                        events. The thesis contributes to eliminating some      decision making and the information required and
                                                        uncertainty about the market’s response to terrorist    used. His work is ground-breaking because of a
                                                        events, and identifies opportunities for reducing       dearth of empirical data. Theorists in management
                                                        terrorist risk in stock markets.                        accounting and marketing orientation will benefit as
                                                                                                                his findings indicate a substantial theory/practice
                                                        Alan James Collier                                      gap. He also provides some explanations for that
                                                        Doctor of Philosophy                                    gap and suggestions for its reduction.
                                                        Dr Collier investigated the effectiveness of            Foula Zografina Kopanidis
                                                        technology transfer and research commercialisation      Doctor of Philosophy
                                                        by Australian universities. His analysis compared
                                                        practices among Australian universities with those      Dr Kopanidis investigated the drivers of the choice
                                                        employed by leading commercialisation universities      behaviour of first year undergraduate students.
                                                        in the United States, Canada and New Zealand.           These include the psychological constructs of
                                                        He also examined how effectively Australian high        personal values, motivation, selection criteria,
                                                        technology small to medium enterprises take-up          demographic and socioeconomic factors. Through
                                                        and use university research. His findings provide a     proposing and testing a conceptual model, her
                                                        comprehensive and original insight into factors that    thesis determined the strength and significance
                                                        influence university research commercialisation, and    of drivers facilitating the prediction of student
                                                        how university research commercialisation can be        types. The findings have significant implications
                                                        improved.                                               for higher education in terms of designing
                                                                                                                marketing strategies, in appealing to and retaining
                                                                                                                the students most suited to particular academic
                                                                                                                programs and universities.

RMIT | 2008 gRaduaTIon                                                                                                                                                  13
     Tianshu Liu                                               Jiaying Zhang                                          deSign &
     Doctor of Philosophy                                      Doctor of Philosophy
     Dr Liu investigated the impact of Regional                Dr Zhang has investigated the key influential          Social conTexT
     Trade Agreements on trade flows, foreign direct           factors on community attitudes towards tourism
     investment inflows and total factor productivity          and explored the initiation factors of resident-      Yoko Akama
     paying particular attention to Australia and China.       tourist interaction. The thesis provides an insight   Doctor of Philosophy
     Based on an extensive review of the current               into the complexity of the antecedents of such        Dr Akama’s research explored how human values
     literature, she utilised econometric modelling to         attitudes and behaviour. Innovatively drawing on      and concerns are manifested and negotiated
     untangle some of the complexities of regional             the well-established cognitive theories, his study    through the process of design. In doing so, the
     trade cooperation. Her thesis makes a significant         has successfully established a theoretically driven   research has made an important contribution in
     contribution in investigating both Australia’s and        model in the prediction of residents’ interactive     addressing the communication designer’s role in
     China’s past experience in pursuing free trade            behaviour with tourists. His research outcomes        society and how they can design for, and with,
     within regional areas and highlights important policy     significantly advance the field of psychological      other people. Various design interventions were
     implications.                                             tourism studies.                                      explored to enrich the experience of dialogue
                                                                                                                     and exchange amongst people engaged in
     Siddhi Pittayachawan                                                                                            design projects. This exploration carved a path,
     Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                            or a Tao, of a human-centred design practice in
     Dr Pittayachawan’s research aim is to address                                                                   communication design.
     trust issues in B2C e-commerce. Findings from
     his research provide guidelines for e-vendors to                                                                Emma Jane Barrow
     foster consumer trust and purchase intention                                                                    Doctor of Philosophy
     in online shopping as well as to add a new                                                                      Dr Barrow investigated visual practices as cultural
     scholarly dimension in the topic to be pursued                                                                  translations at the intersection of indigenous and
     in future academic research. His contribution                                                                   non-indigenous perspectives. She worked with
     also enables both practitioners and academia to                                                                 Larrakia artists indigenous to the Darwin area,
     further understand how trust is developed and                                                                   Northern Territory, who guided her research into
     how consumers trust e-vendors and e-commerce                                                                    changing concepts of land, identity, continuity and
     websites in B2C e-commerce.                                                                                     discontinuity. Utilising art-based methodology,
                                                                                                                     she produced site-specific paintings, land art, film
     Marcus Powe                                                                                                     and collaborative performances with the Larrakia
     Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                            artists. Her research questioned and disrupted
     Dr Powe investigated the measurement of                                                                         assumptions of knowing derived from dominant
     innovation in large service organisations in Australia.                                                         ideologies, and revealed the effectiveness of visual
     The measurement of innovation appears to present                                                                arts as relational practice for cultural exchange.
     many challenges for those used to managing
     tangible products. The results of measuring                                                                     Uschi Bay
     innovation programs over a six-year period have                                                                 Doctor of Philosophy
     indicated repeatable outcomes and now provide                                                                   Dr Bay explored the strengths and weaknesses of
     leadership groups with a set of tools that can be                                                               modern social work theory and practice designed
     adjusted to complement different organisational                                                                 to enhance the power of socially disadvantaged
     cultures. It can be argued that growth through                                                                  people. Dr Bay demonstrated the value of political
     creativity, innovation and enterprising behaviour is                                                            theory (represented, for example by Hannah Arendt
     measurable, achievable and repeatable.                                                                          and Michel Foucault) in enabling social work
                                                                                                                     practitioners to rethink the nature of power. Case
     Rosa Elvira Rios                                                                                                studies of interventions like the anti-poverty project
     Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                            run by the Brotherhood of St Laurence pointed to
     Dr Rios investigated the applicability of the                                                                   the potential of good practice to make a difference
     traditional model of brand equity to online firms by                                                            to socially disadvantaged people.
     applying structural equation modelling (SEM). Her
     research spans both an aggregated and individual                                                                Denise Kaye Bell
     study of brand equity. This research is one of                                                                  Doctor of Philosophy
     the first to identify online value drivers such as                                                              Dr Bell’s project-based thesis explored the process
     customer support service, web functionality and                                                                 of change management across two networked
     fulfilment and to assess their impact on sources of                                                             TAFE Institutes trying to develop and implement a
     brand equity. The study offers several interesting                                                              culture of planning oriented to quality improvement.
     answers to the questions posed in the study.                                                                    Using change management principles,
                                                                                                                     organisational learning and development processes
     Maryam Sarrafzadeh                                                                                              and practices, the researcher worked with TAFE
     Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                            staff to trial various organisational strategies. The
     Dr Sarrafzadeh investigated the implications of                                                                 thesis describes the numerous successes and
     knowledge management (KM) for library and                                                                       failures, highlights the importance of building
     information (LIS) professions. The results have                                                                 trust and genuine consultative processes in any
     implications for LIS professions generally and for                                                              organisational change process.
     professionals working in the sector and for LIS
     educators. To engage in KM, LIS professionals                                                                   Sarah Kirstie Benton
     need to extend their focus from one on information                                                              Doctor of Philosophy
     objects to one on people aspects; adopt a holistic                                                              Dr Benton explored the relationship between
     view of their organisations and increase their levels                                                           the architectural designer and the use that he or
     of business knowledge. This can be potentially                                                                  she makes of digital media as part of the design
     achieved through developments in education for                                                                  process. Utilising a participant-observer view
     LIS.                                                                                                            embedded within a respected mid-sized Australian
                                                                                                                     architectural firm, her research acknowledges that
     Xue Mei Tian                                                                                                    the computer has a legitimate place in designing
     Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                            but equally should not necessarily take centre
     Dr Tian investigated the current and potential                                                                  stage. The insights contribute to our understanding
     impact of digitisation on book publishing in                                                                    of the evolutions that can occur in creative practice.
     Australia. Her case-based research identified a
     range of new and hybrid business models that
     are of interest beyond the publishing domain.
     Publishing is experiencing major cost and
     competitive pressures, with digitisation a threat as
     well as a potential source of advantage. The key
     issues facing publishers, however, are likely to be
     resolved through business acumen rather than
     through the application of digital technology.

                                                                                                                                                       docToRal cITaTIons

Garry John Bish                                           John Stephen Donnelly                                    Anthony Patrick Pierce Jaques
Doctor of Philosophy                                      Doctor of Philosophy                                     Doctor of Philosophy
Dr Bish’s research involved development of a new          Dr Donnelly explored the impact of the Catholic          Dr Jaques examined the discipline of Issue
series of vessel based ceramics that explored             Diocese of Aitape, Papua New Guinea, on the              Management through a thoughtful review and
the enigma of pictorial visual illusion and its           lives of the women living within that Diocese. He        reflection of his publications alongside those of
representation on three dimensional ceramic form.         did this by seeking the views of women in relation       scholars and practitioners in the business and
His project explored how illusory architectural           to the Diocese, its functions and the opportunities      communication fields. In tracing the evolution
perspectives on the picture plane interact with the       it provided them to become more empowered in             of the developing discipline, he clarifies key
physicality of three dimensional ceramic form and         their daily lives. By giving voice to women in remote    concepts, identifies new models, and highlights the
the influence of this synergy on visual interpretation.   areas, the close relationship between Church,            potential of issue management beyond traditional
The project was informed through an investigation         Church institutions and development in developing        corporate application and into the realm of activist,
of Eastern and Western approaches to the                  countries is highlighted.                                not-for-profit and community organisations. His
conceptualisation of pictorial space.                                                                              work comprises a significant contribution to the
                                                          Pia Hope Ednie-Brown                                     scholarship and practice of issue management.
Andrew Robert Catford                                     Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                               Gareth Leslie Knapman
                                                          Dr Ednie-Brown explored the idea of emergence
Dr Catford explored the effectiveness of village-         as a contemporary model of design practice.              Doctor of Philosophy
based planning and development approaches                 She examined its relevance through examples of           Dr Knapman examined the emergence of the nation
within the Vietnamese context, particularly in            digital architecture, where emergence is commonly        in the British Empire during the nineteenth century.
relation to notions of democracy, civil society,          discussed, showing how they draw attention to            A key aspect of this, the thesis argues, was
decentralisation and community participation. He          affects and highlight aesthetic modes of know-how.       concern over the dialectic of civilization and order
explored the effectiveness of such approaches in          Via her own practices and projects, she shows            as it related to the barbarian and the savage. While
four case study programs of a non-government              how attention to affects that arise through design       the complex grammar of the British Empire divided
organisation which was then triangulated against          activity can offer new insight into connections          the world into spheres of civilization, barbarism and
programs of other agencies and a literature               between design processes, products and the social        savagery, the rhetoric and practice of ‘civilizing’ the
review. A set of key elements that contribute to          practices of everyday life.                              natives paradoxically allowed for the naturalisation
effective village based planning and development                                                                   of nations at the fringe of empire.
was created, as well as acknowledgement of the            Stefan Greuter
challenges.                                               Doctor of Philosophy                                     Sanné Mestrom
                                                          Dr Greuter explored the importance of visual variety     Doctor of Philosophy
Supaporn Chalapati
                                                          in game worlds in relation to the illusion of presence   Dr Mestrom’s doctoral project entitled The Power
Doctor of Philosophy                                      experienced by a player. Utilising a design based        of Place and the Politics of Perception Multiple
Dr Chalapati’s research explored and analysed             methodology he developed several approaches to           Viewpoints Explored through Painting and
the internationalisation of higher education in           computer generate objects and virtual spaces in a        Installation Practice enabled the readings and
Thailand. Using case studies of English-medium            visual variety in real-time. The research contributed    experience of place and the politics of perception
postgraduate business degree programs, the thesis         some weight to the argument, that extremely large        to be addressed through practice based research
found local alternatives to foreign business degrees      game worlds can be created without the need              in the visual arts. Her exegesis contextualised her
were underdeveloped. Rather than import foreign,          to repeat or meticulously construct every single         research through an analysis of the Situationist
largely American, business education models and           object, to fill the world with content.                  strategies of the dérive and intervention, realist
texts, the thesis called upon Thai universities to                                                                 painting and the use of non-perspectival pictorial
design business curricula with a distinctive Thai and     Treahna Mary Hamm                                        space in Medieval and Chinese painting.
regional focus to better prepare Thai graduates for       Doctor of Philosophy
careers in international business in a globalising                                                                 Bruce Mowson
                                                          Dr Hamm creatively explored how stories reflect
world.                                                                                                             Doctor of Philosophy
                                                          both individual narratives as well as the total
                                                          community experience. She examined how artwork           Dr Mowson examined philosophical ideas of
Anne Cloonan
                                                          can reveal these connections and strengthen the          immanence and converged them with advanced
Doctor of Philosophy                                      links between story, language and country. The           experimentation in audio-visual installation. Working
Dr Cloonan explored the professional learning             construction and connectivity of individual and          from the disciplinary field of the sonic arts, he
of literacy educators within the context of an            community identities is illuminated through three        endeavoured to elicit, in a performative rather than
increasingly digitised networked environment.             major projects as well as through a body of her          illustrative manner, concepts of time, embodiment,
The case study involved interventions in teacher          artwork including weaving, possum skin cloak             presence in relation to immanence. The research
learning as a means for influencing print based           making, sculpture, glass, printing, painting, public     admirably contributes to knowledge in the field,
literacy pedagogy to incorporate multimodality            art, breast plates and digital story-telling.            especially in relation to the subtle inflections of
literacy practices. The study indicates that                                                                       “being in time and space”.
schemas emanating from the Net London Group’s             Jan Marion Hamon
multiliteracies theory acted as stimuli for expanding     Doctor of Philosophy                                     Stephen Neille
teacher repertoires of multimodality pedagogies,                                                                   Doctor of Philosophy
                                                          Dr Hamon considered the socio-economic
thereby addressing disjunctures between digitised
                                                          contribution of ‘home’ dressmakers in New Zealand        Dr Neille explored architectural spatial experience
multimodal literacy and existing print based literacy
                                                          during the period from the 1940s to the 1980s.           and its relationship to the constructed and
pedagogical practices.
                                                          The research explored through the experiences            degrading landscape. His research critically reflects
                                                          of a representative group of practitioners, the          on the connections and consequences of human
Susan Letitia Costello
                                                          social and economic environment in which the             imagination, it reveals that complex abstract
Doctor of Philosophy                                      dressmakers worked; their rationale for establishing     thought processes, developed through being in the
Dr Costello has developed social work curriculum          their businesses; the skills and knowledge that they     world, can be modelled. The research embodied
on the Thai Burma border for locally-trained              acquired and utilised; the extent of their production;   this evidence in a new physical model and
health and community workers, through a critical          and the manufacturing and retail opportunities that      demonstrated that architectural spatial experience,
exploration of the participatory action research          existed in competition to them.                          rather than operating as a sequence of facts
methodology. The curriculum development critiques                                                                  collected together, acts on the imagination as a
colonialist impositions of western social work in         Barry Laurence Hudson (posthumous)                       self-made constellation.
developing Asian countries. Her project explores          Doctor of Philosophy
the application of adult learning principles and                                                                   Paul William Nicholas
                                                          Dr Hudson utilised the knowledge he had gained
critical pedagogy across ethnic, cultural, religious,                                                              Doctor of Philosophy
                                                          from a lifetime of experience as an industrial
international and linguistic barriers, aiming to create
                                                          designer to richly investigate and bring to fruition     Dr Nicholas examined the way 3D digital methods
a culturally-sensitive exchange of learning and
                                                          his quest to design an internal combustion engine        and tools can enable architectural and engineering
                                                          employing only pure rotary motion. His patented          designers to collaborate in new ways across
                                                          five-cycle engine is small, light and efficient. His     domain boundaries. Working on live building
                                                          work exemplifies the very idea of producing new          projects within the engineering consultancy
                                                          knowledge as a designer through designing                Arup, he developed and applied new digital
                                                          and making processes. The embodied design                methods to address issues fundamental to design
                                                          knowledge is revealed in the designs and physical        interdependency: differing perceptions, shared
                                                          outcomes of his research inquiry.                        and creative problem solving, communication and
                                                                                                                   trust. The findings contribute to our understanding
                                                                                                                   of how digital tools can better integrate into design
                                                                                                                   processes and the work of multi-disciplinary teams.

RMIT | 2008 gRaduaTIon                                                                                                                                                       15
     Sandra Nolte
     Doctor of Philosophy
                                                                  conferred                                              Alison Mary Fincher
                                                                                                                         Doctor of Business Administration
     Dr Nolte examined the validity of the traditional pre-      2008 Doctoral Citations—Conferred since                 Dr Fincher explored the many challenges facing
     test – post-test and retrospective pre-test methods                                                                 leaders of Australian universities, given decreasing
                                                                 Graduation 2007.
     to assess outcomes of chronic disease self-                                                                         funding and increasing accountability. Her research
     management education interventions. Her research                                                                    significantly advances understanding of effective
     uncovered that the cognitive task that respondents           BuSineSS                                               management in higher education by identifying
     are asked to perform when providing questionnaire                                                                   eleven widespread dilemmas that confront
     data significantly influenced their self-reported           Jelita Asian                                            university leadership, and by detailing the new set
     outcomes, whereas neither confounding through                                                                       of professional competencies that effective leaders
     response shift nor social desirability bias was             Doctor of Philosophy                                    are developing. Her analysis employed dilemma
     found. The research is an important contribution            Dr Asian explored information retrieval of              resolution theory to illuminate the thought and actions
     to understanding the psychometric performance               documents in the Indonesian language; her work          that are making it possible for some university leaders
     of approaches to the measurement of change in               improved algorithms that stem words to their            to move forward in extremely difficult circumstances.
     health education programs by self-report.                   morphological roots, automatically identify the
                                                                 language of a document for language-dependent           Ian Fraser
     John Keith Waller                                           processing, and detect equivalent documents in          Doctor of Philosophy
     Doctor of Philosophy                                        multiple languages. Together, her results provide a
                                                                 substantial advance in understanding techniques         Dr Fraser explored the process by which Chinese
     Dr Waller’s research investigated interactive, artificial   that can be applied for effective Indonesian text       universities carry out strategy formation, using a
     life-inspired computer animation through a creative         retrieval.                                              stakeholder theory framework. Three approaches
     research project with the aims of developing a                                                                      to strategy were identified: the President making
     work of personal artistic expression in order to elicit     Huei-Chun Chang                                         decisions on strategy, a consultative approach
     an interactive engagement. Through the use of a                                                                     with stakeholders and an approach that involved
     computer mouse the animation could be tickled,              Doctor of Philosophy                                    consultation with staff. The process varied across
     stroked and/or punched, which caused it to make             Dr Chang examined environmental management              universities, depending on factors such as the
     appropriate sounds. The combination of image                accounting (EMA) implementation within five             relationships of the university President. The project
     and sound during the interaction evoked emotive             universities located either in Australia or Taiwan.     has lessons that can be applied to joint ventures in
     responses from the viewer in ways not anticipated           EMA is an area that had previously been subject         education in China.
     at the start of the research.                               to limited international research, but nevertheless
                                                                 is a very important area of research from both a        Hui-Chung Liang
     Susan Mary Wright                                           business perspective, as well as from an academic       Doctor of Philosophy
     Doctor of Philosophy                                        perspective. This study makes a significant, and
                                                                 systematic, contribution to the understanding of        Dr Liang studied the impact of logistics service
     Dr Wright made an important contribution to                 EMA practices in the university sector, and to the      performance on tourism. This thesis used a mixed-
     our understanding of teachers’ perceptions of               development of theoretical foundations for EMA.         method approach to address the contribution of
     difference. Her hermeneutical phenomenological                                                                      logistics service performance to tourist satisfaction.
     research investigated the lived experience of               Naruemon Choochinprakarn                                The findings show that professional service quality
     difference with thirteen teachers in Melbourne,                                                                     can improve logistics service performance and
     Australia and revealed deeply imbedded cultural             Doctor of Philosophy                                    thereby service value as perceived by customers.
     constructs of identity. In a time of increased              Dr Choochinprakarn examined the relationship            This research has demonstrated the significance
     transnational movements of people, this research            of complementary products and services in the           of logistics service performance within the tourism
     highlighted the complex challenges teachers                 travel industry offered by the electronic business      industry. It builds a tourist loyalty model to improve
     encounter in their need to accommodate, share               operators to customers’ perceived value. The thesis     service in tourism.
     and transform their understandings of being with            also explored the effects of customers’ perceived
     difference.                                                 value of products and services offered by online        Errol Muir
                                                                 travel agencies’ purchasing behaviour. The results      Doctor of Philosophy
                                                                 showed that the key influencing effects in creating
                                                                 customer value in the travel industry include           Dr Muir explored the application of personal
                                                                 product range, and the amount of both online and        construct psychology and the repertory grid
                                                                 offline services offered.                               to performance management in a technical
                                                                                                                         consulting organisation. The research examines
                                                                 Stacey Lynn Cowan                                       what is important for a manager in assessing
                                                                                                                         work performance and how each manager’s
                                                                 Doctor of Philosophy                                    mental model for performance compares with his/
                                                                 Dr Cowan investigated voluntary environmental           her peers. A method of aggregating to identify
                                                                 disclosures and their potential to counteract           a team mental model ‘in use’ was developed.
                                                                 the usefulness of mandatory annual report               The approach can be used to develop Frames of
                                                                 disclosure requirements. The study found                Reference for appraisal, improving consistency,
                                                                 that while environmental regulation may be              effectiveness and fairness.
                                                                 perceived as a legitimacy threat by Australian
                                                                 corporations, mandatory disclosure requirements         Peter Francis Sheldrake
                                                                 were not considered equally threatening. The            Doctor of Philosophy
                                                                 findings provide insight into the use of voluntary
                                                                 environmental disclosures and raise further             Dr Sheldrake’s research was published in
                                                                 questions as to whether existing mandatory              three books, Inclusive Leadership, Ronin and
                                                                 environmental disclosure regulation is able to          Revolutionaries and The Ronin Age. It explores
                                                                 produce its desired outcomes when coupled with          the idea of the internal revolutionary, or Ronin. The
                                                                 voluntary corporate disclosures.                        books examine models of leadership and influence
                                                                                                                         that have characterised organisational thinking over
                                                                 K.D. Dushantha Nimal Dissanayake                        many years, and the challenges that Ronin pose for
                                                                                                                         leadership and effective management. They also
                                                                 Doctor of Philosophy                                    explore the extent to which the focus on innovative
                                                                 Dr Dissanayake investigated ‘reverse logistics and      thinking is increased by the growing importance of
                                                                 information management issues’ in two Australian        knowledge as a key competitive issue.
                                                                 industries, the E-Business and Manufacturing
                                                                 industries, and made important contributions to our     Sally Skinner
                                                                 understanding of this topic. His research highlights    Doctor of Philosophy
                                                                 the fact that reverse logistics is an important
                                                                 business process for the management of returned         Dr Skinner explored the problem of racist
                                                                 goods. It highlights that substantial monetary value    disinformation on the World Wide Web and the
                                                                 can be gained from returned goods with processes        balancing role of anti-racist sites. There has been
                                                                 such as resale, repair and recycle. To manage           relatively little research in Australia on racism on the
                                                                 reverse logistics processes, an efficient information   Web. Facilitated by a critical realist methodology,
                                                                 management system is essential.                         the research revealed that while anti-racist websites
                                                                                                                         take on diverse roles in tackling racism, few
                                                                                                                         provide content to directly balance Web racist
                                                                                                                         disinformation. Attempts to control the Web are
                                                                                                                         problematic but balancing disinformation is not in
                                                                                                                         itself an adequate solution.

                                                                                                                                                      docToRal cITaTIons

Christopher James White                                  deSign &                                                  Marina A Haikin
Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                               Doctor of Philosophy
Dr White aimed to advance theoretical and practical      Social conTexT                                            Dr Haikin’s research focused on the design,
knowledge of service quality, customer satisfaction                                                                evaluation, and refinement of a curriculum fostering
and loyalty intentions. He achieved this by refining    Sharon Lee Andrews                                         the development of critical thinking strategies
existing models or concepts, testing relationships      Doctor of Philosophy                                       in young adults in the refugee camps along
between constructs that have not previously been        Dr Andrews explored the relations of power and             the Thailand-Burma border. She employed a
examined and applying constructs that have been         freedom in contemporary Australian universities.           constructivist qualitative paradigm, a case study
well understood in a specific academic domain in a      Using an expansive definition of power and                 approach and an action research process. She
service industry context.                               freedom she has detailed the diverse ways in which         designed a culturally relevant, community focused
                                                        academic activity is governed across a number of           social studies curriculum in three refugee camps
Xibao Zhang                                             different institutional settings. The issue of academic    and a framework for developing locally relevant
Doctor of Philosophy                                    freedom in Australian universities is both under-          curriculum for young adults in places of temporary
                                                        researched and under-theorised. In this regard, the        asylum or other marginalised communities.
Dr Zhang studied culture emergence international
cross-cultural management contexts in China. The        study makes a strong contribution to the field of
                                                        research into higher education in Australia.               Lisa Marie Harris
result is a theory that explains cultural practices,
which are different from what can be predicted from                                                                Doctor of Philosophy
participants’ national cultural values that emerge      Kalinda Ann Ashton                                         Dr Harris used three case studies to explore
in these contexts. It is a framework that includes      Doctor of Philosophy                                       tertiary students’ thoughts and expectations
cognitive elements which are different in influencing   Dr Ashton’s investigation of literary form and the         about community in the online environment and to
behaviour in terms of scope and duration. It            representation of politics and history in Amanda           explore the relationship between the constructed
significantly advances the field of culture research    Lohrey’s novels The Reading Group and The                  online learning environment and the development
by moving beyond the dominant view which sees           Morality of Gentlemen have provided the intellectual       of learning communities. She has provided new
culture as stable and immutable.                        impetus for her original work of fiction. Her novel        evidence of the benefit of community, or what she
                                                        uses its own stylistic innovations, such as multiple       has termed Social Learning Support Networks,
                                                        perspectives and the use of the second person              for students and argues that future eLearning
                                                        point of view, to explore the tensions of class            environments should be shaped by five key
                                                        and gender in a disadvantaged Australian family            principles designed to foster a sense of social
                                                        traumatised by the death of a ten-year-old boy.            connection between students.

                                                        John Richard Barbour                                       Soonran Heo
                                                        Doctor of Philosophy                                       Doctor of Philosophy
                                                        Dr Barbour’s doctoral research project Interiority         Dr Heo studied an evaluative measure for arts
                                                        and Interior Space in Contemporary International           organisations using content analysis of websites
                                                        and Australian Sculpture and Installation Art: a           that affords a perspective on the current state of
                                                        selective approach to the realisation of forms             online and offline integrated arts management. The
                                                        explored the complex relations between artefacts,          results of this study show that arts management
                                                        architectural site, and ‘events’ as installation. The      in the virtual venue is the same, or at least
                                                        project combined, in an original manner, the ideas         similar to the real venue, and that websites
                                                        and experience of ‘interior architectural space’           allow arts organisations to coordinate integrated
                                                        with those of ‘interiority’ – the subjective aspect of     management. This study contributes to integrated
                                                        lived experience. The exegesis component focused           arts management, enhances its perspective and
                                                        upon Georges Bataille’s and Gilles Deleuze’s ideas         enlarges its practice.
                                                        of the ‘formless’ and ‘becoming’.
                                                                                                                   Robin Anna Kingston
                                                        Patrick Foong Chan                                         Doctor of Philosophy
                                                        Doctor of Philosophy                                       Dr Kingston’s practice-based research project
                                                        Dr Chan forwards a radical rethinking of political         produced art works that make an original
                                                        and creative subjectivities and spatialities in the        contribution to our knowledge and experience of
                                                        context of postcolonial Singapore. Deploying the           contemporary abstract art. By producing artworks
                                                        philosophical thought of Gilles Deleuze, Benedict          that examined and applied the use of intuitive and
                                                        de Spinoza and Antonio Negri, amongst others,              rational thought in the construction of abstract
                                                        Chan experiments with the creative potentialities          painting and installation, she demonstrated how
                                                        inherent to the work of the theorist operating             an awareness and sensitive manipulation of
                                                        across the disciplines of design, cultural theory and      materials, process, context, can generate feeling
                                                        philosophy. Chan argues that through the creative          and concept. The supporting exegesis located her
                                                        theory new ways to engage with Singapore city, its         research amid current international practice with a
                                                        artworks and people can be framed.                         focus upon contemporary New York abstraction.

                                                        Chen-Chih Feng                                             Steven Anthony Middleton
                                                        Doctor of Fine Art                                         Doctor of Philosophy
                                                        Dr Feng explored the role of portraiture in oil painting   Dr Middleton’s research engaged with the
                                                        integrated with aspects of the traditions of Chinese       definitions of, and discourses around, sentience
                                                        brush painting. The research addresses the major           and human intelligence. Artworks and artefacts
                                                        indigenous race of Taiwan; the Atayal people. He           produced in the project included prosthetic
                                                        examines the concept of Gaga, which is fundamental         visualisation, artificially intelligent conversation
                                                        to the understanding of the Atayal people and their        agents and both virtual and functional robots.
                                                        traditional culture. The research reveals that within a    His work incorporated theories of embodiment,
                                                        study that examines a particular culture that equally      situated intelligence and machine intelligence, all
                                                        and paradoxically an experience and an expression          of which challenge boundaries of what is special
                                                        of universal humanity is made manifest.                    about the human capacity for thought that have
                                                                                                                   been built upon more traditional ideas inherited
                                                        Matthias Haeusler                                          from Judeo-Christian thought, capitalist dogma and
                                                        Doctor of Philosophy                                       the utopian promises of Cybernetics.
                                                        Dr Haeusler has developed an original dynamic
                                                        digital/physical hybrid display together with novel
                                                        new applications. His starting point was a review
                                                        of digital display systems and technologies, from
                                                        which he developed the theoretical foundation of a
                                                        3D light-point matrix. He proved his hypothesis by
                                                        investigations and test pieces in terms of hardware
                                                        and electronics to establish a prototype system
                                                        and further tested this system in an architectural
                                                        context. Visual experiments were the focus when
                                                        applying media content and software.

RMIT | 2008 gRaduaTIon                                                                                                                                                    17
     Nasar Momin                                                 Mark Gerard Wagner                                        Science, engineering &
     Doctor of Philosophy                                        Doctor of Philosophy
     Dr Momin explored the application of Chitosan, a            Dr Wagner’s research investigated the history and         Technology
     natural biopolymer, in ink-jet printing of textiles. He     current understandings of the ‘communicative
     developed a novel Chitosan based post-treatment             body’. He explored how the social values of caring,      Nikolas Askitis
     method for fixation of pigment based inks on                listening, and a sense of belonging, are created         Doctor of Philosophy
     various ink-jet printed textile fabrics. He has also        prior to the use of language. His research offers        Dr Askitis has developed dramatic improvements
     developed a novel technique for preparation of              new insights and orientations for teaching in            to some of the most fundamental string data
     Chitosan/pigment nanoparticles and formulated               schools and colleges by showing how vocal tones,         structures used in computation by redesigning
     ink-jet inks using these nanoparticles. He                  facial expression, and hand gestures create social       them for use on current computer architectures. His
     demonstrated that Chitosan can be incorporated              values in learning spaces that are separate from         new string algorithms are much faster and require
     into the ink formulations and the cotton fabric can         racial, ethnic, and/or intellectual differences.         much less space than their predecessors, some of
     be ink-jet printed using these inks.                                                                                 which have been the subject of research for over
                                                                 Leslie George Walkling                                   fifty years. These improvements have the potential
     Sonia Jane Orchard                                          Doctor of Philosophy                                     to greatly improve the efficiency of a wide range of
     Doctor of Philosophy                                        Dr Walkling explored the development of new              computing applications including databases, web
     Dr Orchard’s research into the life of Australian           colour printing techniques in the field of fine art      search and data processing.
     pianist Noel Mewton-Wood has resulted in a novel            photography. His investigation encompassed
     which explores the pianist’s life through the eyes of       the genealogy, technology and methodology of             Jennifer May Audsley
     an obsessed lover, whose narrative is warped by             analogue and digital imaging systems, reformulating      Doctor of Philosophy
     his own desires. Although based on actual events,           their design, implementation and application             Dr Audsley has examined different methods
     the manuscript is essentially a fictional study of          in printing workflows. His research significantly        for increasing the yields of the influenza B virus
     obsession, fantasy and creativity. Rather than              advances the field of digital imaging through new        antigens of human influenza vaccines. She also
     providing an historical account of Mewton-Wood’s            tools, procedures and strategies for existing digital    examined the growth of influenza B viruses in cell
     life it draws attention to the difficulty of creating any   applications, while also unifying colour printing        cultures maintained in serum-free media. Mutant
     definitive biographical record.                             theory and practice in the tradition of the fine print   donor strains of influenza B/Lee/40 were used to
                                                                 in the age of digital reproduction.                      prepare high-yielding potential vaccine seeds by
     Supriya Pattanayak                                                                                                   gene re-assortment with current epidemic strains.
     Doctor of Philosophy                                        Mon-Xi Wu                                                Influenza B virus genes were shown to re-assort
     Dr Pattanayak examines the incongruence                     Doctor of Fine Art                                       more randomly than has been experienced in the
     between the rhetoric and practice of community              Dr Wu’s research involved development of a new           preparation of influenza A vaccine seed viruses.
     development in India, especially in relation to             series of sculptural ceramics that explored natural
     women. Supported by an extensive literature                 form with reference to the aesthetic perspectives        Jason Chung
     review, a multi-level analytical framework and              of contemporary organic abstraction and the              Doctor of Philosophy
     empirical research, the manner in which rural Indian        Chinese philosophical concept of Yin and Yang.           Dr Chung investigated whether activation of a
     women engaged with structures and processes                 Through their formal and aesthetic attributes, Dr        specific protein, namely HSP72, could protect
     of community development and the benefits                   Wu articulated an interpretation of the contrary         against the development of insulin resistance. He
     accrued to them – if any – were explored. Unless            and complementary qualities of Yin and Yang and          showed that heat shock therapy which activated
     international aid agencies and governments include          how such qualities can be married to form a unified      the protein, and muscle specific transgenic over
     women’s every-day agency in their programs, many            expression in sculptural ceramic form.                   expression of HSP72 provided protection against
     will continue to fail to advance their interests.                                                                    diet or obesity-induced insulin resistance. This
                                                                                                                          was tightly associated with the ability of HSP72 to
     Anna Maria Pollard                                                                                                   block inflammation. Dr Chung’s findings identify an
     Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                                 essential role for HSP72 in blocking inflammation
     Dr Pollard investigated professional development                                                                     and preventing insulin resistance in the context of
     needs of Literacy Coordinators in secondary                                                                          obesity.
     schools in Melbourne, Australia. This qualitative
     research involved comprehensive case studies of                                                                      Sandy Citro
     six school sites and six Literacy Coordinators. The                                                                  Doctor of Philosophy
     study revealed criteria explaining effective program                                                                 Dr Citro has investigated highly complex
     management skills and pedagogical knowledge                                                                          collaborative computing applications on small
     of the Literacy Coordinators. Recommendations                                                                        devices, such as digital assistants and mobile
     for enhancing professional practice flow from this                                                                   phones with limited processing power, over
     research and have significance for the roles of                                                                      wireless networks with inherent low band width
     Literacy Coordinators, the Department of Education,                                                                  and connectivity. He developed new integrated
     Early Childhood Development policy, Principals and                                                                   algorithms that correctly and efficiently handle
     Higher Education teacher pre-service programs.                                                                       concurrent use, manage conflicts, support ad
                                                                                                                          hoc joining and leaving, and can process large
     Kevin Lemoine Rabalais                                                                                               documents in a mobile collaborative editor. His
     Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                                 research has provided the basis for use of more
     Dr Rabalais examined the French literary theorist                                                                    complex applications on emerging portable
     René Girard’s concept of triangular desire in the                                                                    computing devices.
     Western Novel. He investigated, specifically, one
     contemporary novel, James Salters’s A Sport and a                                                                    Aaron Charles Davis
     Pastime. His research revealed that certain currents                                                                 Doctor of Philosophy
     run throughout the art of the novel, from Cervantes                                                                  Dr Davis investigated the problems of calibration
     and Flaubert to Coetzee and his own novel, The                                                                       and the effects of towed-bird swing on survey data
     Landscape of Desire, the creative component of his                                                                   in airborne electromagnetic systems. He developed
     degree. His research advances the creative writer’s                                                                  a data-dependent filtering process that removes
     understanding of character development in the art                                                                    bird swing effects from historical data records,
     of the novel.                                                                                                        and also developed a method that can accurately
                                                                                                                          calibrate any airborne electromagnetic system
     Rebecca Alison Turner                                                                                                in flight. The topic is relevant to high precision
     Doctor of Project Management                                                                                         geophysical surveys for exploration and land
     Dr Turner researched the impact of Emotional                                                                         management and will be of interest to scientists
     Intelligence on the levels of job satisfaction and job                                                               requiring detailed estimates of earth conductivity
     performance in predicting project outcome. Her                                                                       structure.
     investigation revealed a rich body of management
     and behavioural discourse in relationship to the field
     of project management. It significantly advances the
     field of project management studies. It innovatively
     draws on work of critical theorists and provides
     insight into the complexity of management and
     leadership issues within projects, an area gaining
     importance in today’s competitive global economy.

                                                                                                                                                       docToRal cITaTIons

Britta Drevermann                                          Terry Adam O’Bree                                       Milad Shokouhi
Doctor of Philosophy                                       Doctor of Philosophy                                    Doctor of Philosophy
Dr Drevermann investigated the structure-odour             Dr O’Bree has made an important contribution            Dr Shokouhi investigated the problem of
relationships of the marine fragrance Calone               to our understanding of the scattering properties       searching for documents when they are held
1951®, developed a novel synthesis of marine               of natural waters, which are critical for the           in separate collections, such as online libraries
fragrance analogues and found that a 7-alkyl group         interpretation of remote sensing images. In             distributed across the Internet. Standard search
in Calone 1951® substantiates the maintenance              this work he developed equipment and                    techniques assume that the documents can be
of the significant marine odour characteristic.            analysis procedures, and conducted extensive            collected centrally. The thesis showed that when
Her diligent studies support the concept that the          measurements on Gippsland Lakes and Great               centralisation is impossible, documents can still be
odorant structure occupying the hydrophobic                Barrier Reef water samples. These represent             reliably found with techniques such as sampling,
pocket adjacent to the aromatic ring-binding site of       the first laboratory measurements of scattering         which profiles each collection. Such methods have
the olfactory receptor is pivotal in the design and        from southern hemisphere natural waters, and            the potential to greatly increase the reach of search
discovery of more potent and characteristic marine         will enable more accurate determination of              engines.
fragrances.                                                concentrations of phytoplankton, pollutants and
                                                           other water constituents using remote sensing.          Truong Nguyen Vu
Su-Yong Eum                                                                                                        Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy                                       Hema Raina
                                                                                                                   Dr Truong investigated and developed new, efficient
Dr Eum has investigated the problem of estimating          Doctor of Philosophy                                    and systematic approaches to the identification of
a traffic matrix for networks based on the Internet        Dr Raina explored the contribution of the sodium-       nonlinear dynamic systems using wavelet based
Protocol. A traffic matrix stores point-to-point traffic   calcium exchanger to myogenically active small          State Dependent Parameter (SDP) models, from
demands and is used by network planners to                 blood vessels (arterioles). The studies involved        structure determination to parameter estimation
determine how much network capacity should be              manipulation of extracellular Na+ levels and            and validated them by engineering applications.
purchased to handle existing and future demands.           inhibition of the exchanger. Studies were performed     The thesis also presents solutions to a number of
Existing methods cannot accurately determine               to demonstrate the expression of mRNA and               important issues in nonlinear system identification,
point-to-point traffic demands – such information          protein for the exchanger isoforms, Antisense           including: multi-dimensional nonlinearities,
can only be inferred from inadequate measurement           oligonucleotides against mRNA were introduced           measurement noise, and stability. The presented
data. Three new techniques using deterministic,            in an isolated cremaster arteriole followed by          results provide computationally efficient, new tools
statistical, and dynamic approaches have been              functional studies with protein levels determined       for nonlinear system identification, offering valuable
developed in this study to improve the accuracy of         by western blotting. The data are consistent with       insights into the system’s dynamics.
traffic matrices.                                          the presence of the NCX1 exchanger in cremaster
                                                           arterioles.                                             Jianhong Xia
Eugene Travers Georgiades                                                                                          Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy                                       Achula Rajapakse
                                                                                                                   Dr Xia has made an important contribution towards
Dr Georgiades studied the possible use of the              Doctor of Philosophy                                    developing methods for modelling the spatial
eleven-armed asteroid Coscinasterias muricate              Dr Rajapakse investigated the production of             and temporal movement of visitors to tourist
as an environmental sentinel species in Port               emulsion explosives which are preferred blasting        destinations. She has developed methods for
Phillip Bay. The Southern Australian coastline,            agents for numerous industries including mining,        defining these movements at both macro and
specifically the main ports and harbours such as           agriculture and construction. He prepared               micro spatial and temporal scales and has applied
Port Phillip Bay, are susceptible to environmental         emulsifiers by reacting immiscible viscous liquids      innovative methods for acquiring and modelling
contamination as the major Australian population           within a stirred tank reactor, examined the effect      tourism behaviour. This research has endeavoured
bases are located around these coastal zones.              of various design variables and finally achieved        to assist park managers when developing tourist
Therefore, the establishment of an environmental           optimised production parameters. This fundamental       park facilities and services.
sentinel species, and biomarkers within, are of            study will find application in many mineral,
the utmost importance to provide early warning             chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.           Elisa Joy Young
of contamination events and thus environmental                                                                     Doctor of Philosophy
protection.                                                Anthony Michael Robinson
                                                                                                                   Dr Young studied the role of endothelium-derived
                                                           Doctor of Psychology                                    hyperpolarising factor, or EDHF, in the development
Mark Alexander Gregory
                                                           Dr Robinson examined parent report of sleep             of blood vessel defects in animal models of type 2
Doctor of Philosophy                                       problems in children with an intellectual disability.   diabetes. Her research revealed that EDHF activity
Dr Gregory has made important contributions to             Child and parent factors were explored in relation      is reduced in the mesenteric artery from Type 2
knowledge and understanding of the relationship            to parent perception of a sleep problem. Sleep          diabetic rats, and that this is associated with a
between performance management, project                    problem perception was related to amount of child       reduction in cellular communication through gap
management and life cycle management.                      sleep, parent perceived control over the child’s        junctions. This novel finding suggests that gap
The research introduced a new architecture,                sleep and daytime behaviour. The efficacy of a          junctions may be a potential therapeutic target for
TRManager, which brings these management                   general parent-training program for the treatment       diabetic vascular disease.
activities together to improve the rate of project         of sleep problems was trialled. Parents reported
success by enhancing the performance and                   improvement in target sleep behaviour; however          Jianjun Zhang
reliability of management processes and practice.          improvement on child and parent outcomes was            Doctor of Philosophy
An important insight into current knowledge and            equivocal.
                                                                                                                   Dr Zhang has investigated the theoretical basis for
practice was provided through a survey of project
                                                                                                                   precise velocity and acceleration determination
managers.                                                  Shujun Sheng
                                                                                                                   using a stand-alone GPS receiver. He has
                                                           Doctor of Philosophy                                    developed new algorithms for the computation
Xiang Li
                                                           Dr Sheng investigated the feasibility of cultivation    of the satellite velocity and acceleration and the
Doctor of Philosophy                                       of important medicinal herbs in Victoria, Australia.    most accurate observation model for Doppler
Dr Li studied genetic programming, the process             He has made important contributions to our              shift measurement with the effect of relativity
of generating computer programs by simulated               understanding of optimal agricultural conditions        considered. He has also studied in great detail
evolution. He is the first researcher to successfully      and variety selections for selected herbal species.     the error sources in both the carrier phase and
evolve programs that contain the kinds of looping          He also developed some analytical methods to            the Doppler measurements which are the most
constructs that are normally written by human              evaluate the quality of Australian grown medicinal      important limitations of real-time high-precision
programmers. His discoveries will enable the               herbs. His findings are an important addition to the    satellite positioning.
application of the genetic programming technique           existing knowledge, and are valuable for developing
to a much larger range of problems.                        a related herbal farming industry in Australia.

RMIT | 2008 gRaduaTIon                                                                                                                                                      19

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