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ACP Traffic Booster Guide


									ACP Traffic Booster Guide
     For version 1.0.0 and above (Released on February 1st 2011)

                                                                               By Daniel Owens

                                                                   Owner of ACP Traffic Booster
                          Table of Content
Find Backlinks Section
   •   Step 1: Search for Blogs.………………….…………...…………………….....3
   •   Step 2: Other Functions…..……………………………...……………………..5
   •   Step 3: Auto fill Browser………………………………...…………….……….7
                              Find Backlinks Section
Step 1: Search for Blogs
To start searching for high PR dofollow backlinks, you should first type in the keyword that
relates to the website you want to build backlinks for.

Let’s search for backlinks for my auto repair website, type your keyword then click “Find
Blogs” button:

You will then start seeing results consisting of blog posts related to the searched keyword
along with some data that will help you determine the importance of each post:
Post URL (1): The URL of the blog post

PR (2): The PageRank of the blog post

Outbounds (3): The number of outbound links going out of the post page

Backlinks (4): The number of backlinks this blog post has

Visits/Month (5): The number of monthly visits coming to the blog website

Attribute (6): The type of the blog post, Dofollow means that links from that post is very
valuable to Google

Hotness (7): A bar that shows how important the blog post is, ACP Traffic Boosters uses
certain multiple factors to determine the importance of each post.

Page Age (8): The age of the blog post

GoogleBot Visit (9): if you right-click and clicked “GoogleBot Visit” it will show you the date
of the last time google crawled this post

Commentable (10): This tells you if you if comments are open or closed or registration
required to start commenting on the post
Step 2: Other Functions
There are two check boxes below the search box; let’s examine what each one of them

“Auto Fill Browser” box

When you click on the post URL, the post page opens, but how it opens it is determined by
the “Auto Fill Browser” box.

If “Auto Fill Browser” box is checked it means that the post will pop up in ACP Traffic
Booster’s browser that will help you fill the comment fields, If it is un checked then the post
page will pop up in your default browser software (IE,Firefox…etc) therefore you will be
filling all the comment fields by yourself.

“Include History Data” box

The main use of this box is for the situations to avoid duplicate results (posts) between
different keywords, for example consider that you searched for “auto repair” and you got
100 results related to that topic, and the next day you did another search for “car brakes
repair” and you got 100 results (posts),

Now logically there will be common posts among the first keyword (auto repair) and the
second keyword (car brakes repair) since both keywords are somehow related,

So if the “Include History Data” is checked, those common results (posts) will not appear
again in your second search (car brakes repair) or any other search after that, And this will
help you get only unique posts that you never commented or seen before.
Step 3: Auto Fill Browser
Auto fill browser can be started when the “Auto fill Browser” box is checked and when you
click on the post URL.

Since Auto Fill Browser allows you to auto fill the comment fields (Name,Email,Website) it
needs this data from you, so your first step now is to create a comment profile to store this

Click “Add Profile” to add your comment profile:

                      (Edit & Delete Profiles by clicking on the other 2 buttons)
A window will pop up so that you can enter your comment profile details:

Profile Name (1): The name of the comment profile, used only by ACP Traffic Booster

Your names (2): The name field that is used in the comment area on the blog post,
sometimes people uses their real names and sometimes they use the keywords they want
to rank for here.

Email (3): Your email, it is required by most of the blogs out there, but you can create an
email just for blog commenting because there is no significant importance of giving the
blogs your main email.

Websites (4): This is the website you want to promote; it will turn into a clickable link with
the Names (2) as its anchor text.

Notice that you can add multiple versions of Names (2), Websites (4) and ACP Traffic will
randomize them among all your comments across different blog websites.
After you have finished adding your comment profiles it is time to use them,

Click on the “Re-Fill” button on the right of the browser to use the data in the currently
selected Comment Profile:

Notice that ACP Traffic Booster does not auto fill the comment area, because you have to
read the post first for your comment to be quality, thus it will get approved by the moderator
of the blog.

Thanks for reading! ☺

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