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Studying Disease Dynamics Using a Network Model
Jacqueline Dresch and Amy Zielinski
Faculty Mentors: Gregg Hartvigsen (Biology) and Chris Leary (Mathematics)

Modeling Plant-Herbivore Evolutionary Rates Using a Graph Theoretical Approach
Shuya Kyu
Faculty Mentors: Gregg Hartvigsen (Biology) and Chris Leary (Mathematics)

Studying the Spread of SARS in a Small World Network
Sarah Olscamp
Faculty Mentors: Gregg Hartvigsen (Biology) and Chris Leary (Mathematics)

Headspace Analysis of Hydrocarbons from Trinidad
John Jeff Tong and Nicholas Godinez
Faculty Mentors: D. Jeffrey Over (Geological Sciences) and Eric Helms (Chemistry)

Thermodynamic Stability of Olivine and Wadsleyite in the Mantle and the Impact on the
410 km Discontinuity
Thomas Kennell
Faculty Mentors: Dori Farthing (Geological Sciences) and Eric Helms (Chemistry)

Department of Anthropology

Planting by the Moon
Anne Sheehan and Lynette Willsey
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Kintz

Analysis of Variation of Yucatec Maya Houselot Yard Areas
Jessica O’Donnell
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Kintz

Analysis of the Dr. Charles E. Bartlett Iroquois Collection for Ritual & Cultural Information
Christopher Grasso
Faculty Mentor: Russell Judkins

Department of Biology

Social Development in Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus)
Meghan Weinpress
Faculty Mentor: Kristina Hannam

Examination of Snail and Sip-1 Involvement in the Regulation of E-cadherin Expression by
Miriam Hamouche
Faculty Mentor: Jani Lewis

Detection of the NPTII and GUS genes in Transgenic Grapes
Lisa Mead
Faculty Mentor: Ming-Mei Chang
Digital Analysis of Filamentous Algal Growth in Conesus Lake
Russell Taragan and Stacy Ann Amico
Faculty Mentor: Isidro Bosch

The Behavioral Analysis of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Upon Exposure to the Common
Pesticide Atrazine
Sarah Brawdy and Brad Groveman
Faculty Mentor: Kristina Hannam

The Effects of an Aromatase Inhibitor and a Protease Inhibitor on Human Breast Cancer
Cells Grown In Vitro
Kassie Haitz, Laura Titus, Marta Scott, and Rosalie Caruso
Faculty Mentor: Robert O’Donnell

Is the Inability of Dexamethasone to Downregulate E-Cadherin in A431 Cells Due to a
Dysfunctional Glucocorticoid Receptor?
Danielle Foti
Faculty Mentor: Jani Lewis

Coexpression of Epithelial Cytokeratins and Mesenchymal Vimentin in A431 Vulvar
Carcinoma Cells
Justin Peters
Faculty Mentor: Jani Lewis

Coexistence of Plants and Herbivores in a Coevolutionary Model
Beth Schulenberg
Faculty Mentor: Gregg Hartvigsen

Department of Chemistry

Method Development for Extracting/Analyzing trans-Resveratrol in Red Wines Using Solid
Phase Microextraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Jamie Ellis and Hong-Chin Yeung
Faculty Mentor: James Boiani

A Spectroscopic Study of Molecular-Matrix Interactions in TEOS Sol-Gel
Janine O’Dea
Faculty Mentor: Kazushige Yokoyama

Photodynamics of a Heavy Metal Dopant in a Silica Sol-Gel Thin Film
Jonathan Bourne and Bradley Johnson
Faculty Mentor: Kazushige Yokoyama

A Spectroscopic Study of Ru(bpy)32+ - Au Nanoparticles Interacting in an Aqueous
Kimberly Parker, Mayu Imagawa, Bradley Johnson, and Jonathan Bourne
Faculty Mentor: Kazushige Yokoyama

Investigation of Amyloid Beta -Gold Nano Particle Colloid Aggregates
Daniel Welchons
Faculty Mentor: Kazushige Yokoyama
Aggregation of Terphenyl and 4-Butylterphenoxy Hexanoic acid in Water-Ethanol Mixture:
A Spectral Study
Francesca Magri and Molly Schug
Faculty Mentor: Christina Geiger

Induction of the 4977-bp “Common Deletion” in Mitochondrial DNA by Gamma Radiation
and Quantification by Real-time PCR
Janhvi Patel
Faculty Mentor: Wendy Pogozelski

Department of Communication

Frame Analysis: 2004 Olympic Medal Controversy
Nicole Lawrence and Lauren Werle
Faculty Mentor: Dougie Bicket

Analyzing the Roles of the CRTC and MuchMusic in the Construction of Canadian Culture
and National Identity
Sarah Shmuel
Faculty Mentor: Dougie Bicket

The Emergence and Identity of the South Asian Community in Great Britain
Brian Pittelli
Faculty Mentor: Dougie Bicket

Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Effect of Syllable-Initial Voicing on Vowel Duration During Simultaneous Communication
Sarah Maisonet, Kristin Allen, Therese Kling, and Rosemary McCullough
Faculty Mentors: Dale Metz, Nicholas Schiavetti, and Robert Whitehead

Second Formant Frequency Transition in Diphthongs
Janella Clarke and Marietta Bennett
Faculty Mentor: Douglas MacKenzie

Department of Computer Science

An Ode to Visualization
John Mogle, Jeff Saracco, and Garrett Jones
Faculty Mentors: Homma Farian and Matthew Haas

Distributed Computing for the Sciences
Jeff Saracco, John Mogle, and Garrett Jones
Faculty Mentors: Homma Farian and Matthew Haas

School of Education

Marilyn Deignan, Lindsey Bauer, Lindsay O’Halloran, and Joana Leo
Faculty Mentor: Michael Rozalski
Department of Geography

Historical and Contemporary Aquaculture Induced Mangrove Depletion in Ecuador
Amethyst Cirmo
Faculty Mentor: David Aagesen

The Globalization of Basketball
Kyle Green
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Rogalsky

Creating Community: Four Case Studies
Kristy Heath
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Rogalsky

A Ferrytale for Rochester
Zachary Staff
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Rogalsky

Department of Geological Sciences

Sites of Geologic Interest in the McKay Wildlife Preserve and Nature Trail
Kristy Heath
Faculty Mentor: D. Jeffrey Over

Stain Analysis of a Conglomerate from the Toco Formation~ Galera Point~ Trinidad
Laura Dair and Rachel Vivenzio
Faculty Mentor: Scott Giorgis

Microstructural Analysis of Quartz Vein~ Pirates Cove~ Tobago
Allison Shumway and Matthew Wilcott
Faculty Mentor: Scott Giorgis

Use of Concretions in Sediment Dating and Depositional Environment Identification in
Steve Sidlauskas and Lauren Sekovski
Facutly Mentor: Dori Farthing

A Petrologica Analysis of a Piece of Glacial from Chimney Bluffs and its Transportation
Karyn Patridge
Facutly Mentor: Dori Farthing

The pH of Surface Water in Trinidad and Tobago
James Helms and Kimberly Johnson
Facutly Mentor: Dori Farthing

Investigation of Pyrite Schists from the Northern Range of Trinidad
Karyn Patridge and Victoria Kardas
Faculty Mentor: Richard Hatheway

Analysis of a Mylonite from Argyle Falls~ Tobago
Adam Schroeder
Faculty Mentor: Amy Sheldon
Aerial Salt Dispersion from a Local Salt Mine
Erin Buckwalter
Faculty Mentor: Amy Sheldon

A Comparative Carbonate Study of Booby Point and Buccoo Bay~ Tobago
Laura Sasso
Faculty Mentor: D. Jeffrey Over

Department of Mathematics

Parallels Between Algebraic Groups and Knot Theory
Joseph Hughto and Elijah Hibit
Faculty Mentor: Jeff Johannes

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Construction of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Russell Lake, Adaam Sima, and John Zilvinskis
Faculty Mentor: James McLean

Detection of a Mini Meteor Shower
Emily Bauer
Faculty Mentor: David Meisel

The Autonomously Guided Parafoil
Josh Reiner and Ben Oliver
Faculty Mentor: Ed Pogozelski

Department of Political Science

The Doctor Is In (For Everyone): An Assessment of the Canadian Health Care System
Courtney Abrams
Faculty Mentor: Edward Drachman

The New Muslim Anti-Semitism
Michael Hecker
Faculty Mentor: Edward Drachman

Terrorism and Political Legitimacy
Bridgett Frey
Faculty Mentor: Karla Cunningham

Ignoring Modern Day Genocide
Sean Gavin
Faculty Mentor: Karla Cunningham

Commerce Clause: Limiting Federal Power in the Rehnquist Court
Yelena Gelman
Faculty Mentor: Kenneth Deutsch

The Supreme Court and Public Opinion
Lacey Zoller
Faculty Mentor: Jeff Koch
In Bewteen Iraq and a Hard Place: the Special Relationship Between the United States and
the United Kingdom in the War on Terror
Meghan McLees
Faculty Mentor: Robert Goeckel

Department of Psychology

The Discourse Particle "Like" and Vocabulary: A Comparative Study
Nichole Hungerford
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Pastizzo

Leaving an Aggressive Dating Partner: A Prospective Study of Relationship Maintenance
and Commitment
Felisa Brown
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Katz

Family Structure and Traumatic Stress at a Battered Women's Shelter
Lisa Lazio-Maimone
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Katz

Predictors of Cheating and Motivation Among Middle School Students
Sarah Batson and Melissa Cook
Faculty Mentor: Joan Zook

Relational Aggression in Interactions with Friends During Early and Middle Childhood
Lisa Lazio-Maimone, Stephanie Doyle, Julia Parks, and Molly Bartlett
Faculty Mentor: Ganie DeHart

Preschoolers' Prosocial Behavior and Aggression with Siblings and Friends
David Aloi, Kathryn Welch, Elizabeth Hurley, and Brian Kennedy
Faculty Mentor: Ganie DeHart

The Impact of Stress on Internalizing Symptomatology: An Examination of the Role of Self
Esteem and Social Support
Kim Davis, Felisa Brown, Krystal Hanczyk, and Sophia Jankura
Faculty Mentor: Michael Lynch

Group-level Threats and Prejudice Toward Traditionally Stereotyped Outgroups
Steve Guglielmo, Lauren Hare, and Eileen Bosso
Faculty Mentor: Monica Schneider

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