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									Flavours of

    Flavours of Campbelltown
    A long history of migration of people from
    many different backgrounds has enriched the
    cultural heritage of the City of Campbelltown
    over many years. The changing food culture
    of Campbelltown is just one of the many ways
    in which the city has benefitted from this
    This brochure has been produced to recognise
    and promote some of the unique and high
    quality food businesses that operate in the City
    of Campbelltown.
    There are many tasting pleasures to be enjoyed
    by visiting these businesses, purchasing their
    goods and recommending them to your friends
    and families.


           Location Map                     4

           Continental Taralli Biscuits     6

           Elbio All About Sweets           8

           Evercream Gelati                10

           Fudge It                        12

           Gourmet Kones                   14

           Imma & Mario’s Mercato          16

           La Vera Mozzarella              18

           Nuts in Paradise                20

           Salta in Bocca                  22

           Sfera’s Gourmet Centre          24

           Tony and Mark’s Fruit and Veg   26

           Vella Pasta                     28

           Geoff Heath Par 3 Golf Course   30

           Accommodation                   31

Location Map


                                               10                                      11    GO RG E RD

                                 12        6

                                                                 NE W TO N RD

                                               MO NTAC UT E
                      5                                                                                   9
                                                                            ST BE RN AR
            GLYN BU RN

                                                                                 RD     DS

                                           RE ID AV E

                                                                                                    MO UL ES RD
                                                                                                              G L E N S T UA


                                                        MAGI LL RD

  Geoff Heath Golf Course                                   Council Office
  Thorndon Park                                             Accommodation
  Black Hill Conservation Park                              (see page 31)
                  LZE R





                          Food Trail Legend
                             1. Continental Taralli Biscuits
                             2. Elbio All About Sweets
                             3. Evercream Gelati
                             4. Fudge It

                             5. Gourmet Kones
                             6. Imma & Mario’s Mercato
                             7. La Vera Mozzarella
                             8. Nuts in Paradise
                             9. Salta in Bocca
                             10. Sfera’s Gourmet Centre
                             11. Tony and Mark’s Fruit and Veg
                             12. Vella Pasta
    Continental Taralli Biscuits
    57 St Bernards Road
    Magill SA 5072
    P 8332 6305
    F 8364 3843

    John & Anna Viscione

    Family owned and operated in the heart of Magill for
    over 40 years, Continental Taralli Biscuits prides itself on
    producing premium European style biscuits, offering any
    gourmet food lover a unique experience.
    Currently, the traditional recipes used to make our
    products today, date back to the early 1900’s, and were
    even sold at their popular bakery in the town of San
    Martino - an idyllic area in Southern Italy known for its
    culinary delights.
    It was John’s Viscione vision when he moved to Australia
    in the 60’s, to use his love of food, family and culture
    to offer the community of Adelaide the ultimate food

    Continental Taralli Biscuits has an extensive range of
    traditional sweet and savoury biscuits, which are produced
    on our premises using the highest quality ingredients. We
    pride ourselves in producing premium quality European
    style biscuits which are currently distributed throughout
    Australia and New Zealand.
    Our products are baked and not fried, and are completely
    natural and do not contain any artificial preservatives,
    colourings or flavourings. We specialise in producing
    products that offer an unique taste whilst also containing
    no cholesterol, lactose and are low in sugar.
    Continental Taralli Biscuits invites you to taste and
    experience the fine delicacies of our premium sweet and
    savoury range of biscuits, including:

continental taralli biscuits
                               •	   Taralli (Fennel, Olive Oil, Wholemeal,
                                    Chilli, Egg, Icing Sugar)
                               •	   Grissini (Plain, Kalamata, Sesame Seeds)
                               •	   Almond Bread (Plain, Pistachio & Fig,
                                    Apricot, Chocolate)
                               •	   Bakery (Bread Rolls, Bruschetta, Foccacia,
                                    Garlic Bread)

                               Opening Hours
                               Monday – Friday                      9am - 5pm
                               Saturday                             9am - 1pm

    Elbio All About Sweets
    4 Meredith Street
    Newton SA 5074
    P 8336 1110
    E elbio@esc.net.au

    Elbio Luis Perez and Alicia De Palma

    Elbio All About Sweets has been supplying the food
    market with quality products since 1976. The products
    go as far as Darwin, Alice Springs and Melbourne.

    Elbio All About Sweets are wholesale manufacturers of
    bakery products, specialising in individual desserts and
    cakes, croissants and Danish pastries, and now offering
    birthday cakes. We supply most of the major cafés and
    restaurants, plus hospitals and other bakeries.
    As well as being unique to Campbelltown, our products
    have a point of difference with any other products made
    by our competitors.
    We place our emphasis on consistency, quality and
    excellent service provision, and understand that today’s
    consumers are more discerning, demanding and require
    more choice.

    Opening Hours
    Monday - Friday                              9am - 5pm
    Saturday                                     9am - 1pm

    Group bookings welcome.
    Discount for group bookings.
    Tours available.


    elbio all about sweets

     Evercream Gelati
     Shop 6, 266 Montacute Road
     Rostrevor SA 5073
     P 0401 645 140
     E info@evercream.com.au

     Bruno Ocampo and Yara Balkis

     Evercream Gelati is a small family business, handcrafting
     Italian style icecreams (gelati) and sorbets since 1998.
     Everceam Gelati is dramatically different from other
     manufacturers of ices because preservatives, artificial
     colours and/or flavours are not used. The proper
     ingredients are used: 100% fruits, nuts, real coffee, vanilla
     pods, Dutch cocoa, and Australian native ingredients. This
     is why Evercream ices are richer in flavour. Furthermore,
     they are also free from gluten, gelatine and egg. The
     sorbets are dairy-free, fat-free and suitable for vegans.

     The quality of Evercream Gelati has captured the
     attention of the media like ABC and Channel 9, which
     have broadcasted Bruno manufacturing his gelati in The
     Cook and the Chef and Postcards.
     Evercream Gelati supplies fine restaurants, cafes,
     gourmet distributors, events and school canteens. Since
     2001 Evercream Gelati has operated a scooping outlet in
     Hahndorf (27 Main Street). Evercream Gelati also deliver
     one and two litre pack to homes in Campbelltown.

     Opening Hours
     Monday - Saturday                                       N/A


     evercream gelati

     Fudge It
     8 Telopea Drive
     Athelstone SA 5076
     P 8337 7318
     M 0422 373 584
     E info@fudgeit.com.au

     Eddie and Paula Natale

     Fudge It is a home based, family business specialising
     in an ever-growing range of mouth-watering, gourmet
     fudges, rocky road, chocolates and nougat. Developed
     by husband and wife team, Eddie and Paula, the business
     started out as a hobby but due quickly grew into a full-
     time operation due to high demand.

     Fudge It prides itself on producing products that tantalise
     all the senses. The Fudge It product range includes
     gourmet fudge, fudge pops, rocky road, chocolates
     and nougat. All products are handmade, colourful and
     beautifully packaged and presented and appeal to even
     the most discerning of palette. They make an ideal gift
     for that special occasion – birthday, Christmas, Easter,
     or just to say thank you . Gift baskets, special orders and
     fundraising packages are available. Eddie and Paula
     thrive on new challenges and are continually looking for
     innovative and creative ways to grow and improve the
     Fudge It product range.

     Opening Hours
     By prearranged appointment only.
     Products available for purchase from the Geoff Heath Par
     3 Golf Course Shop, James Street, Campbelltown.


     fudge it

     Gourmet Kones pizza-cone café
     Shop 1/30 Glynburn Road
     Hectorville SA 5073
     P 8337 7931
     F 8337 7632

     Larry and Elina Vallelonga

     Situated on Glynburn Road in Hectorville, the new pizza-
     cone café ‘Gourmet Kones’ has been trading for over 12
     months, offering pizza-in-a-cone, desserts, Italian gelato,
     espresso coffee and much more. The café is quickly
     leading the way in offering quality pizza-cones and
     desserts in a convenient yet savvy fast food format.
     Larry Vallelonga (director and founder) and his wife
     Elina have always had the passion for Italian cuisine.
     “We’ve grown up in families that have made their own
     wood oven pizzas, breads, tomato sauces and preserved
     gourmet vegetables all year round - specialty foods that
     we today pay dearly for and once took for granted”.
     Our goal in opening this new and exciting pizza-cone
     café is to offer the consumer an alternative fast food
     that is packed with fresh mouth watering fillings that
     are healthy, nutritious and really tasty. Our expansive
     pizzakone menu is sure to please the most discerning of
     palates, and if you’re after a delicious Margherita or prefer
     gourmet ingredients in your pizza-cone, then you’ve
     definitely come to the right place.

     One of our happy customers wrote to us to say “it’s not
     just a pizza-in-a-cone, it’s an amazing taste sensation
     of mixed mouth watering ingredients magnificently
     assembled inside a convenient but still very delicious
     pizza-cone base. A simple twist on a classic idea adapted
     into a tasty piece of modern art, well worth every cent”.

Gourmet Kones
                We pride ourselves on freshness and the
                quality of ingredients used throughout our
                entire menu from savories through to sweets.
                We bake our pizza-cone bases and make
                delicious cakes daily on our premises, so our
                customers enjoy only the freshest of products.
                Our vision has been to bring to Australia the
                iconic foods of Italy but with a modern twist
                and in a convenient fast food format.

                Opening Hours
                Tuesday - Thursday               12pm - 9pm
                Friday - Saturday              12pm - 10pm
                Sunday                        12:30pm - 9pm

     Imma & Mario’s Mercato
     625-627 Lower North East Road
     Campbelltown SA 5074
     P 8337 1808
     E info@ilmercato.com.au

     John and Rosa Caporaso

     Imma and Mario Caporaso established a continental
     deli on St Bernards Rd, Rostrevor in 1972. They were
     committed to building a business based on friendly,
     personalised service and a range of quality produce.
     In the early days, the store simply stocked local and
     imported general grocery items such as cheeses, oils,
     smallgoods and coffees. As the business developed,
     Imma and Mario expanded the range to include
     complementary items such as kitchenware.
     Imma and Mario had their two Iittle helpers, Angela and
     John, who grew up in the shop and worked on weekends.
     John rejoined the family business in 1998 with his wife
     Rose, with a vision to build on the cultural empire
     established by his parents over 25 years.
     John moved the business to a larger purpose built
     store down the road. From a no-frills small corner store
     emerged a gourmet food emporium. The new store
     opened in June 2005.

     Any supermarket (or Mercato) with a philosophy to
     ‘provide the best quality food’ is a winner. Which is
     probably why this foodie mart has been in business for
     over 35 years, concentrating on Italian and local produce
     stocking a huge selection of smallgoods, cheeses,
     antipastos, oils, biscuits, chocolates and kitchenware.


imma & mario’s mercato
                         New concepts include in-store cooking classes,
                         On The-Go! readymade restaurant quality
                         meals and a sub-let on-site bakery.
                         A wine cellar has been added to their
                         Campbelltown store, appropriately called La
                         Cantina. The cellar allows customers to taste
                         and then buy exclusive Italian wines. We also
                         stock Italian liqueurs and grappa.
                         Traditional Italian cooking classes, hosted by
                         talented Adelaide chefs are offered on Tuesday
                         evenings. Our very own Christian Canala
                         presents our Italian wines on Wednesday
                         evening in fascinating and informative Wine
                         tasting classes. Contact Mercato for enquiries
                         or to book a seat.

                         Opening Hours
                         Monday - Friday              8.30am - 6.30pm
                         Saturday & Sunday               8.30am - 5pm
                         Public Holidays                    9am - 3pm

     La Vera Mozzarella
     16-18 Hamilton Terrace
     Newton SA 5074
     P 8337 8222

     Pino and Giovanna Marmorale

     La Vera is a three-generation trade in cheese
     manufacturing originating from Southern Italy. Both
     daughters, Lucy and Sabrina are also involved in the
     family business, which has contributed to the added
     success of La Vera.
     Nestled near the foothills of Adelaide, La Vera is a
     boutique factory, producing a unique range of
     handcrafted specialty cheeses, using only the freshest
     and exclusively selected local South Australian milk,
     including cow, goat and sheep milk.
     Originating with a fine selection of Italian style cheeses
     such as Fresh Ricotta, Bocconcini, Mascarpone and
     Fresh Pecorino, Pino wanted to expand his range with
     delicacies such as surface-ripened cheeses, Roquefort
     Style Cheeses and Hard Cheeses. In order to achieve this,
     he spent considerable time overseas where he was rained
     and taught the skills involved in producing what are now
     award winning specialties.

     La Vera has an extensive range of cheese products,
     ranging from original and traditional styles to an
     assortment of exotic cheeses. All products handcrafted
     on-site are produced using non-animal Rennet. This is an
     enzyme added to the milk to coagulate (set) it.
     At La Vera, we have the firm belief that mass produced
     cheeses lack the charm, delicacy and appeal of a hand-
     made specialty cheese. Interest in price, shelf life and
     uniformity of flavours are the very opposite of genuine fine
     cheeses made in small quantities by skilled producers.

la vera mozzarella
                     Artisan producers such as Pino, recognise that
                     cheese manufacturing requires consideration,
                     detailed attention and quality craftsmanship.
                     Hence, he maintains and matures his cheeses
                     so that the consumers can enjoy them at their
                     The family is delighted to share the success
                     of La Vera with the community, and invite
                     the public to visit the factory at Newton and
                     sample a range of our cheeses and appreciate
                     the labour of love required to produce such a
                     delicious assortment.

                     Opening Hours
                     Monday - Friday              9am - 5pm
                     Saturday                  9am - 12.30pm
                     Groups by prior arrangement - no tours

     Nuts in Paradise
     48-52 Avenue Road
     Paradise SA 5075
     P 8337 5154
     E sales@nutsinparadise.com.au

     Joanne Ciccarello

     Nuts In Paradise has 18 years in nut and fruit and
     confectionary distribution, and 40 years in fresh fruit and
     vegetable wholesales.

     Nuts In Paradise stock a good cross-section of SA based
     fruit and nuts. A small mix of handmade confectionary
     lines and have had a good, strong local presence for over
     20 years.

     Opening Hours
     No shopfront available. Products can be purchased from
     the Geoff Heath Par 3 Golf Course Shop, James Street,


     nuts in paradise

     Salta in Bocca
     53b Reynell Road
     Rostrevor SA 5073
     P 8365 0637

     Therese and Andreas Carstensen

     Established in 2002, Salta in Bocca is an iconic bakery
     located in Rostrevor. Since taking over in 2007,we have
     been committed to continuous improvements.
     Keeping to the original recipes, we have sourced premium
     ingredients, with improved packaging and marketing,
     to provide our customers with consistently high quality

     Almond Breads, are our specialty for you to enjoy.
     Traditional, Fig and Pistachio, Apricot and Hazelnut,
     Chocolate and Cafe Latte. Five unique varieties of finely
     cut Almond breads and Biscotti, that are double cooked
     to ensure the unique quality and crispness of the original
     traditional recipes.
     Made with the finest organic flour, premium quality
     almonds, locally sourced fruits and nuts, Salta in Bocca’s
     almond breads have been a phenomenal success with all
     of our customers, both locally and interstate.
     Croccantini - Gluten free meringue biscuits made with
     roasted hazelnuts and almonds.
     Gift baskets are available for Easter/Christmas and allyear
     Catering packs and bulk sales available.

     Opening Hours
     Monday - Friday                          9.30am - 4.30pm
     Saturday                                    9.30am - 1pm


     salta in bocca

     Sfera’s Gourmet Centre
     636 Lower North East Road
     Campbelltown SA 5074
     P 8337 8783
     E gourmet@sferas.com

     The Sfera Group

     The Sfera’s Gourmet Centre, opened in 1986 by Tony and
     Carmel Sfera, has undergone a number of extensions and
     upgrades to make the store the success story it is today.
     The Gourmet Centre has a fantastic reputation for high
     quality seafood, poultry, game, pasta, meat and cooked
     produce as well as large private buffets delivered to your
     home or workplace.

     Sfera’s Gourmet Centre is unique to Campbelltown as it
     is the only provider in the area with an extensive range
     of seafood, game, poultry, meat, pasta, cheese and
     smallgoods, as well as cooked meals ready to heat and
     serve and catering services. It is a one stop shop for all
     things gourmet and for great produce.

     Opening Hours
     Monday - Wednesday                         8.30am - 6pm
     Thursday                                   8.30am - 7pm
     Friday                                     8.30am - 6pm
     Saturday                                8.30am - 3.30pm


     sfera’s gourmet centre

     Tony and Mark’s Fruit and Veg
     1 Jan Street
     Newton SA 5074
     P 8337 0103
     E mark@tonyandmarks.com.au

     Tony and Mark Capobianco

     Tony and Mark have been in the fruit and vegetable
     business all their lives. For the last 24 years the business
     has operated from the current Newton facility but Tony
     and Mark have over 30 years experience with fruit and
     vegetable retail. The store has recently undergone a total
     revamp with new and improved access to a wider range
     of goods.

     The range of products has increased over the years with a
     vast arrangement of fruit and vegetables, from traditional
     potatoes to the exotic dragon fruit now being offered.
     We now also offer an assortment of continental foods
     with a selection of over 100 different cheeses, olives,
     dips, sauces, precut meats and now also fully arranged

     Opening Hours
     Monday - Wednesday                              7am - 7pm
     Thursday                                        7am - 8pm
     Saturday                                        7am - 5pm
     Sunday                                          9am - 5pm

     tony and mark’s fruit and veg

     Vella Pasta
     617-621 Lower North East Road
     Campbelltown SA 5074
     P 8365 9822
     E sales@vellapasta.com.au

     Carmine Vella

     Vella Pasta is a pasta manufacturing company that began
     in 2007. It is a family business, run by husband and wife
     Carmine and Sarah Vella.
     With three locations, Vella Pasta sells direct to the public
     as well as wholesale.
     All products are made on the Campbelltown premises
     using premium ingredients.
     “It’s just how our family has made it for generations. And
     we know that once you’ve tried it, you’ll want it in your
     kitchen for years to come”

     Vella Pasta sells fresh and frozen products including:
     Ravioli, Tortellini, Gnocchi, Lasagne, Cannelloni, Sauces,
     Heat n’ serve meals and much more.
     Our products have a low GI (Glycemic Index) so they
     provide long lasting energy, making it ideal for those
     seeking healthy, satisfying and economical meals.

     Opening Hours
     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday            9am - 6pm
     Thursday                                     9am - 6.30pm
     Saturday                                       9am - 5pm
     Closed Sunday and public holidays.


     vella pasta

     Geoff Heath Par 3 Golf Course
     72 James Street
     Campbelltown SA 5074
     P 8365 5831
     E geoffheath@belgravialeisure.com.au

     The Geoff Heath Par 3 Golf Course is located at James
     Street, Campbelltown. Considered to be one of Adelaide’s
     most picturesque and scenic par 3 golf courses, it is set
     amongst beautiful gum trees with Fourth Creek as a
     The Golf Course is open every day of the year, with the
     exception of Christmas Day. The opening hours are 7am
     to 6pm (last tee-off ) during daylight savings months
     and 7am to 5pm (last tee-off ) during the winter months.
     Facilities in the complex include a pro shop, kiosk and
     outdoor social areas, along with free use of the driving
     nets and practice putting green.
     The kiosk now features Flavours of Campbelltown Food
     Trail products, particularly from those businesses that do
     not have a shopfront offering - so if you wish to try local
     gelati or fudge for instance, then visit the Geoff Heath
     Golf Course and enjoy the view at the same time!


Marybank Farm - Heritage Accommodation
Montacute Road
Rostrevor SA 5073
P 8337 1282

The Rezz
20 Hamilton Terrace
Newton SA 5074
P 8337 2888

Paradise Hotel
700 Lower North East Road
Paradise SA 5075
P 8337 5055

Magill Accommodation
19 second Street
Magill SA 5072
P 83311599

172 Montacute Road,
Rostrevor SA 5073
P 8366 9222
E mail@campbelltown.sa.gov.au
W www.campbelltown.sa.gov.au

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