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     Project         Key                    Summary              Issue Type    Status Priority Resolution       Assignee
Zend Framework ZF-7818 Zend_Pdf: Image Drawing does not work Bug              Resolved Major   Duplicate  Alexander Veremyev
                             with PHP 5.3.0

Zend Framework   ZF-7480 Zend_Pdf: Add Spot Color support   Improvement       Open     Major   Unresolved   Alexander Veremyev

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Zend Framework   ZF-7479 Unable to load pdf files generated by   Unit Tests: Problem   Resolved Major   Fixed   Alexander Veremyev

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Zend Framework   ZF-5919 PDF Generation unicode issue   Docs: Problem   Open   Major   Unresolved   Alexander Veremyev

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Zend Framework   ZF-5910 Zend_PDF Date Metadata Has Extra   Docs: Problem   Open   Minor   Unresolved   Alexander Veremyev

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Zend Framework            ZF-5832 removing pages from a Zend_Pdf's      Docs: Improvement   Resolved Minor   Fixed   Alexander Veremyev
                                  pages[] array causes some PDF readers
                                  to issue warning

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     Reporter         Created           Updated         Resolved      Affects Version/s   Fix Version/s    Component/s   Due Date Votes
Matthias Eichholz   9/10/2009 2:28   11/12/2009 12:16 9/11/2009 2:36 1.9.2                                Zend_Pdf                    0

Matthew Porter      8/4/2009 18:11     8/4/2009 18:11                                                     Zend_Pdf                    0

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Fabio Napoleoni   8/4/2009 16:58   8/7/2009 8:03   8/7/2009 8:03 1.9.0   1.9.1   Zend_Pdf     0

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martin   3/2/2009 2:42   3/4/2009 9:45   1.7.5   Zend_Pdf     0

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Chris Hiestand   2/27/2009 11:16   9/23/2009 12:08   Zend_Pdf     0

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Charles Hoffman   2/18/2009 15:41   8/26/2009 7:48 8/26/2009 7:48 1.7.5   1.9.0   Zend_Pdf      4

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                                                                                    ZF-6715, ZF-8214

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ZF-6837, ZF-6838, ZF-6839, ZF-6841,

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               Description                    Security Level   Progress Σ Progress   Σ Time Spent   Σ Remaining Estimate   Σ Original Estimate
Trying to draw an image with the
Zend_Pdf component ends up with the
error 'JPG support is not configured
properly.' The Problem is a improvement
in PHP 5.3.0. In the file
Zend/Pdf/Resource/Image/Jpeg.php you
can find the following if statement on line

$gd_options = gd_info();
if (!$gd_options['JPG Support'] ) {

With the version 5.3.0 of PHP the "JPG
Support" attribute has been renamed to
"JPEG Support".

Currently, it appears that the Zend_Pdf
component supports RGB, HTML, CMYK

Unfortunately, it does not support Spot or
Pantone (PMS) colours.

This would be a great improvement to
add, as it would enable print-ready PDFs
to be created from within PHP without
the need for external libraries.

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I've just upgraded to ZF 1.9.0 and I have
a problem running my unit tests.
Currently my invoices are generated by
an external script which uses htmldoc,
and then I've incapsulated the generated
pdf file into a Zend_Pdf object with this

$temppdf = <external_script> // this is a
string containig the pdf filename with full
$pdf = Zend_Pdf::load($temppdf);
return $pdf;

Until ZF 1.9 everything works, now after
the upgrade I receive this exception:

Zend_Pdf_Exception: Action dictionary
must contain S entry

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Hi all,

I have troubles using Zend Framework's

When I create PDF file I use UTF-8 as
encoding. This is the code I am using to
generate simple pdf file. I always get this
wrong displayed. Instead of seeing
'Faktúra' in pdf file, it gives me 'Faktú'
Instead of seeing 'Dodávateľ:' in pdf file,
it gives me 'Dodáva'

$pdf = new Zend_Pdf();
$pdf->pages[] = ($page1 = $pdf-
$font =
$page1->setFont($font, 20);
$page1->drawText('Faktúra', 40, 803,
$width_left, $height, 'UTF-8');

So I tried to load font from Windows

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Zend_PDF recommends an extra
apostrophe in the Date metadata fields.
This extra apostrophe does not exist in
the official PDF standard.

According to the latest PDF standard,
this is the format of CreationDate and


HH followed by APOSTROPHE
(U+0027) (') shall be the absolute value
of the offset from UT in hours
mm shall be the absolute value of the
offset from UT in minutes (00-59)

...The APOSTROPHE following the hour
offset field (HH) shall only be present if
the HH field is present. The minute offset
field (mm) shall only be present if the
APOSTROPHE following the hour offset
field (HH) is present...

...For example, December 23, 1998, at
7:52 PM, U.S. Pacific Standard Time, is
represented by the string

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Zend_Pdf, 37.4.2
end.pdf.pages.html) gives an example of
cloning a page and using it as a template
for other pages and then removing the
template page. To remove the template
page, the example code is


I'm noticing that the documents in which I
am using this technique, when opened in
Adobe Acrobat, cause a warning
message: "The document's page tree
contains an invalid node." I suspect that
the gap left in the indices of the
Zend_Pdf pages[] property by removing
pages in this way is causing a null,
"invalid" page in the document. Perhaps
it would be better for the example to use:

$templatePageIndex, 1);

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Labels                      Tags                  Fix Version Priority
         image, jpeg, pdf, resource, zend

         color, colour, graphics, pantone, pdf,
         pms, spot

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files, loading, pdf

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font, pdf, unicode, utf-8

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creationdate, metadata, moddate, pdf

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Pdf, clone, page, remove, template

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