Abstract Submission Instructions

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					             Abstract Submission Instructions

• All abstracts must be submitted online. Authors will be required
   to register on the web site to create a user account and
   password. You are limited to one abstract, though you may be
   an author on another abstract.

• When you have registered you will need to determine if you are
  an invited speaker (you will have been invited by the program
  committee) or are submitting a proffered paper.

• To avoid delays in your submission, prepare your abstract
   offline, and save it as a text, Word, or WordPerfect (.txt .doc or
   .wdp) file before starting. You may either copy and paste or
   type the abstract directly into the submission site.

• Each abstract should contain: (a) an introductory sentence
   indicating the purpose(s) of the study: (b) a brief description of
   pertinent experimental procedures; (c) a summary of the new,
   unpublished data; (d) a statement of the conclusions.

• There is a 2000 character limit on text of the abstract (not
   counting spaces). This limit does not include the title, authors
   and institution. You may include a table, but this will count as
   600 characters towards your total.

• No figures are allowed.

• Abbreviations may be used in the body of the abstract if they
   are defined at their first mention of the text

• Be sure your abstract is accurate before you complete the
   submission and make sure you retain the control number you
   receive upon completion.

• The regular abstract submission deadline is May 15, 2011.