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					Beaverton Recycles!         2008 Beaverton
                           Recycling Guide

                                       City of Beaverton
                      Solid Waste and Recycling Program
   Beaverton Recycles!
                                  A word from the Mayor
                                  The City of Beaverton and its residents are
                                  committed to a cleaner, greener, more sustainable
                                  community. We’ve been recognized for our Green
                                  Power leadership by the EPA and have long
                                  been a Tree City USA member. We support the
                                  U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection
                                  Agreement efforts. Our local Beaverton Central
                                  Plant, a highly-efficient heating and cooling plant,
                                  has been acknowledged for government innovation
                                  by Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of
                                  Government. The City of Beaverton is also leading
City of                           the way with environmentally friendly development
Beaverton                         practices and a sustainability committee that is
                                  working to reduce environmental impact.
Solid Waste &
Recycling Program                 Every resident of Beaverton can contribute toward
Office of the Mayor
                                  sustainability in our community through our
PO Box 4755                       residential and business recycling programs. This
Beaverton, OR 97076               book is designed to serve as your guide to recycling
                                  and waste prevention in your home, at work and
(503) 526-2665                    throughout the City.
www.beavertonoregon.              Beaverton residents can be proud to have one of
gov/recycling                     the strongest recycling programs in the state. The
recyclingmail@                    2006 introduction of residential recycling roll-carts                resulted in an impressive 17 percent increase in
                                  recycling volume. Looking to the future, we’ll
                                  continue to explore and introduce new programs to
                                  reduce impact on our local and global environment.

                                  I’m pleased with our recycling efforts but know that
                                  together we can continue to do more. Thank you for
                                  your efforts to recycle!

      Printed on                                                   Rob Drake
    100% Recycled
    Content Paper                                                      Mayor

2 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                          Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
          What’s inside
           What can I recycle...                                   4-5
              ...if I live in a house?                             6-7
              ...if I live in an apartment?                        8-9
     my place of work?                            10-11

           “A to Z” Recycling Guide                             12-20
                Beyond the basics: Instructions for
                recycling nearly everything

           General Information                    21-27
              How are we doing?
              Where does it go?
              Waste prevention tips
              Electronics Recycling Rebate Coupon
              Contact Information

Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                                 •   3
         PAPER                                 pLAstiC
 Cardboard (flat, clean)                   EMpty & rinsE
 Newspaper (not in plastic bag)             Bottles (6+ ounces)
 Magazines, catalogs, junk mail             Tubs (4+ ounces)
 Phone books                                Buckets (5 gallons or less)
 Food boxes (no liners)                     Nursery pots (4+ inches)
 Milk cartons (rinsed)
 Shredded paper (bagged in
  paper, not plastic bag)

                                             Plastic bags (all types: food,
                                              shopping, newspaper, etc.)
                                             Shrink/bubble wrap
                                            Caps and lids
                                             Food and microwave trays
                                             Food to-go containers
 Frozen food boxes                          Packaging materials (block
                                              foam, packing peanuts and
 Cups                                        hard plastic materials)
 Waxed cardboard                            Drink cups and plates
 Facial tissues                             Toys and garden chairs
 Paper towels                               Toxic material containers
 Paper with food residue                     (motor oil, antifreeze,
                                              pesticide, etc.)

4 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                     Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                MEtAL                                      GLASS
  EMpty & rinsE                                      EMpty & rinsE
   Cans                                              Glass bottles and jars only
   Caps and lids                                      (labels do not need to be
   Aluminum foil and trays
   Scrap metal pieces shorter
    than 36 inches and less than
    40 pounds

                                                     	 o not mix glass with other
                                                      recycling: put in designated
                                                      glass bin/container.
                                                      Lids or corks
                                                      Plastic or paper bags, cartons,
   Cans or metal with food                            or boxes
    residue                                           Ceramics, tableware (cups/
   Metal with other attached                          glasses, plates)
    materials (plastics, etc.)                        Window glass, light bulbs,

                         MOtOr OiL Set used motor oil next to your glass bin,
                         in a one-gallon, see-through, unbreakable container with a
                         screw top cap. For residential customers only.

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                                               •   5
Beaverton Recycles!
Recycling at your house is easy, but there are guidelines to follow to make
the collection system function smoothly and efficiently.

Cart set-out                                  Cart preparation
LOCAtiOn & tiME Place your                    MAxiMUM ALLOWABLE
materials at curbside in front of your        WEights The two most common
home by 6 a.m. on your scheduled pick         cart sizes are listed below; call your
up day.                                       hauler for limits on other cart sizes.
                                                  • 32-gallon garbage roll-cart
COLLECtiOn DAy Garbage, yard                         maximum is 75 pounds.
debris and recycling are all collected            • 60-gallon yard debris or
weekly on the same day. Schedule                     recycling roll-cart maximum is
changes only occur due to inclem-                    100 pounds.
ent weather, Christmas Day and New
Year’s Day.                                   OVErFiLLED CArts Do not
                                              overstuff your roll-carts (garbage, yard
AVOiD OBstACLEs Carts should                  debris or recycling). Materials must
be at least three feet from basketball        fall freely from your roll-carts.
hoops, trees, cars and other containers.
Do not block mailboxes at any time.           nO hAZArDOUs/tOxiC
                                              MAtEriALs Do not dispose of
pUt CArts AWAy Remove emp-                    hazardous products in your roll-cart.
tied containers from the curb as soon         Contact Metro at (503) 234-3000 for
as possible so they do not block side-        hazardous waste disposal information.
walks or become an eyesore.

                  typiCAL CUrB sEt OUt

                                                  Garbage                 Debris
    Motor           Glass
6 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                         Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
 Beaverton Recycles!
Garbage rates and services
Residential garbage rates have not changed since 2003. Beaverton’s system
provides some of the highest levels of service for the lowest monthly cost in the
entire region. Your standard residential services include weekly collection of
garbage, recycling and yard debris.
Garbage and recycling                                                       Weight
services are regulated to          type of garbage service         Rate
ensure health and sanitation
                                  Weekly 20-gallon roll-cart      $15.50 35 lbs.
standards are met, as well
                                  Weekly 32-gallon roll-cart      $18.00 75 lbs.
as to reduce traffic, noise
and road damage. Without          Weekly 60-gallon roll-cart      $29.50 100 lbs.
franchise regulation, a street    Weekly 90-gallon roll-cart      $37.00 145 lbs.
with ten houses, each using
a different hauler would see
30 to 40 trucks travelling on that street to handle the basic services of collecting
garbage, recycling, glass and yard debris.

  Other rates and services
  OVErFiLLED CArts The lid of your garbage or yard debris roll-cart must
  close flat or you may be subject to additional charge(s).
  ExtrA gArBAgE Cost is $4 for each additional 32-gallon can or bag.
  BULky WAstE Call your hauler for rates and scheduling.
  ExtrA yArD DEBris (BAg) Cost is $3 for each additional kraft (paper)
  bag. Do not use plastic bags for yard debris, they are not compostable.
  ExtrA yArD DEBris (rOLL-CArt) Each additional 60-gallon roll-cart
  subscription is $4 per month.
  OFF-CUrB sErViCE Subscription service only, with a charge of $13 per
  month. The hauler retrieves your garbage cart from a location other than at
  the curb.
  CALL-BACks FOr inACCEssiBLE CArt sErViCE Cost is $8 when a
  roll-cart was not curbside by 6 a.m. or was inaccessible to the truck. It does not
  apply to missed service when the hauler is at fault.

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                                        •   7
Beaverton Recycles!
Apartment recycling - what you can do
	Look for recycling containers at your
  apartment community (your property
  manager should be able to tell you
  where they are).
	 recycling is not available at
  your community, let your property
  manager know that recycling is
  important to you. Recycling services
  are generally part of overall garbage
	Contact the City’s Recycling
  Program to request a red tote
  bag or for help recycling at your

8 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665   Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
 Beaverton Recycles!
how to use your recycling tote bag
Durable, reusable recycling tote bags are available to residents in shared
service buildings throughout the City. The tote bag makes storing and

1 23
transporting your recyclables to depot areas as easy as:

gAthEr                                    trAnspOrt                   rECyCLE
Gather your                               Use your tote bag           Put the contents of
recyclables into your                     to transport your           your tote bag into
tote bag (all paper,                      recyclables to              the proper recycling
cardboard, cans,                          your community              containers: glass in a
plastic bottles and                       recycling area.             designated glass cart
tubs, glass bottles                                                   and everything else in
and jars).                                                            the mixed recycling.

    how to get a
    FREE recycling tote bag
      yOUr prOpErty MAnAgEr Most Beaverton property
      managers have a supply of tote bags for their residents.
      WEB sitE Go to the City web site (
      recycling) and use the “In the Bag” order form to request your
      free bag.
      phOnE Call the Beaverton Solid Waste & Recycling Program at
      (503) 526-2665.
      E-MAiL Send your name and address to recyclingmail@
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                                                     •   9
Beaverton Recycles!
What you can do to improve recycling at work
Cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and tubs, and glass
are all essential parts of Beaverton’s standard recycling program. Most
businesses have a system for recycling cardboard and office paper, but

could easily expand to include containers and other paper products.

           OnLy CArDBOArD If your company is only recycling
           cardboard, there is more that could be done. Your company
           probably already has the containers for mixed recycling and

           glass collection, ask if the recycling program could be expanded.

           OnLy shrEDDED pApEr If your office is only recycling
           paper through a shredding service, you should consider
           expanding your program to include paper that does not need to

           be shredded, plastic bottles and tubs, metal and glass.

           nEED hELp If you do not know where to start, call the
           Recycle At Work Program to guide your company to the next
           recycling level.

                                             Free education and assistance is
                                             available to make it easy for you to
                                             start, maintain or improve a recycling
                                             system that works for your business.
                                             Services include:
                                             • Kick off events to start or revamp
                                                your program
                                             • Advice on how to start a green team
                                             • Free recycling boxes
                                             • Educational materials — decals,
                                                posters and other resources
10 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                        Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
 Beaverton Recycles!

            120 pounds per minute
            7,200 pounds per hour
                29 tons per day
                                       that’s how much
                                    rECyCLABLE pApEr
                                   is being thrown into the

                                      by area businesses
                                    EVEry BUsinEss DAy.

              Do you Recycle
                 At WoRk?

              call us at (503) 526-2460 for help.
Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                                        •   11
Beaverton Recycles!
Aerosol cans                                 Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Aerosol cans can be recycled if they are completely empty and the nozzle is
left on the can. The plastic cap/lid should be removed and put in the garbage.

Antifreeze                                   Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Antifreeze cannot be mixed with motor oil for curbside recycling or placed in
your garbage. Used antifreeze is recyclable at Metro’s hazardous waste facili-
ties (see page 15). Antifreeze recovery systems with recycling containers are
available from many automotive supply retailers.

Batteries                                    Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Rechargeable batteries: these batteries contain heavy metals. The preferred
environmental practice is to recycle them. Rechargeable batteries can be taken
back to many retailers or to Metro’s hazardous waste facilities. To find a nearby
retailer, please visit the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporations Web site

Alkaline batteries: disposal of “household quantities” are allowed in your
residential garbage roll-cart.

In the workplace, consult with the person who handles hazardous materials for
specific information about recycling batteries at your business.

Bulky waste items                            Garbage  Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

                 Large or bulky items can be taken to a donation center, local
                 recycling center or picked up by your hauler (this service must
                 be scheduled in advance with a special service fee) or self-
                 hauled to a landfill. Common bulky items include: refrigerators,
                 stoves, washers, dryers, couches, grills, building materials, etc.
                 Refrigerators may require a freon decommissioning fee.

12 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                       Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
  Beaverton Recycles!
                                                     FrOM A tO Z
  Caps and lids                            Garbage     Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Plastic caps and lids are not recyclable. Please remove caps/lids and throw
  them in the trash. Caps, lids, tubs and bottles are often made of different kinds
  of plastic resin. The shape and small size of caps and lids make them difficult
  to sort; for example, yogurt tub lids get trapped in magazines or newspapers
  and end up at a paper mill rather than a plastic recycler.

  Metal caps and lids can only be recycled if placed inside a larger metal
  container (such as a can) and the top section crimped shut to hold the contents.
  Otherwise, flat metal lids frequently get caught between magazines or
  cardboard and are not picked up by magnetic sorters.

  Cell phones                               Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Most cell phone providers have programs to take-back old phones for reuse,
  recycling and/or proper disposal. Check with your cell phone provider when
  you purchase a new phone or check online for “donate-a-phone” options.

  Electronics                               Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Many electronic components such as computers, monitors, and stereos contain
  heavy metals, such as lead, and other toxic materials making them hazardous
  to the environment. The State of Oregon has adopted an electronics recycling
  program that will be implemented in 2009. Until the statewide program is in
  place, your options for reuse or recycling include:
   Recycle or Donate Call the City Recycling Program to get information
       about donation or recycling options. (See page
       25 of this guide for a local recycling opportunity
       and a rebate coupon.)
   Return to manufacturer Many equipment
       manufacturers have take-back programs. Check
       with local retailers or company web sites for

Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                                       •   13
Beaverton Recycles!
Foam (block & peanuts) Garbage                          Recycling 	Take to Depot 

There are currently no recycling options for block foam (curbside or depot).
Some local mail courier services will periodically accept foam peanuts for
reuse in packaging. Call the retailers near you to find out if they are accepting
peanuts or if they are fully supplied.

Frozen food boxes                            Garbage  Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Although it looks the same as other food packaging, the paper used for frozen
food boxes is treated with coatings to improve the wet-strength of the paper.
The treatment keeps the package from breaking apart and protects the food
inside the package, however, the wax-like substance prevents the paper from
breaking down in the paper pulping process. Frozen food boxes are not recy-

Glass                                        Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 
	Beaverton residents can set out their glass every week. However, in an
  effort to maintain Beaverton’s low garbage
  rates, residents are encouraged to set out glass
  bins only when they are full (or nearly full).
	Apartment residents and businesses should find
  out from property managers/owners about the
  location of on-site glass recycling containers.
	Glass must be kept separate from other
  recycling. When glass mixes with other recycling, it often breaks and
  damages processing equipment, creates risk to sorting crews and reduces
  the market value of the paper mixed with it.
	Why does my hauler sometimes skip my glass pick-up? There are three
  common reasons: (1) You may have contaminated glass (food residue,
  bags, etc.) in which case you will receive a note from your hauler;
  (2) Your red bin was not visible to the driver; or (3) Your bin was not out
  at collection time. Most of Beaverton’s recycling haulers use a separate
  truck to pick up glass and recycling. Be careful not to assume the glass
  truck has been by your house just because your mixed recycling was
  already picked up.
14 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                       Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
  Beaverton Recycles!
                                                           FrOM A tO Z
  hazardous waste                         Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Hazardous products can pose a threat to human health and the environment if
  they are not disposed of properly. These types of
  products should not be placed in the trash, down
  the drain, into storm drains or burned.
  Metro’s free hazardous waste roundup events
  take place weekly from March to November.
  You also can take your toxic trash year-round
  to Metro’s permanent hazardous waste facilities
  seven days per week. For locations and a schedule call (503) 234-3000 or
  check the Metro web site at

  To minimize risk from accidental spills or dangerous mixing of materials:

  	Keep products in original containers when possible. If a product does not
    have its original label, you can label it if you are sure of the contents.
  	Make sure products are properly sealed to prevent leaks and spills.
  	Containers and boxes, including gasoline cans, cannot be returned to you,
    so make sure you do not need the container for future use.
  	Do not mix products together. Dangerous reactions can occur when some
    materials are mixed.
  	Do not put items in plastic bags.

  Labels                                         Garbage      Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Labels do not need to be removed from tin cans, plastic bottles and glass jars,
  but you do need to rinse cans, bottles and/or jars clean of all residue.

     Do you have a gLAss OnLy decal for
     your red bin? Call (503) 526-2665 or visit www. to request this FREE resource.

Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                                             •   15
Beaverton Recycles!
Lights (tubes/bulbs)                         Garbage  Recycling 	Take to Depot 

 Residents are encouraged to recycle fluorescent lights due to their mercury
  content. Call Metro Recycling at (503) 234-3000 for details. Although
  recycling is the preferred environmental option, residents can put tubes in a
  garbage roll-cart if they are wrapped and taped in newspaper or contained
  in the original packaging. They must fit entirely into the roll-cart to prevent
  injuries to the garbage collectors and passersby.
 Light bulbs are not recyclable and should be placed in your garbage.
 Businesses should consult with the person who handles their company’s
  hazardous materials.

Metal                                        Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

                      Household metal can be recycled in your mixed recycling
                      and picked up by your hauler. Cans should be empty and
                      rinsed; aerosol cans should be empty with the nozzle left
                      on the can; scrap metal must weigh less than 40 pounds
                      and must not measure more than 36 inches in length (in any
                      dimension). If you have larger pieces of scrap metal, go to
                      the “Find a Recycler” link on the City web site or call for
                      more information.

Microwaves                                   Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Microwaves can be taken to local recyclers. Check the City web site or call us
for information about local options for safely recycling your microwave ovens.

Motor oil                                    Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Residents can put used motor oil in see-through one gallon, unbreakable
containers with a screw-top lid at curbside for recycling. Motor oil is picked up
by the glass/recycling truck, so you must set the oil next to your red glass bin.
The red bin serves as a “signal” to the driver, so even if you have no glass, but do
have oil, the bin should be set out.
Businesses must make arrangements with a commercial oil collection recycler.

16 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                       Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
  Beaverton Recycles!
                                                        FrOM A tO Z
  Paint cans                                   Garbage        Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

   Empty paint cans (metal or plastic) can be placed in your recycling
          container once the paint has dried inside the can.
   Take partially full or full cans of paint to Metro’s hazardous waste
          collection facilities or weekend roundup events for recycling. Do not pour
          excess paint down the drain.

  Paper                                        Garbage        Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Paper products have long been part of the recycling program, but the old ways of
  sorting have changed. Almost everyone says “yes” when asked if they are recy-
  cling paper — but are you recycling ALL the paper you could be? Review the
  list below and see if you can add to your recycling:
   Cardboard (flattened and inside recycling roll-cart,
       not beside it)
   Shredded paper (in a paper bag to keep it from
       blowing away when being emptied into the
       recycling truck)
   Newspapers (must be removed from plastic
       delivery bags)
   Paper bags
   Magazines, catalogs and junk mail
   Telephone books
   Milk and juice cartons (emptied and rinsed)
   Scrap paper: cereal, cracker and cookie boxes
       (sometimes known as paperboard; wax or
       plastic liners removed), shoe boxes, envelopes
       (window and labels okay), paper labels from cans, wrapping paper and
       greeting cards (no foil or plastic coating), construction paper, paper towel
       and tissue cores, paper egg cartons, photocopies, stationery, file folders,
       computer paper, and brochures
  	 recyclable: tissues and paper towels, paper with food residue, frozen
       food boxes.

Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                                          •   17
Beaverton Recycles!
pet food/litter bags                         Garbage  Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Pet food and pet litter bags are lined with plastic, which makes them not
recyclable. Some bags are made with recycled content, but that doesn’t make
them recyclable.

Pizza boxes                                  Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Food remnants should be thoroughly removed from the box; these materials at-
tract pests and vermin during transport and processing. Grease stains should be
minimal in order for the box to be recycled.

Plastic                                      Garbage    Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Plastic tubs, plastic buckets and plastic nursery containers (pots, trays and cell-
packs) as long as they are rinsed clean (food, drink, soaps, cooking oil, potting
soil, etc.) are all recyclable in your recycling container.
      Plastic bottles (6+ ounces)
	  Plastic tubs (4+ ounces; yogurt, margarine, cottage cheese, butter)
	  Buckets
	  Nursery pots/trays
	  No plastic bags, plastic films or bubble
          wrap — you can take plastic bags
          to a recycling depot or local grocery
	  No take-out food trays or containers
	  No toys or garden hoses
	 	 No lids or caps
	  No block foam, styrofoam, polystyrene or foam peanuts

Regional Plastics Roundup Information Master Recyclers periodically
sponsors roundup events to collect a wide variety of plastic materials. Go to for more information.

18 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                       Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
  Beaverton Recycles!
                                                       FrOM A tO Z
  Plastic bags                               Garbage     Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Put recyclable materials directly into your cart — not in a plastic bag. Plastic
  bags are not allowed because they tend to get tangled up in sorting equipment
  and cause costly shutdowns and repairs.
       No plastic garbage bags to hold recycling materials.
       No plastic grocery bags.
       No plastic newspaper delivery bags.
  Many local grocery stores and the Beaverton Recycling
  Center (at Highway 217 and Denney Road) collect used
  plastic grocery bags for recycling — but they cannot be part
  of your curbside recycling.

  sharps                                     Garbage     Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Sharps (needles, lancets, and syringes) are hazardous waste and must be
  disposed of properly. Do not place sharps into your garbage roll-cart.
  Containers such as milk jugs and coffee cans are not safe for sharps storage.
   What to do with sharps: Your garbage collector is prohibited from
      collecting garbage that contains sharps. Please return full sharps containers
      to a certified biohazard disposal facility or talk to your local pharmacy.
   Metro Sharps Program: Metro’s hazardous waste facilities accept sharps
      in approved containers. There is a one-time $5 container/participation fee
      and then each time you drop off a full container, they will give you an
      empty one in exchange to reuse. Please call (503) 234-3000.
   Sharps by Mail: Waste Management offers a safe, confidential, mailing
      solution for sharps disposal with various container sizes and mailing
      options. Please call (877) 927-8363 or visit

  tires                                      Garbage     Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

  Tires may be picked up by your garbage hauler (for a fee) or they may be taken
  to a transfer station or landfill for recycling (for a fee). Please call the City Re-
  cycling Program or the Metro Recycling Hotline at (503) 234-3000.

Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                                         •   19
Beaverton Recycles!
toner/ink-jet cartridges Garbage                      Recycling 	Take to Depot 

Toner and ink-jet cartridges are not acceptable in the recycling program.
Some local retailers have recycling, reuse or take-back programs. Ask for
options at the store where you buy your printer supplies.

yard debris and wood                         Garbage  Recycling 	 Take to Depot 

Please remember as you prepare your yard debris:
		 Yard debris carts are picked up weekly in the City of Beaverton.
 	 Please place your yard debris cart at the curb (not in the street) on your
    scheduled day.
 	 Include only leaves, grass clippings, garden waste, weeds, branches
    and prunings (no greater than four inches in diameter and 36 inches in
 	 Contact the City or Metro for backyard com-
    posting brochures or information (see contact
    information on page 19).
 	 Plastic bags cannot be used for yard debris.
    If you have extra yard debris beyond what fits
    into your cart, you may purchase kraft-paper
    yard debris bags from many local retailers.
    (Please note, there is an additional $3 charge
    for each extra yard debris bag).
 	 A typical 60-gallon roll cart may not weigh
    more than 100 pounds.
 	 No oversized items, dirt, sod, stumps, metal,
    rocks, ashes, food waste, plastic, lumber, ani-
    mal waste or household garbage.
 	 Do not overstuff the container — it may not
    empty properly.
Call your hauler or contact the City’s Recycling
Program if you have additional questions about yard
debris collection.

20 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                      Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
 Beaverton Recycles!
                                          hOW ArE WE DOing?
We’re making progress
Residents do a great job with recycling:
 • In 2006, the area recovered 55.5 percent of all waste generated
 • The goal is 64 percent by 2009 (set by the state legislature)
 • Residential recycling volume increased by 17 percent from 2006 to
   2007, according to a before and after study of recycling roll-carts

But we are producing more garbage
The amount of garbage generated per person is on the rise:
 • In 1995, Oregon residents
   produced 2,364 pounds
   of solid waste (about 6.5
   pounds per day)
 • In 2006, this went up to
   3,118 pounds per person
   per year (about 8.5 pounds
   per day)

What’s next?
Plans for the future of Beaverton Recycles include:
  • Maintain a strong residential recycling program
  • Encourage residential and commercial waste reduction
  • Explore opportunities to implement residential and/or commercial food
    waste recycling, with the development of local processing
  • Enhance the Recycle At Work program to help businesses recycle
    more of their waste

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 Beaverton Recycles!
 WhErE DOEs it gO?
My garbage
After garbage is collected by your garbage hauler, it is taken to a transfer station.
Most of Beaverton’s trash goes to a transfer station in Forest Grove. The garbage
is then transferred to large trucks that haul the garbage to landfills, located near
McMinnville or in Eastern Oregon near Arlington.

                                             Learn how to prepare
                                             your recycling
                                             recycling and watch our “How To
                                             Recycle in Beaverton” video.

22 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665                      Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
  Beaverton Recycles!
                                          WhErE DOEs it gO?
My recycling
Recycling materials are taken to a local, privately-owned “Materials Recovery
Facility” (sometimes abbreviated MRF) that sorts the recycling both
mechanically and manually. The sorted materials are baled and transported to
markets throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. For example: paper goes
to paper mills, metal to metal smelters, and plastic bottles often get remade into
fibers (used in carpets and clothing).

                                           Want to see how
                                           recycling is sorted?
                                           recycling and watch our “What
                                           Happens to My Recycling” video.

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 Beaverton Recycles!
 WAstE prEVEntiOn
reduce your junk mail
It is estimated that 44 percent of junk mail goes to a landfill unopened. If all of
the junk mail delivered in Beaverton in one year were placed end to end, it would
                         form a line more than 3,000 miles long. In addition to
                         wasting your time, junk mail wastes resources. Even if
                         you recycle all of your junk mail, there are still enormous
                         costs in terms of natural resources and energy used to
                         produce, deliver and recycle the paper.
                         The City of Beaverton and Metro offer
Junk Mail Kits that include direct mailing opt-out postcards that
will minimize the number of companies that share your home
address. Call us to request a copy. The removal process is not
immediate, but over time you should see a decline in junk mail
in your mailbox.

When you move
Moving out of your house, apartment or condominium can produce a lot of
materials that can be reused, recycled or thrown away. Please remember these
helpful hints when moving:
 DOnAtiOn Items such as books, appliances, electronics, paint, furniture
   and other household or bulky items can be donated to organizations such as
   Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or a local church or community organization.
 hAUL it If you have more trash than will be accepted at your shared garbage
   and recycling area, you can contact Metro’s
   Transfer stations and/or Hazardous Waste
   facilities at (503) 234-3000 for disposal
   options. There are fees for disposal of many
   of these materials.
 MOrE inFOrMAtiOn The Solid Waste
   and Recycling Program at the City of
   Beaverton can provide you with recycling
   depot locations and additional resources —
   call us at (503) 526-2665.

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                                          Electronics Recycling
                                          rEBAtE COUpOn
    For a limited
    time, the City                        name: ____________________________
    of Beaverton                          Address: _________________________
    is offering an
    “instant rebate”                      Beaverton, OR Zip Code: ___________
    of up to $10 to                       Email: __________@__________.______
    help reduce your
    cost. The rebate                      today i recycled (write quantity):
    is available to the                   ___ Computer CpU (tower/Box)
    first 500 Beaverton
                                          ___ Computer Monitor
    residents to
    redeem the                            ___ Printer or Scanner
    coupon. Be sure                       ___ Computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard,
    to take the Rebate                        speakers, cables, etc.)
    Coupon with you                       ___ Fax Machine or Copier
    when you go to
                                          ___ VCR or DVD Player
    Far West Fibers.
    One rebate per                        ___ Stereo
    household.                            ___ Microwave Oven

    rebate Days:                          ___ television
    May 1 to 31,
    2008 (excluding                       Maximum $10 rebate available
    Sundays)                              from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. from May 1 to 31
                                          (excluding Sundays). Limited to the first 500
    rebate hours:                         rebates. See reverse for additional details.
    9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                                       FOR OFFICE USE ONLY:
                                                                                 Rebate Amount:
                                           Date: ______/______/2008
                                           ID Verification: ________
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rebate information
A maximum $10 rebate is available to
Beaverton residents only. One rebate per
household per calendar year.

Rebate is available to the first 500 Beaverton
residents. The program will end when the
rebate funds have been disbursed.                  Far West Fibers
                                                   (503) 643-9944
Rebate Days: May 1 to 31, 2008, excluding
                                                   accepts used
                                                   home electronics
Rebate Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.                     equipment
                                                   year-round at
You may be asked to provide Beaverton              their Beaverton
address verification.                              facility (near
Far West Fibers charges for electronics            Highway 217
materials left at their facility. Minimum fee is   and Denney
$5. Common “pre-rebate” fees include:              Road). There
•    Computer CPU: $10                             is a fee for this
•    Computer Monitor: $10
•    Full Computer System: $20
•    Computer Peripherals: $5/group
•    Laptop Computer: $10                          Far West Fibers
•    Microwave Oven: $10                           is open seven
•    Television: $.30 per pound
•    Stereo or boom box: $5
                                                   days per week,
•    Printer or Scanner: $5                        between the
•    VCR or DVD Player: $4                         hours of 7:30
                                                   a.m. and 5 p.m.

10750 SW Denney Road,
(SW Corner of Hwy 217
and Denny Rd Exit)
(503) 643-9944

26 • Recycling Information: (503) 526-2665             Printed on 100% recycled content paper.
                             City of Beaverton
                             Solid Waste & Recycling Program
                             Office of the Mayor
                             PO Box 4755
Beaverton Recycles!
                             Beaverton, Oregon 97076
                                     phone: (503) 526-2665
                                     Web site:

                             in partnership with
                             Metro regional government
                                     phone: (503) 234-3000
                                     Web site:
                             and with Beaverton’s Franchised haulers:
                             Aloha Garbage & Recycling .........................(503) 649-6727
                             Garbarino Disposal & Recycling ...................(503) 647-2335
                             Pride Disposal ..............................................(503) 625-6177
                             Valley Garbage & Recycling .........................(503) 643-7063
                             Walker Garbage & Recycling .......................(503) 531-6330
                             Waste Management .....................................(503) 249-8078
                             West Slope Garbage Service .......................(503) 292-8173

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                      City of Beaverton
                      Solid Waste & Recycling Program    PRSRT STD
                                                         US POSTAGE
                      Office of the Mayor
                      P.O. Box 4755                        pAiD
                                                        BEAVERTON, OR
                      Beaverton, OR 97076                 PERMIT 97

Beaverton Recycles!

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