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					                              PREMISES LOGBOOK


   I.     General Guidance and Information

   It should be noted that some disciplines, including Asbestos Management
   and Water Hygiene have not been included in this logbook. Schools will
   already have a register or logbook for these disciplines and should
   continue to use these for the storage of relevant documentation.

This logbook has been divided into two parts. Part One contains general information,
records and guidance, and Part Two contains specific sections for storing building
compliance related information and documentation (a detailed explanation of each
section follows below).

All pages from this logbook are available to download on EGfL –


   I. General Guidance – An explanation of each section and its use.

  II. Where to get Further Advice – This section contains a list of common areas of
      building compliance with the most appropriate person to contact within the
      Council. There is also a list of websites that provide information and guidance on
      health & safety and building compliance.

  III. Maintenance Calls Record – Use this section to record calls to maintenance
       contractors. This will avoid duplicated calls and can be used as a performance
       monitoring record for suppliers.

  IV. Maintenance Contractor Attendance Record – This section is to be used to
      record the attendance of maintenance contractors. It is not intended to replace
      the ‘signing-in’ book, but to enhance maintenance records, by recording a
      detailed reason for the visit. If used in conjunction with the ‘Maintenance Calls
      Record’ (section III.) it will make an effective performance management tool.

  V. Guidance to Legal Duties for Maintenance Regime (without prejudice) – March
     2009 – This guidance document was first issued in April 2009. It was compiled
     to provide building maintenance compliance guidance to help identify the
     minimum regime required to ensure that statutory duties are discharged in
     regards of compliance.

  VI. Overview of Tasks and Documentation – This section contains guidance on the
      minimum tasks that are required within each discipline and lists what records
      should be kept.

 VII. Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance Planner – Use this section to file the
      annual maintenance planner from your supplier(s). It should contain what tasks
      are to be completed, the frequency and when they will be completed.
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VIII. Emergency Isolation & Utility Meter Locations – This section is used to record
      the locations of emergency isolation points and utility meters for electricity, gas
      and water, also to record the emergency contact details of the utility suppliers.

  IX. Building Information Locations – Use this section to record the location of
      building compliance related information that is not kept in this logbook. This will
      include Asbestos Register, Water Hygiene Logbook, and COSHH Register etc.

   X. Monitoring and Reviews – To be effective a maintenance regime must be
      monitored and reviewed regularly, use this section to record the regular reviews
      (monthly, quarterly etc) and to highlight any performance issues with suppliers.

  XI. Communications – File communications regarding building compliance in this
      section. This may include quotes, contract information and complaints etc.

PART TWO – Maintenance Records

Part Two is used to file the documentation relating to the school maintenance regime,
this will include reports & certification from contractors and records of maintenance
tasks completed by in-house staff. Part Two contains 31 sections, (see contents page
full the full listing). All documentation relating to specific systems or equipment should
be filed in the appropriate section.

Whenever a maintenance contractor visits the school, they should always leave, as a
minimum, an ‘engineers worksheet’. This is a record of the works completed, who
attended, on-site times and if any works are outstanding. The worksheet should be filed
in the appropriate section of this logbook depending on the reason for the visit.

Statutory maintenance tasks must be recorded; this may entail reports and/or
certificates being issued by contractors, these documents should be filed in the
appropriate section of this logbook. ‘Part One – VI. Overview of Tasks and
Documentation’ lists what records should be kept as a minimum. Should there be any
Health & Safety Executive (HSE) engagement, this will be an essential record to
demonstrate compliance.

For ease of reference the maintenance disciplines in Part Two have been colour-coded
as shown in the table below. All documentation or task record templates have been
coloured to the appropriate discipline.

                                                                                      Lifts, Lifting
 Air Conditioning &                                                Heating & Gas
                       Electrical Safety       Fire Safety                            Equipment &
     Ventilation                                                    Installations
  PE, Playground
                                           Ancillary Equipment   General Guidance &
Equipment & External   Security Systems
                                               & Systems            Information

A number of task/record templates have been included in relevant sections of the
logbook, these generally refer to statutory maintenance checks and inspections that
can be completed by in-house staff, but they can be used to monitor tasks by
contractors. A full list is included overleaf and all templates are available on Ealing Grid
for Learning.
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Where necessary, templates include guidance on how to complete the task and a
section to record when any remedial (faults found during the test/ inspection) works
have been completed.

                       Section                                                         Document
   DISCIPLINE                                       Document Name
                         No.                                                             Type
                         III.    Maintenance Calls Record
                         IV.     Maintenance Contractors Attendance Record
 General Information    VIII.    Emergency Isolation and Meter Locations Template
                         IX.     Building Information Locations Template
                         X.      Monitoring & Review Record
                          9      Weekly – Fire Alarm Call Points Activation Record     Task Record
                         10      Monthly – Emergency Lighting Test Record              Task Record
     Fire Safety         11      Weekly – Sprinkler Alarm Gong Test Record             Task Record
                         12      Monthly – Doors Inspection Record                     Task Record
                         13      Monthly – Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record         Task Record
                         23      Playground Equipment & Area Inspection Record         Task Record
  PE, Playground                 Gymnasia, Sports Halls and Fitness Areas Inspection
                         23                                                            Task Record
Equipment & External             Record
      Areas              24      Trees – Visual Inspection Record                      Task Record
                         24      External Site Inspection Record                       Task Record
  Security Systems       28      Weekly – Panic Alarm Test Record                      Task Record
                         29      Annual – Ladders & Steps Inspection Record            Task Record

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