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					The Gunston Soccer Club (GSC) is moving to a club-centric model which will
improve player development, improve club awareness, and become a more
professional club. The 2009-2010 soccer seasons will be a transitional year for GSC.

The Gunston Athletic Institute or GAI is the governing body for Gunston Soccer Club and Gunston
Recreational Micro Soccer. GAI is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization and in order to comply with
tax laws, a change to the way GSC operates is required.

The following changes to GSC and GAI will be effective June 15, 2009.

1) Team Finances
        It has been determined in order for GAI to be compliant with tax laws that all teams must
           have accounting controls.
        All members will pay the club directly and the club will pay the fees to all leagues,
           applications to tournaments, coaches, trainers and any other payments required by the team.
        Additional payments may be required if a team participates in more tournaments, wants
           warm-ups, bags or anything not covered in the fees.
2) GSC Coaches
        All coaches will be given a contract for a seasonal year. The details of the contract will be
           specified by GSC and included in their employment agreements.
        Volunteer coaches will also be used.
        The Director of Coaching will be responsible for selecting and working with the coaches.
        All paid coaches will be paid on a schedule.
        GSC will provide each coach a GSC shirt to wear for games.
3) Uniforms
        GSC will provide uniforms for the players to use. It will include one red and one white
           shirt, one red and one white shorts, and 2 pairs of socks.
        The uniforms belong to the club and must be returned to the team if you leave the team.
        If any piece of the uniform is lost or torn, it is the responsible of the player to request and
           pay for a replacement.
        Every other seasonal year, the club will purchase new uniforms and the player can keep the
           old uniform.
        A club warm-up is available for purchase.
        Training shirts are encouraged and are available for purchase.
4) Tournaments
        Registration fees for two tournaments in a season are included.
        The club has recommended tournaments for GSC teams to attend.
        If a team would like to attend a tournament not on the list, the team manager or coach
           should contact the DOC for approval.
5) Fitness Training
        A fitness trainer is available for each team in 30 minutes sessions, twice a week starting
           August 10, 2009 for twelve weeks, on our scheduled fitness training days.
        Each team will coordinate a time, during our club scheduled training periods, with the
           trainer based on team and trainer availability. It is recommended to schedule training either
           before or after regular team training.

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