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Participation from parent volunteers is essential to the success of the Band and Performance Ensemble program. By
volunteering, you support the program, reduce your out-of-pocket costs, get involved in your child’s activities, get to know
his or her friends, and meet other parents whose children are similarly involved. And, besides, it’s a lot of fun!

We understand that families often have very busy schedules with many commitments, and not everyone can contribute
the same level of effort as others. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, with time commitments ranging from the
full year to just a few hours on one or two days. We ask that EVERY family make some contribution of volunteer effort.

Student Name

Parent /Guardian 1                                            Email                                        Phone

Parent /Guardian 2                                            Email                                        Phone

Brief descriptions of the volunteer roles are provided on the reverse.

                   Volunteer Position                           Dates, Estimated Level of Effort             Volunteer Name

  Garage Sale Staff                                         2-4 hr. shifts during the sale, Aug. 18-21
  NOTE: The garage sale occurs in late August, immediately after Band Registration when you are asked to turn in this form. The
  Garage Sale is one of the group’s biggest yearly fund raisers, and its success depends on the help of many volunteers. If you are
  able to help during the Garage Sale, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Maria Kennefick ( by August
  15 in addition to submitting this form. Thank you in advance for your help.
                                                             Football games – 4 Friday Evenings
  Chaperone-Fall Marching Season                             Competitions – 3 to 4 Saturdays
                                                             Parade – 1 Saturday in mid Sept.
  Chaperone-Concert Season                                  4 or 5 competition days in the Spring

  Chaperone-Winter Guard/Percussion                         4 to 5 Saturdays in Feb.-Apr.
                                                            Football games–4 Friday Evenings
  Pit Crew                                                  Competitions–3 to 4 Saturdays in Fall,
                                                            and 4 to 5 Saturdays in Feb.-Apr.
                                                            Fittings during band camp, minor repairs
  Uniform Crew-Marching Season
                                                            or alterations during season
                                                            Fit & distribute uniforms in the Fall
  Uniform Lead-Marching Season
                                                            Arrange for cleaning in the Spring
  Food Committee                                            3 to 4 Saturdays in the Fall
  American as Apple Pie Concert-Volunteer
                                                            1 to 2 weeks in November
  American as Apple Pie Concert-Volunteer                   2 to 3 hrs. in November

  Westview’s Winter Classic Competition-Volunteer           1 Saturday in Feb. or Mar.-all day

  Equipment/Props Construction & Maintenance                Intermittent Aug.-Oct. & Jan.-Apr.

  Phone Tree                                                Intermittent throughout year
                                                            Football games, competitions, concerts,
                                                            Prepare slide show for awards in event
  End of year slide show
                                                            at end of school year
  Sewing (flags for Color Guard, hemming marching
                                                            Intermittent Aug-Oct/Dec-Feb
  Stage Crew for Band Concerts                              3 concert evenings-Dec., Mar. & May

  Webmaster                                                 Update site throughout year

  Drivers For Pop Can Collection                            1Saturday In September
                                                            Fit students in the Fall for concert wear
  Concert Season Lead/Crew                                  and collect them and arrange for
                                                            cleaning in the Spring
American as Apple Pie Concert - Fundraising concert performed by Symphonic Band in November. Guests enjoy music, pie and
drinks. Freshman and Concert Band students act as servers. Volunteer coordinator is responsible for recruiting, scheduling and
coordinating parent volunteers to set up, decorate, sell tickets at door, supervise the serving, and clean up.

Chaperone-Fall Marching Season - You will be responsible for going on the bus with the students and helping with anything that
needs to be done with and for the students while at competitions, football games, and parades; tasks like spot cleaning/brushing
uniforms, checking for shoes untied, etc.

Chaperone-Concert Season - You will be responsible for going on the bus with Freshman, Concert, & Symphonic Bands to 1-day
festivals and helping with anything that needs to be done with/for the students while away on the trip.

Chaperone-Winter Guard/Percussion - You will be responsible for going on the bus with Colorguard and Percussion students to 1-
day competitions and helping with anything that needs to be done with and for the students.

Concert Season Lead/Crew-Fall to Spring - Responsible for fitting students for concert formal wear, assigning and distributing
dresses, Tuxedo jackets, pants, vests, and ties to Symphonic band students, vests and ties to Concert band students, and
cummerbunds and ties to Freshman band students. Must be on hand before concerts to assure students are properly dressed.
Responsible for maintaining records of uniform check out, and for return of the items at end of school year.

Drivers For Pop Can Collections - Once or twice a year, we organize neighborhood drives to collect beverage containers with
refundable deposits for recycling. Teams of students go door to door, and each team needs an adult escort to drive them to the
neighborhood and transport the collected cans and bottles back to the school. 10 to 20 adults needed for ½ day.

Equipment & Props Construction & Maintenance - Here’s a role for the handyman in the group. We always need help constructing
props for the competitions that are showy, functional, and easy to move and transport. Repairing a broken equipment cart, replacing a
wheel on a marimba or timpani, etc.

Food Committee - Work as part of a team to prepare, serve and clean-up meal provided to band students at the competition site. No
culinary skill or training required. if you can slice, dice, open and pour, and wipe up, this is the job for you.

Garage Sale - One of our largest fundraisers of the year. It takes place in Westview’s north parking lot each August. Set up on
Wednesday, sales on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Volunteer staff work shifts of 2-4 hrs. organizing merchandise displays,
answering questions, collecting money or set up/tear down.

Phone Tree - Sometimes the best means of communicating is through direct telephone calls to parents. Volunteers needed
occasionally to make calls about schedule changes, volunteer needs, etc. With 20 volunteers, fewer than 10 calls each to be made.

Photography/Videography - Do you have cameras and the knowledge to use them? We’d love for you to make video recordings of
concerts and competitions that can be distributed on DVDs. Or digital still photos that can be used in slide shows or on our web site.

Pit Crew - Responsible for loading/unloading truck with percussion instruments and other equipment, setting up and taking down
equipment on field for football game and competition performances. Similar tasks for smaller amount of gear for Winterguard and
Winter Percussion competitions.

Stage Crew For Band Concerts - 3 or 4 evenings per year, work on the stage during concerts to assist with setting up chairs, music
stands and equipment for the various ensembles who perform. No special knowledge required. Just be able to work quickly and follow
the set-up diagrams provided by the band director.

Sewing - We need multiple volunteers with sewing machines who can help assemble the flags used by the Guard during fall marching
and Winterguard competition seasons. Also the occasional uniform repair or hem job to do for marching/concert or symphonic.

Uniform Lead/Crew-Marching Season - Assist with fitting students for uniforms in August-September, and possibly help with
hemming of pants as needed. Responsible for distributing uniforms prior to competitions, football games, and parades, collecting and
storing returned uniforms after these events, and occasional spot cleaning of uniforms.

Westview Winter Classic - Winterguard and Winter Percussion competition hosted by Westview is our largest fundraiser of the year.
Volunteer coordinator recruits, schedules and coordinates student and parent volunteers for this 1-day event. An intense effort, but it
only lasts about 6 weeks. Your organization and leadership skills can be the key to the success for this very important event. Many
other hands are needed. Pre-show planning tasks include contacting local merchants about sponsorships, program publication,
concessions planning, and travel arrangements for judges. Day-of-show volunteers needed for parking and traffic control, ticket sales,
unit hosts, first aid, concessions, clean up, and many other jobs.

Webmaster - Responsible for maintaining the Westview Band website and updating as necessary throughout the year to keep all
parents informed of events and activities.

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