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									                          GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION

                                     Federal Supply Service
                          Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

                                       GSA SCHEDULE
                      Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions

On-line access to contract ordering information, terms and conditions, up-to-date pricing, and the
option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage!™, a
menu-driven database system. The INTERNET address for GSA Advantage!™ is:


Contract Number: GS-23F-0179M

For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules click on the FSS Schedules
button at

Contract period:                 May 6, 2002 to April 30, 2012

Contractor:                      Technology Forums
                                 3428 Martha Custis Drive, Bldg. 308
                                 Alexandria, VA 22302

Phone:                           (703) 740-1966
Fax:                             (703) 740-1967

Contract administrator:          Frank Powell, President
Business size:                   Small


1.     SPECIAL ITEM NUMBER: (541-1000 & 541-4D)

2.     Maximum order: $1,000,000

3.     Minimum order: $100

4.     Geographic coverage: Worldwide.

5.     Point of production: Alexandria, VA 22302

6.     Prices shown herein are net. (Discount deducted)

7.     Quantity Discount: None

8.     Prompt payment terms: 2%-20 Days

9a.     Government purchase cards are accepted for all orders under the $2500 micro purchase

9b.    Government purchase cards are accepted above the micro purchase threshold.

10.    Foreign items (list items by country of origin). None

11a.   Time of delivery. Contractor will adhere to the delivery schedule as specified on agency’s
       purchase order (30 Days).

11b.   Expedited Delivery. Contact Contractor for expedited delivery rates.

11c.   Overnight and 2-day delivery. Contact Contractor for overnight and two day delivery

11d.   Urgent Requirements. Contract Contractor for faster delivery or rush requirement rates.

12.    FOB: Destination

13a.   Ordering address:       Technology Forums
                               3428 Martha Custis, Bldg. 308
                               Alexandria, VA 22302

                               Phone (703) 740-1966
                               FAX (703) 740-1967

                               Web site:

13b.   Ordering Procedures: For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on
       Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) and a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS
       Schedule homepage (

14.    Payment address: Same as above

15.    Warranty provision.

       The contractor warrants and implies that the items delivered hereunder are merchantable
       and fit for the particular purpose describes in this contract.

16.    Export packing charges. N/A

17.    Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance. N/A

18.    Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair. N/A

19.    Terms and conditions of installation. N/A

20.    Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts
       from list prices. N/A

20a.   Terms and conditions for any other services. N/A

21.    List of service and distribution points. N/A

22.    List of participating dealers. N/A

23.    Preventive maintenance. N/A

24.    Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant. Yes

24a.   Environmental attributes. N/A

25.    Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number: 02-063-0617

26.    Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
       database. Yes

                                             SIN 541-4D
        Labor/Task Category                                                     GSA
                                                                             Hourly Rate
        Conference Coordinator/                                                $70.53
        Meeting Planner
        Attendee Promotions/                                                    $70.53
        Meeting Planner
        Web Site Development/                                                   $70.53
        Meeting Planner
        Logistics/                                                              $70.53
        Meeting Planner
        Registration/                                                           $70.53
        Meeting Planner

 OTHER DIRECT COSTs (ODCs): Awarded Other Direct Costs are comprised of the
 description shown below and are directly applicable to the services provided. Agency orders
 may alter the type, quality and timing of each component thus resulting in a lower/higher price
 for specific requirements. The contractor is advised that based on the specific task identified at
 the task order level, Clause 55.238-75, Price Reductions, may be used to provide a proposed
 fixed price at the agency level to more accurately reflect the actual work required. Orders may
 not exceed the awarded Other Direct Costs as specified below without a modification to this

Audio Visual

       Projector                                                                $498.74 each
       Screen                                                                   $149.62 each
       Wireless Microphone                                                       $ 99.75 each

Web Hosting

       Minimum up to 200 people                                               $1,246.85
       Maximum up to 500 people                                               $1,795.47

Conference Registration Supplies
(badges and badge printer rental)

       Minimum up to 200 people                                               $1,246.85
       Maximum up to 500 people                                               $2,443.83

Directional Signs

       Minimum 10 signs @                                                        $49.87 each
       Maximum 15 signs @                                                        $82.73 each

Conference Program Guide

       Design                                                    $797.98
       Minimum printing up to 200 people                       $1,595.97
       Maximum printing up to 500 people                       $4,588.41

Continental Breakfast, Morning Break, & Afternoon Break Food

       Minimum                                                   $398.99
       Maximum                                                 $3,590.93


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