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					PERU 101 with MILA Tours                    since 1981

a 10 day deluxe private tour in a 60 minute e-Seminar!

                                        C Luis Vasquez


                                    1 800 FOR PERU * 367 7378

                                           A MILA Tours e-Seminar

        Two 20 min. sessions with 5 -10 min. for Q & A

   Please TAKE notes
   Prepare your questions for the Q&A sessions, or
   Send your questions / requests to, or
   Call us after the Seminar: 1 800 FOR PERU – 367 7378

An Open Museum of Cultural Adventures
                                   Map of PERU
A MILA Tours Seminar on line

                                  Three regions

                               * The Coast / SEA LEVEL
                               * The Andes / 7500>15000 FT
                               * The Amazon / BACK TO SEA L

An Open Museum of Cultural Adventures
           Ten day program > an overview

   1. To Lima           6. Cuzco
   2. Lima              7. to Machu Picchu
   3. Lima / ICA,
                         8. Return to Cuzco
    Nazca Lines
                         9. Cuzco
   4. ICA / Lima
                         10. Cuzco – Lima –
   5. Lima / Cuzco
                          Home or next destination
                                                                 Day 1

                             Arriving in LIMA
* Mostflights from LAX, IAH, MIA, EWR, JFK arrive in Lima between 10:30
p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
* After immigration and customs pick up your luggage, continue to exit.
• Present you customs declaration to officer. Press a button for a light:
green > continue, red > random inspection
• At exit door look for our representative, COLTUR with a sign. He / she will
be alert and looking for contact.
• Transfer to your hotel is about 20 minutes.
• FYI.. While waiting for luggage client can exchange money. There is a
bank in the customs area.
                                                          Day 2


The Capital of Peru and the hub for most international airlines

Lima is a distinguished Colonial City since its foundation.

Personalized city tours may include: the private textile Museum,
the Larco ceramic Museum, the Catacombs of San Francisco, the
Inquisition Palace, both downtown Lima; art galleries, jewelry
centers [gold and silver], alpaca sweaters / shawls and rich
artisan works!

A diverse traditional cuisine with oriental and African influence
                                 To ICA

An Open Museum of Cultural Adventures
                                                      Day 3

                           LIMA – ICA
A visit to the Nazca and Palpa Lines by road out by plane
These spectacular geometric figures and lines are
appreciated only from the air. (400 BC?)
Theories on why were these lines drawn, its purpose, -
agricultural calendar?, fertility practices?, rituals?, offerings?
The Nazca culture disappeared probably due to El Niño
From ICA the flight over the lines is +/- 90 minutes.
 1. BY AIR: 1 day program

 2. BY LAND: 3 day program
                             Back to LIMA

PERU is an open Museum of Cultural Adventures
                                                      Day 4

                        ICA – Lima
                   Three hours with no stops

                    Optional stops at:
          •Cerro Colorado archaeological site
         •* Islas Ballestas from Pisco / Paracas
        •Lunch in Chincha at Hacienda San Jose!
•If you have a late domestic or international flight we will
             take you directly to the airport.
•KEEP IN MIND: this is a suggested itinerary. It is YOUR
   program. YOU can modify it during our planning
                                                   Day 5

              Lima – CUZCO > 60 min flight
             CUZCO is at 10,700 feet altitude

    There are +8 flights a day. Earliest at 6:00 a.m.
   Let’s book one after 9: your body will appreciate it!

         Transfer to you Hotel downtown: 15 min

     Transfer to your hotel in the Valley via Inca sites
    of Sacsayhuaman, Kero, Tambomachay: + 90 min

PM in the City: guided walking tours or visits on your own
To Cuzco
                                                  Day 6

                      Today is a full day tour

A SUNDAY visit to the local Chincheros Market is a must
Combine this visit with MARAS and MORAY

MARAS – Experimental agricultural site - INCA

MORAY – Salt mines

Lunch at a private Hacienda / Museum
                                                          Day 7

                        To MACHU PICCHU
6:00 a.m. TRAIN departs ON TIME !

A beautiful 3 ½ hour train ride.. Private guide will help identify
sites, mountains, farms, bridges, terraces, river bed…etc

Train makes a quick stop in OLLANTA….. City on your right
Continue to Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu

Transfer by bus to the entrance. Tours begins. Lunch in
Sanctuary Lodge. Most people return in the 3PM train… you can
stay till 5:30!
                                                       Day 8

               Machu Picchu to Cuzco via Ollanta
On this 2nd day time to climb Huayna Picchu, or do 1 hour of the
             Inca Trail, or just enjoy Machu Picchu!

            Visit the orchid farm at El Pueblo Hotel
        Visit the many, many artisan shops in the town

Make sure you check out by 9:30.. Safe to leave luggage at hotel
             Trains depart at 1:30 and at 3:00 pm

 Get off in Ollanta.. Visit Ollantaytambo, the city of Ollanta and
 continue in the Sacred Valley. Visit a ceramic school factory
            [Seminarios], arrive in your hotel by 6 PM
                                                 Day 9


 Cuzco is a great city to walk.. Museums, so many artisan
shops, quality carpets, jewelry, alpaca sweaters and more!

        Great place for souvenirs to bring home.

 If purchasing large items, send them home via FedEx or

                 Enjoy your FREE day..
                                              Day 10

    CUZCO > Lima > Home or next destination

 Again, there are several flights back to Lima.
We will assist you with connecting flights in Lima
 Time for a museum, or stores? We will assist

    You have had a wonderful experience in
        The Land of the INCAS
    Suggested Optional Tours in PERU

   Sipan & Chan Chan in Northern Peru: 3 days*
   Arequipa & The Colca Canyon: 4 days*
   The Amazon Jungle: 3 to 7 days*
   Lake Titicaca: 3 days*
   Continue to La Paz, Bolivia: 3 days*

                   * plus travel air/land time
      Most popular pre / post PERU
       international destinations

   Galapagos, Ecuador
    - > 5 to 7 days, Islands only or Islands + Quito and
    Cuenca / Guayaquil
   La Paz, Bolivia
   > 5 to 7 days, from Lake Titicaca to La Paz, Sucre,
    Santa Cruz
   BOTH enjoy: native cultures, artisan works, textiles,
    leather, wood carvings, Amazon lodges and part of
    the INCA World
Galapagos Islands
     LAND prices…

•   Land prices range from US$180 to
    + $250.00 p/d p pers b on dble occ.

•   It includes ALL private
    transfers, 5-star hotels, daily
    buffet bkft, professional
    bilingual guides, entrance fees
    to Museums & National Parks,
    scheduled tours and meals,
    round trip train to Machu
    Picchu, welcome cocktail at an
    Art Gallery, Museum or the
    home of an artist and farewell
    dinner, plus administration fees.
                            AIR Prices

        - International from the US

   - International within Latin America

             - Domestic in PERU
           Educational Breakfast Seminars

   Guatemala in CA
   May 2, San Diego
   May 3, Irvine
   May 4, Beverly Hills

   PERU in CA, Boston,
    DC & Chicago
                              June 20, Boston
   June 14, San Diego
                              June 21, DC
   June 15,
                              June 22, Chicago
   June 16
                              June 23, Chicago
           PERU – Deluxe Study Tour

                  12 – 21 JAN 2007

* Limited to ONE agent per Company at Agent’s price
* Guests [non-agents] will pay an additional US$375.00
* Spaces limited to 15 participants
* Reservations guaranteed with a check deposit of
      US$250.00 by 01MAY06
* Luis Vasquez will escort this deluxe private tour
                          MILA Tours & CME Programs to Latin America
                                            since 1981

          International Volunteer Travel Vacation Programs

   Cultural Immersion Opportunities * Spanish Language Schools
 Ernest Hemingway Travel Destinations, including Hemingway's CHINA Route
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  Dominican Republic * Cuba * Ecuador * El Salvador * Guatemala
         Honduras * Mexico * Nicaragua * Panama * Paraguay
                      Peru * Uruguay * Venezuela
                  Feb or Mar > CARNIVALS in Brazil
Galapagos, Panama Canal, Patagonia, Amazon Jungle, Machu Picchu
             Jun through Oct - Ski in Argentina &/or Chile
              One call, 20 Latin American destinations:
                           1 800 367 7378
              In Illinois: 847 249 2111, fax: 847 249 2772
                    100 S Greenleaf Gurnee, IL 60031
                             Se habla español
        Thank you for your attention

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