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                    A   R   T   I   S   T   S   E   R    I   E   S   D   O   W   N   L   O   A   D   S

                    Danny Byrd Drum and Bass Vol 2

Tech House Producer

About Dom Kane

Using the Samples

About Loopmasters

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    < Home                          Dom Kane
                                    TECH HOUSE PRODUCER
                                    A R T I S T         S E R I E S      D O W N L O A D S
             A    R     T    I   S     T         S    E    R     I    E    S         D    O     W     N    L    O     A    D     S

             Tech House Producer
             One of the very first artists to sign to Hospital Records
             Dom Kane is a fast rising underground talent being           Fx Loops, Subsonic Loops, 135 Synth Hits, FX sounds,
                                                                          Risers, 30 110 Synthand Tearing Bass Hits/Patches, 20
             - way back“the one to of the millennium, Danny Byrd’s
             tipped as at the turn watch”, and is consistently            playable Pad Chords and 9 andhits.Ready to play Patches
                                                                          Drum and Percussion Hits, FX 11
             growing from strength to strength. Having his productions
             own inimitable take on soulful, vocal Drum and Bass has      Danny Byrd has put 100% into the making and SFZ
                                                                          for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24, of this
             and remixes caned the scene. His use of house to
             become a staple in by everyone from Pete Tong and R&B        Samplers. collection of sounds and samples, and there
                                                                          awesome Reason Refill, Ableton Live Pack and Apple
             influences immediately began turning his starwith his much
             Deadmau5 can only mean one thing: heads is very first        Loops formats are also available.
                                                                          will no doubt be hundreds of slamming tunes coming
             Hospital singles Do it sound touches everything later
             in the ascendant. His Again and Changes. Then,from that      With producers worldwide in the coming month sand
                                                                          from so much to offer on the cutting edge of the current
             tech-infused progressive, to downright nasty tech-house,
             year, when Radio One’s Fabio championed Danny’s remix        dance music scene it’s no decide IDJ this is one sample
                                                                          years from Producers who wonder that Magazine rated
             creating a pumped-up Wishing Well, his status as a soulful
             of London Elektricity’s robo-funk engineered to destroy      him as: worthYear’s Fastest-Rising Underground Talent”
                                                                          pack is “The the investment.
             peak heavy-weight was confirmed. It’s always been about
             DnB time floors with pin-point precision.
             quality rather and highly original Tech Byrd with remixes
             This exclusivethan quantity with DannyHouse Producer
             sample collection andLoopmasters Artist Series is jamof
             for High Contrast for contributions to our “Weapons
             packed with concentrated dance floor gems, rich song
             Mass Creation” albums making up his select output.
             ideas, Tech House beats, minimal twists and electro
             2008 saw thebytes which will have modern dance floor
             house sound launch of Danny’s long awaited debut LP
             Supersized, featuring the massive anthems Shock Out
             producers inspired and ready to roll out supercharged
             club ready anthems in giant of
             and Weird Science thisno time! album has already seen
             support from big hitters such as Annie Mac, Zane Lowe,
             Featuring over 900Mb of original credit crunching content,
             and the mighty Andy C.
             and including a wealth of material for Tech House,
             Minimal, Electro – Drum and Bass vol 2 producers –
             The Danny Byrd and Progressive House collection from         The Artist Series from Loopmasters are collections of
             Hospitalthe man himself, this collection is definitely one
             just like records and Loopmasters includes over 440          If you are a samples from some of the most influential
                                                                          royalty free Drum and Bass, Breakbeat or Urban producer
    < Home   heavyweight royalty free samples, be talking 35 full Drum
             to watch and one that people will including about for        and pioneering generation sounds right now. Sample
                                                                          looking for next producers available and samples to merge
             loops to come. Drum Separate Loops, 22 Searing Lead
             years and 139                                                into futuremusicLoopmasters. Check for all available a
                                                                          the your with and to take your production level up
             Riffs, 52 Inspirational Music Loops, 12 Vocal Loops and
             Using his ample talents and enthusiasm, Dom here             formats and listen to the demo to hear some time
                                                                          notch, then you should definitely spendthe type of with
             17 Shaker over Tambourine Patterns.
             lays down and 500 samples which consist of 130 Tech          Drum and Bass vol 2, a cutting edge samplepack from
                                                                          samples available in this new generation sample pack for
             If that wasn’t enough there are Loops, 39 Full Loops, 27
             House Drumloops, 34 Add on 81 patches ready to play          Loopmasters. samplists.
                                                                          next generation
             in most soft samplers which include 25 Drum Kit Patches,     Tech Specs: 440 Wav Samples, 81 Patches for
             90+ Single Drum Samples, 10 Beat Fill samples, 18 FX
             A     R    T    I   S     T         S    E     R    I    E    S         D     O     W     N    L     O     A    D     S

             About Dom Kane
             Already, 2009 looks set to be another great year for         touches everything from tech-infused progressive, to
             fast-rising international DJ, Producer, and audio            downright nasty tech-house, creating a pumped-up
             engineer Dom Kane. Remixing for Global Underground,          robo-funk engineered to destroy peaktime floors with
             and original tracks already being tipped as “ones to         pin-point precision.
             watch” for the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami,
                                                                          In 2008, Dom Kane remixed for Roger Sanchez and his
             others being exclusively supported and donned by James
                                                                          Stealth Records, the Stereo Hookers on Nuuf Music, and
             Zabiela (Breakthrough) and having now completed a
                                                                          Zimbardo on his Benchmarc Records, Dom proved he’s
             package for the prestigious Artist Series for LoopMasters,
                                                                          no one-trick-pony, by then releasing his very first artist
             set to be released later this year, Dom Kane is
                                                                          album “My Virus”. Add to this, a residency at Ministry Of
             consistently growing from strength to strength.
                                                                          Sound (London), Space (Ibiza), and A’Priori (Moscow),
             Having your productions and remixes caned by everyone        it’s no wonder IDJ Magazine rated him as: “The Year’s
             from Pete Tong to Deadmau5 can only mean one thing:          Fastest-Rising Underground Talent”.
             your star is very much in the ascendant. His sound           Continued...

                 “The buzz surrounding house hero Dom Kane
                 is rapidly reaching critical mass.” Ministry Of Sound

    < Home
             A    R     T    I    S    T          S    E     R    I       E    S         D     O    W      N    L     O    A     D     S

             About Dom Kane (cont)
             Propelled into the big league by his remake of the Orbital       2007 was Dom Kane’s turning year, with rave reviews
             classic ‘Halcyon’, Dom inserted his unique blend of              from BPM, Mixmag, DJ Mag, 365, EQ, and then no less
             electro house and tech-prog to the track, which gained           than six entries in IDJ Magazine for the June 2007 edition
             plays from James Zabiela, Hernan Cattaneo, Sander                including Breaks ‘Top Tune’ and Heavy Rotation (Unique
             Kleinenberg, Sasha, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren,              3 – The Theme remix) and a full artist feature!
             and the almighty Pete Tong on BBC Radio One… not
             to mention both the Hartnoll brothers behind the original
             track itself, gaining rave reviews from DJ Mag, IDJ, and
             Mixmag to name a few.
             Having first started DJing in 1992 when free-parties were
             rife, discovering the love of performing to a 2000-strong
             crowd, by 1995 he was performing with residencies
             around the Southwest, and guest slots in Ibiza during
             the summer of 1998. By 2004, Dom began his monthly
             residency with Proton Radio, and then 2006 saw Dom
             Kane launch Xeton Records, entering a four-month Tour
             of Eastern Europe with BenQ-Siemens to launch the new
             brand of 3G mobile phones, along with high profile gigs
             and releases, gaining huge exposure and rave reviews.
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             A    R     T     I    S     T         S     E     R     I       E    S          D     O     W     N     L     O     A     D     S

             Using the Samples
             Thanks for buying this Royalty Free Sample Collection               Halion Users
             from Loopmasters, every care has been taken to ensure               Once you have loaded the CD/Download onto your
             that you can start using these samples easily in your               computer, use Halions’s File browser to locate the main
             productions, but you may find the following notes useful.           folder on your hard drive then locate the folder named
                                                                                 SAMPLER PATCHES, from here locate the HALION folder
             Wav/Acid and Rex2 File Users
                                                                                 Finally click (+) on the folder of patches you wish to load
             Simply copy the pack to the hard drive containing your
                                                                                 e.g. DRUMS, then drag the Halion patches into the main
             samples and use your music software to locate the files
                                                                                 Programs Window.
             that you are looking for in the easily navigable folder
             structures                                                          Alternatively highlight the folder type e.g. Drums and press
                                                                                 the Import button to load all of the patches from that folder.
             Stylus RMX Users
             The folder Structure for Rex files on this Loopmasters title        NOTE: When Loading Halion Patches you may need to
             is fully compatible with stylus RMX. Ensure you have the            locate the samples.
             latest version of STYLUS RMX and the Sage converter.
                                                                                 IMPORTANT ensure you have copied the entire CD
             To Import: First copy the Download to your hard drive, then         or pack folder to your hard drive first and unpacked if
             simply drag the folder inside the REX FILES folder onto the         necessary.
             “Import Rex Files” button on your sage converter found in
                                                                                 This is simply done by double clicking the fxp file (Halion
             the Spectrasonics folder on your hard drive. Wait for the
                                                                                 Patch) within the Halion Browser window, and when
             sage converter to finish.
                                                                                 prompted click on the automatic or manual search button,
    < Home   To Play: Open up an instance of RMX within your                     then locate the Root folder of the pack or CD you have
             sequencer.                                                          purchased, Halion will then find the samples for the patch.
             On the directory select user “libraries” and you will see the       If you wish you can then resave the patch so you will not
             imported library click on this and you should now see all           have to repeat this procedure.
             the suites and elements in the browser.
             A    R     T    I    S    T          S    E     R    I       E    S        D    O    W    N    L    O      A   D   S

             Loopmasters Pro samples for Producers worldwide
             Loopmasters are a UK company from Brighton who make              Other Artist Series Downloads available
             Royalty Free Collections of cutting edge Samples for Djs
             and Producers Worldwide.
             Loopmasters emerged as a premier library through a
             combination of experience, marketing and distribution
             knowledge and for its great attention to detail with its
             products - known for quality, value and flexibility. The
             products which Loopmasters distribute are created by
             some of the most respected Artists and Producers on
             the scene and all Loopmasters products conform to
             strict quality guidelines to ensure that Producers working
             with our samples get the most out of their productions.
             Whether you are making House, Breaks, Electro, Drum
             and Bass, Jazz or Downtempo music - check out the
             inspirational sample collections from Loopmasters.
             Loopmasters are proud to work with a great team of
             producers from around the globe, and have so far
    < Home   managed to attract sponsorship and licensing deals from
             the likes of Focusrite, Novation, Cakewalk, Emu and Akai.

                                                                              GREAT SOUNDS. SERIOUS INSPIRATION.
             A    R     T    I    S    T          S    E     R     I   E    S          D    O      W     N     L    O      A    D     S

             Loopmasters Licence Agreement
             Usage: You can use any of the sounds here in your own         Copyright/Licensing Notice
             musical productions without paying any further fees to the    All Rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved.
             Artist or to Loopmasters. We would like to stipulate that     The sound samples on this compact disc are licensed, not
             if you use a sample from this product in your work, that      sold, to you to be reproduced within your original musical
             you credit the Artist and Loopmasters in the credits that     compositions only. All copying, lending, duplicating, re-
             you supply with your music. A copy of your work or any        selling or trading of this product or its content is strictly
             feedback is also very welcome and you can contact us at       prohibited. Only the original purchaser of this product has
             info@loopmasters.com                                          the right to embody and reproduce the enclosed sound
                                                                           samples within their music compositions. Use of these
             We would also like to appeal to your better nature when
                                                                           sounds in multimedia projects is limited to use within
             it comes to piracy, and please ensure that no third parties
                                                                           original musical compositions. Any other multimedia use
             have access to your sounds, besides being a criminal
                                                                           of these sounds must be cleared with the producer of
             offence it also means that musicians don’t get paid for
                                                                           this product prior to release. This license is granted for a
             the music they create for licensed users such as yourself.
                                                                           single user only (and is given on a worldwide basis). The
             Thank you.
                                                                           licence is non-exclusive and is granted for the full period
                                                                           of copyright protecting and sound samples. You cannot
                                                                           electronically transfer the sound samples or place them in
                                                                           a time-sharing or service bureau operation or a computer/
                                                                           sampler network. Opening this product constitutes your
                                                                           acceptance of these terms. The demo songs contained
    < Home                                                                 on the CD remain the property of Loopmasters and you
                                                                           are not permitted to remix, re-release, or redistribute this
                                                                           demo material without written consent from Loopmasters.

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