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									Tent Rental Contract                                              Frame Tent - Water Barrel Installation
                                                                  When a frame tent is anchored with water barrels per the
Marquee Tent Productions                                          customer’s request, the renter assumes all liability. This
                                                                  process takes more time and adds risk of damage to the
Terms                                                             tent, the event and any property under the tent. The
To guarantee your reservation, a 50% deposit and a                renter will be billed for all damages and loss incurred to
signed “Tent Rental Contract ” is required. Final payment         the equipment. The renter understands that tents are
is due the day of installation.                                   temporary structures and could possibly collapse during
Account Receivable Clients: To guarantee your                     severe rain or wind. We charge for water delivery, if no
reservation, a signed “Tent Rental Contract ” is required.        water is available on site.
Full payment is due on net thirty-day terms.
Cancellations (Non-Refundable 50% deposit)                        We are required to collect all appropriate taxes unless
When you reserve a tent & any accessories, we                     the renter is a non-profit or a tax-exempt organization.
immediately remove them from our inventory and                    We must receive the proper Sales Tax Exempt Certificate
schedule crew. Therefore, any cancellation received               before we remove any tax charges.
within fourteen days of the event date will be charged
50% of the total rental order.                                    Permits
                                                                   It is the responsibility of the renter to check with your
Tent Installation                                                 Building Permit and Fire Departments prior to the
Installation of a tent must be done correctly for the             installation date to confirm the requirement of permits.
protection of the users, the tent, and ultimately the             We will assist you in any way possible, but these
success of your event. Therefore, it is our strict policy that    clearances do remain the responsibility of the renter.
all installations and takedowns are done by our
experienced crews. All prices quoted will include these           Damage
services.                                                         Marquee Tent Productions Inc. is not responsible for any
                                                                  loss or damage to any property placed under tents once
Working Hours                                                     installed. The renter understands that tents are temporary
Our crews install and take down tents Monday through              structures and may leak during heavy rain. Marquee Tent
Friday, excluding holidays, between the hours of 8AM              Productions installs all tents in accordance with the
and 5PM. If your tent must be installed or taken down             respectiv e tent manufacture’s specifications. If the client
outside these time zones, there will be an additional             requests any alterations to the installation, Marquee Tent
overtime labor charge. Prices vary for each situation.            assumes no liability for any damages that may occur to
                                                                  any property under or around the tent structure. Damage
Delivery Charge                                                   Waiver covers accidental damages to the tent during
There is a delivery charge for all tent rentals. For any          your rental period.
delivery outside of Austin, a $1.00 per loaded mile fee
from our warehouse to the tent location will be applied.          The Renter is responsible for all damages to tent
                                                                  equipment due to negligence or vandalism and is liable
Preparation for Installation and Takedown                         for any repairs or replacement of equipment.
The first step our crews take installing a tent is to spread it
flat on the ground where it is to go up. Please have the
area completely clear of obstructions before we arrive at         Authorized Signature
the job-site. In like manner, the tent must be totally empty
before we can take it down. Fees will be applied if these         Printed Name __________________________________________
policies are not met. The tent crew must be notified of
any under ground water, electrical or sewage lines.
                                                                  Address _______________________________________________
Tension Pole Tent – Asphalt Installation
Erecting a pole tent on an asphalt surface is a routine
operation requiring that we drive iron stakes                     Phone _________________________________________________
approximately 3ft. long and 1in. in diameter through the
surface. We fill the holes with ready-mix asphalt
immediately after the stakes are removed. There will be           Signature ______________________________________________
minimal damage to the asphalt.

Tension Pole Tent - Concrete Installation                         Date ______________________Bid or Res #________________
When a tent is installed on a concrete surface, stakes
cannot be used. We must drill holes through the concrete
and screw in eye-bolts. We guy ropes to the eye-bolts to
anchor the tent. Upon removal, we remove the eye –
bolts and leave shields to fill the holes. We charge $5.00
per hole for this service.
                                                                                                             January 1, 2005

                                             Marquee Tent Productions, Inc. Addendum
Marquee Tent Productions installs all tents in accordance with the respective tent manufacture’s specifications. If the client
requests any alterations to the installation Marquee Tent assumes no liability for any damages that may occur to any property
under or around the tent structure. Please initial any of the alterations requested.

?       Guttering to any other object besides another tent.                             Initial__________

?       Removing any tent parts to accommodate a design or fitting into a space.        Initial __________

?       Installing a vinyl tent top around a tree.                                      Initial __________

?       Installing a tent on top of a floor, deck or stage or pool.                     Initial__________

?       Installing a tent on top of a parking garage.                                   Initial__________

?       Installing a tent on a severe slope.                                            Initial _________

?       Installing a tent with water barrels outside.                                   Initial__________

?       Installing a tent against tree branches.                                        Initial _________

?       Installing a tent with legs taller than the standard leg.                       Initial_________

?       Securing tent to a structure other than a stake or anchor to accommodate the location of placement.

                                                                                        Initial _________

?       Other__________________________________________________                         Initial __________

Authorized Signature _______________________________________________ Date ___________________________ Res# ___________________

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