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Reunion Handbook

Meredith College Alumnae Association
                             Table of Contents

Introduction                                          1

Staff Contact Information                             2

Class Agents                                          3

Class Event Agent                                     4

Class Historian                                       7

Class Gift Agent                                      9

Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations Staff Timeline   10

Frequently Asked Questions                            11

Sample Class Letters                                  12
       We’re here to help you!
Hilary Allen ‘01
Director of Alumnae & Parent Relations
919-760-8751 – phone
919-760-2818 – fax

Meg Buckingham
Assistant Director of Alumnae & Parent Relations
919-760-8070 – phone
919-760-2818 – fax

Amanda Oliver ‘02
Assistant Director of Alumnae & Parent Relations
919-760-8391 – phone
919-760-2818 – fax

Claytona Nixon
Assistant for the Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations
919-760-8548 – phone (office main line)
919-760-2818 – fax

Jane Mitchell
Director of The Meredith Fund
919-760-8060 – phone
919-760-2818 – fax

Jean Gambrill
Assistant Director of The Meredith Fund
919-760-8392 – phone
919-760-2818 – fax


Reunions are joyous, happy times that live in the memories of alumnae from one
class gathering to the next. The Alumnae Association’s Reunion Weekend
Steering Committee, chaired by the Vice President for Programs, along with the
Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations plans the program and format for the
weekend’s activities. The current Vice President for programs for the Alumnae
Association is Gwen Matthews ‘71.

Alumnae Reunion Weekend 2009 will be held May 15th – 17th, 2009. Like all
others, this will be a special reunion weekend for all classes ending in either a
nine (9) or a four (4).

The purpose of the handbook is to describe the duties of the class agents. It will
guide you along the planning process while becoming more familiar with your
position. We hope it will provide the information you need to help you fulfill your
job as a class agent happily and successfully.

The staff of the Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations handles all of the
mechanics of Alumnae Reunion Weekend, and stands ready to assist in any
way, such as making suggestions or recommendations, sending out letters and
post cards, etc. We also welcome your suggestions for making Alumnae
Reunion Weekend even more successful in the future.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Alumnae
& Parent Relations at any of the above numbers.
                                  Class Agents

Every Reunion Class should have at least three class agents: an event agent, a
class historian, and a gift agent.

             The Class Event Agent assists the Office of Alumnae & Parent
              Relations in planning Reunion through correspondences with her
              classmates in the fall and spring prior to Reunion Weekend. During
              Reunion Weekend, the class event agent is responsible for the
              organization and facilitation of the class meeting and providing the
              Alumnae Office with a listing of new class agents, which will be
              elected at the class meeting.
             The Class Historian encourages classmates to contribute archival
              materials for the class box. The Class Historian is responsible for
              tracking what is kept in the Class Box. Class Boxes are checked
              out during Alumnae Reunion Weekend by the Class Historian.
             The Class Gift Agent assists The Meredith Fund Office in soliciting
              classmates for gifts. Class gift agents should encourage their
              classmates to make either a leadership or participatory gift to the
              College via letters and phone calls.

Guidelines for each of these agents follow in the Handbook. All class agents are
counted on to share the responsibilities of Reunion.
                                Class Event Agent

Each Reunion class has a class event agent who informs classmates of the
Reunion and encourages attendance and participation.

   I.     In the summer preceding your Reunion:

          Contact key members of the class to enlist their help in calling and
          writing classmates to encourage attendance at Reunion. In this way,
          many members of the class will be approached personally.

   II.    In early fall:

          1. Compose Class Letter (see example page 11)

              Your letter should be received by the Office of Alumnae & Parent
              Relations no later than October 21, 2008.

              Should you want to write personal notes on each letter; the Office
              of Alumnae & Parent Relations will return them to you following
              printing. Otherwise, the Office will mail your letter directly from you
              along with a class lost list, deceased list, and roster.

              In the letter, you should urge classmates to get in touch with friends
              and make plans to attend Alumnae Reunion Weekend.

          2. Touch base with the Class Historian to see if she has any
             information, such as special requests, items needed for your box,
             etc., to be included in the letter.

          3. Add a note about Reunion on your holiday card to classmates and
             urge others to do the same.

   III.   In early winter:

          1. Send second class letter (see example page 12)

              Please note that your second class letter should be received by the
              Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations no later than February 16,

              By this time, all individual class activities should be finalized.
              The second class letter should contain all details of Alumnae
              Reunion Weekend.
      2. Communicate with the Class Historian and Gift Agent on a regular

IV.   Throughout the year, mention Alumnae Reunion Weekend whenever
      talking with or writing to classmates.

V.    Duties on Campus:

      1. Preside at the class meeting and over the election of new officers
         during Reunion Weekend.
      2. Provide the Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations with a new list of
         class officers prior to leaving campus.
                                   Class Historian

The Class Historian is responsible for maintaining and collecting materials for the
Class Box. The Class Historian should inventory the materials in the Class Box.
She should encourage classmates to donate items for the Class Box, such as
Cornhuskin’ sweatshirts, photos, programs from various events, copies of the
Twig or Herald, etc.

Guidelines for Class Historians:

1.    Keep an ongoing class history by collecting future class reunion business
      meeting minutes, pictures of class reunion activities, and other
      memorabilia of reunion activities.

2.    Update the class history by soliciting archival materials from class
      members and other sources and adding these materials to the class
      collection. Such materials might include programs and other memorabilia
      from events while the class was enrolled at Meredith, scrapbooks kept by
      class members while students at Meredith, costumes or other clothing
      worn while students, class minutes, programs and pictures from previous
      reunions, and information about accomplishments by class members
      since graduation (not including marriage, birth, or death announcements).

3.    Work closely with the College Archivist and Alumnae Association’s
      Meredith History & Archives Committee to identify and describe class
      archival collection.

4.    Speak to your local alumnae chapters about archival projects.

5.    Attend the Class Box Inventory Workshop offered by the Alumnae
      Association’s History & Archives Committee.

                       Where to send archival material:

                                College Archives
                            Carlyle Campbell Library
                             Attention: Ted Waller
                               Meredith College
                            3800 Hillsborough Street
                            Raleigh, NC 27607-5298
Guidelines for Archived Materials:


1.    Identify event, date, and people.

2.    If there are less than 4 people in the picture, use a number 1 pencil to
      write the names around the border on the back of the photograph. You
      can also write names on a separate sheet of paper or photocopy the
      photograph and write names on the photocopy. NOTE: When copying a
      photograph, use the photo feature if possible.

3.    If it is a group photograph, write names on a separate sheet of paper or
      photocopy the photograph and write names on the photocopy. NOTE:
      When copying a photograph, use the photo feature on the copier if

4.    Use alumnae directories and Oak Leaves for help with names.

5.    Remember to include accompanying information with the photo, if

Newspaper Clippings

Include name of publication, address, clipping service’s name, date of
publication, etc.

Programs, Invitations, and other Memorabilia

Make sure there is at least a month and year clearly marked on the item.

Audio Tapes and Videos

Mark the year on these items. The library staff will copy them to a more durable
medium and placed it in your box.
                                 Class Gift Agent

Reunion giving is an integral source of financial support for Meredith College,
and Reunion classes have become the pacesetters for The Meredith Fund. The
Gift Agent solicits all members of her class and encourages special gifts to the
The Meredith Fund in honor of Reunion.

             Class Gift Agents assist in setting two class goals: total restricted
              Annual Fund contributions and participation rates.
             Class Gift Agents encourage special gifts to the Annual Fund in
              honor of Reunion or fellow classmates.
             Five year pledges are encouraged for reunion. The total pledge
              counts in the reunion giving totals.
             Gift Agents also encourage attendance at Alumnae Reunion
              Weekend and act as ambassadors of the College.

The Class Gift Agent is responsible for working along with The Meredith Fund
Office to raise funds for and encourage participation in giving to the Meredith
Fund. She will work closely with The Meredith Fund Office to set and achieve
class goals.

Responsibilities of the Class Gift Agent include:

   1.     Contributing to Meredith College through a Meredith Fund leadership
   2.     Recruiting fellow classmates to assist with phoning.
   3.     Sending two gift letters to all classmates. The gift officer will work with
          the director of The Meredith Fund to determine the dates of the letters.
   4.     Identifying potential leadership donors in her class.
   5.     Promoting enthusiasm for and attendance at Alumnae Reunion
          Weekend by all classmates.
   6.     Presenting the class giving totals during the Annual Meeting of the
          Alumnae Association during Alumnae Reunion Weekend.
             Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations Staff Timeline

The Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations, along with the Reunion Weekend
Steering Committee, plans and directs the arrangements for the entire weekend.

   I.     Summer:

          1. Make changes to the Reunion Weekend Handbook.
          2. Send a letter and Handbook to all class agents explaining the
             events for the weekend and specific responsibilities.

   II.    Early Fall:

          1. Duplicate letters as they come in from event agents.
          2. Contact class agents if the first letter has not been received by
             October 21, 2008.
          3. Mail first class letter and other materials to all alumnae in Reunion

   III.   Winter:

          1. Design and have the Reunion brochure printed.

   IV.    Early Spring:

          1. Duplicate and mail second letters from class agents.
          2. Contact class agents of the second letter has not been received by
             February 16, 2009.
          3. Mail out reservation brochures in February 2009.
          4. Make all final arrangements for housing, meals, registration, and
             printed materials.

   V.     May

          1. Receive reservations, acknowledge the reservations, and keep a
             list of those attending.
          2. Make final preparations, including staff assignments.
          3. Await arrival of alumnae!
       Frequently Asked Question About Alumnae Reunion Weekend

Who is invited to attend Alumnae Reunion Weekend?

All alumnae and their guests are invited to attend every reunion. Individual
classes are invited back to attend their five-year reunions.

Alumnae Reunion Weekend 2009 will welcome back all classes ending in a nine
(9) or a four (4).

What are the fees?

All alumnae are required to pay a nominal registration fee regardless of the
events attended on campus during Alumnae Reunion Weekend. Other event
fees may be included or omitted as listed in the brochure. Please review the
reunion weekend brochure for individual meal costs.

What does the Registration Fee cover?

The registration fee covers the operating cost incurred by the College in planning
and implementing Alumnae Reunion Weekend. Meredith does not make any
profit from Alumnae Reunion Weekend. Thus, all alumnae are required to pay a
registration fee regardless of the events attended on campus with the exception
of the Annual Meeting of the Alumnae Association.

If I need to cancel, what is the refund policy?

Written notification of cancellation should be postmarked by May 10, 2009 in
order to receive a refund. Due to commitment costs, we are unable to issue
refunds for cancellations postmarked after May 10th. All refunds will be mailed
after May 30, 2008.

Can we be housed in the residence halls?

Alumnae can be housed in the residence halls during Alumnae Reunion
Weekend. This fee is included on the registration form. The cost will be included
with the weekend invitation and brochure. All housing is on a first come, first
served basis.

When assigning rooms, the Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations attempts to
place members of the same class together, unless special requests are made
(handicapped accessibility, requested ground floor room, etc.).

Alumnae can also request a specific roommate and/or suitemate(s). Those
names should be noted on the registration form. Please contact your requested
roommate and suitemates in advance before listing their names on the
registration form.

Additionally, please note that children and spouses can not be housed in the
residence halls during Alumnae Reunion Weekend.
                               Class Letter Samples
                                 First Class Letter

Dear Class of ______:

I can hardly believe that next spring we are having our ____ Class Reunion!
Mark your calendars for May 15th – 17th , and plan to join us for this special
weekend! Reunion Weekend is such a wonderful opportunity for us to return to
the beauty of Meredith’s campus: we can see our favorite dorms and academic
buildings, and learn about new College initiatives that will take our alma mater
into the 21st century. I can’t wait to rehash some wonderful college memories
and rekindle our cherished friendships with one another. It will be great to see

Enclosed is a roster of our classmates. Please contact your friends and
encourage them to attend the weekend’s festivities. You will also find a listing of
lost alumnae. Should you know the whereabouts of any of these classmates,
please contact the Office of Alumnae & Parent Relations at 919.760.8548 or with their current contact information.

The weekend will prove to be a fun one. On Friday evening, we will join
President Hartford for a cocktail reception at the Massey House, the President’s
Residence. Saturday morning is the Annual Meeting of the Alumnae
Association, where each class will be recognized, and its reunion totals
announced. This will also be an opportunity to hear from Dr. Hartford and
Deborah Jordan Matthews, ’74, President Elect of the Alumnae Association. The
remainder of the weekend is full of activities for us to enjoy.

As you prepare for our weekend, start thinking of new class agents; we will need
an event agent, gift agent, and historian after your reunion is over to start
planning for the next time around.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping with our reunion. Involving
yourself with Reunion is a great way to reconnect with Meredith, and it is a lot of

So, pass the word on to all of your MC friends, and encourage them to make a
special effort to attend our Reunion. Imagine three days of reminiscing with good
friends and seeing what Meredith is like in 2009. It will be a special time for all of

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Take care,

(Include your address, phone number, and email address)
                               Second Class Letter

Dear Friends:

Can you believe it has been five years since we got together as a class? Well,
circle May 15th – 17th , 2009 on your calendars for our ____ Reunion. I am
certain this will be a great time for all of us!

Below is an abbreviated schedule of the weekend’s activities:

                   Insert Alumnae Reunion Weekend Schedule

In addition to these events, our class will enjoy the following individual class

                  Insert information on individual class activities

For those wishing to stay in the dorms, we will all be housed together in
____________. So much has changed since our days in the dorms! For those
wishing to stay in a local hotel, we have reserved a block of rooms at ______.
Simply request the Meredith College Class of ___ rate.

Please call or write your classmates and start making plans for our ___ Reunion.
I look forward to seeing you in May!


(Include your address, phone number, and email address)

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